Lionell's Angels

GM: Hiller
Players: Angela, Jeslyn, Double Tap
Date: April, 2071

Synopsis: A team is hired in order to intercept a woman and her bodyguard on her way from downtown Denver to Front Range Airfield, Bennett. The mission goal is twofold: the girl must miss her intended flight and must be separated from her bodyguard. The problem: all must happen without arousing major suspicion. The mission is a success, basically, though some critical errors are made. Nevertheless, the girl will finally take the flight Mr. J wants her to take. But that's part of another upcoming plot.

Prequel/Follow-Up: This plot is part of Three Quarters. Follow-up is Sindi Ako Implant.

Briefing and planning

Meeting at the Cool Cat Club

Everyone has his or her very special way to keep in touch with the street and its many roamers. Not few of them roam the streets for corporate interests of course.

Angela receives an encrypted message from Max Headroom. Some basic information about place, time and contact name. Lionell K, in that specific case. And some weird note is attached to the message: "Angel-A. My heart beats fast for reasons unknown to me or you. Be wise, be aware, not be free from care. Even if this little trail ahead of you leads through dirty deeds, push ahead and maybe you will wittness something someone like you should wittness. I won't say no more. How could I anyway? - I'll watch your trail."

Double Tap is recruited on a much more conservative and less fancy way. Karl Goldstein calls in and sounds a little bit unsettled. He tells Double Tap of a job who needs some physical backup. Maybe direct action, maybe just protection of other team members. He advises Double Tap to accept, but to point the big guns down. They're calling for a secretive work, as far as he knows.

Jeslyn receives word from Weylin. Some talk about a kidnap operation, including diversion or stealth maybe. Obviously he's not so well informed this time. But the job sounds tempting. At least, there is a place, time and name as well. So, Jeslyn has very few information beforehand, but well. That's why they call in for a meeting, isn't it?

The meeting place is a well known place for some. The back room of the Cool Cat Club, CAS sector. Expected contact is a man called Lionell K. It is afternoon, 5 PM, and all of you may find their own way to the spot.

Double Tap packs light for this run, leaving her assault rifle at home, along with her plated vest. She's still wearing her camo suit as usual, and she puts her helmet under the seat of her ca just in case. She tucks her gun into the back of her pants, then folds the camo shirt down over it. She tiggs her hardliner gloves on, and of course, puts on her shades before making her way out to the meet.

Jeslyn heads into the Cool Cat Club after getting directions from Weylin. Hair flowing out behind her and violet eyes darting this way and that, she enters the back room of the club and looks for someone that looks like a Lionel K. She is wearing her long trenchcoat over her tight-fitting jeans and loose white shirt. Her hair flows freely from the back of the trench coat, settling against her back as she waits for the new arrivals.

Angela just shakes her head at the … unique method of delivery that Max chooses in his contacting. At least he wasn't invading her trideo set again. The doctor packs light, as she always does, just her pistol, shirt, and coat. Of course, meeting or no, she's got her bag over her shoulder and takes her truck to the club.

The meeting room is ready when the three arrive. Three women actually. A large table for a dozen persons dominate the room. A 2D projector screen covers the far end. Blue carpet, nice interior, designed for professional meetings. Some beverages are placed on a cart, ready to be grabbed. Help yourself! A fourty year old man in a blue conservative suit enters last. Not very tough built, rather slender. His grey hair is a little bit untamed but this doesn't ruin his charismatic, warm-hearted smile. Wrinkles around eyes and mouth suggest that he's propably older than he appears and that he may indeed have some good humor and kindness. But, well, this is most likely the impression he /wants/ to bear.

"Ladies. Welcome." he closes the door and inspects the three unknown women while he approaches and offers a handshake to everyone. "My name is Lionell. Please take a seat and we may proceed. I that's your liking."

Jeslyn idly taps the hilt of her sheathed dikoted katana that she also has equipped with a finger, restlessly waiting for the rest of the party to arrive. The katana is connected to the belt looped about her jeans buy a small black leather cord, hanging on the left side of her waist. She shakes the old man's hand with a bright smile, "Elaine. Pleasure to meet you sir." She heads to a seat close to the projector, laying her katana across her lap and nodding her head respectfully to the other women.

Double tap offers a nod of her head, and settles into a seat ready for the meeting to begin. She doesn't speak yet, but spends a few moments evaluaating her team-mates from behind those tinted aviators.

The doctor is a little surprised at the group this time around. Usually it was all man-types. Not that it bothers her. She knows Double Tap already, at least, too, and Angela gives Lionell's hand a shake upon entry. "Pleased to meet you, dear," she says kindly, giving off that air of warmth, "Feel free to call me Angel. May I?" she gestures to the drinks. Hopefully there's something mellow and non-alcoholic to drink.

Drinks are all non-alcoholic. Hm. Weird. - Lionell settles down and pulls out a remote control for the projector. He does it very slowly, as if he wants to give the women some time to inspect and evaluate each other. The projector heats up and a map appears behind the man. It shows Denver downtown basically. FTZ and Bennett. Lionell takes a breath and starts to adress the women in front of him.

First information

"I will tell you a story," he makes a pause after this somewhat strange opening and continues "There is a young japanese woman and a seasoned bodyguard who walks beside her since she was twelve. An american guy. Ex-Soldier. Experienced and loyal to the girl. But now they have to part for a while. The girl is going to attend a domestic flight soon and we want to intervene a little bit at this point. Mission goal is to make sure that the young japanese woman, Sindi Ako, is separated from her bodyguard so that she is forced to take a flight away from Denver alone. And not only alone. We want her to take a very special flight. A flight that we will stage for her. But that's not your concern. You have been invited in order to ensure that the girl will take a flight we offer her, but /without/ her bodyguard."

Double Tap listens carefully. She peers dubiously at the location they're going to be headed too, and she sighs a bit. No way she's going to be able to get any of her weapons, even her pistol, into an Airport or downtown. "I'm having trouble figuring out why I've been chosen for this job." She states frankly. "Not exactly within my field of expertise."

Jeslyn does indeed gauge the other women and how they hold themselves. For her, she sits confidently and alert in her chair, one hand on the sheath in her lap and one resting easily on the hilt of her katana. She doesn't drink any of the offered beverages, instead simply sitting in a way that may seem like she is prepared for the worst. She furrows her brow at the opening words though, but then nods her head in understanding, "is there a pressing matter for this girl to attend to on the other side of the domestic flight? Does this bodyguard have any…quirks of personality or higher person to take his orders from?"

Jeslyn adds, "or perhaps some sort of obligations that may take him away from his job as a bodyguard?"

"A different sort of smash and grab?" Angela asks lightly, sipping some sort of tea. She refrains from asking any more questions, though, waiting for Lionell to elaborate more on the where and what, assuming it's before the airport. Curiously, the doctor looks relaxed, even a little aloof, one of her hands just resting in her lap. In comparison to the other two women here, she looks the furthest from dangerous one can be.

Lionell makes a brief pause again, looking into each others eyes - as far as possible. A nod to Double Tap shows that he will come to this point in a moment. "The girl will travel from Denver Downtown to Front Range Airport Benett in three days. She will drive by car and with her bodyguard. On this way from FTZ to Bennett, she must be intercepted. We need this narrow time schedule shortly before the flight because she has a very important reason to take the flight. You three have been chosen for specific reasons." He points at DT. "Violence may be an option. And the bodyguard is an experienced one. If you all agree to use violence, it is your job to take care of it. Otherwise, you are backup for a worst case. Save retreat." He continues with Jeslyn. "Diversion, deception, secrecy and creativeness may be needed, propably. You know what your reputation is…and your abilities." Finally Angel. "You are there for three reasons. First, to take care of the team. Second, to take care that the girl goes unharmed and untroubled and is able and willing to continue her way without the bodyguard. Because, third, you will accompany the girl on her fly for reasons we'll talk about later."

He stands up and shows the driving route on the map. "She'll start at Denver War Drive Plaza," his finger starts to run eastward. "Straight on Colfax to Front Range Airport, Bennett.

Double Tap nods her head slowly, "Shame I cut all my PMC ties when I left S-K." She comments, mostly to herself. "That's a pretty high security rout. If I'm going to be any use, it'll likely be if things come to hand to hand." She comments to the others. "If I can pick a fight with the bodyguard, yout wo could carry on with the girl. I might have to spend a couple of nights in holding, but Karl will straighten things out- and it'll tie the bodyguard up for a few days, too."

Lionell adds: "I should mention that this is not a kidnap mission. The girl must proceed her trip by free will. We only want to control some variables."

Double Tap nods her head a bit, "If it goes how I'm hoping, the girl won't know I have anything to do with these two.

Angela purses her lips, "Violence is almost always an option, be it as a last resort, or a first resort… that said, this seems delicate enough that it should be in the former…" She sips her tea, eyebrow lifted at the mention of her taking a little trip. "Incapacitating and detaining him may be an option, if we are somehow able to get them apart…" she muses softly.

Jeslyn smiles and nods her head, "what reason does the girl have for traveling away from Denver? If pressing enough, the girl might go with or without her bodyguard, or if her bodygaurd is unable to join her on her travels, we could replace him with another? For the bodyguard, does he have any personality quirks, like a big drinker or too proud to decline a fight? Or perhaps we can get the bodyguard away from the trip because his superior needed him elsewhere, or perhaps familial obligations require him to go the other direction from the girl?"

Lionell adresses Jeslyn: "The bodyguard is loyal to a very traditional family. If he has personality quirks, we are not aware of it. And we can't replace the bodyguard, because he obeys to the girls father. Our only chance is, that she steps out of the usual routine and continues her way anyway. Her reason for this trip is a very important job interview in Chicago. And since the girl is 19 years old, she'll hopefully continue her trip on her own. - Anyway, how you distract the bodyguard, fool him or divert him is up to you."

Double Tap nods her head again, and she glances between the other two for a moment, before looking back to Lionell. "Do we know anything about the girl's usual routine? Any places she frequents, or any loose ends she's due to tie up before she flied out?" She asks. "He can't be around her all the time. Girl her age probably actively tries to get away from him sometimes, and if nothing else, I doubt he follows her into the bathroom."

Jeslyn nods her head, "perhaps because the family is traditional we could use that? Like send a letter to the bodyguard stating his father expects him to court a woman on a same day the girl leaves for her job interview? Or perhaps the girl's father sends a letter to the bodyguard saying he is needed elsewhere for his exceptional expertise and a different bodyguard will replace him for a short while?"

Angela sips her tea, looking thoughtful. "What are the girl's interests?" she asks, tilting her head, "Surely we could distract her from her trip, just a bit… there is likely something we could ues to our advantage on her end, as well as finding something to do with her escort."

Lionell walks around the table to the beverage cart and pours himself a glass of water. "This girl is not easyly approached. She lives in a triple A area of Denver." Slowly, he returns to the top of the desk and looks up to the women again. His face shows a professional smile. Friendly, business oriented. "I fear that we have absolutely no way to manipulate family ties or anything like that. If the bodyguard would be unavailable for any reason, he would be replaced by another one. And we don't want to arouse any suspicion. That's the reason why we have to wait until they are actually on their way to the airport. I know, that this is a delicate mission. But believe me, if easier option would be available, we would take them."

Lionell answers to Angela then: "The girl is interested in arts studies and applies for private universities in arts and communication sciences. Her life is carefully sheltered away from public affairs and her parents' public life. Maybe we can bring up some additional information on her, but the problem is, how to get through to her. But give me your ideas or plans and I'll evaluate the possibilities. Maybe I've to make some calls maybe."

Double Tap nods her head slowly, "Either of you any good with computers? If we had a decker we could posibly redirect them to a more vulnerabble rout. Or make sure the security staff wanted to search the bodyguard seperately. Maybe cause some trouble looking for his security permits, delay him till the girl was on the flight."

Jeslyn sighs, and nods her head, "very well. Then perhaps instead of attempting anything before their drive to the airport, we somehow convince the bodyguard that he has some sort of medical issue that is highly inadvisable to be diagnosed with and ride an airplane?" She shakes her head when Double Tap asks about computer skills, "no, rarely even use computers. But perhaps when we search the bodyguard for some reason, we give him something to make him too sick to ride on the plane?"

Lionell again, "Remember that we don't want her to take the /intended/ flight. She has to miss or skip it. We have an alternative flight ready at hand and will offer it to her. But that's actually not your concern. Others work on that."

"I know a decker but he is presently indisposed…" Angela says lightly, then nods a little at Lionell. "We have the route… staging an accident may be too blatant or dramatic, but it -would- give us an opening to 'diagnose' the bodyguard, and slip him something to trigger a sort of reaction. Do we know if he has any allergies, perhaps?"

Double Tack nods her head a bit. "Or, if one of us could get close enough we could plant an illegal firearm, or some drugs on the bodyguard." She comments.

"I can ask for this. Maybe we have access to a patient file," Lionell replys to Angela.

Lionell leans back and turns his glass of water in his hand while watching the three women discuss the topic.

Jeslyn nods her head, "perhaps we could both plant illegal drugs on the bodyguard, and inject those same drugs into his system to prove he was actually using them the entire time."

Angela looks to Double Tap, then back to Jeslyn. "A minor accident, and a little sleight of hand? Nothing serious for the former, wouldn't even have to make much more than rubbing contact with the vehicle. Shake them up a little, no injuries…" she considers. "The issue with drug use is there would be little to hold it up under close scrutiny… a fresh dose but no history or signs in the body of it? A medical file would make this all much easier… if you could obtain it please, dear," she looks to Lionelle.

Additional Information

Lionell nods. "I'll make a call. Anything else I should ask for? Anything specific?"

Double Tap nods her head, "It wouldn't hold up for long, but he'd be indisposed while it was investigated. He'd be out of the picture for a few hours at least."

Angela nods to DT, "Exactly.. and if he's got any 'ware.. it would let us know what we're up against should we have to engage him…"

Jeslyn frowns, "perhaps ask for his records? Just in case his medical details are pristine, maybe his background is not so perfect? Perhaps imperfect enough to blackmail him or hae his past come up on him?"

"Alright. I'll be back soon. Feel free to continue your planning." Lionnel says and leaves the room.

Double Tap turns to the other two, "Either of you think you could get ahold of some Kamikaze or Nitro within the timeframe?"

Jeslyn shrugs, "I myself might not be able to find it in the desired time, though I could certainly ask my contacts. Perhaps one of them knows where we might get ahold of some drugs."

Angela frowns thoughtfully, "Given some raw materials,I might be able to whip up something if we've time, but I haven't drawn on my chemistry studies in a while…" She pats her medkit, "The Savior is all nanotech based, as well. A trauma patch might do some permanent damage on the man if misused, but… I think we're trying to avoid that."

Double Tap shrugs, "Last time I tried to get ahold of some meth, the dealer stabbed me, and I had to break his neck." she informs the others. "I'd prefer not to repeat the process."

Lionell returns after several minutes. He gives a brief glance if he has the attention or if the women are still engaged in talking.

Double Tap looks up to Lionel, "Find out anything that might help us settle on a plan?"

Angela folds her hands together, giving Lionell her full attention now.

Lionell reads something from a pocsec. "I receive some second hand information. I would like to verify it later, but it may help for now. The bodyguard is called Bill Anders. Former CAS Army member. His personal files regarding cyberware and body modifications are therefor classified. But he has some alpha ware, that's confirmed. And he receives a regular treatment for 'essence balance'. Seems he suffers some long-time side effects from his bodyware or whatever. That's the only hint we have in regard to his physical condition." A brief pause.

"And he is a member of the IMA. International Mercenary Association. Permanently deployed to family Marikari since 2065. He has a proper license for pistols and submachineguns." He finishes and looks up from the pocsec. "And he lives with the family downtown. That's all so far."

Double Tap nods her head, "Most militaries give Methamphetamine for long ops, too. But that's usually kept off the books." She informs the others.

Jeslyn looks to Lionel K., giving the man her attention as she waits for the details on the bodyguard. She tilts her head, "perhaps his regular treatment for essence balance requires him to sit this airplane ride out? What exactly is neccesary to balance essence? Any of the ingredients include something illegal or dangerous in high levels?"

A plan evolves

Angela steeples her fingers, listening intently. She lets the others speak for now, seemingly lost in thought.

Lionell says, "I don't think that he's not allowed to take a flight. Miss Angela may have more information on this topic. I'm not a doctor. At least not this kind of doctor."

Tap nods again, "Well, like I said. This isn't my usual op- I think our best bet it to plant some contraband on the guy. But If either of you have any ideas, let me know."

Jeslyn arches a brow to the possiblity of being a doctor of something else aside from medicine, but shakes her head and says, "not that he would be unallowed to take a flight, but highly inadvised given the circumstances of his diagnosis. Perhaps a diagnosis that could prove lethal at high altitudes. But still, if we can plant a drug on him that may make sense with his treatments, the cops might see it as more persuasive testimony to investigate further, and for a longer period of time."

"Well, well. We have that car driving from FTZ to Bennett in three days. And we need girl and bodyguard separated. And the girl must miss her intended flight. That's the hard fact. I heard some good ideas until now. What else do you need from me?" Lionell asks.

Angela exhales a sigh, "If he's been not only in military, but a mercenary as well, and in long-time service to this family… not to mention needing treatments now and then… it's likely engaging him would be deadly at best, with the likelyhood of his enhancements." She taps her chin, "Generally the treatment itself isn't an indication of anything severe. Altitude and blood pressure might make for a concern, I might be able to induce a brief heart attack if we can acquire the correct drugs. Do we know when his last treatment was?"

Lionell nods, "three weeks ago."

Angela mms, "He could be due for another, soon, and this might be the distraction we need… it would be something the girl is aware of, to a point, yes?"

"Could be possible. We don't have that insight, sadly." Lionell admits. "But for all we know, girl and bodyguard are very close to each other."

Angela nods slowly, "…I'll need credentials. A temporary SIN, retired CAS military doctor. To prove to him I know what I'm talking about. IS that on my shoulders to obtain for the timeframe, or something you can provide?"

Lionell is a little bit surprised, "That depends on what or who you wanna fool with that SIN. What's in your mind, miss?"

Angela's lips curve into a little smile, and she takes her tea. "We stage the accident… authorities are going to be there likely, if it does come to impact… but I'll be on-scene to check him and the girl for any trauma. It would prove, to the bodyguard at least, that I'm legitimate, and perhaps give him a reason to trust me… if his experience in the CAS army was the pleasant sort. Check him out, induce a heart attack, or at the least convince him that he should be admitted to a nearby hospital… then this will easily delay the girl long enough to miss her flight. If things fall into place… we'll not need any violence."

Lionell nods, but it's hard to tell what he's thinking about the plan. His eyes shift to Jeslyn and Double Tap.

Jeslyn nods her head thoughtfully, "the only challenge is keeping the girl on track though. She shouldn't fear too much for her bodyguard as to forego leaving to begin with, to stay with him as he gets better. The heart attack could be too severe a reaction if the girl loves the bodyguard enough. It would be better to simply explain it may be lethal to reach high altitudes, while both of them know the other will be safe during their parting."

Angela nods to Jeslyn, "A matter of blood pressure either way… managing the severity is difficult. The accident as well… are you a skilled shooter, dear?" she asks, though she looks between both of the women. "A blown tire would do the trick, as plan A…"

Jeslyn sighs, shaking her head, "no, not a skilled shooter at all, but a well-placed trap on the road could do the same as a shot with a gun to the tire."

Tap nods her head, "I can cause an accident, sure. Are we talking traffic accident, or a run in at the airport?"

Jeslyn shakes her head, "too many people at the airport, and too many variables like cops and witnesses. Far better to do it on the street."

Since the discussion focuses on a plan, Lionell stands up again and draws the assumed route on the map/whiteboard. Mostly Colfax Avenue, stretching from FTZ to Bennett in a straight line. But a few miles west of the Airfield, there is a branch which leds to the Airfield on parallel course.

«Plot» Angela says, " I figured Jeslyn might handle the sabotage… DT picks a fight with the guy for nearly hitting her… and Angel comes off of the street after seeing Bill's face flushed and comments about his blood pressure… and we figure out a way for her to get him to sit down and look him over. Hence the CAS ID. Then if she can get something in him to actually make him feel faint, it's a great delay, and a way to reccomend she go on her trip alone, or something."

Angela nods to both of them, then looks at the board. "What's that alternate path, dear?"

Lionell explains. "A branch that leads to the north side of the Front Range Airport. Used by private flights and freight companies mostly. It joins the 56th Avenue and finally reaches the airport from the north."

Jeslyn sighs, "I could try thinking up something to sabatoge their normal route. Perhaps I disguise myself as a road traffic controller and show them a detour?"

"Colfax and Interstate is quiet busy and well patrolled. I would suggest to use this five to six mile long branch for any kind of ambush." Lionell adds.

Angela smiles at Jeslyn, "We can redirect them that way, and then set the trap for their vehicle…" she looks to DT next. "Do you think you'd be up for being the victim in a little accident, dear?"

Double Tap nods her head then, "Sure thing. The Brumby's a tough cookie." She informs the others.

The elderly man frowns a bit at 'Brumby'. Obviously he has some weird pictures before his inner eye.

Jeslyn nods her head, "well, it seems we mostly have it planned. I'll ask my contact for a road traffic controller disguise and a few cones to place on the street."

Angela sits back, "We redirect them… get you in a little tiff with the bodyguard… think you can argue with him convincingly, dear?" she looks to DT. "Then I step in and break you two up and treat him… induce hypertension with a Corticosteroid or some such… there's a number of easily obtainable drugs for such an operation. I've a fixer that could set me up with what I need, since it's likely easier to come by than ammunition…"

"Alright, I see there's a plan emerging. You'll be payed ten thousand Nuyen on sinless credsticks if your mission succeeds. As soon as possible, you'll receive a proper description of the car and their final approach. I'll see for a faked SIN for Miss Angela. If there isn't anything else for now, I'll leave you alone." He places a business card on the table. "Use the trix address to keep in contact."

Jeslyn smiles and nods her head, "ah, yes, of course. Traffic cop. I'll get that disguise from my contact then." She arches her brow at the payment price for the job, smiling slightly as she says, "how will we get the doctor to go with the girl on the trip though?"

Double Tap says "The other team is handling that, I assume."

Angela nods at Double Tap, "Though I would like to ask our friend here for more details about that aspect of the mission, unless that is to come up later?" she asks, smiling at Lionell. "I just need to talk to a friend of mine…"

Lionell meets Angela

Lionell on things to come

«Plot» Hiller says, "After the first meeting with Lionell, he asked Angela if she could return to the Cool Cat Club next evening, 8 PM. He would like do detail "another possibility", if she's interested. It would be some kind of "natural follow-up" to the ongoing bodyguard mission (which someone called "Lionell's Angels" for some reason)."

Lionell awaits her at a small table for two persons and offers her free drinks and something to eat, if she like. He's dressed and styled like the day before: conservative suit, untamed grey hair and the charm of an elderly gentlemen. The athmosphere is more informal and relaxed, of course. The local band plays swing tunes in different variations and the few customers are mostly engaged in private conversations. - "Well, Angela, if I may still call you like this, I'm happy you accepted this invitation." He greets her and helps her with the chair.

The middle-aged doctor paints a different picture with her attire. Somewhat casual, the well-worn outfit of a woman who's been working since she emerged from the womb. She's got her jacket, and her medical bag, always prepared. "I'm happy to find work, dear," she says kindly, taking the seat, "Thank you very much. I'm glad for the opportunity to help, and you've made a very good impression so far"

Lionell returns the smile and seems to warm up a bit. "Thank you, Angela." He settles down and orders her a glass of non-alcoholic but tasty whine. "Basically, I want to ask you, if you are interested to pursue this little mission to its next step. I guess it wasn't very hard to read between the lines yesterday. We want that girl in /our/ plane. Alone. Or at least without anyone around who's familiar with her." He receives the whine and offers it to Angela. "As far as I've heard, you're quiet ethical, so I'll chose my words carefully…" He makes a brief pause.

The grape juice is appreciated, "Quite ethical," Angela says with a nod. "But oftentimes a job is a job. I will hear you out, of course, but I am free to decline following up on the additional task?" she asks, just to make sure. Her reaction is entirely neutral, if slightly curious.

Lionell continues then, after a little, silent toast. "The girl will receive an implantation. Hopefully unnoticed by her or anyone else except the people involved. In fact, the flight to Chicago will be our stage for the surgery." He makes sure that privacy is assured and continues with low voice. "The woman will receive a surveillance implantation. It will allow us to eavesdrop. That's all. The implant will remain active for 8 to 12 days, depending on environment, body condition and the like. Then it will dissipate. The body consumes it. You could be in charge of this surgery, if you want. It'll be, no, it /has/ to be a small procedure. The implant must be placed somewhere where it'll be hidden and unnoticed. " He interrupts himself and watches Angela again

Angela listens intently, from first toast to last word. She nods, after thinking for a while. "I should not presume to ask what the surveillance device is for, but I find myself curious. None of us are angels in this profession, but I'd like to think my horns don't knock my halo too far askew…" she says lightly, smiling. "Information on what you need the intel for or not aside, I'd like to be able to inspect this implant… and I would be willing to do the surgery, but I will admit I am more talented when it comes to first aid. Runner injuries.." she says softly. "…but I will accompany, and do what I can."

A glimpse on the implant

Lionell nods and looks around again. Then he puts his right hand into his jacket and pulls out a small vial made of glass and sealed with a white cap. He simply offers it to her. It is two inches long and one inch in diameter. Lionell keeps a stern but friendly face and leans back with his wine. Giving Angela time to examine or speak.

Angela takes the vial, looking it over closely. Her eyes focus intently on the object inside, her microscopic enhancement zooming in on the object within. She spends several long moments looking it over. "Just a transmitter of sorts?" she asks curiously, looking back to Lionell. "I'll need a medical record of the girl if I'm pulling the surgery too, dear," she smiles.

"Medical record is available, as well as medical equipment on the plane. Maybe we even have an assistant. The procedure won't be severe. It just has to be placed in muscle tissue beneath the skin's basal layer. The greatest task is to make sure, that no one reckognizes something. This would be a desaster."

The object in the vial is half an inch in diameter and very flat. Surprisingy, it is not an electronic device. Weird. The object floats in a biological lotion, used to grow cell cultures. It must be some kind of biological object. That's for sure. It is brown and semi-solid, Angela would judge. Like a shell of an insect or something like this, though it doesn't look very alive. Angela may wonder how this biological object should transmit anything like radio frequencies. - Ah, and at the bottom of the vial, there is a head imprinted in the glass. It looks like the head of an ancient greek soldier.

Angela's brow quirks, "Ares?" she asks lightly, looking back to Lionell. "Curious item to implant, dear…" she seems just a touch suspicious, if only for what the item looks like. She hands it back though, frowning thoughtfully. "Is there more you can tell me about this… thing? And the implantation ought not to be too… intrusive, but discretion will take more effort."

Lionell places the object back in his jacket. He didn't answer to 'Ares?'. Though the vial may belong to the war god's megacorp, Lionell shows no hint if he's acting with its approval or knowledge. - "It is some kind of biological microphone. It transmits what it receives by body resonance. And since it's biological, it will be consumed completely after two or three weeks.

«Plot» Lionell says, "Angela may have an eerie feeling on her back. This object is certainly nothing you learn about at university. How should biological tissue submit radio frequencies? The whole thing sounds like science fiction, even in 2071. And who else knows about it? And what does it mean that Angela knows about it as well? Certainly, there are many open questions…"

Lionell says, "So, you agree to the offering and will do or assist the surgery?" His relaxed smile returned.

Just a mental note for the doctor, then, but she doesn't make any more comment about it. "Human bodies do make fine batteries…" Angela says softly, just a little off-hand comment to ease herself into this situation. She still seems uneasy, though, "Is there anything else I should know? And yes, I am agreeing, dear. If you find a more skilled surgeon, I wouldn't mind being the assistant instead."

"Excellent." Suddenly, Lionell seems to be in a hurry. "You'll accompany the japanese woman on her flight. We have a private jet ready at Front rage Airport bennett which will make up for the missed flight. The pilot and everyone else will be part of the team. Except Sindi Ako. So be ready to join the woman after you and your teammates separated her. If anything should turn awkward, we'll have to improvise. Keep your cellphone on. You'll receive instructions in that case." He offers Angela a small card with some flight information. "The flight number is DFR-2003. The pilot's code name is Orange and she's listening on the radio frequency noted below. Just for the case… - You will have the fake SIN you asked for and if you do well, we would allow you to keep it. If you're interested."

Shady business or not, the prospect of a permanent CAS SIN brings a flash of light to the doctor's eyes. "If all goes well, dear? Well, then I endeavor to do my best… I have confident in the rest of my team to do their parts as well," she smiles, regarding Jeslyn and DT. "I'll keep everything close at hand, and I look forward to seeing this through…" Sure she's a doctor, but doctors gotta eat… and survive. It can't be that harmful of an operation, right? And a job's a job.

"Ah, end by the way: there is a conference for chemoanaesthesia in Chicago in three days. You'll be one of the visitors, Michaela Jordan."

Angela smiles, "Good to know. I assume the flight back is also arranged?" she asks, one little detail that might be a problem later! She does take Lionell's hand, though, and gives it a good shake, her own warm and soft, surprisingly so.

"If everything goes well, you may return after the conference with a domestic flight at your own cost." He smiles a bit. "And I suggest you buy the ticket and some nice souvenirs on the conference with your new SIN. This could come in handy later."

"I get to pay my own way if things go /well/?" Angela laughs softly. "I assume if they don't go well, I'll be getting off the flight halfway, without a chute. If I get on the flight at all. Mm, souveneirs of Chicago could be nice… decorate my apartment."

Thus, he leaves the place after a friendly smirk and a slight bow.

Legwork through Lilith

«Plot» Angela says, " That said, I DO want to contact my cyberdoc to see if she knows anything about this… implant."

Lilith the Red basically draws the same conclusions as Angela. It must be something biological, and it is possible to use a body as a power source. But how this should allow any kind of eavesdropping or surveillance, is unclear. She brings up one additional piece of information, though. If you want to spy on someone, you have to receive the transmission of the implant. And if you're close enough to receive some biological transmission, you propably don't even need the implant. Lilith is pretty sure, that an implant of that size and powered by the host body alone would never reach beyond the immediate room or closer vicinity. Whatever they're going to implant into this girl, it is something unheard of so far. Biotechnology is very well developed. But a subdermal, biological bug, able to transmit sound without at least a little bit of a power source? Strange. Lilith advises, that Angel should be very careful with whom she speaks about it. And at this point, Lilith realizes that Angela propably just spoiled one of Ares' very well tended secrets. She opens the door and gives a hurried, brusque goodbye.

A few hours later, Angela is called by Lilith again. Another, hurried meeting. Not a nice surprise. Lilith offers 30.000 Nuyen if Angela would get her this little piece of organic tissue…and thus betray Lionell and his operation. - “ Be wise, be aware, not be free from care.” it rings in her memory.

The roadblock and interceprion

Messing with rush hour

«Plot» Hiller says, "Then we assume it is three days later. Lionell kept contact now and then, but planning was up to you. There are only few minor news. But one is the assumed car. It's a blue Citroen Xhen. A upper class limo. The car belongs to Bill Anders. He's supposed to be the driver and Sindi Ako should have a back seat. Early morning, 6 AM, they're supposed to leave their home in Downtown and head for Bennett Airport. Just pose your preparations and whereabouts."

You paged Angela with 'You received the fake SIN for the name Michaela Jordan. Lionell gave it to you personally. And he talked about something else. I would like to make this talk afterwards.'.
From afar, Angela nodnods.

«OOC» Hiller says, "The detour would lead to Hudson Mile road, then 56th Avenue.."

Jeslyn is on the appointed street with her highway patrol uniform on, having been there for the past couple of hours directing traffic and trying to act official. At 5:55 am, she places a detour sign on either side of the street, with her standing in the middle. She has her katana strapped to her side and puts on an air of confidence and authority with her left hand resting calmly on the hilt. On her face she puts on an expression of tiredness, trying to appear tired after a morning's work and a early rising, which isn't so hard considering she woke up earlier than she is accustomed to.

The good doctor spends a couple of days doing a bit of research. Sure she doesn't have her chems until practically the day before, but preparation for any sort of medical job is key. Angela puts in some good coffee time, getting the dosage as correct as she can manage, margins of error aside. Then finally, the day of, she checks in with her partners, delivering some soykaf to Jeslyn on her way on foot to the appointed street, fake SIN in pocket. She's barely armed, like she always is, the simple concealed-carry Browning hiding under her coat. She carries her messenger bag with her medkit as if it's her purse, and looks for a decent place for their hobgolin's 'accident' to occur. "Just a little cut off here…" she muses to herself.

You paged Jeslyn with 'Please roll disguise or anything comparable vs. 4, in order to see how well Jeslyn performs as a cop. Just for the case that someone will interact with him. If you don't have that skill, you may default to charisma vs. 8 or to another related skill vs. 6.'.

«Auto-Judge[VALID]» Jeslyn (#11982) rolls Disguise vs TN 4: 1 2 8 = 1 Success

The detour across Hudson Mile and 46th Avenue is a vast and clean street. One lane in every direction and a hard shoulder on both sides. Large enough for trucks to stop if necessary. The whole vicinity is quiet spacious. Small rows of houses are placed left and right. At least a quarter of a mile away from the dtreet and interstate. Surprisingly, there are several trees and parks around. A typical, mid-class suburban area, close between Denver and a commecial airport.

Double tap heads out ahead of time in her Brumby, taking the road off towards the freight entrance. Once out of clear view of the road, she pulls her brumby over on the hard shoulder, and settles back, making a show of talking on her cellphone. Hey, she's a responsible driver!

Hudson Mile branches from Colfax to the north and thus runs west of Front range Airport. Eventually, it joins 56th Avenue running from east to west. And this avenue accesses FR Airport after two miles. The wohole detour is about 3 to 5 miles long.

So, Double Tap are already on the detour road and Jeslyn stays behind, cutting of the traffic, hopefully. Not an easy task, since it is early morning and communters are on their way. Time moves on and Jeslyn realizes, that the traffic is rather heavy. It will be /his/ responsibility to spot the target first. Otherwise, it is very likely that it will just slip through the ambush after all.

<Plot» Hiller says, "Double Tap, Angela, how far away are you to Jeslyn's position and from each other?"
«Plot» Angela says, " I'm on foot, on the ambush route, probably right between the pair if DT was coming down the opposite lane. I delivered some kaf to Jeslyn though, and was walking."

«OOC» Double Tap says, "I'd be a few hundred meters down the diversion, somewhere I couldn't be seen from the junction from the main road"

Jeslyn shakes her head and waves her hands in the air when cars pass her by, heading in the direction of the detour. A large part of the reason why there is so much traffic is because many people stop in the middle of the road to ask her why the traffic is being cut off. Cars are bumper to bumper, and everyone is quite angry at the need to drive an extra amount of miles in order to get to their destination. Jeslyn tells those that stop and ask her what is going on that she is doing this for the safety of the public, because not only did two gangers start a fight with one another on the street behind her during the night, requiring the cops to look for evidence and file paperwork on the fight, but that the fight resulted in a background count increase because of the violent crimes committed.

Jeslyn calls Double Tap on her pocsec when she spots the blue Citroen Xhen in the traffic, pretending to simply be speaking with her fellow traffic conductors.

One thing is quiet obvious to Jeslyn: things should go smooth and swiftly. It won't take long until some /real/ cops will show up and ask for the reason to detour the main street between Denver and Bennett. Unnerved and angry eyes stare at Jeslyn and the road block. Jeslyn would estimate that it would take 10 minutes until she would propably get into problems. - "A blue Citroen Xhen. Denver license plate. The blonde man Bill Anderson is supposed to drive. The girl on back seat." That were Lionell's words. And Jeslyn keeps her eyes open. At least, she knows from which direction the limo should come.

Car after car. QUickly a small traffic jam emerges. And it has good chance to score for the next flash news on Channel nine, if things aren't settled quickly here. Jesly may feel a strange, eerie feeling in her stomach. In the distance, to the west, there are helicopters in the air. And VTOLS. Propably, this small detour will grow into something troublesome… And then, suddenly, a blue Citroen breaks the row and passes several slow cars, unsure if to proceed or to follow the detour. The Citroen heads past the slower cars on the opposite lane and turns into Hudson Mile. And Jeslyn has the chance to get a brief look at the license plate. Denver. Most likely, this is the expected target!

Double Tap picks up her cell when Jes makes the call, and she nods her head. She hangs up the phone then, and puts the keys in the ignition ready. She keeps an eye on the rear view mirror ready for her queue.

Double Tap's car is an old Nissan-Holden Brumby pickup, an ex-military model refurbished and sold to the public. It's got a faded and scratched olive-drab paint scheme and a no-thrills interior designed for long lasting durability, not comfort.

Jeslyn calls Double Tap on her pocsec, pretending she is listening to an official order and responding, nodding her head every now and then. She smiles and sighs heavily, waiting for the limo to disappear into the distance before she takes her time picking the detour signs up and starts helping to direct traffic for the next ten minutes or so. If anyone asks, the mage was finally brought in to cleanse the area and the evidence has been collected. Taking her uniform off and walking casually down the sidewalk, she hopes for good news to come her way soon.

Jeslyn carries the two detour signs with her as well, in her other hand.

Angela, for her part, is stuck waiting. She's confident in her team mates to get their parts handled, leaving her to worry about all the particulars of her own. The woman kneels down after a few moments, as if to adjust her boots, as she looks around at the street and traffic.

Car after car trails past Angela and Double Tap. One thing is for sure: an accident will delay the girl's departure for quiet a time. And the arrival for many other fellows on the street.

Angela spots the Citroen limo the moment it passes her. Dark blue, shiny and mirrored. But thermo-vision reveals two individuals, sharing the two front seats. Shortly after, Double Tap spots the vehicle as well. Range approximately 121.23 yards. It just passed Angela.

Angela stands up, seeming to be content with the state of her footwear once the limo passes. She takes a breath, and starts to walk briskly in the same direction, as if she were going to be late for a flight.

A quarter of a mile back, Jeslyn opens the road again and hides behind some brushes in order to get rid of the uniform. But when he has changed clothes and is ready to hurry up with her team mates, she may recocknize something.

Jeslyn spots something mechanical…in the air. Above the street, where the cars slowly proceed and the traffic jam struggles for survival, a drone hovers, 30 feet above ground. It is a rotor drone, not very stealthy after all. Used by police and traffic department as well. Something official, the one way or the other.

Jeslyn quickly turns her face away from the flying drone as soon as she spots it, calling Angela up on her pocsec and telling her a drone is hovering thirty feet above her. Likely one used by police or the traffic department.

The accident

With all the traffic, Double Tap starts the car and makes a show of beginning to pull out a bit. However, she plays the part of an udnerconfident driver, and deliberately fails to make any leeway into the slow moving mass of vehicles.

Double Tap finally pulls out, with a jolt, and she just barely misses the limo, scraping bumpers, but avoiding a full on colission, she pushes her car further into the pack, and ents up scraping the rear of it aganst the car ehind. Horns are beeped and angry words are yelled out of windows.

Bill Anderson gives a suppressed growl and steers the Citroen on the opposite lane. Hectically he struggles for control and fights with the car. Finally, the limo settles hard onto the hard shoulder. The car's base plate scratches across pavement and dirt and comes to a sudden halt. Luckily, the car which approaches from the north makes a daring brake and hits the target's limo at the rear. The collision shoves the Citroen completely into the shallow delve. The road is blokced so far, by Double Tap's vehicle and the car that just hit the blue limo.

The doctor's brisk pace is increased to a run at the sight of the impact. Staged or not, people are still going to be hurt, or shaken at the least, and she IS a medic. "So far so good," Angela murmurs despite herself, and holds her bag tightly to her side. The drone isn't given a glance, as she doesn't want to draw any suspicion, but it tugs at the back of her mind a little bit.

Jeslyn is trying to act casual and natural, uncertain what to do with a flying frone hovering above her. Getting an idea, she acts like she needs to go to the bathroom, pressing her legs together and looking around frantically. Picking up her uniform and the two detours signs from where she placed them, she races somewhere a little away from the street, trying to find some bush or anything to hide behind. When she finds something somewhere secluded enough, she squats down away from the drone's view for a couple dozen seconds, the uniform and detour sign thrown beside her. Finally, she walks casually out from behind her cover with a contented smile on her face, her uniform in one hand and her detour signs in the other. She heads towards the nearest apartment building and knocks on the door, waiting for somebody to open it and let her in.

Double Tap gets out of the car, leaving the engine running, and then she gestures rudely at the limo. "Didn;t you fucking see me!? I thought you were letting me out!" She yells over at him. Many of the other drivers are, in turn, yelling and beeping at her since it was obviously her fault.

The drone continues to hover over the crossroad. Somehow, Jeslyn has the feeling that the digital eyes follow her. Several cameras are mounted atop. At least three. But until now, it just hovers, watches traffic and people, and reports…

Three or four people stepped out of their cars until now. And then, the blue limo opens on the driver side. A blonde guy, muscular and fit. Obviously on first sight. He wears a grey suit and a black armored jacket. Some kind of design fashion. Nice guy with sharpened features. He says something to the passenger still inside and then looks across his car toward the ork woman. "Shut up! What're you thinking, pushing out without warning, eh? Just get out of my way, dumb head, I tell you!" Angry as he is, he walks around the car toward the other door.

Jeslyn turns away from the apartment building once nobody responds, sighing softly and shaking her head. She heads behind the building, hopefully out of view from the flying drone, and deposits the uniform with the two detour signs in some random garbage. Looking around for some group of kids and trying her best to hide behind anything she can, away from view of the drone, she hands the once-found group of kids each five Nuyens and double dog dares each of them to hit the hovering drone with rocks. She then walks serenely into the distance, trying to find a good hiding spot while she lets the kids go at it.

Jeslyn is just about to negotiate with three kids, about 14 years old, when a siren howls from the crossroad. Just the direction where Jeslyn pointed at a second ago. The kids frown and look at each other.

Quickly he's at the passenger side of the Citroen and opens the front door. Angela is just two dozen yards away at this point. So she has a plain few at Bill Anderson who just lowers his body and cares for the assumed woman still in his car, He's ignoring Double Tap at the moment, as well as any other angry commuters..

"Fuck you breeder, and your little slantey eyed princess." Double Tap calls out, following the man around and seeing him looking out for the japanese girl.

Sindo Ako is a 19 years old japanese girl. She has long black hair, neatly bound in a queue down her neck. Her almond black eyes and ivory-colored skin clearly mark her as a pure blood japanese. As far as someone can be called pureblood those days at all. She is slender built and not the overly physical type. Distant, friendly, fragile are the first three words that come to mind. She's dressed in simple black pants and sport shoes. A plain white chemise and a light green woman's coat makes her appearance complete. Not fancy, not too conservative. A young women, carefully placed between prettiness and simplicity.

The doctor is still running at this point, watching Double Tap and eying Bill as well. "Delay… good…" she mumbles, smiling a little, then putting on her best worried face. It's not difficult, at least, shoving thoughts of accident victims to the front of her mind.

Double Tap and Angela are both close enough now, to hear Bill Anderson speak to the woman inside. He ignores the taunting in his back. "Are you allright, ok, just rest and take breath. Concentrate on breathing slowly and even, alright? I'll handle this. Just care about nothing…Yeah, I'm alright."

«Plot» Hiller says, "Make an etiquette roll for the kids please, Jeslyn, and wait for a pose. I need to catch up a bit and clarify the situation."

«Auto-Judge[VALID]» Jeslyn (#11982) rolls Etiquette: 4 4 5

Jeslyn is three hundred yards away from the crossroad and roughly five hundred yards away from the accident. There is a row of ten appartment buildings, build directly next to Colfax at this point. A parking lot, some noise barrier. Small accomodations for mid-class wageslaves. The kids are quiet cunning, but behave well so far. "Miss, you're in trouble?" One of them asks. Another continues: "trouble with cops? You have some Nuyen, there's a way to the backside of the buildings, through the sub-level parking lot? Wanna pay for escape?"

The kids cheer and one tugs her toward a sub-level parking lot entrance. It is barred with a large garage door. "I show you!" But the other two remain on the parking lot. Now, actually, they're heading for the drone and sirens…

Jeslyn frowns, "well, I could probably do that myself. Still, if you kids can actually get me out, I could count you three as good enough to be professionals. I'm sure I could even find you some more Nuyen too, there are rumors out there that brave and clever men and women like yourselves could easily locate, I'm sure. But very well. I'll give you each twenty-five Nuyen to get me out of here." She holds out her hand, "beginnings of a successful business partnership?" If they agree, she gives them each the twenty-five Nuyen and lets them lead her to escape.

The kids cheer and one tugs her toward a sub-level parking lot entrance. It is barred with a large garage door. "I show you!" But the other two remain on the parking lot. Now, actually, they're heading for the drone and sirens…

«Plot» Hiller says, "Jeslyn, you'll be led through the parking lot and you could join the others after a while, if you wish. I would like to concentrate on the situation there now.."

Jeslyn lets the kid lead the way, smiling happily as she may have just found the perfect street rat contacts.

Confronting the targets

Back at the car accident. The road is still blocked and Bill Anderson just cared for the japanese girl. Double Tap and Angela are close now. Other commuters murmur but keep a distance. Some turn around toward Colfax, where the sirens can be heard.

Angela spots a heavy pistol on Bill Anderson's back. And inside the car, between the two seats, there's a submachinegun attached. Ready for quick access.

«Auto-Judge[VALID]» Hiller (#10245) rolls 5 vs TN 5 for "Willpower for the bodyguard. He's unnerved and may respond to the taunting done by Double Tap": 1 1 5 5 8 = 3 Successes

Double Tap scowls, "Don't ignore me breeder." She calls out after him. "I just washed that car!" One glance at the car shows she's clearly lieing.

Bill Anderson stands up again and turns around: "Shut you fucking mouth up I said!" His voice sharp and intimidating. But he's still in control. He reaches for his cellphone and closes the door of the car again. "We need a medic here."

Back down the road, a Knight Errant security vehicle approaches on the left lane, coming up from the south. It is a wheeled heavy patrol vehicle of some kind. Blue and red lights flashing and the siren on. It'll take a maximum of two minutes for them to approach. - And for the intimidation: Double Tap is taken aback for a second and well aware now, that this guy is some kind of professional. But she still keeps her chin raised if she wants to.

"No need to make that call, dear," Angela says calmly, stopping as she's near the limo. "I'm a doctor," her voice is warm and serene, as she looks between DT and Bill. "I saw the accident and came running… is anyone hurt, that you know of?" her fingers rest on the black medical bag over her shoulder, and she once more looks between the pair, before glancing into the limo.

«Auto-Judge[VALID]» Angela (#10952) rolls Charisma: 2 3 3 3 3 8

The car is closed again. Bill looks Angela up and down and judges her. "I saw you walking along the road. Where do you work?" he asks bluntly, still upset by the whole thing.

Angela gestures towards the CAS sector. "Retired, officially," she says kindly. "After the Eastern States Police Action, lost my eyes and was discharged from military service," she taps her temple, letting Bill get a good look at her cybereyes. "Former military, CAS. I do a bit of freelance work in and around where I live now, though, see if vets need anything, but that's neither here nor there. You look a bit shaken, dear."

Bill Anderson frowns and he is suspicious. But he opens the door anyway. "Have a look at her. But I warn you, be careful. And don't mind the weapon. I'm a licensed bodyguard. - I think, she caught a hard knock to the head. She had her head lowered when this ork dumb head steered on lane…" And with this words, he turns toward Double Tap. "And what are you standing around here, eh?" He directs at Double Tap. "Move your rust bucket off the street, or do you wanna see KE drag it to the rubbish lot?" - "And give me your damned SIN name, pal. You'll be responsible for everything." he adds.

Double Tap scowls at Bill, "I'm waiting for you to grow a pair and quit hiding behind some little girl." She gestures towards the limo. "And I'm not responsible for anything. You saw me pulling out." She asserts.

Double Tap may reckognize a brief twitch at Bill's neck and his hand comes up with amazing swiftness. Some cyberware kicked in. "I warn you, stay away from me or this car, or you'll face the pavement with your ugly face."

Angela nods at Bill, "I'll take care, dear. I'll see that this guardian angel's charge is alright, but I'm going to have a look at you too when I'm finished, alright? You were just in a car accident, your adrenaline might not have registered any injuries yet, and you're clearly stressed." But the doctor does as she's asked, opening the limo door again, kneeling on the ground in front of it. "Hello in there? Your guard asked me to make sure you're alright," she speaks to the girl.

Sindi leans back against the seat and turns her head toward the voice. Her eyes flutter open and she moans a bit. It is a very pretty young women. And she got a hard knock to her head. A large red spot tells about an upcoming bruise. She tries to concentrate on Angela and nods briefly. "I'm alright, I think." Angela may even realize, that she's working on herself. Breath control in order to calm down and check for inhuries. Like she's been trained for it. Angela is free to do for now.

Double Tap shakes her head, "Fuck you breeder. I'd like to see you try it." She insists at him then, once more making a rude gesture. "You're all talk, no balls."

The bodyguard turns his head toward the approaching police, takes a breath and says more calmly: "Get away." Then he starts to turn around again, propably he'll have an eye on Angela. This guy is most likely not the first to start some brawling here. Not yet.

Angela nods, "You'll be fine, shouldn't be a terrible injury…" she leans in, having a look at the bruise, to make sure it's not something more serious like a concussion. The shouting outside makes her stand up, and she looks at DT, then Bill. "Quite enough you two…" she says sternly, like a mother scolding children.

Tap shakes her head then, "I wouldn't have pegged you as a pussy. Guess you're just one of those failed cops who figures bodyguarding is easy cash, huh? Fuck you, you aint worth my time." She says, and makes her way back to her truck.

Knight Errant arrives

Bill scowls at DT as she leaves. His lips pressed tight, but the approaching police subdues any thoughts of starting a fight. Maybe for both sides. And the police is approaching! The armored patrol vehicle stops just behind the Citroen and while DT is on his way to his car and Angela checks for the girl, three cops unmount. Medium security armor on, two a shotgun and an assault rifle, another one keeps his hand close to his pistol.

The cop without a drawn weapon steps closer. "What's going on here? Any serious injuries?" He asks out of routine, but with seriousness. Then he turns to DT and shouts with the same breath: "Bring that car off the road and clear the street, if possible!"

Aaliyah finally gets into the car, and pulls it off the road without colliding with any more vehicles if possible.

The two heavily armed cops flank the street on both sides and order the people to get back into their cars. They're preparing to dissolve this little blokckade quickly. - Angela is pretty sure now, that there is no serious injury as far as she can tell. The hit was quiet hard and maybe, that there's something that Angela can't check for now. She would at least need a little bit mor elaborate emergency equipment. But from the view of past experience and statistics, she's fine.

Angela sighs softly, watching DT pull away. "You're stressed, dear," she timidly reaches up to rest a hand on Bill's shoulder. "Let me check you out, I know these signs, and I've seen them." There's a worried little frown on her face, and she addresses the approaching cop. "Nothing serious, no, but this gentleman here and I need a few more minutes."

Bill explains briefly: "This ork lady over there just pulled out and crossed the lane. I was forced to evade a major accident and hit the floor, so to say. I would like to bring up some wittnesses. It's her fault, no question, Sir. And the little girl here is hurt. We'll demand compensation." Without being asked he offers his SIN to the cop. "And this is a medic. She wittnessed as well."

One of the cops already approaches Double Tap and has a closer look at this unusual car.

Aaliyah speaks next, "I was trying to pull out, this guy slowed down so I thought I had space. Then he picked up again and I nearly smashed into him." She tells her wildly different side of the story.

«Plot» Hiller says, "Alright. I think we should make a break here soon. We're already playing quiet a time. Actually, solving this cop confrontation is now part of the plot and I'll look up some things. It is not an easy situation for your characters. I'll make another pose, then you may declare your status quo and we continue soon."

The police officer asks for a SIN check of everyone that is involved. Basically: DT, Angela, Bill, Sindi Ako, the guy who hit DT's truck and the guy who hit the limousine. Everyone with a little bit of experience with this kind of stuff should know, that it is a mess from the legal perspective. - Sindi Ako offers her SIN, as well as the others. The cops urge the traffic to move on but report some possible wittnesses beforehand. Basically, the cops, the limo and DT's truck stay behind after half a minute or so. All of you are asked to stay until this thing is settled and everything checked. That's the point where we continue soon.

Aalyah gets back out of her car, shutting off the engine, and she grabs her sin off the dashboard, too. She takes it over to get scanned by the cops, hoping this fake Karl got ahold of for her will hold up.

Angela gently insists that Bill sit down and let her check him over after this is sorted out. In the meantime, she offers her own SIN to the authorities, also hoping that Lionell's provider handled it properly. She also looks the bodyguard over, seeing if there's anything noticable about his state that she could use in her favor.

Jeslyn is eventually back at her place, wherever that may be, relaxing on the couch she would likely buy for the apartment and watching some random show on the television she will definitely purchase if she can afford it. She sips a little beer from the fresh 6-pack she endeavors to shop for as her own house-warming gift, waiting for a call from either Lionel or one of the other women employed for the mission. She looks at her land line that will eventually be installed, fingering her katana worriedly for the potential danger that might ensue if that hovering drone or someone else spot her illegally directing traffic.

Jeslyn got spottet and the surveillance tape reaches public media later that day:

Early this morning, an unknown person redirected rush hour traffic on Colfax, south of Bennett Front Range Airfield. This caused a major traffic jam and several accidents. The reason is still unknown. A female human, dressed in a stolen highway patrol uniform, closed the road and directed traffic north on 56th Avenue for more than about twelve minutes. Please direct any hints leading to solution of this incident or identification of the person to Knight Errant Bennett or any other public security institution. - (Here comes a nice video shot of JESLYN, taken by a traffic surveillance drone)” (The Daily Buzz for April 20, 2071)

«Plot» Hiller says, "Ok. Thanks for your time and ideas! Next time we'll make a level 3 SIN check, propably search DT's car and let Angela handle Mr. Bill Anderson. I'm curious what comes out of it. And if Jeslyn's picture will be added to the crime roster ;)"

Session break.

The situation at hand: Double Tap caused the target's blue Citroen limousine to break the lane and end up on the opposite hard shoulder. Four cars were finally involved in the accident, but no one seems to have suffered any serious injury. The whole damn early morning rush hour traffic came to a sudden halt on the fake detour route around Bennett Front Range Airport. Double Tap started an argument with Bill Anderson, the bodyguard of the japanese woman Sindi Ako. But Bill was quiet professional. He cared for his protege first and eventually ecen accepted Angela's offer for medical assistance. Though he was quiet angry and upset, he resisted the urge to start a fight with Double Tap so far. Especially since the cops arrived, of course.

Four cops in a heavy patrol vehicle arrived. And if you trust the call from Jeslyn, there is a traffic surveillance drone back the road south. The cops urged the traffic to move on and recorded and checked several SINs, including yours. Angela just tried to push Bill to let her have a look at him and Jeslyn left the scene after he gave a nice picture for the surveillance drone. And that's the moment when the cops walk back to you and return your SINs. "Doctor Jordan," one says in a friendly tone. The other one approaches DT: "Here's your SIN, Ma'am. May I ask you to open up the truck for a routine check?"

Double Tap scowls. "Routine my green ass. You're only checking it because I'm a Hobgoblin." She insists to the cops, and heads for the trunk which she opens up- it's empty since she packed light for this mission.

"Thank you," Angela. Er. Michela says to the officer, taking her credstick back. Then she looks over Bill again, frowning, "Now sit down, let me give you something. I've seen this, you were enlisted weren't you. This comes up all the time.." The woman fusses over the man like she's his mother, shaking her head. "Probably haven't had your treatment in a month…" her voice is soft enough so only he can hear, interested in keeping the man's privacy.

Double Tap's cop propably frowns or smirks beneath his helmet. Hard to tell. "Ma'am, and if you were my damn mother back in Virginia, I'd call for a car check. Or is there any reason why I shouldn't?" He looks at the open trunk, but concentrates on DT so far, looking at her directly.

At the limousine, Bill leans again the car and looks at Angela. "I'm fine," and with a frown he adds: "Treatment?" - One cop remains at the limo, two (the heavily armed of course) inspect DT and her car and the fourth is at the radio in the patrol vehicle. While all seems to be engaged in something, the slender and shaken woman Sindi steps out of the car and adjusts a chemical ice bag she received from Angela. He dark eyes show regained confidence and the shock slowly passes away. But somehoe, there's a hint of foreboding. She stays in tha background, leaning against the limo.

The cop at the limo takes a brief glance inside the car and speaks a low "You're alright, miss?" to Sindi, just to have a better look at the car's interior, maybe.

Double Tap gestures for the trunk when the cops eyes remain on her. "Go ahead, knock yourself out." she comments. She's rather hoping they're satisfied with a peek and don't go digging any further.

The cop says, "Well…let's see what we can see. - Collin, check out the front area. And get me the chem sensor from the car."

Treatment for Bill … and Double Tap

Angela taps her forehead, her eyes clicking a little. "Your 'ware, dear," she says kindly. "This isn't uncommon…" she sighs softly, making it sound like she's been treating vets for years. With her handling of street sammies over her running career, she's not too far from the truth. "You've been in an accident, and had to fight with… that… you probably aren't aware of your own blood pressure. I've got something for my usual patients here that out to help you."

At the limo, the cop spots the submachine gun and eyes Bill again. Then Angela. But he keeps his mouth shut so far, inspecting both. And since he's a bit suspicious, he's not taking part on Angela's behalf. Sindi Ako looks at Angela as well. And there is a hint of a clever mind in a very withdrawn woman's head. She watches her bodyguard with concern, but keeps silent as well. Bill, looking between Angela, Sindi and the cop finally gives in. "Alright, get through with it, we've to hurry." He sits down on the co-driver seat and faces Angela. He already reveals his right arm for blood pressure reading.

Over at DT's nice car, the both cops start ferreting around. Both concentrate on the car and DT could propably carry a rocket launcher on her back and would go untroubled. The trunk is tossed and the cop gives a sigh. "Nothing in here, bring back the chem sniffer if you're done." - "Ey, I've a …helmet here. Military grade. But the sniffer doesn't reckognize any powder residue or explosives. Looks clean so far." - "Alright, gimme the sniffer and make a drug check. Give it an 776 and clear dry twice."

The cop called Collin walks to the patrol vehicle and returns with a hand held drug checker. And approaches DT. "Well, ma'am, gimme a blow job then." DT would have to blow the thing and look right into it with one eye. Interestingly, no one else had to do a drug check so far.

Double Tap scowls again, "This is ridiculous. What are you going to do next, plant some novacoke so you have some excuse to abuse me. Breeder pigs." She complains, but she complies with the drug test- nothing untoward in her system.

"Try not to think about being in a hurry. If you're relaxed, you ought to be just fine. How long -has- it been though?" Angela asks, making conversation, inquiring about Bill's last regulatory treatment. When Bill sits, she kneels next to him and plugs her medkit into her Datajack. She does everything openly, so as to not arouse suspicion. After all, a good doctor doesn't need to be discreet, right? "Nanotech," she explains, getting her prepped solution out of a sterile pouch and a small injector. "Works faster than the old cuff around the arm, the blood flow is reported almost immediately," she sterilizes a spot on Bill's arm and injects the needle with skill and care, should he not object. "Where are you two headed?" she asks curiously. "Lovely street to live on, when there's no traffic trouble…"

«Auto-Judge[VALID]» Hiller (#10245) rolls 3 for "Open test. How smart this nasty cop really is?": 1 3 10

The cop who checks DT reads the drug checker with some kind of disappointment. "Ah, well clean so far. Hm…cybereyes, not possible," he says and steps back from DT. The other one calls from the trunk. "Cybereyes? Aha!" The other cop steps over to his comrade and DT. "Collin, head to the car, I'll handle this" - "What..but…" - "Move, man. Make ready for al radio call. It's a possibe delta fifty four. /Possibly/" Then he waits for his comrade to move away before he continues to talk to DT.

The cop says to DT: "Well, tusker, you've cybereyes?" He tilts his head and the tone of his voice already betrays a sardistic anticipation. I knew it. There would have to be something going on…Seventeen years on the street gave me a natural bullshit sniffer replacement, registered to my SIN, that is." The cop pauses and gives DT the chance for a reaction.

"Psha!" Double Tap complains. "I should go back to Israel." she complains then. "I lost my eyes in military service. Military cybernetics are classified, even for ex servicemembers. I would have thought you would know this." she says. She's clearly irritated, but is doing her best to avoid slipping into outright belligerence.

Over at the limo, Bill receives a needle in his arm and Angela feels his eyes upon her. She has to decide /now/: will she inject it or not. It is very likely that Bill will accuse her if he starts to slide down into some kind of drug induced heart attack.
«OOC» Angela says, "Remember, she's not trying to give him a heart attack. She's just trying to get his blood pressure up. You generally don't feel high blood pressure unless it's pretty severe."
«OOC» Hiller says, "Ok, Angela. So you go ahead?"
«OOC» Angela says, "Yes. She's confident in her knowledge as a doctor and her concoction that this is on the razor's edge enough to do what she wants it to do. If not, there's hell to pay."

Bill receives the drug and his body tries to resist the poison.

Over at DT: "Well, I don't believe any word you say. But I give you a choice: handle me over a nice 2,000 Nuyen or I'll have you dragged through a magnetic scan at Bennett station. Would that be your liking?" His hand reveals a nice, small gredstick, ready to find a willing counterpart. At the same time, he looks aver to the patrol vehicle as if to be sure, that this is and will be a private conversation.

Angela does her best to look casual, waiting for the injection to finish. She pulls out the hypo, sliding the injector into a disposal container and putting them away. Then she looks to her medkit, and back at Bill, a frown slowly forming on her lips. Thankfully with the datajack she doesn't have to worry about someone examining the output on any of the kit's screens, but there's a worried look on her face. "Where did you say you were going, dear?" she asks softly.

Bill says: "That's my concern. Get through with it, ma'am. I'm fine," he urges. Sindi still examines Angela very closely, as does the cop. And the latter asks: "What's the matter, doctor Jordan?"

«Plot» Hiller says, "Angela should know that the cops are porpably playing on chance. Normally, they have to call DocWagon or whoever has the contract. But cops are urged to skip that point if there is not really a need for it. But if they skip it, on the other hand, they're responsible for not calling an officialy contracted medic."

A look of realization comes across Angela's face, as she looks down the road. "You've a flight to be on?" she asks, making the connection with the hurry and everything. She looks up at Sindi, "His blood pressure is dangerously high…" Then she looks back to Bill, "If you're planning on taking a flight, dear, I highly reccomend against it. You're stressed more than you think, and you may very well be due for a therapy treatment…"

The Hobgoblin narrows her eyes, "You disgust me." She states flatly. "If I pay you, you will probably charge me with perverting the course of justice. If I do not, you will hold me with no basis at your police station." There is an inflection on the word 'police' as if Double Tap doubts it's the appropriate term "Perhaps I should call my lawyer for counsel before making any decisions. He is a very good lawyer, perhaps you have heard of him. A Mr. Goldstein."

The cop answers to DT: "Well. I don't care for Mr. Goldstein." He handles the plain credstick over to DT and urges. "Make it quick, come on. My comrade's waiting to confirm a possible unregistered military grade cyberware criminal."

Double Tap takes the credstick in the end, amd she peers at it for a few moments. She spits on the ground at the cops feet, and then takes out a certified credstick to make the transfer. "May you die bathed in shit, as pigs are wont to." She tells the police officer, and throws his credstick back at him when the transfer is complete.

Things turn to good

Over at the limo, Bill stands up: "That's ridiculous. We /have/ to catch a flight and I won't miss it, ma'am. Sindi, get into the car." - "One moment Sir," the cop intervenes and turns to Angela then: "Do you agree to take responsibility for the assessment of medical situation after this accident? That is: do you contract to Doc Wagon on a subcontractor-base for this situation. Earning 450 Nuyen expense allowance but therefor vouch for the proper medical judgement on legal authenticity?" - "What?" Bill answers a little bit angryly. "Sir, considering your protege and the whole situation, you should we very very inclined to keep it low." As it seems, the whole situation gains a momentum of its own. Sindi koins the conversation for the first time: "Sir, what do you mean by 'considering your protege'? We have to attend a very important flight and I don't see…" The cop again: "Miss Marikari, please believe me that this is in your very own interest and that I'm only interested in what's best for you and your family." The cop barely suppresses the urge to bow! Ridiculuous! "But if you insist, I will call DocWagon officially."

The cop gives a brief grin. "Thanks, ma'am." You're free to go. But I think this Gaetaronics guy over there will give you a call soon and break your neck on court."

Angela blinks at the cop, then smiles pleasantly. She's seen the medical record, she knows that her 'poison' is no worse than prescription drugs, and it's likely there's already residue in him somewhere. "Of course, dear. I take full responsibility for the assessment of this medical situation. I know what this man is going through, I have experience with it." The blonde nods, then blinks at the sudden disclosure of who it is Bill is escorting. Her head bows to the girl, "If you allow it, miss."

Sindi Ako protests briefly toward the vop: "My name is Ako, Sindi Ako, Sir." Then she forces a smile, takes off the ice bag and bows as well, though only out of respect. "Since you are so caring and unselfish, please go ahead, but be aware, that we /have/ to take a flight very soon, doctor Jordan."

The woman Sindi seems to be seriously stressed now. And Bill continues to talk, to Sindi this time: "I'm alright, Sindi. Blood pressure thing comes with the cyberware, you know. But high altitude has /never/ been a problem!" he assures.

Angela is still jacked into her medkit, and presumably the 'nanites' are still 'feeding' her data. "With the state you're in, suffering a heart attack or at least severe hypertension at fifteen thousand feet is a very real risk, dear," she says softly, but firmly. "I can act on behalf of DocWagon, as needed, for reassurance," she shakes her head. Then she purses her lips, "I can't offer much with my equipment here, but a clinic would have a better chance of seeing to your stability. If… I may presume… we could continue to the airport and see that she get on her flight safely. It's your choice, Miss Ako…"

Double Tap lets out a heavy, fustrated sigh as she makes her way back to her SUV. She gets in it and then smirks a bit. This diversion has lasted much longer than expected. And with that, she'll begin driving off, finding some place out of view to stop and wait for an update from her team.

Bill Anderson again, "That's uneblievable. I don't care for this blood pressure thing. I have a regular treatment. The last one only three weeks ago!" - Sindo Ako looks concerned. "But you told me that your health status has been reduced by IMA recently." - "Yes, that's true. But it refers to combat oriented measurement. I can't fly 6 g anymore, right. But that's a whole different thing." - "Look," Sindi finally concludes with an unexpected certainty. "We drive to the airport and report to the medical station there. They're familiar with that kind of things. Miss Jordan may accompany us if she wishes to and then we'll see. If they deny you to attend a flight, I'll release you from service for this journey."

And then, Sindi Ako and Bill Anderson start to argue for a moment, in Japanese. And since no one is able to follow the conversation, the cop offers a digital writing board where Michaela Jordan is asked to sign for the emergency on-scene subcontract.

Angela certainly knows nothing about Japanese, nor really Japanese culture. She does look at the writing board, though, and signs it neatly as Michaela Jordan. Rather nice signature, too. She seems like she has no issue with letting the folks at the airport take a look at him, the drugs still need a little more time to 'work' as it is. As the argument picks up, she tries to have a neutral expression, then she sighs lightly, "You're going to make it worse, dear," her voice is soft, but kind.


«OOC» Hiller says, "Alright, so congratulations!^^ If you want, I give a brief summary of the things that unfold at the airport and this mission is over, at least for Double Tap."
«OOC» Angela says, "Please do."
«OOC» Double Tap says, "Go for it."

«Plot» Hiller says, "Double Tap. She retreats after the cops blackmailed her badly. Or at least one specific cop. He may receive a call shortly after, from Angela or Lionell, and is informed that the situation is still not solved but stable so far. She may return home. Her mission is over. - As it turns out, Double Tap's contact Goldstein will have to deal with a legal charge by the family of Marikari. Injury award and compensation. But the whole accident is so complicated, that the case is neatly settled. And unless this plot throws up some other nasty revelation which would lead an angry corporation back to Double Tap, she's lucky and free from care. Beside a SIN-note for the accident and 2000 nuyen lost.

Angela continues together with Sindi Ako and her bodyguard. The airport medical team identifies high blood pressure and they judge that this it is indeed risky to take the high altitude flight. Bill wants to sign a paper to join the flight anyway, but Sindi Ako effectively orders him to stay behind. It seems to be a traditional thing. This CAS ex soldier shows the attitude of a Japanese samurai faced with dishonor. But he finally agress to let her go. But he stays wth her at the airport. And there lady luck comes for aid. Bill escorts Sindo to the bording checks and that's the point where both have to part. Sindi is still in time for her intended flight, but she has no idea which flight is actually hers! She did not book it by herself. So Lionell will call in for Angela and give her quick instruction. And that's the point where we may continue, hopefully soon.

Jeslyn returned home very quickly and she as well as DT and Angela, will have the opportunity to see his face on Channel 9 local news this evening. In a stolen highway patrol uniform. Bad reputation. Lionell is supposedly beside himself. But that's another story."

Story continues in Sindi Ako Implant

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