Explosion At Angels Delight
GM: Yelmalio
Players: Harmony, Dalton, Mafen, Janie, Russik, Talia, Raggedy Annie, Katral, Knox, Bianca
Synopsis: The Sinners attack Angel's Delight!
Date: November 11, 2010

Explosion at Angel's Delight

Shenandoah - Angel's Delight

You are now inside a 20 by 15 meter room of the pool hall. Booths line the walls along the front and the back while pool tables take up the center of the room. The exit is on the south wall near the western corner of the hall. The bar is about two meters away, spreading down the remaining 13 meters where it bends to take up another 4 meters along the north wall. A door to the back marked 'staff only' is on the north wall about 2 meters from the west corner.

There is a large presence of gangers wearing yellow bands, or with halos or any of the other various symbols used by the gang known as the Saints. The crowd in here is mostly human and ork, but other races are tolerated. (Elves will get treated worse, but only if they seem 'high-and-mighty').

The walls are synthetic wood paneling, and are covered with various archaic photographs. The hall looks like it hasn't been updated in the last ten years or more. The smell of smoke flows lightly through the room, but the ventilation system keeps it under control. It fits in with the softer sounds from the sound system which plays various songs at a moderate level. There is a panel along the north wall where patrons can pick what they want to hear (for a price, of course).

Katral raises a hand, smirking as he's greeted. "I'll have… some of your strongest. In a clean glass?" He doesn't seem a regular to ordering drinks around here.

"Aw", Rags says at Dalton, about his mention of a dry spell of no work. Turning her head to direct her words at Katral, she asks, "Whatsa scan with you?"

Meat gets his beer (which has been paid for) and raises his glass to the person who bought it. He grabs his burger and with it hand heads out for the door "Excuse me." he replies to the chummer and goes on.

Dipping down to slide in through the door, Harmony rises to her full height once inside .. or as far as she can, keeping her head clear of the ceiling. She looks around brightly, absently pushing her jacket back into place from being out in the wind and the world, checking out the pool hall for interesting sights and moving towards the bar carefully, each movement precise as if worried about breaking something by accident.

Dalton blinks at the sight of the giantess entering the bar, thier kind is not really that common in Denver, and they tend to stand out. He takes a sip of his beer after watching her a moment, then turns his head to look at something else, like Rags backside as she talks to Katral.

Mafen nods at the troll as he exits, shaking his head. "Poor fellow looks like he's had a rough night." He comments to himself as the man exits. He shakes off the hanging image of the neck tattoos and takes another drink.

Janie shrugs at Mafen. "Gonna be an even rougher one if he doesn't manage th'attitude," she murmurs, then glances at the giantess that walked in.

Katral shrugs, looking out across the bar then back to Rags. "Just thirsty. Had myself a swim, if you can believe it. In semi-clean waters!"
Two saints get into a shoving match over who's turn it is to break. The loser of the match gets his head bounced off of the jukebox, causing the song to skip playing and then stop altogether. A third gang member gets between the two and resolves the situation — /He'll/ break.

Rags sips from her beer again, nodding at Katral. It seems she's about to speak something in reply, when her gaze follows that of /everyone/ else to the really /big/ woman who just walked in. "Whoa! She must sure eat her soy-bran!", she comments, loudly enough to be heard as the place goes, momentarily, a little quieter than usual.

Bianca has arrived.

Experimentally testing a stool, Harmony will let her weight sink down on it while still looking like she can hop up if needs be. Satisfied that it will hold, albeit a little put off by the creaking, she'll settle in quietly. Looking to the fight over the break, she smiles a bit and waits her turn to order, chuckling as Rags comment (and likely a few others, less kind) reach her ears.

Mafen chuckles as she does the same thing that Mafen did before sitting down. "They seem sturdy enough.", he comments, smiling at the very tall troll. He sips his drink. "Drinks are apparently on the woman over there." He points at Raggedy. "Though I'm not sure how much longer her bank account can hold out."

Rags' eyes widen at what she hears Mafen say. "Hey! It's just supposed to be /one/ round!", she complains at the bartender, reaching out one hand and making a 'gimme!' motion with her fingers until her credstick's given back to her. "But next time /he/ orders, his drink's on me… /just/ him!", Rags says to the 'tender, gesturing over at Mafen - who probably just saved her another grand or two worth of nuyen.

Dalton chuckles at Rags antics with the credstick, and takes another sip of his beer. He is suprised slightly by the amount of non-saints in the pool hall today, something must be going on in the warrens to attract this much attention.

Katral accepts the drink he's already been offered, starting to gulp it down. He's a bit busy to respond!

Grinning at the interaction, Harmony orders a beer or two, depending on the size of the mugs, and one of those burgers the troll that left had. She continues listening and watching, idly tucking hair behind one ear.
Knox begins to stand up, he switches the white noise generator off but is still at the table.

Mafen finishes off his scotch & soda and orders another. His irises morph into little ringing bells, and then he tilts his head and little spinning hourglasses are visible. A good thirty, fourty seconds later he pops out of the phone call and picks up his new drink as it is delivered.

Knox shoulders his way out of the crowded pool joint, tapping Dalton on the shoulder making the sign for "biz" and he parts with a "Don't Forget" to the man. The ork steps on a woman's tail on his way out. "Oh, excuse me."

Knox has left.

Talia smiles as she pockets something, then makes her way over to the pool tables, at some of the easier marks… "I'm sorry, I've nae ever seen something like this… Whot is this table for?"

Dalton nods to Knox and then watches him head out of the room. His gaze then sweeps the crowd to find the pretty elven woman that was with Knox, then finds her talking to some folks at a pool table. He takes a sip of his beer as he watches the woman work.

One of the gangers, stereotypically chalking up a pool cue, shrugs. "Why, my lady, this is where we play billiards."

Katral finishes his drink, noticing there's A LOT more people out and about. "Oh. Um, did someone put something in my drink?"

Sipping at her beer, Harmony peers about. She tilts her head at the scene near the pool table, murmuring in a soft voice to the guy next to her, "That's so sad .. she's never seen a pool table before." The human next to her looks up, up, up and blinks at the giantess, nodding slowly, "Yes .. that is, um, sad."

Mafen traces little lines in the condensation from the drink on the bar. He chuckles at Harmony's comment. "I believe she may have actually seen one before."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Willpower vs TN 6 for "LEts see, what possible interested could a shaman with a weakness for women want with a 12 foot tall girl…..hrm…":
1 1 1 1 3 4 4 8 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Mafen (#6763) rolls Willpower vs TN 64 for "Unrelated… ; )":
2 3 4 4 4 11 = 0 Successes

Talia looks up a little quizzically, and she asks the ganger, "Whot's Billiards?" in her most confused-sounding voice, acting like she's never been near a pool table in her entire life. One of the older Saints looks over, and almost spits his drink out, trying to keep from laughing and blowing what aught to be nice comedy…

Janie nods at the bartender as her bourbon is delivered, then makes her way over to the pool tables to see the imminent spectacle.

Katral prods Rags in the side. "She doesn't know what pool is. Wanna school her like ya tried me a while back?"

Dalton glances over at the twelve foot tall woman, and idly checks to see just how big her chest is, he tries to be discreet about it at least, but, he is curious. He listens to the comments about the pool game, and turns to look over at the scene, slipping his gaze to the astral plane to judge the emotional state of the female player, assuming there is deception to be found here, at least thats his guess.

The ganger leans slightly against the table, chuckling. "Well, it's a game, see? It falls under the category of 'cue sports'. The basic idea is, you use kinetic energy, transferred from a using this stick, into one of the balls on the table. You try to cause the result for a variety of pre-determined patterns for victory conditions. It's all rather interesting, I think, at least." He seems somewhat doubting at Talia's whole never-seen-a-pool-table comment, and some of the gangers around him chuckle.

A large group of assorted Saints gangers burst in through the doors laughing and joking. Shoving each other and doing other roughshod things that gangers in big groups do. Heading to the bar they all order beers and continue with their loud behaviour.

Looking over to Mafen now from the slightly stunned human she was chatting up, Harmony ohhhs at Mafen. "I see. She really has seen a pool table before." The giantess looks over the heads of many in the pool hall towards the little scene, turning her beer this way and that. "So she just wanted a game, you think, or …. " She pauses and considers, then ohhhhs again.

Enters a pair of wings with woman attached to them. Not a pair of smallish ones. They're rather huge and dominate her frame quite a bit. The coat she's wearing over her clothes thus mainly contains of a front part, the rear having been cut out for obvious reasons. She steps into the place, turns around, grunts at the weather outside. A shake of her head, a hand moving up to brush back her hair, then with an exhale, she is already starting her way over to the bar, giving the place a thorough lookover. Especially that group that entered just a moment before she did. She lets them get a little lead on her. Distance sometimes is a good thing, after all.

He lifts a stick up from a small rack of them. "We call these pool cues. Mainly used for this game, though they can be used for a couple other things too." He hands one to her. "It would only be gentlemanly of me to teach you the rules, if you'd fancy a game." He bows slightly and offers the cue.

Mafen's ultrasound vision ticks off at the giant winged creature entering the bar and he spins, standing up, and there's an odd mechanical clicking noise. He hesistates, staring at the door. "What… the… fuck… is that." He brings his full sensory suite to the table, scanning the creature for some hint on what the hell it is. Free spirit?

Katral looks at his drink, blinking. "Ummmm…"

Dalton takes the queue from the metal man, and looks over at the new arrival, assensing her with his astral perceptions, cause he was already using them elsewhere.

The bar quiets down a little bit. The giantess was impressive, but this… stands out.

Harmony wows. "This is like something out of Dawn of Atlantis!"

The bar is overtaken by the rowdy group of Saints, a couple of them shoved into other bodies sat at the bar. The Saints ignore anyone they're shoved into who isn't an obvious Saint. They're rude.

Janie follows Mafen's stare and blinks. Okay, that /is/ different. She leans back, tilting her head to one side as her eyes shimmer silvery gray for a moment as she shifts perceptions to the astral.

Rags has fallen quiet, but shakes her head to Katral's suggestion. "Nah… they got it", she says of the Saints at the pool table. "Their place… let them handle it?", she suggests, not wanting to step on any toes. Then everyone goes quiet again and she looks and /almost/ drops her bottle of beer. "Holy drek!", she comments into the moment of 'quietness'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Intelligence vs TN 6 for "Pesky background count.":
1 1 2 3 4 5 5 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Mafen says, "Ohh, sorry Yelmalio"
«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Intelligence vs TN 6 for "Pesky background count. (KP 1)":
1 1 1 3 3 4 5 = 0 Successes

"Ahh, kind of like Kendo, just not as poofy?" Talia seems a bit amused, and stands back, letting the gangers play. "Mind showing me how t' play? I dinnae want t' interrupt the game ye've got going here, at least, wouldnae be right…" She looks to the croud at the bar, and sees Mafen there, and more importantly, the giantess, enough that she says, "Thanks for blowing it, ye wee bawain!" Her face loses all hint at innocence, and she adds, "Yeah, I ken how t' play, I just wanted a little fun." She then proceeds to flip Mafen the single finger of doom, grinning.

«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Intelligence vs TN 6 for "Pesky background count. (KP 3)":
1 2 2 2 2 3 4 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Intelligence vs TN 6 for "Pesky background count. (KP 6)":
2 2 3 4 5 10 10 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Centering vs TN 2 for "Centering abouw Background count":
1 2 3 3 5 5 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4 for "Assenssing Bianca, and trying to penetrate masking if she has it.":
1 1 2 4 4 4 = 3 Successes

Mafen seems to totally ignore the flipping of the bird in lieu of watching the demon-thing. As the rowdy crowd comes pushing up to the bar, Mafen shoves one of them away that try to move him. "Back off." He's still watching the demon carefully.

«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls Intelligence vs TN 6 for "What Janie said.":
2 2 4 4 4 5 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls Intelligence - 1 vs TN 6 for "What Janie said. KP 1.":
1 1 2 4 5 10 = 1 Success

TeeJay is pulling down her brows in annoyment when she catches a Saint's impact just short of falling down. Her wings twitching slightly, and her tail beginning to do just the same. "Ey ey ey… watch it boys…", she sighs, but doesn't speak up to any of them in special. A shake of her head. With her body, she's certainly not made for crowd brawls, so, she slows down her pace that formerly was about to take her to the bar. Deciding that this might not be the best time for her to hang and have a drink, obviously. And turns, her eyes now locking back onto the door.

«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls Intelligence - 1 vs TN 6 for "What Janie said. KP 3.":
2 2 3 4 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls Intelligence - 1 vs TN 6 for "What Janie said. KP 6.":
2 3 3 5 8 10 = 2 Successes

Dalton frowns "Well thats rather screwed up, it appears perfectly natural, how they hell did they manage that." He says out loud to no one in particluar.

Attention jerked back from the winged person to Talia, the giantess winces and mouths a 'sorry' about ruining the confidence scam. She corrals her drinks and her now arrived burger in light of the new and rowdy arrivals at the bar, making sure things stay in arm's reach .. though to be fair, that is a fairly good area to cover.

The pool player just kind of stares at Bianca for a bit, his ganger friends looking quite mute as well. After a second he shrugs, saying, 'Well, I'd hit it.' iliciting some laughter from his friends. He looks back at Talia. 'Stilwant to play.'

Katral finishes his drink, happy at apparently being given free hallucinogens. "More please." he states, before turning about to watch these things unfold

Just as one of the gangers hits a brickwall which pushes back (Mafen) another smaller group of just two or three heads in. Much more subdued.
The one that gets shoved by Mafen turns around and gives him an eye, the whole group quieting down as they cast the evil eye at the not-saint fighting back in their home turf. "What di'you jus' say keeb?"

Shaking her head, Talia notes, "Some of the fun's in taking someone for a ride, but in truth, I wos goina need to take off soon anyway. If nae anything else, though, I want t' thank ye for the laughs; unlike some of yuir fellows, at least this time," she jerks her thumb at the older ganger… "He didnae end up spraying anyone. I'd enjoy a game when I have the time, though." She begins making her way out, nodding politely as she does so.

Mafen tilts his head to look at the ganger. "Really? That walks in and you are mad I wouldn't let you shove me out of the way?" He points at the winged creature. He shakes his head, sitting back down in the stool. "So impolite…" He seems a little on edge. Who knows what crazy mojo the crazy winged lady might start slinging.

Rags couldn't help but notice Mafen pushing back at one of the local gangers. Nudging at Katral and at Dalton, she says, "Maybe we oughta find some place else to hang out…", to the two of them, putting her not-quite-half-empty bottle of beer down on the bar, effectively abandoning it.

Her food and drink safe, or semi-safe, Harmony snags a few fries from the basket and downs them with a mouthful of beer. She isn't oblivious to the potential problem with the slighted gangers, but that is at least 10 feet away from her. Lotta things happen ten feet away, you cannot concern yourself with every conversation, after all, she surmises.

TeeJay is busy rolling her eyes at the ganger behaviour. "Boys…", she sighs, picking her place to be the one just a yard from the entrance, her stance making it quite clear that escape might be her trouble-solving strategy. But she doesn't leave quite yet, looks back into the room, her eyes seeming to lock on Mafen's for a fraction of a second. One hand reaching behind herself to fetch her tail, to keep it from swishing around or getting trampled on.

Dalton shakes his head, but doesnt look at Rags "No, I think I'll stay and see what happens." his gaze is focused on the demon at the door, though he does keep enough presence of mind to watch the robot elf, cause, well, those guys are crazy usually.

The group of more subdued gangers hang out around the door, having spied the rowdy group at the bar. A couple of them chat between them, and the third just leans up against the wall next to the door in and out, watching Talia as she leaves.

The other ganger doesn't even take his eye off Mafen, "Don' give a screw what that is, this ain't your bar, yeah? Watch yourself in the Angel's, this is Saints turf." He spells it out, just in case Mafen was some kind of retard, who doesn't know this is Saint territory?

Katral looks about the area, reaching into his longcoat… to grab a pair of sunglasses. He slips them on, smiling. "I guess I forgot my one-liner for this one."

Mafen nods knowingly. "I'm well aware. I apologize for the slight." He doesn't get out of the seat and he doesn't turn to look at the ganger. His back makes a tempting target, probably.

Mmmm questionable meat-like product. Harmony continues to eat the 'burger' and 'fries' with not quite relish, but she isn't making faces either; it's the Warrens, after all, and food is hard to come by. She looks around and seems in a fairly good mood even with the ominous cloud hanging over the mood in the pool hall.

The ganger behind Mafen narrows his eyes, but natural survival instinct wins over, Mafen is built like a tank after all. He returns to his friends, who all loosen up then and slowly return to their rowdy ways. At last leering around at the women. Leering very obviously.

Rags shrugs at Dalton's words and makes as hasty an exit, without bumping anyone along the way, as she can effect.

Katral sighs, leaning back against the bar… where Rags has just fled. "Oh, guess I'm buying my own drinks." He looks back at the bar, where several of his emptied glasses now stand. "Well, or not."

Janie exhales in relief as that particular situation defuses itself, then sips her bourbon and finds a seat to observe the pool game from.

The polite ganger that was chatting with Talia plays a round of 8-ball with one of the other gangers, with a fancy pistol and 500 =Y= on the pot.

Looking to the human she had spoken with before, Harmony gives a brilliant smile and a nod, "It all worked out, see? No one got shanked for pool hustling and no one is fighting." She takes another bite of her burger, killing it off, and takes a gulp of beer. "All in all, a pretty good hour in the Warrens, you know what I mean?"

The human, for his part, considers that he hasn't been eaten by the giant a pretty good thing as well, but doesn't vocalize that. Instead, he nods politely and pays off his tab, heading out of the bar and into the safer streets.

Dalton shakes his head slightly, then sips from his beer, he watches the scene in the bar intently though, the gangers and the robot, all the tenseness in the air, he keeps his gaze on the astral plane to study emotional states.

The two Saints chatting by the door head further inwards and fill the space left at the bar, ordering drinks then resuming their quiet conversation. Something about sinners, to anyone listening.

TeeJay lets her eyes sweep over the place again, narrowing them slightly. Studying the general croud for a moment while Harmony and her company. For a short moment, her focus flicks back to the talking gangers. But she isn't really sneaky enough to eavesdrop on locations from up close, thanks to her disadvantageful body for things like that. So, still holding the door open after Harmony's leave, she leans forward, thus lowering the highest point of her wings to fit through the door frame, and steps out into the cold again.

The eyes of the one Saint leant against the door swivel slowly as they follow the winged form out the door.

Mafen slots his cred to finish paying off his tab, and grabs his suitcase, head tilting to the door. He heads to leave — getting too tense in here.

Harmony watches the little man she was talking to head off, hmming quietly. She shakes her head and goes back to her beer, noticing Mafen preparing to leave as well. The giantess looks around, trying to see why everyone is vacating the room so quickly, noting the winged woman leaving and being followed.

Janie finishes her drink a bit faster than she'd originally intended - the mood of the place seems to have shifted a bit, and something in the atmosphere is making her instincts twitchy. She glances around the room over the rim of her glass, trying to discern the source of the change.

"Getting some tight in there for no real reason I could see…", Bianca sighs as she takes note of the giantish woman looking down at her. She shrugs. "Tight space is somewhat bad for me… I break easily…" And she smiles up to the troll lady. Takes some steps to the side, so she's got space around herself. She spreads her wings, which easily have a span of twelve feet in their extended state. She straightens her tail… and pushes herself off into the air with some swift wing-strokes, sending some gust of air into the door of the Angel's Delight. "Take care…", she shouts down as she thrusts herself up to the next ceiling.

Dalton takes a sip of his beer, almost finishing the bottle, and just watches the room quietly.

Mafen shakes his head looking out the door. How unusual. He moves forward toward the door surrounded with gangers.

Russik has arrived.

Harmony watches the winged woman take off, squinting as the gust of air sends in some cold, some dirt. She says to anyone listening, "Now see, that is just /neat/. I saw a guy with a mod like that on Dawn, and he was able to jump up and POW! land on someone, right, and then …" The giantess stops as she realizes that people aren't listening to her.

Janie watches the winged woman fly off, impressed despite herself, then looks at Harmony as the Giantess comments. "Dawn?" she asks, raising one eyebrow.

Knox has arrived.

Gesturing with one hand and a beer, Harmony nods quickly, "Dawn of Atlantis, this Matrix game. You can play just about anything if you pay for the right mods. Something like wings, I mean, you'd need to have a lot of points in the game and it probably would cost you a lot of cred, but the advantages are worth more than, say, an ori sword of slaying or even something like the Ebon Glaive."

Russik puts out his cigarette and opens the door to the bar, walking in and stopping to take a call from his buzzing cellphone. Instinctivelly he reaches for his pack of cigarettes, lights a fresh one and returns the pack back into the pocket. Cigarette and phone in hand he loiters at the door.

Janie nods at Harmony's reply as if any of that actually meant a thing to her. "I see," she lies. "Sounds interestin'…"

Brightening as she is on a familiar topic, the large woman nods, "Oh it is! It is like .. you are there, right, in the World and have to fight off these monsters and go on quests for .. well, whatever it is that they need, like a village needs help stopping this evil Overlord!" Harmony finishes off her beer and sets the empty down, tapping an open hand on her knee, "Of course, there are always people that try to break the system and do things that aren't fair, but you can wait for someone to remove them."

Knox arrives back from outside, the cold damp cloudy weather of Denver comes in with him in a strong gust. the ork loosens his tie and moves towards the bar.

Dalton turns around on his barstool, reaching into a pocket to produce some scrip to pay for a new beer. Once it arrives he takes a sip, turning around slightly on his stool to just watch the people do thier things.

Janie blinks suddenly as her PDA beeps once to let her know something relevant just pinged its filters. She takes it out with her free hand and scans the message, then smiles briefly and taps out a quick response.

Dalton glances over at Harmony as she talks about games, and smiles faintly "Would you like to fly yourself?" he remarks to the large woman.

The single Saint lingering by the door eyes Russik as he enters, and then Knox, attention snapping back to Mafen as he approaches to apparently leave. The ganger then leans up off the wall, staring at Mafen and takes a step towards him, into his path.

Knox pocket secretary buzzes as he slips into a stool at the bar. He slaps his thigh to silence the pocket computer. He leans over and takes a passing look at the crowd, "Anyone still buying rounds?", he half jokes before flicking his gaze to a Saint approaching Mafen.

Mafen stops in his tracks, looking the Saint over. He ahems, and says, "Yes?"

Twisting in her seat to look to Dalton, Harmony shakes her head. She ruefully gestures towards the ceiling and says, "I am already as high up as I need to be, I think. At this altitude, it is like I am flying already. Plus, can you imagine the crash I'd make if I fell out of the sky?" She snorts and shakes her head, "It'd be like an elephant crashing down."

Dalton grins "Its perfectly safe, though I tend to suggest being invisible too, warrens folk tend to shoot things out of the sky for fun."

"No, I don't think anyone is currently buying," Harmony says to Knox, motioning towards the door, "There was this one, but they up and left." She nods to Dalton and says, "I was invisible on Dawn once .. but you cannot see yourself, so it got pretty confusing."

The ganger in front of Mafen yanks his leather A jacket open to reveal a stylish cat o' nine tails drawn on his t-shirt. "I got a message form the Siners for you!" He yells that out at the top of his lungs while attempting to stare down the biggest, meanest looking elf there ever was.

Almost needless to say this causes a bit of a silence in the Saints immediately surrounding Mafen and the fake-Saint.


«Auto-Judge[]» Mafen (#6763) rolls Intelligence for "Olfactory booster.":
3 3 3 4 5 5 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Mafen (#6763) rolls 20 for "Comp dice from software.":
1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 11 11

«Plot» Yelmalio says, "You get half dice as comp for open rolls. Unless this roll isn't open in which case, I don't know what the TN would be. :)"

Oh crap. Janie's free hand darts down to where her guns are holstered and moves away from Harmony to get as clear a line of fire as is possible given the crowd, the world around her slowing down to a crawl as her perceptions speed up beyond what's humanly possible.

Knox frowns at Harmony's message. Or the gangers. He side steps closer to the door as he was last to enter.

Dalton snaps his head to the side, magical tattoos coming online on his person, and his gaze focuses on the sight of the man doing the yelling. He doesn't move to raise a hand or muscle, but his mind focuses on the task of drawing in mana energy for a possibly needed spell.

Hm? Someone over there is talking to that really broad elf. Harmony stops babbling to pay attention, and, since no one else asked, she'll politely remark, "Well? What is the message from the Sinners?"

Mafen's eyes drop their tint and go into grids and there's a couple of tings as high speed gyros in his limbs fire off and he dives forward, feet coming off the ground to tackle the man as he reveals his tattoo. He grabs the man at the neck and tries to cover as much of the man's body as he can with his own as he leaps with all of his weight on the bomber.

As Talia walks back in, she sighs as she looks towards the pool tables, just before her eyes widen as she sees hands dart towards weaponry. "Oh, drek me gently with a chainsaw…" She keeps her back to the wall, gently side-stepping along the way, preferring not to end up in the most likely direct line of fire, stampede, or other assorted mayhem. She keeps her eyes on the situation, and lets her gaze float into the astral as she does so, noting Dalton's intake of magical power.

Russik cuts his eyes to the situation by the door. He continues talking on the phone, cracking a smile at the ganger's actions "Da, da…" he pauses, losing the sense of humor "Where I am gonna get him a mini giraffe? Is he crazy?" with a mixture of street talk, eastern accent and or'zet.

The ganger with the cat o' nine tails is crumpled up beneath the huge weight of robot Mafen. In fact he's crushed. Probably dead.

That doesn't change the explosion that rocks the AD though, and suddenly concrete, ferrocrete, bricks, dust and smoke are filling the inside of the pool hall. Anyone without sound dampeners has ringing ears, and anyone without eye protection finds it difficult to see, at this point.

«Plot» Yelmalio says, "Mafen will be soaking… 15D, anyone who judges themselves 'near the door' 14D. Anyone else, 12S from rubble."

«Auto-Judge[]» Harmony (#9141) rolls Body vs TN 5 for "Resisting 12S minus impact armor from the rubble.":
1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 5 10 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Harmony (#9141) rolls Body - 3 vs TN 5 for "Resisting 12S minus impact armor from the rubble, karma reroll":
2 2 3 4 4 5 7 10 15 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Mafen (#6763) rolls Body vs TN 2:
1 2 4 4 4 5 5 5 7 8 8 10 11 = 12 Successes

«Plot» Harmony says, "Harmony takes no damage from the blast."

«Auto-Judge[]» Russik (#6502) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 7 vs TN 7 for "Soaking 14D":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 7 7 8 11 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 12 vs TN 8 for "Ow.":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 8 9 15 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Russik says, "M phys"
«OOC» Knox says, "What am I supposed to be rolling against tn wise?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 12 - 3 vs TN 8 for "Ow, KP 7.":
1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 15 = 1 Success
«OOC» Yelmalio says, "12 minus Impact armour."
«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 12 - 4 vs TN 8 for "Ow, KP 9.":
1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 10 10 11 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Janie says, "Soaked."
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Body + 4 (Tattoo) + Combat Pool: 9 + Karma Pool: 5 vs TN 9 for "9S damage remains, need 6 successes, KP:5":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 8 10 11 11 11 16 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Body + 4 (Tattoo) + Combat Pool: 9 + Karma Pool: 5 - 5 vs TN 9 for "9S damage remains, need 6 successes, KP:6":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 9 10 17 = 3 Successes
«Plot» Dalton soaks
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 7 vs TN 11 for "I knew I should have brought my jacket":
2 2 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 7 7 10 = 0 Successes

Russik's phone flies away and is smashed into the wall, as the ork follows close behind it, hitting the table, breaking his right forearm and then hitting the wall with the back of his head. He slides down into sitting limp against the wall as the gashing wound in the back of his head leaves a blood trail from where his head impacted. Slowly getting up, deaf and disoriented, he can't stop from looking down at his mangled right arm, fingers twisted backwards and one of them missing. He finds the severed finger nearby and puts it in his pocket.

«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 9 + Karma Pool: 2 vs TN 10 for "Wow. A Robot, a Demon, and an Elf walk into the bar, and the bartender says, "12S damage."":
1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 7 = 0 Successes

Tossed ass over tea kettle by the blast, Harmony picks herself up from where part of the bar was crushed by the ceiling and a very heavy giantess. She grunts and idly shoves a hundred kilogram chunk of ferro-concrete out of the way, snorting in the dust. "That .. was unpleasant." Rising up, she'll glance at the destruction and brush dust, dirt, and parts of Mafen's realskinn and clothing off of her.

«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 9 + Karma Pool: 2 vs TN 10 for "Wow. A Robot, a Demon, and an Elf walk into the bar, and the bartender says, "12S damage." 1/21 Unused KP":
3 3 3 4 4 5 5 9 9 10 10 10 10 11 13 = 6 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 7 vs TN 11 for "1/1KP":
1 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 10 10 11 = 1 Success

Dalton is lucky sometimes, perhaps its a gift from his magic, perhaps its just random fate, but somehow as he falls off his stool onto the floor from the blast, he avoids any of the flying debris, nothing hits him, and he struggles to get back to his feet.

Mafen, with sheaves of his realskinn hanging off and his nice suit torn to shreds, looks a little worse for wear on the floor. He tilts his neck back and forth estimating the damage before slowly standing, ultrasound pelting through the dust and debris and examining the scene.

«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 6 vs TN 11 for "KP3/3, -1 For successes":
1 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 9 = 0 Successes


Riding the lightning in her nerves, Janie /sees/ the explosion flare up. She fights against her own momentum and an atmosphere that's about as cooperative as molasses at these speeds to dive behind the pool table and let it take the actual shockwave, then twists back on her feet to dodge the falling debris. She coughs once from the dust, then blinks as she realizes she can't /hear/ her coughing over the tweeting sound in her ears.

Banging on the side of her head, Harmony shakes dirt out of her hair and asks the room, her voice a dull bellow due to her inability to hear as well as that damned constant ringing, "Did anyone hear the message before the room blew up?"

Mafen shouts with improved volume, "I HAVE A RECORDING." Still, it's doubtful many with unprotected hearing could hear. He opens his suitcase and removes a medkit — the armored suitcase thankfully still in one piece — and looks for the most injured person immediately visible.

Dalton coughs, looking around through the dust "Anyone hurt, come over here!" he yells out.

The Saints that are lay, now assorted around the room moan and groan loudly, it's a cacophony between them all. The bartender has disapeared, while most of the bar is full of fist sized holes, and the one area that Harmony collapsed on.

Maybe it was the red head elf that walked into the room. Maybe it was the buzz of a good day of biz. Either way, it really ain't Knox's day. He's blown along the bar counter and directly into the doorframe of the bar crumbled into a bloodied and broken boned pulp barely concious of anything. In the quiet after the explosion of pane of glass falls into shards atop the orks body for added measure.

The second Talia sees Mafen go for the bomber, she does the smart thing, and dives in the opposite direction, catching some of the blast on her back as she goes. Long training and experience, though, see her through, as the moment she feels the force of the bomb, she simply goes limp, letting the force carry her until she can get her bearings, rolling along the ground. "Frakking A, I just GOT this coat!" She does not sound amused, and rolls about, looking to see what little she can. "Hey, is anyone all right?" screams she, obviously not hearing much over the ringing in her ears, and not seeing much either from all the dust kicking up.

Dalton switches to his astral perceptions, scanning the area for those that appear to be dying. He grunts slightly and starts picking his way through debris to find the auras that are ebbing away.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls 2 for "Moving about quickly to try to heal as many dying saints as possible":
2 10

«Plot» Yelmalio says, "Anyone else with astral vision and magical healing doing the same, 2d6 for how many gangers you can get to."

Russik slowly gets up, his compensators killing the pain. The biomonitor conducts the scan and while the processor runs diagnostics throughout his system, the ork starts to stumble towards the door, cursing keebs and their mothers. Disoriented, deaf and unable to see well, he begins heading for the bathroom door remains, confusing them for the front exit.

A black cloak and hood suddenly surround Dalton as he reaches a man whos blood is leaving his body in great gushes. The cloak blows as if caught in a wind, and then vanishes after the spell takes effect. He quickly moves onto the next dying ganger, and repreats the process.

«Auto-Judge[]» Janie (#4136) rolls 2 for "I've got magical healing /and/ Biotech skill. Does that help?":
3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Mafen (#6763) rolls 2 for "Just biotech here. Savioring any I come across. We're like a first responder team!":
3 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls 2 for "In Re: Gangers, Healing, and trying to make someone's day not completely suck. Oh, and Force 8 Heal and a healing focus.":
1 1

Not much of a healer, Harmony will help out by moving heavy things out of the way and trying to make people comfortable as best she can, righting tables and chairs and in general doing what she can.

Knox sticks a hand through some rubbles to lift himself out, slicing his hand in the process. He says something completely incoherent, and with his bloody free hand straightens his tie before lying back into the pile of debris. *Cough cough* Cough cough* "H-heelllllllllllllp……….", he croaks.

«Auto-Judge[]» Yelmalio (#1700) rolls 1:
«OOC» Janie says, "Assume I call up a hearth spirit to help search, perform triage with the Stabilize and Heal spells, and generally do what I can to help. She's on fairly friendly terms with the Saints to begin with."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mafen (#6763) rolls 6 vs TN 4 for "Bioteching Knox, savior.":
1 1 1 3 4 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Mafen (#6763) rolls 4 vs TN 4 for "KP 2":
1 1 4 10 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Mafen (#6763) rolls 2 for "Savior death?":
2 11
«OOC» Talia says, "I also have an Ally spirit on hand, who can help me figure out where the dead, dying, and only minorly wounded are."
«Plot» Yelmalio says, "Knox is at M after Mafen's bandaging."
«OOC» Dalton says, "I'll heal knox up after I finish with the gangers, I need a saints contact!"
«OOC» Yelmalio says, "Roll 2d6 for your spirit Talia, if you take her advice instead of using your own astral vision."
«OOC» Talia says, "Can't be any worse. :D"
«OOC» Yelmalio says, "Tis a personal decision, trust yourself, or trust your spirit."
«OOC» Talia also has some biotech as well, if it helps.

Dalton continues to move through the debris, searching for wounded, healing them, and his black cloak and hood of his shamanic mask covering his form over and over as he works mana energy.

«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls 2:
1 4
Mafen stabs another ganger with the nanosyrine, then discards the used sharp in the built-in container and pulls another one up. He hears Knox's cry and moves up, stabbing him with nanogoodness and then begins dressing his wounds best he can normally, disinfecting the more gross parts.

As runners get moving about (because all runners are a bit better than the average ganger) and the dust begins to very slowly settle, it becomes obvious that the front main doors are gone. Along with a large portion of that wall and the roof.
Lots of gangers are hurt, lots are getting healed by the numerous magicians here, and a few are even being first aided by the massive, sausage fingered Elf. A giant is moving aside rubble to allow access to injured and… Gabriel is stunned by the scene playing out in front of him.
«OOC» Yelmalio says, "Anyone stood near enough to where the front door used to be is technically 'outside'"

Knox chuckles, then lets out a yelp, as Mafen sticks Knoc's arm back in it's socket. "God damn you, you big beautiful Keeb!" , he gets onto one knee and looks around as he's now essentially outside of the pool hall taking in the destruction. He bites his lip and heads back in stepping carefully to see where Talia is.

"Well, this is a mess." Harmony looks around, considering, and starts carrying pieces of rubble to the outskirts and even outside the building. "No sense leaving all this around to be tripped on. Plus, I am sure someone can use these pieces."

Gabriel dissapears back outside of the pool hall where it's not so dusty while the runners finish up their healing, first aid and heroics inside.
«Auto-Judge[]» Knox (#4448) rolls Intelligence for "Looking for Talia, looking for Gabriel gang leader of Saints":
1 1 2 3 5
«Plot» Yelmalio says, "Feel free to pose finishing up, the gangers that you get to survive, the few you don't die. The Angels Deligh is a little bit messed up."

As she finally gets some sense of what's going on about her, Talia notes a few gangers near her. After checking their pulses, or lack thereof, she calls her Ally to her, trying to get someone with a better sense of what's going on about her than she does. "Elenie, I need ye t' guide me t' the dying, but nae quite dead…" Following her Ally's direction, she first finds one, then another, who can still use the services of a healer, because Talia's not a mortician…

Dalton just keeps healing until he can find no one else to heal, he frowns slightly, and then speaks loudly as he is working "Anyone else think thats a bit too obvious?" he hollars out, still healing people.

Mafen slots a storage chip into his multijack from his suitcase and patches up whoever is left that he can. He copies the video data and heads outside to speak with Gabriel.
Knox shouts "Tal! You in there?!

Boom! Another piece of rubble joins the pile as Harmony shrugs to the healing shaman, remarking, "Bombs are pretty obvious." She'll drop another thirty kilo chunk of broken masonry on the pile, unearthing part of a Saint that was too close to the bomb, "I .. no, never mind," she'll sigh, dropping down to move the body out of the rubble so it can be cared for.

Knox shouts "Tal!? You in there!?", from the doorway, but also keeping an eye on Mafen and Gabriel.
It takes a few minutes for Russik to finally get his equilibrium and sense of direction back. With his ear, head and severed finger bleeding, he heads for the hole in the wall that used to be front door, looking for a nearest telecom to call a friend for pick up.

«Auto-Judge[]» Yelmalio (#1700) rolls 1 for "1-3 Russik trips over something.":

"WHAT?" Talia shouts, trying to figure out who that might have been… She keeps looking about for those she knows, adding, "Whoever planned this needs a bit of a talking to…" under her breath. She hears something that sounds like a familiar voice, and hollers out, "Yeah, I'm fine, where are you? Anyone else need a medic?"

Mafen turns as Russik stumbles for the door, reaching out to steady the man. "Hold still." He removes the savior medkit needle again, and some disinfectant and bandages. He points at the finger. "Should get that on ice if you want to get it reattached. Beyond me."

Knox shouts back, "I'm in-, I'm outside! I'm outside! I'll wait for you." He turns on his good foot, and makes a determined march catching up to Mafen and Gabriel, "Hey, hey big guy. Wait up."
Meanwhile outside Gabriel has already organised a cordon. Most of the Saint's gilletes and razors are there, though no real big names were in the AD at the time. He can be found talking heatedly with a couple of his lieutenants at the corner a little way down the road.

From outside the AD looks like a mess, half the sign is gone, half the front wall. Rubble is all over the place, but only blown inside the building.

Russik can't hear shit and due to dust, can see little also. He gets on out, leaving the scene behind, unwilling to participate in any dj vu. Due to lack of experience he doesn't even consider outside ambushes or anything of that sort. He walks right out and into the street.

Mafen grabs Russik with one gigantic meaty hand, attempting to get him on the ground to first aid him. "STOP. You are bleeding heavily." His voice sounds digital and terrible through his shattered-apart lips and face.

Dalton finally takes a deep breath after finishing another healing, he steps outside and looks around, frowning at the way the blast appeared to have happened. He starts checking the ground, to see if there is a focal point of the blast.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence for "Where da big boom come from?":
1 2 3 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Dalton (#8435) rolls Intelligence for "Where da big boom come from? KP:7":
1 2 3 4 4 17

As she notes from her ally's talking that anyone who was dying is now just simply dead or at least stabilized, Talia begins to look about, finally finding her way out. She simply doesn't know what else is going on inside, aside from Mafen working over one more person. She looks for the exit, trying to get a breath of air that will smell like something other than a warzone…

Knox makes his way towards Gabriel as calmly and as professionally as possible, despite the wounds, the blood, and the shredded up suit, doing his best to look like he's a guy Gabriel wants to talk to.


Gabriel is, perhaps surprisingly for Knox, not yelling his head, but talking hurriedly and confidently, passing orders to his lieutenants. One of whom nods towards Knox as he approaches, which silences Gabriel as he checks him out. Then he sends to pair on their way.
Turning to face Knox, Gabriel (who is an impressively charismatic guy) asks, "'frag are you?"

Dalton moves out into the middle of the road, then stands calmly and closes his eyes, he whispers quietly, calling forth to the spirit of the city to come to his aid, but not just any spirit, one with great power and wisdom. His black cloak and hood cover his form, and a breeze seems to blow around him.

Knox smiles like a shark, or a divorce lawyer taker your pick. "Whoa whoa. I'm Knox, Henry Knox. Local fixer and I'm here to parlay.", he brushes concrete dust off his shoulders.

A strange astral haze appears before Dalton, the presence on the mundane only the stirring of trash on the ground. He speaks quietly to the spirit, asking it a question respectfully.

Rags pulls up on her bike, on the street outside… and immediately is beset by a couple of the tougher Saints who're minding the street. Balancing the bike by putting her feet down, she raises her hands as she chats with them… even vaguely sorta points over in the direction of wherever Dalton's at. Looks like she's saying she's 'with him' or coming to get him or whatever - in any event, she's connecting herself to him, in some way.

"Well, have t' say that this wos a bloody hell of a day…" Talia just simply shakes her head, trying to clear the ringing out of her ears as she does so. She notes Dalton talking with a city spirit, and simply nods appreciatively. Looking back over to where some of the other survivors are gathering, she notes Knox' presence, cursing under her breath.

Gabriel narrows his eyes at Knox. "You want to… what?" His voice goes deceptively quiet on the last word of his question. Turning he squares himself up in front of Knox, and comparing himself to him, finds himself to be more physically imposing too.

Mafen straightens the remains of his outfit best he can. He shrugs as the heavily damaged man struggles and runs off refusing treatment, never staying still long enough to get the good old nanite juice in the veins. He walks nearby to Gabriel, and comments, 'Gabriel. I have a recording of the moments before the bombing if you would like that.' He unslots the chip from his head.

Dalton nods his head, then briefly thanks his spirit, and releases it. He turns and walks straight to Mafen and Gabriel "The spirits tell me a King was behind this attack."

Mafen straightens the remains of his outfit best he can. He shrugs when the heavily damaged man struggles and runs off, refusing treatment. Hopefully he'll live. He packs up his stuff and walks down the way toward Gabriel, picking him out of the crowd.

The Saints who stop Rags wave their hands and keep a safe distance from her. "Gabe says no-one's allowed."

Knox looks for a moent, "Ohhhhh….." he shakes his head, "You, you thought? No no sorry. I'm just here to offer my own services and talents, obviously you're going to need some spin control on this immediately yea? I doubt this is the Nightshades. I was in the bar when it happened and I don't like getting thrown like a rag doll without finding out why", he moves his head towards the bar.

Dalton makes his way towards Gabriel, following the hulking elf machine, cause maybe it will listen to him if Gabriel will not…

Gabriel eyes Knox and frowns, "Who the frag are the Nightshades?" Glancing around he calls to the surrounding Saints, "Who the frag is this guy and why is he still talking to me?" Immediately a coup[le of Saints head over towards Knox, "Sorry boss," one mumbles as the other motions Knox to head back the way he came. With a shotgun.

Thus opens a slot for Mafen and Dalton to approach.

"Hey… I like the Delight, too… and I wanna help", Rags says. "That guy over there", she adds, as she gestures at Dalton, "He'll vouch for me. So will any one of yours who're usually hanging out here - they'll tell ya I'm a regular. If anyone's hurt, I can help, too! Look, you can put a couple of slicers on me, make sure I don't make things worse, okay? I just wanna help! Some of these guys who might be hurt are maybe some of my fave pool-buddies!"

Whistling while she works, Harmony quietly moves the rubble that she can out of the way, helping the healers and medics and other people get the injured, and yes the dead, out of the middle of the ruined bar so that they can be tended to and put away to rest. She looks around as people talk about parlay and attacking others and all sorts of other biz.

"Drek Drek DREK!!!" Talia sighs, and begins approaching Gabriel and Knox, noting the former's somewhat angrier-looking take on the latter's attempts to work his own type of magic. Just after a gang gets bombed out is NOT the time to be doing discussions of anything other than who, where, how, and how much.

Mafen approaches within a good 20 meters of Gabriel. "Gabriel." He calls out, his busted-up voicebox hissing and cracking.

The Saints in front of Rags nod, though they don't turn around to see who she means. "Yeah yeah, sure. Except no, Gabriel said nobody, not even da pope of da Laymen come to talk peace, yeah?"

Knox frowns at the shotgun and backs off a bit from the guy but he stays close by keeping an eye on Mafen, he turns and sees Talia. The ork still looks pretty dazed.

Dalton follows behind Mafen "Hey robot. Since you seem to know Gabriel, I have a message. The spirits tell me the people responsible for this attack will be found to the north in the domain of a king."

"I'll frakkin' PAY to help fix the place up, even! Like I said, it's, like, my favorite hangout… now, c'mon… lemme help heal people! I'm a shaman, okay, and I wanna /help/!", Rags adds, trying one last thing to convince them to let her past. She's losing her 'fire' though, looks like she's losing wind on her own argument, just the same.

Mafen listens to Dalton. "I don't understand, but will pass on the message. Is that from some*popbzztt* *static* *click* moagical work?"

Gabriel turns to look at Mafen after watching Knox marched off a little. Pausing a moment he twists his head to beckon Mafen over. He glances back towards the AD, where a gang of Saints are now helping the few runners left there. He notes the presence of a Giantess with nary a twitch of the face. His lack of reaction is probably good evidence that she's been noted.

Dalton nods "Its magical, and if you want references, mention that I work for Slinger and Page, that might get his attention."

Mafen shakes his head. "No references needed." He moves over to Gabriel, and unslots the chip from his head. "I was taking video and audio recording at the time of the crash." His voice still sounds all digital and messed up. He holds the chip out to the gang leader. "It details the 5 minutes leading up to the explosion and the message."

Gabriel looks the mostly metal… thing up and down and then reaches out and takes the chip, on a lot of faith it seems. "You Tinman?" He nods and pockets the chip.

Harmony doesn't approach the gang leader nor does she wander over in the direction of all the hubbub. Rather, she keeps doing what she was doing, moving debris, setting the pool tables back up and trying to find all the balls and cue sticks and other sundry items that make up the place.

Dalton remains a little distance away, watching Mafen and Gabriel speak. He tries to keep within earshot.

"That WILL get his attention." Talia sighs, and adds, "Not that I think he needs it for this. Someone needs t' hurt, and hurt hard, for this…" She looks over to Gabriel, and then to Knox, who has moved off for a bit, likely a good thing, considering the shotgun that was just in his face.

Mafen chuckles, coming out simulated and wrong through his shredded mouth and lips. "Yes. I don't have any other information to help other than it was a military-grade plastic explosive. I smelled some particles of the compound as he walked in the door and thought he may have been carrying the bomb. It appears to have been outside, though."

He pauses, pulling a chunk of realskinn hanging off his neck away. "The shaman over there…" He points at Dalton. "Did some kind of magical request to a spirit or something like that. I don't know. But he said:" Mafen clicks a replay of what Dalton just said, replaying it in his voice: "The spirits tell me the people responsible for this attack will be found to the north in the domain of a king." The synthesized voice clicks back on after the replay. "I don't know how useful that is. I doubt riddles are much use at this time. Good luck figuring out who did this."

Knox looks back at Talia and shrugs with a frown which turns into a slight wince, he touches a black eye. The ork reaches out to Talia, "Hey looks like you're doing ok.", he says quietly.

Gabriel seems to consider what MAfen says and then nods. "Alright." Sucking on his teeth he turns and starts to head towards the AD, which takes him in a slow, but determined route past all the runners. Now would be the time to interrupt him if anyone else has something to say to him.

"Yeah, I've learned t' roll with the flow, so t' speak… Next time ye're in a bomb blast, go limp. Trust me, it's better than hitting a wall with yuir body rigid…" Talia simly shakes her head as she looks at the bruising, contusions, and lacerations all over the ork's frame. "Hold still, please…"

Mafen nods and pockets some of the torn up sheaths of skin from his body. What a mess. Will take the techs quite some time to patch this up. He walks a block down toward his truck, passing Raggedy on his way.

«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 8 vs TN 6 for "Force 3 Heal":
1 1 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 10 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 8 - 2 vs TN 6 for "Force 3 Heal, Karma.":
1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 16 17 = 2 Successes

Recovering everything except one of the cue balls, Harmony stacks them neatly on the most sturdy of the tables and goes about stacking the chairs that survived neatly, and those that cannot be saved she'll break down into firewood and/or building materials, depending on what they are made of. Of course, people will burn anything around here….

AS Gabriel draws level with the now damaged pool hall he pauses and glances over the wreckage. Raising his voice he glances over the various non-saints around. "Alright, I dunno why you losers hang out in my bar, I certainly didn't fraggin' invite you. But the Saints pay their debts, and it looks like you all did something about this mess." Pausing he shakes his head, "Angelo will deal with it." Then he turns and heads off, meanwhile a razor stood nearby nods and beckons everyone over, apparently this is Angelo.
«Auto-Judge[]» Talia (#3202) rolls Willpower + 4 (Focus) vs TN 3 for "Resisting 3M Stun Drain":
2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 8 = 9 Successes


Rags, a little subdued as she sits on her bike, sees someone who, by how he walks, is in charge. She doesn't really know Gabriel, but she recognizes leadership. "Hey! Boss-man! Lemme in so I can help heal up them who're hurt! I can even chip in to pay for fixing up the Delight again! Please! I got pool-buddies in there who might be hurt or dying!", she calls out, cupping her hands around her mouth to help project her words.

Gabriel, who had been sunk into a reverie is roused, and glances over at Rags looking annoyed. With a flap of his hand to the two Razors he carries on.
Fortunately for Rags the Razors interpret that in a good way and nod, "Alsright, you can go in." They steps aside to let her through.

Pausing in mid-breaking a mostly destroyed chair, Harmony will head over to see Angelo with a perplexed look on her face.

As Talia grabs Knox, perhaps just a touch roughly, by the shoulder, his bruises, slices, dices, and other such injuries suddenly mend themselves. "Ye really need t' be more careful, ye hear?" She then begins to make her way over towards Angelo, quirking an eyebrow and wondering what's going on.

Rags shoves the kick-stand down on her bike and hurries in… and right past everyone else, though she pauses long enough to say, "Thanks!", at Gabriel, before going over to where the wounded are at, getting on her knees to look them over. A little bit of conversation and she pauses to pull back a jacket that's been laid over a dead someone's face, before putting it back. When she's done that, it's clear she's actually crying a bit - he might've been a Saint, but she knew that guy and probably shot pool with him at least a few times. Getting to her feet, being as the wounded are all healed up and her magicks can't do a thing more anyway, she heads over to where Dalton's at. "Who killed my pool-buddies?", she asks of him, pointing back at where the bodies are. "Did you get 'im for me?"

Knox squares up his boxy shoulders and rolls his head around working kinks in his neck. "You'll really need to do that more often in that case.", he counters with before following. His overall demeanor quickly changes back to shrewd and skeptical looking, "Goody Angelo."

As the involved runners approach Angelo he nods, taking from an inside pocket of his jacket some info chips. Handing them out one by one to each runner he explains their significance as he goes. "Gabriel has given each of you one favor. You can call it in any time that you think we can help you. Whether we can or not, the debt is paid when you call it in. The number is on the chip." When he get to Knox, he shakes his head and doesn't hand over a chip. The same goes for Rags if she heads over to him.

Dalton looks at Rags, and shakes his head "I have some ideas, but we havent done anything."

Taking the tiny chip, Harmony rolls it over in her fingers a moment and listens to the man's words. She'll nod thoughtfully before carefully putting the chip into her phone's slot and tucking both safely away. That done, she'll move back to the chores she assigned herself, getting things cleaned up.

Dalton looks to Angelo, and returns the chip. "I don't need the favor, I'm happy to help. I'd also like to offer my considerable magical support to you when you need it. If, retrebution happens for this, I can be a great assitance, and I ask nothing in return." he smirks faintly "Its a totem thing."

Rags reaches over to slug Dalton in the arm. "Dee!", she says, stamping her little foot. "Didya get the creep who did this to my pool-buddies?!", she against insists of him.

As Talia comes closer, she takes the chip, and stows it in a side pocket, being careful with it. "When ye find the sons of slitches who pulled this drek…" She pulls a small flimsicard with a matrix cutout, "Let me know if ye want or need a hand with whot'll happen from the blowback." She looks to Knox, and shakes her head, carefully.

Knox keeps his composure and breaks out a smile, he puts up a friendly non-defensive stance, "Hey. Angelo right? Let your boss know, no hard feelings I shot my mouth off back there. But you should know, I do a lot of business outside the Warrens, fixing, smuggling, intell, gear Saints might not be able to get right away…..", he arches an eyebrow, "I'm just here to help. You see what I'm saying?"

Angelo scratches the back of his neck idly, his almost totally black irises sliding between Talia and Knox. Taking the flimsy from Talia he nods and pulls out a pocsec, adding the information to his assuredly long list of contact information. "Certainly.! Then to Knox he grins lazily, "I'm sure, I'm sure. Let me just enter your information in here." And he puts the pocsec

Dalton looks at Rags "The guy who set the bomb is dead, the people who sent him are not, and I think they are hiding in the royals turf. The bomber claimed he was from the sinners though. Its rather confusing at the moment."

Rags frowns, putting her hands on her hips. "Well, ain't the Sinners a girl-gang, anyway?", Rags wonders aloud. "Guy hadda be lying if he said he was one of them."

Mafen comments, still all broken down looking. "Could have been psychotropically conditioned to suicide bomb the place."

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