Gold Rush
GM: Molly
Players: Simone, Dalton, Volo
Synopsis: A synopsis of what happened here.
Date: DATE HERE, remember to add 60 years to the year to get the timing right :)

«Plot» Molly says, "Welcome to the Gold Rush Plot, this is a plot that was given to me by Vulcan to run with parameters that I am to meet. While I don't go out of my way to kill any players, there is always that chance that something unexpected could happen and as such I require consent for my plots. I'm hoping to have this wrapped up in a session or at most two. Anything OOC should be through the ooc command and anything plot related needs to be on the =plot. If you would be so kind as to format your emits with a %R%T it makes editing a log much faster and quicker to be submitted."
«Plot» Vollo says, "I consent"
«Plot» Dalton says, "I consent"
«Plot» Simone says, "I consent"

Much like California Raisins, you heard it through the grape vine that there's a job to be had paying pretty well to go find some missing people. The meet is with Mr. Johnson inside the Lyve Wyre third floor. The message says you'll know him by a red carnation he'll be wearing.

Dalton carries little with him, its a side effect of owning very little. After a few moments to gather what he has he heads out of his apartment and catches a cab to the Lyve Wyre. Entering the club and paying any cover charge required, he makes his way through the crowds of people and towards the third level, once there he takes a few moments to scan those seated for the elusive red carnation.

Simone heads to the Lyve Wyre wearing her standard attire of stark black with white accents. With little more than her simple accessories and a lightly padded Mortimer peacoat she makes the ascent to the third floor and searches for a red carnation.

Vollo takes his van and heads to the Lyve Wyre. He's been there before and likes the security of the place. He watches the entrance to the club carefully for anything that looks out of place and then moves in and up to the third floor. He looks around for the flower as he casually moves in the direction of the bar.

The man wearing the red carnation is pretty easy to pick out. Not your typical Johnson by any stretch of the imagination. His craggy sun tanned features are hard and weary looking. His clothes consist of denim jeans and a red flannel shirt. The red carnation can be seen hanging limp from one of the pockets showing signs of wilting already.

Dalton moves towards the man with the red carnation and nods "Hello." he says simply, taking a seat at the mans table. He says nothing more, simply waits to see what the man will do in response.

Approaching the carnation-wearing J, Simone tilts her head as she greets him. "Allo," she says in a light voice tinged with an obvious German accent, "I've come about the carnation." She hopes that is enough to trigger his understanding of her availability for the mission.

Vollo orders a club soda and watches the room for others that might be heading in the sun tanned man's direction. He smooths his hair back with his fingers and then walks in that direction when he sees that others are arriving. He takes a sip of his drink and bows slightly, taking a seat.

Waving a broad hand the man says, "Yeah, have a seat." His accent is straight out of Chicago, when it used to -be- Chicago. He looks over each of the runners and presses his thumb down on a white noise generator that is built into the table. He laces his fingers together and rests his twinned fists on the top of it waiting for everyone to settle in.

Dalton glances around a moment, looking over the two other runners that have joined them, but this only lasts a moment, he turns his attention back to the Johnson and waits to hear the story.

The German removes her black knit hat as she takes a seat across from the weary Californian. Her hair spills out; curled, bright red locks cover her eyes, splitting at the bridge of her nose.
«Plot» Molly says, "The Johnson is a boring mundane, he has muscle replacement."

The night one relaxes immediatly, glancing at the others and giving a slight nod. He takes another sip of the club soda and then puts the glass on the table. He folds his hands in his lap and waits for the Johnson to give his pitch.

"Alright, so here's what the deal is," begins the Johnson, "I useda be like youse guys. I ran the shadows, I did the score. Eventually I settled down and I went legit. I got hired into a mining company where someone smart and strong could make a pretty good wage." He looks across to each of the runners and he says, "Well a few days ago one of my crews went missing. They didn't report in like they're supposeda. Now we sent out some people go check on them, but they went missing so I figured I'd dust off some of my connections and see if I could hire some pros."

Dalton listens to the mans proposal, and nods "Have you tried tracking them with magical means?"

Simone nods along to the man's pitch, her hair framing pursed, dark-cherry lips. She leans in just a touch upon hearing his accent, her body language illustrating a strong focus on comprehension. She looks to Dalton upon hearing his question and nods again, waiting for the response.

Vollo nods to the intro pitch and cocks his head listening to the man in black. He shrugs and waits for his turn to querry the Johnson, attempting to be as polite as possible.

"Nah we don't have a slinger on staff, or I'd have given that a shot," says the Johnson. He gives a shrug of his broad shoulders and he says, "Besides, a lot of people don't like giving up samples you know? We're not the big boys, but we stake our claims and we work our hoops off."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Cityspeak vs TN 4:
3 5 = 1 Success

Dalton nods "Well, you have access to magical talent now, if you can find us a valid sample, I believe we may be able to track them down for you."

Simone follows along, grasping the gist of what is said, whether she catches the meaning of the man's lingo or not.
You'll be having us enter your mines, then?"

Vollo tilts his head listening, then finally speaks. "So this is just a search mission, or are we doing a retrieval?" His voice has a slight slavic accent mixed with city drawl.

Reaching down under the table the man pulls out a small case. He slides it across to Dalton and he says, "That's got samples from three of the people missing." He looks then to Simone saying, "I don't know where you guys'll hafta go. I'm going to have all of ya flown out in a chopper. When you find 'em or what happened to 'em you call and we pick you up." He then looks to Vollo, answering, "Not sure, hope its just a rescue. The pay is thirty thou each."

The lady rests an elbow upon the table, resting her chin in one hand as she turns to each person in turn.

Dalton nods his head, reaching out to examine the samples "Alright, it will take some time to setup a ritual tracking for them, but it can be done with the two of us here. Once we find out where they are no the astral, if we do, we can go in physically and get them out."

Vollo nods and seems at ease with the offer. He looks at the other two to see what they think. His eyes move to the case and an eyebrow is raised. "I am in. Do you have physical descriptions and details?"

Simone abruptly swings her head toward the cloaked and hooded man, watching him intently.
"I will contribute my abilities," she says cautiously.

Passing a folder across to the trio the man says, "Here's photos and information on the crew. There's a map of the area. We haven't had any real problems with critters, the only real thing we've had to deal with is its in the Mojave."

Vollo takes out his pocsec and starts taking pictures of the folder files. He is methodical, lining the shots up square and just getting it done. He takes several pictures of the map. He then scoots the folder over to the others.

Dalton frowns slightly, looking at the folder as its passed over to him "The Mojave is not a safe place, mana works strangely there from what I hear."

Taking a turn with the folder, Simone rifles through, scanning images and reading quickly through the reports before setting it down on the table. She nods to Dalton with a severe frown that has settled into what is visible of her features.

Vollo takes his time flipping through the pocsec images and committing as much to memory as possible. He also pays close attention to his companions and this magical talk about the Mojave. He's never seen either of them before and they intrigue him.

"I'm a grunt," says the Johnson, "I don't know anything about magic, just know that things go a little crazy out there. You guys got twenty four hours to get whatever gear you need then come meet me at," he gives the address to a small air port in the CAS sector.

With full agreements made by the group and pay accepted without fuss, she takes the address info and nods. She too is intrigued by her fellow runners, but expresses no outward emotion aside from her grim frown that appeared upon mention of the Mojave Desert. She's as ready as she'll ever be.

Dalton nods "Alright, I can gather a few things, how long after we land do we have to find them? I need at least a day to setup a lodge to prepare the ritual."

Vollo keys the address of the air port into his pocsec and then stands and gives a polite bow to the Johnson, "Thank you for this opportunity." He looks at the others and smirks, "Ready when you are. I pre packed."

Without having to be concerned about legality of her equipment, there is no further need for her to ask questions. She stands with the black mage and offers her thanks as well to the weary man.

Dalton rises from his seat, nodding to the Johnson "I accept the job, and will be ready to depart in twenty four hours."

"I'd like this wrapped up ASAP, you say you need a day then take the day. I hired you for pros, so I expect you know your stuff better than I do." He shrugs his shoulders and he says, "If I don't hear back from yous in three days then I'll assume something happened to you."

Vollo looks at the pair, "If you need a ride I have a van. It is full of crap but there is room for two extra people inside." He glances back at the Johnson, "It will be taken care of in that timeframe."

Dalton turns and nods to Vollo "I would appreciate the ride, I can be dropped off in the CAS sector if thats not out of your way." He nods to the Johnson in response to the time frame.

The girl offers a hand to Vollo and nods. "A ride would be great. And you can call me Gretchen." She offers the same to the black mage, now that the meet is over.

«Plot» Molly says, "Alrighty, any gear you guys want to get your hands on?"
«Plot» Dalton says, "Purchasing from a Camping store, Rations and Canteens using Legal methods."

Vollo actually kisses the woman's hand out of old habit and then smiles. "I just apologize before hand for the mess inside the van. Me and my friend live in it at the moment and she is kind of absent minded about picking up the trash. He leads them to the Van and takes directions for where they want to go.

«Plot» Simone says, "I will be legally purchasing a number of items for spelunking and desert survival. a) Climbing gear and all that that entails: rope, clips, harnesses, picks, etc. Consider it a full kit. b) Desert survival kit: including tent, rations, canteens, mobile camp stove, sleeping gear, etc."

Dalton gets a ride back near his apartment, but not too close, he walks the rest of the way, grabbing some of his lodge supplies, 1 unit, and packing a bag for the trip with his other gear. He takes a cab to a store and buys a few more things he thinks he will need.

Simone is dropped off at the public library to begin her shopping duties on her own. Why the library? Who knows.

The Eurovan is covered in gang tags and it takes Vollo a minute to pull down the riding bench. The van doubles as a shop for working on bladed things and a sleeping area complete with mini fridge. There are womens clothes hanging off the ends of katanas along the back walls.

Dalton rests the night back in his apartment, after his shopping expedition, then the next day catches a cab to the airport, once there, he waits for the others to arrive, making sure the whole team will be present for the task.

Vollo fills up the tank and putters around the filling station for a while wasting time and smoking cigarettes. He then cruises by The Big House and leaves a note for Molly that he needs to be gone from work for three days. He writes something cryptic about chasing tumbleweeds. He chills in the van until receiving and okaying picking up Simone in the morning on his pocsec. He sleeps a little and then around four am he'll drive down to where he is supposed to pick up the red headed woman. The drive to the airport follows.

Simone has /loads/ of gear with her, which she recruits Vollo to aid her with loading into his van. She claims to have brought climbing supplies in the event that their expedition goes into any mines or caverns, and gear to aid their desert survival. Who knows where this job will lead them… The Mojave is a no-man's land.

Dalton waits at the airport with a backpack full of food rations and some canteens, and a bag with lodge materials, and his sidearm and ammo.

The chopper is waiting when the team arrives. The logo "Bolton Mining," shows on the side. If the Johnson is trying to pull something he's pulling out all the stops. A young man dressed in a bomber jacket and jeans stands waiting for the group. He waves them over as they arrive telling them, "You can park your vehicles here. They'll be covered. Hop in the back and strap in, I'll start prepping the bird."

«Plot» Simone says, "I have also brought a couple of foci, a madkit and my full complement of armor."

«Plot» Molly says, "Noted."

Dalton loads his things into the helicopter then climbs in and finds a seat.

«Plot» Dalton has all his armor as well, including helmet

Vollo shoulders his ruck and roustabout bag and nods to the young man. "Just tell people not to touch the van, it is wired with claymores." He grins at the man and heads toward the helicopter. He is fully armored covered in a city camo pattern greatcoat.

Simone starts loading her large duffel bags into the chopper, one by one. She huffs and puffs, but gets it loaded without a fuss. Once everything's settled, she begins strapping herself in and lays back in her seat. Unknown to the mundanes in the vicinity, she lets her spirit drift from her body…

«Plot» Simone says, "I'd like to check the immediate area for any malicious spirits and such."
«Plot» Molly says, "Roll perception :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence:
1 4 5 5 5 10
«Plot» Molly says, "Astral is nice and clear."
«Plot» Simone says, "In that case, I'd like to summon a spirit to Guard the chopper, then I'm all set."
«Plot» Molly says, "You bet, roll conjuring."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Conjuring vs TN 4 for "Summoning Sky spirit to use Guard power on the chopper for the duration of our travel.":
2 2 3 4 5 = 2 Successes

Vollo gets his gear stowed and then takes a minute for a last cigarette before getting in and strapping down. He watches Simone do whatever it is that she is doing, raising an eyebrow.

«Plot» Molly says, "Drain doesn't matter really for you on this one Simone, you'll have time to rest it off in flight."
«Plot» Molly says, "Anyone else making any special preparations?"
«Plot» Vollo says, "I look around to see where the parachutes are."

Dalton watches Simone from the astral plane, smiling faintly to himself as she summons the spirit, the thought had crossed his own mind, but she beat him too it. He looks to the others "I hope you all have comms, if so, we need to setup a few channels, as well as callsigns. By the way, you can call me Dalton here, and Nightmare on comms."

Commlink-Darkelf> Vollo says, "Check"
«Plot» Molly says, "One for each of you."

Vollo nods to Dalton, "Vollo here, and Darkelf on the comm chann." His slavic accent is thick for a moment, not paying attention or perhaps not caring now that they are on the mission.

Once everyone is settled in for the flight the pilot relays Vollo' warning to the ground crew. The chopper takes a few minutes to warm up and then the rotors kick in. Over the radio the pilot says, "Alright folks, sit back and enjoy the ride." With that the chopper lifts off the ground and moves through the sky.

The girl drifts into the astral for a short period, returning with a spirit of the sky to aid the craft's journey. She whispers to herself and rocks a little in her seat as her face takes on a temporary crow-like appearance before turning to Dalton with a grimace. "I left mine at my apartment…"

Dalton remains quiet for most of the ride, trying to rest as best he can on the flight, he is a bit dismayed that one of the team members has no comm, but perhaps it won't be necessary.

Vollo plays chess on his pocsec and flips through the mission folder pictures. He is relaxed and calm. "Last time I was in one of these whirlybirds it crapped out and we had to jump. I hate jumping, the sky is really big." He laughs and then shuts up.

The girl peers from a window along the course of their flight, periodically chipping at black fingernail polish absentmindedly or clutching the bird skull necklace around her neck. She offers Vollo a sheepish smile and turns back to the window, resuming her quiet study of the landscape.

The flight out over the Mojave is pretty uneventful thanks in part to the spirit watching over the whirly bird. It takes a few hours but eventually the pilot lowers the machine to the ground near the target area. He looks over his shoulder and he says, "That's the smoothest flight out here I've had. Usually all sorts of drek happens. You guys must be my lucky ticket."

«Plot» Simone says, "Current time and temperature?"

Dalton chuckles faintly, and starts gathering his gear to depart the helicopter. Once outside, he looks around for any sign of thier contact for this mission, he has things he needs to start doing.

«Plot» Molly says, "Its going on towards evening and the temperature is uh…hot but cooling down."

Simone smiles to the pilot and leaves her spirit of the sky to protect him until nightfall with a gentle whisper. Hefting her bags, she sets them on the ground in an orderly stack and begins to take in the surroundings.

The night one smiles to the pilot and starts unloading his gear. "I did a desert thing once, it gets cold out here." He clips his helmet to his belt, ready to put on later and looks around at the landscape. "So is this the place where you'll pick us up?"

"Yep," says the pilot, "Y'all radio it in and a few hours later I'll be on this spot." He points in the direction of the large hills and he says, "The mine is over that way. This is the closest I can land, its about a half hour hike from here."

Dalton nods to the pilot "Alright." he then grabs his bags and looks around "I guess we go that way." he gestures towards the hills. "You'd think a vehicle would be here to pick us up at least." he grumbles at the end.

The girl sweats a touch from her lifting and removes her heavy jacket, stripping down to a white tanktop. She also wears a pair of black pants, but begins searching through her belongings for other attire she has brought along. "Half an hour, hm?" She begins taking stock of her inventory to decide what items to take and which to bury for security's sake during any excursions into the wasteland.

Vollo straps his ruck to his roustabout bag and shoulders it like a large camping backpack. He watches the others and keeps looking in the direction of the hills. He looks back at the pilot, "So what kind of bad folk run around out here?" He is casual in his asking.

"You wanted to set up your lodge, correct Dalton?" The girl keeps sorting her things but looks up to speak. "I am vonderink if we should set up a camp or explore the hills first. I can't carry all of my things on my own." She grimaces and pulls out a small collapsible spade, setting it aside for now.

"Frag if I know, might be some gypsies or raiders. I spend my time in the air," says the pilot. He climbs back into the chopper and he gives a wave saying, "See y'all when you radio in." With that the chopper flies off in the direction it came from.

Dalton looks around, frowning "I'd rather setup a small lodge someplace else than just out in the open, I'm not sure If my totem would approve of that actually. Here, I'll just help carry some of your stuff."

Simone pulls her coat over her face and squints in the dust from the chopper's takeoff. Coughing as the dust settles, she nods to Dalton and offers thanks for the help. She hefts a large backpack full of her survival gear and hands him the bulk of the climbing equipment in a duffel.

Dalton carries his things and one bag from Simone, waiting to see if Vollo is going to assist as well.

She tightens down her bag's shoulder straps and takes the last bag by hand. Encumbered, but ready.

Vollo looks at them both, "Maybe up near the hills, might be some rocky cover for setting up your house thing." He grins and takes out a cigarette to chew on. He looks to see if they need help carrying their stuff.

«Plot» Molly says, "Who is taking point?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) has the Knowledge Skill Navigation with the value '1'.

Thankfully hands Vollo her third bag and makes sure her hiking boots are tied tight.

Simone thankfully hands Vollo her third bag and makes sure her hiking boots are tied tight.

«Plot» Molly says, "I need Willpower checks vs 4 all."

Dalton starts trudging off in the direction the pilot pointed, trying to make some sense of landmarks so they don't get lost.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower vs TN 4:
2 2 2 3 3 4 4 11 = 3 Successes

The night one pulls a Cerberus and points it out toward the hills checking the range fingers and the smartlink, making certain there isn't any weirdness blocking the tech. He holsters it. He does the same with one of his Altas and then looks at the others, "We could move in a triangle."

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Willpower vs TN 4:
1 1 3 5 5 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Willpower vs TN 4:
1 1 1 1 3 7 = 1 Success
«Plot» Molly says, "OK carry on."
«Plot» Simone says, "I'd like to assense the area as we travel, and make a basic summoning attempt when we take a canteen break."

Vollo checks his NAVDAT and cross references it with the map. He follows Dalton after taking Simones extra bag in is left hand.

«Plot» Molly says, "Roll your assense dice."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence + Aura Reading for "scopin' the scene":
2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 9
«Plot» Simone says, "Trying to get a good feel for the place. IC knowledge of the inherent difficulties of magic in the desert"
«Plot» Molly says, "The mana here is shifting, the whole area just feels sort of angry. You get the feeling you're being watched but as far as you're able to see there are no spirits or creatures in your view."

"Sank you for helping vis my things." The girl huffs as the group tromps along toward the hills. "I guess I vas, huff, puff, partly expecting a vehicle to use. Maybe we could stop in a moment for water?"

«Plot» Molly says, "What force spirit are you going to try to conjure?"
«Plot» Simone says, "A force 4 watcher to scout ahead into the hills. I'll give it full directions after casting if that's okay?"

Vollo keeps trudging after Dalton but eventually stops after a bit and decides to put his helmet on. "Hey Dalton, water break." He loads the Cerberus with AV and APDS. The Predators get gels. He watches the others do their thing.

«Plot» Molly says, "Alrighty, your T# for conjuring it is 7."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Conjuring vs TN 7:
1 1 2 4 14 = 1 Success
«Plot» Molly says, "7L drain."

Dalton stops, pulling out a canteen and taking a drink after setting down his bags. He looks around, trying to get a feel for the area.

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Charisma vs TN 7:
2 3 8 11 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Molly says, "You're good to go, one watcher with a service."
«Plot» Molly says, "My mistake you have him for an hour."

Setting her pack down, the girl removes a canteen and drinks from it, pouring just a touch of it over her face. She spreads her hands wide and looks to the sky, still holding the canteen and whispers in German before looking out over the hills in the distance with a glazed look in her eyes.

Vollo fishes out his thermographic goggles and straps them to his head. He takes another gander at the hills with them on. "These are cool looking." he mutters to himself. He takes a small drink from his canteen and then tucks it away. After that he tries to figure out how to rig Simones bag to his stuff so both of his hands are free.

«Plot» Molly says, "Vollo, roll intelligence for me, T# 4."

A watcher spirit appears to those gifted enough to see, and darts across the wastes into the hills where Simone is angling her body.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4 for "percepto":
2 3 3 3 4 4 7 10 = 4 Successes
«Plot» Molly says, "You're good to go."

Dalton watches the spirit zip off into the distance, then looks around "We ready to move on?"

The view in Vollo' goggles is pretty stark, there's no sources of heat that's out of the norm. Ahead he can see the tatters of the camp, the tents flapping in the wind.

"There is a camp up ahead, looks abandoned." He pulls both of his pistols and looks around ready to move. "If we get attacked, just remember that I shoot…I shoot a lot." He tilts his head and takes a few more steps in the direction of the camp. "No heat signatures out of the ordinary."

«Plot» Simone says, "Directions for the watcher: I'll tell it to seek out the mine that we are searching for, either by showing it the map location or any photgraphs we recieved, and return with a report. If it sees any any metahumans /aside from us three/ then I want it to return to me and report, whether it has found the mine or not."

"So no heat signatures at all, or just none that seem to be dragons..?" Simone looks to Vollo with raised eyebrows.

Dalton shakes his head "We can't assume anything, lets just keep moving and take a closer look at this campsite."

The girl hefts her pack once again, having gotten her fill of water and splashed her face, as well as having sent her spirit companion on its errand. "Regardless," she still looks to Vollo for a response, "I'm ready to move."

Vollo laughs, "Nothing that stands out." He smiles at the woman. "Dragons are bad by the way."

The watcher receives its orders and through the astral if flies. It takes a few minutes for it to return as it says, "Nobody's home."

«Plot» Simone says, "I'll send the watcher to search the camp site up ahead for dangerous traps. And metahumans. It should report back to me when we are within 50 yards of the camp. That will give it time to wait for people."
«Plot» Molly says, "Will do."

With fresh orders the watcher again flitters off into the astral heading towards the camp.

«Plot» Molly says, "Alright so everyone is holding or advancing?"
«Plot» Simone says, "Advancing, as far as I know, but I'd like to make one more pose before a GM emit?"
«Plot» Vollo says, "Moving forward slowly"
«Plot» Molly says, "One more pose from all and I will scene set."

Dalton starts moving on as the watcher shenanigans are done, he keeps his perceptions in the astral realm, trying to be alert for anything out of the ordinary as the head towards the tents.

Simone looks to Vollo to explain this, since Dalton must already be aware of the watcher's existence, "I sent a 'friend' of mine to explore the mine," now looking to both men, "…it's apparently empty, but I have it searching the camp right now. It will report back when we get closer."

Vollo has both pistols out and is scanning the terrain. He also keeps his eyes to the sides and occasionally glances behind. He watches his companions to see what they are up to. "Oh, okay. That is helpful. Magic stuff is strange to me but you look like you know what you are doing."

Simone chuckles to herself momentarily, then responds to the night one' "Enh, I try. I try."

As requested when the group is within 50 meters of the camp the watcher returns and says, "No traps, no peoples, nobody's home." The Astral itself looms oppressive over all those who happen to be viewing it. Even the watcher seems to be a little nervous and out of sorts. The camp iteself in the mundane world is in tatters, things have been left alone and uncared for for a few days. Camp tents flap in the wind, trash is littered about strewn by animals. The mine itself looks like a gaping mouth looking to swallow the group whole.

Dalton shakes his head, looking around "Thats alot of people to be missing, I'm not sure we are going to get paid if the whole camp vanishes."

«Plot» Simone says, "I'd like to +roll Scrounging for any clues."
«Plot» Vollo says, "Me too"
«Plot» Molly says, "Alrighty :)"

Vollo starts looking around, initially for tire tracks leading away. Then he starts looking at the tents and living areas. He takes the safetys off on his guns.

As the camp draws ever nearer and Simone's watcher gives a clean bill of health (danger-wise), she stops near the other men and scans the abandoned 50-man work-site. "I'm going to take a look around. There don't seem to be any people or traps about…"

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Scrounging:
2 3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Scrounging:
2 2 3

Dalton sighs "Alright, well, I got my materials, I'm going to go inside the mine and start setting up, can I get an escort for it."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Metallurgy:
2 3 4 11
«Plot» Molly says, "Okay you see tracks from what could be dogs, the food is pretty much gone. There are clothes scattered around, it looks pretty much like they went off to mine and didn't come back."

Vollo nods to Dalton and looks at Simone, "Lets all stay together this is creepy. There was a comic book like this that had zombies in it. I don't like zombies. Met some in real life. No fun at all." he starts toward the mine mouth.

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Archaeology for "For the hell of it. Simone worked a short stint on an archaeological dig, so if anything stands out… maybe she'll spot some obscure oddity with the camp..? :/":
1 3

The brightly-maned German follows along to the mouth of the mine, reluctant to enter, but she peers in curiously once the group is close enough. "Zombies…" The implications of her simple comment are pretty vague. "I'll want to make some preparations before we set foot inside." She also takes a good look at the roof of the cavern mouth.

Dalton nods, moving closer to the mine and looking around "We should be cautious, I want to do a ritual trace on our missing miners first, see if it leads into the mine itself, for all we know, some nasty creature is at the bottom eating people."

«Plot» Simone says, "Before we enter, I will try to summon another spirit. I'll be at an even greater disadvantage once inside. There are still a few hours before nightfall I'm assuming?"

Shadowrun: Creep - Thursday, February 04, 2010, 9:40 PM

«Plot» Molly says, "When we last left our intrepid group of Shadowrunners they had reached the camp the miners had been using. The camp looks like its been abandoned for several days, scavengers (the four legged kind) have picked the camp clean of anything edible."
«Plot» Molly says, "I need perception checks please."
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Intelligence for "Perception":
1 2 3 3 4 4 4 5
«Plot» Simone says, "I'd like to assense, either instead or as well as normal perception."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence for "normal perception":
1 2 3 4 4 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence:
3 3 3 4 5 7
«Plot-Page» (To: Simone and Dalton) Molly says, "In the distance you hear a loud howling. It rumbles across the ground. The wind is picking up."

Dalton glances around, frowning slightly "Lets get inside the cave, that doesnt sound good, could be a sandstorm."

The fluttering of the cloth tents ripples in the air as the wind begins to blow loose dirt around the camp.

Simone turns away from the mine entrance and scans the horizon, searching for something…

Vollo stands just within the entrance to the mine and is looking down in the direction of the dark maw. He fingers his pistols nervously, wondering where all the people went.

You paged Simone with 'With comp dice you roll those second, for every 2 success it counts as 1 success.'.

Standing as close as he is to the opening of the mine, Vollo can hear a deep groan inside it. It sounds almost as if the Earth itself is hungry, the darkness within draws in the light draining it from the world of the surface.

You paged Simone with 'No I was telling you how it works. You can assense if you like.'.
You paged Simone with 'You roll Int first, then the dice for the skill.'.
«Plot» Molly says, "Go ahead and look astrally Simone."

Simone scans the desert, letting her arms hang loose at her sides. The dust of the desert hike has begun to turn her white tanktop a light brown, and her hair is matted with sweat.

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence for "desert scan":
1 4 5 5 5 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Aura Reading for "comp":
1 4 4 8 9

Dalton looks around, trying to get some idea of weather this disturbance is natural, or created by something else. He frowns at the sounds from the mine, but is loathe to try to remain outside.

«Plot» Simone says, "Looking for the source of the desert winds and rumbling…"

The night one adjusts his thermographic goggles and reaches to his belt turning on his flashlight to illuminate the darkness. He toggles through the infra red, ultra violet and then back to normal light. The flashlight is fastened to his belt on the right side with a clip to make it shine out horizontally. "Something up out there? Because theres a sound down there I don't like."

«Plot-Page» (To: Simone) Molly says, "The mana in the direction of the sound is darkened, the sense of rage washes over you. Hatred primeval, you feel it crush into your essence, its like the desert wants to blast the flesh from your bones."

The wind picks up, howling like death itself. Dust and grit flow through the night sky. The tents flaps begin to flutter loose, pulling at the poles that keep them in place. Trash flies away from the group, the signs of mankind's intrusion being blown away by the Mojave's breath.

Simone shudders and calls out to the others: "It's… It's like the desert itself knows we are here… And it's not pleased…" She sounds genuinely scared of the possibility that the desert's own malice could manifest in order to scour the group from the face of the earth. "I think I might know what happened to ze miners…"
«Plot» Molly says, "On that note, what you guys going to do? Stay in the sand storm or go into the mine?"

Simone shambles her ay into the mouth of the mine, out of the scattering debris kicked up by the winds.

Dalton looks around, shaking his head "Yea, well, if the desert ate them, we aint going to be able to prove it this way, lets get inside the cave, ride out the storm, and try the ritual, after that, we go home if we get nothing."

Vollo moves further into the mine, about fifty feet in. He takes off his goggles for a minute and pulls out his balaclava to cover his face. He then puts the goggles back on.

Commlink-Darkelf> Vollo says, "Going in to scout a bit, won't go far."
Commlink-Nightmare> Dalton says, "Alright, keep in comm range"
«Plot-Page» (To: Vollo) Molly says, "Going deeper into the mine it feels like the weight of the world is pressing against your soul. The groaning sounds deeper in the mine, a hungry low rumble. The air is still, dry and oppressive feeling like it is pressing itself into your lungs as opposed to just being drawn in by the act of breathing.
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) takes off his "City Camo Pattern, Ares HD-2 Helmet"<=Armor (#3365, Item 12).

Not having a comm headset, the girl calls out to the invisible Vollo. Invisible to /her/ senses anyway. "Don't go too far, Vollo!" Turning to Dalton, she says, "Well, I suppose you have contact." She silently retracts her comment and focuses on the sky while she still has some visibility.
«Game» Backup to offline storage commencing. Game may freeze for a bit…
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Conjuring vs TN 5 for "Force 2 Spirit of the Sky.":
3 3 4 4 11 = 1 Success
You paged Vollo with '=>name=stuffs'.
«Plot» Molly says, "One service Simone, now you need to roll drain."
«Plot-Page» (To: Molly) Vollo says, "Vollo moves in another twenty five feet, putting him seventy five feet from the others. He pulls his pistols and waits. He has been in a few mines and wonders if this is a trick of the wind having access from another direction. He stands perfectly still and waits."
«Plot» Molly says, "Vollo, roll willpower please."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Charisma vs TN 5 for "F2 Mist spirit Drain":
1 1 3 8 = 1 Success
«Plot-Page» (To: Molly) Vollo says, "+roll Will~"
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Willpower:
2 2 2 3 3 11
«Plot» Molly says, "Carry on :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Charisma - 1 vs TN 5 for "F2 Mist spirit Drain KP 1of6, need 1 success":
1 8 10 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Molly says, "No stun off the summons."
«Plot» Molly says, "Roll Body please Simone."
«Plot» Simone says, "No drain, Mist spirit will conceal the entrance. Hopefully from any malicious entities… I didn't want any drain mods heading in."
«Plot» Molly says, "I need a perception check from Dalton please."
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence:
1 3 3 11 11 13
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Body:
2 4 5
«Plot-Page» (To: Dalton) Molly says, "You don't lose sight of Vollo, but he moved 25' further in and he drew his pistols."
«Plot» Molly says, "Simone isn't blown away by the winds."

Dalton looks back and forth from Vollo to Simone, and then back to Vollo, he stays in the cave mouth, waiting for Simone to come in so they can get out of the winds, his hand is raised to cover some of his face.


With her arms held wide, Simone stands her ground at the cave mouth in the growing dust storm and draws a misty, ethereal spirit form to her. Her hair lashes about in the gale as she directs the being to conceal the entrance of the mine. As she finishes her work, she hustles to catch up with Dalton, squinting into the darkness…

«Plot» Molly says, "Now you all can hear the sound of the groans from deeper in the mines. Vollo is 75' away from the group."

Dalton nods to Simone, then pulls a flashlight out of a pack "Alright, lets get moving on down here." he grabs his bags and starts further into the cave, loath to leave his gear behind. He simply wants to get out of the wind.

«Plot-Page» (To: Molly) Vollo Vollo stays put at this distance and just listens trying to make out what the moaning might be. He moves over to the left side of the cave now rather than standing right in the middle.
Commlink-Darkelf> Vollo says, "Nothing here just the moan, go ahead and set up, I have this end covered."
Commlink-Nightmare> Dalton says, "Alright"
«Plot» Molly says, "Willpower checks please."
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower:
1 1 2 3 4 8 8 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Willpower:
1 1 2 2 2 3

The girl extracts her own headlamp from her bag and puts it on, the straps effectively restraining her previously wild fire-colored hair. To Dalton she asks, "You still have contact with Vollo, then? Good."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Willpower for "kp1/5":
1 1 2 7 8 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Willpower:
1 1 1 3 4

About ten feet from Vollo, a branch of the cave splits off from the main line. Apparently it looks interesting to Simone as she starts to wander in that direction.

Dalton reaches out to grab Simone "Hey, dont wander off. I need you for the ritual."

«Plot-Page» (To: Simone) Molly says, "You see Vollo and Dalton wandering down a side tunnel."
«Plot-Page» (To: Simone) Molly says, "Something grabbed you from behind!"

Simone is drawn… Nay, compelled, to explore the new branch of the cave, taking cautious footsteps and carefully examining her path. She /knows/ there is something worthwhile in this direction. She can feel it in her bones… She also knows that the others won't mind her little detour. It's for the greater good after all.

You paged Simone with 'You're confused :)'.
You paged Simone with 'You see Vollo and Dalton wandering off, someone or something just grabbed you from behind.'.

Vollo, positioned against the left side of the mine wall watches for movement. He is a bit surprised as Simone wanders past. He moves up beside her to walk next to her and see what has drawn her attention. He still has his pistols out and wonders what kind of magical things she may be seeing. "Something down this way?"

«Plot» Molly says, "Well there's an elevator shaft Vollo."

Dalton remains back by his gear, frowning "Hey, stay close, we can explore the cave if the ritual tells us they are down there, otherwise we stay up here."

Simone takes a few more step whose crunching sounds echo in the tunnel. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch… And of a sudden, she feels the grip of something unexpected. "SCHEISSE!!!!!" Her cry resounds in the mineshaft tunnels.

«Plot» Molly says, "Simone you're clear headed now. Dalton is behind you."

Dalton lets go of Simone after the yell "Lets do the ritual now, then we work on exploring the cave. Watch the area while I setup my lodge."

The girl curses furiously in German, leaping away and making to defend her self before she regains her composure. It was only Dalton. Whew! "I apologize. Let's…" She seems a littl shaken but no worse for wear. "Let's continue." She follows Dalton to his chosen lodge site and keeps watch with the circle of light from her headlamp.

Dalton opens one of his bags, pulling out various paints and markers, he begins drawing on the cave walls, preparing his lodge, this is going to take him a full day to get right.

Vollo does look around the corner to the side tunnel and shines his light down that way looking at the shaft. He attempts to discern whether the sound comes from that direction or further down the main tunnel.

«Plot» Molly says, "Perception check please Vollo."
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Intelligence for "percept":
1 2 2 4 4 5 5 14
«Plot» Simone says, "So, are we in a culdesac or just in the middle of a cavern hallway?"
«Plot» Molly says, "Right now you are in a long hallway, there is a short side tunnel between you and Vollo. How he missed it, its hard to say. He's now looking down the side tunnel that leads to a elevator shaft."

The girl sets her pack down, taking up a position against the wall near Dalton. She watches him with great interest as he sets up his lodge, asking questions about his materials and methods, yet maintaining an alert watchfulness.

«Plot-Page» (To: Vollo) Molly says, "Comes from down the main tunnel."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Stealth for "For Alertness!":
2 2 2 2

Dalton draws pictures on the wall, the colors are often bright and flashy, and, yes, it looks like a comic book scene as he continues to draw. He moves over to the opposite wall and draws another panel, its not the best artwork, really rather childish, but he is just doing his thing.

«Plot-Page» (To: Molly) Vollo says, "Vollo watches the shaft for a momonet and then decides to move back to the group. "Not much difference being down here as with them." He says aloud. He moves along the left wall of the passage back to the group."
Commlink-Darkelf> Vollo says, "Coming back, I can watch from close by ust as well as where I am. And well, I don't like that sound."

Dalton continues to draw his artwork on the walls, the floor, and using levitate, he even draws on the ceiling. Its a time consuming process and he stops every now and then to eat a bite or drink some water, but mainly he works on the lodge.

Simone keeps up her watch to some degree, but occupies herself with setting up her camp stove for making tea and boiling prepackaged rations while Dalton continues his work. She makes sure he has the energy necessary to complete the lodge while watching both ends of the cavern.

Soon Vollo is standing back with the group, still watching down into the darkness. He does take some time setting up a place to sit against the wall. But after a while he just sinks into waiting occasionally watching the shamans doing their thing.

«Plot» Molly says, "The storm ends in the night."
«Plot» Molly says, "Alright you guys can roll your ritual."

When the storm abates Vollo will move to the other side of the ritual site and watch out into the desert with his thermal goggles. He eats a ration bar and takes in a little water.

Dalton finishes his work, and switches to his astral perceptions, seeing the aura of the lodge at work, he nods "Alright, so, whos spotting and whos doing the ritual? The spotter is going to get in the dangerous parts."

«Plot» Vollo says, "Vollo will be about ten feet back from the mine mouth"
«Plot» Vollo says, "All of my armor is thermal damped at threes and fours"
«Plot» Molly nods.

Dalton looks around, then to Simone "Alright, you take the lead of the ritual, I'll act as the spotter." he turns to Vollo "You guard my body, I have to leave it for a while." He turns back to Simone "Sound like a plan?"

Simone nods, recalling all of the study she made in her courses at New Urfurt University. "Sounds fine to me, Dalton. Be careful."

Vollo stands from where he's been sitting and draws both guns, moving to the opposite wall of the mine so that he has clear view of both outside and down the tunnel. "No problem. Consider yourself guarded."

Dalton nods and reaches into a pack pulling out the ritual samples, he takes the three to Simone "Alright, pick one sample, and start the ritual, I'll be present astrally until we get a track, then I'm off." He moves over near the cave wall, still inside the lodge barrier, and lays down, then projects astrally.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) has the Active Skill Sorcery with the value '6'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) has the Active Skill Sorcery with the value '5'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls 11 vs TN 10 for "Ritualisimo!":
1 1 2 4 4 4 5 5 5 11 11 = 2 Successes

Dalton waits astrally beside his body as Simone takes charge of the spell. His astral form is covered in a black cloak, that constantly seems to flutter in the wind, in fact, his whole form is pretty much concealed by the heavy astral cloak covering him, there is no sign of a face, just a hood. He waits paitently for Simone, using his energies to compliment hers.

Simone takes the samples and sifts through them, seeking the one that 'feels' most likely to provide results. Her intuition often guides her in situations of choice. As Dalton finds his position to act as spotter, she begins to make her way through a simple dance in the center of the lodge circle, channeling the black shaman's energies, intertwining them with hers, and sending them through the sample.

Staying patient and vigilant during the ritual, Vollo watches the two at work. He switches back and forth from his perspective of looking both out into the desert and into the mine. The question of where the people might have gone nags at him. But perhaps the shamans will be successful.

«Plot-Page» (To: Dalton) Molly says, "You get a faint, weak link to the miner who's sample you've used. It draws you further into the mine down the main tunnel."

Dalton displays his material form to those gathered, the cloaked and hooded figure in black "I see the link, I will follow it and return when I know something. It goes into the mine, be careful while I'm gone." and with that, he starts zipping along the faint line of energy, following its trail.

Simone's shamanic dance seems to be one part natural movements of her body, like exaggerations of her own mannerisms, one part smooth tai chi forms, and one part traditional dancing, like anyone might be found to do on a dance floor. Her hair sways, as do her hips, and her arms trace graceful paths through the air.
«Plot-Page» (To: Dalton) Molly says, "The mine is energized, the angry mana swells around you. You feel it tugging on your astral body as you fly through it. The rage chipping away at the edges of your mind, trying to find a way in. The astral trail leads you four hundred feet into the mine shaft, you see the dark shapes of rocks piled up and a flickering aura deep inside. As you draw close you see that one light fade out and the wave of death washes over you."

Vollo has a hard time focusing on watching anything as Simone starts to dance. He takes a deep breath and attempts to stay professional. Being a dancer himself he does appreciate her ability. He finds his foot tapping in time with the pattern of the dance.

«Plot-Page» (To: Molly) Dalton slows and stops, looking at the auras wairily, he looks around, trying to figure out if this is just a cave in or something else.
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence (to Molly) for "Assenssing the auras still alive":
2 3 4 4 4 5
«Plot-Page» (To: Dalton) Molly says, "You see no auras of any spirits or living in the area. The whole area reeks of recent death. Cave in, very nasty."

Dalton returns to his body quickly, stretching as his form returns to his body and he climbs to a standing position, he waves a hand at Simone "There was a cave in, they are all dead. Most likely its the entire camp, about four hundred meters further in the main cave."

The dance raises a light cloud of dust from the cavern floor, but Simone takes no notice. Her eyes are closed for the duration of her dance. The dust from her footwork has a fog-like effect in the meager lighting, sometimes shading her and sometimes acting as a backdrop for her swaying and twirling. At Dalton's revival she slowly comes to a halt, taking in his observations and nodding. She lets out a small series of dust coughs now that she is more grounded in reality after the ritual.
«Plot» Molly says, "Perception check please."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 4 5 9

Vollo rolls his shoulders loosening up some. He listens and then shifts his gaze back into the mine. "What had them all back there? There was a bit of dust that fell from the ceiling when I was down that way, perhaps the mine is unstable? I would really like to take a look at them though. Some kind of confirmation…did you actually 'see' them?" He asks Dalton.

Dalton nods "One of them was still alive, but as soon as I got there, he gave up and passed on. The whole cave reeks of, well, violence. Its like the cave wants us all to die."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 4 4 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Intelligence for "Percept":
2 3 3 3 3 5 7 11

Curious as to answer to Vollo's question, the German raises one of her own. "Vhat I vant to know is, vhat drove zem all into ze mine in ze first place?" Simone bites her lower lip in concern and concentration.

The groaning gets louder, moving from further in the cave. It begins rushing towards the group, the cracking of wooden timbers sounds like shattering bones. The groan becomes a roar, a deep rumbling as it starts to roll in their direction. Dust begins to rain down on the runners, chips of stone bouncing off the floor. The mountain trying to swallow the remaining living creatures just inside the mouth that was cut so cruelly in its face.

«Plot» Molly says, "Cave in! What do you do?!?"

Dalton grabs his bag and runs "GET OUT!" he shouts, sprinting towards the exit as fast as his body can carry him.

Vollo glances first out into the desert and then back into the cave. "This place gives me the shivies. So what do you all think? Where…what the hell…Okay damnit run I think!" He moves to grab the shamans and get them moving.

Simone rushes from the lodge boundaries toward the exit as well, keeping an eye out for structurally sound hidey holes, but mostly running like hell.

«Plot» Molly says, "Simone, quickness check please."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Quickness:
5 5 7 16
«Plot» Simone says, "Can I possibly have grabbed my pack on the way out?"
«Plot» Molly says, "A crack opens right in front of your foot, you narrowly avoid it."
«Plot» Molly says, "Reaction test T# 5 to grab the bag."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Reaction vs TN 5 for "grab yo shit, girl!":
1 2 3 5 9 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Molly says, "Everyone that wants to grab their bag same test."
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Reaction vs TN 5 for "Getting the ruck!":
1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Reaction vs TN 5:
1 2 3 3 5 = 1 Success

The rumbling of rocks continues driving on towards the group, the oppressive atmosphere of the mine looms around them like the hot breath of hell itself. The sunlight seems to be drawing further away, the mine trying to draw them in. Their speed however saves them as they reach the fresh air the mine totally collapses a great gout of dust blowing around the runners.

As the cave collapses with massive force behind the group, Simone makes a ninja grab, hoisting her pack to her shoulders in the midst of a full sprint, and leaping over a crack which splits through the ground before her feet. She was never a very active child, but it seems that her tai chi lessons are definitely paying off.

Dalton runs like he was sprinting away from an entire gang of trogs on combat drugs, he sprints carrying his bag of food and water, because what good is it surviving a cave in to die of thirst and hunger, somehow, he makes it outside to the daylight, just before the collapse of the cave.

Vollo grabs his ruck as it looks like the shamans weren't surprised. He sprints quickly, dodging debris and then as soon as he is outside he cuts to the left hoping not to get swept up in the outflow.

«Plot» Molly says, "Who has the radio to call the chopper?"
«Plot» Molly says, "Intelligence check please Vollo."

Once free of the collapsing mine tunnel, Simone collapses herself, and digs through her equipment for a breather mask. She can't stop coughing from the dust while she places it on her face, but the attack soon fades. She clutches her heart as she recovers from the exertion and fright.5r
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Intelligence for "Check":
2 2 3 4 4 4 5 11
«Plot» Molly says, "Okay Vollo you can call the pilot."
«Plot-Page» (To: Vollo) Molly says, "Don't pose its arrival just the call."

Dalton gasps for air, reaching into his bag for a canteen of water and taking a drink, he puts the lid back on the canteen after a hefty gulp, then looks back at the cave, shaking his head "No ones stupid enough to dig a hole that deep and not reinforce it….the mountain itself tried to kill us. The land is against us here."

Vollo puts his hands on his knees and catches his breath, the dust curbed somewhat by the balaclava over his mouth. When the dust starts to settle he looks at the others. "I am calling it if there are no objections. This is a wash if they are all dead and this place is tripping me out quite a bit." He fishes for the radio in his pack and puts it up to his head waiting for nods to proceed.

"It seems so, Dalton. I used to think the desert was beautiful… But now I think I'll settle for watching specials on the trid." Simone nods to Vollo about calling for the chopper and lets herself cool down with a little bit of stretching.

Announcement: Vulcan shouts "I would like to take a moment and say: OMG. Java client; sooooo awesome. I can check my Denver, get my fix, from anywhere theres a computer, no client needed! ZOMG! Thanks Wyld.


Dalton nods "Call the chopper, lets get out of here." he shoulders his bag "Lets get walking, no need to stay here."

Vollo places the call, "Hey this is two geeks and a freak, time for pullout. I would suggest asap."

«Plot» Simone says, "For the record: Conjuring Storm Spirit"
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Conjuring vs TN 6 for "force 3":
1 1 3 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Conjuring vs TN 6 for "force 3 KP 3/6":
1 1 2 2 5 = 0 Successes

The German girl attempts to summon a spirit out of the wastes while the call goes through, but it seems to her that the malicious activity of the desert itself has temporarily driven the local specters away for the time being.

The runners make it to the pickup point and wait. They see in the distance the chopper arriving as the pilot announced. Its been several hours and the Mojave seems to have decided to allow the runners their freedom. The storm failed to consume them, the mountain couldn't devour them. The chopper crests the mountain and then a thick gout of black smoke begins to plume from its engine as it begins to fall towards the earth. The Mojave hasn't given up, it was just building up its power.

«Plot» Molly says, "And we'll pause here :)"

Shadowrun: Creep - Friday, February 26, 2010, 6:18 PM

The blackhawk is well and firmly down. The crash can be seen in the distance, blades fly off the machine. The pilot didn't have time to eject, or maybe the doors were now allowed to open. Either way, the Mojave has a fresh soul to add to its collection. The glare of the sun beats down on the runners like an angry eye tracking their every move.

Dalton shakes his head, watching the spectacle "Well, shall we scavenge for a radio that will reach out of this place? Or do we hoof it to the nearest sign of civilization? I can move us pretty fast."

Vollo sighs and looks at the smoke plume, "Should we check for survivors?" He squints off in that direction, then looks at the others. "Radio might be a good bet."

"We've got to get to ze choppah!" She looks frantic, sweat running down her face. Miserably, she adds, "Oh, vhat am I saying… Zere's no way our pilot could have survived~!" This last part almost becomes a howl, having realized she cannot use many options in this godforsaken desrt.

Dalton reaches into a pocket for a pocsec, and checks a general map he had downloaded for this mission, trying to find where the nearest signs of civilization will be, and how far it is.

«Plot» Molly says, "Roll intelligence please Dalton."
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence for "Hrm, how far we gonna have to walk":
1 4 4 4 5 16
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Navigation for "Comp Dice":
«Plot» Molly says, "That wasn't for navigation."
«Plot» Molly says, "Now you can roll for navigation stuff :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Navigation for "Hrm, maps":
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Navigation for "Hrm, maps KP:1":

The poc-sec boots up, the screen flickering the screen shows the direction of the nearest town being towards the west. However, by Dalton's estimation the poc-sec is pointing the wrong way.

tab Vollo looks around them and stares back in the direction of the collapsed mine to make sure no one or thing is following them. He pulls his pistols and looks at them, then re holsters them quickly.
«Plot» Molly says, "Perception checks all, its auditory."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence:
4 4 5 5 7 15

Dalton sighs and puts away his pocsec "Somethings wrong here, what we need to do is do an astral scan, can someone guard my body? I'll check the crash for signs of life and then see if I cant find us someplace with vehicles."

«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Intelligence for "Listening":
2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence for "Hear what?":
1 2 3 4 5 5
«Plot-Page» (To: Simone) Molly says, "You hear a distant groan, from the cave and then a loud rumble."

"I'll guard you." Vollo nods and steps closer to Dalton. "I can't see magic stuff though so best I can do is just my regular eyes."

Simone turns back to the cave entrance, her jaw dropping as she detects some distant, hidden sound. "We've got to run." She starts loping -away- from the cave, still looking back toward it and the other runners to some degree. "Run..! RUN!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Conjuring vs TN 8 for "Summoning F5 Sky Spirit":
1 1 1 2 2 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Conjuring vs TN 8 for "Summoning F5 Sky Spirit KP:2":
1 2 2 4 10 13 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Charisma vs TN 8 for "Resist 8L drain":
2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 9 11 = 2 Successes

Dalton turns, looking at the cave then his head looks up to the sky, a dark cloak and hood cover his features for an instant, and then he turns to start moving away fast. A spirit of the sky swooping down to join him as he begins to run.

Vollo looks at Simone and begins running, he doesn't question the woman's warning. There is something about the desert that just seems unnatural. He holds up just a second for Dalton, having promised to guard his body. He glances back once and hopes he doesn't turn into a pillar of salt. Then he gets his legs in gear.

«Plot» Molly says, "Perceptions, visual this time."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence for "Looky-looky…":
1 1 2 3 4 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Intelligence for "Looking":
1 1 1 1 2 4 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 4 4 9 23
«Plot» Molly says, "You guys are ON it."

In the distance the runners look towards the cave, six large plumes of sand can be seen racing towards them. The dirt and grit fly high into the air in what looks like the wake of six torpedoes under the ground race straight at them.

As he spots that, whatever the heck that is, he shouts, "Hard ground, we need to find hard ground." His legs pump furiously and his hands go to loosen the blades in their scabbards. He lags back a little lettting the mages get ahead.

As Vollo spots that, whatever the heck that is, he shouts, "Hard ground, we need to find hard ground." His legs pump furiously and his hands go to loosen the blades in their scabbards. He lags back a little lettting the mages get ahead.

Dalton shakes his head "Spirit, enhance movement on my friends and me!" And then the dark shadow covers his form again, as he casts a spell, a F1 Levitate

«Plot» Molly says, "Edit log here, Vollo' first pose."
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 7 vs TN 7 for "F1 Levitate Spell.":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 11 17 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower vs TN 6 for "Resist M drain":
2 3 4 4 5 5 10 10 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower - 2 vs TN 6 for "Resist M drain KP:3":
2 2 4 4 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Dalton starts flying, and takes a L stun

Dalton says, "Fly!"

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Sorcery + 2 (totem) + Sorcery Pool: 4 vs TN 7 for "levi 1…":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Sorcery + 2 (totem) + Sorcery Pool: 4 vs TN 7 for "levi 1… KP1":
1 1 2 2 2 2 4 5 5 8 9 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 7 vs TN 10 for "Base TN 4, +3 Damn Place, +1 wound, +2 Sustained Spell":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 5 8 11 13 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower vs TN 7 for "Resisting 3M Drain, +3 For Place, +1 for Wound":
1 2 4 4 5 5 5 14 = 1 Success
«Plot» Dalton takes M stun, at M+1 Box
«Plot» Molly says, "And Vollo gets the Peter Pan treatment."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 1 vs TN 6 for "M wound…":
1 4 5 5 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 1 vs TN 6 for "M wound… KP 2/9":
2 2 2 2 4 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 1 vs TN 6 for "M wound… KP 4/9":
1 1 2 3 3 9 = 1 Success

Dalton lifts off the ground, focusing quickly on Vollo, the dark cloak and hood covers his features again, and then Vollo takes off the ground too, lifting into the air at the direction of Daltons whim.

«Plot» Simone takes to the skies with a Light wound.

Under the floating runners the sand becomes a frenzy of action. The torpedoes circle around where they were standing in large rings. The sand plumes up just touching the runner's feet.

«Plot» Molly says, "Vollo make a willpower check please."

Vollo feels his feet come up off the ground and it feels unnerving at first, but he's not complaining. Anything other that getting sucked under the sand sounds like a holiday. He pulls both of his pistols and hopes the things don't have long snake-like bodies that can reach them.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Willpower:
1 2 3 4 4 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Willpower for "kp1":
1 1 2 3 5 10
«Plot» Molly says, "Vollo your canteen has come loose, it starts to fall but you manage to catch it."
«Plot» Molly says, "Simone, make a vision based perception check."

The Night One feels his canteen strap break and he is just barely able to snap his thighs shut to catch it in time. "Water is life." He whispers to himself.

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence for "I'll leave this percep with you guys and run to just start the pot. brb":
1 1 3 3 4 4

It must be a sign from on high. A flock of crows are flying in the direction of the flying runners. The black birds seem to be following a guiding hand as they were moving in a straight line then one by one the started banking in their direction.

Simone's stuttering run with pack and all comes to a sliding halt as she focuses on the sky. Her eyes turn slightly black, with an inky, liquid appearance and she starts to rise…
«Plot-Page» (To: Simone) Molly says, "OK"
«Plot» Simone says, "Could my last pose be placed a little higher? Like… BEFORE the sand monsters made their sand plumes under our feet? ;)"
«Plot» Molly says, "Edit log here, move Simone's pose above the graboids."
«Plot» Molly says, "Dalton, Vollo I need a visual perception check."
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Intelligence for "Vis":
1 2 2 3 3 4 10 15
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence for "What do I see? Ohh, +4 Since I'm sustaining all these spells":
1 2 4 4 5 11
«Plot-Page» (To: Dalton and Vollo) Molly says, "Simone's hair is starting to stand up as if filled with static. As you look at each other you see that is happening to you two both."

Now it is apparent to the group that the ravens are starting to circle. There's a good twenty in this murder, their cawing sounds resound around the runners sounding like a series of ragged laughs.

Dalton calls out "Shoot the birds!" he realizes they are about to get zapped by lighting, and whispers to the sky spirit "Guard us!" using the last of its services, it will continue to keep then guarded and movement increased till sundown.

Vollo looks around wildly figuring at first that the birds were there to help them. "Shoot the birds? I can shoot the birds, you sure?" He locks his ankles tight to keep the canteen from slipping. He raises both pistols and squints trying to judge the distance.

Dalton continues flying along as fast as he can, pulling Vollo right behind him "Yes, kill the damn birds!" he struggles to maintain concentration on the two spells

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Sorcery + 2 (expendable Manip focus) + 2 (totem) + Sorcery Pool: 5 vs TN 11 for "for TN 6. +2 for sust levitate, +3 for desert BGCount?":
1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 8 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 4 for "First shot right hand":
1 1 2 2 3 4 4 15 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 4 for "First shot left hand":
3 3 4 4 5 5 8 13 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 4 for "Second shot right hand":
1 1 2 3 4 5 9 11 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 4 for "Second shot left hand":
1 2 3 4 4 5 5 8 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Sorcery + 2 (expendable Manip focus) + 2 (totem) + Sorcery Pool: 5 vs TN 11 for "for TN 6. +2 for sust levitate, +3 for desert BGCount? KP 5/9":
1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 8 9 9 11 = 1 Success
«Plot» Simone says, "Stand on 2 succs from spell shield, raising enemy TNs +1 to cast against me."

Vollo spits mad game at the birds in a very rapid manner. Feathers are flying and he hopes that it is enough to deter whatever is about to happen. He looks to see how many are left and readies for more firing.

«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) uses 4 of item 1: APDS rounds for Heavy Pistol from Box Of Ammo (#4420).

Dalton struggles to maintain all the magic he is holding, flying along and keeping Vollo steady so he can shoot the birds. Dalton tries to keep scanning the area for more threats and trouble. He is flying in the direction he hopes the nearest signs of civilization can be found.

Initially drawn to the flocking black birds, the cries of her flying teammates make Simone realize the potential dangers involved here. The Mojave is NOT a safe place. You can hardly even trust your own totem here… With a change of heart, the girl focuses inward to reinforce her magical protection while rolling in the air to keep a full view of the action both below and now above.

At the thundering roar of the guns, the crows seem to come out of the Mojave's influence and scatter sans the ones that Vollo quickly dispatched. Dalton is moving along, in the distance he sees a long silver thread across the desert.

Dalton starts flying in that direction "I think we got a road up ahead, I'm going to keep us airborne until we reach it." he is getting better at holding spells, because he lacks any foci to do it for him.

Vollo watches the dead birds falling and sighs in satisfaction as the flock breaks off. His eyes stray down to the sands in an attempt to see if the sand creatures are still following. He looks nervous and tries to get a feel for this floating thing. He has no choice but to trust his team mates.

«Plot» Molly says, "Okay now that you have gotten closer to the road, percption checks please."
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence for "On the road again":
1 2 2 3 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 3 4 5 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Intelligence for "Percept":
2 3 3 4 5 5 10 11

Despite their distance, the team can see a snake of tan vehicles rolling along the street heading in the direction they had come from when they first flew out in the chopper.

Dalton continues to fly towards the vehicles, hoping he can catch some before they get too far away. "Looks like we found transport, I hope."

Vollo watches the vehicles carefully. He puts his pistols away for now and reaches down to grab the canteen while he has a minute. He ties it off to his belt with the broken strap and makes certain that it is secure. "Okay folks wonder who these people are?"

Simone keeps an eye on the birds, both fleeing and fallen, knowing that they meant no harm, but understanding the foul, perverting nature of the desert itself now, finally. She follows her group toward the caravan.

The caravan is six old style troop transports, rumbling along the road. They begin to slow down and eventually stop. A few men climb out of the backs of the vehicles with assault rifles at their hands. The weapons are lowered at the moment as they peer at the flying trio in goggles.

Dalton flies over near the people, holding his hands up in a sign of surrender, he levitates Vollo behind him, and hopes Simone follows "Hey, can we get a ride out of here?" he hollars at the men.

«Plot» Simone says, "Makes a formal request: Please remind me to discard my expendable focus when I have time."
«Plot» Molly says, "OK."

Vollo nods and crosses his arms and legs, trying to look not all that dangerous. "I can negotiate if we need to Dalton." The Night One whispers.

Laughing one of the men motions to the fourth truck in the line and he says, "We got room, but whatcha got to trade?" The other men laugh at that watching the trio as they float in the air.

Dalton watches the men and nods "Do you have any wounded? I can heal them if you wish. Or, when we reach civilization, we can arrange payment."

Simone keeps a safe distance, lowering herself to the ground before approaching with hands held up above her head.

"I have eighty-one rounds of APDS left, I'm sure you boys could use the ammo." Vollo calls out.

"I too can heal. But if you keep heading in this direction you'll need more than we can offer." Simone hopes that her advice will help serve as incentive for -everyone- to get out of the area, with her on a military truck preferably.

At the healing suggestion the man says, "Yeah we got wounded." He looks to Vollo and he shakes his head, "Save your ammo chummer, we're still in the Mojave you might just well need it." He indicates the truck again saying, "Saddle up, we'll roll on outta here. My name's Jake."

Dalton nods his head "I'm Dalton, show me to the wounded." and finally he lowers himself to the ground, along with Vollo, dropping the spell, he whispers quietly to his spirit "You are free, thank you for your protection and haste."

Simone inelegantly lumbers to the indicated truck and removes her burdensome pack. She throws it in the back, makes a heartfelt greeting with Jake and takes a great chug of water to replenish and rinse the grit from her lips. Continuing her conversation with Jake, she asks questions about their destination.

Vollo stomps on the ground once feeling the solidity and smiles. He looks over at Dalton, "I owe you." He moves to the fourth truck, glancing at Jake and nodding his thanks. He keeps the balaclava and shades on hoping to conceal his Night One features for now.

Climbing into the truck with the team Jake says, "Oh we're running to Denver, got to cross over into the CAS before nightfall." The team are inside the truck, a few men in there have bandages around their limbs and heads. The trucks are stacked with wooden crates situated in such a way to serve as wooden benches.

Dalton makes his way into the fourth truck after the others, sighing at the relief of not having to maintain the spells, he still has a headache from all that casting, and after he climbs in, he tries to relax and rest as best he can for now, hoping to get a short nap before he has to heal anyone.

«Plot» Molly says, "OK going to let an IC hour to pass."
«Auto-Judge[]» Molly (#4181) rolls 1:
«Watcher» The following admins are presently watching your location: Yelmalio
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "How long to rest off first box of stun":
1 2 2 3 5 5 5 5 = 7 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "Second box of Stun?":
1 1 2 4 5 7 9 9 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "Third Box of Stun":
1 1 3 3 4 5 8 8 = 6 Successes

In the meantime, Simone takes to healing the lesser wounds of the soldiers in trauma bandages until Dalton can step in for the greater casting.
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "Last Box of Stun":
1 1 3 3 4 4 5 5 = 6 Successes

Vollo, almost like a soldier, gets in the fourth truck and closes his eyes for a cat nap. He has that lucky ability to rest in all sorts of situations.

Dalton rides along in a half doze, trying to rest off his headache from the spellcasting. He meditates for some of the time, the calming effect relaxing his body and allowing it to rejuvinate himself

The bumpy ride and the repetitive casting drain Simone's energy as the others regain their strength, but the exchange is well worth it for the secure travel.
«Plot» Molly says, "I need soaks, impact applies."
«Plot» Molly says, "6M damage."
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Body vs TN 6:
1 10 13 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Molly (#4181) rolls 5 vs TN 3 for "Jake":
1 2 4 4 5 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Molly (#4181) rolls 5 vs TN 3 for "Others":
1 1 1 11 20 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) has the Armor Rating Impact with the value '0 (3)'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 8 vs TN 3 for "Resting 3M damage":
1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 9 11 = 9 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) has the Armor Rating Impact with the value '0 (7)'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Body vs TN 2 for "vs":
1 1 4 7 8 10 = 4 Successes

Ahead of the truck the team can hear the sound of heavy machinegun fire. A roar of anger and pain can be heard thundering through the cloth that protects the team from wind and sun. The next thing that is heard is a LOUD crash the truck rocks on its wheels and teeters on the edge of its right side. It takes a second then a second impact, not as loud as the first and the truck goes over, crates falling everywhere, rifles, grenades and ammo scatter inside the truck as its knocked on the side.

Dalton wakes up at the sound of the machinegun fire, then shouts out in panic as the truck starts to turn over, he grabs behind him, gripping one of the bars holding up the canvas top of the truck, it keeps him from getting pummeled by crates and supplies, as the truck finishes moving, he quickly jumps outside to see whats going on.

«Auto-Judge[]» Molly (#4181) rolls 1 for "+4 I'll beat you WITH Charles!":
«Plot» Molly says, "Inits :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Initiative with a result of 8.

Vollo rolls with the equipment and tries to keep from being buried in it. He moves to the back of the truck as well but doesn't go to far from the cover.

With her hands over a wounded soldier's broken arm, the petite German girl is thrown about in the crash, taking a tumbling crate to the chest as she is hurled from side to side. She manages to brace herself between the cab of the truck and a fairly stationary crate, and survives the impact with merely having the wind knocked out of her.
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Initiative with a result of 26.
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Initiative with a result of 7.

There's another round of autofire followed by the angry roar. As Dalton looks outside, followed by Vollo they can see the rock that hit the hard place. It's a Juggernaut and it doesn't look happy that is taking machinegun fire. It thrashes its head around glaring. Jake begins to crawling out of the back of the truck he says, "Holy drek!"

Commlink-Darkelf> Vollo says, "Stay in cover Dalton that was heavy machine gun fire."
«Plot» Molly says, "Vollo you're first :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Parazoology:

Vollo draws his pair of pistols and swings out wide and to the side to get a clear shot. He is hoping that his APDS do the trick. He fires on the move, four times in rapid succession.

«Plot» Molly says, "Roll away Vollo, T# 2 with your SL only because it can't be lower for shooting the broad side of that barn."
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 3 for "Right hand first shot":
1 2 2 3 4 5 8 10 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 3 for "Left hand first shot":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 9 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 3 for "Left hand second shot":
1 2 3 3 3 5 5 7 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 3 for "Right hand second shot":
1 2 3 4 4 4 5 11 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Molly (#4181) rolls 15 vs TN 5 for "First shot Staging down a D wound.":
1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 7 8 9 = 6 Successes
«Plot» Molly says, "Moderate wound."
«Auto-Judge[]» Molly (#4181) rolls 15 vs TN 5 for "Second shot Staging down a S wound.":
1 1 1 2 3 4 4 5 7 10 11 11 11 13 16 = 8 Successes
«Plot» Molly says, "No damage."
«Auto-Judge[]» Molly (#4181) rolls 15 vs TN 5 for "Third shot Staging down a D+1 wound.":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 5 7 10 11 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Molly (#4181) rolls 15 vs TN 5 for "Fourth shot Staging down a D+1 wound.":
1 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 7 7 8 11 11 = 7 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Vollo (#6013) uses 4 of item 1: APDS rounds for Heavy Pistol from Box Of Ammo (#4420).
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) uses 1 of item 4: Expendable Focus R2 (Manipulation) from Bird Skull Necklace (#7903).

Vollo squeezes off his shots in rapid succession and keeps moving as he watches the bullets impact creating bright red flowers in the creatures side. He approaches ready to finish the thing if it moves any more. His hands are shaking slightly from the adrenaline and the wired reflexes.

Dalton climbs out of the back of the truck, ready to use magic against the creature, but he watches as the cybered elf perforates the creature quickly. He shakes his head, then smiles "Nice shooting."

Simone darts from the truck during the gunfire to witness the juggernaut's assault. She contemplates simply calming the creature, though she's never had the chance to attempt her innate animal handling skills on such a… beast before. However, Vollo's rapid-fire barrage of anti-vehicular rounds lays the giant behemoth out with a massive WHUMP and a cloud of desert dust before she can even take action. She assists with rearranging supplies once the all-clear is given and takes a seat to continue the journey home to the north-northeast.

Vollo looks at Dalton, "Thank you. That is one big ugly critter." He looks around and makes sure there aren't any more. Then he holsters the pistols and polices up his brass. He glances at Simone finding another truck and heads in that direction to continue the ride.

Dalton gathers his things, moving to another truck after helping people load supplies, he climbs in and finds a spot to ride until the next thing the desert throws at them knocks him around.


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