Lazarus and Dwellery

GM: Nina
Players: Lazarus
Synopsis: R4 Astral Quest
Date: 7/24/2076

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This PrP Involves: Lazarus - R4 AQ: Metamagic (Adept Centering: Melee)
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** GM Nina **
Nina is just the GM, she is not going on this AQ with Lazarus.

«Plot» Lazarus is not doing any other tasks, so has full KP.

** GM Nina **
Lazarus will be entering the AQ via a spirit ally whom he will pay 1 karma to open the gate for him.

«Auto-Judge[]» Lazarus (#1899) has the Contact James Willson with the following information (only to Nina):
----—> Contact for Lazarus (#1899) <----
Contact Name: James Willson
Level: 1
Type: free spirit
GM Note:
James was summon by a blood mage in Aztlan years before his escape. He was bound to do stuff he wasn't wanting to do. It wasn't until the blood mage was killed that James found his freedom. He migrated to the Pueblo Corporate Council. He was able to find work, keeping disguised under his Human Form. He was closing shop one late night at a burger and fries joint, when a customer came in. The customer didn't seem odd, but when he left he got a gun pulled on him from a guy in a van. While a limo did race to the scene, James was able to get there quicker. He broke his disguise and helped the customer out. The customer turned out to be a councilman for Pueblo. The next day James was offered a job as a security for the councilmen. He worked his way into the council, making friends. He traveled several places with the councilman, and worked as security for several events. James is honorable, and dependable.
Free Fire Spirit
Force 8
Spirit Energy 6
12 12 12 8 8 8 8 6

Init - 28 + 1d6(Astral) / 16 + 1d6 (physical)
Spell Pool - 8 Combat Pool - 14 Karma Pool - 11
Sorcery - Human Form - Hidden Life - Astral Gateway - Aura Masking
Engulf - Materialization - Movement

** GM Nina **
Go ahead and pose how you prepare and set up for the Quest.. location.. any back up person/ally that will cast healing on you if you need it on your body.. any preparations, etc.

** GM Nina **
Doing AQ room Rolls

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls 1:
«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls 2:
1 2

** GM Nina **
Shortest AQ ever.

«OOC» Nina says, "You saw the rolls though.. not me cheating. heh"
«OOC» Lazarus says, "Wow. OK cool. :)"

Haven Island, Haven. Ten metres below the waterline, in one of the many rooms the Haven project has, Lazarus and James have been preparing themselves for another exchange, another quid pro quo.

Surrounded by images of the water of the reservoir, ensconced within the enormously powerful lodge that the elf has set up for himself below, the two sit in front of each other, lotus style, guiding eachother into deeper and deeper states of meditation, of self-awareness.

Their spirits 'touch' and the payment of spirit energy is made from one nearly immortal to one most definitely limitless.

"Thank you," says the ever-polite James Wilson, lifting both arms slowly from his thighs, a motion that is echoed by reality itself, as a sort of curtain seems to appear following that motion—the Gate is open between the two of them.

"Thank you, friend," replies Lazarus, as he stands without using his hands, rising on his balance and strength. He adjusts his various foci, switches temporarily to astral view to check on the health of his tats, and then steps through the gate saying, "My life is in your hands, James."

«Plot» Lazarus brings a weapon focus, an adept focus and his centering focus with him.

** GM Nina **
The room Lazarus finds himself in when stepping through the gate is black.. nothingness. There is a sound of someone walking with high-heals or hard bottomed shoes on a tile floor in the room some distance away. The sound bounces though off walls and getting a lock on the direction and distance is difficult.

A light flips on and it's right in Lazarus' face.. a spotlight mounted in the ceiling illuminates Lazarus' location with a circle of light around him several feet out.

A woman's voice speaks as she steps into the edge of the shadows of light.

"YOU!" she calls out loudly while pointing at Lazarus, "How DARE you come into my prescense… an adpet?! Who would dare assist you in this? How have you subverted the rules.. regulations.. the laws of nature. You are an abomination!"

"Dweller! It is true, I return. As you can see, I am alone. There's no one to embarass me in front of this time." He looks around, but holds his ground. "I've come for Knowledge, and I know this is your threshold. May we dispense with niceties? Dweller: I honour you in your role, because you are unparalleled, but I have found a way and you should praise me for it, not call me names." He grins.

** GM Nina **
Knowledge is the purpose of the quest (Intelligence).

The Dwellery snarls in rage:

But then returns back to her normal expression as Lazarus shows her the respect she is due.. that she has earned be whatever means neccessary she has used to get to her position of power.

Dwellery questions, "Please inform me of the bridge used to obtain access here and I shall let you pass.. give me the details of the metaphysical and metamagical level to explain this process."

—> +roll Intelligence vs TN 4 (Rating of AQ).. this will be used to base your additional AQ Karma Pool.

«Auto-Judge[]» Lazarus (#1899) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4:
1 1 2 3 5 5 5 8 15 16 = 6 Successes

** GM Nina **
Lazarus obtains 3 Karma to use in this AQ, added to his KP.

"More than fair, Dweller, more than fair," Lazarus says, clasping his hands behind his back. "There are more worlds than one, as we all know, but what is not commonly known is that certain entities can not only pass between them but open gateways, or 'gates' for others to step through. IN essence, that is how I came through. In terms of the particulars, it is theoretically divisive, but, it must be one of two things," and with that he goes on into a fairly long explanation of various schools of Magic.

Dwellery nods, crosses her arms over her chest on her pants/suit, "You have earned access.. very well… please proceed." She motions an arm towards the right wall where another spotlight illuminates a door that is currently closed. When Lazarus looks to the door… Dweller has vanishes.. where'd she go? Like a deleted email.. she's gone.

Lazarus laughs, yes, he laughs, shaking his head, "Gotta love the Dweller(y)!" And with that, and a glance at his powered up gloves (the weapon focus), he kicks the door open and steps through.

** GM Nina **
The new room Lazarus has found himself in is a kitchen. Stainless steel, very high quality appliances and surfaces.

Dwellery is sitting on a stool on the far side of the kitchen at a raised pedestal table and she looks annoyed, "Please.. prepare me a dish," she directs Lazarus' attention to a rare fish on the counter in a tray of ice. It's a fish that is poisonous if not cooked and prepared properly.

Dwellery explains, "Before I accept what you make for me.. you must taste it yourself first."

  • Cooking +roll TN 4 (rating of AQ) You need 4 successes.

The Resistance for this room is 4M Physical.
For 2 successes in your cooking +roll you are reducing your 'injury'. 4 successes means you prepared it properly so that no injury is taken.

Lazarus pauses after stepping in. He's never seen the Dweller stick around. "You surprised me, Dweller. I like surprises," he says, heading into the kitchen, where he rolls up his sleeves and starts to wash his hands.

"You're going to be surprised at how well I can prepare Fugu. You have nothing to fear here, and in fact, I think there's a lovely daiginjo sake around here…ah, here it is. I'll start us with that." He finds two glasses, pours the sake and serves it to the Dweller, then returns to the kitchen, where he produces the kind of knife that can only exist in a metaplane: a monomolecular blade.

"Wish I could take this with me," he muses, "Though if it knicked anything, it'd slice right through…including the countertop!"

«Auto-Judge[]» Lazarus (#1899) rolls Cooking (Sushi Chef) + 2 vs TN 4 for "Preparing the Fugu! KP running total: -3":
1 5 5 9 10 17 = 5 Successes

«OOC» Lazarus says, "now 4P for accidentally knicking myself with the knife?"
«OOC» Lazarus says, "body vs 4M P, rather?"
«OOC» Nina says, "Sure.. perfect"

«Auto-Judge[]» Lazarus (#1899) rolls Body + 2 vs TN 4 for "Monomolecular…you wouldn't even feel it…it'd be the fountain of blood that'd let you know! KP RT:-6 (2 extra dice)":
1 1 3 3 4 4 5 8 9 11 = 6 Successes

For some time, Lazarus exists only in that kitchen, with that task. When was the last time he was able to do this, without thinking about what came before or what comes next? It is rare indeed,something that only happens when he is up in the mountains or deep into Zazen. But to do it for someone else, that is new, and he clearly takes great pleasure, though he does so silently.

He washes the fish carefully in the hottest water he can stand.

The role of the Fugu chef is not to eliminate the toxin altogether, but to reduce it, to the extent that the diner experiences effects of mild intoxication, including waves of euphoria and tingling sensations. And that is what the elf sets out to do, with every fibre in his body.

When the task is all but done, he beings the incredibly precise and thin slicing of the fish sashimi. In the final cut, he miscalculates (or does he?) and the monoknife is .1 mm closer than it should be. It slices the tip of his fingernail off, leaving it square rather than curved, but he does not lose a finger.

Then with a flourish, he walks over and places the plate between him and the dweller.


** GM Nina **
Dwellery watches from her position on the far side of the kitchen.. while she waits she has a laptop set up and is hitting the delete key as fast as she can… scrolling through thousands of files.. del.. del.. del.. deldel.. del.. a frenzy of key pushing.

When Lazarus brings her the dish to try she looks impressed and puts the laptop to the side.. pauses and then takes a sample.

Dwellery closes her eyes briefly as she lets the delicate flavor sweep over her senses and then she smiles, "You have passed."

Dwellery points to the large oven in the kitchen, "What you seek is there."

When Lazarus turns to look, Dwellery vanishes from the table/stool.

The oven door slowly opens downward and a dry ice type fog pours out of the oven and down onto the floor.. filling the floor with its whispy tendrils. Looking back up into the oven a small two foot tall figure steps out of the oven:

Young Lazarus… I am hear to teach you the balance of life.. to center your mind in combat. Submit yourself to me and let the training begin……

** GM Nina **
Length of AQ in IC hours: 4(rating)D6 hours

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls 4:
2 2 3 3

** GM Nina **
10 hours

«OOC» Lazarus says, "Yodary??"
«OOC» Nina says, "Perfect!"
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