Games of Chance
GM: Jinx
Players: Janie, Jinx, Tigress
Synopsis: Some runners are caught in a very lethal 'life show' (This was a run meant to introduce rules to Tigress. So I made it to there could be all kinds of stuff happening in it.)
Date: May 25th 2071

Life can be ironic. What started out as a little trip out of town for some funs has turned into something completely different. Janie, Tigress and Jinx had been wanting to have some relaxing day out in the greenbelt. But when they where relaxing they suddenly had fallen 'asleep' for no apparent reason. Just to wake in a tent in the middle of nowhere. There was a drone mounted screen in one corner with a camera eye on it. They wore nothing but some quite revealing skirts and tops.
The guy displayed on the screen is smiling at them as they awoke. "Welcome contestants. I am welcoming you as the newest participants of the 'Desert Runs' games. This tent will be the only save place for the next few miles. around you. Until you reach an electrified fence. There is only one way out. You need to find the exit. And there are some traps and oponents to make this hard for you. I hope you will enjoy this as much as our watchers will to. As you will be filmed via remote drones as you search your way out. If you make it, then you will of course receive the valiant reward of 45, 000 nuyen."
With that the screen gets black and the drone starts to fly out of the tent to join the other camera drones around the tent.

Janie glowers at the camera with a promise of vengeance should she ever track its owner down, then starts making inventory of what they did and didn't leave on her.

Tigress Blinks and sighs she really hates the lack of laws against this kind of thing some times , she dosn't even watch those kind of shows because she knows people get kidnaped like this all the time . Moving to a crouch she also checks to see what she has on hand to use.

Jinx also was glowering at that face on the screen. She tried to remember that face real good. She would get him in her hands some time. Then she too looks at what they left them. Not too much, though. Each has a survival knife, a large canister with water and some ration bars. They also have been left with a sleeping bag and a backpack barely large enough to carry the items on the floor. Jinx grunts, "I wonder why they even bothered to leave us some water. All 'em want is ter see us die… I've heard about this show. Barely 10 percent o' da people manage ter escape the traps."

Tigress eye's narrow " There should be laws against grabbing people against thier will like this " . She checks the knife balance and edge before she starts packing the gear.

"It's been a long time since th'law applied to th'SINless," Janie replies. "Let's go cram that statistic down their throats."

Jinx grunts, "Yeah, lets beat asses.", she says packing up those items on the floor. She then has a carefull look out of the window. "Wish we could stuff 'em those drones down the ass…", she says looking out. "Bet they use 'em ter coordinate stuff…"

Tigress Nods her head " Most likely but " she steps outside shielding her eye's in case of glare to adjust and have a look at what's going on " I'm not sinless so they screwed up big time "

Each has a skirt, a top, a backpack, 10 ration bars, a canister with about 10 l water and a survival knife (with the usual gimicks and a compas in the heft)

The Astral:
BG count: 2
This is a killing ground but not too often used.
You might see faces of dying and suffering people on the astral popping up unexpectedly everywhere, Janie.

Jinx shrugs, "Do you have a credstick with you hon?", she then asks amusedly. "You cannot really prove right now that you have a SIN. And if… They'll come up with a fake that shows that you were in this willingly. All totally pointless, though if you're dead and cannot sue them. So don't speak about that too much or they might make you the prime target. Prolly best they hit on me instead."

Janie scowls some more as she feels the echoes of pain, fear and death that pervade the local manasphere. "Escape now," she instructs. "Plot violent or legal revenge later." She looks around at how many other tents and "contestants" there are.

Tigress Sighs running her hands trough her hair before she looks about " Right well witch way , it's random where the exit is so we might as well pick a direction and go for it "

Jinx grunts, "The tent…", she says looking at the thing from the outside.

Janie is staring intently up at the sky as Jinx speaks, and she looks down to see what she's referring to.

Jinx chuckles, "Steel rods, large bits of cloth. This is a dungeon, even if it's open ter da sky. We kin use anything we kin lay our hands on. The knifes are old military surplus, they are hard enough to saw through the steel I guess. Might cost some effort. The tent is cemented in, but I guess we kin use the resources they add."
She at once start to saw off the legs of the tent.

Janie nods. "Good thinkin'," she says, moving to help Jinx by collecting and folding the cloth the troll recovers.

Jinx is covered in some sweat as she finishes her task, "The sun is murderous like that. I can take a bit. Do ya think a kin use this ter create a mobile protection fer ya'n Tigress?", she then asks Janie. "Yer a redhead, not good fer sun…"

"If we're carryin' it we won't be very mobile when we run into problems," Janie replies. "But we c'n rig up somethin' t'shelter… I think it'd be wisest t'use it t'rest durin' th'day, then travel at night. None o'us has much o'a problem seein' in th'dark…"

Jinx nods to that, "Yeah…prolly a thought. 'n that way we'll have somethin' ter do durin' da night cold. Ya tell me how ya imagine ya shelter'n I'll use me mucles ter help out…", she then says. "Maybe we should left it standing first…", she the then ponders looking on the heap of cloth and metal rods.

"Nothin' too complex, just four or five poles t'keep th'cloth up," Janie replies. "Tigress, see what ye c'n do t'help her while I call some extra help…" With that, she steps forward and looks up to the sky, opening her sight to the Astral and calls out through the echoes of pain and fear to the genius loci.

Jinx nods to that and considering the rods and the cloth to see how she could build a shelter from them. Seems she is more used to cities and streets. It leaves her clueless.

Tigress Nods her head and moving about she frowns " Well I can build somthing quick not quite the tent we had I could do that but I can rig somthing that gives us more ability to see " . She grabs the poles and starts to set up a lean to .

For a while, very little seems to be happening other than sweat trailing down along the burn scars on Janie's arms… But then a light breeze picks up, fluttering one way, then the other, kicking up dust devils that flit around and collide and /merge/, until the remaining one stands at nearly dwarf height, somehow stationary in front of the woman. It has neither eyes nor anything recognizable as a face, but you could /swear/ it's looking at her…

Jinx grunts, as she sees that thing form while helping Tigress with the shelter. "I'll fucking never get used to those spooks. Though 't 's prolly good we got it with is here now…", she then says.

Janie exhales, sweat still trickling down her brow as she clasps her hands and bows respectfully to the spirit. "Soul of the desert, hear your humble supplicant and grant us your protection as we seek shelter in your Domain. Ward us from the sun's glare and the burning heat until nightfall."

The 'thing' nods and gives the hint of a bow to Janie, suddenly the sun seems far less oppressive in it's heat. Quite bearable in it's intensity.

The day after that is quite eventless. If anyone had expected quick action from the trio of women then he will only see them lounging in the shadow of that shelter and relax, gathering strength for the events to come. Through the help of that spirit, who keeps hovering around the shelter, they even are protected from the worst heat. So as the sun finally went slowly lower and lower towards the horizon. Everyone is rested and ready for the things to come.

To be continued …

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