Grizzle's Grit

GM: Adam
Players: Air, Growler, Fandango
Synopsis: The team is sent to be a reactionary measure to a merc hit on a convoy traveling down the I70, westbound into Denver. They know that the convoy will be hit, and tail them until they are. A seasoned merc team hits the convoy, eliminating one of the two escorts. The team then rolls into action and neutralizes it in a close, near fatal battle for all involving sniper rifles, panther assault cannons, angry elementals, and a rubber duck. (Rubber duck written out of the plot due to lack of attendance)
Date: 03/21/2070

«Plot» Growler says, "I agree to all Adam wants, but only if they use lube when the aliens get me."

It is a nice day outside for a change. In the later afternoon everyone gets a text on thier pocsoc or equivilent to meet up for a job oppertunity down at the Cool Cat Club's back room. The team all makes it there when requested— which is in the evening. For a change Adam presents himself there as himself instead of a physmask. He presents the three of them an offer for some work— a surgical strike against a mercenary team. The opposing team is planned to intercept a convo en route to the Denver FTZ from the UCAS border. The job pays a base pool of 80k, with a retainer of 20k of this up front for your time. Upon neutralization of the team, you are to upload an AOD tracking signal onto the convoy to signal that the area is secure— then return for pay. Lethal force is allowed— and preferred. They have a full bio on the merc team, which is a 7 man fire team including 1 mage, but no rigger.

«Plot-Page» (To: Air) AdamLOG says, "Adam will, post meet, inform you directly that this is at Mr. Hideo's request. He can put in a good word for both of us if we do well here. Likewise, if we do poorly it could hurt our relationship with him."

Fandango is reading through the Bio when he meets with the others, and he readily accepts the job- this was about right for his kind of work. He accepts readily, and waits for the others.

Air is at the meet, chatting to Adam, they seem to know each other somewhat well. He examines the detail given on the opfor and seems content to go ahead.

Adam— who is acting Johnson for this job— chats with Air a bit as he nods and goes over the details. He clarifies that the hit is reactionary. The merc team will show thier hand and the shadow team will break them down. With everything set in order— he adds that he can not join them for this, despite being a shadowrunner. Politics. Nodding he leaves the data he has collected in conjuction with the employer at thier disposal and leaves the CCC so that the group can do thier legwork.

The chips holds the bios of all 7 members of the fire team. People of interest is the leader, a human by the name of Grizzle, the mage, a Hermetic elf by the name of Foss, and the Heavy Weapons expert, a troll by the name of Krak. The remaining members vary from tactical support to medical. The convoy route is listed, which is westbound on the I70. Three possible 'hit locations' are suspected as they allow for the best ambushes. They occur in the towns of Vona and Seibert, and one on the highway itself.

«Plot» Growler says, "Any list of vehicles we'll be escorting, types and such?"
«Plot» AdamLOG says, "The escort team is 2 sedans, one in the front, one in the back, and one 18 wheeler."

Fandango reads through the information that's given and shakes his head a bit, seems tricky. Eventually he turns to his partner in crime. "Skillset?" He enquires, "I'm a stealth specialst myself, but I'm decent with a gun and pretty deadly at close range."

Growler nods a little as he looks over the bios, forming a mental picture of the mercs. "So, what we have to do is be prepared for an ambush. Not an easy thing to do, as they'll be as likely to blow up the escorts as keep them intact."

Air scratches his head lightly after bidding Adam farewell. "Mid to long range direct applications. That's fancy talk for 'I'm good with assault rifles and sniping rifles.' And we won't have much use for any other skills here." He glances to Growler, "Best to follow and maintain recon on the convoy and simply backstab the ambush I would say. I have access to a decent vehicle transport if nobody else does."

Growler nods a little. "Can call me Growler. I'm fairly new in town though, so I don't have wheels yet, and only one drone of real use for this mission." He looks to the others and grins a bit. "Normaly I'm more of a back-seat type of guy, infiltration and misinformation."

Fandango nods his head a little at the other two as he thinks things over. "Well, I'm decent with a pistol if I can't get in close. Still, I'd be more happy being able to ambush them instead." He explains and shrugs a little. "We'll go with your transport, though."

Air nods, "If you can rig a drone you can rig the vehicle. You -can- drive a car? We have a sizable area of operation so we'll need to be mobile, I assume your drone is an airborne type? Good for recon? In that case we can ambush the ambushers."

Growler nods a bit at that. "Yeah, I can drive and I can fly…I just couldn't afford to bring all the cool gear with me when I left." he thumbs towards the exit. "Got an Ares Crusader I can pull out of storage that should make short work of any heavies they got. But nothing I can do against a mojoslinger."

Fandango shrugs, "I can handle the mage if I can get nearby. Or else a sniper round should do it. If he scouts out the area we can try to intercept, that'll save us the issue of worrying about the payload"

Air shrugs, "Mojoslingers can be put down the same way, just need to finger him and do it sooner than later. However I am out of APDS for my rifle at the moment, so he may well absorb it. Next shipment is due in a week unfortunately." He pauses, "However we won't get anything done sat here. Let's go and collect gear. Meet me outside the mountain hills apartment block. I'll be in a land rover. Ok?"

Fandango nods his head. "I tryst you two have decent encrypted communications?" He asks the two of them. "I've got a personal taccom, but I also have spares if either of you need to borrow it." he explains.

Growler says "Mind if I tag along? Got no ride, and I have no idea where that is. All we'd ahve to do is stop by a lockup nearby to pickup my flyer and I'd be ready to go."" Growler nods to Fandango. "Got decent communications and encryption, plenty of range."

Air nods to both, "I have my own comms. And fine, I'll pick you up outside this club and we can drive to your lockup. Where is best to collect you?" He addresses the last to the spanish looking man, as the mountain hills rendezvous was now unnecessary.

Fandango shrugs, "I'll meet you here. Seems most convenient." He explains to the others.

Air nods and gets up, heading out to collect his gear and drive back here. Shouldn't take him long, his place is only across the road from the cool cat.

Growler nods as he stands. "Lets get this done. It's only 2 and half to one odds for us."

«Auto-Judge[TRUE]» AdamLOG (#1574) rolls 1 for "Die of Death!":

Fandango returns after not too long, having only had to pick up a couple of items, and he nods his head at the others. "Let's move, then."

After some candid conversation and strategic converation, the team heads out— gathers the necessary equipment, and leaves Denver. Getting into the UCAS requires a border check— which the gets past without much trouble. The rest of the trip on the highway is long and boring— leaving a lot of room for conversation until the three ent up in the small city of Stratton. By now it is very late and the team needs to figure out if they want to stay until morning or get some sleep.

Fandango pinches the bridge of his nose a little, clearly, he's rather tired, by the time we get there. "Drek. I should have picked up some nova or long haul." He comments to the others then as he tries to wake himself up a little.

Air pulls the vehicle over into a quiet street in Stratton and yawns, "Better to get a nap now, we can afford a few hours before the convoy is due by here. So cheap motel or right here in the truck."

Growler has always been good for sleeping when he gets the chance, so probably isn't as tired as the rest. "Talk about podunk nowhere." He mutters as they pull in.

Both are viable options— given you guys might get cramped all in the truck. The bum fuck egypt town has plenty of motels. They kept the light on for you.

Growler shrugs at the suggestion. "Sure, a room is good as a floor. We'll be busy as hell once the shit hits the fan."

Fandango shrugs, "I'd personally prefer to be closer to the vehicle in case we have to get moving in a hurry."

Air starts up the truck again and heads off, "Alright, truck it is then, sleep where you sit." He drives down to Claremont and Wyoming, parking out of the way there in the dark night. Easy access to both I24 and Colorado ave onto I70.

«Auto-Judge[TRUE]» AdamLOG (#1574) rolls 2 for "Dice of the Roads!":
3 4

Truck it is. The truck is set in a nice idle position as the runners get to sleep very uncomfortably. The hours roll by and the sun peeks over the horizon. Its a nice, misty morning. The town is small and quiet. No one bothers the three criminals in the car taking a pit stop nap. It is now readily approaching 08:00.

Fortunately at this time, Air and Fandango are alert enough to notice the first sedan of the convo roll down 4th Street (which is also I-24) west bound. Its a lot more difficult to miss the 18-wheeler that follows, but it does. Unfortunately Growler is oversleeping at the moment, and doesnt catch either.

Air stretches and glances at his two fellows, smacking Growler on the leg to wake him up. "Alright, we're on. Get your drone up, can you drive at the same time? Good." He simply assumes and opens up the driver door, getting out, planning to switch into the backseat so he can get changed into some real armour.

Growler snorts awake, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes just as the last car goes on by. "Oh, yeah, sure." He mumbles as the buzz of rotors starts up on the roof, then disappear as the drone takes to the air before he starts the car up. "On the roll." He says as he moves after the trio of vehicles in the convoy.

Fandango blinks himself awake as they begin to move, and he checks the guns he has in his jacket, macking sure they're laoded with ExEx Ammunition. He then puts them away for the time being as the group heads out.

Air has his big bag out of the back and into the back seat with him now, pulling pieces of armour out and strapping them on. Heavy boots, shin protectors, thigh plates, it all gets strapped on.Finishing with a vest wrapped around his chest. It's difficult in a car but he has time and he's pretty agile. He leaves the helmet off for now, lower profile and all that. Checking and loading his longs in the back, spiritbuster ammo goes into the Walther, firepower into the Alpha.

As the vehicle roars to life and the drone gets set in place, the team goes about tailing the convoy. It looks like Stratton was not the place that they are going to be hitting the convoy since they get a good km out of the city limits without any incident.

«Plot» AdamLOG says, "How far away are you tailing the convoy?"
«Plot» Growler says, "Half a klick"

The team rolls out and follows from half a kilometer away. At this point they can barely be seen in the distance of the single lane highway. They roll along— and traffic is moderate.

Fandango doesn't really have much to add at this point, simply content to just sit in the passenger seat for the time being.

Growler drives along at a sedate pace behind the convoy, bird in the sky scanning for anything untoward off the sides of the road ahead. "Next point int he paperwork coming up. Get frosty." He says to the others.

Air keeps his weapons down and out of sight, his helmet under his elbow as he leans sideways to watch ahead through the front window. "Well, we watch and wait." It's at this point that he turns on his wired reflexes.

As the convoy begins to approach this point (,-102.670391&spn=0.010278,0.025384&z=16) the traffic comes to a halt in a domino effect. Its too far away to determine why exactly— except for Growler. One of the sedans went out of control and crashed off the right shoulder and the 18-wheeler is skidding to a halt. A pair of trucks roll out from Co Rd-27 to swarm out and begin to rip into the crashed sedan with a hail of fire from pop-up turrets on the truck's cabin, personally manned.

Air frowns at the halting traffic, "What's going on up there?" In the meantim he's grabbing his helmet, reflexes barely restrained from yanking it onto his head.

Fandango just keeps his guns in his lap, hidden underneath his coat for the time being.

Growler yanks the wheel to the side, riding onto the shoulder and rolling past the slowing cars. "Crap, they're hitting now. First car is down, and the mercs are packing serious heat." He says, pushing the rover onwards in a hurry.

Fandango blinks and then swears, "Get us as close as you can." he says to Growler, then, and he pulls his guns out, and puts his helmet on.

Air rolls down into the seat with the g force from Growlers driving, rolling back up with the Alpha in hand. Held low pointing into his footwell he palms the pistol grip, flashing up the smartlink information. Ammo count flickers up and he confirms the underbarrel is loaded. "Get us close but we don't have a lot of armour on this."

Growler slams the pedel to the floor, hitting the button on the wheel to introduce the nitrogas into the engine. The acceleration is enough to press everyone into their seats as they take to the shoulder of the road and go zipping past the stalled traffic. "Hang on!" he says as he starts to brake when they get close, only to find the gravel a bit more slippery than he thought.

The car jerks and speeds up to clear the gap of space between ground zero and where they are at. The shoulder traffic gives a narrow lane to work with, but the problem comes when it is breaking. The sedan in the lead of the convoy is already crashed onto the shoulder and getting a crazy amount of fire rittling into it. And at the speed they are going, they are going to plow straight into it.

Fandango just readies his pistols for when the enemies come within sight.

Air hangs on with one hand on the back of the drivers seat and the other on his Alpha, now ready to burst out of the door as soon as the truck comes to a stop, hopefully?

"Oh shit, not stopping!" Growler cries out as he yanks the wheel to the right, narrowly avoiding the crashed escort car and sending everyone bouncing around inside the van as they continue on past it for about 40 meters before finaly stopping. "Shit, sorry about that…Sure the wheels are in good condition on this thing?" He asks even as they start getting some attention from the 'bad guys'

Air bounces around like a toy doll in the backseat as the Land Rover overshoots and heads off road. His head bounces against the roof once or twice, thankfully the helmet is on by now. "Don't know, glad for the off road suspension though!" HE yells as he turns, opening the door to stop out of the 4x4.

Fandango braces in his seat and waits for the car to stop moving

Well that was fun and exciting. The car is stopped a good 40m from where the intersection is. Beyond that there are two vans with top mounted turrets and people on them rittling the sedan full of bullets. A small team is now on foot, approaching the 18-wheeler itself while one of the trucks speeds a head to investigate the shadowrunner's vehicle.

Growler sinks down in his seat and goes limp, his mind jumping into the still approaching drone and taking it over in an instant. And in that instant he assesses the situation and opens fire on the vehicle aproaching the rover, the heavy *buddabudda* of the MMG filling the air and raining heavy lead down onto the gunner in the back of the truck.

Air slams the door open on the Land Rover, pushing it wide and stepping out to use it for some cover, it was armoured after all. His smartlink pulls up an arc and he directs it right at the opening in the door of the vehicle shooting at the drone. With a quick phoomp sound the grenade flies true, right inside before bursting there, using shock waves to stun the occupants.

Fandango steps out of the car, already drawing a pair of silenced pistols as he walks towards the enemy mercs. He takes aim and then finishes off the one who had just been blasted clear from the cab, the epxlosive round popping his head after a moment's delay. The guns then level on the next target, the one mannign the machiengun. He squeezes the triggers of his guns a few more times, sending off a few more explosive rounds which largley just char and scorch the metal of his protective turret.

The team of two that investigates the shadowrunner's Land Rover is met with some serious opposition. Growler's drone chews into the open merc on the bed of the truck— rittling his body into a bloody mess. Full of grit, the seasoned vet swings the large machine gun around and shoots fruitlessly into the air, trying to trace fire into the drone. The vehicle itself takes a few of these rounds and shows that this vehicle is not armor reinforced. For just that reason, the driver stops the vehile, gets out, and levies his rifle at the group to find a target. He almost has one, but that is when Air's grenade is twomped into the cabin and explodes. The explosion rips into him— flinging him from his cover and onto the ground. It also rips from the cabin to the the bed— ripping up the lower body of the gunner who, somehow, manages not to fall despite his injuiries. Being naked from cover, it is a lot easier for Fandango to plug the man in the head. The remaining shots on the gunner wound him, but he is still truckin'. The damn man is made of STEEL!

<<Plot>> AdamLOG says, "Next Round. Growler, Air, Merc, Fandango."

The drone manuvers around swiveling to take in the rest of the targets as it gets into a better position.

Air slides the rifle up into his shoulder, watching almost in slow motion as Fandango pops the driver and the drone wheels away. With a mental impulse the alpha switches to burst fire and the reticle slides over the gunner in cover. With a quick and loud brat-at-at sound the HEAP bullets plow into the injured man of steel, putting him out of commission, likely for good.

Fandango ducks down into cover behind a car when the gunner is taken out, and he checks his ammo levels ready to continue the fight.

And that gunner is down, very much so.

The firefight has brought the attention of the other truck and the ground team. The human is motioning for the truck to advance on the runners as the merc team goes for the ditch— keeping low and advancing alongside the road.

Air is hopped up on some speedy reflexes right now. Information enters through the eyes and ears and is processed. That's all normal speed, but the reactions, they're lightning fast. So is the old man, when he gets running, and he does. Right up to the truck as he slips inside, kicking the bleeding merc out of the way and jumping up to the MMG on the turret. "Lessee how you handle your own medicine," he whispers to himself, as the beautiful weapon opens up in glorious full auto at the mercenaries.

The drone in the sky swings around, the MMG tracking to the still maned vehicle and unleashes a torrent of deadly hail, perforating the vehicle like so much swiss chess before one of the heavy rounds punctures something vital, and the truck becomes no more!

Well if this isnt a scene straight from an action movie, nothing is. The drone's rat-tat-tating into the truck sends it full of holes and it explodes into wreckage. The team— pinned by machine gun fire kneels down as the leader takes out a long rifle and aims up against the drone. Carefully he pulls the trigger as an echoing 'POW' of a high calibre round echos. It misses, due to the drone being rigged in with a good controller. The mage— likewise— concentrates as a fire elemental emerges from the wreckage— and an earth elemental emerges from the asphalt. But they need to do something about that other truck. Not enough explosions. Not enough cowbell. The troll shifts the gyroharness he has on and levels a PANTHER ASSAULT CANNON at the truck Air is on. He gets that split second of 'oh shit' as the canon fire and causes the second explosion of the second, enough to launch him off of the truck and onto the other side of the street into the ditch.

<<Plot>> AdamLOG says, "Round 2: Air, Growler, Leader, Troll, Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental."

Air is apparently not quite scary enough, but is rather thankful for the solid protection he choose to wear for day to day jobs like this. His form flies through the air as he is thrown from the exploding wreckage, his Alpha's sling getting cut and falling off part way. Air himself is uninjured, just disarmed as he picks himself up. «They have a PAC and elementals.» He comes over comms as he scrambles back to the Land Rover to pick up his backup weapon, the Walther sniper rifle. With a quick action he switches out the spiritbusters for regular ammo and prepares to peep up at the remaining mercs.

With the firing of that PAC, that troll makes himself an instant target for the drone in the air. The MMG opens up, pepering his entire region with bullets, some of them even managing to hit him and break through his armor.

<<Auto-Judge[TRUE]>> AdamLOG (#1574) rolls 6 (??) vs TN 4:
     1 1 1 3 3 5    = 1 Success

Things do not look good for our shadowrunners now. The troll is ripped into with fire but he is a TROLL! He survives the onslaught and goes to aim it at Air's advance when he is literally shot in the back. Remember those sedans? You know, the convoy that was guarding the truck? Only one car was destroyed. The other car is coming right at them, aiming to run them over while a ground team is firing back at them. Corp security is good for something.

Unfortunately right now that something is dying. The merc troll turns the PAC to the car and open fires— turning into a mobile fireball that rolls out of the way. Likewise the ground 'security' team is shot in the chest with a sniper rifle— which makes the remaining ground force (1 person) dive for cover and drag them man over for immediate medical assistance. The shadowrunners are not scott free— they have elementals to deal with. The fire flies up, because it can, and dances at similar speeds to the drone— blasting it with intense heat that melts some of it's electronics and chasis. The earth elemental, a lot slower, lumbers towards Air and peeks around the Land Rover to look at him with a 'Gwwwaaarrr' sound.

Air notices the earth elemental out of the corner of his eye, which then goes wide. "Fetch, defend me!" He yells as he stands straighter, his smartlink auto-targeting the mage across the way. Well, he wasn't the troll, and he didn't have a sniper rifle in hand, must be the mage. With a quick motion he snugs the rifle stock into his shoulder and mentally pulls the trigger, the high power round swirling gracefully out of the silenced barrel and pinging right into the mages chest. The entry hole is small, neat very little blood. The exit wound in his back is large, as the bullet explodes out of him taking chunks of bone and guts with it.

The drone wobbles and leaves a trail of black smoke as the fireball sears off valuable bits and pieces, though the mind behind it keeps his focus as he unleashes another small hell onto that troll. Even with the troubles the drone has, the ammount of fire is still enough to finish that troll off, ripping into him and ending what little life he had left.

Air amps up the speaker on his suit of armour and steps around the Land Rover, keeping his Walther up as he speaks out. "Drop your weapons and surrender now. You are outnumbered." The reticle hovers and dances over the head of the last remaining merc.

Unfortunately for the Mercenary leader, he refuses to give in. The response is very 'direct' as he lines up another shot on the drone. His reflexes are not faster than the rigger's, however, and he only ends up with a chest full of lead. What is left of his body is plastered on the ground besides the troll's.

With a job well done, the team scavenges up what they can, plants the AOD tracking signal on the 18-wheeler, activates it, and rolls out of the fire zone before the law shows up to make things worse.

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