Fireworks Display

GM: Captain Vimes
Players: Amarra, Krieg, Zeph
Synopsis: The runners are hired to destroy a drug den operated by a team of gangers pledged to the Red Dragon.
Date: April 13, 2082

Wednesday night in Denver, another cold one - even more so than the day before - with the threat of snow in the air.

Shoeshine and Amarra are both contacted, specifically - word has gone around about the skills they displayed the night before, and they are invited to a new job.

Pearl Tiger contacts Zeph, confiding in him that thought he might like this kind of work.

The details are communicated via trixmail, highlighting a long-derelict burger joint in Denver Tech West. It is currently the stomping ground of the Red Winter gang - and it is the base of operations for their biz moving novacoke, bliss, and beetles around the area.

It is to be destroyed. Another location is indicated, a kilometer away; the means to destroy it are there, wanting an expert to deliver it. Twenty-five thousand nuyen is the going offer.

Shoeshine is generally in for this; the nuyen is low; but he expects that if one were thrifty one might find all kinds of fencable materials in there. He scopes out the drop zone, makes himself available to the others, and moves in to look over the gear.

Zeph pulls up to the location in Marlena his Mustang and gets his gear from the trunk. He looks the area over carefully and notes others that are showing up. He'll cast his pre run spells that get him up to speed and ready to work.

Amarra receives a call of her own after asking her own Tanaka for a little assistance (if he wants to see more money at least). She'll give an affirmation to meeting about the job and, largely, be there for the same reason Shoeshine is- the nuyen might be low, but there should be a lot of good loot. With any good fortune, maybe she can find some juicy paydata from local manifests or pocsecs. She will, of course, need.. More information. Resistance, numbers, how heavily armed the local guards are supposed to be, does the damage need to be flashy as possible or is it more important that it's just flat out gone, how they're supposed to get in and out, that sort of important thing.

«OOC» Amarra will ask her smuggler friends/contact first.

You paged Amarra with 'Red Winter? I've heard of them. They Work out in Denver Tech west. Nasty bunch, a few ex-mil, and they handle some of their own transport. They're definitely connected to the Red Dragon Triad - they are basically street dealers for some of triad's products. Real pieces of work. Their leader, Hun, would sell his own mother for a popsicle. And he hates Sweets.'.

Mana swirls about Zeph and his face takes on the aspect of owl. He shuts the trunk of his vehicle and takes a heavy rucksack with him over his shoulder.

The door to the first location, a half-basement underneath a long-closed electronics shoppe, is locked - with a giant combination padlock! Upon approaching it Zeph's pocsec bings as an entry code is popped into his trixmail with the combination.

Amarra will make sure to talk to her darling baby brother before coming out to hook up with the other runners. Her old Honda Duke isn't much to look at- but those swords she's carrying on her hip sure are. Why she's carrying a nodachi, a katana, *and* a tanto is anyone's guess. But there she is nevertheless, pulling a beat up old Allegiance Sigma cyberdeck out of a saddlebag and hooking it into her choran. Her helmet has a full face covering, and folds her ears in quite nice and snugly. "Konbanwa."

Zeph takes a look around at his surroundings and then crouches next to the door with the padlock. He uses the combination on his pocsec to work the spinner. He takes his time so there will be no mistakes.

Zeph's choices are wise. He manages the combination, but as he opens the door he sees penalty for mischief: there's a claymore mine taped to the roof, with sensor wires running to the door.

This looks like the supply room/basement for the store above, complete with empty boxes and a few crates of parts that are twenty years out of date. there are some small benches and an old nucola vending machine, with four thrilling flavors!

There is a thick cord of electronic wires running from above to a jackpoint next to one couch, and a large briefcase on the counter of the small kitchenette.

If one looks in the mini-fridge, it's actually on, and stocked with energy drinks, protein shakes, and various snacks.

Amarra looks down at Zeph for a moment, after seeing the wires and the claymore. That could have been.. Messy. She gives the man a thumbs up and makes sure to secure her coat, resting one hand on the hilt of her katana, rather than the nodachi. A brief look is given at the jackpoint, but first the room must be secured. She taps her head a couple of times and makes a gesture to indicate that she should go in first.

Krieg wasn't terribly worried about investigating today, but she was curious who else would accept such a job. It's been awhile since she ventured outside the university and labs so a nice walk after being dropped off by a local autocab was just fine.

She ventured off towards the meeting point, to find the others, phone in hand seemingly distracted from her surroundings as she wandered with a tall heavily cloaked stranger not far behind her. She casually chews a bit of gum and practices bubbles and scrolling through some info on the area that may be commonly available. No weapons visible on her, just a medium backpack with a tacti-cool helmet secured ontop. Her normal attire is accentuated with a tacvest covered in a casual sporty school jacket to match her outfit.

When she arrives wherever it is she will need to be, she'll stop to look for the others making no attempt as of yet to be hidden, looking a bit out of place but perhaps not at all depending on the level of neon and Sino-Japanese activity in the area.

(A bumblebee drone perches on her backpack, every so often actively pinging the area for anything interesting.)

Zeph eyes the claymore mine carefully. He's felt the bite of them before. He moves into the room and takes a look around.

Amarra …gives off a shrug, and follows Zeph in. Time to listen carefully.

Amarra gently taps Zeph on the arm, once she's sure the place is more or less secure. She points at the jackpoint and pulls out her 'deck, plugging a cable up under her helmet behind her right ear. Then she points at him, and around the room. She won't really be 'here' if she's checking out their network, after all.

Zeph nods and takes a position in the room where he can see the door. He'll draw his pistol and cover it. His hand is shaking slightly from the adrenaline. He nods to Krieg and gives the girl a slight smile.

Krieg puts her phone away in her vest pocket and looks both ways before crossing the street to check out this noted location, and perhaps find her allies. She quietly approaches to see who may be there, if anything is open, perhaps a scary ganger or two outside.

"Hi hi." Said just loud enough to be audible to the two (aka the two peeps hanging around a claymore!) "Someone called for a delivery, one serving, hot to order, cash on delivery?"

She waits a bit before approaching to join them by the room/basement after making the statement. When Zeph hives her a smile, she nods in response and shushes up for now, to await whatever they may need her to do.

Just outside and watching the door, the cloaked figure awaits them all…

«Plot» Zeph says, "Zeph screws the silencer from his pocked onto the gun. The morrissey alta looks brand new and never used."

Amarra goes a bit limp for about.. A minute or so, before her head perks back up. "…Seems like we are not only expected but the area has been prepared for us. We have full access to food, drink, Matrix access, and some spare gear." She looks around. "I have never felt quite so ominously welcomed."

Far away, the distant sounds of sirens can be heard rising through the night. Elsewhere, small arms fire, and everywhere that sense of slow, growing cold…

Zeph looks at Amarra and nods. He'll pop the top off one of the energy drinks and take a sip. His eyes rove over Krieg and the large figure by the door. "Yeah it looks like its all set up for us nicely."

Amarra hm's. "I'm going to see if I can get anything from the local RTG. You wanna be a pretty bird and hand me an energy drink real quick, please?"

«OOC» Amarra will see if there's any cameras and the like around the area we're supposed to hit

Zeph complies and hands one of the drinks over to Amarra. His eyes rove over her form, but he's not too put off by the anthroform before him or the young looking elf that has entered the room. He'll take a long drink and settle into a guard position.

"Hmm?" Krieg goes to retrieve a drink as well before looking around a bit more for anything interesting in the room. "It is nicer than most."

She chews her gum quietly, the small bumblebee hums awaiting some orders, the figure outside silently stays sentry. Krieg takes this opportunity to give the place a much more detailed observant eye focusing on security systems.

You paged Krieg with 'this place is set up to be defensible, and other than the jackpoint, have minimum need for even electricity. If you would guess, this is actually more often used as a safe house. a couple of those corners would allow firing at the door with good cover/minimum exposure, and the stairs upstairs end in a door that's maglocked on this side.'.

Amarra begins digging around. Audible frowning. "Cheap bastards. Let's see.. I wonder…"

Krieg makes her way around the room as the others work, she looks over the minimal wiring, general ruggedness of the room and excellent covered positions in the corners to cover the door. She goes to each and looks to the door, checking the cover and making a finger guns gesture towards the door to verify each before moving along. A saferoom indeed! She checks over the stairs and rubs her chin slowly with a nod while looking over the maglock at the top of the stairs.

After her scrutinizing of the room she returns to cover the others while still checking for what snacks she can keep for later.

The maglock is the best tech you've seen in here so far. R8 Passkey, with an option to completely seal access from down here.

The Red Dragon host is no slouch. Its security is tight, searching everywhere - and inside the host you are in the lands surrounding a volcano, where the dragon watches from its throne atop it. There's no information registered about security, other than this system, coded by a decker called ' Code-Khan'… and the camera network, which has two cameras in the lobby, one in the kitchen, and one watching the back-alley entrance - and one in the big walk-in cooler, where box upon box of bliss, nova, and btl chips wait, kept safe in the cool.

It's hot in there, and the ice moves like waves of heat, starting to batter Amarra's persona…

Amarra's little digital avatar of a feral black rabbit wearing a rice picker hat and toting a mochi hammer notices that her persona is starting to burn. That's fine. It's not real. Not yet. As long as she can accomplish the tasks she sought to get in here with, she can get out and handle repairs later.

Zeph keeps on lookout drinking his energy drink and has his silenced pistol ready in case things go bad. He doesn't understand at all how the tech works, it is a bit beyond his wheelhouse.

Bunny gets even more cooked, the IC is getting close, she can see the worms starting to crawl out of the ground… but she finds a hoard of treasure!

Amarra, like some kind of anime rabbit Bilbo Baggins, calmly collects a bunch of treasure in her hat, and then flips it back on, and hops away. She knows she's cooking and it is time to GO before Smaug wakes up in full.

Amarra will open the faceplate on her helmet briefly after jacking out and unplugging her head. "We've got their cameras clear. They've got a *lot* of drugs. Nova, bliss, and BTLs for weeks. We need to be quick though. I'll give you what details I picked up about their security along the way."

Amarra ..immediately slams back the energy drink now that her face is visible, and phews. "Grabbed some files that looked expensive too.. If it's worth anything decent, I'll give you guys a cut."

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "the paydata seems to be lists of dealers, locations, how much each is making, and mnumbers of different rackets all over triad -controlled parts of asian town."
«OOC» Amarra says, "do I have any idea of how many guys they have watching the place, how they're armed, etc?"
«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "+lists of their benraku girls, their per-nights take per night for up to 90 days back, the programs they're good for, average number of inputs… the list goes on."

Zeph nods to the rabbit/woman and looks nervous. "You okay?" He tilts his head and sweeps his gaze back to the front door. He then moves to the briefcase on the table and carefully opens it to take a look.

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "there were no digital logs of the number of gangsters, but you identified at least five, all wearing long red parkas. You imagine small arms, but the two guards in the kitchen portion are both packings uzis."

Krieg nods, with a small pop of a bubblegum bubble before looking to the other runner. "So, is what we need in here for the big badda boom? I can check it out before we go to make sure. How would you both like to do this?"

Amarra looks very calm. "The IC was quite hot but I managed through without getting too burnt. I cannot tell you precisely how many guards there are, but I saw at least five, two of them armed with machine pistols in the kitchen." She thinks for a moment. "They're keeping all the goods in the fridges. We should try to be quiet until we are forced to go loud, if we can, and plant the bomb in the freezers. Maybe a few packages go missing.."
Amarra says "Based on what I saw, I have a pretty good idea of a quick path to our target destination."

Zeph opens the briefcase carefully, looking for any types of wiring and traps. His hands are still shaky and he's holding his breath.

Inside the package is a large, homemade but precisely crafted, bomb, and four smaller charges. There is a remote detonator, as well.
Strapped to the upper part of the case is a small, carefully folded piece of paper.

Zeph squints at the piece of paper and removes it, unfolding it to take a look. "Let's see if there are any instructions." He smirks a bit.

The paper is full of elegantly calligraphed japanese.
Those Kanji are =on point-.

Zeph will hand the paper off to Krieg. "I can't read this."

"Agreed, as little harm as can be done is preferred but I have no love for those who spread such destructive things to the community." Krieg watches the others, politely chewing her gum and awaiting a reading of the note. "Oh…"

She takes the note and reads it first before reading it aloud to them in translated English.

Amarra patiently waits, peering over Krieg's shoulder.

-Dragons' gnashing jaws

Can but only reach so far

Flame spares no-one

-Hononored freiends- the large bomb is high-explosive, the smaller are incindieries. The remote triggers them all. Do not worry about killing them all. Death by fire will find them all tonight.

Krieg offers them both a thumbs up after reading the message.

Amarra says "Oooh. Nice."

"That'll work. Who has experience with demolitions?" Zeph asks.

Amarra says "Afraid I have no skill with demolitions."

"I have received standard training in them, it should not be an issue." Krieg mentions, still taking her time to looks the others over. "If there are complications I can make basic adjustments and improvisation."

Amarra says "Then our task is keeping you alive so we can do our job.""
Amarra so you can do your job^

Zeph hands off the detonator to Krieg and carefully shuts the case lid. "This will work looks like." He then hands her the briefcase. His eyes move to the claymore where it is anchored. He leaves it be, just in case tampering with it would set it off.

Amarra begins following Zeph out. "I am skilled at close quarters combat, with these-" she gestures to her triplicate swords. "As long as I can close the distance, I am confident in my ability to cut down the petty gangers, probably their ex-military grunts as well. I am a terrible marksrabbit, though."

Krieg does follow the eyeline and looks at the Claymore. "It would be rude to borrow without asking permission, the snacks are much appreciated as is. Would you like to transport us to the location or conduct a simple foot traffic route. If you have personal conveyances then bringing them may be useful but also poses higher risk of inadvertent damage to them." She says calmly before returning to her gum and awaiting their responses. She tucks the detonater safely away under her jacket in the vest and carries the briefcase!

Amarra says "Eh.. I'll just bring my Duke in case. We may need to make a quick getaway."

"I have a vehicle as well, good enough for getaway driving." Zeph looks at the women and nods to himself, "SHould we go in through the front or the back?"

Amarra says "the back. Front will be more heavily guarded, and we want to be swift. The cameras are ours for a time, so if we can be swift and efficient.."

"Then I will leave the driving to you both, also I believe that is often personal preference based on socially accepted dynamics of conducted." Krieg notes with a small nod "Then the rear entrance it will be."

She circles them both before heading towards the door. "Who would like to transport me with the cargo? I will provide observation from above in route."

She continues to the door, seeming ready to go… the large cloaked figure outside still standing sentry silently.

Amarra's deck chirps at her, and an itty bitty red light is blinking.
Amarra …tentatively checks it.

The deck is reporting it has found a tracer program hidden in the data.
Amarra moves to erase it.

«OOC» Amarra erases with extreme prejudice :E now let's go blow up a crime store.

Zeph motions for Krieg to follow and heads out the door to Marlena his Mustang.

Amarra hops onto her Duke, after securing her deck, once it's cleaned. She'll finish off her energy drink and close the helmet again.

The decrepit burger joined turned drug hub stands in its small parking lot. The parking lot has several vehicles outside, including one that looks like an old-school food truck, where a dealer sells vice like its hot. A couple of joy girls and joy boys work their trade nearby, showing off what' for sale, and in the front lot, near the door, one of those gangers with the red parkas is sitting on an exterior round table, shivering as he keeps his eyes out.

He. Is. Enormous. And so is that Polearm leaning against the bench next to him.

Krieg followed along to the Mustang, letting her little Bumble go free to zip up into the sky above and keep an eye on things. She paused a moment to upnod at the cloaked figure before it heads off into the adjacent streets out of site… perhaps starting it's own route on foot in the alleyways towards their intended objective to lurk in the shadows for now.

"Thank you… it is nice to not have to drive."

«Plot-Page» (To: Krieg) Captain Vimes says, "you detect, incoming from chinatown, a rotodrone. A Wuxing Model, similar to the classic Ares Inquisitor.

There is also a bulldog stepvan driving -fast- to your previous location."

Krieg pops a small bubble and looks over to her driver. "It seems we had been detected at the previous location. There is already an armed ground response force with aerial drone support in-route there." Said rather calmly. "Do you have our friends number? I did not ask on arrival unfortunately… That was foolish of me."

Zeph shakes his head. "I didn't even ask for a comm channel." He frowns and guns the engine, tires peel out and he heads into the street toward the rear door location. "Hopefully I can manage this without looking too nervous. Hope she follows my lead." He punches a few keystroke into his pocsec and then asks, "I need comms with the rabbit."

"Correction, Rotodrone will arrive here it seems… I would advise we keep a low profile to not draw attention if at all possible. It will be capable of destroying all common vehicles and defeating typical tactical armor with ease." Krieg taps a finger to her nose. "I would prefer to not die today, if possible, but I understand there are no guarantees."

Amarra calmly rolls behind Zeph, thus far oblivious to what's going on.

The pocsec chirps out the comm-codes you clearly discussed already, which interacts with your comm system and patches in!

Zeph nods to the more experienced runner and slows down just a little before turning into the drug dealers lair and steering toward the back entrance. "Lets make this quick." He pulls into a parking space.

Commlink-Redsky> Zeph sends, « Rabbit we have issues. Ground and air incoming. »

The guards at the back that Amarra had previously mentioned have left! Possibly part of the response?

Commlink-Amarra> Amarra sends, « Unfortunate. How soon and are they coming for us directly? »

Commlink-Redsky> Zeph sends, « Not certain. Thinking we can get in and out maybe before they get here. »

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "Rotodrone is in position - now-, about 250 meters overhead."

Commlink-Amarra> Amarra sends, « Let us give that a try, then. What.. Is that over our heads? »
As Zeph parks near the back, noone seems to notice. Or perhaps they think this spiffy ride belongs to a customer?

Commlink-Redsky> Zeph sends, « Looks like there is gonna be trouble. Lets all go in the back like we are customers. »

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « Response forces yes, overhead no. As expected it has already managed to get positional coverage of the area. It is doubtful we can outrun it easily. It is in a high observation position so no targets as of yet. »

Commlink-Amarra> Amarra sends, « If we could lure it down here, I might be able to cut it down, but I do not think it will be so foolish. Not unless it's a Renraku model. »

Zeph exits the Mustang and acts like nothing is happening other than him being a late night customer. He walks toward the back door hoping the cameras are still out. "Come on little lady, lets go plant a bomb."

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « The model type will typically stay at stand-off distance and use saturation fire to overwhelm targets. »

Commlink-Amarra> Amarra sends, « Ideally. And I believe it carries quite a load for ammo. »

Krieg hops out of the vehicle to follow along with Zeph. She stays close, just behind and to the side of him to seem more passive. "Agreed." Said quietly before they get to close to anyone.
The back is largely unwatched, at this point.. the back entrance entirely clear, except for the camera planted on the opposing wall. The delivery door is even slightly ajar!

Amarra begins walking after the other two, resisting the urge to glance up. She'll keep her helmet closed and talking through the commlink since that's much more, y'know, secure. A thumb idly flicks the nodachi a quarter inch out of its scabbard..

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « It will be able to cut down an entire city block if needed, unless effective fire can be placed on it. I would advise avoidance if at all possible. I can attempt an electronic diversion if we are forced into a corner, but it would be ill advised. »

Commlink-Amarra> Amarra sends, « If you have any spells you can share to help me do my part better, pretty bird, I would appreciate it. »

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "rigger action: targeting the unrecognized person opening the back door."

From far above, the rigger spots what he was looking for: someone without a red parka going for the undefended back door. It takes a few moments to get the sensor lock, but the change of the whine of its rotors is just enough to leave the runners a little warning. Gunfire opens up from the heavens, six explosive machine runs spattering against the ground all above, melting some leftover snow in its rain of terror!

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "noone right by the door in there. your dodge can have taken you inside, if you like!"
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "good news is, if you tuck your head back inside, you're out of los."
«OOC» Zeph says, "Well that'll help. I do so."

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "krieg, and amarra, you are both close enough to follow him in."

«OOC» Krieg says, "I plan to go inside, and not expose these explosives to direct fire… then look around to see if I can find good cover inside to await the others while also retrieving my helmet from the straps on my bag to put on. I can use a complex for the search/perception and maybe spot anything useful…Any rolls you would like?"

Zeph takes careful aim and unleashes the best spell he has. The beam of mana lances out and strikes the drone squarely. But nothing happens. The drone is just too well armored.

Krieg hurries along inside when the shooting starts, taking up whatever covered position she can find for herself just inside of the building to tuck herself and the explosives away in before getting her helmet on in an attempt to not get beaned tonight by a stray round from a roto.

She takes a few breaths while securing the helmet and awaits her companions, keeping an eye out for baddies inside.

You are in a t-junction hallway. In front of you is the prep table area, but the turn to the right takes you past the walk-in-cooler and freezer and on into the kitchen. A quick peek around in the corner, and you can see red-clad gangers turning toward your direction with military precision… but they aren't quite fast enough to have joined the combat yet!

From it's position, and the layout of this part of the city, the drone would have to drop a lot of altitude to fire into the building.

A bit cluttered with empty crates, an ammo crate, a couple ak's leaning against one of the walls…

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « It would seem we have been detected, as soon as we are inside we have aggressors inbound as well. Please be prepared for multiple combatants upon arrival. The Roto may attempt a low altitude direct fire into the doorway as well if we are not quick enough, be mindful of it. »

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "t-juncton : you guys are on the top part, looking at the prep area on the opposite side. the middle leg, the right angle one, is the one described as leading past the cooling units and on into the kitchen. which is -very- cluttered."

Amarra will begin running behind Krieg as soon as she goes, and she's pretty damn fast. But she's drawing her weapon as she goes in. Unfortunately, it cannot be the nodachi.. Not yet at least. Not against multiple opponents. The katana will just have to do for now.

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "init 9: roto drone lays down suppressing fire in front of the door, but there's no one in that area, so no rolls needed."
«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "init 7 - zeph, whatcha got?"

Zeph pulls up his pistol and takes two shots on the lead ganger. The man is agile enough and dodges keenly, but the second bullet takes him in the throat and he goes down in a spray of red mist.

«OOC» Zeph says, "That is all my actions for the round"

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, " krieg. watcha got?"

«OOC» Krieg says, "Hmm, my main objective is to get to this freezer right? I would like to see if I can do that, if it's not locked. Get right to work so we can hopefully bail soon enough. If it IS locked, I'll have to get my weapon out of my bag I suppose and set up to defend that position until I can get inside, depending on the lock type."

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "cooler, but same diff. although who knows what contents the walk-in freezer has… anyway! not locked! better yet the door opens -towards- the kitchen, because once upon a decade that would have irritated the workers the most."
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "so bonus cover!"

«OOC» Krieg says, "I'll take it!… and then looking around inside to not get zapped by a trap or a sneaky guard."
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "good thinking! but the cooler is empty."
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "you know"
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "aside from all the drugs"

The room contains: drugs on all the shelves, a few cases full of beetles, and a camera in the corner. That may or may not still be spoofed.

Krieg heads directly to the cooler of bad things to get to work, opening the door for a bit better cover and checking for anything that may cause an issue to get places a boom boom here.

"There will likely be more on the way… we should hurry."

Spotting the Camera, she does her best to not be in LOS of it right off the bat before pulling up her typical sneaky mask scarf to meet her helmet and finish the look before proceeding with her search.

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « If there are too many please let me know and I will delay placement to assist. »

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "ganger… delays?"
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "roto drone continues suppressive fire on the door."
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "krieg!"

«OOC» Krieg says, "^^ Well if no one is stopping me… I'm going to start planting the bomb. CSGO style. so the main charge goes in here and the secondary incendiaries should go in their respective best locations? Should I start with a Demo roll for the first, or an overall setup etc. WHht chain of rolls would you like? I also have engineering, if we would like to maximize structural damage."

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "the cooler and freezer are very sturdy areas. if you place the main charge in here, you may risk its power being muted some. That said, it could still be crippling to the building, but… an incendiary here would certainly take care of the job beautifully."
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "also, with that good roll, you can recognize several places in the ceiling and structure this decrepit building is weak!"

After giving it a moment of thought and critical assessment Krieg will start with the Incendiary device here, making sure to remain undistracted by the ongoing firefight. It's not a bother, no one has shot her as of yet. She works with uncommon alacrity in such a situation ready to move on to the next charge if successful.
(First Charge, Incendiary.)

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « If possible, please prevent them from directing any gunfire towards the charges. Thank you. »
Commlink-Redsky> Zeph sends, « Understood »
Commlink-Amarra> Amarra sends, « I believe I can do that quite readily.. »

«OOC» Zeph says, "What is the tn for the drugged ganger?"

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "he's at 8 meters, so probably moderate range. He has partial cover, so that's +4… but with that freezer door in the way, he's even harder to hit. add another +2. You'll have to go past it to get an easier shot. BUT that cover works both ways."
«OOC» Zeph says, "What about just seeing him clearly enough to cast a spell?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Zeph (#13599) rolls Sorcery + 5 + 2 (totem) vs TN 6 for "casting F4 stunbolt at D":
1 1 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 9 11 11 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Zeph (#13599) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 for "Soaking S stun":
1 2 2 2 3 4 5 10 = 7 Successes
«Plot» Zeph says, "soaked, three successes at D"
«Auto-Judge[]» Captain Vimes (#5020) rolls 4 + 2 (kp) vs TN 4 for "MAH BRIANS":
1 1 3 4 4 5 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Captain Vimes (#5020) rolls 4 + 2 (kp) - 3 vs TN 4 for "MAH BRIANS kp":
2 3 4 = 1 Success
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "that should be enough for him to resist the spell."

Zeph stays in cover and darts his head around enough to see the target. He unleashes a wave of mana that envelops the area where the drugged ganger is hidden. The target shrugs off the spell effectively and doesn't seem bothered by it.

«OOC» Krieg says, "Good work chewing up their reserves! Next one will zap em."
The ganger with the red parka has that battle-hardened look. If 'grunt' can be applied to these guys, it's 'marine' grunt; clearly this grizzled veteran is no slouch.

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "the damage was 10 serious + 9 successes. her soak reduced it to 10s + 5 successes. So it stages up to deadly (2 success) and one box of overflow (2 success). you are still on the ground, but with your high body score you are unlikely to die before someone gets a heal on you."

Waiting for just this moment, the red winter ganger already has his uzi stock pressed against his shoulder. Of things he expected, a charging bunny wasn't one of them, but he opens fire anyway. She dodges the first spray, but his second is marked by precise, deadly aim.

Amarra's body is ripped up by the gunfire, and down she goes! She is now out of the fight completely, but then she wasn't really contributing much anyway

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "and we wrap up the initiative, back up to… krieg!"

«OOC» Krieg says, "I would imagine I have to wander out and over the bunny before I could find the next spot…? If so, what's the action economy on either getting my weapon out and maybe pew pewing someone or dragging the bunny inside cover and using my med satchel on them?"

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "the first aid test takes at least a minute, i believe, but drawing your gun would be a single action, and firing it would be a single action. that's doable!"

«OOC» Krieg says, "^^ Oh boy… well then I guess I have to get in the fight. Action to unstrap my carbine and poke around the door to 3rd Burst at the Ganger RC2.

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "zeph!"
«Plot» Zeph says, "Firing twice, he's still in cover right?"
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "right."

Krieg finishes the first placement before hearing an odd splattering of gunfire outside of the door. She takes a breath and pokes her head out to take a look, spotting the fluff and baddy. Having little choice she unstrapped her carbine and dips just enough around the corner to fire off a single burst into the Ganger from her heavy cover… risking as little as she can in such a situation with so much at risk.

"Friendly down…"

Zeph takes two quick shots from behind cover, hopping to whittle the ganger down. He dodges the first, but the second finds a home in the man's hip.

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "on his turn, he'll duck and cover, moving toward the front, and keeps moving on his last pass, diving through the front door…"
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "fresh inits, or are you going to let him escape?"
«OOC» Zeph says, "Do we see the rigger anywhere?"
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "no sign of anyone else back here. they may be remoting in from a fair distance."
«Plot» Zeph says, "Gonna let the man run. I move to Amarra and start casting. What is her essence. I need to factor that into the tn."Commlink-Redsky> Zeph sends, « bombs »
Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « Bobs works as well, I will do so. Please be careful of the door they may return or may attempt to use the Roto to entrap us. »

«OOC» Krieg says, "Unless opposed, and much slower than before I'd like to continue my explosives operation… likely not as quickly now as I have to be more aware of my surroundings and have a slung weapon. What would you like and how many actions, tests etc as we move along in the events?"

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "give me a demo check for the whole process."

Zeph runs up and crouches next to the rabbit and his hands glow blue, digging into the area where the bullets hit. He is able to extract the bullets themselves, but the wounds are still a mess.

«OOC» Krieg says, "Hmm, is that something my Task Pool can be used for as well…"
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "it is!"
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "you feel like you've laid a very effective collection of boom booms."

Commlink-Redsky> Zeph sends, « I've gotta hold the spell til it becomes solid. Can you get over here and medkit her on top of what I have done? »

Krieg continues her work as quickly as she can, mindful of the unsafe work environment that now surrounds her. She places the various devices at key locations in the structure and keeps and eye out for any zoomy that may try to peer in a window and catch her off guard. After what seems forever, she returns to Zeph and the Bunny, a bit hot and sweaty from the work but ready to depart.

There's another round of gunfire, tearing through some of the remaining windows in the front as the drone opens up again.

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « I can, but I do not think it will improve what you are capable of. Will they regain consciousness, departing may be dangerous from this egress point. »

Commlink-Redsky> Zeph sends, « It'll work. Magic first and then nanites. It is a good combination. »

Krieg shakes her head, brushing some of the glass and bits of structure from her vest. She kneels beside Zeph and retrieves her kit to see what can be done.

Amarra comes to after a few, grimacing and gasping for air, because she got pretty heavily wrecked. "Ugh.. Where..?" She starts mumbling in Japanese as her senses come back to her.

Krieg gets right to work, she spent quite a bit of time working as an assistant for surgeons and complementing crews on campus in the last year. The nanites do the bulk of the work, but she does her best to prevent any long term scarring or bleed over from the extra holes her fellow runner acquired.

"Please do not move too much until we have completed the procedures. You have taken considerable combat injuries. We will need a plan to escape."

«Plot» Zeph says, "Going to get the red parka off the first one I killed. Also look for more parkas."

Amarra coughs wetly. "Rotos have a lot of sensor suites.. Here.." She pulls a grenade out of her coat. "The flare *should* scramble the IR/Thermal sensors, but not the others, between the bright flash and reflectivity of the remaining snow, it should feasibly blind it for a few moments. Maybe even blind the rigger operating it. Or at the very least, distract them from our heat signatures for a moment or two."

Zeph finishes up wrapping a red parka around Amarra and handing the last two parkas off to Krieg. One for her and one for her escort. "I think I can use magic fingers to get the grenade within range to be effective."

Staying quiet and passive sensors only, the little Bumble lurks outside and waits to see what search operation the rotor may be doing. It's likely RIC but they may also be operating multiple and switching.

Krieg ponders the grenade idea and the parka. "I believe it can work, it may be best to use the grenade and depart out the opposite side during the distraction. It will not take long to get the the adjacent structures before detonating the devices. That should provide us additional coverage to return to the vehicles."

Amarra says "Then what are we waiting for?"

Krieg tilts her head slightly to the side. "Nothing, you appear to be recovered enough to make the attempt."

She prepares herself for the effort, with the nice crimson coverage she awaits the perfect distraction moment. When the time comes and she sips out and run, calling back her little bumble to join her at the other building.

Like all polite demolitionists she will wait to ensure her allies depart and reach a safe distance before taking the detonator from her vest and triggering the devices to provide a further distraction.

The Flare grenade goes up and up and up, lifting through the air…. and then it explodes with a brilliant flash! Drawing the attention of everyone that might be lying in wait, and briefly blinding the rigger!

…and once everyone is clear, the bombs go off. the explosion is brilliant and firey, the drugs making fascinating colors as they burn.

«You have Mail!»«To:Amarra/Zeph»Please add me to your friends ((Amarra receives a quick link invite. The bouncey avatar pointing to the accept button looks similar to Krieg, in chibi form, wearing a WWII-ish Japanese uniform. The avatar point several times to the button, offers a stern look complete with little angry Emotacons as it waits, the actions repeating until accepted.

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