Log:Drug Mules

GM: Mr. Terrific
Players: Alexei, Nivira, Krieg, Crowe
Synopsis: The characters are hired to move some drugs upon a route that has been penetrated, that is regularly being attacked. Their job is to foil the ambush that they know is going to happen, turn it around, and figure out how the attackers always know the path of the drugs. It turns out that they have someone on the inside putting a scent-marker on the baggies the drugs are in, and they use trained dogs to spot it on the outside… then a street samurai leads a little team to mop up. And while the street sam does pretty well, she doesn't have the right tools to deal with a serious rigger robot, and the sniper can't deal with superfast people who get close.
Date: July 18, 2076

Word goes out through the fixers and faces. That twiddle-fingers guy who runs the Bare Knuckle, that well-known wizard who is the very definition of 'distant'; Mister Terrific, needs a run done. The meet is in the back room of CHROME, which is on the 'good side' of the Warrens Wall but not far away. It's well known that CHROME doesn't allow in anything more than a pistol - you check heavier gear in the airlock cloakroom - and that it has electronically secure 'back rooms' for meets such as this. (Whether or not they pump in fog with fog machines for authentic 'smoke filled back rooms' is unknown.)
One more thing: The word is that it's a BYS run. BYS means Bring Your Shit. Whatever it is starts right after you accept, so there's no going home to assemble your optimal gear. You have to guess and cover your bases and have your loadout to hand.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Your entrance pose should have a general, though not exacting, description of your loading up process. It can include stocking things in the CHROME cloakroom, which has safety-deposit like boxes under heavy guard from high class drones."

Alexei enters Chrome, stopping at the 'cloakroom' to deposit a satchel of gear and show he otherwise is suitably lightly armed before entering the club proper. Stepping inside he pauses to remove his sunglasses, scanning the place for anything out of the ordinary. Once seemingly (unless not?) satisfied he moves nonchalantly through the main room, heading around the thicker parts of the crowd and loudest areas of the room where there are is the most music being piped in, towards the conference rooms and the prearranged meeting.

Krieg spends a few minutes outside the Chrome seeming to converse with a heavily cloaked figure. They exchange a large duffle bag and converse in silence. She offers a polite small bow to the man before heading into the Chrome, stopping to make sure she has nothing so highly illegal that it requires begin checked. As she enters the main bar a momment is taken to straighten her blazer and check her shoes to make sure nothing strange from the Warrens has tracked along with her inside. It's a slow progression through the often smokey and crowded bar. She does her best to not bump anyone scarier than the normal, finally arriving at the meeting area.

Nivira grabs her usual kit, deciding to stay light on the packing. Not much on her beyond that and some casual clothes before she heads off to Chrome. Once there, she tries to make her way through the crowd toward the meeting place like the others.

Change of plans. Crowe gets a message. BYS. A job. The sofa chair he stands up has an imprint of his behind, grease stained boxers and a five o clock shadow. How long had he'd been sitting there? Minutes? Hours? Days? Another episode of zoning out. Blearily bringing in his focus, he checks the message and stands. Work needs to be done. He changes his shirt, electric shaves, and puts on his actioneer jacket which is pressed and dry cleaned. It took a while to get the blood out of it last time. His ruth suit fits nicely under his street clothes. His slacks are custom tailored for his kid-stealth legs. Hard not to draw stares from the normals.
He doesn't pack a gun. There's no need. But he does pack a few narcoject darts in a small cigarette tin next to his actual cigarettes.
When he arrives at Chrome, he's inevitably stopped at the door. This happens a lot. In good faith, he hands over his cigarette tin with the dart rounds. No ammo! Safe, right? And he heads to the backroom to meet the Johnson.

Mr.Terrific is there, standing. Glowing even, a lambent white glow surrounding him that those of a magician-y knowledge will easily recognize as a protective spell. He gives you that magely-look-over then says, "Damn glad to meet you. I'm Mister Terrific and I have been given a minor task. The Sons (of Sauron) have been having their usual drug mules being picked off on their way from the smuggling zone crossing the Warrens Wall down to their turf. Therefore, it is our objective that a team of highly skilled individuals take the drugs in a hand-off at the Warrens Wall, and traverse to the Sons area, while detecting and engaging whoever will be trying to attack and kill them.
The payment will be, first, a knowing and friendly relationship with the Sons, who occupy a prime zone of real estate in the Warrens where they do fine things like guard expensive vehicles and the like. Second, whatever you happen to pick up from the idiots who oppose your efforts - call it aikido in action. And third, you get my undying gratitude for doing me a favor and I might do one back for you. Fourth, if things go really drekzone and out of control, call me, I'll send help, there will be more payment."

Crowe gives Mr. Terrific a nod in acknowledge at his greeting. His stare is dull and shallow as he listens to the objective parameters. "Take drugs. Get jumped. Kill the jumpers. No nuyen, but looting rights on the jumpers. Do I understand all of this correctly?" His voice is flat, with few if little intonations. "This sounds pretty straight forward."

Mr.Terrific gives Crowe the thumbs-up.

Alexei scritches his chin thoughtfully, giving a mild frown. "There are smarter ways to do this, but I suppose all of those take longer and interrupt the flow of goods." he says, grimacing a bit. "I tend to prefer to set things up where the initiative is … mine." he says, his expression turning wry.

Mr.Terrific answers Alexei, "That's your job. Manipulate the situation. Yes or no?" He continues looking around the table.

Nivira shrugs. "Fair enough I guess. Doubt they'll be carrying priceless jewels in their pockets, but if someone's growing a pair they might have something worth taking. I'd prefer to get the jump on them as well, but there may be info we can get on site that'll help with that."

Mr.Terrific finally looks to Krieg.

So far Krieg has just stayed quiet and off to the corner of the meeting. She seems to observe and assess the others there as the discussion continues. She retreives what seems to be gummies from a small baggy in her pocket and eats one as Mr. T looks at her. "For you, I will manage." She notes and moves forward to offer Mr. T a gummie 'worm' as well.

Alexei gives a short sigh, looking around at the rest of the team assembled, before he gives a slight nod.

Mr.Terrific smiles and holds up a hand; he never eats at the meet. "I am hearing that everyone is in? If not, this is your last chance to walk. If yes, then we go from here to grab your gear from your vehicles - I have and or will pay the CHROME people to watch them for you - to a sewer entrance not from from here. From there we meet with the current drug mules, make the handoff, and infiltrate into the Warrens. I depart from you there, and it is up to you. Understood?"

Alexei rolls one shoulder for a moment, then nods once again to Mr.T. He then turns to the rest of the crew with a question. "Anyone have the gear to scan the packages we are going to be carrying? I'd like to be reasonably certain if they are being tracked or not."

Crowe's eye twitches a couple times, though it doesn't appear to be voluntary or indicative of his feelings regarding this run. "S-sounds good." When Alexei asks the question, he turns his head to look at him. "No."

Mr. Terrific says "That is your job. I'm led to believe the gangers tried looking for electronic devices as that was in their wheelhouse, and did not find any - but you may have skills they do not."

Nivira nods to Mr.T. "Understood." She shrugs to Alexei, "Nothing here either. Kinda wish I had something like that though."

Krieg nods to Mr. T. She then looks to Alexei in response to the question and raises her hand half way up. Her other hand tucking the baggy away for now.

Mr.Terrific ahs, "Excellent. Are we ready then?"

Crowe shifts a little before standing up. "Yes." Oh boy. Here I go killing again.

Alexei nods as he receives each answer, giving Krieg his focus afterwards eventually. "Alright. After the handoff, before we move too far, let's get that done." he says, pausing for a moment of thought, before turning back towards Mr. T. "So, they want us to take 'exactly' the route that their normal couriers take, to be sure we run into the same folks that are running into their couriers, I take it. Can we get a map or at least description of that route?"

Nivira gets up herself, "Ready when everyone else is."

Krieg nods in agreement to the plan. She continues to look the others over and seems to make a decision to approuch and half circle Alexei. Quietly she asks a question while they await a response about the route. "Is this grouping comms enabled?" She looks to the others and taps her temple.

Commlink-Crowe> Crowe sends, « Yes. »

Alexei grimaces slightly, and shakes his head. "Not unless my phone counts." he says. "Though moving through the sewers and tunnels, we may have trouble using comms in either case."

Niviranods. "Not quite subvocal, but small enough." Readying her micro-trans.

Thuslly, Mister Terrific leads the way. You all have no trouble exfiltrating CHROME (don't laugh, gunfights and fisticuffs here are normal entertainment) and picking up your gear, whereupon Mister Terrific leads you a block and a half away to a darkened alleyway and an opened manhole cover where a portable rollout ladder has been prepared to get you down to the sewers area.
Thankfully it's pretty dry, and Mister Terrific leads you from the big areas through a 32-inch storm drain into a smaller area, and then - if you have ever played a first-person shooter game with 'hidden' areas this would be the definition of one. You have to notice that a certain area of the roof is totally in shadow and specifically look up into it to see that you can shimmy up it and there might be some kind of maintenance shelf up there where you can get to other areas. Of course, having some friendly synthleather-clad orks from the Sons drop you down a rope ladder makes it even easier to get there into a circular 4 foot high area where tech dwarves would work on the fiber optic cables that service these blocks.
That's where the Sons set out three MOLLE-style backpacks for you, saying, "Each one has a load of novacoke, zen, and bliss. Whoever get's em, get's em. Oh yeah, they never attacked us when we tried moving fakes, neither, just so you know."

Mister Terrific answers Alexei, saying, "Oh no, take any route you want. No restrictions. They've tried several different routes to change it up. There's only so many ways to get from Heather Gardens to the Sons."

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "So now that you have access to the packages, please feel free to tell me what skills and devices you use upon them."

"I see, if you would like I can loan you a unit. I would like to have encrypted comm with at least a few members if possible." Krieg says quietly again. She looks to the others and to the additional Stranger that has joined them from outside the CHROME. Krieg seems to have made her way to this drop location with the stranger in tow carrying a large duffle bag and backpack. His 6 foot or so frame covered in a heavy dustyhooded trench.

Alexei accepts Krieg's loaned comm device with obvious gratitude. "Very kind. I owe you one." he says, with a nod.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You can search the bags normally with a Perception check (int) and add half of your electronics dice for a complementary effect. So if you have int 6 and Electronics 4, you roll 6+2=8 dice. To search astrally as well as physically, Perception test which serves as normal Perception as well as racking up astral successes. Then roll Aura Reading. For rumors, just roll. And so on."

«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Street Rumors for "Street Knowledge regarding the attacks on the SoS shipments.":
1 2 2 2
«Plot» No such rumors.

As promised Krieg looks over the packages without touching them. "Could someone please take one and move around with it." She asks as she maintains a moderate distance from the packs.

Crowe climbs up and takes one of the backpacks. Her just slings it over his back and clicks it in place. He has no hesitation. Adjusting it slightly he nods towards the Sons.

«Plot» Krieg says, "While observing, and if someone does the movement with them I'll run my Scanner. R12."
«Plot» Crowe says, "I'll move around."

«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133)'s Remote Control Deck R6 (#1966) has the Voucher Item 17 Signal Scanner (Rating 12) with the following information:
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
=====================> Item 17 on Remote Control Deck R6 <=====================
Item Name: Signal Scanner (Rating 12)
Item Type: ITEM
Quantity: 1
Fractional OK: No
Clonable: No
Players Can Link: No
Created For: Shift (#12621)
Created By: Rando (#1923)
IC Location: Carried
-----> Description for Item <------
Scanners receive radio frequencies. They can monitor specific frequencies, or they can scan through a range of frequencies to find active signals.
Intercepting known frequencies requires no work.
Intercepting signals to determine their frequencies requires a Scanner Rating Success Test against a TN equal to the transmitting device's rating +3.
Electronic Warfare may be used as comp dice. Each success scored locates a signal frequency for which the character is searching and can then monitor.
Alternatively, successes may be used to reduce the 30-minute base time.
Encrypted transmissions (see Broadcast Encryption) must be decrypted before a character can decipher anything.
Scanners feature fold-out screens for intercepted vid-calls.
-----> GM Notes for Item <-----
Feb 10 17:01 Conceal 8, Weighs 1kg, & Legal Legality. (SR3 289-290)

«Plot» Krieg says, "I do indeed and have electronics for complementary if needed to specify a device type."
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls 12 for "Active scan while observing the package. As well as when it is in motion. TN/Rating+3":
1 1 1 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 7
«Plot» Krieg says, " -1Tn per 2Flux of device transmitting. Forgot about that. so the stronger the bug..the easier to catch on a burst trans."

«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Aura Reading vs TN 5 for "Assensing Comp. Test.":
1 1 5 13 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Intelligence vs TN 5 for "Assensing Test.":
1 1 3 3 4 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Intelligence vs TN 5 for "Assensing Test. - 1kp reroll.":
2 2 2 2 5 10 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Intelligence + 2:
4 4 5 5 8

On the astrals, the three backpacks are dead objects. Nothing living. The materials in some of the bags were vaguely organic once - that would be the novacoke. The zen and bliss were made in chemical laboratories and are without even that faintest vestige of life, whereas the novacoke shows the evil twisting away from life that the advanced chemical modifications of the drug has wrought. But no spirituality, no nothing like that.
Against the expert manipulation of the bug scanner and the signals scanner, too, nothing shows up. Now, it's possible that there's something there and it's just totally off; if it was set on a timer even that tiny electronic timer might be detected so it would have to be something like a response-RFID homing beacon. Such are the known limitations of the scanner - but it's very important to rule these things out.
Finally, a personal search, too. Nivira leads the hands-on taking out of the packages of drugs and the searching of the three bags for exactly those kinds of hidden physical devices that could be off, but then turn into homing beacons in the face of some kind of broadcast. Even checking the MOLLE-backpacks for any kind of metallic weave that might hide a circuit. But nothing. (Although everyone helps.)

«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 6 for "A roll for my personal amusement":
3 4 5 5 5 9

«Plot to Alexei» 'When you are handling the individual plastic bags that wrap up the chunklets of various drugs, they feel a little slicker than you think a ziplock bag should feel. A little off. Of course, it might be that your hands are unwashed, or that the people who packed them had unwashed hands, or this is an off-brand of ziplock, or who knows.'.
«Plot From Alexei» Can I do a closer inspection of the 'slick' bags? Physical and Astral both?
«Plot To Alexei» 'You feel your suspicion, you inspect them closer. Nothing aura-wise is any different, but your suspicion becomes enough to be a certainty, no matter how silly it may feel to say.'.

"At the moment, I beleive we are unmonitored. There is always the possability of passive tracking devices." Krieg assists Alexei in setting the comm device to her Encrypted channel and allowing a sub-channel for the others if they run lower encryption. "Please do not die, it is possible the device could be damaged." She states with an emotionless manner. After her manipulation she approaches the Stranger that has followed them there and begings digging through the duffle he brough with.

Alexei takes this moment, once he is done with the assensing, to regear himself from his satchel, donning a full suit of camo armor and to bring out a Mossberg combat shotgun. Once so equiped he moves over to observe and participate in the rest of the package inspection.

Nivira hrms. "Either someone's screwing with us, or they're being cheeky with their tracking."

Standing there, emotionless and stoic, Crowe finally speaks up. "If there is someone that would prefer to hold this backpack that uses ranged weapons, that would be preferable. I am a melee fighter."

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « There are numerous methods of tracking that do not rely on these means. I beleive we will learn more as we continue on the route. »

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You all may note as you are packing, unpacking, and examining each of the MOLLE backpacks and the various drug packaging, that Alexei is taking a little extra time with a strange look on his face. But then, the designated twiddle-fingers people usually have strange looks on their faces and sometimes even that fancy shamanic mask flares up."

Alexei frowns a bit as he handles some of the packages inside the MOLLE packs, stopping to feel them with his fingers for a lingering moment and then giving them a closer inspection with his eyes. His frown deepens. "There is something off about these packages. They are … slick. I'm not sure what it is." he says, setting out the indicated bags for the others to look at.

Krieg gestures a bit to her own backpack, and then points to the Stranger with her who has a backpack as well. She does pause a momment to await the information about slick packages. "They have surfaces with low friction coefficients?"

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Those people who have not made a personal perception test - I think Crowe and Krieg have not done standard INT tests for perception - may do so. Note any special senses or skills. If you have already, like Nivira and Alexei, you will have to reroll with karma to try and beat your previous scores."
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 3 3 4 5 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Intelligence for "Elfiness":
2 2 3 3 4 5 5 5

Nivira huffs. "Well, then give it to Shotgun McSubtley, there robo chicken. I'd rather not be right in the middle of a firefight if I can help it." She stuffs the packages she was examining back in the backpack, not finding a thing. "If it was that simple, I think the rest of us would have noticed something. I'm starting to get a very bad feeling about this." She says to Krieg.

«Plot to Crowe» 'What Alexei says, you confirm by touch. Whether or not you've handled multiple drug baggies of various types, or just sandwich bags as a kid, they have a certain slickness to them, that kind of 'dries out' as they are used. These are… still slick. Like they just came out of the box or something, which is not what you expect.'.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "I have given out all information."

Mr.Terrific , seeing everything all packed up, says, "Ready to head out?"

Crowe hands the backpack over to Shotgun McSubtlety. "Ready."

Alexei nods towards Nivira with a brief frown, shifting on his feet as he continues to give the indicated packages a dubious eye. To Krieg he shrugs his shoulders. "I really wouldn't know what you are talking about well enough to be able to answer." he says.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Someone tell me, who, or what, is carrying the three packages."

Krieg takes a slow purposefull observative glance around the area before retreiving what looks like a combat vest from the bag and slipping it on over her blazer. She begins adjusting magazine holders and small optic line relays along it as she gets herself situated. She remains kneeling near the Stranger who also does the same in the smaller than normal location they seem to have began their journey with these bags. She retrieves an assault rifle from the bag and clips it to a loadbearing hook on the vest, adjusting the strap to length and testing the drop fit as she tturns to look at the group.

«Krieg»<Are we prepared to proceed? Who will carry the packages?> She transmits without physcially doing anything, or making a sound.

«Plot After Quibbling About Backpacks» Mr.Terrific says, "So, I have Nivira, Crowe, and Krieg who reloads hers and can either leave the original backpack it came in or bundle it up and take it along (it makes no difference I promise)."

The Sons-jacketed orks crawl-lead you through a confusing maze of technical maintenance tunnels and storm-drains, some of which clearly should not be open to one another but have been cut open for just this sneaky passage until they connect with some nastier sewers under Heather Gardens. Mister Terrific volunteers to head up first and check.
Like a bastard, he turns invisible and silent, then in the astral he summons a panoply of spirits, then carefully slides out into the alleyway and has a look around while the rest of you hide with the ability to crawl to safety.
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 for "Stealth of bad guys +4":
2 3 3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls Intelligence for "of Mr. T playing spotter":
3 3 5 5 7 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls Intelligence for "of Mr. T playing spotter kp 1 to not suck in front of you guys":
1 2 2 2 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls Intelligence for "of Mr. T playing spotter kp 3 oh geez":
1 1 2 3 3 4
«OOC» Alexei is reminded of Pitch Black. "It looks clear…"

Krieg quickly helps transfer the backpack and roll it up stuffing it in Senshi's large ruck system and attaching the bag to the exterior. She finished up and looks to the others, who seem so far to have not questioned her ally. She follows along and maneuvers with the others, protecting the rear of the group for the momment unless someone else requests to.

Mr. Terrific comes back down, turns off his Silence spell (Alexei could see him if he wanted to, of course) and says, "Looks clear to me - at least I didn't get shot. Give me a few minutes, then it's up to you." And with that he gets silent again and blows away like the wind. A quick ladder upwards and you will be concealed in an alleyway in Heather Gardens.

«Plot» Crowe says, "I'll turn invisible — despite there being a backpack on me."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You wil receive +8 instead of +12 for the floating backpack effect."
«Plot» Crowe says, "Affirmative. Do you want me to roll stealth?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Stealth:+ 8
1 3 5 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 vs TN 18:
1 1 2 3 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 8 vs TN 10:
2 2 2 3 4 5 8 9 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You may pose climbing, scouting from the alleyway of hiding, and then you can try a perception roll TN 8."

Crowe follows along behind. As he climbs up the ladder, he clicks a switch on his suit and it flickers to invisibility. His hood is brought up to obscure his face and oddly only a floating backpack remains. There are a few glitches from the sensors being covered by the backpack, but it does a decent job of hiding him anyways. When he crests the top, he sneaks off for the shadows and extends his cyberarm blade.
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Intelligence vs TN 8 for "Perception Roll":
1 1 1 2 2 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Crowe says, "I have low/high frequency hearing. Cyberears."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "That would be a 7 for hearing-based things, still failure."
«Plot» Crowe says, "Standing."

It's evening in Heather Gardens. The Warrens Wall is not far, just a block and a half. Occasional drones are high overhead, and this place is a dirty suburban place where a lot of the poor folk who have jobs uptown but can't afford to live in a C zone get stuck. Streetlamps are few and far between and without darkvision enhancements it's easy to see why even the floaty-backpack effect isn't totally obvious for someone hiding in shadows who eases out of an alleyway manhole cover.

«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Stealth for "Open Stealth Test: +4 For Camo.":
1 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 vs TN 9 for "To spot Alexei.":
2 3 4 7 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You can make an INT perception, TN 8."
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Intelligence vs TN 8 for "Perception Test.":
1 1 1 2 2 3 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Alexei, also, gets up in the alleyway, nothing bad happens."

Alexei moves slowly, quietly, up out of the hatchway and into the alley. Once clear of the exit, he fades over to take a position against the wall of the alley, slinging his shotgun back around and bringing up against his shoulder while scanning their surroundings.

«Plot» Nivira is moving as well I guess.
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Stealth roll, tell us of your bonuses, then INT perception, tell us of your senses, Nivira."
«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Stealth for "+Ruthenium Skin and armor, not like it matters much, since no image scanners. Using basic camo program for +4.":
3 3 5 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 vs TN 9 for "basic spot":
2 2 3 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Intelligence for "+Thermal and Lowlight from Cyber eyes.":
2 2 3
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 8 vs TN 5:
3 4 5 5 5 8 11 26 = 6 Successes
«OOC» Nivira says, "Of course."
«OOC» Mr.Terrific says, "Let not your heart be troubled. :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 1 for "random roll, low is bad for you, high is good":
«OOC» Alexei says, "I'm feeling troubled."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 6 for "Also wearing camo +4 stealth":
1 5 5 7 7 23
«OOC» Nivira says, "Seriously, am I just cursed or something?"
«OOC» Alexei says, "Holy Shibizle."

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "All righty. Actually, I just realized the thing I'm thinking of can't get a benefit from camo. So just give me, Crowe, Nivira, Alexei, PERCEPTION (int) checks at TN 23. Yes, I now, this is the tyranny of lots of dice. Eventually someone hits high, and it's a game to see who hits the bell first."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "The real thing is that you all had chances to hit the easy TN 8 that Mr. T also failed, and you lost that too. :)"

«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Intelligence:
3 3 3
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Intelligence vs TN 23 for "Big Money, No Whammies!":
1 1 3 3 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Intelligence vs TN 22 for "High/Low Freq hearing.":
4 4 5 5 5 11 14 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Mr.Terrific says, "A valid attempt."

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Okay. Nothing bad happens immediately, although of course, the bad guys have acquired some knowledge and are taking actions, while you have not detected them. Krieg, hop up, make your stealth check, then your PERCEPTION (int) check. TN 8 gives you one tier of information, TN 23 gives another tier."

As Senshi watches the rear guard he secures his trenchcoat open to reveal a loadbearing set and harness. The final contents of the large duffle are empied and the bag stored in his backpack. The newly revealed LMG attached in a manner similar to Krieg's rifle. The two seem to have a nearly identical loadout method but scaled largely up in Senshi's case. Now linked to a secure hook on Senshi's vest the LMG is prepared and held in a ready position.

Krieg retrieves a small subdued black case from the sidepouch of her backpack. She opens the case and prepares the tiny Bumblebee within it for a pre-flight check, assigning it to her network. She holds it out in her hands as it activates, the small flicker of sensor lights and soft hum of its flight systems spring to life as the tiny drone swirls and shoots straight up along the ladder and out into the awaiting sky. She watches it escape, but more importantly from the AR overlay of its sensor feeds. She observes it's flight plan as it takes a position above them in the allyway and Pings Active.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Feel free to tell me of the various percepting devices and bonuses you have. One bad guy has a stealth tn 4 with +4 urban camo, another person has stealth 23 and that person's stealth is based more on being positioned in a way as to not be suspicious as opposed to hiding or anything."

«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Intelligence for "Krieg: Passive Sensor detection (Basically Perception as normal From altitude)":
1 1 2 2 3 4 5 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls 1 for "Active Ping from Drone (Proximity detectors, rangefinders, video, basic radar, signature-recognition software, low-light, telescopic magnification x50) Tn/basic 6+Modifiers for technological abilities and dampening. 5 for trolls ..etc.":

«Plot to Krieg» From high up, it's obviously much easier to spot the troll fellow lying down on a rooftop a block (175 meters) away. He's in that urban camo stuff, with a hunting rifle over his shoulder, hooded, laying low, and you catch him putting away some big fancy-looking binoculars and sliding carefully back from the edge. He was obviously looking in your direction a moment ago; you are catching him backing away.'.
«Plot» Krieg says, "The drone is Sig 12, they may attempt to detect it as well. Fluff makes hearing it at closer ranges easier than seeing a 10cm object."

«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 vs TN 12 for "to spot drone":
1 1 2 2 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 6 vs TN 12 for "t'other":
2 4 4 5 8 29 = 1 Success

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Perhaps unsurprisingly, though you know it not, the mysterious person doing the spotting with the heavy stealth also totally spots the drone."
«OOC» Alexei says, "Krikey."
«OOC» Nivira says, "Who is this guy? Fragging Batman? Jebus."
«OOC» Mr.Terrific says, "Apparently."
«OOC» Mr.Terrific says, "This isn't Mission Difficult, Mr. Phelps. It's Mission Impossible."

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « Contact 1, Sniper observing, Rooftop 175m, Camo, Immediate, Hunting Rifle/Binoculars. Bearing (Fill in the blank from GM) »

Commlink-Crowe> Crowe sends, « I hate snipers. »

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You all may look in that direction, but past the barest hint of motion on that rooftop, he has slid back so as not to be seen. He doesn't have good line of sight for a shot at you from there, maybe, is why. Of course, Krieg can still see him totally obviously."

«Plot» Crowe says, "I am going to advance. Quickly."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Bust off towards that building, Crowe?"
«Plot» Crowe says, "Yes."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Pose away. And state your speed, if you are running fast enough to blur your ruth."
«Plot After The Fact» We have a discussion on calculating run speeds and how Athletics works to add and how running that fast turns off Ruthenium which can't keep up.

Commlink-Crowe> Crowe sends, « Shall I go kill them? »

The Bumble softly whirls and begins a basic Evasive spiraling pattern as it attempts to maintain an observation postion on the target. <Sensor Lock Attempt for Automation: Base TN5(Troll)-3LOS>

Krieg maintains her position for the momment, providing guidance as requested by the drone. She attempts to quickly assess the immediate area in the visual for possible routes and approuch points. With the growing possibility of obscured terrain and quickly retrieves and pre-flights the Bumble's twin. She gently gives it a boost to become airborne. The Link completing just before release as she instructs it to assume a higher elevation overwatch at maximum optical range (x50) for topographical information.

Senshi seems unphased, standing guard in the tunnel system as the commotion begins.

«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls 1 vs TN 2 for "Bumble 1 Sensor Lock <Tracking on trolls movement>":
2 = 1 Success

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « That is at your leisure, Our mission has minimal requirements to meet. »

Alexei presses the transmit button on his borrowed commlink twice, for a quick positive response without vocalizing. Meanwhile he continues to scan back and forth, visually and with his weapon, in search of anything out of place.

«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Athletics + 5 for "Rating 5 (Hydraulic Jacons) / Running to building":
1 1 3 3 3 3 5 11 15

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You won't need to roll that every round or anything. For this round, as an example, you get +3 to quickness, so 11x4 is 44 meters in 3 seconds. Keeping it up, you may get to the building in 12 seconds."

«Plot to Krieg» 'The troll with the hunting rifle crouch-walks to the trapdoor to go into the building. He touches his ear, like he's receiving a transmission.'.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "The rest of you: hunkering in the alleyway, or following him as best you can?"
«Plot» Krieg says, "As I may not have yet revealed myself to the enemy, I'll maintain my position for the momment untill I am able to assess a clear route."
«Plot» Nivira says, "I'll be following, I should be fast enough."

Crowe keeps still for a bit, waiting for a response from comms. He voices something silently on the channel before he receives a green light. With the speed of a jackalope, he just springs off. The ruthenium can't even keep up like this, it isn't made to process the speed that he's running. It's now clear why he uses kid stealth legs. As little 'shunks' of pressurized air spring the hydraulic jacks in his legs, he runs at a speed that could keep up with a car. His reaction enhancers ensure that he's able to navigate the alleys as he makes headway to the sniper roost.
They won't have time to leave the building before he makes it there.

«OOC» Alexei is staying put. I'm not that fast at all anyway.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You can be pretty sneaky in the alley, Krieg, but you will be obvious crossing the wide street to get to the next alley."

Commlink-Crowe> Crowe sends, « Track them. »

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "It is your decision, Nivira. Basically, go with Crowe; stay with Alexei and Krieg."
«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Quickness vs TN 8:
1 2 2 3 3 5 8 9 10 14 = 4 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Nice. So you're going 14x3, or 42 meters. Just a hair behind Crowe."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "We have now cleverly split the party. So it's going to be generally one big fight that takes place at the same time in two different places where you can't muchly protect each other and it'll be totally unfair."

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Crowe and Nivira will be busting through the alleyway, across the street in plain view, then through another alleyway and across another smaller street in plain view of startled faces of late-night passersby, any of whom could be spotters for The Bad Guys, whoever they are. Conveniently, the back door of the target building has been propped open with a coffee can leading to the stairs and other blasted areas within this building. The troll sniper, who knows you are coming, and whose location is being tracked with the bumblebee sensors, will be attempting to hunt you through the building while Krieg no doubt gives you confusing updates over the comm that may or may not be helpful considering."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Meanwhile, the mysterious Batman like figure that you have no knowledge of except that you saw the gratuitious rolls for, will be moving in for an attempted ambush of some kind given that he knows you just split your party."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Understandable?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Small Unit Tactics + Task Pool: 1 for "Not so confusing, hopefully.":
2 3 8 10 13
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Looks like three Small Unit Tactics successes, please state the bonuses, Krieg."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Take your time. I think it's +3 to everyone init the first full turn OR some amount of combat pool the first full turn."
«Plot» Krieg says, "Oh my its a complicated roll with this group but Combat pool is best. It can also be used for reaction dice."

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Okay! Let's start with the Crowe/Nivira hunting. I will roll stealth and perception for the sniper, you will roll similar, you get a +2 bonus to the tn from Krieg feeding you information like, when the troll is about to come around the corner."

«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 for "troll stealth +4 urban camo":
2 2 3 5
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "tn 9; or for crowe, tn 5 (+2 hearing +2 krieg) or nivira tn 7"
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Intelligence vs TN 5 for "Perception to spot a stealthy troll.":
1 3 3 4 4 4 5 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Intelligence vs TN 7:
3 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Stealth for "Rating 12 Optical /w Backpack":
1 2 3 11 11
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Nivira, roll your Reaction against tn 4."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 6 vs TN 4 for "troll reaction":
2 2 4 4 5 5 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Reaction vs TN 4:
1 4 4 4 7 15 = 5 Successes

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You win, you won't be surprised in any way even though you don't detect him when he comes into view."

Commlink-Crowe> Crowe sends, « Target spotted. Engaging. »

«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 vs TN 9 (to Crowe):
1 3 4 11 = 1 Success
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "I mistyped but the troll is not going to be amazingly surprised either. The question then is distance of contact within building in meters: 10x this roll divided by 2, reroll ludicrous result."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 1:
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "So you and the troll will spot/hear one another at the end of a long 20 meter hallway."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "AND - that is the setting for Crowe, Nivira and the troll; a raggedy apartment building that has seen much better days, inmates cowering in their beds while monsters battle among them. Now Krieg and Alexei:"

«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 6 for "Batman, moving into position. Where he/she was before was not far but because he was just a person doing what they should be doing in that position and place, there was no way to detect them as an enemy. Now that action is moving, moving closer to you and taking cover for the attack is suspicious and a different action.":
2 3 3 3 4 7
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "That's a TN 11 for Alexei and Krieg."
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Intelligence vs TN 11 for "Big Money, No Whammies!":
1 3 4 4 5 9 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Intelligence vs TN 11 for "Passive system from 2nd Observe (Since Krieg's still in the hole…)":
1 4 4 4 5 5 5 8 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Okay, it looks like the best thing to do is to give everyone +1 combat pool die for the round that you can spend to not die. So keep track of that, tell me when you are using it. Alexei, you can use that on your reaction roll to not be surprised, but since Batman sees you and you don't see Batman, it's unlikely to help, so I would save it for soaking."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Your Reaction roll is TN 6."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 10 vs TN 4 for "My reaction roll to surprise Alexei":
1 1 2 2 5 5 5 5 11 11 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Reaction vs TN 6:
1 2 3 5 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You will lose your first action, Alexei. Inits! And do tell me, are Krieg and Stranger both still down the hole guarding the escape?"
«Plot» Krieg says, "At the momment they are, as I have no further information from anyone to the contrary. But depending on the results of this next Sensor pass. I may make alterations."

«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Initiative with a result of 5.
«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Initiative with a result of 11.
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 3 for "+10 batman":
1 3 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Initiative with a result of 13.
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 2 for "+6 troll":
1 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Initiative with a result of 18.
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "I have Batman 19, Crowe 18, Krieg 13, Troll 12, Nivira 11, Alexei 5 and surprised."

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Batman! Batman has crept up to about 15 meters away from Alexei. Batman is actually an artfully smudged, grimy looking female who was walking a dog who oriented to the scent that was impregnated on the ziploc bags. She's let the dog go and is going to toss a grenade to the front of the alley right next to where Alexei is standing because otherwise he has basic alleyway cover from her just trying to shoot him."
«Plot After The Fact» Insta-Impact grenades were clarified after this run.
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "She herself has cover from a vehicle she's mostly behind."
«Game» Backup to offline storage commencing. Game may freeze for a bit…
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 1 for "scatter in meters, standard grenade":
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 5 + Combat Pool: 1 vs TN 4 for "Her str is at least 6 so short range, standard concussion grenade":
1 2 4 5 5 9 = 4 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Her successes reduce the scatter to zero so she's right on target. Let's say Alexei's position of cover is 2 meters from the mouth of the alleyway target, being kind. The base concussion grenade is 12m stun, so this is 10m stun +4 successes against Impact armor. Alexei, being surprised, can only use combat pool and body for soaking, not dodging (which would be tn 5)."
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 8 vs TN 7 for "Soak Test, plus 7 CP + 1 bonus CP from SUT.":
2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 7 vs TN 7 for "Soak Test, plus 7 CP + 1 bonus CP from SUT. - 1kp reroll - 2kp used total.":
1 1 2 2 2 2 2 5 5 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 6 vs TN 7 for "Soak Test, plus 7 CP + 1 bonus CP from SUT. - 2kp reroll - 4kp used total.":
1 1 2 2 2 2 3 5 7 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 5 vs TN 7 for "Soak Test, plus 7 CP + 1 bonus CP from SUT. - 3kp reroll - 7kp used total.":
1 2 2 2 3 4 5 8 = 1 Success
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Moderate stun it is. With her second action she draws the next grenade."

Alexei is keeping watch, not far away from the tunnel exit. A dark clad sentinel, sweeping back and forth with his weapon and spying out through an obscuring facemask. A ghost. A ghost, in the -Night-. Right up until a concussion grenade clatters into the alley mere meters away from him. He dives forward and down, seeking to put some of the random debris and trash in the alley between himself and the grenade… Scrambling forward towards what little cover is available. Then the grenade detonates, throwing him and the debris he was attempting to hide behind into the alley wall along with the roaring of the blast. Slumping there for a moment, he is stunned as he groggily drags himself back to his feet…

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Crowe! You are 20 meters away from the troll who is in cover at the corner of a hallway. If you use Athletics, you need to get your speed to 40 meters to get to him which we know we can do, but then you can't attack. But then you will be in HTH which gives him penalties for shooting you up close."
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Athletics + 5 vs TN 4 for "Hydraulic Jacks Rtg5":
1 1 2 3 3 3 5 10 14 = 3 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "8 becomes 11, 11x4 is 44, you get right up in his face."

Turning the hallway, the ruth-stealth field flickers as Crowe slows to a halt. The troll exchanges glances — briefly — with Crowe before he darts forward with a hiss from his legs. Quickly he closes the distance, getting right up to the troll with his blade.

«Plot» Krieg!
«Plot» Krieg says, "<Observe-Bumble 2>(Free)<Affilitate Drone-Gremlin>(Simple)"
«Plot» Krieg says, "I have a Simple to use but would like to know what I'm seeing before deciding."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "The bumble was looking at the Troll, and sees Crowe blurring to contact. Otherwise, it sees the woman wearing standard Warrens gear, taking expert cover, having just tossed that grenade to the mouth of the alleyway."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "She does not appear to have heavy weaponry, but could easily have pistols, smg, and a variety of grenades and other tools."
«Plot» Krieg says, "<Jump into a Primary Drone-Senshi>(Simple)"

Krieg works quickly to monitor the multitude of going ons that seem to have sprung from nowhere up on the surface. She blinks a bit as a concussive blast detonates overhead, trickling dirt down into her darkened habitat.
A soft chittering noise comes to life as a shimmer of Ruth-sig blends into being atop her small backpack. A soft glow of sensors sweeps the area for a momment before disapearing into the waterlike surface of the small cloaked drone as it crawls down over Krieg's shoulder. She glances up quickly before sliding down to a slumping position against the wall, the small drone waiting patiently, vigilant in her lap.
Senshi, the Stranger that had followed them, suddenly perks up from his defensive posture, for a momment a warm red glow emintating from his trenchs hood as he Turns to look towards the Ladder.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Okay, Krieg is done. The troll! Point blank shooting at Crowe."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 6 for "tn 4 close range, -2 smartlink, +2 in HTH, +2 enemy running":
1 2 4 4 5 5 5 8 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 + Combat Pool: 4 - 1 vs TN 6 for "kp 1":
1 2 5 5 5 9 16 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "11m ExEx +3 successes against Ballistic, Crowe; the TN is 4 to dodge with combat pool, 4 successes on combat pool alone is a total miss."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "11-4 is 7, so 7M +3 successes. You can soak with combat pool and you have that bonus floating +1combat pool. It would be to your benefit to try some combat pool dodging, because that's only tn 4."
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Combat Pool: 7 for "Dodge":
1 1 1 2 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Combat Pool: 7 - 2 vs TN 4 for "Dodge KP 1/7":
1 2 2 3 14 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Combat Pool: 7 - 3 vs TN 4 for "Dodge KP 3/7":
1 2 3 5 = 1 Success
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Totally dodged."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 vs TN 6 for "Second shot, Str of over 6 controls recoil, TN still 6, spending no combat pool, on Crowe":
2 3 4 4 = 0 Successes

The troll realizes as Crowe comes barrelling at him at 60 mph that he has much less time to aim than he would like. Then he is actually in contact with the crazy robot thing, trying to shoot him all Equilibrium-style while Crow is pinning out his hands. Once, twice he issues the mental command that triggers his smartgun through the palm-induction link but the lithe body is just never in the way.

«Plot» Nivira!
«Plot» Nivira says, "Shoot with the silenced Alta."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "20 meters range, +4 cover. (Crowe doesn't make the cover any worse.)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 8 for "Would be 9, but Laser sight gives -1 TN.":
1 2 3 4 5 5 5 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 3 vs TN 4 for "Troll uses last combat pool to try dodging, need 2 successes":
4 8 10 = 3 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Nivira, second shot from your Alta; he dodges your first."
«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 8:
1 3 3 4 5 5 5 9 = 1 Success
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "The troll must soak; he has a Camo full suit for 5 ballistic."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 9 vs TN 4 for "body 9, needs 5 successes to take nothing":
1 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 17 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 9 - 4 vs TN 4 for "body 9, needs 5 successes to take nothing kp 2":
1 2 3 3 11 = 1 Success
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "He takes nothing, but pays a price."

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Now, the brutal statement: Alexei's turn - This is the action he loses because he was surprised."
«Plot After The Fact» Even though Alexei is surprised, he should have gotten an action that could do anything but affect the enemy here.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Second pass! Batman tosses the second grenade."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 1 for "scatter in meters":
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 5 vs TN 4 for "Close range just as before, another concussion grenade.":
1 2 3 4 7 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 5 - 2 vs TN 4 for "Close range just as before, another concussion grenade. kp1 to try and achieve unconsciousness.":
3 4 5 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Again, 4 successes reduce scatter to nothing, 2 meters away because Alexei hasn't had a chance to move, and another 10m stun against impact with +4 successes; which becomes 7m +4."
«Auto-Judge[]» Alexei (#3157) rolls Body vs TN 7 for "Soak Test.":
1 3 5 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "So that looks like deadly stun and not much to be done. The rollover from your moderate stun means you're unconscious with Moderate physical."
«Plot» Alexei salutes.

The Warrens-dressed woman tosses her second grenade with the speed, efficiently, and expertise of the first, landing it right where it was before, before the shocked one can move. It's too much for anyone to bear save, perhaps, a giant troll. But still, being the careful sort, she draws her next grenade, observing for movement and for others.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Crowe! Your attack! You have spent 7 combat pool, the troll spent all his."
«Plot» Crowe says, "Murder times!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Cyber-Implant Combat (Hand Blades) + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 4 for "Str 10, 10L Damage":
1 1 1 2 3 3 5 7 10 11 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Crowe (#11868) rolls Cyber-Implant Combat (Hand Blades) + Combat Pool: 3 - 4 vs TN 4 for "Str 10, STR+3L hand blades is 13L Damage KP 4/7":
2 3 4 4 5 17 = 4 Successes
«Plot» Crowe says, "I'll take 8 successes. :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 vs TN 4 for "Uh… brawling?":
1 1 2 4 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 - 1 vs TN 4 for "Uh… brawling? kp 3":
1 3 11 = 1 Success
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Stand on 2. You are 6 successes up. 2 gets to M, 2 to S, 2 to D."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "13d damage, -3 impact, is 10D"
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 9 vs TN 10:
1 1 2 2 2 4 5 10 22 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "He takes Serious. Pose away with the cutting."

Having successfully dodged bullets in the face of the sniper, Crowe moves with some amount of agility despite being rigid and more machine than man. The cyber blade catches the light briefly before landing solidly in the innards of the troll with a sick 'squish!'. It's not enough to be fatal, but a serious wound on its own. Drawing back, Crowe removes the blade from the troll with an equally gross sound before preparing to go at him again if necessary.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Troll: He staggers back but cannot possibly escape your speed, desperately shooting at you."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 vs TN 9 for "tn 4 -2 smartlink +2 hth +2 running +3 seriously wounded aie":
3 4 5 7 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 4 vs TN 9 for "tn 4 -2 smartlink +2 hth +2 running +3 seriously wounded aie second shot":
1 2 4 4 = 0 Successes
The troll's weapon hand is pinned against the wall for this portion of today's flensing.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Please, Nivira, end this tragedy. :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Pistols + Combat Pool: 1 vs TN 8:
1 2 3 3 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 9 vs TN 4 for " You gotta get some Exex for that pistol":
1 2 2 3 4 4 5 8 20 = 5 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Troll soaks, shoot again."
«Auto-Judge[]» Nivira (#8688) rolls Pistols vs TN 8:
1 4 7 20 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 9 vs TN 4:
1 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 9 = 3 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Aha! That's a Light wound alas. He's at 7 boxes."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "And I kind of skipped Krieg in there, I realize, because I was resolving this area of combat which is now pretty much finished; there is nothing the troll can do against Crowe's next action."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "So Krieg can save the day over here against Batman."

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "I await Krieg's turn."
«Plot» Krieg says, "Alright, so what action will you need for the ladder and escaping to the surface..also distances if incorporated into a movement to include going up out and towards combat."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Okay, let's see. 20 foot down a ladder is 7 meters. Climbing is half speed unless you can tell me something better, maybe listed under gecko gloves or something. You have taken off the cover to this access point so you all could get out, so no action to open a door. So 14 meters of motion to be out."
«Plot» Krieg says, " Senshi Movement Speed(walking) 60m (Complex) Charge Attack Melee (Pre-identified target on surface)"
«Plot» Krieg says, "If you would like a handling roll for the 'speed' at which this all occurs, I can provide one."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "By all means, amuse me. :)"
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Walkers + Control Pool: 2 vs TN 2 for "Dynamic Movement Base 2/2 Hand +2 Combat +4 Tigh terrain -6 VCR":
1 3 4 4 4 4 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Mechanical Arm Operation + Combat Pool: 6 vs TN 4 for " TN4 base, Punch 7M(+1 Charge) Stun (8S Stun (electrical))":
2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Mechanical Arm Operation - 5 + Combat Pool: 6 vs TN 4 for " TN4 base, Punch 7M(+1 Charge) Stun (8S Stun (electrical)) 1kp":
2 2 2 4 5 5 5 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Mechanical Arm Operation - 9 + Combat Pool: 6 vs TN 4 for " TN4 base, Punch 7M(+1 Charge) Stun (8S Stun (electrical))(3kp)":
5 5 10 = 3 Successes
«Plot» Krieg says, "Stand."
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 6 + Combat Pool: 6 + Karma Pool: 1 vs TN 4 for "spends 1 kp for another die, kp 2 total, Batman defense":
1 1 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 10 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 6 + Combat Pool: 6 + Karma Pool: 1 - 5 vs TN 4 for "spends 1 kp for another die, kp 3":
1 3 3 3 3 4 5 7 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 6 + Combat Pool: 6 + Karma Pool: 1 - 5 - 3 vs TN 4 for "spends 1 kp for another die, kp 5":
1 2 2 3 4 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 6 + Combat Pool: 6 + Karma Pool: 1 - 5 - 3 - 1 vs TN 4 for "spends 1 kp for another die, kp 8":
4 4 4 5 = 4 Successes
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "She will be doing 7m stun impact, but some inner sense tells me this will be ineffective against Senshi. Am I right?"
«Plot» Krieg says, "Senshi is immune to non-electrical Stun."

To say that the woman is surprise is an understatement. Still, she is clearly a samurai, her hand comes up to deftly push aside the incoming electrical hammer-blows, making it look easy though she hangs on the essence of death. She also very rapidly comes to terms with just how much money she is facing. She might even get an deft elbow in there, but that doesn't do anything to a beast like this.

«Plot» Krieg says, "Free action!"
Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « 1 Friendly down. »

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "And that is the end of the first full turn. Let us find a good way to wrap this up. Crowe and Nivira will easily finish off the heavily wounded troll. He has a nice hunting rifle, a very nicely tricked out set of binoculars with all the tricks and geegaws, and a nice-enough smartlinked pistol. A few other things. But they can't get back fast enough to really affect the drone fight."

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "The samurai doesn't have the tools to handle the drone, though she does have a trick or two she could pull and she might have more combat pool (although she used a lot of karma pool surviving. She also can see that she can't run and probably can't pull a ninja vanish maneuver even though she DOES have ninja smoke bombs."
«Plot» Crowe will at least give Nivira the SL pistol.
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "So she is probably going to negotiate with Krieg. Let's just Krieg and I init, see who goes first and who pulls off what."

«Auto-Judge[]» Mr.Terrific (#7242) rolls 3 for "+10 Samuree":
3 4 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Initiative using a VCR rating 3 with a result of 28.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "28 Krieg, 21 Samuree; Krieg. If you punch me, I will be defending, close combat, with Knockdown Attack as my combat option."
«Plot» Krieg says, "I beleive breaking contact backwards with movement and firing would be my most viable option as an opener."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You will be considered to be in melee, and you'll take a +2 tn. You can break to a place where she doesn't immediately have cover though."
«Plot» Krieg says, "Of course, only fair. Weapon on a readied combat Sling so (Free) I believe. So staying within melee I'm at the 2 penalty, but movement penalties for firing? I can move quite a bit further if needed."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You began the action in melee, so you have the +2 penalty for being in melee for this action. If you move at a walking pace, no movement penalties. Running is +4. Walking is quickness in meters or less."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Over the turn, which has 3 passes, so quickness in meters over 3."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Or you can punch again and negotiate over Samuree throwing a grenade onto Alexei's body."
«Plot» Krieg says, "Can always try a throwback..hehe"
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "As I was discussing with Alexei, these are impact grenades; no time to throw back."
«Plot» Krieg says, "Interesting options, and dificult."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "You must make a choice. All choices are valid."
«Plot» Krieg says, "(Free action-Speak) "Leave now…" (Complex) Retreive the downed member and travel the rest of the 20m left after grabbing them directly away from the target into Cover."
«Plot» Krieg says, "How does that sound?"
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Ah! So you run 15 meters to Alexei, pick him up, run 20 meters down the alleyway, and the angle prevents her from throwing a grenade."
«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "Pose at will."
«Plot» Krieg says, "A mix of respect for the enemy's skill, and compassion for an ally. She did use Stun, so continuing the engagement without cause would prove interesting."

Locked in a whirl of Melee Senshi abruptly retracts, moving back with in-human speed. A heavily synthsized voice bellows out, "Leave now…" at the artfull combatant. The drone seeming to break contact abruptly before in a blur of motion it retreives the downed runner with the ease of lifting a small child, carrying them away behind cover.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "On 21 an IR smoke grenade goes off in the front of said alleyway. Of course, if you want to, you might be able to track her with the drone up top. But then, she also has ninja skills."

«Plot» Krieg says, "It's possible, but we have a job to do and with someone down. That may be tough if I'm chasing ghosts."

The Warrens-dressed woman draws a different grenade and tosses it to the front of the alleyway as a visual barrier while she backs off, seeking cover, then concealment, and finally her drug-tracking dog. She is on the radio to her compatriots, one of which is cut out of the loop with ugly squelching noises telling her of his fate. They had a good number of people out watching tonight, because they had infiltrated the enemy gang's initial drug lab and were scent-marking their deliveries such that a tracking dog or a chemsniffer would be able to spot them for a good ways, but never a human with the right cybernose.
The plan had been to acquire them here, track them, call ahead and have them walk into an ambush and it had worked several times before, but not this one. And no wonder, with the super-speedsters and the robot. It is a dishonor to have to call this in, but only a mild one. Sometimes a warrior quits the field when overmatched.

«Plot» Mr.Terrific says, "So indeed; while there are other enemies, they don't bug you because they know they don't have what it takes. And with Alexei having spotted the chemical on the bags but not knowing what it was; when he mentions it to the people who hired you you will have solved the mystery of how they had been tracked."

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « Friendly retreived, please return to last. »

Senshi returns to the Hiding location with his injured cargo, setting the injured one down to be checked. There's the skittering of a cloaked drone making it's way over and across the body, seeming to investigate it like some doll as Krieg blinks several times and awakens from her spot. She gets up and brushes herself off, moving over to check the Runner.
Knowing it will still be a few minutes tell the others arrive she performs a quick Biotech assessment of the patient. The other drones slowly filtering their way back down and around her as she does. The Bumbles landing and crawling back atop her backpack.

Alexei is somewhat burned by the closeness of the flash-bangs, and lightly concussed. He should come around soon enough, under tender care.
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 + Karma Pool: 1 vs TN 6 for "Skilled, with First-aid kit available.":
1 2 2 2 2 3 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Krieg (#6133) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 + Karma Pool: 1 vs TN 6 for "Skilled, with First-aid kit available.(5KP)":
1 2 3 3 4 8 9 = 2 Successes

Krieg does what she can for the runner, and makes sure they get back safely. Making sure to leave her card with them for when they don't feel so runover.

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