Limbo Competition

Players: Walker, Merek, Lioness, Withc Cameo's by Katral and Akula (aka. Laz)
Synopsis: A grid scene develops into a fun Limbo competition
Date: May 21st 2079

Walker, Merek and Walker where in the Chrome! club. While the Merek and Lioness where making out in a booth Walker was walking around the club, looking for something to do.

At last, Walker finds some respite from the conga line in the form of a limbo contest, which he takes to with considerable gusto. The initial competitors are quickly whittled down to a handful including Walker, an athletic young human woman, a couple of guys dressed as surfers, an unusually limber troll and a dwarf who, much to the crowd's disapproval, didn't even have to limbo for the first two rounds.

Lioness turns to look where Merek looks at, then giggles seeing the dwarf move under that limbo pole without even bending. "Well, he will have to bend in the end…" She turns again to kiss Merek again.

Merek nods a bit, "I don't know, I feel it is… You know," he says, about the dwarf, and limbo, as he shifts to kiss the woman back also.

The dwarf, as it turns out, was extremely drunk. Walker isn't even sure in retrospect if he knew he was in a contest until the bar hit him in the nose in round three, at which point the bleary-eyed contestant looks puzzled for a moment before a laughing bystander hands him a drink.

As for the 'serious' contestants remaining, the surfers are quickly eliminated when they sabotage each other in a misguided attempt to impress the young woman, leaving her, Walker and the troll as the final trio.

Lioness looks over to the contest, then rises to her feet, walking over, "Hey! Mind if I join?", she then asks.

Merek stands up, while he nods to Elisa and to Walker while he looks to the conga line, "I would like to also," he says.

Walker winces theatrically, before elaborately bowing and gesturing to the bar. "By all means!" he gushes, shooting a mischievous glance at his two competitors, "I could use a good thrashing and they're both taking it easy on me."

Lioness laughs, "Well, let's continue at the current level, then.", she then says this being already below human waist level, she simply moves through, like this was nothing.

Merek moves also, and manages to actually succeed, which is a feat for a mage at least, in such a society also. He then cheers a bit as he makes the place!

Walker manages the bar easily enough, as do the human and troll, who is looking at Lioness with a little curiosity. The crowd cheers at the display, in particular at Merek's heroic efforts, as the bar is lowered to human knee height.

And then the pole gets even lower. But no problem for the lioness. Looks almost too easy when she does this. She winks at the others, the young woman and the troll groaning at that display of sheer litheness.

Merek manages to actually get beneath the pole again, while he shifts so he can maneuver then nods to the other two a bit while he does so also.

Even with the lower bar, the competitors all make it under. The athletic young woman gives Walker an appraising look while the troll looks oddly calm in spite of all the excitement. Walker manages to muddle through as well, and he, Lioness and Merek each get a rainbow lei for their troubles.

Then the bar drops to shin height, and an expectant murmur goes up from the crowd.

Katral enters the nightclub from the antechamber.
Katral enters the strange and disquieting… actually, no , he enters the familiar and good Chrome! That he's been to several times. It's been a while though, and he looks a bit unsure.. what's all these new things?

Lioness moves to go underneath that now shin high bar, but no problem here… she still manages easily. The place filled with people in all kinds of hawai'i costumes for the free drinks, the lioness herself in no more than thong, bikini top and bast skirt. She wiggles her eyebrows towards Merek and Walker.

Akula enters the nightclub from the antechamber.
Lioness moves to go underneath that now shin high bar, but no problem here… she still manages easily. The place filled with people in all kinds of hawai'i costumes for the free drinks, the lioness herself in no more than thong, bikini top and bast skirt. She wiggles her eyebrows towards Merek and Walker. (re for akula)

Katral removes his coat, though he's probably still somewhat overdressed, given the attire of most of the attending people. "So, a challenge, huh? That's… probably beyond me, given how out of shape I am. But I suppose I could give a few bows of the back a shot."

Merek makes his way beneath the limbo with some work, then manages that. He nods a bit to lioness, "Less than fair, but all the more challenge," he teases.

Akula looks like he stumbled upon this themed madness—that's clearly legible on his face. He does not go anywhere near the limbo stick, but rather takes a seat at a booth, too old to participate, perhaps, but not too old to let himself be bemused.
«OOC» Lioness says, "Sorry, too fast… Waiting for Walkers pose before I do."
The low bar finally proves too much for the young woman, who looks as though she can't believe the sight of the two not terribly coordinated men get under the stick, never mind the lioness! The troll continues to get it done, as does Walker, despite a bit of wobble in the bar as his chest goes under that he barely manages to correct for in time.

Well, the space under that pole is getting quite a bit sparse now. Sure they do not lower it as much as in the beginnig, but the lionesses moves are still making this look far too easy. She is almost gliding through underneath that pole.

Akula sits down at booth 1 (Place #3)
Akula golf-claps from the table at the biomodded woman's agility.

Merek keeps managing it, how he does is anyone's guess. He then stands up while he offers to dip Lioness, then he smiles to her, as well as to Walker and any others coming in, Katral, Akula also.

This time the bodies start hitting the floor. The troll, just can't quite hack it: she has the skills, but there's just too much of her to go under the pole. Walker, on the other hand, manages something truly incredible: as he works his way carefully under the pole, the same wobble as last time crops up, but this time his attempted correction lands his lei in his face, which makes the elf sneeze so forcefully that his convulsion catapults the pole into the walkways above the dance floor and his head into the floor.

As people gather round to check on him, he opens one eye and is heard to mutter, "I can't be winning, right? Winning never hurts this bad…"

And now it starts to get really hard. Lioness almost gets stuck with her breasts and the lei she got wrapped around her neck by now. So far the unchallenged favorite of the masses she almost fails. Still refusing to use her tail she needed some luck to pass this time. But luck was on her side.
After her turn, she moves to walker to say, "No, not really you had really rotten luch there. But you really got far."

Merek keeps on with his task, and moves along with Lioness as he manages to make the next move. He then stands up while he shifts his shoulders to a roll and nods.
Walker blinks at Lioness, still woozy from smacking himself into the ground. Eventually he just gives her a slightly gormless smile and mumbles, "Pretty kitty," while trying to pat her on the head.

It's clear that things are getting harder for the lioness as well now. She manages, but things are getting tight now. And other than Merek she has more meat above her chest. Pronbably the only reason he is still in the contest. That and luck.

Walker steps through the entryway and out of the nightclub.

Merek has skill perhaps, working it through to do his best, while he makes another though taking work. He then nods a bit to lioness, "Alright, let's do it," he says also.

It is now that the crowd is starting to murmur as the two contestants barely have any space left to get under those bars, lioness even put off her lei's this time. They simply would not fit, that much is a fact. Still miraculously she manages.
Merek manages, somehow, again. It is like a practice in perfection. Even so, he is wincing a bit as he does all the stretching for this also.

Katral looks on from the sidelines. He's ready coach, give him a shot!… then again, he's also a bit unsure, looking around the room for familiar faces.

Akula offers Katral a lazy salute and waves him over to his booth.

And then the last two turns are made, the lioness modded elf is quite surprised to see Merek still be with her, she had not seen him as such an agile person. Almost, but she still manages, once her bikini top almost slipping the pole off, but she realizes the danger /just/ soon enough to prevent it to happen. The last time would have had her sweatting if she could do that through her fur. Her fur already brushing visibly against the pole and yet. She manages.

Merek actually hits the pole this time, while it rolls about, but he did well enough, and he nods a bit as he stands up. He also smiles to Katral a bit and waves to them also.

The formerly extremely silent watching crowd explodes in cries, not all are happy cries, some people seem to be prejudiced enough to befoul the leonine success by mouthing up due to her mods. That it still needed a lot of skill (and luck) to get this far simply ignored. Other congratulate the winner enthusiastically, so Lioness is patted and scorned all over the place.

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