Hide and go Ahhh! Ninja Trolls!
GM: Pulse
Players: Pulse, Nine
Synopsis: Pulse gets called in by his mafia contact 'Jake Rillinger' to get one of his shadowrunner friends out of the hot zone. Pulse calls on Nine to help and goes in for the rescue!
Date: Friday, August 7, 2069

OOC Note: Rolls and ooc edited out for pleasure of reading.

It's pretty simple. It's late thursday night, and Nine's phone rings. Caller ID will label the caller as one P. Lucciano.

Nine was curled up on the couch in the FFOS, and she was drinking mint tea with her buddy Adam and fake cat Sherhebah. However, when the phone rings, she puts the cup down on the table and then answers the phone, "Hey Pauly! How are you?" She seems surprised to be called by the boxer mobster, but of course is welcoming.

"Working," Pulse replies with a smile. "Pulling up to the Fist in about thirty seconds. Hop in: there's thirty thousand in it for you if you can move quickly. I'll be in the ferrari."

Sure enough, there's the sound of roaring bass outside the asylum linked with powerful engines, followed by the sound of squealing rubber. "Hurry."

Nine bolts up out of the couch at the sound of 30k, and she rushes to her cell and grabs her medkit and guns and is strapping them on with the concealable holsters and grabbing her coat up and sliding into it, and then is out the door again, leaving her comrade wondering, or maybe not. Nine was already hurrying, and she jogs over to meet the ferrari, and she grabs the door and opens it up, then hops in. She gets settled into the seat and closes the door before glancing over to Pulse, "What's up?"

Pulse takes off as soon as nine's in, kicking the speed up like crazy. "here's the scan," he says. "Couple freinds of mine were doing some work, out in the Sioux territory."

He takes a turn now, kicking up the speed even faster. "It went bad. Sold out. Team's all but wiped out… but their fixer's fond of one of the guys. An Elf; name's Buzzkill." Another turn, and now pulse is doing well over a hundred, the car's high-performance engine purring like a fierce kitten. "We need to get there before the authorties do. No idea how long that is, no idea what's still out there. Just have a tracking signal for the kid's cyberarm."

He starts nearing a border crossing, and finally starts to slow. "you do have a real SIN, right? Or something that'll pass? That's one of the reasons I called you."

Nine gets insta-whiplashed, and her figure slaps back against the bucket seating with a nice WHUMP. Nine is fine, though, and she just laughs it off. She clears her throat and forces herself into a more serious demeanor and then buckles up while glancing over toward Pulse, "Oh? And, yeah…" Nine pulls out her wallet from one of the Mortimer greatcoat pockets, and she gets out her real SIN, which is one with obvious UCAS colors. "Alright, well, we are not going to be tackling Sioux authorities if we can help it, right? Really, I have a bit of fondness for 'my people', though you are closer people to me. That sounds odd I guess."

Pulse slows down a little more. "Darlin,' I haven't had time to put another face on, and my own 'people' don't have a lot of influence across sioux lines. We're avoiding trouble if we can."

He pulls up to the checkpoint and passes over the sticks. After a moment or two, both Real SINS pass, and the car is waved on in.

"Didn't know you were sioux…" he murmurs. "But anyway. We need to find this guy and get him out. We're being paid sixty thousand total for retrieval to a safe place."

He slots a datachip into the Ferrari's console, and the autonav's map system activates. "Any other questions?"

Nine blushes and nods some, and she takes back her SIN and slips it back inside her wallet and pockets it again. "Half, born in the UCAS though. Yeah, I am whiter than a snowflake, I know." she chuckles softly but then tells Pulse, "No… just make sure you let me know what I need to do if I seem lost, I will try to keep up, and do you have any idea of a safe haven we can go?"

Pulse glances at the girl for a moment, then looks away, shaking his head. "No, not really," he says. "I have some ideas, though. Figurin' you or I could rent a hotel room in fort lupton, just sneak him in there." He pulls to the side of the road in a handy park-n'-ride location, then takes a deep breath. "Right," he says, at last, then walks around the car to the trunk. He pops it open and fetches out some basic survival gear: night forest camo-netting, a gps unit, water canteens, and tosses some to nine. "I need you in case he's badly hurt. Might need to do some trauma work." He looks to the forest, takes a deep breath, and checks his gps. "Let's go."

Nine exits the car as soon as the word 'right' leaves Pulse's lips. The seat belt comes off, and the door opens, and Nine is out of there and the door closed in her wake, which was a quiet one. Nine gets her gear situated and then she catches the stuff that Pulse tosses her and adds it to the collection of things hanging off of her, or put into her coat pockets. "Ready." Nine is pretty dang efficient, so it does not take her long to get situated, and even if she still is getting that way, she stays in motion and starts to move off after Pulse to follow him. Her Irish green eyes scan the area around them thorougly, once physical and then once astral.

Pulse looks down at himself for a moment, briefly regretting not being better geared… but a hurry is a hurry. He starts off into the forest, jogging as quietly as he can, the camo netting making even a big pallooka like him tricky to track easily. His eyes are glowing with a strange blue light as he moves from tree to tree. "Don't even know what kind of trouble we might be running into," he mutters. "Bugger this. I hate bloody needing the money."

Nine wishes she was in more than what she was, herself, but her BBQ tee shirt and bellbottoms alone would have to do for her first layer. Some gloves, dark hardliners, are pulled over her hands, and she continues on through the forest with Pulse, jogging to try to keep up with her John Wayne swagger affliction, but it is not something that causes her to be slow or to complain, just look possibly odd. Nine nods slightly in agreement with Pulse about the needing of money, but she says softly, "What channel in case we get seperated and need stealth?" Nine pulls up her R6 tactical comm from one of her pockets, and she picks her way through the brush after Pulse, also having to duck down to not get whapped by branches.

Pulse glances back at the girl, his eyelights glowing. "About that…" he says, voice trailing off. "Let's just not get seperated. If needs be, text my pocsec. Hopefully we won't get traced." He looks back and keeps going, pushing through the trees, moving through the night…

After about twenty more minutes of hard travel, Nine's brilliant nostrils can pick up the scent of smoke on the air.

Nine ahs softly and then nods and puts her tactical comm unit away, and then she snorts softly and gasps, "Smoke." She informs Pulse with the single word and then attempts to point in whichever direction she thinks it came. Focusing, Nine wills an elemental to the astral plane behind her, and it follows, too.

Pulse curses. "Damn," he says. "That's right in the way we're going… I wonder if…" He freezes, and suddenly he's diving for Nine with lighting speed, bearing her to the ground with his massive bulk just as the 'whip whip whip' sound of silent gunshots tears through where she was standing.

He rolls away from her and starts going for a pistol…

Nine acks softly as she hits the ground with Pulse atop her, and her eyes go wide and she glances all around before looking back to him and then watching him roll away from her. She twitches about the sound of the gunshots, remembering just how her leg had come off from Montego's firearm, this definitely gets her for just a moment, but she was determined and willful. She reaches for her own weapon!

Pulse's on his back on the ground, and he's got a massive machine pistol in hand: the night lights up as he opens fire, the muzzle flash illuminating a black-clad pair of figures lurking in the trees. His rat-tat-tat burst rips into the silence of the night, but the shots miss as his target crouches under the line of fire and brings his own smg up to bear.

The two men open fire as they move through the trees, finding cover, their bullets ripping through the underbrush with savage accuracy. It's all pulse can do to roll aside from the bullets tracing after him, dirt shooting up in clumps.

Nine sighs once and pulls her pistol while simultaneously trying to extend her astral senses. Once done, she catches sight of one man, and she attempts to shoot, but even though the gel cap taps him, the figure is undamaged.

The night has erupted into a bloodbath. Pulse surges to his feet, charging into the man who shot at him… but the man won't take it lightly. His submachine gun comes around, and this time he's all over it, tracing bullets all up and down pulse's lightly armored body. Blood spurts from the big boxer's body, but that doesn't keep him from coming into the man like a freight train, driving a right-handed jab into the gunman's jaw that sends him reeling, teeth flying out of his jaw like something CRAZY! The man staggers back from the force of the blow, spinning around and smacking his body into a tree.

Pulse follows the right jab up with a left uppercut to the man's lung, his savage fist twisting up and into the man's chest even as he reels against the tree. Ribs snap and the man hits the ground with a heavy thump.

The other man ducks back behind more trees, playing for distance as he tries to sow bullets into the pulse's back.

Nine shot toward them but did nothing, so now she resorts to magic, and a fairly powerful stunbolt rips through the astral plane, showering the last enemy standing with heavy stun. He drops his gun and then drops face forward into the underbrush below him. Luckily, Nine takes no drain from her exertion, and she quickly gets up off the ground to rush over to Pulse while holstering her alta. "Sir?!" she says while attempting to draw the medkit off her back now.

Pulse staggers a bit, his hand suddenly shooting out to steady himself against the tree. He's bleeding from six different chest wounds. "It's just… a few scratches…" he says as he starts to slip down the trunk. "I can take… it…"

Nine grunts deeply before saying, "No. Sit down lie still!" in a voice full of concern for the man. She quickly busts out the Savior Medkit system, getting it ready to go and one of the nanite injection packs prepped. Sterilize magic happens around them both, so that the area will be less awful for biotech. Nine grabs a flashlight from her pocket and says quietly, "Pulse, ok, need you to hold this here and point it toward your wounds. You got me?" she asks.

Pulse slides down the tree till he's sitting in the growing puddle of his blood. He stares dumbly at Nine for a time, feeling the life seeping out of him… until at last he takes the light she's offerig and holds it at his chest. "Don't know why you need the light," he slurs. "Is perfectly bright out here."

Nine breathes in deeply but does not try to argue with The Pulse about the lighting conditions. She just administers the nanite package contents to him, and then she flips a few switches on the main medkit unit. "You are going to be just fine, and you are going to stick with me, right? Keep talking to me." Nine encourages in her soft and gentle tones, with awesome bedside manner included. The medkit is very low volume, cause Nine likes it that way, but it asks some medical questions about the status of the patient and the wounds and where they are. Nine expertly relays this information, and the nanites spread out through Pulse's body until they have located the problem areas. Antibiotics and coagulants are released into his bloodstream while the minature machines work to repair damage. Surely, he would soon start to feel better, and the flashlight is left off to the side and illuminating them just a little bit while quick and dirty first aid is done. "Feeling any better yet?" she inquires and then assenses him.

As the nanites slowly dissolve the bullets lodged in Pulse's torso and the stimu-painkillers take effect, Pulse's brain starts to clear up. "Got to get going, Nine. Don't have much time…"

Pulse's aura is sad. Proud, Royal blues seem a pale echo of something that should be there, and there's an aching cavity in his soul where -something- should be. His brain is barely there, and what is there is twisted by ware: and his eyes, ears, and throat are missing as well. His aura is covered with scars: the wounds caused by the rockets that ripped away his magic have never healed on his soul: nor have his recent wounds entirely healed.

Nine grips him by the armor and keeps him steady, "Just a moment, here. Hopefully, you will be good as new in just a moment. Look at me." she says, and then she puts a hand on the side of his cheek and attempts to heal him.

Nine begins to successfully channel the healing mana through Pulse, despite all of the damage and the ware within him. "There we go; just about…" she says softly, "There." And then the bullets in his wounds fall out of him and begin to seal up completely and leave no scarring from -this- set of wounds.

As Pauly's wounds knit closed and even the nanites are driven out, he nods and puts a hand on her shoulder. "Thank you," he says, and slowly stands up, sniffing the air. "Smoke…" he mutters… "we need to hurry. You good to go?"

Hard to believe that a minute or two ago this man was on his deathbed, but that's the magic of… well, magic. "They didn't clip you, did they?"

Nine smiles softly to the healed man, since she was always quite glad to see people not suffering anymore. However, she soon focuses when he begins to talk about the Smoke, and then she nods and begins quickly packing up her savior medkit system. "Ah, they tried, but failed. I am fine." And then she collects her things, clicking the flashlight off and stowing it away in a greatcoat pocket again. "Thank you for asking, ready to go when you are. Are you feeling ok?"

Pulse nods. "Yeah," he mutters, then starts jogging off through the night. He's moving through the woods again, and soon there's the light of fire up ahead. A GMC bulldog van, windows shattered, slammed into a now-fallen tree, still smoking and burning into the night. Blood is leaking from out of the doors, one of which is ripped open.

Nine moves quickly to hustle after Pulse, and she glances all around for any signs of life in the area by using her astral vision to pinpoint auras.

Nine can pick out two auras- there's the shine of one half-buried underneath the turned-over van (did i mention the van was turned over? it is.)

And there's a much larger aura in the tree… about to jump down on the unwary pulse!

Nine looks to the van with her deep green eyes, and then angles them up, but suddenly Nine breaks out with her soft but intense, "Watch out!" and then points upward even if not necessary to cast, she still does to indicate from where their attacker comes. Invisible mana coalesces all around the dive bomber, but no damage is done and the spell fumbles, giving Nine an extra hard time of managing her mana drain, but she luckily does with a soft grunt!

That cry was all that mattered. The troll dropping from above was like something out of a nightmare, hands flashing with blacked-out blades, but the Pulse has fought his like before. The troll's initial slash is avoided, and Pauly replies with a one-two combination that staggers it backwards, a tusk shattering with the first punch, and ribs snapping as Pauly steps in with the second, driving a bodyblow inside and avoiding the big trog's reach.

The troll backpedals, trying to avoid the boxer's blows as it throws a knife-hand blow at pauly's head, but pauly bats it aside with his right fist with disturbing ease, stepping in and pivoting to throw an uppercut straight up into the troll's jaw. It snaps shut and the troll flies back a good two meters to hit the ground in a cloud of dust.

Nine just… wows. For a moment, it was amazing to just see a man beat the living frag out of a guy double his size. Nine does not stay gaping long, however, since there is someone injured nearby, and she coughs once before saying, "Angel, materialize now, and squelch the oxygen from the van fire!" Nine herself will start to move quickly toward the vehicle while casting a clean air spell, to keep them from having to breathe the smoke fumes.

The air begins to clear even as Angel materializes and smothers the fire.

Pauly breaths heavily for a moment, rubbing his fist, and looks over towards Nine. "Our man's here, somewhere," he says. "We need to…"

Just then, in the distance, a terrifying sound can be heard: the sound of helicopter rotors. Luckily, the firelight's out, but…

Nine frowns and relays that she hears something, "Whirly bird!" she says very softly but intensely, "Over here, under the van…" she says and then after Angel smothers the fire, Nine orders her, "Help us with your psychokinesis to move the van off this poor man!" Course, Angel could not do it alone.

Pulse turns as Nine speaks… then catches a glimpse of leg underneath the van. He's on it, stepping over towards the Van and grabbing a hold of it. "I'll give her a little help," he says, and bends his back a little to apply his muscles… "step out of the way…."

Nine was about to help but then nods and listens to the more experienced shadowrunner, and she steps back out of the way while Angel tries to help ease some of the burden that Pulse would have to move while pushing the van.

Nine scans for the helicopter while she is over here out of the way of things.
With Angel's help, Pulse's back bends, his shirt rips, and those muscles long-accustomed to lifting weights get put to real use… and the edge of the van slowly lifts into the air. The helicopter van slowly gets closer…

Pulse holds the edge of the van up a good three feet, but he's starting to strain as he moves it another. Underneath it, there's an elf with an obvious cyberarm lying, half broken, bleeding on the floor…

"Get… him… out…" Pulse mutters, trying to keep his grip. Even with the spirit's help, this is a mighty strain to keep it lifted…

Nine looks to the broken elf, and then she quickly reaches for him. The first moments she touches him, she attempts to make sure he is stabilized with magic, and then her grip firms, while she begins to try to drag him out from what would have been prolonged crushing. Nine was stronger than an average person, she she should probably be able to handle getting the elf out of there.

The man's breathing visibily stabalizes a little, and he stops leaking so much blood.

Nine succeeds in stabilizing their charge before she pulls him out from under the van wreckage, and then she pants to Pulse, "Okay, got him out." once all the limbs are out of line of possible recrushage. Angel still swirls in a purplish lavendar haze around the under edges of the van, helping Pulse.

Pulse grunts a little and releases the van, stepping back. His face is a little red, but he glances down at the man. The chopper's getting closer, and he reaches down to pick up the man. "Let's get out of here… you can fix him when we have more space. Go!"

He starts running into the forest!

Nine nods just a little and then calls Angel off with a mental command, and then the two girls rush after Pulse into the forest, trying to get away from the crash site. Angel will phase back into the astral plane, since her physical realm powers are no longer needed just yet. Nine huffs softly and runs.

After about ten minutes of running in the forest, pauly stops against a tree and lays the elf down. He kneels to the forest floor, and pulls out his cellphone. "Jake. I got your boy. I need a car on highway xx-xx in thirty minutes. I need you to move my ferrari to fort lupton. Can you take care of it?"

Pauly nods. "Right. Pay me and we're square. Thanks."

He hangs up and looks at the girl. "I'm arranging an exit. Can you make sure he's stable enough to travel?"

Nine glances over the elven man's aura, wondering if the spell held, which it seems to have done. "Uhm, Pulse, I think that if I heal him, there is little I can do to bring him to an ability to travel… Not with magic. I, I am not that great with it, not yet." She blushes deeply, "Uhm, if we can get him to a medical facility somewhere, I can try to do trauma surgery."

Pulse grunts and stands back up, picking the smaller figure up. "No need," he says. "I can carry him. We're getting paid to get him out, not fix him up. Jake can take it the rest of the way." He smiles. "we've done it," he says. "we just need to move quickly."

Nine okays softly and hten she rushes through the trees with Pulse to the highway indicated over the phone conversation, and she makes sure to zap the boy with some stabilization at least whenever it looked like he might succumb to bleeding again. They manage to get to the edge of the road, and Nine tells Pulse, "I would still like to help make sure he gets taken care." Nine was fussy and worried over her patients, but she knew if she healed him, it would probably cut his chances to get better medical and magical treatment later.

Five minutes after the pair find the road, a van finds them. The rest of the night is spent in a hotel room causing trouble and drinking off the stress of the night, and complaining to the sioux police that pauly's car has been 'stolen.'

It will be found by morning, and the return to the ucas goes flawlessly.

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