Nina and Miko: God for Hire

GM: Nina
Players: Miko
Nina's lvl 3 fixer contact (Mafia made man - Tony Marchino) needs a store owner leaned on that hasn't been paying his monthly protection for several months. They've been busy strong arming people that are behind but this guy finally hit 50K owed and it's time to teach him a lesson.
Tony has Nina hire someone to deal with this Electronics Store owner's backlog of pay. Nina hires Miko.
Security Cameras (bypassed by god Auction item), wall climbing (bypassed by god Adept power), target in dark room on other side of building (bypassed by god Adept power), tough beligerant Dwarf (bypassed by god Adept power).. Mission completed.

Date: 12/31/2075

-------> Monica's PrP <------
Monica's Plot Log has now started.
This PrP Involves: Miko (player) / Nina (GM)
-----> Tue Dec 29 05:34:09 2075 <----——

** GM Monica **
This plot may cause a rash, testecular itching, near-sightedness, maiming or even death. Do the players in this plot aggree to these possibilities and also the posting of this RP log on Wiki?

«Plot» Monica says, "I consent"
«Plot» Miko says, "ditto"

** GM Monica **
A couple days later after they last worked together….

----> Text Message to Irae from Muse (#6503) <---

M.. Muse here. Boss has more work if you have the time. Meet at McGinty's pub?

----> Text Message to Muse from Irae (#4425) <---

Sure sure

Miko heads out to the pub smoking again, her yakuza look fairly similar to last time though her shirt and tie are a different color now.

------> Monica Arrives <-------
From down the street the rumble and guttural growl of a distinct Triumph RK30 motorcycle can be heard warning any obstructions that may find itself in its path that power and complete destruction awaits it if it remains in the way. Like hearing the roar of a lion, it tends to set the hair on the back of the neck standing up by an instinctual reaction buried deep within the DNA chain of mankind.

The bright white-blue LED light of the motorcycle comes into view first, day or night it's brilliants cuts through the air like a keen knifes edge to make the way before it clear to view, though offering on occasion a bright glare to oncoming traffic that can make them squint.

The bike comes into view as it nears:

Upon the black horse of destruction a human woman with long raven black hair whipping in the wind is seen straddled upon it and leaning forward as she grips the bars with fingerless gloves over pale hands.


Dark tinted glasses cover and protect her eyes from bugs and rocks of the roadways and around her head a black handkerchief is tied snuggly as a do-rag to keep her hair from ratting too much in the wind. She wears a heavy black leather jacket (likely armored) and ratty blue jeans. She appears to be topless for various tattoos across her stomach/hips and chest can be seen. The jacket falls heavy on her though and as if my design or magic it keeps itself from falling back away from her and exposing her fully to view in public. Black leather motorcycle boots protect her feet with silver tips on the toes and silver edging set into her heals.

As she nears she downshifts the large bike and it screams from its loud pipes with each shift as she decelerates and brings the bike to a stop nearby. She turns the bars to the left and kicks out the stand on the left side before leaning the bike to the left to rest its weight up on the stand.

Swinging her right leg off the bike over the back fender she stands tall and proud as her glasses covered eyes take in more details of her location while she reaches up and pulls the rag from her head and stuff it in her jacket pocket, pulls the keys from the bike with a "chirp chirp" of the security system and pockets the keys into her tight blue jeans in the front right pocket.

Somewhere nearby: A large van with fat wheels and tinted windows drives slowly past playing a song from it's ULTRA Stereo at an insane loud volume:

** GM Monica **
IC Time: 6:40 pm

Miko quirks a brow at her and chuckles softly "I swear I come here dressed all low key and you just make me look like a normal Office jockey." messing with her a little. Mikos car is still in the shop. She has the van from the A-team. She is just as unsubtle as nina.

Monica strolls on over towards McGinty's pub entrance on this late afternoon. She meets up with Miko with a big smile, "I think you'll like this job.. a little more chance for you to express your own personality on this one." She headnods to McGinty's, "Want to go inside? Or just chat in your vehicle? You have one nearby? With a working heater?" she asks.. with a shiver.

Miko chuckles "Its in the shop. lets go inside. No one cares what we talk about anyway." She starts to head in with ms. underdressed for winter

Monica heads in with Miko and they find a booth under one of the heat vents. Monica orders a Samuel Adams Boston Lager in a bottle and pays for her and whatever Miko wants and then she produces the pocket secretary and flips it around for Miko to read:

  • Task: Convince Store owner to pay back taxes.
  • Deadline: 6:00 am tomorrow morning
  • Location: CAS Address (down the road about 4 blocks)
  • Business: Ray's Electronics
  • Info: Ray (Dwarf) owns an electronics shop. He's not been paying his protection fees to the Italians. He's 50K shy. It's more about sending a message than the cash. Please visit tonight, get the payment one way or the other.

Miko takes the pda and looks over it quickly "alright. H ehave any muscle? where does he live?"

Monica offers, "He lives above the store, front door is basic street access. Back door in the alley is a reinforced steel door with a real nice maglock. Him being an electronics expert and all. Security camera on front and back. Assumed cameras inside and perhaps sensors. Police response time to alarm in that area is 2 minutes. He is single and has no known muscle on hire."

Miko nods slowly "Ok when do you want this done by?"

Monica offers, "Boss wants it done before sunrise."

Miko nods slowly "Alright. I can get it done tonight. Ill make a call for some friends of mine to send him a message and then ill go reinforce your bosses point."

Monica seems pleased with Miko's response, "30K cash okay for this one? It's got more grit and fuss than the last one."

Miko nods "Should be ok. its not that serious a job. Strongarming aint my usual thing but hey sometimes you gotta work outside your comfort zone." She gets up and starts to head out making a call as she goes

«OOC» Miko says, "gonna roll my gang contact the royals to see if they have some guys who can do a drive by on the store. nothing serious just a little fun."

Monica finishes her drink then wanders back to her place.

«OOC» Monica says, "They a CAS gang?"

Miko gives up on the call when the royals wont head into the city. She puts on her mask changing to look like a mafia guy she saw in an old movie once(carlitos way) and heads to the site. She just walks in nice and calm walking over to the owner with a calm smile "Hey you the owner?" She do this when theres no other customers though. Her mask should trick the cameras or at least make her look blurry.

The store front door is locked and closed, it is after hours.

** GM Monica **
IC Time: 7:30 pm

Miko sighs and pulls on her gecko gloves while heading to a blind spot in the cameras. She can jump it from another building but she really prefers not to. If she finds a good spot she starts to scale the wall from the alley, nice and out of sight for now.

** GM Monica **
Please +roll perception

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Intelligence:
3 4 4 7 8 11

** GM Monica **
There is a camera overlooking the back alley door entrance.. but nothing that is looking at the far edge of the back wall. Who'd plan for someone scaling a wall like a lizard?
There are (2) 2nd story windows in the back alley, both closed, both with curtains pulled.

Miko sees that she has a good gap and starts to sprint right up the wall with gecko climb. her traceless step makes it soundless in all the best ways. Once shes up to the window she hits the wall her gecko gloves doing the work of holding her to the wall. She then activates motion sense to figure out where everyone is inside

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4 for "motion sense everything bigger than a cat":
2 3 3 8 8 8 = 3 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425)'s Daily Gear (#12185) has the Voucher Item 12 A Wooden mask with the following information:
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
===========================> Item 12 on Daily Gear <===========================
Item Name: A Wooden mask
Item Type: ITEM
Quantity: 1
Fractional OK: No
Clonable: No
Players Can Link: No
Created For: Myth (#2142)
Created By: Myth (#2142)
IC Location: Carried
-----> GM Notes for Item <-----
Jan 9 2015 This item acts as an achored reusable foci for the spell
'Physical Mask'. Upon wearing the mask on their face the wearer
may assume the phyiscal form, voice and scent of any individual
they wish to imitate. (Auction Item)
Jan 9 2015 The spell is F10

«OOC» Monica says, "can you show me the item.. it needs to have in its notes how many successes were in it… thanks."
«OOC» Monica says, "We'll have to requst the admins update that… when an anchored item is creaed the mage cast the spell into it… at that time the number of successes are noted on the item… the TN and the # are needed to see if someone sees through the illusion."

** GM Monica **
Can find no Climbing rules in the books.. Please +roll Athletics vs TN 4.

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Athletics vs TN 4 for "gecko gloves, wall running, traceless step":
1 2 3 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Athletics vs TN 4 for "gecko gloves, wall running, traceless step kp1/19":
3 4 5 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Climbing for "knowskill backup":
4 5 5 8

** GM Monica **
Miko is able to climb the wall with her fancy gloves to assist.

«OOC» Miko says, "+power/list motion sense"
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
====================> Power Catalog Listing: Motion Sense <====================
Power Name: Motion Sense
Category: Perception
Valid Levels: NONE
Power Points: 0.5
-----> Power Description <-----
This power allows the adept to detect objects, creatures, or people by minute fluctuations in the mana around them, even when their five ordinary senses detect nothing. The range on this power is equal to the adept's Magic Rating in meters.

The adept may make a Perception Test against the object/person/creature moving into their range, using the table below or against the target's Open Stealth Test (if stealthing); apply any Background Count in the area as a Target Number modifier. Only one success is necessary to detect the object.

If a target is detected, the adept receives a -2 reduction to vision TN modifiers to strike at it. This power cannot detect movement through an Astral Barrier of any type.

Motion Sense Test

Moving thing is: TN
Smaller than a house cat 8
Smaller than average metahuman 6
Average mid-sized metahuman 4
Larger than mid-sized metahuman 2

«OOC» Miko says, "+power/list wall running"
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
====================> Power Catalog Listing: Wall Running <====================
Power Name: Wall Running
Category: Physical
Valid Levels: NONE
Power Points: 1
-----> Power Description <-----
This power allows the adept to move up to (Magic Attribute) meters along a sheer wall or vertical surface. Any attempt to run higher distances requires landings and multiple uses of this power.

Using this power with Acrobatics, Jumping, or other measures will require an Athletics (Skill) Test against a target number assigned by the GM, with the move being considered at least Difficult.

The secondary effects of the sound or tracks still apply to this power; however, when combined with Traceless Walk these effects are removed.

«OOC» Miko says, "+power/list traceless walk"
«OOC» Monica says, "Motion sense works through a wall?"

** GM Monica **
Okay.. can not find anything referencing seeing through or not seeing through walls. Unless additional info is brought.. going with previous GM presidence… Motion Sense sees through walls.

** GM Monica **
Miko senses no motion through the walls of the 2nd floor of the store (the residence).

«OOC» Miko says, "no one is in there?"
«OOC» Monica says, "No one is moving."

«OOC» Miko says, "thats not what the power does ;P This power allows the adept to detect objects, creatures, or people by minute fluctuations in the mana around them, even when their five ordinary senses detect nothing. The range on this power is equal to the adept's Magic Rating in meters."
«OOC» Monica says, "Why is it not called.. see everything power? Why the word motion?"
«OOC» Miko says, "because they hate gms?"
«OOC» Monica says, "What a fucked up system.. honestly"

** GM Monica **
Miko senses a dwarf eating a bagle sitting on a chair in front of a television on the street side of the building wearing a bath robe and slippers.

Miko slides open the window next to her and climbs in quetly. The pink panther song plays in her head as she pads in traceless walk making her silent and sneaky like if legolas fucked a ninja who then got molested by jason stathem

** GM Monica **
The window is locked.

Miko sighs at the locked window "Who locks windows seriously" abit disengenuous. Shes so paranoid her windows dont even open without a custom made screwdriver. She pulls out her little tool laser and melts the window lock

** GM Monica **
Please +roll Intelligence vs TN 4, base time 2 minutes. (to see how long it takes)

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4:
1 2 2 5 7 8 = 3 Successes

Miko slides in after melting the lock and does the legolas fucking ninja molested by jason stathem thing. She looks around quickly while being all sneaky sneaky sir.

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425)'s Daily Gear (#12185) has the Voucher Item 11 Tool Laser with the following information:
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
===========================> Item 11 on Daily Gear <===========================
Item Name: Tool Laser
Item Type: ITEM
Quantity: 1
Fractional OK: No
Clonable: No
Players Can Link: No
Created For: Shift (#12621)
Created By: Tindalos (#6719)
IC Location: Carried
-----> GM Notes for Item <-----
Dec 12 2014 Purchased 4 in the GPS system for 0 Nuyen. Approved by Tindalos

** GM Monica **
The 2nd floor inside the window reveals stairs going down to the store and a hallway leading to the front of the 2nd story. The shimmer of a trideo being played can be seen glowing against the darkened hallway light. The warmth of the residence feels very nice after getting out of the freezing cold mountain winter air.

"What the hell?" says a male voice from the front and sounds of getting up from a chair can be heard.

Miko whips out her Predator 4 and uses a mix of sprint and traceless step to boost right up to the guys face and sticks the gun in his face "I suggest silence. I didnt bring gel rounds. These are Exex rounds. I was told to make a statement here if you refused my very reasonable instructions." Shes lying. they are gel rounds. Murder has alot more jail time than exortion and B and E.

** GM Monica **
Back up your pony.. +roll Reaction

«Auto-Judge[]» Monica (#6503) rolls 6 for "Dwarf Reaction":
1 3 3 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Reaction:
1 2 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 7 8

** GM Monica **
Miko <is> fast enough to get the drop on the dwarf (not just assuming she's a god without a +roll).

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) rolls Charisma for "commanding voice versus his willpower. command 'Sit'":
2 2 3 4 4 5 7 7

Miko eyes him "Ok now 'sit' We are going to have a little talk" She is letting him know magic is involved here. that means they sent someone scary or at least someone serious.

«Auto-Judge[]» Monica (#6503) rolls 5 vs TN 7 for "Dwarf willpower":
2 3 4 5 8 = 1 Success

«OOC» Monica says, "You were defaulting Intimidation from stat.. so it was a 7 - 4 anyway.. he only needed a 3."
«OOC» Miko says, "i didnt use intimidation i used the power commanding voice"

«Auto-Judge[]» Miko (#4425) has the Adept Power Commanding Voice with the following information:
-----> Adept Power for Miko (#4425) <----
Power Name: Commanding Voice
Category: Magical
Power Points: 0.5
Installed: Yes

«OOC» Monica says, "Fuck.. fucking adepts have … .. I can do any fucking thing power."
«OOC» Miko snickers
«OOC» Miko says, "sorry"

** GM Monica **
The dwarf sits.

** GM Monica **
The dwarf does whatever he's told.

Miko watches him "You owe some very bad people some money. You are going to give me this money. They will get paid. You will pay again next month as normal. If you dont ill come back and ill remove your…i dont know kneecaps or something. i dont like to lock myself in torture-wise but trust me it wont be good. Maybe ill shave your little dwarfy beard or something."

** GM Monica **
The dwarf gives over the cash.

Miko gets the cash and leaves the way she came giving him some more obtuse threats that kinda ramble after a while.
-------> Monica's PrP <------
Monica's Plot Log has now stopped.
-----> Tue Dec 29 07:03:02 2075 <----——

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