GM: Shoeshine
Players: Diego, Ben (Wire), Shepherd
Synopsis: Like all of them, the job seems simple: Take this chip from Draco Tower over the Warrens Wall to the basement of the Bentley Building inside the Warzone. Use the hardlink there to transmit it. In this case, the people trying to stop them are a squad of beginning enemy runners; Thylacine (sammy), Ascot (face), and Cat7096 (cat shaman) whom Diego has tangled with before - they tend to use nonlethal tactics. It quickly devolves into spy vs. spy until the inevitable showdowns.
Date: August 21, 2073

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "This is a Shadowrun adventure where bad things may happen that may endanger your character and possibly even your character's conception of themselves which is even worse. I ask for your consent to this as a matter of course."

«Plot» Diego says, "I consent"
«Plot» Ben says, "Me, too."
«Plot» Shepherd says, "I consent"

It's a lazy sunday here in Denver. Late august, the hot weather cooling off, strange bits of excitement hither and yon. And like many people trying to work the city, you have a web of connections on the lookout for people offering cred for a job. In this case, the 'fixer', if you know him, is a dwarf by the name of Shoeshine, something of a well-known if slightly wacky figure who either is or pretends to be a shoeshine boy as some kind of cover which allows him to go various places and interact with various people. Whether or not the information goes straight from him to you or goes through a few intermediaries, the news is that there's a guy called 'Kuryakin' at the Draco Foundation building that has a courier mission. Go to the front desk, say 'Iliandov sent me to see Kuryakin' and go up to his office.
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Note: The Draco Foundation building is UCAS uptown, and in a AAA security zone."

Diego has seen his business slow lately, sure a few big ticket items come now and then, but his contacts seem to be having trouble finding what he asks for, so things are not going well. Diego is frustrated, and perhaps it's that frustration that brings him to the job today. He wears his nice suit, and carries his insanely high concealed switchblade and stilleto light pistol. He arrives in his BMW, parking several blocks away and then walking the last distance to the Draco building, moving into the front desk and giving the passcode for the meeting.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "What is the concealment for said switchblade and pistol?"
«Plot» Diego says, "Wait, 12 for pistol, 14 for switchblade"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 4 + 2 vs TN 12 for "4 is the average Int of Draco tower security. +2 because several people have chances to interact with Diego and may have technological enhancement.":
1 1 2 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

An old Eurovan (Camper edition) draws up the street, coming to a stop in front of the Draco Building. The driver's door opens and out hops a dwarf - Shepherd. A holster on his left side is holding something looking like a Predator III and otherwise he resembles the cowboys of old trids…albeit a very small one. He wipes his face with his left sleeve, spits on the ground and then wobbles over to the Draco Foundation Building, slamming the car door shut. The sun makes the datajack in his right temple glitter as he approaches the building.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "So, you are open-carrying the Predator, in the middle of Downtown, high-security zone?"
«Plot» Shepherd says, " I am an excop with permits for all my weapons. :)"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Excellent. :)"

Needless to say, an appropriate gaggle of Knight Errant cops swarms upon this blatant display of casual gun-carrying, requiring the display of said permit, and just generally being dickweeds about it; when there's nothing legal to do about the permits they hassle you about parking until the actual Draco Foundation guard, who's been waiting at the door, gives you gridguide coordinates to the parking garage so you can just send your car there.

Shepherd nods and is generally nice to the KE cops, "Hey of course y'all just doin' yer jobs boys. I know the drill from da Star." Shepherd is nonetheless glad when the DF guards take over and he offers the job phrase while putting down his weapon holster on the counter, "Will ya keep an eye on dat for me, gal?"

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "The Draco Tower guards and secretary up front do indeed have weapons lockers just for this, and put a tag on Shepherd's badge."

Wire takes his very plain Americar to uptown Canada which is closer than one might think these days and parks as close to the DF building as possible unless there are fancy guards looming in which case he will do his best to halt and move around them. The car's transponder is fresh so there should not be much trouble. He also dons a light summer coat and decides against packing. It'd be pointless. He has toys, but he will not risk them against what a dang dragon had decades to refine. With a plain if nice Dallas line suit, Wire will drag his feet inside, offer the open sesame phrase and keep his fingers crossed, then move on. The only thing he 'packs' would be forearm guards.

And so, after a total lack of hassles about forearm guards, the three of you are given temporary badges to get in the next door and an elevator that takes you to the third floor. Past a cubicle maze, there is the conference room you've been directed to. 'Kuryakin' is a blond-haired blue-eyed human of vaguely russian extraction, looking over the three of you. "Good to see you. I have a simple job." He takes a plastic tube from his business shirt pocket of the sort that one keeps optical chips in and verily, there is an optical chip inside. "I need you to take this chip across town, over the Warrens wall, to the black building in the Warzone. Go to the basement and use the computer equipment there. Slot the chip and transmit to the address on the chip using the hardwire there."

Diego makes his way upstairs and into the conference room. He takes a moment to adjust his sunglasses as he looks at the other two runners, actually taking photos and sending them wirelessly to his car a few blocks away. His bird drone outside watches the front door, recording all the comings and goings since before he started to head inside. As the jay speaks, Diego gives him his attention, listening to the job and then nodding at the end. Diego does not reach for the chip though, waiting to see how the others are going to react.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Diego will discover that these photos taken from inside Draco Tower are not successfully transmitted to his vehicle." (Probably in a faraday cage.)

The dwarf nods at Kuryakin but also remains silent. He is new to this business and is mainly here to see and learn. A smile plays along his lips as he watches the scene unfold.

Wire keeps to himself and concentrates on memorizing as much of the building as he can when he scuffs his way along and does his best to stay collected and polite. The elf smiles and nods as warranted until he stands before the entity called Kuryakin. "Good day." The elf in the suit keeps the 'eh' to himself and smiles for the effect alone to nod, then ask plainly, "What is the catch, Mr. Johnson?"

Kuryakin clearly loves it when the shadowrunners ask obvious questions allowing him to give obvious answers. "I expect people will try to kill you for it."

Diego chuckles a bit in response to the query. "I am curious about the compensation for managing to do the task without being killed."

Kuryakin says, "As a relatively standard run, I am offering twenty thousand per person. Undue dangers may be submitted after the fact for additional payment."

Wire keeps smilin' and sorts through the neatly arranged file cabinets of his gray matter before he asks actual questions.

Shepherd starts to gasp when he hears the sum, but manages to contain himself..barely. But his eyes light up and his curiosity is peeked. "20 Grand per person sounds good." He nods at the other runners, "Boys, whatcha thinkin'?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Underworld Rumors (to Shoeshine) for "Black Building in the Warzone?":
3 3 4 16
«Plot to Ben» 'The Black building in the Warzone is run by an underworld group. The sixth floor has been gutted and cleared out and turned into a locker room and underground free-form fighting arena.'.

Diego takes notice of Shepherds reaction, then a small glance to Wire, before he finally looks back to Kuryakin. "Apparently the offer is acceptable. I assume you're speaking of the Bently Building, in the warzone?"

Kuryakin says, "That's the one."
Kuryakin says, "It seems like you are all in assent?"

Shepherd simply nods.

Wire nods curtly, "I hear you. twenty thousand is acceptable unless they ramped up security for an event."

Diego nods "Agreed."

Kuryakin sets down the plastic tube and optical chip, and pushes it across the table to any who will take it. "Return at your leisure and ask for me when the job is done. I'll be informed shortly after it's completed if all goes well."

«Plot» Shepherd says, " who takes it ?"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "That's what I want to know!"

The dark-haired elf lets his head slide forward a little, "We will be on our way. If they did not, it is twenty kay, if it is the case, I will ask for a slight adjustment, because we cannot procure gear overseen by a powerful entity such as continent-spanning group. Later gator." He lifts his head and prepares to leave. If nobody does, he will pick up what the Jay being positioned to take.

Diego frowns at the hesitation on the others, and then the fact the elf apparently isn't even going to try to take it. At that point Diego steps over and picks up the chip, sliding it into a pocket. He says nothing, turning and starting for the door.

Shepherd gives a short salute to the Johnson, then follows in the steps of Diego. Whenever they pass the lobby, he picks up his weapon and buckles the holster beld around his waist again.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Wire or Diego the chip, looks like Diego had the least lack of willingness so he has it for now. There is nothing else to do here except use the beautiful corporate well-appointed restrooms lavatory grande royale. Shepherd's gun has been well taken care of for all the 5-10 minutes you were there. And on the way out, let me bounce some dice:"

«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5 for "The stealth of the guy observing the door from 2 blocks away with vision Mag 3, he's at a +4 to spot for distance.":
1 2 3 3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5 for "The stealth of the guy observing the door from 2 blocks away with vision Mag 3, he's at a +4 to spot for distance. kp1":
1 1 2 2 3
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Wow."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5 for "The perception of the guy spotting you with Vision Mag 3 from 2 blocks away":
3 4 5 11 11
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Nice. Here's a memory roll for the guy, who has actually met Diego:"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5:
4 4 5 5 10
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Also nice."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 for "Shadowscene players for the spotter":
2 4 4 5 5 8
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Okay, all of you can now roll an Int check for perception at TN 7 to spot the guy who has just spotted you from 2 blocks away and isn't really clever about hiding it other than being 2 blocks away."

«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Intelligence for "((Tatto Bonus)) Thermo, Low Light, Vision Mag, Hearing Amp, Magic Sense (35m), Motion Sense (7m), Electromagnetic Sense":
2 3 5 5 5 5 5 8 13
«Auto-Judge[]» Shepherd (#6454) rolls Intelligence vs TN 7:
1 2 2 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Intelligence vs TN 7 for "Natural LL, if applicable.":
1 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

The only one who spots him is Diego, which is reasonable because he's the only one with the vision magnification to spot something like the glaring red of a tres chic red ascot setting off a top of the line Armante suit from two blocks away. The blond, jut-jawed, classically-heroically-featured human furrows his brow when he fixes his eyes on Diego from where he's sitting sipping coffee at a cafe, and it's that intentness of gaze that tips Diego off, lets him look back. Then the man wearing the ascot spit-takes into his coffee, looks wide-eyed, touches his ear and obviously talks into a commlink.

Diego frowns, and pulls out his pocsec, handing it to Shepherd. "Hold this a second." Diego then proceedes to also pull out a pack of cigarettes, lighting one up. As he does, the pocsec screen comes to life, then tinting so it can only be seen from a direct angle. Text scrolls across the screen, «Someone's watching, part of a crew I've heard of. You both have encrypted coms right? Show this to the elf.»

The elf in question nods slowly, smiles quite widely and points at the cigs to ask in his coarse baritone voice, "How many do you have left?"

The dwarf holds the pocsec and his eyes swivel over the screen, maybe even widen a little before he focuses again. "Whatcha think I am? A secretary?", he exclaims while he hands the PocSec over to the elf. He puts his hand into a pocket and gets out a little com, starting to plug it into his ear. "I think I like this new kind of living," he offers with a broad smile.

Diego holds out the pack for the elf, and sends another message to the pocsec. «Channel 3.2596 please. I'm parked over at the Wintergreen Mall, go there, head to the fourth floor and wait in front of the Regis Salon, stand near the balcony so you can see down to the first level. Take the dwarf with you.» When the elf has taken a cigarette, Diego will pocket the pack, and then take back the pocsec as soon as he thinks its been read. "Alright, I'm going home now. You gentlemen have a good day, this was a waste of time." Hopefully someone's using a shotgun mic, it's a lie of course!

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "I presume you split up somewhat. In the intervening time, I need Diego to make a Perception check TN 10."
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Intelligence for "((Tatto Bonus)) Thermo, Low Light, Vision Mag, Hearing Amp, Magic Sense (35m), Motion Sense (7m), Electromagnetic Sense":
1 1 1 2 3 4 9 11 16
«Plot to Diego» '2 successes at TN 10, target on a different plane. Detailed information: Human shaman keeping an eye on you, flitting into and out of your 35 meter range, no doubt pretending to be going about her normal business in this AAA zone.'.

«Plot» Shepherd says, " Being a total newbie to the business, I will do as the elf tells me to."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "You can all now be commlinked if you possess such things."

Wire sighs, smiles apologetically and retrieves two to put one into his shirt's breast pocket and one into his mouth, fishes for a lighter (and activates his comm at the right frequency), then replies, "Thank you. Bah, might meet up at the Angel for some evening fun?"

Commlink-Wire> Ben says, "Check. Sounds like a plan."

The Cowboy dwarf looks at the two and nods, "Sorry that it didn't bear more fruit." He looks at the elf, "The Angel? Are ye inclined to show me where that is?"

Diego shrugs, "Perhaps." Then a trandusced voice comes over the comlink. «I'm going to transfer to you at the mall if you wait in the spot, then you head for the target, I'll see how long I can keep our watchers distracted. I'll be able to find you if you keep my delivery method.» With that Diego starts down the street, heading towards the parking garage of the mall he parked in. When he gets to his car, he picks up a few small things, slipping them into his pockets. 2 small bug drones, bumblebees, small and thin, the same design Deus used. Then he starts to head into the first floor of the mall. He uses his bird drones outside to try to keep an eye on Ascot.

Commlink-Shepherd> Shepherd says, "Roger."

"That I will. Let me give you a ride, pal," snaps Wire around the lit deathstick and waves to the dwarf to follow him when he sticks to hurting his footwear.

Ascot isn't moving a whole heck of a lot. He sometimes gets up and walks a bit around that cafe while appearing to talk on his phone, a relatively common if impolite thing to do - you all know he's doing it to change the angles he needs to track as many of you as he can with vision mag.

Shepherd follows the elf, his short hops getting more frantic as he tries to keep up with the longerlegged homo nobilis.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Now, the third member of their group. Their shaman is trying to keep an eye on Diego, and their third member is trying to keep track of you two fellows as follows:"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5 for "Thylacine's stealth":
1 1 2 4 13
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 4 for "Thylacine's Perception":
1 3 4 8
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "The two of you can roll a TN 13 to detect that you are being shadowed."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shepherd (#6454) rolls Intelligence vs TN 13:
2 3 3 4 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Shepherd shall change his name into Darth Oblivious
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Intelligence vs TN 13:
1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Stealth for "For my drones":
1 3 5 14
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5 vs TN 14 for "Ascot spotting the bird drone":
1 1 1 2 5 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Okay. So things are set up as Diego likes for Diego's plan. Diego is at his vehicle or where he wants to be, Shepherd and Wire are where they were told to be, they don't know that they are being shadowed."

Diego moves inside the mall, not really in a rush, he heads to the food court and selects a small meal from Panda Express. Some general tso's and rice. That done he moves to sit down at a table. He keeps his eyes open, hoping that he has lured enough of them into the lowest level of the mall.

Shepherd hangs out besides Wire, waiting to do what he is told. Shadowrunning is a lot like the work he did for the Star, so the only thing missing right now are donuts and a cup of coffee.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Diego's magic sense continues to ping on occasion. Security spirit, probably. Astral patrol. Human shaman - is that a security shaman, or the same one as before? Another astral patrol."

With how Wire does not move too fast the height-challenged person should have no trouble following him. He brings Sheperd where told and waits while looking for a reasonable reason to be here and not alert the trailing ones.

Diego pulls out two of the drones he took, sitting them on the table next to his meal. He then pulls out two chips, one of them the real chip, one of them not. He manipulates the drones claws to grasp the chips, and then sets them aloft. The little wings bring them into the air. The two drones zip up and above, the one with the real chip heading to fly right to the Regis Salon, where Wire and Shepherd should be able to get it. The other flies off towards the other side of the mall, hovering and landing next to a trashcan.

Commlink-Deuce> Diego says, "Bug coming your way, get it and the chip."

«Plot to Diego with 'Now, using any kind of stealth for that? Are these visually possible, or what? I mean, it's a chip flying in the air attached to a bumblebee the size of like an SD card?'.
Wire says in a conversational tone when no kids or moms are too close, "The Angel is a fairly decent strip club type place. They do not cater to all tastes, but they do not drop everything for too long so you can take sensible folk for a wild night that will not overload your father-in-law
«OOC» Ben says, "Ack. Sorry."
Diego pages: The chip is the size of an SD card, the bumblbee is 10 cm long, probably 3 wide. So folks will see it unless they arent paying attention when they takeoff and all that.
«OOC» Shepherd says, "np."
Diego pages: And I want folks to see the bees, so they don't know where the real chip is
Diego pages: Granted, the shaman wont be able to tell much
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 for "The perception of Cat7096, the cat shaman watching Diego from the Astral. It's hard to see non-living things from the astral, so what she gets will depend on how well she rolls.":
1 3 3 3 4 5
Shepherd raises an eyebrow and grins, "Ok, I get it. Great place for meetings, privacy, shadows." He smiles again while his eyes seem constantly on the watch, "I think I like Denver…" he pulls out a cigarette from his breast pocket and puts it into his mouth, "A lot"
Wire says in a conversational tone when no kids or moms are too close, "The Angel is a fairly decent strip club type place. They do not cater to all tastes, but they do not drop everything for too long so you can take sensible folk for a wild night that will not overload your father-in-law's pacemaker, if you will." He nods to the dwarf, "Still nice enough."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 4 for "More importantly, Thylacine, the street sam watching Wire and Shepherd unknowingly - does she spot a 10cm long and 3cm wide drone carrying a chip the size of an SD card close to them for them to fetch?":
1 2 3 10

The drone will fly up to the fourth floor, then land on the ground right next to wire and Shepherd. A comm signal coming across. «Take the drone, I can find it within a 10 km radius, so I'll be able to regroup with you once we hit the warrens. You do have a way in right?»

Commlink-Wire> Ben says, "On it."

Commlink-Shepherd> Shepherd says, "The Warrens? I guess Wire will know what to do."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "The two of you have the real chip. Whether or not your enemies use some resources tracking Diego's other drone, they do know that a delivery has gone to you, and so your split-up was obviously a ruse. But since you haven't spotted her, you have no way of knowing how much of your various ruses may have borne fruit. So now, how do you get to the Warrens, to the Warrens Wall, and over and in?"

Commlink-Shepherd> Shepherd says, "How do we get to the wall? Shall we take my camper van?"

Diego stands up, leaving his table and quickly heading to his car now, obviously in a rush. One drone lost, they are cheap those bumblebees, merely 2.6k. He starts off towards the Warrens, going to park at Chrome and head from there on foot, with his ruthenium jumpsuit of course and a few other toys he will get in via a smuggling route.

The elf moves a little faster and resumes his pretend-activity to get into position for the next part, "I would not mind dropping by the food court. What do you think?" When the question is out, Wire looks for the little device to take it and carry on after he lowers himself to his haunches and inspect his shoes, then stand up without the bug on the floor. "I thought.. Ah.. Don't matter. Let's go."

Shepherd nods, "Let's grab some food and then go on to that Angel Club you told me." He grins a saucy smile, "I think I wanna see naked legs."
The dwarf follows Wire's very steps, looking as oblivious to his surroundings as one can be.

Commlink-Wire> Ben says, "I have a very simple car. Your camper has too many imminently useful parts. We'd get air-taxed too much."

Shepherd nods after the last comm-chat. Then he mumbles something back into the 'link.

Commlink-Shepherd> Shepherd says, "You are the experienced runner. I only got the pistol with me, but I guess it must suffice?!"

Wire will take a little detour and chuckle as he goes, "I see. Strip joints are places of dreams and promise, after all." He nods to Sheperd.

Commlink-Wire> Ben says, "Guns blazing is right out, anyway. I have two guns for a pinch to happen and can do a stopover for that heavier punch, if it cannot be avoided. Our friend is very well connected and should be able to kit us for an increased share of his, I think?"

Shepherd motions to the elf to lead the way. He exclaims loudly, "Aye, hopefully those long legs also pack some heavy punch." He winks at the elf, "Too bad DIego can't join us."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "All right! You are now driving towards the Warrens I presume, and this is sufficiently different that it is time for different perception rolls:"

Diego will wait just inside the warrens, for the signal of his drone to show that they made it inside. He will follow them with his ruth and his MGL 6 and an assault rifle, what, Diego is now the heavy weapons guy? Sheesh. He will have his birds back out and scouting for the warrens.

«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 for "Thylacine's stealth/shadowing/driving so maybe at a penalty. She's not a rigger but then neither are you so it sort of evens out.":
1 2 4 7 11 13
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "The two of you can shoot for int rolls tn 13, and if you get 10-11 I might be a softie and tell you something."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shepherd (#6454) rolls Intelligence vs TN 13:
2 3 3 3 = 0 Successes
Wire snickers hoarsely, "Some are a little older, so yes, pretty much. He is not one for that kind of thing." Sloppy and non-Ares coke, then moves on back to the car and ride across. That is the plan, anyway.
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Intelligence for "Do I see anyone?":
1 1 2 5 5 7 7 13
«OOC» Shoeshine says, "Well done!"

Hm, that rusty metallic-silver Americar, the one that blends in so well - it's been following you specifically for the past three turns and now it's right with you, three cars back, here at the Warrens Wall. The windows are tinted of course. But thinking back, you're pretty sure you saw it pull out after you back downtown, too, that particular rust pattern.

«Plot to Ben» 'I'm still not sure if you are driving through the checkpoint into the Warrens or if you are stopping here and walking over through the checkpoint or if you are using some kind of smuggling route knowskill to get smuggled across.'.

«Plot to Diego» 'You can throw me a smuggling routes or something to get you across in to the warrens like you like.'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Denver Smuggling Routes:
1 3 3 3 9

Commlink-Wire> Ben says, "I hope they don't put a bug on my ride. Company confirmed. Sits in a silver Americar. Thankfully, they cannot pull a real car surveillance due to lack of manpower."

Shepherd looks out of the car's window, hoping to spot the follower car. "I got my toys in da camper, so I can't blow them off our trail anyways." His head turns back into the car, "You know a way into those Warrens?"

"No, you will not shoot this car with an lmg, launcher or thrown bomb. Most every cop in town is barely hidden military. We would drive on in with my clean car and acceptable SIN, but I don't trust the pigs in that regard, because our opposition's masters are not confirmed. Diego might know. Let me ask." - Wire

Commlink-Wire> Ben says, "Diego. What would be a better way to get across besides trusting in my moderate SIN and fresh transponder car? It is not up to me alone here, after all."

Commlink-Deuce> Diego says, "Head to Chrome, then go south four blocks and east three blocks. Look for the homeless troll and give him a little cash and say your looking for Bob."

Commlink-Wire> Ben says, "Done and done. Thank ye."

«Plot to Diego» 'No car that way, I assume?'.
Diego pages: Correct, they have to ditch the car for that. Makes them harder to tail too.

Wire does as mentioned and steers the Ford that way.

The rusty-silver Americar slow-drives past CHROME, figuring it would be too obvious to park there right with you. Whether or not they keep exact track of you as you walk several blocks is hard to say, but when the homeless smelly troll moves aside some crud over a grillwork that leads down to some sewers that are strangely clean and have some interesting markings painted on the walls indicating where to go, it would really be a stretch to have them follow you directly. The sewage tunnel, with a little crawling and climbing, lets out in an alleyway in a residentialy portion of the other side of the rens, with some huckleberry kids waving to you as you climb out.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Do you link up with Diego?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) spends 250 nuyen for "Bob the sewer access troll might become a new friend. Better treat him good. Here's some.".
«Auto-Judge[]» Shepherd (#6454) spends 250 nuyen for "Bob really become a friend for a newcomer…so here's a little treat.".

Shepherd simply stares in awe and wonder when he is led through the smuggling tunnel. This is all new to him, but to his credit he adjusts fast. He puts some money into the troll's pockets as well.

«Plot to Ben with 'Needless to say, you have whatever weapons you had that you wanted to carry.'.

Diego has his ruth jumpsuit and his weaponry, he really doesn't like the Warrens, there is little money here unless its taken by force, and while he can do that, it's not his preference. He waits calmly for the rest of the group to arrive, unsure if their delaying tacting actually did any good or not.

«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 + 2 vs TN 4 for "Cat7096 summons a F2 city spirit to send a message":
1 2 2 2 4 5 7 11 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 3 for "Against 3l drain":
1 1 2 3 3 5 = 3 Successes

Wire walks right in after he hands the troll a mix of scrip that approximates 250=Y=, mentions the code word and slips down into the squeaky clean sewer. Definitely something to keep in mind. He smiles a little when his throughts venture for a second while he puts on a bala mask over the ffba hood he pulls up, then reaches under his coat to ready his foldout submachine gun and straps his backpack into place and puts on the goggles and opts for a second vest as well. No trouble for him. Here's downtown gear in the Warrens due to lack of a secret compartment in his car.

It will no doubt be around when Wire and Shepherd come to meet up that Diego's magical sense will inform him of a low-grade spirit coming up the block around the corner. It looks like one of the huckleberry kids, low-grade gang affiliates who keep an eye on the place and report interlopers and so on. he's got his hands on his head and waves to Diego as he approaches, or at least tries to. "Heya mista! I got a message!" it says.

Diego frowns at the sight, but remains where he is. "Ok, I'll hear your message spirit." He keeps his weapon on a sling, easy to draw if need be, and spirits can be gunned down if they are on the material enough to speak.

The spirit, slightly translucent and not exactly touching the ground but still looking like a kid, says, "I'm supposed to say, "Ascot says, 'We want a copy of the chip. If you let us make a copy, we'll let you go where-ever you want. We don't know if you were told not to let anyone make a copy or not.'" And I gotta wait here to take the message back."

Upon seeing Wire getting equipped so fast and thoroughly, the dwarf also pulls the Predator and zips the Secure Jacket closed. So much gear he has to get once he finishes this run and so much excitement. As they approach Diego, he observes him talking to that little ganger. SHepherd automatically start to scan around.

Diego arches a brow at the offer, looking at the spirit for a while. "That's an interesting proposition. I'll have to consult with the others though." He turns as he knows his drone is near, the signal reporting to his rcd. "Give me the chip please, I need to examine it." He pulls out a pocsec and waits.

The spirit waits patiently. If your enemies are out of position, this is likely the time they use to move into position.

«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Intelligence for "((Tatto Bonus)) Thermo, Low Light, Vision Mag, Hearing Amp, Magic Sense (35m), Motion Sense (7m), Electromagnetic Sense":
2 2 2 2 2 3 3 5 5
«OOC» Diego aparently wouldnt know if they were.
«OOC» Shoeshine says, "They clearly know your general location and could do maneuvering that you just can't see - like that person you ditched on the other side of the Warrens Wall by going through the tunnel would be using this time to get across and join up."

Wire seems to hover in place while he waits and looks around. He casts a sideways glance at Diego and moves his chattergun about slowly to let the lasersight's red marker dance along the ground seemingly aimlessly while his other gloved hand effortlessly produces the chip from a pocket in the innermost layer of armor of his. He hands it over and subvocalizes.
Commlink-Wire> Ben says, "Status?"

Diego takes the chip, slotting it in his pocsec to inspect it and find out if it even could be copied at all in the first place. There is also supposedly an address to transmit the data to. He responds over the com, «They have a shaman, so there is little we can due to truly escape them, they will find us and likely use magic on us. They are willing to accept a copy of the chip and walk away, or so they say.»

Commlink-LoneStar> Shepherd says, "Wouldn't we cross our employer if we gave 'em that?"

The chip comes up with a basic address to which it is supposed to be transmitted. It's a basic file format, a massive chunk of compressed, encrypted data. Nothing indicates that it is uncopyable in and of itself - in fact, since you were told to transmit it at the hardpoint, it has to be transmittable.

Commlink-Deuce> Diego says, "He never said anything about that. He said transmit the data at the computer. What this means, is by the time they get the data it could be useless."

Commlink-LoneStar> Shepherd says, "Your call then. Though we should decide quick, before they got us pinned here."

Commlink-Wire> Ben says, "Shaman? That's one spirit thing per loc or is it a big one? Make it solidify and I'll shoot it, if it's small, then we dash for it and finish the job. But I am good to go with your plan."

Commlink-Deuce> Diego says, "I'm not going to try to fight a shaman in the Warrens, they will have an advantage, as well as the fact this team likely outnumbers us as well. I'll give them the copy and delay them while you two perform the job."

Diego starts to make a copy of the datafile onto his pocsec.

Shepherd simply nods and keeps on scanning the area for the black building.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "You are many, many blocks away from the black building."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "The copy completes naturally."

Commlink-Wire> Ben says, "Agreed. Let's do this. Lord Almighty smile on us."

The little kid city spirit looks impatient.

Diego hands over the chip. "You two go now, fast." He then turns to the spirit. "Tell them I have a copy I am willing to give, after we transmit the data. Otherwise, I suppose we have to fight over it."

Wire will be ready to move the first chance he gets yet mind the dwarf to match his slower speed as much as he has to.

Shepherd follows the elf and he can keep up quite well with the elf if he must. A hand is on the Predator and his eyes are mostly fixed on the elf's back.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "So, let me be sure I understand. You give the real chip to Shepherd and Ben and tell them to go for it, you have a copy on your pocsec to give to Ascot, Thylacine, and Cat7096, the enemy runner team, right?"

«OOC» Diego says, "Yes, thats the plan"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Shepherd and Ben, you are departing and going for it?"
«Plot» Shepherd says, " Aye"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "All righty! Here goes:"

The little kid spirit dashes off with this information, also probably going to report on any obvious things you have done. He returns like 2-3 minutes or so later to tell Diego, "Uh.. I'm supposed to say you weren't supposed to split up until we verified the copy."

Diego chuckles to the spirit. "If I'm lying, then you can simply follow the other two as well. We split up, you split up. Sounds fair to me. Come get the copy, I'm not handing it over to a spirit."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Over to Shepherd and Ben!"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Are you. Like. Sneaking?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Stealth for "Sneaking it is. getting shot by random folk is not so awesome.":
1 1 2 3 4 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Stealth for "Sneaking it is. getting shot by random folk is not so awesome. KP1/??":
1 3 3 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Stealth for "Sneaking it is. getting shot by random folk is not so awesome. KP3/??":
2 2 2 2 3 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Shepherd (#6454) rolls Stealth:
1 3 9

The elf mumbles, "Stop starin' at my six. There's work to do. If you play along, I can help hook you up that way. That a deal?" He rolls his eyes below the bala and the goggles. His motions become an easy glide as he fully gives up the pretense of his limited mobility. It is more that he flows over the terrain with every foot, leg, balancing arm just perfectly in place, eerily so. Part of that entails him sneaking at what might well be the dwarf's full pace. And he does not even sweat.

«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 + 6 + 2 vs TN 6 for "Cat7096, the cat shaman, casts Imp Invis F6 on Thylacine, their street samurai, so she can hopefully acquire Wire and Shepherd tn 4 +2 bg":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 11 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 + 6 + 2 - 2 vs TN 6 for "Cat7096, the cat shaman, casts Imp Invis F6 on Thylacine, their street samurai, so she can hopefully acquire Wire and Shepherd tn 4 +2 bg kp1":
1 1 1 2 2 5 5 5 5 7 8 9 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 5 for "4m stun drain +1 from bg2 is 5m":
1 1 2 4 11 11 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Cat7096 takes Light stun drain, Thylacine has Imp Invis F6 with 5 successes. Now, here is the really critical thing. Can Thylacine reacquire Shepherd and Wire, or do they lose her?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 4 vs TN 9 for "She needs at least a tn 9 to get one of them":
3 4 5 9 = 1 Success

Diego likes to handout bumblebees because they are small, and as a drone possess inherit GPS tracking for his RCD. He waits where he was, hoping splitting everyone up pays off on both sides, the risk of a fight may be great enough to handle it, or it may not. It's a gamble.

Shepherd doesn't look so graceful, but somehow he keeps up and it even looks as if he is sneaking himself. Obviously he had some training in that regard, "We should prepare ourselves for a fight, me thinks, Dandelionboy."

«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 for "Thylacine's stealth - mostly hearing and environment based":
1 2 4 4 5 16
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Holy kee-rist. Okay, you two can try to hit a perception TN 16 to spot the invisible street sammy by hearing and know that you are being followed. Then we will do the sight-based attempt to bust through her Improved invisibility spell."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shepherd (#6454) rolls Intelligence vs TN 16:
1 2 2 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Intelligence vs TN 16 for "You're the dice-beast, T! :)":
1 2 3 3 5 5 8 9 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Intelligence vs TN 16 for "Here's to hoping. KP4/??":
1 1 3 3 4 4 4 9 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Okay. Now, to actually see through her Improved Invisibility spell, you need to score 5 sixes. If you do not have a 5 Intelligence, it would ordinarily be impossible. But this is a spell resistance roll, so you can spend karma one for one for extra dice. so if Ben, with his high Int, wanted to make a go of this, he'd do something like spend 4 karma for 4 more dice, then try to stack up five sixes with rerolls."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Otherwise it is nearly impossible to do."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "So tell me if you want to make a go of it. Ben should probably decide on an initial amount of karma to spend, if any, and roll, and maybe he gets lucky and decides to go on, or not."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Sadly, Shepherd, you'll likely have to be fighting by hearing after the inevitable ambush."
«Plot» Shepherd says, "Won't be able to see him with his 1 karma."
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Intelligence vs TN 6:
1 1 2 3 3 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Okay! The Surprise check! Thylacine will get to about 20-25 meters of you and start shooting from invisibility - she doesn't want to get so close that you might hear here. So she rolls reaction at a TN 4 and you roll it at a TN 6 since you didn't see or hear or smell her."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 8 vs TN 4 for "thylacine surprise":
1 2 3 3 4 4 5 16 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shepherd (#6454) rolls Reaction vs TN 6:
3 3 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Reaction vs TN 6:
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 9 = 1 Success

«OOC» Shoeshine says, "This is where a super-sammy with a high reaction could theoretically bounce a zillion dice, reroll, and countersurprise."
«OOC» Shoeshine says, "But I don't think Ben can do that either. Okay inits!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 3 for "+8 thylacine":
3 3 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Initiative with a result of 22.
«Auto-Judge[]» Shepherd (#6454) rolls Initiative with a result of 9.
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Okay! The order is Ben 22, Thylacine 20, Shepherd 9. Ben and Shepherd miss their first actions due to surprise. You cannot 'full dodge' until you get an action. So Ben 22, miss. Thylacine 20: Thylacine will shoot Ben twice with narcoject pistol darts:"

«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 4 for "tn 6 long pistol range, -2 smartlink is tn 4":
2 4 4 5 7 13 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 5 for "tn 6 long pistol range, -2 smartlink is tn 4, +1 recoil second shot":
1 2 3 3 5 10 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Ben can't full dodge, he's hit twice, narcoject resolves at the end of the full round."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Shepherd on 9, this is the action you miss."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Second pass, Ben! You are startled into wakefulness by the fft fft of two darts shooting and hitting you! Doesn't that suck? And when you look back, you can see, about twenty/twenty-five meters away, a slight disturbance in the air where someone likely shot you from!"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "The TN to shoot back is +8 blind fire at a general location where you heard something."

«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Submachine Guns + Combat Pool: 4 + 2 vs TN 13: "searching fire to add +2 dice, XSG submachine gun, hi-c ammo, medium range tn 5 +8 blind fire"
1 1 1 2 4 4 4 4 4 5 9 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) uses 6 of item 3: Hi-C Plastic Rounds (SMG) from Weapons (#9719).

Wire is ambushed, gets shot twice. He could not see the invisible attacker until it gives itself partially away. He returns fire by fanning out and watches plastic round bounce back an mini-explode gravel and mess and smoggy nothingness to no particular effect. That is quite loud. He has to stay focused and comms on the group's channel. «Invisble attacker incoming. Uses darts. Take it out.»
Commlink-Deuce> Diego says, "Destroy the chip now and bunker down. I have the data. Make sure they see you destroy it."

«Plot» Second pass, Thylacine on 10."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 4 for "another narco dart on Ben":
2 4 4 5 5 7 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 5 for "another narco dart on Ben second simple":
1 1 2 3 3 5 = 1 Success
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "So if you wanted to dodge that last one, 2 successes tn 4 with just combat pool would dodge it."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "the first one I think you don't want to try for 6 successes."
«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls 3 vs TN 4 for "CP8/??. Dodge second dart.":
2 3 10 = 1 Success
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Okay, Shepherd doesn't get a second pass action. Third pass. Ben, and then the end of the round when the drugs hit him. So you have an action, and then a pose and another comm if you like, and then we resolve the narcoject."

«Plot» Ben says, "Get out the chip, smash it, drop prone, mention medkit to Shep if time."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Pose it. Simple action to draw chip, simple action to destroy."

Wire takes out the chip visibly, holding his hand up to hover and crushes the optical data storage by balling the gloved hand to drop prone and possible behind cover and mention to the dwarf, "Med supplies in my backpack."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "So, the way drugs work is this. Narcoject is 6d stun. For every additional dose you take in a round, it's +2 to the power. You've been hit 4 times, so it's 6-8-10-12D stun. You get to use any chemseal you may have on your armor to subtract from that. And you get to use any bonuses you might have against poison to either reduce that further or give you extra dice to this body check. Also, you can use any combat pool you haven't used yet to add to this body roll."

«Auto-Judge[]» Ben (#9184) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 6 vs TN 12 for "Last of CP. Synthacardium replaces dermal dice for the roll.":
1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 15 = 1 Success
«Plot After The Fact» It turns out you're supposed to get half-impact against narco darts. In this case it would not have helped, Wire was wearing very little armor and even if he rerolled and got another success, that would just mean more darts for him.

«Plot After The Fact» At this point Shepherd has to leave, and has nothing useful he can do against this invisible person except shoot and hope to get lucky, and luck has not been happening for PCs tonight. We agree that he gets drugged out.

Wire clamps down on the skin area muscles with a part of his consciousness normally reserved for more aggressive actions, a moderate feat for him who has direct control over every muscle in his body. He even has them twitch a little to send the toxic substance back out, but it is too late for that. It seeps past and the elf feels the clammy feeling race about his grossly modified bloodstream and even lower the pace of his augmented heart and dampen his lungs. His eyes flutter with a last strain of effort, then he loses consciousness at the most inopportune moment.

Shepherd looks frantically around for the assailant, then speaks something into his comm.
Commlink-LoneStar> Shepherd says, "Wire down, I repeat wire down. Can't see the attacker."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Thylacine goes on 22, shoots Shepherd and reloads (giving him an idea of where she is by free-action ejecting her magazine of darts and then adding another.) He may run, he may take cover, but now Thylacine is confident and doesn't have to play it safe. If she was using a deadly weapon it would look brutal the way she pumps darts into the dwarf, but it's well known that it takes a heck of a lot of narco to do any real harm - it's designed for this."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "That took about 6-9 seconds, as the little spirit comes to Diego, and Diego hears the answer on the comm and gives his command."

And then there's the part that every hero hates in the trideos. A husky female voice comes over the comm that she has obviously taken from the ear of one of the downed members of the team. "Hello. I think you're all alone. With a copy of the data."

Diego frowns, slipping his pocsec under his armored vest. He chuckles into his comm, "Actually I may have just deleted the data. You won't know that for sure, what I can say is I'm going to be leaving. Let's just call today a loss for both sides." And with that he starts off using his ruth to keep him hidden, if the spirit follows, he will gun it down.

Over the comm you can now hear Ascot's voice. Actually, it's a little distant, the sammy-woman is holding up her commlink to the one that has just been given. "We'll let you go if you prove that you've deleted the data. Open yourself to a mind probe for the information. If not, then we play a game of three-on-one."

«Plot» Diego says, "What sector of the warrens am I in?"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Heather Gardens, you guys just crossed near CHROME and linked up."
«Plot After The Fact» Diego has a Royals lieutenant called 'Mic' that he can't +prove because it always gives his Microscopic Vision first. He also that the Royals as a general gang contact. He calls it in for Royals territory.

«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) has the Contact Royals with the following information:
-----> Contact for Diego (#2074) <-----
Contact Name: Royals
Level: 2
Type: gang
GM Note: The Royals run Heather Gardens, and understand the value of business since they control the comings and goings of almost everything through the checkpoint in thier turf.
GM Note: Diego uses the Royals to get his deliveries into the warrens. Of course he pays them well, on top of giving them a good discount on all thier needs.

«Plot» Diego says, "I'm going to try to find a spot where I can buy some support from them if it comes to that"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "So you are well placed to make a few phone calls and have the environment turn dangerous, unless they can attack you before then."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "The spirit follows you because it's waiting for an answer, and will force you to shoot it, though it doesn't attack. (As long as it follows you, of course, it makes you easy to follow.)"

Diego starts sending texts to Mic and his other royals contacts, a bounty on the heads of Ascot and any other members of that team they can hit. He responds into the comm as he heads towards a Royals secure area. He responds into the comm, "I have far too much in my head to let you peek in there over a job like this. By the way, I've just offered a 20k bounty on your heads to the Royals. So I suggest you stay low."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Okay. Stealth check. State your various bonuses, and some of them will apply to some people and some won't. Tell me if you do in fact gun down the spirit, which clears up one thing, but also makes a lot of noise and smell."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Obviously they are close by and will try to acquire you before the royals swing into action."

«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Stealth for "+6 Ruthenium. I'm going to gun down the spirit with a full auto blast from my Sabre, so its suppressed":
1 2 2 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Stealth for "+6 Ruthenium. I'm going to gun down the spirit with a full auto blast from my Sabre, so its suppressed KP:1":
2 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 2 vs TN 6 for "spirit full dodge!":
1 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 4 vs TN 11 for "thylacine":
2 5 5 16 = 1 Success
«OOC» Shoeshine peers at the random number generator. Again, the Sammy casually detects.
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5 vs TN 11 for "Ascot":
1 1 2 5 9 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 7 for "cat7996":
1 1 3 4 4 5 = 0 Successes

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Cat is sustaining so she's at +2 and doesn't see you, but Thylacine can link everyone in. At the moment, Ben and Shepherd are in a pile in an alley, yes. After you weren't talking the way they liked, she tossed the comm back. Now:"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 for "Thylacine-stealth":
2 2 3 3 5 11
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "tn 11 to you for hearing only."
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Intelligence for "((Tatto Bonus)) Thermo, Low Light, Vision Mag, Hearing Amp, Magic Sense (35m), Motion Sense (7m), Electromagnetic Sense":
1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Intelligence for "((Tatto Bonus)) Thermo, Low Light, Vision Mag, Hearing Amp, Magic Sense (35m), Motion Sense (7m), Electromagnetic Sense kp 2":
2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 7

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Now, do you want to make a go at five sixes for penetrating her Invisibility?"
«Plot» Diego says, "Nope"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Okay. You haven't seen her, so she'll start her ambush at about 45 meters, from behind the cover of a corner - basically, as soon as she gets to within range for her weapon. She uses vision mag 3 to make it short range. She'll roll reaction tn 4, you roll tn 6."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 8 vs TN 4:
1 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Reaction vs TN 6:
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 5 5 7 11 13 17 = 4 Successes

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Well done. Init!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Initiative with a result of 30.
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 3 for "+8":
2 5 10
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Diego 30, Thylacine 21. Diego doesn't see or hear anything or have any clues, but his shadowrunner senses tell him that now is the time."

Diego senses something, and knows they were close to begin with. He turns and jerks to the side, pulling up his Sabre to unload into the nearest door as he sprints for it, knowing he has to get out of the open quickly.
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "21, Thylacine, shoots twice at running dodging target!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 + 2 vs TN 6 for "tn 4 extreme range made short, +2 running":
1 1 2 3 5 5 5 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 + 2 vs TN 7 for "tn 4 extreme range made short, +2 running second shot":
1 2 3 3 4 4 7 10 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "1 success, then 2 successes, go for the full dodge I assume."
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 4 for "Dodging the First":
1 2 3 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Combat Pool: 4 - 1 vs TN 4 for "Dodging the First KP:3":
1 2 8 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Combat Pool: 7 vs TN 4 for "Dodging the second":
2 3 3 4 4 5 13 = 4 Successes
«OOC» Diego says, "Full dodged second"

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Second pass, 20, Diego! You can run in the door of a decrepit apartment building! Thus achieving full cover."

Diego continues his sprint, busting through the door to the apartment building and running down the hallway. He can make his stand in a stairwell at the end he hopes, but he also sends a quick text to the Royals about their bounty being right around this apartment.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Out of combat. Ascot and Cat7096 close in, they were further away. Thylacine closes in. The Royals awaken."

«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5 for "Ascot and Cat stealth":
1 1 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5 for "Ascot and Cat stealth kp2 for ascot":
2 3 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 3 for "Royals":
3 3 4

Diego runs down the hall, hitting the stairwell at the end and then moving up to between the first and second floor. He crouches, able to use the cover of the stairs up or down should the need come. He now waits, sending one of his bumblebee drones down and one up, so he has visual, the drones latching onto the undersides of stairs with their claws.

Meanwhile, Ascot and Cat7096 work around to a similarly locked back entrance. Using a combination of a friendly face plus nuyen, they manage to enter the building, which is critical for spiritual activity. Thylacine, being invisible, doesn't have a problem getting in the shot-up first door, though she's careful of traps and takes her time to conceal herself as well.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Cat7096 drops the sustained spell and tries to summon an F6 hearth spirit within the place."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 9 for "f6, +2 bg, +1 light stun, this is rough":
1 3 4 5 10 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 7 for "6m stun +1 bg":
1 1 2 2 4 14 = 1 Success
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Cat takes M stun from summoning the F6 hearth spirit and gives it 2 orders - 1 conceal itself to go sneak in and 2, confuse you."

Diego sends a picture of Ascot to the royals, noting he will have some female associates. Diego lets them know he will pay well for their bodies.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Royals will likely arrive as this combat resolves in one way or another. Oh, I know you can't be surprised but can you see to shoot, is the thing."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "So, as it approaches in the astral, it's a TN 10 to detect it moving in. Is there a +6 to that from concealment? I will check."
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Intelligence for "((Tatto Bonus)) Thermo, Low Light, Vision Mag, Hearing Amp, Magic Sense (35m), Motion Sense (7m), Electromagnetic Sense":
1 2 2 2 3 3 5 10 15
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "I will give it to you. You feel a hearth spirit floating through the astral towards you."

Diego senses the spirit, and keeps his weapon trained on it ready to fire when it materializes.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Inits!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Initiative with a result of 32.
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 3 for "+8 thylacine":
2 2 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 1 for "+26 hearth spirit":
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 1 for "+5 cat":
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 2 for "+6 ascot":
5 10
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Diego 32, spirit 27, Thy 18, Ascot 17, Cat 10:"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Diego!"

«Plot» Diego says, "Holding action to gun down the spirit"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Spirit! Not being foolish, it uses the cover of the stairwell to use a place where you have to fire around cover of steps and corners to shoot it while it will be able to line of sight you. And begins the entrance into the real world, looking like the boiler down in the boiler room (see, he's concealed, get it?)"

«Plot after the Fact» Diego and I have a length of discussion about how to keep in cover someplace like a stairwell, and how to use movement to negate someone's cover, and how to counter-use movement to negate someone else using movement to get cover in a stairwell. Eventually, we decide it with a die roll, that you'll see later.

«Plot» Diego says, "Then I'll hold action and back away where he has to move to get a LOS on me. Still holding my actions though"

Diego shifts back, his weapon still at the ready, waiting for a shot.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Thylacine! She moves down the hall down at the bottom, and throws a concussion grenade into the bottom of the stairwell that Diego is in."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 1 for "scatter":
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 4 vs TN 4:
1 1 2 9 = 1 Success
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "1 meter off, it's downstairs of you, you have cover against it, you can dodge fully with 2 successes at tn 5, or you can take 12m stun plus 1 success minus, oh say 4 meters up? 8m stun +1?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls 5 vs TN 4 for "Dodging the grenade behind cover of stairs.":
1 2 2 3 7 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls 5 - 1 vs TN 5 for "Dodging the grenade behind cover of stairs. KP:4":
1 2 3 5 = 1 Success
«Plot» Full dodge, ducking behind the curves of the steps.

«Plot» Diego comes out of delay to lay down a flash-pack:

Diego is trying to play a holding action, so he pulls out a flashpak, setting it off and laying it on the ground facing towards the downstairs. He crouches in the corner behind it, ready to shoot anything that he can see.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Ascot, 17. He isn't to the point where he's looking up the stairwell, he's just softening it up with concussion grenades. So to him it's like throwing a grenade into the door of a discotheque. He hates disco."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 1 for "scatter":
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 4 + Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 4 for "concussion grenading":
1 1 1 1 3 4 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 4 + Combat Pool: 2 - 1 vs TN 4 for "concussion grenading kp3 last kp":
2 3 4 13 13 = 3 Successes
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "5 successes to dodge fully, you have moved further away, tn 5 to dodge, or 12m +4 successes -6 meters is 6m stun + 4 successes."
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) has the Armor Rating Impact with the value '0 (5)'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 2 for "Soaking this blast":
3 3 4 4 5 5 = 6 Successes
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "With Trauma Damper the light stun that's left becomes 0. The flashpack takes 6m +4 successes stun, which is deadly stun. It's an object, so it bounces around - it's not spiked in. It still works but is not placed perfectly."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Cat holds her action."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Second pass, Diego, 22, who thankfully used his action so he doesn't lose it so he gets this action."

«Plot»In answer to questions about roof access:
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 1 for "1-3 this stairwell has a roof hatch, 4+ it's not this one.":
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "The signs on the walls indicate that this is the stairwell that has the roof hatch."
«Plot» Diego says, "Then I'm going to keep moving up, but also be ready to shoot that asshole spirit if it gets clear."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "You move up. On 12 the spirit is half way through and moving with you. You can shoot at him now if you want to shoot around cover. That takes you back down to where Thylacine and Ascot are closing in."

«Plot After The Fact» We discuss the spirit some more. As a Hearth spirit F6 it has Quickness 6+2=8, and it moves at 8x3=24 meters per turn. Diego +proves below - he is slower than the spirit.
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) has the Attribute Quickness with the value '4 (7)'.
«Plot» Shoeshine says, " I didn't say it was a lot faster. So let's see. Athletics would be the skill that you would use to juke it out in this situation. This is, basically, like a game of basketball where you're faking someone out, or football where you are trying to get someone to commit and get around them, or any one of a number of other games like that. sound reasonable?"
«Plot» Diego says, "Well to me its a tactical thing"
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Small Unit Tactics:
3 3 5 5
«Plot» Shoeshine says, " I will take it. TN 4. You have 2 successes. Do you want to spend for more?"
«Plot» Diego says, "No, standing"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 8 vs TN 8 for "Using quickness 8 to default to athletics to defend against the juking-out game":
1 1 1 5 9 9 15 17 = 4 Successes
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "He seems to have your number."
«OOC» Shoeshine says, "On the plus side, you got rid of a truly ugly roll."

«Plot After The Fact» Diego realizes that it's +4 cover now or +6 Confusion later, better shoot now.

You wouldn't think a boiler would be that clever. It doesn't even appear to move. But you know it has to. Cunningly using corners and the stairs, not allowing itself to be lured into the open. Eventually you have to take the best shot you have.

«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 8 for "Firing at it, 15D, and I have 1 CP left after this.":
1 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 8 for "Firing at it, 15D, and I have 1 CP left after this. KP:5":
1 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

Diego takes his time, but knows he can't keep it away forever. He unloads with his sabre, firing a mass of lead towards the spirit but unable to hit it.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Thylacine moves to the bottom of the stairwell and delays for Ascot."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Ascot moves to the bottom of the stairwell, and fires up from cover… at the flashpak."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 4 + Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 7 for "medium range, smartlink -2, +2 from flarecomped eyes +2 small size":
1 1 2 4 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 4 + Combat Pool: 2 vs TN 7 for "medium range, smartlink -2, +2 from flarecomped eyes +2 small size second shot":
2 4 5 5 5 17 = 1 Success
Zzip! Zzip! goes Ascot's trademarked Ares Viper. He barely clips the flashpak, bouncing it around but not putting it out of business.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Thylacine comes out of delay, also behind cover, and annoyedly free action switches her dart pistol to the left, simple action draws her Browning, and also shoots at the flashpak."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 7 for "At flashpak":
1 4 4 4 5 7 = 1 Success
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "She also damages it a little more. It still faithfully annoys them, however, down at the ground floor."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Third pass, only Diego and the Spirit."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Diego first."
«Plot» Diego says, "I'm going to move upstairs, ignore the spirit, and drop a grenade towards the bottom. Set to detonate on impact"
«Plot» Diego says, "Slip Spray/Neurostun dual charge grenade :)"
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Wily."
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Strength for "Defaulting throwing weapons, this sucks":
2 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls 1 for "Scatter":
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "good enough! You get it at least 5 meters away and close enough to where you want - you bounce if on the wall of the lower landing while you retreat around the corner."
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) uses 1 of item 11: Dual Charge Grenade: Slip Spray)/Neuro-Stun X from My ammo (#6770).

Diego keeps moving up, realizing if he can get on the roof it should defeat the hearth domain, cause Diego knows magic stuff like that. He pulls a grenade from a pocket, priming it to detonate on impact and casually tossing it over the railing towards the lower stairs.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Spirit at 2. Confuses Diego. Finally."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "New round!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Initiative with a result of 33.
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 3 for "+8 thy":
4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 2 for "+6 ascot":
3 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 1 for "+16 spirit":
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 1 for "+5 cat":
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Diego 33, Thylacine 22, Spirit 21 who just sustains, 15 ascot, 7 cat."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Diego 33! confused"
«Plot» Diego says, "Running upstairs and onto the roof!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Willpower vs TN 6 for "To act":
1 1 2 2 5 9 = 1 Success
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "You get 7 meters, onto floor 3, able to look up and see the hatch in the ceiling that leads up to the roof. Unsurprisingly, it is locked with a big goofy padlock."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Spirit is just sustaining. Thylacine rolls athletics to run through the cloud and the slickery."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "neurostun doesn't obscure sight, but the stairs and the several landings do. Thylacine has to strongly outdistance you. Like so"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 4 for "Athletics":
2 3 3 4 4 5 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 - 3 vs TN 4 for "Athletics kp1":
2 2 17 = 1 Success
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Thylacine's running speed is 8+4 is 12x3, she gets 12 meters 'up' in the time it takes you to go 7. That's her 'action'. She's exposed to the neurostun. Now the slipspray:"
«Plot» Diego says, "Quickness TN 8 test or fall. I'm curious how someone can run full tilt in that and not automatically fall"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 8 vs TN 8 for "her quickness is 8, this is to not fall":
1 3 3 3 4 8 9 10 = 3 Successes

Wiry and lithe, and wearing tres-chic strangely tigerstriped duds, Thylacine busts up through the cloud like the wushu forms champion she is!

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Ascot follows, slower. He takes a moment to finish destroying the flashpack. He too is exposed, but he's immune to neuro-stun."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5 vs TN 8:
1 2 4 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "He falls on his butt."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Cat positions herself at the bottom, ready to cast a spell if she needs to."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Second pass, Diego. At the end of your movement you are on the top landing."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Perhaps unsurprisingly, the hatch up top is locked."
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "You shoot the hatch at the end of your movement here. tn 4, -1 stationary target, +6 confusion, +4 shooter running.-2 smartlink."
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Assault Rifles vs TN 11 for "Shooting a hatch is hard":
1 3 3 11 = 1 Success
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Well done, sir, pose it. :)"

Diego keeps moving, rushing as fast as he can, firing his saber at the hatch so he can get through it and onto the roof. The weapon strikes true on the padlock and he starts to head for the roof now that the way is clear.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Thylacine moves up another 12 meters, right next to you, again, moving close to double your speed. She shoots you twice, point blank, with her dart gun."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 8 for "tn 4, -2 smartlink, +4 shooter running, +2 target running":
1 1 2 2 4 7 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 8 for "tn 4, -2 smartlink, +4 shooter running first shot kp 2":
2 2 4 4 8 9 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 8 for "tn 4, -2 smartlink, +4 shooter running +2 target running second shot":
1 2 2 3 5 7 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 6 vs TN 8 for "tn 4, -2 smartlink, +4 shooter running +2 target running second shot kp 3 last kp":
1 5 5 5 9 11 = 2 Successes
«Plot»The dodge check is subject to the +6 confusion penalty, so Diego chooses to soak instead. He does have 3 points of chemseal on his armor, and is better armored.

Straining every iota of her being, Thylacine makes it up to the last landing and pumps two darts into Diego's back. Now the question - will he be able to get away, and how much effect will it have?

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Ascot's second action:"
«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls 5 vs TN 8:
1 2 4 11 16 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "He makes it past the slipspray."

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Diego, action. If you shoot Thylacine here, no cover, but confusion. If you get up and out, that's an athletics action."
«Plot» Diego says, "I use my wrist-mounted grapple, because I'm Batman!! (Projectile Weapons is the skill, defaulting to Launch Weapons, need 1 success at TN 4 +6 confusion +2 defaulting.)""
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Willpower vs TN 6 for "Just to act":
1 2 2 3 5 13 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Launch Weapons:
2 2 2 3 8 12
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "Good! Pose it!"

Diego turns, raising his weapon to point at Thacyline, but not firing. Instead it raises his right hand, and flexes his hand to trigger the wrist grapple, the weapon firing up past the hatch and latching onto the roof, starting to reel him up. He does keep his weapon on her though, letting her know he could kill her….well maybe.

«Plot» Shoeshine says, "End of round. You have been hit with 2 narco darts, that's 8d. You have chemseal 3, that's 5d stun. And half impact against the darts for a final 3D stun.
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 5 vs TN 3 for "Soaking":
1 1 2 2 3 3 7 11 14 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 5 - 5 vs TN 3 for "Soaking KP:6":
2 2 2 8 = 1 Success
«Plot» Shoeshine says, "And Td for the rest."
«OOC» Diego says, "And that was my last KP :P"

«Plot» Moving into narration as the tactical situation indicates:

With the exit on top of the building and the freedom from the spirit, it's a different ball game. Sure, Thylacine could try shooting you up through the roof hatch and Diego could try to angle back, and she could lob up concussion grenades (and Ascot could help) and Diego could drop stuff back, but in like three seconds that neurostun cloud she walked through is going to hit her and she's not immune to it the way that Ascot is. So she calls the backoff and Ascot helps her out, and they stimpatch their way through the effects of the neuro-stun enough to make an escape from the encirclement of the Royals, who would be happy to take care of them if they were hurt, but less desirous of tangling with unwounded 'runners who can stealthily ease their way with a low-powered Concealment.

This also means that Diego doesn't have to make the exciting leap from the top of the building. He can just lower himself rappelling style with his wrist grapple to be greeted by a group of Royals huckleberries who've been watching the fun, the booms, and the flashes of full-auto gunfire. The oldest of them, a rangy fourteen-year-old, is pushing a scrounged wheelbarrow with Wire and Shepherd in it.

Now that actual directed enemies have retreated, completing the mission is simply an exercise in competence. Wire and Shepherd gradually awaken, and the three of you have to shoot a few ghouls on the way to the Bentley Building. The elevator naturally doesn't go down to the basement, but you can bribe some of the guys in charge of the fighting to take you down there and use the equipment, or otherwise sneak by. It seems like they have a data tap into the hardwire there that lets them send out data 'past' standard decker-style eavesdropping and intercepting. So even if the Johnson, Kuryakin, didn't say so, by the very fact that he sent you here it's pretty damn clear he didn't want anyone else getting their paws on the data.

Then it's a matter of getting back over into the good zone, and collecting your pay. It might take a long shower to get presentable enough to visit the land of AAA, but Kuryakin seems satisfied.

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