Ghosts of Horned Lords' Past
Players: Pulse, Dalton, Watson
Date: December 21, 2070: Winter Solstice

Watson steps through one of the large steel doors opens and enters the gym.
Watson has arrived.

The door opens as the meek, diminutive form of Watson appears behind it. She steps quietly into the room, her black glistening eyes looking over the room nervously.

Pulse is working in the ring today. He's fighting another man, nearly as big… but fighting seems to be the wrong term. Butchering. One blow after another hammers into the man's gaurd, until one bare-knuckled punch slips through. There's a grosteque sound, but pauly doesn't stop. He rains down more blows, faster, harder. Blood sprays… the 'sparring partner' goes down in a heap. Pauly steps in now, kicking with heavy feet. His face is a mask of quiet anger, his mouth set in a grim line.

The rest of the gym is sparsely populated… but what people are there are dead quiet, trying not to stare.

Watson can't help herself but stare when she sees the gory happenings in the ring. She frowns deeply and begins to approach the beating with a slow kind of urgency. "Pauly?" she calls out quietly, as though he could hear her in his current state of mind.

Pulse kicks the man again, but at Watson's words he pauses mid-blow, looking up and flashing her a blood-spattered smile. "Sarah!" He says, turning and walking away from the poor, twitching boxer as if nothing had happened. How are you?

"Jesus fucking christ, Pauly!" Watson says breathlessly. She starts to hurry to the ring, her eyes flashing as she suddenly realizes just how hurt this other man might be. As she runs, she flings her coat off and slides under the bottom ropes like a professional wrestler. "What the fuck were you thinking?" she snaps at him as she rolls the boxer onto his back to check to see if he's still breathing.

Pulse's voice snaps. "let him alone, Sarah," he says, his voice like a whip crack. "He'll live. And maybe next time he'll watch his mouth and pay his debts." The other boxers all look away, not saying anything. Pauly wipes some blood off of his mouth with a bare fist. "How are you, by the way?"

Watson looks at the boxer just long enough to confirm what Pauly says; she's no doctor, but she does know that she's taken worse and lived to tell the tale. So she slowly stands up, wiping blood off her hands and onto her jeans and says, "I'm okay… i thuh-thuh-think," she says in a quivering voice. She's looking desperately in Pauly's eyes, like she's waiting for the green-goblin to show his face again.

«OOC» Pulse says, "roll perception!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Watson (#798) rolls Intelligence:
2 2 2 4 4 11
«OOC» Watson will re-roll. :)
«Auto-Judge[]» Watson (#798) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 2 2 3
«Auto-Judge[]» Watson (#798) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 5 5 7

The man's jaw is fractured. He probably has a few broken ribs, and a cauliflowered ear. He'll never be pretty again without extensive surgery, but he'll certainly live. Pauly's face is impassive. He's smiling, but it doesn't touch his eyes. He's barely even breathing hard. Bits of skin have torn on his fists, revealing caps on his knuckles that aren't-quite-bone, aren't-quite-metal. There's just something… wrong about the way he's standing.

"Good," he says. "I heard that you've had some trouble with local troll gangs. We could go take care of them, if you like."

"I've guh-guh-got it under control," Watson says distractedly, getting closer to Pauly, looking him over extremely closely, making no secret of it. "Pauly… you okay? You suh-suh-seem… uhmm… kuh-kuh-kind of off right now. You… uhmm… wuh-wuh-wanna go upstairs or suh-suh-something? Cool off?"

Pulse shrugs. "I'm cool," he says. "He's four days late on paying me back, and he said some things he shouldn't have." A smooth smile again, and he reaches out to put a hand on Watson's waist. "Don't worry," he says, his eyes lighting up. "It's just the christmas season."

Watson is still nervous from the display of brutality she has seen just a moment before, but she never was one to pull away from Pauly; she lets him pull her in by her waiste and lets out a quivering sigh. "Guh-guh-guess I shouldn't ever borrow money fuh-fuh-from you."

Pulse laughs, but again, the smile doesn't touch his eyes. That hand on her waist squeezes, big and possessive and aggressive. "You'd be different," he says, voice low and throbbing, with a sharp edge hidden just below. "I'd take it out of your hide in… other ways. But then again… you would never be so foolish, either."

Watson smirks, finding this new more dangerous side to Pulse to be kind of sexy. She even blushes a little bit. "Pulse… I duh-duh-didn't know you still thought of me thuh-thuh-that way." Then she shakes it off and stiffens a little bit. "Duh-duh-don't matter. Vixen wuh-wuh-would kill me."

Pulse laughs. There's a dangerous twist to that, too. "You're scared of Vixen?" He asks. "Why watson. I didn't know you -knew- fear. I certainly don't." He squeezes tighter. "You wouldn't dissappoint me, would you?"

Watson cocks her head to the side, looking over Pauly kind of oddly. "Wuh-wuh-what do you mean? Sooner or later, I duh-duh-disappoint -everyon-."
Pulse squeezes even tighter, his big hand able to grab a hold of an entire side of watson's waist. "By showing fear. Life should be lived without it. Enjoy what you can, kill you can, leap into the final battle with a laugh and a song and your pants still around your waist."

Watson smiles up at Pulse for a few moments, her eyes kind of distant while she thinks. Then slowly the smile fades from her face and she starts to tremble more noticeably in Pulse's grasp. "I… duh-duh-don't know about all that, Pauly. I mean… muh-muh-maybe there's no fuh-fuh-fear for -you-… but that's cuh-cuh-cause you're the champ. Me? I'm nuh-nuh-nobody. People kuh-kuh-kick my ass for smile wuh-wuh-when they want."

Pulse's grip tightens even further. Now it's starting to fear. "Why?" He damands. "You fight harder than many warriors could ever dream. Why do you let fear control you? You could rule over a mountain of skulls, be queen over a river of blood. You could be so much, Sarah. Why do you hold yourself in?" His expression darkens, his brow furrowing. "WHY?"

Watson is slowly but surely getting more scared in Pauly's grip. She stiffens up, her body trembling more and more. without her even knowing it, her shoulders slouch and the strap of her tanktop falls down her arm like a silent offering. "Cuh-cuh-cause… all that duh-duh-don't mean nothing to me. I duh-duh-don't wanna rule nothing. I duh-duh-don't wanna be no queen. I… duh-duh-don't want nothing bad 'nough."
Pulse grunts and pushes the woman forward with all his strength, back towards the ropes of the ring. The broken 'sparring partner' has long sense crawled away.

"If you live in fear, you will be treated like prey," he growls, slowly advancing towards her. "Rule or suffer. Be the best, or be chattel. There is no middle ground."

Watson falls against the ropes but doesn't use them to rebound. She stays prone there, just staring oddly at Pulse, still looking in his eyes, waiting for that flash of green. "Is the wuh-wuh-world really so damned suh-suh-simple for you, Pauly? Kill or be kuh-kuh-killed?" She shakes her head. "What's guh-guh-gotten into you?"

«OOC» Pulse says, "roll intelligence, watson?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Watson (#798) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 3 4 5
«OOC» Watson will stay there.

Pulse's eyes are cybernetic now. If it's who it used to be… they'll probably never flash.
Faye steps through one of the large steel doors opens and enters the gym.
Faye has arrived.
Watson is in the ring with Pulse. She's currently leaning against the ropes, looking at him with a kind of nervous awe. It looks like they're having some kind of argument.

Pulse laughs, lowly. "It's always been that simple, Sarah," he says, towering over her, fists balled tightly, looking like massive clubs, still bloody from his earlier fight. "Never hesitate. Do. Live for the moment, and live to Win. Don't you know that yet? Has life taught you nothing?"

The door to the gym closes, leaving Faye standing there staring at the two of you in the ring. Mainly staring at Watson and for some strange reason looking rather upset at what she sees. She blinks a few times and just stands there with her hands clasped in front of her at stomach level.

Watson stares at Pulse still, her nervous eyes gleaming in the dim lights of the near-empty gym. She's concentrating so hard on him that she doesn't even notice Faye entering. She's thinking hard about that, probably relating it back to her own life. "Yeah, Pauly… I guh-guh-guess that's the only lesson that.. luh-luh-life's ever taught me. I know… wuh-wuh-what loosing means."

Pulse points down at her. "Then maybe you should learn to be a winner," he says. "Because you can be. You have the strength. You have the skill. All you need is the will." His expression hardens more. "This one cares for you, little Elf. If you dissappoint me… he will suffer."

Watson slowly rises off the ropes, staring up into Pulse's eyes. She knows they're cybernetic, that there's nothing to be gained looking into them, but she does so anyways, standing with her body scandalously close to his. "Who am I tuh-tuh-talking to?"

Dalton steps through one of the large steel doors opens and enters the gym.
Dalton has arrived.

Watson is standing in the ring with Pulse, her body right up next to his. She staring directly at him, her eyes unblinking and her body poised to move if he says or does the wrong thing. Or the right thing.

Pulse laughs slowly. "They thought I was gone. He thought I was gone. But I'm never gone, I'm always there. They watch for her madness… but he has always been mine, and always will. You tell them that, little elf." He looks around, a sneer on his face, and his eyes settle on Faye with a sneer before looking back to Watson. "And remember: learn to win. I will be watching. Next time it will be your fingers, not your pride. But for now… I tire of this audience."

Dalton steps in and glances around, he pauses as he spots familiar faces, and looks at the odd scene in the ring, of course he doesnt hear anything, he does catch the looks the Pulse gives at Faye, and he frowns slightly at that. He doesn't step any further into the establishment though, merly stepping to the side of the door.

Watson's face slowly pulls down into an angry from, still staring directly at Pule. "You suh-suh-son of a buh-buh-bitch. You suh-suh-son of a fuh-fuh-fucking bitch!" She hisses and shakes her head. "Pulse… if you're in there… cuh-cuh-come on and wake the fuh-fuh-fuck up!"

You paged Watson with 'want to throw down some dice, or let me powerpose? Pulse is about to give you a powerful backhand.'.
Watson pages: I don't want to play with dice; and it'll be interesting to see how Dalton and Faye react.

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) has the Attribute Strength with the value '8 (12)' (only to Watson).

Faye is currently silent and obviously freaked out at the moment, amnesia doesn't stop her from having that extreme fear of magic and other things like it.

Pulse's hand moves faster than the eye can move. One second he's standing there, the next he's delivering a powerful backhanded punch that's lifting Watson off her feet and into the ropes again. He sneers. "You watch your mouth with me, elf. I have no patience for it." He turns to vault out of the ring, leaping with eldritch speed and grace. What boxers are still in the gym this time on a tuesday night are just staring.

«OOC» Dalton says, "I think I might have to interject if no one minds"
«OOC» Pulse says, "depends what you're interjecting. :)"
«OOC» Dalton says, "Well, I'd prefer to levitate you, but since thats not going to stop you, I'll have to use a stunbolt."
«OOC» Pulse says, "okay. if you do, i'm going to have to call down some staff."

The blow catches Watson completely off guard, lifting her painfully into the rope. She twirls and ends up with her back against the turnbuckle and her arms wrapped around the ropes to keep her standing. She looks dazed, like there ought to be a "No Sale" sign in her eyeballs. Still, she watches dazedly as Pulse lopes out of the ring even as the blood starts to run down her nose and mouth.

«OOC» Pulse says, "because you'll probably be targeted by a few of the population here."
«OOC» Dalton says, "I understand."
«OOC» Dalton says, "I'd prefer to levitate you, but you can easily KP your way out of that"
«OOC» Dalton says, "Tell you what, random roll then"
«OOC» Pulse says, "sure."
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls 1 for "1-2 Levitate, 3-4 Stunbolt, 5+ Go deal with Watson":
«OOC» Dalton says, "Levitate it is then"
«OOC» Dalton says, "Lighting in here is good, Pulse is running right?"
«OOC» Dalton says, "So thats a +2 TN for target running. +1 For BGcount. I'm going to try to center that away."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Centering + Karma Pool: 1 vs TN 2 for "Centering against penalties, KP:1":
1 2 2 3 3 5 5 = 6 Successes
«OOC» Pulse nods.
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 8 + 6 (PF) + Karma Pool: 3 vs TN 4 for "Base TN for Levitate is 4. This is a Force 4 Spell, resisted with willpower or Strength if you grab onto something to hold you. KP:7 Cause the pulse is damn scary, and I've already been beat up lately. Want this to work for sure :)":
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 7 9 9 10 11 = 12 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 8 + 6 (PF) + Karma Pool: 3 - 12 vs TN 4 for "Base TN for Levitate is 4. This is a Force 4 Spell, resisted with willpower or Strength if you grab onto something to hold you. KP:8":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 5 5 5 5 9 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 8 + 6 (PF) + Karma Pool: 3 - 17 vs TN 4 for "Base TN for Levitate is 4. This is a Force 4 Spell, resisted with willpower or Strength if you grab onto something to hold you. KP:10":
1 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 = 5 Successes
«Plot» Dalton says, "Stand with 22 Successes on F4 Levitate. Resist with Strength or Willpower. KP for spell resists is 1:1"
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower vs TN 4 for "Resisting M drain, need 2 successes with TD to soak":
1 1 1 1 1 2 4 17 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Pulse says, "need 22 successes to resist?"
«OOC» Dalton says, "Yes"

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Strength vs TN 4 for "fat chance. not waisting kp on this.":
1 1 2 4 4 4 5 5 7 7 9 10 = 9 Successes
«OOC» Pulse says, "no resist."
«Auto-Judge[]» Faye (#1207) rolls Willpower vs TN 4 for "Faye snap out of it and do what she does best?":
1 2 4 7 8 = 3 Successes

Dalton blinks as Watson is thrown across the ring with a backhand. He reacts instantly though, raising a hand to point at the Pulse, a black cloak and hood cover his features, blowing as if caught in a wind. The Pulse is suddenly lifted off his feet and raised towards the cieling to hover, facing up. Dalton narrows his eyes and hollars out "What the frag was that for!"

«OOC» Watson says, "I will diffuse it then. Let me make a pose."

Pulse struggles against the force holding him in the air, eyes blazing with blue light. "LET ME DOWN!" He bellows. "LET ME DOWN!"
«OOC» Pulse will give watson a pose before he does anything.

Watson finally steps off the turnbuckle, walking across the ring to the edge of it closest the door where Dalton and Faye are. She coughs once, spits some blood on the mat and says in a loud, and -very- authoritative voice — because there's no stammer at all — "What happens int her ing… is FAIR GAME!" Her eyes flash as she looks at Dalton and she points a trembling finger at him. "Let. Him. Down."

Dalton turns his attention from Pulse to Watson, he frowns, looking at her bloody lip "Fine." and then he starts to lower the Pulse to the ground, back first, so if the man tries to run for him, he has a split second that the Pulse will have to stand up first. He keeps his eyes locked onthe Pulse though, not sure what to expect from the man.

Faye slips out the door in the confusion.

Pulse gets lowered to the ground, on his back like a misbehaving dog or child… and will then roll up to his feet and point a finger. "You," he says. "How -dare- you. In my own realm? How DARE you?" He rises to his full height. "For the sake of the elf, I spare you now. But you are no longer welcome here. I mark you as an enemy, and want all here to know it. How DARE you interfere with me?" He glowers, his brow furrowing. "As if the girl was some whelp that needs your protection. As if you have any authority here…" He continues to steam.

Watson sniffs and calls out to Dalton, "It's okay… I'll tuh-tuh-take care of this, Dalton. Juh-juh-just go… I'll see you at home later."

Dalton nods, but doesnt look at Watson, he still watches the Pulse, and then quite calmly, he turns his back on the man and starts for the door. Of course, his steps are a tad slow, because his concentration is on his ally spirit, watching the Pulse and the Gym, just in case anyone gets any ideas. He makes his way towards the door, and out them.

Pulse watches the man leave, fuming, and will turn to point a finger at Jimmy. "Make sure the place gets cleaned up," he says, voice cracking like a whip, and he will head for a side door, storming away like an angry hurricane.

Watson rubs the side of her face that was struck, rolling the soreness in her jaw for a moment. She watches Pulse nervously and then calls after him. "You muh-muh-must not respect me, Pulse. You back-handed me." She spits a little more blood on the ground again. "You usually guh-guh-give the fuh-fuh-famous Lucianno Hook to fuh-fuh-fighters you respect."

Pulse stops at the door, and looks back over his shoulder. "He respects you." He tilts his head. "I respect winners." He turns and pushes through the door… now it's time to talk to the local gangers.

Dalton is outside, and once there, he immediatly goes invisible and levitating, a thing he learned from Slinger really. He will hangout and wait for Watson, out of sight hopefully.

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