Plot Detailed
Players in Attendance: Adam(GM), Annie, Fixer, and Molly (for Legwork Only)

Reputation Bonuses
Annie: +1 Careful, Discreet, Dependable, and Hardworking
Fixer: +2 Discreet; +1 Careful, Dependable, and Hardworking
Molly: +1 Unreliable and Wishy-Washy

Karma Payout
Adam 3: No GM Bonus due to getting Cash Payout as well
Annie: 3(4): +1 Karma for resolving the situation socially, without casualties, and believable with no foul play
Fixer: 3(4): +1 Karma for resolving the situation socially, without casualties, and believable with no foul play
Molly 3(1): -2 Karma for only attending the Legwork section

Cash Payout:
Adam, Fixer, and Annie: 33k

It is your average day in Denver. For serious: Cold, light snow dustings, light wind, and a lot of dirt and grime everywhere. Nothing like dirty snow in the Warrens to remind you how crappy life is— especially a few miles away the in wageslave land is actually white.

But it is not all white snow in the land of the SINners. Just due east of Denver, in the city of Limon, protestors are out in force in front of the Perishing Memorial Cemetary. Construction crews are ready to migrate the grave site to a new location to make way for new zoning for a new building that happens to overlap this ground. Legislation went through the the corporations have the approval— its a huge boon to this tiny town. Residents have a different stance on this. They are protesting the move and have camped out, refusing to leave.

Figured out why the Johnson contacted you? You got it. You need to move them.

The J doesn't particularly care how you do it. Across the three people he hired to coordination the 'removal' of the sensitive topic, there are plenty of tools to handle it. When the protestors are removed, the construction will continue. For a total of 100,000 =Y= (Across all of you), you are being hired. You have one business week to take care of this. They have some information to share on this— namely photographs of the area and the people that are assembled. Two people of interest is Priest Jacobson, one of the town's Christian pastors that is involved, and political activist Chris Simons, who is the big 'speaker' for the protest.

With the information handed out— the Johnson leaves you in the cold— the entire meet being taken place in some noodle shop on the corner of 3rd and Washington, Downtown FTZ. The man didn't even order a meal, and neither did his hired elf that hummed with cyberware. Good luck chummers.

After digging onto the Matrix for 3 days, Fixer accumulates a full profile on the Priest:

Priest Leonardo Jacobson
<Standard boring personal data— age, weight, etc>
No previous arrests or criminal activites
The first few days turn off really boring dirt. Yeah, he had a few embarassing moments in life, but nothing criminal— nothing for leverage. But his brother on the other hand— there is a different subject. He currently works as a General Manager at a pharmacy— and is in line to be a district manager! Problem— he had an affair with his wife with the daughter of his brother's neighbor. And she is not of legal age. This whole thing was paid off and kept hush hush— since they are members of the church. And now you have all his information too— such as place of employment, mailing address, etc.

Molly checks with her Data Broker for information on the political activist. The problem is there is tons of information— but nothing you wouldnt expect. He is very anti-corporation, and so far very successful. He nas negotiated many 'middle ground' solutions in the UCAS that help benefit the town— and it looks like he is there because he is also an old friend of the priest. Beyond that— nothing for leverage. That'll be 1,000 =Y= and 1 day's worth of sorting through the archives.

Unfortunately, as Annie checks into the rumors and the politics— nothing fun or exciting pops up. Limon is a small town and this is the biggest news it has had in a few years. The advent of the new building, which is going to open up new jobs in the agriculture department, started months back but the citizens feel like this was 'suddenly put upon them' like they were only given days.

In a follow up on the security of the town, Limon does have a metro-covered security contract with a Sioux-based security firm. It is a 'economical' security coverage which pales in comparison to Denver's, but does allow periodic coverage. Major intersections have camera service and there is only one precinct for the county.

After some skillful hacking, Fixer has himself setup with a SuperUser account on the Limon Infrastructure LTG.

Further digging with Molly's Fixer contact pulls up that Chris Simons has enemies. Plenty of enemies. Right now it looks like the Humanis Policlub hates him the most— despite the fact that Chris is a born and bread stock standard human. The fixer is willing to put Molly in contact with the liason from the HP that has the grudge against him.

With that complete, and like 3 days taken (both investigation for the mission, plus rest and regular business and shtuff), Fixer will contact the team and share his findings. His next suggestion is to meet in person, perhaps a plan and then meet with the protest leadership. Untill then, he will wait, dig through matrix and watch the town cams and reports.

And Molly decides after doing her legwork that this is not something she is interested in.

When Annie calls up the Ute Lawyer to check on the Sioux legality— he admits that its a different jurisdiction, but he will look into it. A day later, he calls back to let her know what he found. Turns out that this act is civil disobedience. The corporations can not, by law, harm a legal citizen. The citizens that are protesting only are allowed to do so while a formal complaint is being processed. It is in mediation— until the request to challenge is completely denied by the court, they will be 'in between the cracks'. The process time is— ironically, one week— the time that you have to complete your mission.

When Annie checks in with her KE detective— she finds that he does not know anything regarding the gang activity in Limon. He checks the crime database just in case there are sister gangs to those that operate in KE maintained territory— but nothing comes back. Its too small of a town to bring up any notable hits.

<<Plot>> AdamLOG says, "Legwork End"
<<Plot>> AdamLOG says, "Rep: Annie: +1 Hard-Working. Fixer: +1 Hard-Working & Discreet. Molly: +1 Unreliable & Wishy-Washy."
<<Plot>> AdamLOG says, "Karma: No bonus. (Molly set to 1 karma)"

Fixer gives the other runner a call….

Asking her to meet him in the town, you know, snoop around (recon), from the outside and then brainstorm next step.

Annie heads on over to Sioux territory, parking her Bison a half mile away before continuing on foot. Before leaving the RV, she puts a couple of Rotodrones in the air and moves them to their max flight ceiling of 3000 feet, adjusting the photovoltaic paint to blend into either the blue skies or the overhead cloudcover, whichever the case may be. Their sensor magnification should still be able to get her good views of the territory below.

Annie slows as she approaches the cemetery and observes the standard clothing style of the attending female protestors, adjusting her physical mask to match so that she can more easily blend.

Fixer links up with A and discusses the courses of action. His first guess would be to watch and maybe make some initial contact with the top dawgs of this show.

Maybe stake out their residences at night. Maybe the good citizens are not so good when the sun sets down, but… as always, he is open to suggestions… there is a batch of new nerve gas Renraku is dying to test on human subjects.. and what better place than this.

Annie meets up with Fixer, just outside the cemetery grounds, offering him a pleasant nod by way of greeting. "My initial thought is to get them rioting. Then let the Sioux haul them out in nice padded jail trucks.", she murmurs just loud enough for her team-mate to hear.

Fixer figures they can go to full comms with subdermals, don't even need to open their mouths to speak. Over comm, Well, lets spend a day on that and tomorrow hit up the leaqdership. I will bail a little earlier in the day to get some sleep and stake out one of their houses just incase. Sounds good?

Annie accepts the comm frequency, entering it into her own unit and then switches to subvocal. "Ok, I will go mingle a bit and get a feel for the crowd, maybe plant a few subliminal suggestions here and there.", she offers a nod to Fixer then moves off into the cemetery.

The cemetery itself takes up a block between the memorial service and the formal grounds itself. Paved roads wind through the area— wide enough for a memorial service. Right now there are plenty of cars cluttering the road ways— forming barricades to the entrances with people immediately behind them in tents. Outside of that— there is always the walls. They were made for decoration, not security.

Fixer hits the town for a few, to get food, to get to know people there and… to check out the residence of the priest and that other guy, who's name his player cannot remember to save his life.

Annie spends some time casing the location, choosing a potential ambush site that will give her LOS on protestors going to and from the facilities. She chooses it based on a wide array of specific conditions; primarily for lack of security surveillance and traffic flow that is limited to one or two people at a time. Once she locates such a spot she settles in and begins picking and choosing targets.

Fixer grabs some more food and gets something for A to eat, easily communicating throught the radio waves and getting the order just right (no motherfucking mayo! we are not in Canadia!). He meets her up somewhere out of eyesight… staying separate for the moment, so not rouse any suspicions. Maybe he should find a place to stay… if the hotel Simon is staying in is trixed, then we will make a reservation, prefereable above or bellow Simon's room, but next to it will be okay also… otherwise… he will just have to deal with a clerk.

Simon's hotel is quite trixed. Nothing like giving traveling businessmen thier 'trix access. There are available rooms on the same floor, but nothing next to or below/above him. The clerk doesnt care so long as there is money

Annie ends up with a nice perch— no one bothering here and plenty of people coming and going as the minutes pass.

Annie settles in for the next eight hours or so, picking single targets as they travel to or away from the bathroom. She casts the spells silently without moving or using her centering to reduce the background penalties. She wants this to go smoothly without alerting anyone that anything untoward is occurring. If anyone starts to pay attention to her, she leaves and wanders about for awhile, chatting with the other protestors and occasionally chanting their canned slogans with them.

Fixer will rent the room and squeeze in some sleep, preferable 4-6 hours if possible, getting back up at 20:00ish. Shit, shower, shave and back to get some dinner. Deliver some to the partner if she needs some dinner also.

Annnie finishes up her shift, then heads off to meet Fixer, feeling the effects of her concentrated spell casting in spite of her prodigious force of will. She takes dinner in the hotel restaurant, paying a bit extra for a semi-private table, notifying fixer over the comm that she is back.

Fixer gets some pizza, the beauty of these remote town, not ruined by the corps, is they have real produce, real pizza sauce. Ah man, heaven… after dinner time to change all that… Fix jumps on the net and checks out the recent camera footage to see if Simon's is home and his stake out will begin at that point…
It looks like Simon didnt return to his hotel room— neither did the priest.
Fixer will go and look for them, grab his camo suit, just backpack it for now.

Annnie finishes up some dinner, checks in with Fixer, then retires to her RV near the cemetery to keep an eye on things there and possibly catch a few zzz's.

Fixer finds the prist and Simons in their tents. He hangs out in the woods, in his little sniper sweetspot (minus the weapon), just sitting there, wathcing and taking notes. Hours after hours pass and there is no action, so he decides to close hsop and use the cover of darkness to recon their living locations, hotel room and home respectivelly.

Annie is able to imprint on the two people of interest, as they eventually have to use the restroom. After the lack of action, the hotel room and home is just as quiet. They are not there.

After checking the home and doing a lot of waiting, Fixer notices that the Priest isnt coming home. What about Simons? Well doing the same thing, nothing there. The cameras show they have not left the Cemetary. Annie, likewise, does a lot of monitoring. No tensions rising. No riots. No construction works barging in. Day 6 rolls around— last day to get them out of there. Morning breaks. Go.

Annnie informs Fixer of 'the plan' and various steps that she has put into effect. "All I need is to get some of the mover crew within site of the morning protestor rally.", she pauses, "Oh, and can you send in an anonymous tip that will bring some security to the area at that time?"

Fixer changes into more regular clothes, somewhat mimicing the protester apparel. He walks from the protest site to the workers. On his way, he jacks into his pocsec and pre-progrmas and message, two actually, one to send messages to both leader's of the protest of possible worker trickery and second one to auto-alert local security about the riot. When he gets close enough to the workers, he will pose as a right hand man of Mr. Simon's and request to speak to the person in charge (or foreman).

After confirming with Annie about the whole tips that are going to go out, Fixer manages to make his way towards the foreman. The foreman is a large ork— bald— and doesnt look like he has a lot of patience. Being on the sidelines for six days has him irrate— and when the workers point him out, they can't help but laugh. The sort of laugh that a marine gives a rookie that wants to spar with the most seasoned vet on the squad.

Fixer approaches the ork and states that the leadership of the protesters are ready to negotiate. He feeds some BS about riecent developments in the camp and blah blah blah, basically, we need more time to move out so come and negotiate and help us leave or we will stay forever.

The foreman isn't exactly thrilled to run into Fixer to begin with. After some colorful obscenities about how these guys need to die or fornicate with animals, he motions to a few of his crew and heads on in. They look like they are going to go inside and look for the leadership and see what kind of bullshit this is about.

Fixer sends outt the preprogrammed messages. He will tag along with the workers, slowly fall back and hopefully fade awy as they enter the camp.

Annnie checks with Fixer over the comms to verify that the management is on the way, then jacks into her RCD and sends a signal to Obie (her Bison). A half mile away the Bison rumbles to life and begins heading toward the cemetery, timing its arrival to coincided with Fixer's ETA. Annie stays jacked in, but moves to the rear of the crowd, watching the rally as it begins.

The leaders of the protest get the same transducted message. They can be seen emerging from thier tents to talk to each other about it. It doesnt take much time for the foreman and his men to find the two figureheads.

"'ey, yous two. Look, I dont care what it is that is 'developin'. After tomorrow the mediation period is OVER and the second they deny your claims to protest— yous out and we'll just remove you."

The activist turns to the foreman as he points back, "Only if the courts rule against us. Which. They. Wont."

The foreman points right back and gets louder, "Now listen here, you skunk fragging hippie— we gotsa a contract to fill out and yous leavin' come tomorrow…"

Oh yes, much fun. Its like watching kids fight on a playground.

Annnie takes note of the opposition as they approach and slowly grins. Ah, Chaos. Wherefore art thou? She sends a signal to Obie and the Bison fires up it's horn in the pre-arranged signal.

And then all hell breaks loose.

The priest and the activist both shout at the foreman, "Protect our Ancestors! Save our cemetary! Fight! Fight!" Fists pumping. Yelling. It really shocks the foreman for just a second. That is right before a rock dings him in the head.

An angry mob of forty comes and descends on the small handfull of workers that came out to 'negotiate'. They are hit with chairs— with rocks— with pocsocs. Its mass hysteria. The workers from not far off rush in to try to push them off before they maul the foreman to death.

Fixer makes sure he gets this on the microcamcorder and pocsec (low resolution) cameras, feeding this into the local security uplink as well as any major news station. The trick is to get the shots that show the protestors being violent (especially at the beggining when they outnumber the workers). Once the workers respond in force (if they do), there is no need to show that on the trid.

Annnie sighs softly in appreciation of seeing a plan come together. She sends a final command to Obie to evac the area, then pops her jack and begins moving away and toward the parking lot. If security does bring water cannons (oh please!), she doesn't really want to get wet nor get rounded up with the rest of the horde.

Fun as exciting as it is— it looks like the foreman is getting Rodney King'd. The other workers come in on the scene finally like a Colt's defensive line— pushing them back but generaly not doing a good job (zing!). Its one big brawl until the sirens start roaring. With the tip, the feeds, and what the cameras can see— its riot control van.

Oh there are water canons— they hook them up and set up a line of riot shields. Then BWOOSH! The entire mob is blasted with two steady streams of high pressure water. It looks like this could continue for a little bit.

Fixer will go home. Do some more editing on the video, spread some rumors, false reports, maybe post another picture of Lady GaGa with buldge in her pants, or another sighting of Bigfoot and sharkboy.

Annnie drops her sign off in a convenient garbage can, then adjusts her physical mask to reflect the pinstripe blazer and skirt common to most 'on the street' trid reporters on assignment.

Annnie meets up with Obie on the corner and continues monitoring the developing situation via her deployed drones, capturing aerial footage to pipe to Fixer.
Its a nice, boring trip back to the FTZ to go get paid. Somewhere out there a megacorporation avoided losing a million in nuyen in litigation and a bunch of shadowrunners get paid thier little bone for thier part in making two groups of retards brawl over dirt and headstones.

<<Plot>> AdamLOG says, "Main Plot End"
<<Plot>> AdamLOG says, "Rep: Annie: +1 Careful, Discreet, Dependable. Fixer: +1 Dependable, Careful, Discreet."
<<Plot>> AdamLOG says, "Karma: +1 Karma for resolving the situation socially, without casualties, and believable with no foul play."
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