Nina and Miko: Hard-Drive Switch

GM: Nina
Players: Miko
Nina's lvl 3 Italian Mafia/Made Man Fixer (Tony Marchino) needs an external harddrive switched out on a CAS police officer (Captain) he's trying to dig up dirt on and turn into an informat within the force. He needs a burlgar type.
Tony has Nina find someone that can sneak into his home and switch out the external hard drive.
Date: 12/29/2075

------> Nina's PrP <-------
Nina's Plot Log has now started.
This PrP Involves: Miko (player) / Nina (GM)
-----> Tue Dec 29 04:10:47 2075 <------

** GM Monica **
This plot may cause a rash, testicular itching, near-sightedness, maiming or even death. Do the players in this plot aggree to these possibilities and also the posting of this RP log on Wiki?

«Plot» Monica says, "I consent"
«Plot» Miko says, "thats cool"

----> Text Message to Irae from Muse (#6503) <---

M.. Muse here, Fix wanted me to help on a job but I'm tied up. Can I meet you outside Falstaff's and pitch you a job?

----> Text Message to Muse from Irae (#4425) <---

Sure I can be there in 20 minutes.

----> Text Message to Irae from Muse (#6503) <---

I will arrive on this bike.. in a disguise:

Miko does head out and catches one of them fancy new lyft cars getting to fallstaffs in a rush. When she gets out she stretches wearing a nice bespoke suit in the sleeping tiger line though this one is clearly of slightly better make than the normal ones so probably tailored. The long jacket and scarf hanging loose around her shoulders makes her look like a yakuza boss instead of a runner. The sunglasses dont help. She looks around for the disguised nina

------> Monica Arrives <-------
From down the street the rumble and guttural growl of a distinct Triumph RK30 motorcycle can be heard warning any obstructions that may find itself in its path that power and complete destruction awaits it if it remains in the way. Like hearing the roar of a lion, it tends to set the hair on the back of the neck standing up by an instinctual reaction buried deep within the DNA chain of mankind.

The bright white-blue LED light of the motorcycle comes into view first, day or night it's brilliants cuts through the air like a keen knifes edge to make the way before it clear to view, though offering on occasion a bright glare to oncoming traffic that can make them squint.

The bike comes into view as it nears:

Upon the black horse of destruction a human woman with long raven black hair whipping in the wind is seen straddled upon it and leaning forward as she grips the bars with fingerless gloves over pale hands.


Dark tinted glasses cover and protect her eyes from bugs and rocks of the roadways and around her head a black handkerchief is tied snuggly as a do-rag to keep her hair from ratting too much in the wind. She wears a heavy black leather jacket (likely armored) and ratty blue jeans. She appears to be topless for various tattoos across her stomach/hips and chest can be seen. The jacket falls heavy on her though and as if my design or magic it keeps itself from falling back away from her and exposing her fully to view in public. Black leather motorcycle boots protect her feet with silver tips on the toes and silver edging set into her heals.

As she nears she downshifts the large bike and it screams from its loud pipes with each shift as she decelerates and brings the bike to a stop nearby. She turns the bars to the left and kicks out the stand on the left side before leaning the bike to the left to rest its weight up on the stand.

Swinging her right leg off the bike over the back fender she stands tall and proud as her glasses covered eyes take in more details of her location while she reaches up and pulls the rag from her head and stuff it in her jacket pocket, pulls the keys from the bike with a "chirp chirp" of the security system and pockets the keys into her tight blue jeans in the front right pocket.

Somewhere nearby: A large van with fat wheels and tinted windows drives slowly past playing a song from it's ULTRA Stereo at an insane loud volume:

Miko quirks a brow at all this but hums uptown funk as she waits for Nina to be ready. The suit doesnt show that miko is armed but she probably is. Runners always are. She mutters to the beat of her chosen song "Im too hot, hot damn. Call the police and the fire man."

Monica (Nina) scans the crowd until she locates the friendly face and then approaches with a smile, "It's been too long. The lamp I use every day though.. thank you. Can we go inside for a bite to eat and I can show you what info I have?"

Miko chuckles softly "Im glad you like it. I was half tempted to keep it." She starts to head inside with the disguised woman "So dont you get cold without a shirt just the open jacket?" a probably ooc joke.

Monica heads inside with Miko and settles down with her at a side booth, "A little bit, I try to get in quick out of the cold to warm up." After they order their food and drinks, Monica pulls out her pocsec and turns it around so that Miko can see the screen.. a prepared bit of data displays itself on the screen:

  • Task: Switch out external hard drives in home office of CAS police officer (Captain) without being noticed.
  • Pay: 20,000 nuyen
  • Deadline: 4:00 am tomorrow
  • Details: Muse can provide video footage of target home, yard, home office. She has been there previously on other business.

Miko only ordered cofee. She doesnt need to eat much and rarely does on jobs "Alright sounds fine. I might need to know a little about the security but its doable."

Monica nods and brings up some video and still photos on her pocsec for Miko to examine:

  • Suburban upper/middle class neighborhood.
  • Not a gated community
  • No fence/wall around personal property
  • Paved driveway from street up through nice lawn (trees/bushes) to 2 story home (2 car garage on right side of home).
  • Front door leads into living room (maglock, thumbprint scannter).
  • Garage entry leads into kitchen (no information on this security or video/pictures).
  • Back yard has a dog run, swingset, treehouse.
  • 2nd floor front window is bedroom to toddler child.
  • 2nd floor back window is master bedroom window, no balcony door.
  • Back door has maglock, thumbprint scanner).
  • Local security, if triggered company calls to verify and ask for passcode (unknown currently), then they notify local police.

Miko nods slowly "I have a contact that could help us out with some of this info. And I canhandle the other stuff easy enough." she looks over some of the pictures and thinks

Monica waits as the coffee is brought and her hot chocholate.

Miko drinks some of her coffee(or pretends to actually. eating and drinking on the job has bitten her on the ass before) "Alright I can get in just fine and if theres cameras we can get them shut off."

Monica offers, "I've been on scene and never saw a camera. If they are there.. they are well hidden."

Monica pulls out of her pocket a small external harddrive, about the size of a mini-Altoids container and slides it acros the table to Miko, "Sitting on top of his computer should be an identical match to this one.. it's proximety activated so .. no wifes."

Miko nods "In which case he will have spent money on al kinds of other fancy stuff and were screwed anyway. Good to know." Homes rarely have that kind of security especially with toddlers around.

Monica nods, "This guy is actually a rather decent fella… the fix on this is trying to get blackmail on him to turn him… as an informant. So far.. the guy is squeeky clean."

Miko nods "Well at least we know theres that then. Ready to go?"

Monica makes sure she gives the address and then slips her pocsec away in her jacket. She nods to Miko, "Let me know when the job is done.. and I can meet up with you and give you the cash and take the switched out harddrive."

Miko nods "Sure sure." She gets up and heads out. As soon as shes out of sight she pulls out a wooden mask and uses it to change form into an old indian woman who lives on her block as she makes her way to the location.

Miko doesnt really try to stay hidden. In fact she stays very much in site as an old indian lady looking very unthreatening or dangerous. She watches the house a few hours changing forms a few more times to keep suspicion off as she gets the security details patrol schedule at least partially down and makes sure the family is out of the house. she doesnt want a hotage situation.

** GM Monica **
Please +roll Perception, Security Systems, Stealth

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Intelligence for "elven sense, all the magic sight powers, improved smell and hearing":
1 2 2 2 2 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Intelligence for "elven sense, all the magic sight powers, improved smell and hearing kp1/15":
1 1 2 3 3 5
«OOC» Miko says, "fuck me really"
«OOC» Monica says, "You sure you're in the right neighborhood? Heh"

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Intelligence for "elven sense, all the magic sight powers, improved smell and hearing kp3/15":
1 3 3 3 7 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Security Systems:
1 4 4 16
«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Stealth for "magic disguise, hide in plain sight":
2 4 4 5 14 16

** GM Monica **
Starting Recon on Home: 3:00 pm

Miko observes and learns over the few hours:

  • Local security is standard police patrols.. one car drives by what seems randomly in 3 hours. Probalby only comes by if called.
  • Nice lighting on street (light poles).
  • No visible camera outside the home.

6:45 pm - Bloodhound let out on dog run to pee and then let back in.

  • 7:00 pm - Garage door opens after all house lights are turned off, inside is a police car. Next to it a mini-van.
  • Mini-van pulls out, garage door closes.. mini-van drives off. Inside is a human male driving, female in passengers seat.. very top of toddler car seat glanced through window before it heads off down the street.
  • Sun set 30 minutes ago.. growing rather dark now.
  • Light on over front door and flanking both sides of garage on garage wall.

«OOC» Miko says, "does the dog bark at random people that go by or anyone that knocks on the door? because you cant keep attack dogs inside so its likely a pet"

** GM Monica **
Dog seems lathargic and old, probably their 'child' before the career was settled enough to start their own family with a real child.

Miko heads over once it seems quiet and even changes form into the cop head of household once shes at the door. Using her lockpicker she use it on the emergency release of the maglock and hums uptown funk again while she gets to work

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls 10 vs TN 4:
1 2 3 3 3 3 5 5 5 15 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Monica (#6503) rolls 4 vs TN 10 for "Maglock not liking being played with.":
4 4 7 7 = 0 Successes

** GM Monica **
Maglock bypass success.

Miko opens the door confidently while putting the lockpicker away and pulling out a tranq patch. She looks like the owner, that should at least confuse the dog for a while if her scent isnt right(though im not sure if it will be with physical mask…could be). She looks around quickly taking in the place sa she looks for the right room or the computer in question.

The family dog waddles in toward Miko and licks at her. One eye is glazed over with cadaracs but the other looks clear. It seems heistant of Miko like it knows its not the Master.. but it seems to like visitors. It's an Anti-guard dog. It follows Miko about and keeps rubbing up against to get petted.

The computer is under the desk to the right of the office chair. The external hard drive as explained.. is sitting on top of the computer.

** GM Monica **
Previous people in the house have never waited until the people left the house. You made it a lot easier by being patient.

Miko likes dogs and pets the thing and when it seems to not be a problem she pulls out some beef jerky and gives it a treat before she pads over to replace the drives. She then turns to head out the front door making sure to look out a window to make sur eno ones pulling in or anything.

** GM Monica **
Please +roll perception

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Intelligence:
1 3 3 4 5 5

«OOC» Miko says, "seriously"
«OOC» Monica says, "Hillarious"

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Intelligence for "kp 4/15":
1 2 3 3 5 14

** GM Monica **
The front yard looks totaly.. oh.. no.. still looks clear.

Miko thought she saw an entire firewatch team out there with an APC and one of those one fancy assault drones that you can put in a suitcase but she was wrong. Just a squirell. That was a neat squirell though. Must be some kind of new defense mechanism. She heads out then down the street giving the dog one more pet.

** GM Monica **
Please +roll Stealth for slick and casual departure.

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Stealth for "all the same as before":
1 1 1 3 3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Stealth for "all the same as before kp5/15":
1 1 3 4 8 10

** GM Monica **
With the use of ample Karma Pool.. Miko manages to pull off a newbie Chargen run and complete the mission.

----> Text Message to Muse from Irae (#4425) <---

Got the drive. fallstaffs?

----> Text Message to Irae from Muse (#6503) <---

Very good news, see you there.

Miko heads to the bar having changed back to her miko form and slides on her sunglasses. She smokes a black treasurer as she goes.

Nina gets into her (Monica) Physical Mask/clothing/ride and heads to Fallstaff's for an evening meet up with her burglar friend.

Monica doesn't dally outside, it's cold. She heads in and tries to get the same table but it's full, she finds another nearby.

Miko heads over when she sees chesty mc open jacket and sits down "hey again."

Monica offers a big smile, "The boss will be very happy, thank you." She slides over an envelope with 20K cash on the side of the table nearest the wall.

Miko pockets it after a brief check to make sure its not like blank paper and pockets it in an inner jacket "Good to know. Give me a call if you need more work done."

Monica nods, her hand staying on the table for the hard-drive, "Absolutely.. I figure it'd be a simple job for someone of your reputation.. but hey.. easy money is easy money. I'll keep my ear to the ground for more work that might fit what I know of your skillsets.. if you want.. get me a little resume of what you're good at doing.. and I can make sure my boss knows.. he's always got loads of work."

Miko puts the drive on the table since its nothing illegal she doesn't even hide it. Just puts it right now for Monica
-------> Monica's PrP <------
Monica's Plot Log has now stopped.
-----> Tue Dec 29 05:33:03 2075 <----——

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