Flushing Game

GM: Diego
Players: Bass.
Synopsis: Bass is hired to start a barfight, with someone who is more than he appears.
Date: 1/11/72

Diego chuckles "Well, we are out to make a profit. Some only deal in short term, I tend to think a bit longer." He produces a credstick of his own, blank, to make the exchange of the funds. "On another note, I sometimes happen to act as a broker for certain jobs. What experience do you have and what type of work are you looking for?"

The dwarf passes the money over, and regards Diego seriously for a moment. In the end, she shrugs her shoulders. "I used to be a cop." She says, "Knight Errant. Some stuff happened. I'm an Adept. I crack skulls, shoot pistols, that sort of thing. I'm happy to do all sorts in that line."

Diego leans back in his chair, looking at you for a moment. "Thats very interesting, I too happen to have the same awakened gift. As for your work experience.." He furrows his brow for a moment. "Do you care who's skull gets cracked?"

Bass shakes her head, looking … quite cold. "Not any more." She says. "I'd rather not hurt honest cops." Then she sneers, "But as I've never met one, no, frag 'em. They burned me. If someone's paying me to do something, I figure they've got to have done something to deserve it."

Diego watches you for a few long seconds, and then nods. "Alright. I have a suggestion then, how is your record? Anything outstanding at the moment?"

Bass shakes her head, "No." She says, "My… leaving the force was my own decision. Aside from a few parking tickets, I've never had any black marks." She does look curious now, though. Wondering what he has in mind to leverage.

Diego smiles "How would you like to earn a little cred then. I have a friend who is in need of a 'disturbance'. All you have to do is get into a barfight with the right fellow, and then let yourself get arrested for it. You need to make sure and try to get it to look like that man started it, and definatly stick to that story with the cops. That sound like something you can do?"

Bass, looks a little uncomfortable. "I've got no pull with the cops any more." She says, "In fact, well… they made my life, very difficult towards the end. But… I don't think they'd put me away for a barfight." She sounds like she's trying to convince herself, really. "…How much cred? Enough to call the gear even?"

Diego shakes his head. "This is a rather minor detail, so I'll knock another six off your order for it. I also have a friend in the star, I'll make sure he is taking care of the situation so that you don't end up going to jail. The whole purpose of this is to make the target spend the night in jail. Thats all there is to it."

Bass ahs, and nods her head… "Well then, that's, entirely reasonable." She says, "Sure, yeah, I can do that. I know the right words, and if you're covering the risk… six grand … yeah, alright, sure, why not?"

Diego smiles "Excellent." He pulls out his pocsec, and starts tapping the screen. He frowns for a moment, murmering "where was that photo…" Finally he finds it, and shows you the pocsec, "This, is Charles." The photo is of a black man, shaved head, wearing an ok suit. "He frequents a bar called the Stapler, its a wageslave bar with a corp motif, so dress appropriate. You need to have the action done between 7pm and 10pm. That way its late enough they will have to hold him overnight for a morning bail hearing."

Bass nods her head, "Yeah, I know how that works." She says, with a smile. God knows she's done enough drunk tossing in her time. Would mean that she wouldn't be able to take any real armor with her… but if she can't deal with a drunk, she doesn't deserve the pay. "The perp got any priors?" She asks, she doubts it, but you never know…

Diego starts to smile wide now. "Nothing that stuck, but the locals are aware of him. You know the routine, neighors hear yelling, cops show up. Wife claims she has 'fallen.'"

Bass narrows her eyes a little. "So I shouldn't have any trouble convincing him to hit a woman. Good to know."

Diego nods "This is very convienent. I just heard about this yesterday, and you end up meeting me today. Its fate. Now, I'll get busy on ordering your items, and you let me know when things are done with Charles."

Bass stands up, and nods her head, "Sure thing." She says, shaking out her coat. "Pleasure doing business with you."

Then its back home. She's really got no idea what wageslaves wear when they go out to relax, so she settles on the nicest pair of pants she's got, and an old button-up black shirt. The funny thing is, it isn't the first time she's gone out looking to get in a barfight… but probably is the first time she's gone out trying not to feed a guy his teeth.
«Game» Backup to offline storage commencing. Game may freeze for a bit…

The Stapler is one of those gimmick bars, the booths are divided by partitions. There are corporate logos around the room for some of the various megas. The clientel seem to be mid twenties to early thirties, a blend of male and female, and all of them looking like they just left the office, still dressed in cheap suits.

Bass makes her way to the bar. Feeling pretty naked without her weapons, she feels pretty conspicuous for her lack of a suit, too. But she looks… good enough? She thinks so, anyway, who the frag knows what the drones think, if anything?

She moves to the bar, and waits to order a drink, eyeing the door, and the rest of the place really, for her mark.
«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls Intelligence:
2 2 3 4 5 5

A look around the room does reveal that your target is indeed here tonight. He is currently sitting on the opposite end of the bar, talking with two other men right now. He has a beer in hand, and appears to have gotton to the loosed up stage, but probably isn't drunk yet.

The dwarf waits for her beer, and takes a slug of it for her own courage. Then she edges around closer, trying to get a decent listen in on what he's talking about.
«Plot» Bass says, "Just to check - any music here?"
«Plot» Diego says, "Light background music, generic pop."
«Plot» Bass fistshakes!
«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls Intelligence:
2 3 3 3 4 4

Its hard to make out the conversation too well, but your best guess from what you pick up is they are talking about women, sex, that sort of thing.

Bass gestures the bartender over, eyeing the group carefully, "Hoi, chummer, you got the time on you?" She asks, mulling internally over the best way to kick this off, without being seen to kick it off.

The bartender looks over at a clock on the wall. "Eight twelve." He answers, looking at you for a few moments, checking the amount of your beer left, then moving on to deal with another customer down the bar.

Bass slides herself from the stool as the bartender moves on, and then moves to circle round to the other side of the three guys. She tries to get close without being seen… so that it will come as a surprise when she drops her drink, hopefully all down the back of the mark's pants.
«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls Stealth:
3 3 3 4 9

«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls 4 vs TN 9 for "anyone notice the sneaky dwarf?":
1 3 3 3 = 0 Successes

The trio of men that includes your target Charles seems oblivious to your approach, most of the rest of the bar is busy with thier own business so no one else seems to notice the movements either.

And so Bass comes in close, waiting for him to turn a litte - as is natural in conversation - before she 'drops' her drink. She tries to make it look convincing, but really? The aim here is to drench the back of his legs, before loudly shouting, "Hey, jackass, watch what the hell you're doing! Swinging your arms like a damn chimp!"

For a few seconds the reaction is surpise. Charles turns around more, spreading his hands and looking down at his pants, "What the?" His two buddies step back a bit, and then begin to laugh. Charles spends a second glaring at them before turning to you, "What the frag are you doing slot?!"

"ME?" The little dwarf snorts, "You're the one who can't watch where he's going, clumsy ass. Damn, look what you did to me drink!" Her arms cross over her chest, and she glares up at him, "You gonna by me another?" She asks, in the most obnoxious tone she can manage.

Charles snorts to this comment, "Frag no bitch! Go get yourself a sippy cup and a kiddie meal somewhere else." he turns towards the bar, reaching for some napkins to start wiping at his pants.

Rudely, she reaches out to snatch the napkins out of his hand. "Want to say that again, big man?" She spits, literally. "Because I'm guessing I'm still way too much woman for a twinkie like you."

Charles is about to his limit, his hand moves out to grab at the napkins, his face definatly registering his mounting anger.

«Plot» Bass says, "Opposed reflex to keep away?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls Quickness:
1 1 3 3 4 4 5 10
To (Bass, Diego, Frostlog), Turk pages: Mind if I squat and popcorn?
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls 4 for "Charlse Quickness":
3 4 5 5
«Plot» Diego says, "You can keep out of his reach easily"

Bass draws her hand back, keeping the napkins out of Charles' reach with a smirk, "What's the matter, Charles?" She asks, snorting derisively, "Can't deal with little me? Yeah, you're a /big/ man alright. Pathetic."

Charles snarls and begins to move closer to you, apparently intent on grabbing those stupid little napkins. His hands keep reaching for them as you jerk them away. "Fragging halfer slot! Give me the fragging napkins!"

"Or what?" She demands, keeping them back. "What're you going to do, tough guy?" Even without the music pounding in her ears to keep her focused, Bass can feel the drumming of her heartbeat. She's a Warrior, damnit, and this guy thinks he can get what he wants just by mewling like a spoiled brat? "These are *mine* now, loser. Get your own."

«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls Negotiation:
1 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls 3 for "Charles Willpower!":
1 5 8
«Game» Backup to offline storage commencing. Game may freeze for a bit…

Perhaps its not going to be as easy as you thought. Charles seems to be resisting the urge to hit you, but….he is still snatching at those napkins like crazy, and that keeps him pretty close to you. Your doing a fine job of keeping them out of his reach though.

With him so close, Bass snorts, and drops the napkins… and then stands up on her tip-toes. The aim here, is to crack him on the chin with the top of her head. Hopefully subtle enough nobody else would notice… but she's being a total bitch, here, surely this'll be the straw!
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls 3 for "Another willpower check for Charles":
2 3 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls Stealth:
1 2 3 7 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls Escrima:
1 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls 1 for "+7 init because geas is broken.":

«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls 3 for "WTF? Charles is fast??? +8":
1 2 3
«Plot» Diego says, "Charles 14, Bass 10"
«Auto-Judge[]» Diego (#2074) rolls 5 (Charles with Muay Thai) + Combat Pool: 5 vs TN 4 for "Using a knee hit against you.":
2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 10 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls Escrima vs TN 4 for "Full Defense":
3 3 5 7 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls 4 vs TN 4 for "CP:4":
1 5 5 11 = 3 Successes

Charles seems to have some speed augmentation, which is wierd, isn't he a wageslave? Apprently not. The head against the chin triggers the mans instinctive attack reflex, and he gives a hard muay thai knee hit towards your face before he can really think about the action.

«Plot» Diego says, "Soak 5M stun"
«Auto-Judge[]» Bass (#2710) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 5 for "Soaking M":
1 2 3 4 4 5 10 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Bass says, "I shall elect to voluntarily fail the body test to stay standing."
«Plot» Diego says, "Ok, pose it"

Bass is mildly surprised by the speed of the guy - but it DOES make sense. What reason would Diego have to have her go after a totally mundane guy?

The knee collies with her nose, and she rolls with it… but not enough to avoid the entirety of the pain, and she deliberately hits the dirt, blood squirting as she shouts, "He hit me! Call the police!"

And then she starts to stagger back up to her feet…
«Plot» Bass's action will be 'get back up'

The crowd has noticed you two long ago, and this, well this is good entertainment. Charles two buddies though seem to be staring at the man, and whispering to each other. Charles eyes are wide for a second, as he realizes what his body has done. He looks around he room quickly, and then starts to run for the door. That is until a man blocks him, a LS badge in his hand. "Sir, you need to stay right here." The man who is apparently a cop, has his other hand around against his back, probably on a holster.

And then there's the police!

Well, that was easy. Bending down, Bass picks up one of the napkins that were such an integral part of bringing this all together… and mops at her nose. It isn't the most dignified six grand she's ever made… but she'll take it.

Charles stares at the badge, then the cop. His eyes narrow for a second, and then he turns, staring at Bass for a few moments. You get the impression he might realize he was setup, but at this point there is little he can do without fighting a cop. Charles nods, and raiseshis hands. The cop looks over to you "Miss, I'm going to need you to come give a statement if you want to press charges." He then pulls out some cuffs, and starts putting them on Charles.

"Yes, yes I want to press charges." Bass says. Which sounds more like 'des des by bant boo dess charged' with the mildly bloodied nose. She walks over, and blows her nose into the napkin. "This man spilled my drink and used racist language to insult me when I asked him to replace it. Then when I got napkins to clean myself off, he tried to steal them, and got aggressive. I tried to give them to him, and he hit me without provocation!"

The cop kinda takes a moment trying to determine your first few words, then he nods. "Alright, meet me at the 37th preciecnt, its eight blocks from here on alabama and mckinnley. Ask for Detective Jarmin." He then starts leading Charles towards the door.

Bass waits for the officer to lead him away, nodding her head, and then moves to leave the bar herself. She's really waiting to see that nobody - such as his friends - follow her. And then she's going to pull out her phone and call Diego.

Charles is taken outside, where a patrol car has just arived. Detective Jarmin speaks with the patrol officer, then loads Charles up in the back of the car. The patrol car heads off, and Jarmin moves to get into his own vehicle.

Diego answers his phone "Hello?"

Commlink-Bass> Bass says, "He's taken. I can go to the precinct if I want to press charges… but I don't. So I'm going home. Next time, feel free to mention if the guy is wired."
Commlink-Deuce> Diego says, "Wired? *pause* Ok, now I see it. I think the whole purpose of this was that little fact, all my information said he was a wageslave of no importance. I think the point was the fact when he gets to the precienct, he will get a cyberscan. I apologize for not having that information for you, I'm going to have to have a chat with my associate who handed me this job."
Commlink-Bass> Bass says, "Its alright. Six grand for a bloodied nose isn't a bad night's work."

Commlink-Deuce> Diego says, "I've already got someone working on your order now, I should have your new toy delivered in a day or two at most."
Commlink-Bass> Bass says, "Much appreciated, thank you."
Commlink-Deuce> Diego says, "Let me know if you need anything else. Have a good evening."
Commlink-Bass> Bass says, "And you."

Job done, Bass hangs up the line, and goes to find somewhere to check in for a night's sleep. She's tired. But hey, a wife-beating scumbag is going to be dealt with… really, that could have gone much worse for her.



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