Exorcising Demons

Synopsis: At Kassandra's party, the wrong twisting of words brings Croc under attack by the demons that lurk within his soul (or at least his brain!)
Date: May 2nd, 2070

Croc grunts again, turning to watch Saxon walk away. "Stoopid Robustus. Dey think that just because dey're goblins, dey understand suffering. At least his clothes fit! An' he doesn't bang his head on the door!" He shakes a fist, then looks at Armando. "Joo think the peoples should be under one goverment. -I- say that we don't need no stinkin' govmen't. Let folks sort it out: an we will pee in dere mothers an' call it semen."

Karya smiles as she places her arm in Duke's. She pats his hand gently, "A party is nothing motre than people haveing fun. You should not feel out of your element unless you don't know how to have fun." She laughs softly and looks around at all the people with a smile.

Dekkar looks at the tray of food Crit seems to have assembled or discovered, while he cracks open his beer. "Excellent! Munchies.. its been a while since I've had food. I'll put it to good use. Thanks for assembling the stuff, Crit." Dekkar takes a drink from his beer and eats a pizza roll thing.
Armando glances to Croc. "My friend, that is perhaps the most… viceral… metaphor for government I've heard in some time."

Armando sips his pisswater beer. "Shall we start with yours?"

"The world is full of wonderment," Kassandra remarks to Ally, chuckling at the philosophical slash war commentary going on down the way. She moves along slowly, nodding here and there to some of the gangers, scrub runners, and movers and shakers sorting through the party. Her main job is done: the event is set up. Now, she is content to move along and keep things going, taking care of little problems.

Duke shrugs slightly "I think I like a different kind of fun though. Plus I'm still not sure about this monkey suit." He leads Karya halfway to the refreshments table, then realizes he doesn't have to drag her around the whole time "All right, well…you can go ahead and mingle. Let me know if you want me to grab ya something to eat or drink."

Glancing at her watch, Haley adjusts her glasses. She slides the sleeve back into place as she looks towards Croc's voice. She nods her head to Dekkar and she says, "Oi'll grab a bite once we leave Oi think." She rubs her shoulders into the padding of the seat she is sitting on as she says, "Oi think Oi'll need to get some chairs like this."

Croc laughs. "Si, omae, we begin with mine. Which one is mine, again?" He shifts, lifting up his plate and just pouring the last bits of food into it. He wipes his mouth and studies Armando some more. "Que is visceral? Is like viscera? Blood?" He pauses. "My ingles is not good."

Air shifts slightly, moving off to one side of a table of refreshments, not leaning but certainly not moving from the spot. Watching the circulating crowd with lazy eyes as he draws the drink to his lips, slowly draining the glass.

Leaning over to Haley, Crit whispers something in her ear. He shrugs and grabs a pizza roll and devours it. "Its been awhile, you know?" He listens to Croc who can surely be heard above everyone else.
Armando chuckles, then switches to Castillian accented spanish. "Viceral." He says again, so that the

Croc can get the idea. "I find that small minded people focus on their own suffering, and nail themselves to a cross of their own making." A glance is given to the be-burqa'd Kassandra. "I find other things in life I'd like to nail myself too…" (Spanish)
Croc laughs. "I am with you there, my friend," his own spanish featuring a heavy bolivian accent… but with a far better command of the vocabulary. "But I think, if I tried, I might be mobbed by many of the visitors here and brought to an untimely end. I do not think we were introduced, but… I am The Crocodile." (Spanish)

Shaking her head, Haley leans over and whispers in Crit's ear. She pats his shoulder once she sits up straight. Lifting the bottle of water to her lips she sips from it watching the crowd as they shift around in their circulation.

Pain makes an arrival, in that she shows up. Seems she rented a limo, a black Phaeton, and steps out dressed in her best suit - one that looks like it might have been tailor-fitted to her before she gained 20lbs. She checks out the scene for her roomate and thus far the only person she trusts in this town

Crit nods to Haley and frowns, "Yea..figures. Thanks though, that will be a good chance i'd bet." He goes back to idly picking at his party platter. He looks around and shrugs, grabbing his poc-sec and begins surfing the trix on it. Zoning out on what is around him.

Armando offers his hand to Croc then.. "Marquess Armando De Villinova de Garza de Castro y Iberia y Madrid, of the House of Bourbon, amigo."

Dekkar watches Haley and Crit exchange wispers, looking curious. He takes a drink from his beer and listens to the Spanish chatter. "I bet I could learn that in about a week…" Dekkar thinks out loud since he's not being addressed.

Croc takes the smaller hand, squeezing it… he's not the strongest of trolls, at least. "Si? They give joo a datachip to store all those names on?"

Then a strange look crosses his face. "Joo will excuse me. Need to go show la tiolet what government is," and then he scoots off towards the restroom.

Moving through the conversations, both aloud and whispered, Silk takes her time sorting through the room and meeting a few folk here and there. To others, she offers a simple head nod or a short wave, considering where to step next.

Armando sighs as all his conversational partners fade. "Actually, its tattooed upon the innermost membrains of my eyelids, so that I am refreshed when I blink."

Reaching into her purse, Haley holds a small chip up to Dekkar and she says, "Or ya could know it right now if ya had the ware." She grins and tucks away the linguasoft and she says, "Its one of the best investments ya can make. You really can't carry on business if ya can't twalk to the people."

Air dislodges himself from his spot next to the drinks table and approaches Croc and Armando, nodding to them as he closes. "Excuse me, but I overheard you and would find it helpful to practice my Spanish with proper speakers." His Spanish oddly enunciated. (Spanish)

Watching Dekkar talk to himself idly Crit grins and gets a bit of understanding. He leans in once more to Haley and whispers something again with a big grin. He gives a nod to Dekkar maintaining his grin.

Karya smiles at Duke and pats his arm. "I don't mind staying with you besides, if you feel so out of your element then maybe I should stay near you, just in case." She looks around again, "We can sit if you want."

Armando turns to Air as he speaks, offering a smile to the man. "I do not recall having met you sir, though I am afraid that the large one had to see a man about a horse; likely so he could eat it." (Spanish)

Dekkar laughs, "A possible investment. Certainly would be easier after the initial part that involves the doc!" Dekkar amusedly narrows his eyes. "…dammit Crit. Are you talking about me?" He smiles a little.

Pain looks slightly panicky until she spies Haley and offers a wave before heading for the refreshments. She grabs a plate and piles far too much food on it, listening to the nearby conversations. Eavesdropping perhaps but that was pretty much assumed at a place like this

With a smile, Haley traces a finger down Crit's cheek as she moves close to him. She leans in and whispers in his ear before she sits up straight and looks around the party. She looks back at her purse and she says, "You're paranoid hon," to answer Dekkar.

Air nods as Croc's bulk heads off to hunt down a wild mustang. "That must be a shame for the horse." He notes, "I believe we have not been introduced. My name is Johansson, Ragnar. I propriet a shop in the CAS sector." (Spanish)

Crit smirks at Dekkar and shrugs, "Enjoying the food?". He looks back to Haley, "You have all the luck. You dont even see it."

As she looks through the crowd, Haley spots Pain and she lifts her hand waving to her. "Hiya toots," she says loud enough for the woman to hear her. She then points to a spot next to her on the sofa and she says, "Come have a seat."

Duke smiles at the elf on his arm "Well, same rules for you, too. You feel uncomfortable, if this reminds you of how you used to get dragged to places like this, we'll just leave." He nods at her "This is just for fun, right?" He doesn't really recognize anyone. Haley and Dekkar but he got the impression that neither one liked him much, so those he avoids. Also, he doesn't speak Spanish, so that rules out the other group. The only one left seems to be Kassandra, the apparent hostess of the party.

Dekkar laughs more openly at the claim that he might be paranoid. "Paranoid, eh? Yes, well… a little never hurt anyone! Probably kept me alive at some point." He snickers, drinking again from his beer.

Pain pops something-on-a-cracker into her mouth and chews, grabbing a drink on the way over. She flops down on the couch with a sigh "Hello, all."

Karya smiles, "Don't worry I will let you know." She scans the crowd recognizing Haley and Dekkar and pain and criticalfault. She smiles and waves to the group of people she knows.

Dekkar nods. "It's food, crit!" He seems happy.

Armando nods to Air, then offers his hand. "ARmando de Villinova de la Garza de Casto y Iberia y Madrid, of the House of Bourbon. A pleasure. What sort of shop do you run?" (Spanish)

"People seem to be having a pretty good time," Ally observes to Silk as watches the invitees spread out across the hall, people happily mingling and no big problems to speak of. "Lots of new faces too I think. Only a couple that I recognized. And you got the Velvets here too!"

As she spots Karya, Haley waves in her direction. She looks then to Pain and she says, "Hiya toots." She motions to Dekkar and Critical she says, "You've met Crit, have ya met Dekk?" She leans over to the girl and whispers in her ear before she grins a little.

Air extends his hand to shake with Armando de Villinova de la Garza de Casto y Iberia y Madrid, of the House of Bourbon. "A firearms shop, for all firearm needs. I am not the owner, I must admit, merely the…" he appears to search for a word, "Runner?" He tilts his head and raises his eyebrows as if to question the choice as he releases the mans hand. (Spanish)

Hmming, Silk nods absently to Aladriel and says, "A lot of new names and faces in town, mostly in circles other than ours." She shrugs and that and nods about the gang, waving to one of them over near the shooting range. "They were most insistant on being here, so .. here they are."

Pain seems embarrassed by something said to her, and coughs lightly into her hand "White Noise Generator, please, then I won't be able to pick it up so easy on cyberears." She points to her own ears, which despite her being clearly human, are pointed like an elf's. "Hey all. I'm not sure what kind of terms we're meant to be on, but the street-kids have been calling me Painkiller for various reasons lately. Pain for short."

Armando says in Spanish, "You sir, may not be the owner, but you are the force behind it, and that is nothing to be downcast about.""

Duke nods at the group that Karya had waved to, and received waves from. "Want to go over there, then? I uh…don't think Haley and Dekkar like me that much, though at least they don't have that Troll guy to drop on my head this time."

Dekkar rises from his seat. "Well.. I could only make a short stay. I have to meet with some guys out at Andrews about a deal.. Back where my OLD job was. At least I could stop by!" Dekkar waves to Crit and Haley, and then makes his way back through the crowd and out the door, exiting the building.
Air nods back, "I imagine I would find the hassle of owning a business complete in this city taxing on the brain. And what do you do, may I ask?" (Spanish)

Karya looks at Duke, "When did they drop a troll on you?" She walks over to the group of people she knows are with a smile.

Grinning a little to Pain, Haley says, "Now that's a great use Oi hadn't thought of." She gives a wave to Dekkar and she says, "See ya later hon." She shifts her eyes back over to Gene and Karya saying, "Come join us you two, we got plenty of room."

Armando smiles to air. "I'm Rich." With that, his phone rings. "One moment, I must take this call. Being rich is really, quite aq chore some times." (Spanish)

Duke sighs "You were recoverin' from sleep deprivation, I doubt you remember it." He explains and follows over, adjusting his tie "Hey y'all."

Aladriel nods a few times, grinning as she spots some more Velvets throughout the hall. "It's neat to see them. They were fun in the race. Remember the race?" she asks Silk. "Craziest limo ride I hope to ever go on."

Air nods in response to the Spanish man and turns away as he takes a phone call. Glancing once more over the party occupants he heads back towards the refreshments table to refill his drink once more.

"Oh yes, I remember," Silk remarks, nodding with a smile. "Back when I was wild and crazy, you know? Now days, I a dull and boring, never would do wild things like that."

Baron has arrived.

Karya blushes, "Oh, that was when they dropped a troll on you?" She blinks, "Now I regret being so tired that I missed it." She smiles teasingly at Duke. She smiles at Haley and Pain and Critic. She finds an empty seat and sits down. "Hiya, all."

"Oh you take jokes too serious Duke," says Haley with a teasing tone, "We wouldn't have let you get squashed." She motions to Pain and she says, "This is Pain" She then looks to Karya and to Duke saying, "This is Karya and Duke."

Baron enters a bit late for the party, but word of 'food' caught his attention and he quickly came running, well, driving, cause seeing a fat man run is just too funny. He waddles his way into the building, then quickly looks around for the tables with food, heading over that way as fast as his chubby legs can carry him.

To Critical, Haley asks, "Have you met these two? Oi know you hang out at the same places Oi do so Oi figga'd you might have met." She turns to Duke and Karya asking, "Have you two met Crit here?"

"S'not true at all! Maybe you were just wildER and crazier, but it's not all gone," Ally notes. "Lookit all this. This is kinda wild. A big old safe *party* out here? Come on!"

Duke rolls his eyes behind his glasses "I reckon you wouldn't, but it wasn't much fun for me." He tips an imaginary hat "Pleasure to meet ya Pain, Crit. I'm just a Combat Biker fanatic, that's all." He takes a seat right next to Karya, of course. The two seem practically joined at the hip

Croc steps out of the bathroom, now, moving a little slowly, a little more calmly. He wipes his nose and tries to pick who to go bother.

Karya smiles at Critical, "I have. Jason right?" She tips her head to the side with a bright smile. She smiles at Pain and nods, "I saw you at Chrome but was never really introduced. It is nice to meet you, pain." She looks at Duke and pats him on the shoulder.

Eying the relatively tame party, Silk snickers at Ally. "Oh yes. Very wild. They'll have to call the police soon and drag us all off we are so wild and crazy." The elven woman shakes her head and shrugs, "Still, it is accomplishing what it was set out to do, get people talking to each other."

Aladriel hmmmphs at what the elf says and shakes her head. She looks around, then gets a mischievous look in her eye.

Baron loads up a plate at the table full of food, of course, he also eats as he picks up things, so the plate never gets fully full before he has to reload again, he samples various bits of this and that, moving towards something to drink, waddling over to the wine area.

Croc's mean little eyes are ALSO mischevious! And all glazed and stuff.

Pain looks up from her snacking, to greet everyone with muffled hellos. Of course, it's hard to not notice Baron waddling across the area, so she watches him for a moment as well. "I guess it's nice to meet new people. Even if they might try to kill you. I mean me."
Tailpipe has connected.

Critical smiles and extends his hand to take Karya's and brings it back to kiss the back of her hand. He also shakes Pain's hand, "Good to see you both again. Glad you could make it. I got us a little food, but i would love to get you two drinks." He grins at Duke and gives a nod, "Good to see you again as well, its been awhile." Another handshake and he stands, "Whos drinking what?"

"You an' me, we're goin' to the shootin' range tomorrow," says Haley as she lightly pokes Pain in the arm. She smiles brightly and she says, "Oi heard a sayin' once, 'He who watches for knives in the back faces death in the front.'" She looks over Karya, Duke and Critical saying, "You don't need to worry, these are good people."

Croc snags a beer from someone passed out, and heads past the Baron, pass the gathering of peoples he may know and heads towards two he doesn't, really: Silk and The Phoenix.

Pain munches slowly "I guess so. I just don't trust people easy, I guess." She nods "I got a drink already, thanks." She responds to Crit, smiling nervously

Baron hovers around the food and drink, standing and eating from his plate, then refilling the plate again with new foods, the man seems to be in a very good mood.

Karya smiles at Critical, "I don't need anything, thank you Jason." She looks at Pain, "Trust is easy to break so it should be hard to give. No shame in not trusting people right off."

Croc is not exactly inconspicuous, and so Silk notices the large man heading their way. She watches the man approach with a degree of wariness one gives to anything twice their size.
Crit watches Duke now, "Don't leave me hanging now, they got everything here…its damn impressive."

Duke is trying /really hard/ not to act jealous. Honest! He barely even flinches when Critical kisses Karya's hand and offers to get her a drink in a sort of suggestive way. Getting better, perhaps. He seems confused by Crit though "Leave you hanging?"

Croc sidles up in front of the woman. "You silk, si?" He sweeps off his hat and does something appopriating a formal bow. "Joo is bueno senora. Wanted t' say hello, and say your queso is very tasty an' good."

"He asked if anyone wanted a drink," says Haley as she wiggles her bottle of water for Duke to see. She smiles and says, "Oi got one, Pain's got one. Karya said no thanks." She gives Duke a wink as she says, "You're the only hold out hon."

"Cheese!" Says Armando, appearing out of the crowd. "Of all the qualities of the celestial kingdoms, you compliment this heavenly body upon her cheese." A grin comes to his lips. "Well, it's a good start."

"Thank you very much," Silk remarks, nodding regally to Croc. "It is a pleasure to see you again, and I am glad to see that you are well." She glances to the buffet at the mention of the cheese and nods with a little grin as Armando speaks. "I wanted to make sure that there were ample choices in that matter."

Karya perks slightly, "Everything? Do they have strawberry smoothies?" She tips her head to the side with a soft grin.

Duke is clearly not as sharp as a tack. Maybe a paring knife, tops. "Got any beer? Got to support the local brew, but if not, Budweiser is fine. Thank ya kindly, friend."

Croc stares at Silk amount. "See you again? Lo Siento, have met you before. Aye aye aye. Memory. Getting shot in the face does dat." He looks to Armando. "And si. Governments rise and wall, the white rape the not white, an' the rich piss on the poor and call it rain: But Queso is queso, and when it is real: queso is more than queso. It is happiness and contentment, if only for a minute."

Criticalfault smiles and nods to Duke, "Yea, i'll find you something local if i can, i'll tell the tender about the smoothie, see what happens."

Armando leans in to Croc. "Let me tell you a secret, mi amigo." He waits for croc to lean in, if he does…

Is the fat man still at the buffet? Yes, yes he is. Baron remains there, standing an eating, then refilling his plate, only breaking from eating to drink something to wash food down. Apparently he does not intend to leave this spot.

Croc will lean in a little. as best he can, his movements are a little… sluggish.

Criticalfault stands takes off toward the bar to enter an exchange for a few moments while gathering drinks plus one smoothie after a few minutes. He returns with a few bottles of local beers along with the same things he's been drinking. He sets the smoothie down in front of Karya and grins, "Tender said he had a mix…just you know, go slow." He gives a wink to Duke and sits down. He leans back in his chair after grabbing a brew and pops the cap off, placing it in his pocket.

Stretching a little, Haley looks to Pain and she says, "When you wanna head out, just let me know toots." She looks back towards Critical and she gives him a smile as she finishes off her bottle of water. Pressing the plastic bottle between her hands she crushes it down and places it inside a plastic bag before returning that to her purse.

"The White man is less white than you think. The destroyer of the Aztek, was the Spaniard, a metis, a half breed people of Iberian Moors, North African Arabs and Roman settlers. They are not white, and yet, they subjugated half the world. The Mongol Empire, was not white, but they brutalized all the known world at some point. The Chinese, the Japanese, the Arab, these are not white. There are arguably only 4 'white' Mega Corporations in the world, if by white, you mean, founded in predominantly euro-descended countries. Until recently, Japan had five of the 8. If you wish to rail about social injustice, about history and Colonialism… Perhaps you should look to history and see that the white man you rail about, is nothing more than external personification of internal fear. All man opresses, all man rapes, all man takes. This is the nature of man's beastial side."

Karya nods and picks up the smoothie. She sips it slowly and smiles at Critical, "Thank you." She looks around the room, "Not a bad place to have a party."

Armando says this, quietly, and slowly, to Croc.

Pain raises an eyebrow at Haley "Why, are you ready to leave? I didn't see your van out, but I can give you a ride in the limo I rented." She shrugs

Criticalfault smiles in return and nods to Karya, "So you and The Duke an item? I always thought it was funny to run into two people then find out they are together. You never know, you know?"

You say "The white man is a metaphor for the evils of man, si," Croc replies, in an smooth nod. "I agree. All men are evil, be they slanty eyed or pale as tammy tucker's tits. Fear is evil. So I spread fear, to destroy it with its own tool. And so I hunt the wicked, to tear them down and teach -them- the fear they bring." He belches. "White man is metaphor for institution, for graft, for colonialism an' imperialism. White man is metaphor for establishment. Joo understand, si? You get 'da joke'"

Baron eats food at the buffet, yes, thats all, just eats, although he does appear to be slowing down a tad now, actually tasting what he puts in his mouth now.

Armando nods to Croc then… "But be careful the fear, then idea you spread, because in externalizing your hate, your desire, you fail to look." A pause as he reaches out to tap the Croc on the chest. "Here. Where all fear and hate gets its start."

"Oh Oi'm not really in a rush," says Haley as she looks towards Pain. She hears Crit's question and she looks towards Karya asking, "Is that a new pair of slacks?" She scratches behind her ear as she relaxes on the sofa.

Duke realizes that he's gotten in trouble for asking this very same thing. "That's a personal question, as Haley might say. We're just…/very/ close friends." He shrugs massive shoulders and pops open his brewski. "I'll kick anyone's ass that tries to hurt her, she'll talk me out of trouble for doing so." He chuckles.

Tailpipe wanders into the party, denuded of her heavy gear but far from helpless as she plows through the crowd and makes a line towards the food. Free food is the best kind of food!

Karya just stares into her glass. An unreadable look on her face.

Cocking her thumb back, Haley makes a kick-kick sound over her teeth as she points her index finger at Duke. "Actually hon, that was Hardy that said that. Oi didn't mind ya asking me at awl." She grins widly as she says, "Would you kick my butt if Oi walked over and poked her?"

Pain nods "All right. I'm just curious since you seemed like you were anxious to go. I picked us up some makeshift painkillers for when we open up shop, too. I'll show you what we've got to work with."

Criticalfault shifts uncomfortibly, "Ah, rough question. So we'll switch topics. Hows things been since we last talked? Your still doing well i hope? "

Croc looks down at the finger, trying to reconcile it into a single image. "If joo say so, jefe. You must forgive me, though, if I take dis advice from a rich an' powerful man, a bourbon, wif a grain of pepper."

Duke scratches his neck, just over the datajack rim "Well, it all kind of runs together for me, sorry for mis-quoting you." Then he hmms, being careful about his selection of words "I reckon it depends on what type of poking you do." Then, sipping his beer again, he looks over his glasses at Crit "Not much work. I feel like I need to find some new Mr. Johnsons. Other than that, I'm healthy and happy, if not rich, but that's two out of three."

He looks up to Croc then, Armando does… "Do you know what wealth and power do for me, Crocodillio?" He asks then, a smile coming to his lips. "They free me from the preconceptions, they give me perspective. Take away all that I have, all of my money… and you will see." A pause. "That I am still the man I am, for you can never take away my soul, or my intelligence, or that which I have learned. Take my hands, and I have tongue. Take my tongue, and I have eyes. Take my eyes, take my tongue, take my hands, and I have my mind, and my mind… will always be free."

Karya nods to Critical, "I'm fine although I seem to have addopted a satyr as a room mate for a while until he can afford his own place." She frowns slightly in a puzzled manner and shrugs, "I'm not so used to sharing my living space with someone else though." She looks at Duke and leans over and whispers something to him.

A few problems taken care of, a few fires put out, Silk returns to the mix and considers how things are going. The small cloaked woman keeps mostly to herself, others coming to her now and then to comment on the party or ask a question or even for a spot of business. Aladriel wanders nearby as a shadow, not at all subtle with the various colors she displays and is blatantly watching her back.

Criticalfault grins and nod to Duke, "Great, what do you do?" He turns to Karya and sayes, "How did that happen? Did you know him before?"

Pain squirms uncomfortably. Yes, rough topic indeed

Croc's face slowly works itself in a chilled expression. "Dey can take your mind, too," he says. "Dey can take your brain and, and…" He starts shaking, a little, and then stares at Armando. "I must go. Now. Interesting conversation. I will see again."

He turns and starts walking out… extremely stiffly.

Baron finally refills his plate, grabs a drink and heads to a table to sit down, he sets his food down, then continues to eat and drink, now actually looking around the place at the various people.

You paged (Kassandra, Armando) with 'appropriate intelligence tests if you like, cause you're the closest to me.'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence (to Croc):
1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 7
You paged (Kassandra, Armando) with 'though silk has seen this before.'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Armando (#799) rolls Intelligence (to Croc) for "Shitton of psychology and other skills.":
1 2 2 4 4 5 9 9 17

«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Willpower + Karma Pool: 1 vs TN 7 (to Armando and Kassandra) for "soaking 7s stun.":
1 4 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

Duke adjusts his tie "I drive, I…bodyguard, and I work fairly well as a bullet-magnet." He explains to Crit. "It's funny, or maybe not funny, how often people shoot for the tall guy first, so I just learned how to roll with it. Now, it's what i'm pretty good at doing."

Karya smiles, "Well I met him before I let him move in. I met him in a park and we have become friends. It wasn't until a few days ago that I found out he was homeless. So I offered him a place to crash." She smiles softly at Duke.

«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Willpower + Karma Pool: 1 vs TN 7 (to Armando and Kassandra) for "soaking 7s stun, second chip. kp 2/5":
2 3 5 7 8 = 2 Successes

Duke is totally not jealous about that either!

Tailpipe stuffs her face with some of the goodies even as she piles a plate high with more, a mess of crumbs and spilled food catching on her combat vest and chest, possibly for later consumption. Contented with her supply of food, she turns to the rest of the party and scans about and taking in all the different folks.

«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Willpower + Karma Pool: 1 vs TN 8 (to Armando and Kassandra) for "kp 2/5 resisting mental addiction. need 1.":
2 5 5 9 9 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls 10 vs TN 9 (to Armando and Kassandra) for "kp 2/5 resisting physical addiction. need 1.":
1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 9 10 = 2 Successes

"Oh Oi met that kid, nice fella," says Haley as she realizes who Karya is talking about. She gives Duke a grin as she says, "Don't worry chumma, satyrs are a lot more tame than they got a reputation for bein'." She laughs a sharp ha ha ha as she says, "Howeva Oi've met some that have really done their reputation right."

You paged (Armando, Kassandra) with 'long and short of it is, croc's being affected by something. Armando, you got high enough (and you're enough of a decker) to realize he's fighting some kind of pyschotropic attack.'.

Criticalfault nods to Duke, "Ahh good. Few drivers out there now a days. Good to meet one. You got a card? Exchange numbers? " Jason turns and nods to Karya, "I ment before the change…but yea. Thats extremely kind of you. I got a free guest room myself, that apartment is big and lonely these days. Matrix keeps me in touch though.

Watching Croc for a moment, Silk raises an eyebrow at the man's actions and lets out a little sigh.
Croc is stumbling towards the door, now, but he's gone almost rigid, seemingly fighting for every step. He closes his eyes as he goes along, trying to will himself forward… and changes course, heading for the bathroom instead of the outside.

Air puts his glass, empty back to be cleared away and begins to move through the crowd once more, stepping sideways and around people fluidly on his way. Pausing at the door to collect his coat and weapons, holstering them before sweeping the coat around his shoulders and stepping outside.
Criticalfault reaches into his pocket and writes down his number for Duke, sliding his card to the man.

Duke nods and pulls a business card out of his jacket pocket. It simply has his name, address, and phone number. Under where the job title would be, it simply reads 'Speed Demon'. "Yeah, who knew that most riggers used drones?" He chuckles "Cars are a lot more fun."

Baron sits quietly at his table, eating still and watching people around in the party. He takes a drink of a beer he took to the table with him, still just glancing around.

«Auto-Judge[]» Armando (#799) has the Knowledge Skill Psychology with the value '4 (5)' (only to Croc).

Criticalfault grins widely and nods, "Yea, i've met a few, but honestly…they are hard to use without getting attention in a MAJOR way"

You paged Armando with 'you saw him actually start to think on what you said, following it, listening… and then something attacked him in his brain.'.

Karya smiles and nods, "I try. It is always nice to help someone out." She looks at Duke and smiles, "Your car is fun at least. Especially when the windows are down." She grins and laughs.

Pain shrugs at Haley's words "I've found that humans and elves like…or try for…that sort of thing a lot more often than Trolls and Dwarves. Maybe I should do a study on metahuman sexuality?" She adjusts her glasses, what a nerd.

«Auto-Judge[]» Armando (#799) rolls Intelligence (to Croc):
1 2 3 3 4 4 5 16 21
«Auto-Judge[]» Armando (#799) rolls Computers (Decking) (to Croc):
2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Armando (#799) rolls Psychology (to Croc):
2 2 3 4 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Armando (#799) rolls Psychology + Task Pool: 3 (to Croc):
2 2 3 3 4 5 9 9

You paged Armando with 'hell, you know my gmnote. those rolls are high enough that you can interpret what you want from them. :)'.

From afar, Armando nods.

"Aw shoot hon," says Haley as she pats Pain's shoulder. She grins and says, "Wanna lets blow this popstand? We really needa get you out more."

Criticalfault turns to hear Pain's words and decides that its time to go for him. He clears his throat and runs a hand over his empty chipjack. He gives a semi-fake smile and sayes, "Well it was nice seeing everyone. I'm sure i'll see you in the shadows."

Duke chuckles "One day I'll have a whole fleet of fast cars to drive around in. One of those Ferrari race cars would be great."

«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Athletics vs TN 8 (to Armando) for "did i make it to the bathroom before i hit the second wave?":
2 2 4 11 = 1 Success

Long distance to Armando: Croc is going to say yes.
Croc gets through the door to the bathroom, stiffly, and then dissappears from sight.

Pain blinks "What? Was it something I said?" She polishes off her snacks anyway though "Yeah, sure. I'm working on getting outside of my comfort zone, you know."

Criticalfault gives a round of handshakes once more and stands up. He looks at Pain and shakes his head. "No…sorry its complicated. Have a good night though." He gives her a faint smile and waves to the group.

Pain heads out with Haley and waves to the briefly-met friends

«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Willpower vs TN 7 (to Armando) for "resiting 7s from the first effect, on the other side of the door.":
1 1 5 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Willpower vs TN 7 (to Armando) for "resiting 7s from the second effect, on the other side of the door. this bit can overflow into physical.":
2 2 3 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Willpower vs TN 7 (to Armando) for "resiting 7s from the second effect, on the other side of the door. this bit can overflow into physical. kp 4/5":
1 2 4 5 = 0 Successes
You paged Armando with 'oye, i'm down on the ground. :)'.

Armando follows after a moment after Croc… curiosity killed the Spanish Nobleman afterall.
Karya laughs softly and shakes her head. She nods to Critical, "Have a good night."
You paged Armando with 'on the other side of the door, croc's on the floor, bleeding from his ears.'.

Silk moves towards the bathroom as well, looking to Aladriel who nods and glares that way. The air in front of the bathroom door becomes supercharged, almost humming with tangible energy as a barrier of force slams down.

Baron looks up from his meal, looking over to the bathroom, and frowning "So if I gotta go, do I use the womans now?" he calls out to no one in particular.

A nearby ganger says, "Aw, man, there are like ten other bathrooms around here. This place is huge. Course .. I wouldn't wait, cause they are some of a walk."

So, apparently that leaves Karya and Duke sitting around by themselves. Not that it's a bad thing, just odd how everyone dissapeared all of a sudden like that "Well…I guess we made some contacts…"

To (Croc, Kassandra), Armando pages: So…
To (Croc, Kassandra), Armando pages: We're sort of knocking yuour ass out,. checking you VERY THRUOOUGHLY FOR TRACKERS AND BUGS and then taking you home.
To (Croc, Kassandra), Armando pages: To dissect yuou

Baron goes back to eating his meal, only midly curious about the wall of force on the bathroom, but figuring its just not his business to bother.

Long distance to (Kassandra, Armando): Croc's ass is already knocked out. is at Serious Physical damage and 10 boxes of stun.

Phoenix simply stands before the men's bathroom door, the wall ionizing the air behind her. Silk wiggles a finger at one of the nearby security gangers, bringing them over and speaking rapidly with them. She makes some motions around the room and then gestures at herself. The ganger nods and moves quickly away, presumably to spread the word.

Karya laughs, "Not so much for me, since I knew them all mostly already." She smiles at Duke and pats his shoulder. "I must say you handled that question very well." She glances over to the hostess who was stopped by the barrier thing. "I wonder what's going on?"

Duke shrugs "That's the best way I can explain it. I'm just happy I didn't make a fool of myself." He sips his brew quietly "Private conversation, I reckon."
Baron has reconnected.

«Auto-Judge[]» Armando (#799) rolls Strength + 6 vs TN 6 for "(Dragen a man, it ain't no easy thing)":
1 1 1 2 2 4 4 4 5 8 10 = 2 Successes

Silk turns to the crowd, "Sorry, our large friend had a little too much to drink, so we are going to help him along home. Please, enjoy the festivities for as long as you'd like while I take care of this." The cloaked woman bows as behind her the barrier comes down.

The door opens, and out comes Armando, with Croc propped up on one shoulder, carried in a mostly upright position. "Now now, mi amigo… we must get you home." With that, he starts for the door, moving with fair alacrity. An observant person might notice that Croc's not even stumbling.
As soon as Armando comes out with Croc, Silk is moving to follow the pair, Aladriel as a shadow on the group. Several of the Velvets disengage from where they are, moving to follow and also to clear the way.

Croc isn't stumbling at all. Almost like he's dead weight.

Karya shakes her head, "I think I need to leave." Her eyes are a touch wide. "Can you bring me to the park Duke?" She looks like she is holding something back at the moment and not succeeding well.

Baron grunts slightly as he watches the group "Damn troll must be a good friend of these folk, thats alot of work for a drunk stranger." he murmers. He then takes a sip of his beer.

Armando is just a giving soul.

Duke nods "Sure. I reckon this shin-dig is winding down anyway." He stuffs the unopened beers into his pockets. No need in them going to waste! "Ready when you are."

Armando drags Croc on out, in to the car (A Eurocar Westwind) he drove in. He paid extra for it to be cared for, after all. With that, the man drives off in to the night. "Madre de dios, do not let him wake in my car with a flashback to Nam…"

The car ride is a short enough one, as the crow flies. The windows are down and the passenger is carefully monitored for being conscious. A pull over is had in the town of Bennet, where Johnny accesses a Cache to get his bug scanner and other tools. He gives Croc a VERY thorough check before making his way for Coal Creek Nature Preserve…

«OOC» Croc says, "no trackers. he's got a r6 microtransciver and associated rig, that's the only thing he has that can transmit. not even a cellphone."

----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
===================> Contents of Microtransciever (#9529) <====================
| Item | Qty | IC Location | Description |
| 1 | 1 | Carried | R6 Micro-Transciever |
| 2 | 1 | Carried | +- Subvocal Mic |
| 3 | 1 | Carried | +- R4 Encryption |
| 4 | 1 | Carried | +- R4 Decryption |
=============================== 4 Items Listed ================================
Type '+vinfo #9529/<item>' for full information about an item.
Items marked with * have stats. Type '+sheet #9529:<item>' to view.
Type '+help voucher' for help on the voucher system.
«Auto-Judge[]» Voucher Authenticity Verified

«OOC» Johnny has an R10 jammer with his vouchers. Want me to snag it or trust me enough to take on faith?

Johnny calls ahead, as he drives… "Bug check finished. Appears clean. Jamming commenses in 20 seconds. Will be at Blast Doors in 5 minutes."

Silk and Aladriel burn rubber following Johnny and his charge. She keys back, "Understood, we are on your butt and will be there thirty," the sound of a crash, "sixty seconds after you."

Johnny chuckles quietly as he engages the Jammer, which effectively seals the call. Roaring down the back roads of the rural UCAS sector, Johnny takes the right, then drives down the back road in to the Vault. He pulls in to the wooded clearing and then, inside, Marcus triggers the blast door. <BD>. It Cycles open, allowing Johnny to drive right on in.

Meeting the car as Johhnny pulls to a stop in a -massive- garage of vehicles, Marcus eyes the Mexican. "Well, old man… I didn't think your tastes swung this way?"

"Stow it kid." Says Johnny as he peels off the polymask. "Silks 45 behind me."

Croc is very heavy, even for a troll. Loads of dermal sheathing, a body made of meanness and pitfighting callouses, and a titanium-laced skeleton.

Aladriel sinks down in her seat, eyes wide as she alternately prays and sets up defensive spells, Silk driving as if she were in the Death Race or something. Two jumped curbs and a squeal of tires later, she downshifts and slows down, making sure that the car, which has gone through three paint changes, two plate changes, and six vehicle masks, isn't noticed taking the road towards the base.

Johnny moves to get the man out of the car, but Marcus handles it with a simple levitation spell. "You really should learn Thaumaturgy, Johnny.. it's very useful."

Johnny eyes Marcus for a long moment. "Are you trying to step on my last nerve? Level 4, lets go. Kass will catch up."

With that, the snarky magi who serves as Johnny's longest serving friend and apprentice, moves them to the Main Lift.

Johnny steps over to the lifts command console. "Wulfson, JOhnny Tiberius. DF001-B. Callsign Nacht."

"Voice Print Verified. Main Lift Engaged. Level please?" responds the computer…

"Medical Level."

"Affirmative. MEdical Level."

Croc's brain bleeding has stopped, at least. For now. But the demon-chip is still hard at work, slowly working to reprogram him to a more… appropriate mindset.

Johnny has this -thing- about reprogramming people. It.. bugs him. A lot. He checks his watch as the massive industri-lift makes its way down to the former launch control center that is the underground complex. The Silo itself is still sealed away. This is just the command center aspects….

Sliding to a stop, Silk is moving out of her car, slapping the button for the lift even as the car behind her slows. Ally follows, a little shakey from the drive over. She glares at the elf and shakes her head, "You are a BAD driver!" she admonishes, much to Silk's amusement. The tiny elf bangs on the elevator door and mutters, "We need another lift. Or stairs."

Marcus moves along with Johnny. "So whats his story?" Asks the elven magi.

"Local runner. He's got something in his head and its causing brain damage."

"He's a trog, how could you tell?" Asks Marcus, a snide tone coming to his voice.

Johnny snaps around, one finger coming up to gesture. "I don't want to hear that shit. I'm no fucking everyone-is-equal-hippy, but don't you go down that road of superiority, even in joke."

Ally groans at the long-taking lift and drags Kassandra to the stairwell, obviously forgotten. The pair don't bother to take the stairs, but simply step over the edge and freefall down the shaft, grumping at each other the whole way. "That was dangerous!" Ally remarks, crossing her arms as her cloak flutters around her. Kassandra rolls her eyes, "This from someone who sets people on fire?"

You paged Johnny with 'gets its point across. you want to work on redescing it, not changing anything, submit a build queue. It can probably be arranged.'.

«OOC» Johnny says, "Croc, how much do you weigh, how tall are you?"
«OOC» Croc says, "2.8 meters, about 400kg."

Johnny is busy strapping Croc's unconscious form down to the exam chair. He moves off to the other side, while Marcus remains off to the side, observing. "Computer, begin recording."

"Medical Dicta-soft now online."

"Subject is a male Homo Sapiens Ingentis, age approximately… 20-25 years of age. No known medical history, no known genetic defects. Height is 2.84 meters, with a weight of 394.23 Kilos. He appears in good physical health."

"Subject was found unconscious on the bathroom floor with pronounced hemmoraging from the ear canals. Just prior to the incident, the subject was observed as what appeared to be some sort of psychoreactive event took place in his mind. Nature of it is unknown at this time."
Johnny strips off his shirt, tossing it in the dirty linens hamper as he starts to scrub up. "I will be assisted, thaumaturgically tonight by Dr. Cindel and Dr. Cindel with Mr. Williamsburg observing. The subject is currently restrained. Begin video recording."

"Video Capture engaged."

Within seconds, far faster than waiting on the lift, Kassandra and Aladriel enter from the hallway, tossing off cloaks and capes and moving with far more control and professionalism, at least in a medical sense, than one might otherwise expect. There is still light bickering going on that grows gradually quieter, tho meaningful looks are still passed.

Kassandra glances over the man as she scrubs up, asking, "So an implant and not a spell, then?"
"Examining that now. You handle the magic, I'll look for scarring and start a scan. I figured we could do both." Says Johnny. "But most spells don't cause physical trauma. Thats usually the work of direct stimulation." He moves to put his hands in to a pair of gloves being levitated by Marcus.

"Of course." Dropping her focus to Croc, Kass's eyes go out of focus as she starts picking at the man's aura in a search for anything out of the ordinary. She simply stares at the troll, breathing slowly as she systematically scans his aura for everything she can determine.

Aladriel, in the meantime, moves to assist in a nursely/doctorly fashion, getting tools and diagnostics material ready for Dr. Johnny.

«Building System» The Vault - Medical Level (#5433) has a background count of 0.
«OOC» Croc guesses that's the time for aura perception!

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Aura Reading vs TN 4 for "Aura reading comp skill":
2 3 16 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4 for "Astral Perception. Tell me your secrets!":
1 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 11 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Intelligence - 6 vs TN 4 for "Astral Perception. Tell me your secrets!, karma":
1 1 3 4 7 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Kassandra says, "stand on 8"

«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) has the Information Aura with the value 'This troll's aura is blood-red and violent. Twisted and torn, he seems almost cut off from the world around him, what: that which (charitably) could be called a 'soul' is walled off by a shadowy halo of darkness- some kind of 'ware that covers his entire body and then infests his spine. His aura is bestial, savage: a monster walking around like a person, kept in check merely by a devious intelligence… perhaps he is a leviathian, waiting for his time to strike, or perhaps he is just a stalking wolf watching the world around him, biding his time before he picks off the weak or the infirm for his next meal.' (only to Kassandra).

Johnny nods as she does that, bringing the lights to full brightness. He slides in to a medical gown, eyeing the restraining straps on Croc… makign sure they are secure and ready. "Mr. Williamsburg. Should he awak…"

"Yeah yeah, I got it. Zot zot sleepyby trog."

"Yes. Succinctly put."

You paged Kassandra with 'lots of brain implants. he's at serious physical, ten boxes of stun… and it's all localized in the brain, stemming from some sort of psychotropic weapon.'.
You paged Kassandra with 'also under the effects of bliss. :)'.

Murmuring in a distracted way, Kass says, "A great deal of implanted cybernetics, mostly brainware but there are intrustions throughout and over his body. You may need a stronger needle. Also, type and cross and chem seven, he's on narcotics or opiates of some kind, perhaps painkillers or uppers. Extreme trauma to the brain, increased activity there .."

Kass shudders a moment, shaking her head as her gaze returns to normal, "No spells I can see other than standard background garbage you run across from walking around. He is .. a very, um, strong personality. Violent, very savage. If and when he wakes up, it might not be a good idea to stay too close to him, he may react badly." She waves a hand vaguely as if trying to explain more.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johnny (#799) rolls Medicine + Task Pool: 3 for "Using medical scanners in this R3 betaclinic to get an idea wahts in him.":
1 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Johnny (#799) rolls Medicine + Task Pool: 3 for "Using medical scanners in this R3 betaclinic to get an idea wahts in him. KP 1":
2 3 3 3 5 10 11 21 22

«OOC» Johnny says, "Where's the chipjack located? I assume its subdermal, or does it have an external port?"

You paged Johnny with 'other note, probably noticable with that rig: the majority of the ware is aztechnology make.'.
«OOC» Croc will assume subdermal, also. Mirage didn't tell me.
You paged Johnny with 'but the 'bad' ware will be drastically different. -not- azzie build.'.
You paged Johnny with 'and much more recent. about a month.'.

"I see…" Says Johnny as he moves around, moving the scanners and referring to screens as he works… "Subject is heavily cyberneticily augmented. Rating is roughly a 1.10 on the Ftizgerald-Simmons Augmentation Standards… and he possesses a great deal of Bio-engineering." He exhales and starts to list it off.

"One Auztlatal Industries Dermal Sheathing system, Grade Alpha, rating 3. This lends him a great deal of resiliency and I will require nano-blades to effectively cut through it."

"A pair of Aztechnology Standard Digital Blades, one per limb."

"Subjects eyes, while natural, have augmentations built in. Looks to be polarized lensing and an image processor."

"Standard Universal-Omnitech Smart Link II system integration… which includes a limited simsense rig."

"Aztechnology 302.1B Datajack along with an accompanying chipcjack."

A pause as he gets to the back of the head. "Hello. Neuren-Tech Industries Dedi-Jack slot, covered by skin and unaccessable without external assistance. Indicates an active chip."

Johnny marks that location but continues with the assessment…

"The subjects main muscle systems have been replaced with low-grade biological enhancements. The brain shows -significant- manipulation, with synaptic accelleration, Memory core upgrades and cognitive processing augmentation. Make and model undeterminable without biological samples.."

Ally charts the information, making the necessary marks on the digital readout screen. The information, one cross referenced, displays proper surgical notes and information on how to get around it, or if necessary disable it.

Kass stays where she is, monitoring the man's diagnostics with senses as sharps as, if not better than, those of the clinic. She watches his aura for signs of deterioration, moving when necessary to keep an eye on him and otherwise assisting as needs be.
You paged Kassandra with 'damage doesn't seem to be increasing, but the blood is spreading (im just guessing you can see something like that with your 8 flipping successes.)'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johnny (#799) spends 1000 nuyen for "Drugs and supplies for surgery".
«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Body - 2 (skelington) vs TN 10 for "time till wake up, 15 minutes a box.":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 = 0 Successes

Johnny moves off to stand near Ally for a moment as he prepares sedatives and Anesthesia. Can't cut on a man without working him over first. "Ally, draw a blood sample and analyze it. I need to know whats already in his blood so I can avoid a reaction."

«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Body - 2 (skelington) vs TN 10 for "time till wake up, 15 minutes a box, second check.":
1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Body - 2 (skelington) vs TN 10 for "time till wake up, 15 minutes a box, third check.":
1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 8 9 10 10 = 2 Successes
«OOC» Croc says, "okay. wakes up in 37.5 minutes unless otherwise altered."
«OOC» Johnny says, "He gonna get altered ;)"

Both Kassandra and Ally will remark, "Cerebral trauma is increasing, blood is spreading further." The cadence and tenor of their words suggest that they are psychically tied together, trading information on another level.

Ally moves quickly to draw a sample and analyze it, running it through the nanomachines to speed up the process. She doesn't argue with Johnny or use a spell in this case, knowing his preferences on this.

«Auto-Judge[]» Johnny (#799) rolls Medicine + Task Pool: 3 for "Getting anasthesia right.":
1 1 2 2 2 3 4 5 7
Croc continues to lie there. Not much choice in the matter.

Johnny eyes the chemical readout as Ally brings it to him. "Thank you, Dr. Cindel." he murmurs, quite professionally and in the zone, as it were. He moves to a touch pad, moving sliders up and down. While the machine blends the correct dose, Johnny works with Ally to get an IV run… they take a few minutes to find a vein close enough to the surface. "I admit." Says Johnny. "I've never operated on an Ingentis before… Here. On the back of the hand. This vein looks good."

Ally listens and does wat Dr. Wulfson requests, tapping the vein and installing the IV. Kassandra paces and watches the downed man as the surgery prep takes place, staying out of the way as much as she can. Her part of the job is watching and dealing with immediate trauma that the other two cannot get to, maintaining a line on his very being.

And it is in its way, as important as the physical medicine. "Now. Magic… is very interesting. Dr. Cindel, if you could, do you think you could design a spell to do what I am about to do?" He asks, picking up and testing a laser scalpel. "Or would you design a suite of spells, much as I have a suite of tools?"

The Doctors Cindel look to each other and decide to let Kassandra field that. "It varies. I've thought up a few theoretical works that would remove a person's cyberware a little more violently than you are about to. I suppose it could be refined to do something on this level, but … fine work on technological items is not magic's strong suit."

She considers and watches via the monitors, "Too much little things, wires and diodes and the like. You'd have to have a sympathetic link to and really /understand/ what you are doing to replace standard surgery easily."

"Indeed." Says Johnny as he runs the electric depilatory device over the hair around the the chipjack. "Now is going to be interesing. I will have to cut through his skull in small portion, to get to the chipjack. They hid it actually inside his skull, which is quite clever in its way."

The chip continues to work. The damage has stopped spreading, but it's still realigning his brain chemistry, slowly working to restructure the way the troll thinks in line with what the Demons wanted.

Johnny uses the scalpel now, to cut a U shaped incision in the flesh of the scalp. He pries that down, to reveal the thin layer of bone over the chipjack. "Bonesaw." He says, setting the laser down, holding the hand out.

The bonesaw is produced, Ally watching the procedure with the detached interest of a doctor. Cannot be going 'ooooo' when you see blood. Kassandra nods and asks, "Who, though? That is what I'd like to know."

"I will determain that when we can analyze the contents of the chipjack…" He murmurs as he whirs the bonesaw to life. "I am beginning a standard Connaght-McKay bone excavation, to reveal the top of the chipjack to facilitate removal."

With that, the diamond bladed saw grinds in to titanium reinforced bone.
Croc is glad he's unconcious for this.

Ally assists, providing suction and keeping the bone and blood debris out of the way. Kass moves to snag the receptical for the cyberware once it is excavated, moving it into the proper place.

Now excavated, the chipjack's little red LED pulses slowly. Like a languid, hostile heartbeat. "I don't know if I have ever…" A pause as he puts the bone saw aside… "Properly expressed my disgust with psychotropics. When you play with our thoughts, you rob us of the very core of our freedom. Even in prison, you cannot take a prisoners thoughts." He gestures to the chipjack. "This can." A pause. "Forecepts."

Croc's brain is gooey and such, and is a mess right now. Good thing he's been so augmented.
"Forecepts." The item is placed in Johnny's hand by the nurse, Kassandra frowning at the chipjack and the red LED. "I believe you mentioned it once when there was talk of the PAB machines and rewriting people's memories with magic. You were quite adamant about disliking it. One might even say angry."
"I would use the term livid." Offers Johnny as he starts the process of retracting the bone-anchors of the cyberware. "You have to appreciate having no history, no freedom of thought…" CLICK! The anchors retract… "To appreciate -having- freedom of thought."

"Receptical here, I'm going to extract."

The receptical is moved into position as Kassandra's frown deepens. "Indeed. There are those that are always looking to take away someone's life and they've now updated to the late 21st century. Long live tech." She glares at the chipjack.

"Technology, spell, intense torture and then conditioning…" He withdraws the chipjack, letting the little bio-wires that connect it to deeper parts of the brain extend a little bit. One hand holds the little socket, while the other gets the clippers to snap those off. "It's all the same. I actually fear the spell more than technology."

Nodding soberly, Kassandra says, "I can see that, yes. Magic or tech or torture, they all still are not right. It .." She growls and cuts herself off, keeping an eye on the man's vitals via her Sight.

Croc, luckily, is a troll. His vitals can go a -long way down- before he's in trouble. If his metabolism wasn't slowed down drastically by drugs and anesthetic, he'd be on the mend already.

Johnny, having clipped the leads, drops the little bloody socket in to the recepticle. "Dr. Cindel." He refers to Ally now.. "Ossio-Paste." he says, moving back to get the little flap of bone he removed, getting ready to fill in the hole.

Mmm. Ossio-Paste! Good for fixing whatever ails you. Kassandra waits patiently, moving to the other side of the bed to watch the procedure, filing the information away in case she is called upon to do this sort of thing from the 'driver's' seat.

Ossio-paste is basically bone-putty. It's designed to be absorbed by the body as bone grows in to its position. It's basically just ground up bone in a biologically safe epoxy. He moves some in to position, filling in some measure the hole. He then puts the bone flap back on. "Bone fuser." Says he, holding one hand out to Ally, looking for what amounts to a welding gun for bone."

"Bone fuser!" The next device is handed over by the redheaded nurse, Kass moving back to check the readouts and technical data as the surgery continues. A very short surgery, given Johnny's skills.
Johnny taps the fuser to the four cardinal directions. Those areas will become bone-scar, but they will hold the bone in place until the actual bone regrows. With that, he checks to ensure the is no foriegn body in the body, and starts to sutcher the wound closed.

Watching the quick fuse job and then the sewing up part, the elven mage nods quietly and says, "He seems to be handling the stress well."

"Now lets talk about after-care." Says Johnny. "I can't conscious him being here… though it would be the best place. I don't know him.." He continues to stitch… "And I don't know if I want to, in sooth. But he will require aftercare and at least, a place to wake up. Where shall we put him? Do you have a flophouse we could use for the deposit?"

"First off, let me run a healing charm over him and reduce the chance of any problems. From there, I am sure I can find a place for him, along with someone to check in on him from time to time?"
Kass says.

"Sounds like a plan. I love working with proper criminals." Says Johnny as he finishes the base stitching.

«OOC» Johnny says, "2 boxes."
«OOC» Johnny says, "L+1"
«OOC» Croc says, "so that would put me at 8 boxes of phys, total."

Chuckling, Kassandra moves to her clothing and pulls out a small hardpack, the sort that might fit over a large deck of cards. She'll wait for Ally to move the various technological items out of harms way as well as out of her line of sight. The elf moves a little table over, frowning at the man's aura. She remarks, "I won't be able to heal all of what was done to him, but I can at least draw down any infection and make sure that he has a fighting chance."

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Centering + 2 (KP) vs TN 4 for "Centering away penalties. Base TN 11-Grade 7":
3 5 5 9 10 11 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Centering + 2 (KP) - 5 vs TN 4 for "Centering away penalties. Base TN 11-Grade 7, karma reroll kp 4/41":
5 = 1 Success

«OOC» Kassandra says, "TN reduced by 3, rolling vs TN 8"
«OOC» Johnny says, "Need to get you a centering focus"

«Auto-Judge[]» Kassandra (#9777) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 7 + 4 (Amalthea) + 4 (KP) vs TN 8 for "Healing Croc, F3 Heal":
1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 8 11 11 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Kassandra says, "3 boxes healed."

Laying out a pattern of tarot cards on the little table, Kassandra stares at the star pattern she is making, each card coming out with deliberation and intensity. She breaths out a quiet stream of words under her breath, little syllables about each card and tying them in with the large metahuman. Amalthea steps out of the Astral Plane with little fanfare, laying a hand on the elf's shoulder and drawing power down into her.

Wounds begin to slowly close on the troll, although not quickly and not wholely. The damage is simply too intense for the small charm, but enough is done that he is moved from a life threatening situation into something manageable.

«OOC» Kassandra says, "20 days base for Serious, 10 for Mod, 1 for light"
«OOC» Kassandra says, "TNs 8,6,4"
«OOC» Johnny nods. True. we COULD keep you sedated here until your down to L wounds.
«OOC» Kassandra nods
«OOC» Johnny says, "in which you'd get excellent conditions"
«OOC» Croc nods. in which case, i'll only step out to finish plots that have already started.
«OOC» Croc says, "so let's see. excellent conditions will be -2. will call 'healing' a fresh scene for kp purposes."

«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Body - 2 vs TN 6 for "healing an M, excellent conditions.":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 9 10 11 14 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Body - 2 - 4 vs TN 6 for "healing an M, excellent conditions, kp 1/5":
1 2 2 2 5 5 5 5 11 13 16 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Croc (#8805) rolls Body - 2 - 7 vs TN 6 for "healing an M, excellent conditions, kp 3/5":
1 1 2 2 2 4 5 11 = 1 Success

Johnny watches this, one hand coming up to activate the drug drip again. "Silk, I need your authorization. He's very badly damaged, lots of internal hemorraging even after your healing… It would be better to keep him here for a while… At least untill the swelling goes down. We can keep him sedated, easilly enough."

«OOC» Johnny says, "10/8 is basically a day and a half."
«OOC» Croc says, "yeah. so 4 and a half days to heal down to light."

"Best to keep him down then, yes. That also takes him out of their eyes, whomever did this, and gives him .. and us .. a fighting chance to find out who did this. I approve and authorize." Silk nods once, looking to Ally who quirks a smile and nods as well.

Johnny nods to Kassandra. "I'll start working on this chip immediately, on an offline system without ASIST. In the mean time…" He starts to peel out of the scrubs… "I need sleep."

"Sleep. We'll work on shifts and let Breeze and Guns know about this. So that no one shoots the big fella when they come in to get a band aid." Kass snickers and moves to help clean up, both physically and magically. Bleach and blood, Cleansing metamagic and more.
Johnny nods as he does so. "Computer, End recording."

"Medical Log DF-001-B 5-02-2070 closed. Good night, Dr. Wulfson."

Croc sleeps the sleep of the recovering agent of death, his augmented body quickly setting to work to mend the damage done to his brain….

But it's not going to be an insta-fix. It will take time.

But who will he be when he wakes?

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