Frank and Nine: Assassins Nap

GM: Frank
Players: Nine, Frank
Unmarked gang tried to kill Ingrid (Frank's lvl 2 contact and fiancé).
Frank and Ingrid are having a picnic while Nine watches on and notes the assassins making their move. Nine deals with them swiftly. Some astral combat between an ally spirit and a couple F3 spirits take place and Frank and Nine introduce.. Frank owes Nine a solid now.
Date: 5/27/2076

Note: +rolls have been removed from the log to protect the innocent.

On this Last Spring/Early Summer Saturday morning in Denver.. in the armpit of the city known as the Warrens… in a motorcycle chop shop is a Hells Angels Nomad known as Frank.. or Nomad on the job… who has the roller door open while he is working on the engine of a motorcycle. From the street the stereo can be heard playing loudly…..

Playing on the Stereo:

Nine often slinks about the Souk Market and its fringe businesses to make sure she has her mewdical finger (always gloved) on the Warrens pulse. Today, the rapid transit courier armor (over her form fitted body armor) is camo color, blending in with the urban environs, as is the helmet worn, too. Finally, the sneaky circuit passes by Spike's Spokes, and she mewmentarily pauses near the back area on the shady side, where she mewmentarily lurks and listens close to the beckoning music which seemingly asks the passer by-s to 'step inside', yet she cannot quite do so, yet, still researching any potential dangers here.

If examined in the astral, the hells angel mechanic does not appear to have any signs of cyber, nor of magic either. But then, the super crafty magic types are rumored to be able to conceal their gift so that can't be certain right yet. The guy is just removing a gas tank off an old Harley motorcycle and carrying it over to the workbench, having now exposed the backbone frame over the twin cylinders. As he is doing this work the Nomad is singing with the song, not good enough to have his own band, but not horrific either.

It's the weekend.. it looks like (no others spotted yet), he may be working alone in the shop.

Nine does not know this song, but she does peek around the open entrance into the shop area to momentarily espy the singing man. She always loves it when people are actually relaxed and happy enough to actually sing. She only peeks for a brief moment before ducking back into the shop's shade. She does not see the astral half, but that is ok: she will not be caught off guard for any dodging mewment or bum rushing. She listens through the whole song until the next one can play before finally slinking inside!

The next song comes on.. it's much more mellow, almost a ballad:

The mechanic returns to the bike and starts to unwrap a long tube of wires that were concealed under the tank and above the backbone of the bike, uncovering the electrical routes to be worked on. This second song he isn't singing.. but humming.

He stops as a phone can be heard ringing, "Hey baby.. what up?"

He speaks again, "Hell yeah.. I'll be here.. whatever you want to bring.. we can have a picnic out back. Damn I miss you."

A short laugh.

He speaks, "I know I saw you this morning at breakfast.. but you rock my world girl."

He offers, "Okay.. see you soon."

Nine smiles brightly under the respirator mask, from where the glowing light as well as the shiny teeth cannot escape: figuratively speaking. It is quite nice when ganger guys are awesomely kind to their lady friends: most admirable! Though, after picnic plans, Nine decides not to interrupt any and slinks out, but she will set up at a further perimeter to make sure no one messes up the nice party the love birds will soon have. Or so she hopes they will!

** Nine had to log off **
------> Frank Peretti's PrP <------
Frank Peretti's Plot Log has now stopped.
-----> Sat May 28 14:58:56 2076 <------

2 From: Frank Peretti At: Sat May 28 16:26:14 2016 (Conn)
Fldr : 0 Status: Read Safe
Subject: Watching the picnic

Observing Frank and his girl….

The girl arrives in about 45 minutes, Frank receiving a phone call in time for him to wash up and be ready when she arrives with an igloo cooler and an army blanket.

The girl:

Looks about 18 yrs old.. Frank looks late 20's. Cradle Robber!!

The two close up the roller door on the shop and soon emerge from the back of the business hand in hand with him carrying the cooler and her carrying the blanket.

In the back of the shop there is a covered area with a picnic table, a gas grill and a bar made out of wooden pallets and non-matching bar stools. All of this they ignore and walk back into the junkyard/scrap yard to a clear area where they lay out the blanket and sit down and cuddle and just talk for about ten minutes.

The conversation covers:

1. Frank wants to get his own place before asking her to move in. Sleeping with him in the back of the shop is no way for him to show he can take care of her properly.

2. Her name is mentioned once: Ingrid

3. It's mentioned by piecing together parts of the conversation that she works for her aunt at a talismongering shop and that she has learned a new spell this week that lets her do laundry and freshen up. She's very happy to have learned this spell.

4. Ingrid uses the phrase "Raven has shown me".. in a way that may mean her totem is Raven.

5. Ingrid is just gaga over the top in love with Frank and Frank seems to genuinely care deeply for her.. even so much as putting her before his tough-guy reputation and status in the Warrens (someone passes by and sees him all cooing over her and he doesn't care).

The food is taken out of the cooler and it's soy-cheese, crackers, soy-wine, soy-summer sausage, etc. Very simple.. the two obviously are common Warrens folk without the ability to upgrade their lifestyle yet.

Pausing here.. in case you want to pick up RP later and step in for more posing. :)

** The next IRL day we picked back up **

Nine spends time slinking around at a 40m perimeter with market cover options while whipping up several texts (all hands free through the data cables to electrode network, external transducer, then pocket secretary). A few errands (in the Souk Market) are quickly run during until Ingrid's appearance. Then, the sneaky lady closes in to nearly 18 meters away before ducking down behind the stripped frame of an old car. She gets out her own food (to save time), and neatly consumes a meat sandwich on dark rye. She cannot help smiling about the loving regard the picnicking couple has, but she also worries due to the public nature of the picnic situation, and she watches out for mean bullies!

** GM Frank Peretti **
Nine spots five men in gang attire removed because this is the Souk and it's supposed to be gang neutral.. any attempted 'hit' on a gang would start a war. So.. the five guys Nine spots easing around the perimeter with their eyes on Frank and Ingrid have left their cuts/colors at home. They appear intent upon evil doing.

Nine deeply frowns then remembers back, searching out her enhanced memory for the nearby Spike's Spokes owner's phone number. She looks out for any weapons the approaching group might have, as well as any fetish/focus-like attire, and distance away (she will not assense unless they are far enough she could try doing so for all 5 in around 6 seconds and still have time to possibly help)!

«Plot» Frank Peretti says, "Five Ganger Tuffs:
1. Ork male, shaved head, baseball bat
2. Human male, dark skin, machete
3. Skinny elf male, Native American garb, leather strings with bones dangling.
4. Human female, metal looking broom handle
5. Dwarf male, armored jacket, club with spikey nails."

«Plot» Frank Peretti says, "Uber memory: Number recalled."
«Plot» Frank Peretti says, "Distance available offering time if astral perception is desired."

Nine gets out the pocsec device with its dangling cable and carefully snaps a couple photos (with decent zoom): trouble makers + picnicking couple. Then, the hiding lady sends along these sneaky pix with a hands free text message as she puts away the pocket secretary to Mister Spike, "Please, quickly inform your shop guy of incoming danger." Then, Nine quietly glances behind her and back again and astrally peeps the 5 auras.

** GM Frank Peretti **
Results of Astral Perception and Assensing:
Ork Male: Minor Strength Augmentation likely (arms), heavy smoker (lungs), murderous intent, mundane

Human Male: Quick movements lead belief of quickness augmentation, voided eyes (cybereyes), murderous intent.

Elf Male: Shaman, Magic 6 (does not appear an initiate), several expendable spell foci about person. Rather healthy. Murderous intent.

Human Female: Mentally unstable, mixing auras common with dual+ personalities. Mundane. Murderous intent mixed with utter confusion.

Dwarf Male: Mundane, jacked up on some type of amped up drug.. feels invincible, murderous intent.

** GM Frank Peretti **
Result of general astral perception of area:

(2) small spirits flanking left and right as if they want to cut off any retreat of Frank and Ingrid if they are able to flee.

In the Shop: The phone in the office rings.

Nine breathes deeply (but silently so). The murderous intent really scares her, but she keeps up the astral view for the time being. She frowns slightly after the ringing noise from the business phone (and not Frank's cell, but he might have turned off disruptive devices for the quality time)? She does not know, and finally decides to glance around on the astral plane to look out for any potential awakened who might notice if she were to AoE drop a stunball spell, but holding off until she can determine attention directed this way!

** GM Frank Peretti **
Nine determines that the two astral spirits are looking in the astral. Also, a raven perched on top of spikes spokes appears to have an astral component, much like an ally spirit. None of the 5 seem to be dual natured right now.

«Plot» Nine says, "Externally would there be any Warrens folks who are astrally perceptive and looking this way?"
«Plot» Nine says, "That Nine might notice?"
«Plot» Frank Peretti says, "None that you notice."

** GM Frank Peretti **
Frank and Ingrid are back a ways from the shop.. basically in a clear area in the middle of a junk yard.

** GM Frank Peretti **
Behind Spikes Spokes:

Nine finally sucks up her mystic adversity near the Souk Market and gets out a special gift which was given to her by her own man: a hematite stone with engraved runes (done up by Lady « Censored »). She tightly grips the polished rock, and finally settles on the burning fact that she must protect true love, even if not her own. She carefully waits for the best opportunity as her free hand slowly kneads her own thigh (for centering purposes) then immediately blasts these 5 evil doers with an encompassing stunball of low force (sneaky reasons, since less noticeable — but not impossibly so — plus she only learned a minimal ability for thug adversity) but the sleep effect is hopefully solid… (or so she does desperately hope)! As the mystic energies take shape around the 5 creepers, then the hematite stone simultaneously crumbles.

** GM Frank Peretti **
The two spirits are outside of the range of the spell. All 5 thugs though can be captured in the radius.

Willpower Ratings:

Ork Male, Baseball Bat: 4
Human Male, Machette: 3
Elf Male Shaman: 6
Human Female Broom: 2
Dwarf Male, Club: 3

** GM Frank Peretti **
No matter what the Willpower of the individual, due to the Centering to remove BG mod and visual mods even with a TN 2 none of the thugs have enough dice and/or karma to not be knocked unconscious by this massive sleep spell. Just sheer skill and umph…

Nine firmly smacks the evil peeps' conscious condition with the drowsy effects, and the only thing on the physical plane is that they all show for it is to suddenly collapse, a whole world weighed down upon their collective shoulders. Nine immediately smudges her spell signature, the dangling spirits by the picnicking duo left behind for them to hopefully handle, until she finishes up with the cleaning process.

Frank and Ingrid pause mid-sentence and look at each other, their eyes shift back and forth and around but they seem to be trying not to turn their heads as they are gathering information.

Ingrid whispers after a few moments, "I don't see anyone in the mystical world.. looks quiet."

Nine finishes up the cleaning process on the astral plane then swiftly scans the lurking spirits as well as the current surroundings for further danger.

** GM Frank Peretti **
In the astral world.. the two spirits seem to have gone rogue.. and latched their attention on the raven on top of Spike's spokes.

** GM Frank Peretti **
For a brief few seconds, Ingrid seemed to be dual natured but is no longer.

Nine glances up toward the rogue spirits with a slight frown. She love taps with multicast stunbolts, this time force 3. The point is not to cause harm as much as to grab attention away from a raven spirit who has not bothered them.

** GM Frank Peretti **
Spirit 1
Spirit 2
Nine (meat girl slow)

The Raven caws out very loud in a gravel like CAW, drawing attention to the Spike's spokes rooftop and then points a large black beak ot the cosest spirit and caws at it sharply.

** GM Frank Peretti **
Spirit 1 in the astral can be seen being hit and then messed up pretty good.. enough to make it start to dissolve back to it's plane.

Spirit 2 closes the distance on the raven and tries to swipe it with a clawed astral hand.

The remaining spirit swipes at the raven in the astral world but the flapping bird on the roof manages to leap over the invisible (meat world side) clawed hand and lung forward and peck the spirit in the eyeball with its beak.

** GM Frank Peretti **
Nine's action

Nine stays put and astrally watches, keeping up on her masking metamagic for the time being but holds ready another stunbolt, this one not a love tap like the previous ones. She does not blast but stays ready to. Maybe the raven will be ultra successful in running off the rogue spirits.

** GM Frank Peretti **
Next pass.. same order of actions.

The Raven is more on the offensive now, it flaps twice into the air.. spreads its wings wide and hovers there somehow.. in the astral it's like a Karate Kid on the ocean side pole move. Power builds from the wingtips and draws in and from the center of its chest a massive surge of energy erupts towards the spirit.

** GM Frank Peretti **
F6 Moderate + 3 net -> Serious Physical
Previous pass astral combat: Light Stun

The power from the raven hits the spirit solidly.. it wasn't cast with as much vengence as the stunbolt was.. but it looks like it was pure mana, that is probably why.. a much more dangerous spell to use. The spirit is still up and fighting though and comes at the raven with a snarl.

** GM Frank Peretti **
Nine's action.. end of this pass/round.

The raven is in the air flapping.. it's home turf.. it twists and then stabs the spirit in the arm with its beak.

Nine powers down her bristling notions, immediately converts a would be stunbolt into signature erasing which mystically wipes away the astral marks of the previously multicast love taps. It definitely looks like the raven creature is 'spirit handling' the silly rogues. Nine grins faintly during all the weaksauce attempts these lesser spirits keep making. She watches out, though, for any backup problems and external arrivals, not distracted too much!

Ingrid appears to be dual natured now.. looking back across the junkyard.. confused.. trying to find out what's going on.

** GM Frank Peretti **
End of round.. next round.

** GM Frank Peretti **


The spirit knows it's outmatched.. but you can't just turn and flee or you expose your back to the enemy.. blast this stupid raven.. it lunges forward.

** GM Frank Peretti **
Spirit Damage:
6 Physical
1 Stun

The spirit is in a panic.. nervous.. anxious.. scared and it shows in emotion in the astral. He comes in hard and fast at the raven but the raven spins, spirals upward and then comes down on top of the spirit as it spins like a top with its wings held outward. The wings slice through the spirits neck and severe its head like a spinning blender. The spirit starts to dissolve.

** GM Frank Peretti **
Free RP

Nine grins faintly behind the respirator mask as the office phone keeps ringing, but she does not stop the next 6 seconds of signature smudgling, doing so with great care not to leave too much which could be recognized behind.

** GM Frank Peretti **
The office phone stops ringing.. forwarding the call/message to the owner's home.

Frank and Ingrid stand up, holding hands and looking towards the roof of Spikes Spokes.

Ingrid offers as she hugs Frank's side tight, "I just saw…. Raven.. it killed a spirit.. they were in battle in the mystical world."

Nine does not realize she totally has it wrong how phone texting played out, but the Cougar mage finally finishes the clean up and closes off the A plane, only viewing the physical one, now. She stands up from her hiding place then walks forward toward the picnic scenario, both handpaws appearing empty.

«Plot» Nine says, "Empty handpaws, but she does have the Steyr AUG-CLS multiweapon system strapped back over her strong back. XD"
«OOC» Nine says, "Nine is not sneaking anymore, so they can easily see."

Ingrid nudges Frank and the two are soon to eyeball the approaching Nine. A flinch of defensive stance but then they see the lady approaching though looks like a walking tank in armor… isn't pointing any weapons at them. Still.. a magical spirit was just killed by the Raven…

Ingrid looks on edge, worried, eyes wide.

Frank's hand goes inside his jacket but does not come out but he moves in front of Ingrid to protect her, "If you are here for a fight.. I won't go down easily."

Nine finally stops a few meters away, "I am just here to simply say you guys may wanna be more careful about the public picnics: over yonder may be swag loots, though, from 5 perps I saw some guy stare at before they fell down asleep." Then, she jerk nods her helmeted head and slightly motions with a single hand toward the fallen derpsters over there.

Nine says "It really looked like they had it in for you two!"

Ingrid looks concerned still, that a group of people had been sneaking up on them and they weren't even aware.. she had dropped her paranoia while with her man and shouldn't have been so trusting about it.

Frank considers the words of the armored up lady in the mask/helmet/armor with the fancy death gun on her back, "Um…" his hand comes out of his jacket without any gun or knife and he extends it towards Nine as he steps forward, "Frank.. Hells Angles nomad," by way of introduction.

The raven seems to have flown off.

Nine firmly shakes Frank's handpaw, "I know. We met before." Says the odd Nine with the warped voice from an electrical device she often wears out here. "Anyway, good luck. Go get em. Dunno who they are. No gang colors." Letting go, she briefly bows to Lady Ingrid. "I must go. I sent Spike some pictures."

Frank nods slowly, looks around and offers to Nine, "You did me a solid… give me a call if you need me on anything." With that.. he and Ingrid move off hand and hand towards the thugs.. to see what's going on over there. As they move off.. it's a knife that Frank chooses to put into his hand rather than a gun.

Nine invisihat tips then moves away from the crime scene and slinks away into the Souk crowd to go do normal business. She had meant to seem to disappear, but… it was not the greatest blending, so the love birds could probably see her fumbling departure. Still, she ends up at the sale tents!

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