GM: Leyati
Players: Malamute, Dante
Synopsis: Drunk Johnson spends 17K to get 2 Wooden Indians, and a bottle of whiskey.
Date: Oct 18th 2070

«Plot» Leyati says, "Although the Run shouldn't get too rough I need consent for anything that can happen when the dice laugh at You or the such. ^^"

«Plot» Silhouette says, "Alrighty."

«Plot» Dante says, "I consent"

«Plot» Malamute says, "I consent. May the dice not be dicks!"

Word comes through Trix/a call, explaining that someone is in need of assistance, a little unsure of what they meant in the call to them, but they ask you if you could deal with it. The meet is located at a cabin out in the middle of a woodsy area, the directions sent through any trusty source from mail, to just writing it down from the call.

Call her paranoid, but Silhouette doesn't trust secluded cabins in woodsy areas. Though she could certainly use the money. So the woman has kitted herself out in full armor, included forest camo, and made her way to the meeting point by foot as much as possible. She's got her rifle, and her pistols, loaded up with the usual array of lethal and explosive ammunition. She has set herself up in the woods by the side of the cabin, as stealthily as she can, and is waiting to see if other runners turn up. And if they do, if they are immediately gunned down or otherwise inconvenienced.

«Auto-Judge[]» Silhouette (#10376) rolls Stealth for "+4 camo.":

1 1 2 3 3 3 5 9

Dante takes down the notes and gets his gear all set up and ready. He had a while before he had to be there, so he set aside an hour to do his daily meditation (geas requirement) before he got all his things together and headed out the door. He tosses his pack in his truck and heads for the designated meet spot. he leaves a bit early so he can park a ways off and walk the rest of the way. He didn't trust his driving well enough for a high speed getaway if anything should go wrong, so he felt more comfortable on his feet. once a few yards from the cabin, and a good half hour before he was intended to be there, he scanned the surrounding area for anything that might be there to make this a short meeting. he didn't have any camo, but he hoped that his darker clothing would suffice

Malamute gets off the phone and begins to gather up gear. She takes her time, making sure every thing's in working order. Full armor is worn and multiple guns, along with other gear in her rucksack are brought along. She wraps a shaky arm around her elf, kissing him and explaining that she'd be out for a while. Afterwords she loads up in her van, driving for a while then hoofing it the rest of the way. Her 'mods' are hidden beneath a hood and baggy clothing, and she's wearing somewhat dark, plain clothing. The woman attempts to sneak most of the way to the cabin, stopping when she's a ways away from it.

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) rolls Stealth:

1 2 2 3 4

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Stealth:

1 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 7

«Auto-Judge[]» Silhouette (#10376) rolls Intelligence:

1 1 1 2 4 4 4 11

«Plot» Leyati says, "So Silhouette Sees Dante and Mal"

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) rolls Intelligence for "Plus Hearing Amp cyber -2 to TN (or +2 in this situation?) Listening for people!":

1 2 3 3 5

After a short while, Dante closes his eyes and gathers his thoughts for a moment, before opening them with a bit more intensity behind them. He was gazing into the area astrally to see if he couldn't pick up anyone hiding in bushes and trees.

From the porch of the cabin was guitar accompanied with Fiddle and Dobro and a rather high pitched voice coming through "Poor ol' Kaw-Liga he never got a kiss.. Poor ol' Kaw-liga he dun' know wha'd he missed, is it any wonder that his face is red, Kaw-liga that poor ol' wooden head" Afterwards a rather hot fiddle solo came through the woods as the runner group gets closer.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "lookin through the trees-n-bushes":

1 2 3 5 5 15

Silhouette can see two other people. Undeniably runners, it'd be rather hard to mistake them for corp goons, so they probably aren't here to do her in. So she stands up from the bushes, and makes her way to the cabin. She still holds her hands up, just in case. She can go for her gun faster than most people can blink, so she doesn't feel too worried, but she's still making a sign for peace. "Hello." She says, "Lets head inside, shall we? To keep playing these games is to keep the client waiting, yes?"

Dante nods, knowing full well that the woman had seen him. he closes his eyes and lets his vision return to normal before putting his hands in his pockets and pulling out a pack of smokes. and lighting one of his menthols before walking towards the home. He replaces the pack and keeps his left hand in his pocket while the other holds onto his smoke at his side, when he isn't puffing on it that is. He looks back to the other runner that was lumbering along behind them. "coast is clear. time to get to work when your done makin' all that noise: he says with a smile

There's a laugh over where Malamute was crouching. She shoves a hand inside her coat, making sure her gun is secure before popping up from her hiding spot. "Well damn! All right, though they seem to be havin' fun playin' like that." The woman quickens her pace to catch up with the others. On the way to the cabin she looks them both over.

As they approach the Cabin there were three performers on the porch and one guy playing guitar keeps singing "Kaw-Liga was a wooden Indian Standin by the door, He fell in love with the Indian Maid over at the antique store. Kaw-liiiigaaaa" he stops as he notices people making their way up to the porch and signals the other players to head inside. After a few seconds they would return with a Six pack of beer, one for everyone if they wanted them, despite the ten empty bottles beside the guitarist/vocalists chair. He opens his and takes a swig "Com'un up" his words slurred with a southern drawl mixed with the alcohol. He was dressed in a pair of khaki pants belted around his waist with a White shirt embroidered with black musical notes and staff with roses.

Silhouette gives Dante a look that could freeze blood. She does not, apparently, find his comment very funny. She lets her hands fall to her side, and then nods to Malamute. Finally, she starts to make her way up to the cabin. "Are you the principle?" She asks, blunt and to the point. She apparently has all the sense of humor of a dead brick.

Dante raises a hand to decline the offer of booze. he was a bit of a light weight when it came to alcohol and he never drank on the job, bit of a personal policy. He notices the look from the woman in front of him and just raises an eyebrow. he had seen all kinds of looks from people but any more he just let them pass by as just "attitude" he shrugged a bit and just stayed a few feet back. he didn't seem overly worried…then again that was him. Mr. underestimation. She seemed to be taking the lead with things so he just blew a puff of smoke into the air in front of him and waited until he was spoken to. more directly. he kept an eye on the people on the porch as well as the one seeming to speak. He turned to the other woman and offered her a smoke from his pack when she walked up

Mal reaches out to take a hit off the cigarette, passing it back rather quickly. Though the other woman seems to be taking charge it doesn't stop her from asking, "But he never tells her how he feels, right? The.. The Dirty Violiners did a cover, I believe." The last sentence was said in a quieter tone and she flinches just barely, remembering the stare that their 'leader' gave a little bit ago. Waving to the alcohol to decline it as well. "Naw, though I appreciate the offer man."

The clean cut guitarist opens his beer and downs it shortly after getting it "Thur's two Injuns.. no.. Kaw-liga's at the store across from the Antique store.. He stares at the injun maid with the coal black hair" his voice somewhat going towards the tune of the song so he could remember what he had called them there for. "He stood there and never showed a sign.. because hs heart was made of knotty pine." He nods.. and asks for the booze in return since Dante and Mal didn't accept it "I'll drin— k it latur." The thought spaced his mind that he said later as he opens it up and starts to sip from it.. "Kaw-liga was a wooden Indian standin in the store…" he pauses in thought "The liquor store…" He looks out a spot where the woods seemed to clear some. "I'd like them.. to be with each other.. A man needs a woman that he can lean on but his lee-EE-eanin post is done left an gone.. She's Lo-OO-oo-OO-ong Go-OO-oo-OO-oone and No-OO-oow.. I'm lo-OO-onesome Bluess…. They need to be here Both of them, Kaw-liga, and the Injun Maid."

Silhouette doesn't think of herself as much of a leader, but she also doesn't have much tolerance for trying to decipher details. It's part of her view on things; if she commits to do something, she will bend heaven and earth itself to make sure that she upholds her end of the bargain. Trying to puzzle out what this man wants her to do from a song is not something she's interested in, so she speaks frankly. "Do you want us to steal something? If you do, explain, in short sentences, what it is, and how much you are willing to pay. Or I walk." She does not have a very personable demeanor. In fact, she's being downright rude. She sounds like she's two steps away from just punching the guy. But talking has never been her strong point.

"Uh.. that's.. Frag, he blasted that one time. The man whined horridly." Mal says in reply to the continued singing. But otherwise she's quiet, watching the woman as she spoke in such a severe tone. The others would notice by now that she held her left arm a little oddly, so that her hand was hidden in the sleeve. When she noticed that it started peeking out she quickly shoved it into her coat pocket. Hopefully the darker-skinned chica would get them some clearer details.

Dante chuckles a bit. He fancied himself a bit of a bar hopper so he mostly understood what a drunk person was trying to say. Sometimes it paid to people watch "I think he wants us to steal a wooden Indian male and female from out front of a liquor store and an antique store. He hasn't exactly said how much it was worth though." he looks over to the other woman who was holding the cig he gave her and quickly offered her a light as well before looking back to the woman who seemed to have a sizable portion of an acorn shoved somewhere very uncomfortable "you seem fairly stressed out miss, why not relax a bit and let the man say what he needs? a little patience goes a long way. ya know" he said with a polite smile.

The drunk looks up to Silhouette and shrugs "I dun' have much plus I din't thin' many people would be 'ere.. 'ifteen Kay.. five ea'- Se'en each if ya git me some wh'skey from th' stor' I'un wanna 'ave t' do it" his voice getting more and more drunk by the second.

"Tch." Silhouette spits, glaring at Dante again, she shakes her head. "You, are an idiot. This man is a drunk. I work with, or for, neither. Especially not for five thousand. Good day." Yes, she's fairly uptight and stressed. But she's got nothing else to say. She'll turn, and walk past Malamute, heading back towards her van. Which is a long walk away. Pah.

Mal rolls her eyes and keeps them on the woman as she walks away. Hopefully she wasn't so uptight that she'd turn and gun them all down for working with a drunk.. Anyway, the freaky woman holds the cig out to let it be lit, drawing in a mouthful of minty, smoky poison. It leaks out her nose as she whispers to the other runner, "More for us, though we probably could'a used 'er."

The drunk nods towards Silhouette "'Ell I guess.. umm.. se'en an' a 'alf each.. and eight an' a 'alf each if I git wh'skey."

Dante winces at the comment and shakes his head. he really didn't approve of being called an idiot, but he was used to people underestimating him just on his personality. he nods at the other runner's comment before looking at the man on the porch with an apologizing half grin "Sorry bout that sir, but this "idiot" is still ok with working for you if you want me. Not sure How I can do at taking a wooden statue or two, but I can do my best. would you happen to have any information on these places that you can recall?" he speaks slowly and politely trying to make himself understood to the man through the alcohol. He had no problem with drunk people. in this day and age, some times you just need a drink. He doesn't care much for the music of choice, but everyone has their tastes. and he keeps his opinions to himself

The drunk opens one of the returned beers just to hold it in his lap. He takes a small sip but nods to Dante "'er no' high securrrty… ma'be a few locks." He gets his 10 Gallon hat from the side of his chair, It matched his shirt and he took the piece of paper from it. "Ere" The piece of paper had more details on where the store is located since he couldn't remember them right off. The paper explained in shorthand that the stores are protected by locks on the outside, failing to explain what type they are other than small. And the "injuns" are on the inside at night. No cameras that he saw and the location of them. The closing time was early, at 5Pm so it wouldn't be a problem with someone being there.

«Plot» Leyati says, "Questions being taken on plot, I will tell the answers to say that they are included on the paper since another group scouted it earlier (NPC's) to find the security of the place."

«Plot» Dante says, "is their security tied into the grid at all? if so I can have my decker contact try and sut down the power to the stores one at a time while we are there so we can crack in the old fashioned way without setting off any alarms. I can prove the contact if you need."

«Plot» Leyati says, "It's probably a good Idea to do that Since in the notes it's explained "Alarm - Unknown.""

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) has the Contact Johney krosh with the following information:

-----> Contact for Dante (#1728) <-----

Contact Name: Johney krosh

Level: 1

Type: decker

GM Note: An Ork decker introduced to him by the fixer, Tyler. He has become increasingly sheltered in his advanced years in the shadows but will often traverse the matrix for info, be it for jobs or local gossip. A phone call would usually get him to help but he isn't much for conversations since he normally gives short and to the point answers.

«Plot» Leyati says, "Roll an Open Etiquette"

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Etiquette for "whats goin on Johney?":

2 2 3 4

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Etiquette for "whats goin on Johney? (karma 1)":

2 4 5 10

«Plot» Leyati says, "Johney Is able to Hack the buildings to shut them down when you need them"

Dante flips open his phone and makes a quick call. the conversation seems brief and to the point but when it was over he smiled wide and gave a nod. "Thanks John. I knew I can rely on you. Normal rate would still apply. I'll send ya a text when I want the buildings to go dark." he hangs up and looks back to the other runner "Security shouldn't be a problem, just need to get in and out fast so we aren't seen by bystanders."

Malamute will hold her cigarette-less hand out (which is missing its middle and ring fingers!) for the paper. The hand's rather shaky, and for some reason the pinky's curled inward, so she'll take the paper with her thumb and pointer finger if it's handed over. "Cool. I got a van we can stuff 'em in. You good with cars, or should I drive?"

Dante hands over the info so she could get a better look at things. "You had better drive, I am terrible with cars. other then that things seem pretty straight forward. no real worry about trying to sneak around anything. just in and out quick while the lights are out. I will go in with astral to make sure there are few people around when we do things though. I may need your help to lift em out." he says. his eyes glance at your hand while it was outstretched.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4 for "what's with the hand?":

3 5 7 10 11 16 = 5 Successes

Dante had pulled his un-programmed polymask over his head simply to cover his face and the hood of his full body suit over that just for the added protection. He fiddles with his ares, attaching the silencer and sliding in a clip of APDS rounds just in case. He gives it a little twirl before setting it in his holster and giving things a look around. He smiles when he sees the stores are so close together and one of the Indians even visible. this should be a cinch. he looks over to his team mate and nods over towards the antique store" ok, this is how I see it. I have John shut down the power for a 20 minute window. We hit the antique shop first since we don't know where the statue is, and then the liquor store since the Indian is right in front." he smiles behind the mask "depending on if the place had been emptied yet we may have time to check the safes and tills while we are here. not to spend a whole lot of time on it, but if we can hit em it would be a nice little bonus don'tcha think?" he says with a grin in his voice

Before heading out Malamute takes a little while to whip up a makeshift mask. She ties a plain blue long-sleeved shirt around her head. It's done in such a way that it covers most everything under her eyes. She also flips her hood up to mostly hide her ears, though there are still bulges.

The drive there is mostly smooth despite the woman muttering things like "Break now, turn here.." to herself. She begins circling around to park in the ally behind the antique shop, saying quickly, "Yeah, antique place first.." Once the hulk of a GMC van has come to a stop she breathes out loudly from behind the shirt. A moment is taken to make sure her ingram is still in its place inside her coat. "Could be a good idea. Oh, I'm modded, yeah? So I can do the lifting if need be. Unless you wanna handle it?"

«Plot» Leyati says, "On the Door to the Antique store is a Keypad Maglock with an alternative Cardslot, either/or will open the lock, If you have A Sequencer or passkey You can get in easily, if not than you have to crack the lock. And KP is refreshed."

«Plot» Dante says, "turning on my astral vision to check for wards and then activating my tat. so perception check first yes?"

«Plot» Leyati says, "Roll it"

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "what oh what do these magical eyes of mine see?":

1 4 4 4 9 11

«Plot» Leyati says, "Nothing is detected beyond the building itself"

Dante closes his eyes for a moment before opening them again with the same intensity that he had before, He was looking for any wards or people that might have their eyes on the buildings. Seeing no one he nods before concentrating on the ink in his arm, willing the magic within to come to life and grant him additional speed when he needed it.

«Plot» Dante says, "rolling for spell resistance for my tat"

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Willpower + 8 (bonus dice) vs TN 4 for "resisting 4D for spell activation":

1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 = 5 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Willpower + 8 (bonus dice) - 5 vs TN 4 for "resisting 4D for spell activation (karma 1)":

1 1 2 2 2 2 4 9 13 = 3 Successes

«Plot» Leyati says, "Soaked :D"

Dante activates his tat without any trouble and nods to the woman before exiting the vehicle and sending his text. "better make it a 30 min window just to be safe, don't know how long it will take" He sends the text and waits for the power, to go out "when the lights go out we will try and crack the lock and get in there. quick and direct. when we find the statue, lets check for a safe and the register. but lets not waste more then a few minutes on either. How are you on locks?" he asks after closing his cell and waiting for the power to go down

Malamute locks up the van before moving over to talk with Dante. "That sounds good to me. And, uh.." She looks over the lock, frowning. "I'm not too skilled with locks, but I can try. Unless you're skilled with them."

«Plot» Leyati says, "Roll Elec B/R TN 4 for breaking the case Base 6 -2 for tools, 60 seconds base time, extra sucesses lower the time"

«Plot» Leyati says, "Also the power is out now"

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Electronics B/R + 2 (KP) vs TN 4 for "lets crack this bitch!":

1 3 5 21 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Electronics B/R + 2 - 2 (KP) vs TN 4 for "lets crack this bitch! (kp 1-7 remaining)":

2 3 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Dante says, " standing on 2 successes"

«Plot» Leyati says, "The lock is cracked in 30 seconds!"

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) has the Adept Power Microscopic Vision with the following information:

-----> Adept Power for Dante (#1728) <-----

Power Name: Microscopic Vision

Category: Perception

Power Points: 0.25

Installed: Yes

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Electronics + 2 vs TN 4 for "Microscopic vision don't fail me now!":

1 3 4 5 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Dante says, "I will stand on that. 1 min to crack the lock"

Dante waits for the lights to go down, and then crouches making his way for the door his electronics kit in hand. He manages to work his gloved fingers over the casing and cracks it open befre too long and then begins work on the wires within. It takes only a minute, literally, before the light turns green and a soft click left him know they are in. "Alright we're in. follow closely. stay as quiet as you can and I will close the door behind us. we need to make this look like nothing is wrong." he scans the area around them once more to check if anyone saw them breaking in while waiting for her to enter the building.

Mal keeps watch for pedestrians and police alike while he works. There's a slight smile as the door's unlocked. "You're pretty good. Glad I didn't have to try." She chuckles then crouches down, slinking over to the doorway as quietly as she can.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "What do I see? astral is still on":

2 2 2 4 5 7

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) rolls Intelligence for "Perception!":

1 1 3 5 11

«Plot» Leyati says, "Neither of you notice anything alive in the store, Dante will be able to see the general layout of the store, While Malamute will be able to see the area that the section that the Indian might possibly be located at."

The inside of the antique store held the smell of eucalyptus plants and potpourri the store was divided into sections where each section held its own general set of items. Glassware in one corner.. Furniture in the other and so on. The store is rather organized and taken care of and the quality of the goods show that they care for their items to be in quality shape or they don't take it. «For Malamute» Towards the front of the store is a location for figurines, and two statues.

«Plot» Leyati says, "For movement in the store I would like a stealth test!"

Mal will point out where she sees the statues, reaching into her pocket and retrieving her goggles. She slips 'em on, looking kind of like a weird lumpy-headed, bug-eyed ragface! A certain button is pressed to activate the low light mod on them.

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) rolls Stealth for "Sneakin' sneakin'~":

1 2 3 5 10

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Stealth for "lets get invisible!…maybe":

3 3 3 3 3 4 5 8 10

«Plot» Leyati says, "Sucess!"

Dante closes his eyes releasing his hold on visualizing the astral plane and steps into the store, closing the door behind him. With the magic released from his eyes it allowed his low light vision to take over and see things a bit more clearly. He nodded when she pointed out the statue and made his way over towards it before whispering to her "alright, lets see how much this thing weighs. if one of us can carry it then I will go search for the safe and register. give me a few moments to do a bit of scrounging and then head out with it. if you can't get it on your own, just wait for me. If you can, put it in the vehicle and park outside of the liquor store. I will run across and try to crack the lock again. if it takes too long though I will just blast out the window since it is right up front. Unless you have any ideas" he states in a quick whisper

Malamute maneuvers through the store with ease. Once at the statue she'd take a moment to observe it, then would stand up, putting her arms around it. "I think I can get it on my own.." The woman attempts to lift it up very slowly, testing the weight.

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) has the Attribute Strength with the value '4 (8)'.

"It'd probably be better if you did help." The woman says after feeling its weight and testing out with a little bit of movement. "I'll wait a bit while you scrounge, but I don't want to stay in here too long."

Dante nods "Understood. I won't be more then 5 minutes tops. if you see/hear anything, get me on my comm frequency 7 ok?" He finishes quickly before slinking off into the darkness of the store to look for the safe and register. the clock was ticking.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "Thermographic vision is helping here":

1 2 3 5 5 8

«Plot» Leyati says, "The Register is Right infront of you.. But a safe is no-where to be found!"

«Plot» Dante says, "I will try to crack the register then."

«Plot» Leyati says, "Roll it, TN 4"

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Electronics B/R vs TN 4 for "crackin the register.":

3 4 = 1 Success

«Plot» Leyati says, "The Register is cracked in 1 minutes time"

«Plot» Leyati says, "Unfortunately, Due to it being Saturday the transfer has occurred from the register to account for paying staff."

Mal asks over comm-link channel 7, "You find us anything extra?" Her voice sounds slightly weird and muffled under that shirt. "We gonna get a nice bonus?" She's set the statue down by now and is waiting patiently by it.

Dante works on the register and pops it open after a minute of messing with it but swears under his breath when he sees that the box was empty. not wanting to waste any more time, he leaves it as it is and walks back to the statue "No good, I got in to the register and nothing there. It WOULD be a weekend. any way let's get this out of here and get movin'. We got maybe another 25 minutes so we are doing good on time. we just need to keep with the sneaky stuff till we get that last statue. after we get this in the car I will run over and start working on the lock immediately. you drive right up front. if we need to move fast I am not worrying about subtlety and blasting the window." he says before reaching over for one side of the statue.

«Plot» Leyati says, "Roll Stealth With a +4 Mod due to the large statue."

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) rolls Stealth for "-4 penalty to final number.":

1 3 4 5 7

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) rolls Stealth for "-4 penalty to final number. KP1":

3 3 3 3 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Stealth for "-4 mod for the big ass injun":

2 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 14

«Plot» Leyati says, "Malamute starts to back into a shelf filled with Glassware but Dante stabilizes the Indian keeping her from knocking the shelf completely over. Though a vase falls and breaks Cleaning time will be 5 minutes more."

«Plot» Leyati says, "They make it out to the van just fine after Malamutes Blunder"

Dante clears the door on his end swearing under his breath and quickly concentrates his energies into peering into the astral. He scans the area quickly looking for anything living nearby that might have heard the noise. his right hand twitched in case he needed to "handle" any bystanders

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "did anyone hear us?":

1 2 3 4 5 8

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "did anyone hear us? (karma 1—4 left)":

1 2 3 3 3 4

While her partner acts as lookout Malamute works on getting the Indian into the back of her van. She lays it down if possible so it wouldn't be seen through the windows. If that all works out she hops into the driver's seat and says over comm-link, "Is it safe to head out to the liquor store?"

Dante shakes his head as he rounds the corner. He didn't catch anything but he keeps his guard up. He helps set the statue in and takes off at a
dead run towards the liquor store, speaking quickly into the radio. "I didn't see anyone, But I am starting to get uneasy. If I can't crack this lock in 1 min I am blasting the window. to hell with keeping quiet. You grab the statue, I will grab the mans booze and we wont even mess with the register. Copy?" he says as he nears the front door already getting out his kit.

«Plot» Malamute says, "I use my morphing license plate to change the GMC's tags."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Athletics for "Move your Fat, Tanned, Indian Ass! XD":

3 4 4 4 5 5 10

"Copy. Hang on, Kaw-liga, we'll have you out in a bit!" She presses some buttons to switch the van's tags as she makes her way around to the front of the shop. This time Mal leaves it unlocked for speed's sake and hops out as soon as its parked.

The Liquor store is pretty general the door has just a simple padlock on the door with a bolt. Kaw-Liga stares out the glass pane watching almost the exact spot where the Indian maid would have been.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Rifles + Combat Pool: 7 vs TN 8 for "APDS Ares Pred 3 rounds. Lets Blow this bitch!":

1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 8 16 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Leyati (#10012) rolls 4 for "perception":

3 4 5 16

«Plot» Leyati says, "Perception!"

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) rolls Intelligence:

1 2 5 5 11

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "what do I see?":

2 3 3 3 4 4

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "what do I see? (karma 1)":

1 3 5 10 11 17

The door opens to the liquor store, Malamute is able to see a red light blinking in the corner of the counter flashing, Dante is able to see it too, but with each flash the word "ALARM" is lit up, He's also able to tell the Liquor types from one another.

«Log note not in game» The Alarm was mis-wired showing the light blinking but it was impossible to be tripped. Though it still caused the Runners to panic

Dante shakes his head and just draws his Ares before speaking over the comm "Lock is no good gonna hafta blow it. move in quick and grab the statue. the time for silence is over. I will get the whiskey and we are out of here. move! I guess the alarm was attached to a different type of source not hindered by the electric grid I want out of here 3 minutes ago!" He curses under his breath and runs in. since he could see the labels he just grabbed 3 bottles of the highest grade whiskey he could see and ran back for the van

Mal cringes under her shirt-mask, running in as quickly as she can. Her good hand is on her hidden Ingram Warrior, but she's ready to grab the Indian whenever she sees it. "Crap, crap, -craaap-." She says into the comm a little loudly. As soon as she's near enough she snags up Kaw-Liga!

«Plot» Leyati says, "Liquor store is connected to a Generator… to cover up plot hole"

«Plot» Leyati says, "Athletic Rolls!"

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) rolls Athletics:

4 4 5 5 15

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Athletics for "run bitch! RUUUUUN!!":

1 3 5 10 10 10 15

«Plot» Leyati says, "Alright both make it back to the Van in good condition! with 2 minutes left even.."

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) rolls Reaction:

1 3 4 5 10 11 16

«Plot» Leyati says, "Drive test is all good."

Dante hops into the back and takes off his coat to secure the bottles so they don't break and reaches for his rifle "Book it take us out of the area quickly but slow down after a few blocks so as not to draw attention. I will watch for any tails. take the long way back so we can try and lure em out if any. If any one is dumb enough to come after us I will take care of em. Go, go go!" he shouts over the com before opening a window and keeping an eye out. He switches his astral back on to make things easier

«Plot» Dante says, "switching to AV rounds on my Remington"

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "just try it bitches.":

1 3 3 4 4 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "just try it bitches. (karma 1)":

1 1 2 4 4 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Dante (#1728) rolls Intelligence for "just try it bitches. (remaining Karma)":

2 2 2 3 3 13

Malamute burns rubber as soon as they're loaded up. The engine roars momentarily as the van kicks into action, blasting down the street. The woman mutters, "Speed.. avoid.. no, shouldn't press that one down just yet.." She sounds real jittery and it's as if the adrenaline filling her veins has somehow replaces the vehicle's own fuel as well. "We.. we're outta here!"

Sirens start to close in on the antique store as the Runners make their way out luckily in time, Dante would've been able to catch a glimpse of them astrally, knowing that their intention was for wanting to find the source of the noise in the Antique store.

Dante grins ear to ear as he hears as well as sees the squad cars heading for where they were. He reaches up and slips his mask from his face and switches the safety to on before moving back into the front seat and clipping on his seat belt. "we should be in the clear. slow it down and take us to the man's home. We Earned us a little celebration time" He smiled at her wide and even gave a little wink "luckily I thought ahead to snag 3 bottles so we can all join in the fun. Hope you like it strong!" he says before breaking out laughing. all in all this run had him in high spirits…..pardon the pun

Mal slowed down instinctively and kept her eyes glued to the road. "Half there, half home.." She'd mutter into the comm. Her movements were slick and easy, but her hands were clenched tightly around the steering wheel. "Do we have to shoot anyone?"

Dante chuckles doesn't seem that way. Things seem relatively calmed down. Pull over at the next stuffer shack, I can take the wheel from here if you like. You seem stressed. Besides, you earned a break" he said with a friendly smile

«Plot» Malamute says, "Switching the tags on my van again with morphing license plate."

«Auto-Judge[]» Malamute (#1086) rolls Willpower vs TN 5 for "Holy crap. Fast cars are addicting. Shall she hand it over?!":

1 3 13 14 = 2 Successes

"Nn- Yeah. Okay." Mal pulls in smoothly once they get to a stuffer shack and will turn the wheel over. She pulls the shirt from her face, tossing it on the floor before also removing the goggles. She shoves them in her pocket, but keeps the hood up. The woman leans back into one of the seats and sighs loudly. "I wanna do that again.."

Dante chuckles as he takes the wheel. He puts the van in drive and smoothly takes the Vehicle the rest of the way home, smiling all the way

«Plot» Leyati says, "Dante's in control!, They arrive at the cabin!"

As they Arrive at the cabin the drunk guitarist is passed out in his chair on the porch the same amount of beers on the ground beside them as when they had left, with one between his legs, the one he had opened before they left.

Dante Pulls the van up into the man's driveway and exits the car with a slight flourish. he was feeling a little cocky. his rifle was strapped onto his back now but he hadn't had time to switch out any of the ammo. he smiled at the man as he lay sleeping on the porch and motioned towards him to his companion. "looks like someone had a bit much. think we should wake him now or wait around?" he asks

Mal spends time staring out the window, imagining the car going faster than it really is. But by the time they get there she's relaxed. She hops out of the van, following right behind Dante. "Should we ask for pay before we hand them over?" Talking just loud enough so that it lightly buzzes over the comm, but would likely be inaudible to the drunk. Out loud she says, "'Ey, you gonna get up? You have a reason to be -very- happy to see us." Her tone is cheery and confident.

Dante nods at her question and whispers back "thats usually how it works. no pay, now item. and we find another buyer on the matrix some where. either way at least we got drinks for later, my treat" he says with a grin before walking a bit closer to the man. seeing him unmoving, he whistles "Hey! sorry to interrupt your coma, but We got somethin' for ya!" he says rather loudly. He keeps his eyes peeled though….and Just out of paranoia decides to switch back to his astral. Partly as a precaution…and Partly because He was honestly having fun with the new skill

The Drunk Guitarist wakes up and looks around.. "ugh.. I fell asleep on the porch again. He instantly takes a sip of the bottle he already had opened, but quickly downs it once realizing it was warm. "Nothing goes down like a warm beer" his voice is sober enough that it only had a slight slur to it. He looks up to the group and nods "Did you get Kaw-liga and My Whiskey?" he asks as he grabs up another one of the closed beers opening it to start off his drunk for the night.

"We do." Malamute straightens her posture 'til its perfect, and her tone of voice is still stained with confidence. "Some damn fine whiskey if we do say so. And there's no damage to Kaw-Liga or his maiden. But we expect to be paid before we can hand these over to you, you see."

The drunk nods and tosses over the creds 8.5K each, "Whiskey first, Then Kaw-Liga"

Dante nods with a wide smile, "Sure thing sir! Its been a pleasure doin' business with you." he says with a smile. He walks off to get the booze leaving the first statue to her. After handing the man his whiskey, he went back to help her with the other. After a bit of moving them into position for the man, he snags a couple shot glasses from the man and rinses them out thoroughly before binging them out to the bottle. "I can't stay and get smashed with you I am afraid, But I think the occasion calls for a shot at least, what do you say, mutt?" he says looking over towards his team mate. He held a shot glass up in offering.

Mal snagged the shot glass and kept it held outwards. "Pour me some, man." The woman's tail swayed somewhat and she was grinning now that things were said and done with. Once her glass was filled she'd put it to her lips, taking a big ol' sip. The fur on her tail frizzes a bit and she makes a bit of a face, but she keeps drinking it anyway!

The man holds up the glass and nods "Thanks" He downs a shot, then takes the bottle for the night "Have a good time.. Don't worry about where to put them, I'll move them around when I get around to it." his voice slowly starts trailing off as the beer from earlier starts setting in again.

Dante smiles as she downs her shot and he raises his in a toast "To a job well, done, and to your new Indian friend and his mate. May you enjoy their company for many moons!" He said before Downing the strong liquid. he made a face and "growled" a bit as most whiskey drinks will do and set it down a bit forcefully. He then nodded at the man's comment and gave a friendly wave. "well I hope you enjoy em. With business done however, I think I should be on our way. We got one final bit of business to take care of" he said with a grin. He was referring of course to their own bottles waiting for em. though I think she would agree that a bar or somewhere they both new was safe was a better option then a J's home. He smiled inwardly. Tonight was a good night. and somehow, despite the fact that it was a robbery, He felt that the Indian pair was in a good new home.

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