Lioness arrives in Denver

GM: Lioness
Players: Nine, Merek, Lioness
Synopsis: Lioness arrives via bus in Denver just as a chapter of the Demons gang stages a small attack on that area. Lacking magic support the gangers, though fighting valiantly back get mostly delivered to Denver Police
Date: 7th May 2079

It's a cloudy and comparatively cold spring noon in Denver, the Mile-High City. A gentle breeze from southwest makes it feel even slightly colder. But at this busy place, where dozens of Greyhound buses arrive and depart at any time this barely registers with the people coming and going. Most people are not even looking up at their fellow travelers, but the person just now leaving a greyhound bus from the UCAS does get quite a few stares. It's hard to say if someone could get even closer to looking like an animal without losing the humanoid descriptor. She looks like a gorgeous lion-toon or sim figure. But seems to be quite used to the stares she receives, ranging from pure adoration to bitter contempt of someone so eager to lose their humanity. She saunters gracefully over to where the luggage is loaded out of the bus, receiving a massive wardrobe trunk. Handling it with surprising ease. She slowly moves towards the station building of the bus-terminal.

There's the sound of an engine that roars through the streets. Like a hero from Protomen, Merek revs up the speed each time while he makes maneuvers. Eventually, he comes around on a corner until he sees the bus as well as a crowd staring. It so happens he also had a place to shop here. The bike is rolled into a parking space while he steps from it.
He is dressed in his black pants with D-Rings that decorate it, and a shirt with a jacket on from a well-known line, black and golden in tone as he takes a moment to look where others are. He doesn't seem to respond in the same way most do, it's a thing he's used to, seeing such curiosities, being a Runner. He takes up a cigarillo which he places to his mouth to light.

Because she is a UCAS citizen, Nine uses public transit with her real SIN and does so as her normal self. Unfortunately, due to some chilly weather, the scarf wrap and techy goggles she wears cover up most of her alabaster visage, but there is still dark, sable hair draping down behind a matching longcoat. Mingling with the crowd in the station, she spots the lion toon and perks up, her smile invisible behind the scarf cloth she currently wears.

Things might have gone the business as usual way, had not, at that point a large group of heavy bikes moved into the bus yard. The drivers wore wooden masks with the faces of demons. All where clad in leathers, some seemingly with some protective underwear. Most wore melee weapons, like clubs, knifes or chains, but there where also a couple of fireweapons to be seen. About 5 pistols and two shotguns. At first no one really looked, but as the cajoling group came closer and shotgun shots hit bus tires people certainly got attentive.

The lion girl looked up, wary, but not alarmed. She clearly had been under fire before, though she was as obviously not yet a hardened veteran. After a short examination she did the sensible thing, getting out of gunshot by pushing her luggage into a corner (where the bike mounted troublemakers where not likely to get easily) and moves behind one of the column that held the roof up covering her part of the terminal. She then drew an Ares Predator from her handbag and got ready to act, should she need to.

Merek sees as the bikers come and takes a moment to draw his on Ares pistol from the holster. He then looks to all the bikers that have come about, while he shifts his shemagh about his face so he can look onward while he begins to adjust his range, calling to Nine, "Nines, you alright? I can handle them," he says, and if he sees the woman move to begin assisting the crowd, he begins to consider magic.

Toward Merek, Nine up nods. "Aye, I am!" says she before she calls out to the transit crowd to hopefully clear the battle field as she helpfully directs the frantic people to the best locations with less panic (she certainly hopes).

The Lieutenants, not yet realizing the danger brewing, go out to spread chaos among the civillians. Shotgun shots go into two smaller groups, injuring many lightly, but due to the wide spread no one seems to be seriously wounded yet. Cries erupt int the crowd as people hit start to panick, causing some of the the intended disorder in the crowd, however the expected chaos is not happening due to the strong leadership example Nine gives, eyes turn her way as she holds the group together quite neatly.

The lion drops her Predator, proving that this kitten has claws, moving over to the closest ganger in a flutter of limbs and fur, the man just can blink as he is hit with razor sharp claws that all too easily rip through his clothes and into his flesh. Quite a lot of blood starts to flow, but the lion girl is still on the move, a real hard target in that whirl of motions.

With an experienced scan of the unfolding situation, Nine takes note of who is possibly injured thus far (from either ganger danger or whatever stampeding may have been happening there). She carefully cats her way through the moving crowd whilst calling out helpful directions, making sure pedestrian traffic can keep moving along toward the nearest exits. Finally, there are only a few strays, but she will try to help them when she can.

Merek shifts back his shemagh a bit while he takes a moment to motion with his palm. He then drives through the spirit world with some fervent power that like a flame washes a wave of dragon fire to take all of them down to the floor. Which fortunately, isn't a lethal ability. He then calls to the lioness as well as Nine, "You okay?"
Merek has reconnected.

A lot of lead starts flying now, as the gangers start to shoot back at the three that have proven to be the biggest problem by now, even though two gangers are running, and ten are disabled or unable to do anything at the moment that leaves still 5 gangers with guns, the last one, looking a bit foolish with his knife as he moves towards Lioness. Still, despite her whirling around the lion girl has received a minor flesh wound, while Merek was hit solidly into his left arm. Nothing critical, but it will hurt. Nine seems to be a wall, the bullets that hit her bouncing of her like she was made of rock.

The lieutenants then turn on the seemingly indestructible mages who miraculously survive the mad hail of lead. A few of the people Nine had goaded on got minor wounds from stray lead, but luckily nothing too bad happened as a result to the gangers shots. And the two invincibles certainly are cheering the people enough to be able to get a little bit further away orderly.

Attacking the ganger, the Lioness was a bit too overconfident, though. True, the slashes she gets are not hurting her, but the girl clearly roars angrily at the cuts in the cloth.

While on her way to help out the few stragglers (who seem to be too disoriented and not quick enough to follow up with their escaping fellows), Nine can feel that sudden THWACK of a pistol round against her right thigh. She snaps up her goggled gaze, suddenly dodges a second shot from another pistol, but then inadvertently steps into the shotgun blast from a higher ganger than those who have been popping caps off… The form fitting body armor and lined coat are blessed protection, but they both take obvious damage, especially the one upon Nine's exterior, ripped up by the shell slag. Though, what would normally kill the average person only seems to have made the helpful woman QUITE ANGRY now.
To gangster assailants, she growls out, "How could you shoot me?!" Well now!

The gangers leaders start to fade away, getting too afraid to fight with these invincible oponents. Especially as the womans growl somehow has driven the fear of god into their bones.

This time the fight between the lioness and the ganger goes more in favour of the feline. Her claws leaving ugly marks on the mans left arm.

Adrenaline shoots through her blood vessels, and Nine first looks this way and then that way and momentarily assesses her immediate situation. She may have actually taken a whole lot of gunfire heat, but she might not really last yet another barrage, and the bleeding Merek might not, either. She briefly focuses upon the combat shaman. Something happens. Something he can feel but no one (unless astrally active) can really see… Then, Nine dashes, ducks, and rolls into cover in a corner made by a wall and a vending machine, the latter used as a hopeful barrier against any further gunfire.

It's a little chain reaction … the lieutenants turn then one after the other the gangers take tail. The only one left was the one fighting Lioness, but as he suddenly realized that the engines grumbling away where his buddies bikes he also turned tail and finally quiet fell over the terminal.

Merek takes a clean hit in addition to the stun of his spell, and blood shifts upon the streets, but he manages to dodge a hit. He then takes a moment to twirl his Ares to put away in a holster while he feels the power. He then takes a moment to hold up both hands, making three fly into the streets. He does feel the effects, but he takes a moment to lift up his phone, so he can speak in a husky purr on it, "Sergeant Tran, I need a pick-up clean on…" He tells him the location, "No questions." He then looks to Nine, "Thanks, you saved me there," he then looks to Lioness to move to where she is to check on the woman, and some of the citizens, "You all alright?" his husky drawl asks of them also.

Lioness looks down on herself and clearly is not too happy. "I'm okay…", she says, then whinces as she notes the place that bullet hit her. "Hmmm… not too bad…", she mutters, then. "But my clothes arre a mess now…" It's not /that/ bad really, but she clearly seems a bit concious about these things. Her voice clearly artificialy shifted to sound more lion-like. A slight growl swinging in it as she speaks. He has a heavy german accent. Like in one of those nazi sims.

Having done her self inspection she moves to where she left her gun and wardrobe. "I think I will surrvive.", she says with a wink towards the man.
Then she looks at the man, "But you arre bleeding…", she then says. "You should take care of that."

When the gangers flee the scene of their crime(s), Nine peeks out from the vending nook and quickly nods her goggled/scarfed face to Merek before then peering forth to the other feline. Facial expressions go unseen due to the auburn scarf Doctor Nine currently wears, but body language certainly shows a PURRticular CATiosity concerning Lioness. She dashes forth to the bleeding man and lets down the powerful spell, the spell signature whisked away upon the astral plane by metamagical means (and so does the one Merek cast disappear, too). She brings out medical supplies from her varied inner coat pockets, and unless he seems to be overly averse, Nine will try to help pull out what is an offending bullet before patching up the wounded locale. Then, she would move off to go do so for other people who might have suffered similarly, too.

Lioness watches the two work on the mans wound as she simply bandages her own from the medkit in her luggage. She still does not intend to stay too much longer, so she wanders away. Trunk in tow. She remembers the faces of those two, though. These guys seem to be pretty strong combat machines. She would not have stood a chance in that hailstorm of bullets and they came out barely scathed.

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