Drop Off!
GM: Adam
Players: Harume, Tabby
Synopsis: Two runners are hired for a simple courier run to deliver a package in the Warrens. They run across a random biker gang that wants to bash their heads in, but prevail against being brained.
Date: 08/14/2070

It is a rather warm day in the Mile High City. For those that follow the weather, its in the higher 80s as the afternoon winds down. People are in the standard summer gear and out in full force in "civilized" locations such as downtown.

In the Warrens you wear what you got and hope it has armor on it. Unfortunately the baked slums are exactly where both Tabby and Harume are summoned after a mealticket text mentions a courier job. It doesnt pay great. There is risk involved. The bonus is that its within city limits. The package itself is a large canvas backpack— green in color if you are going to try to color coordinate it. The contents are fairly heavy, but feels like a solid 'object' is inside.

Pickup is at Haven Landing— a section of the Warrens in the 'Rez', or the neutral zone. The landing is most known for it's barge to Haven islet, a small islent inside of Quincy Reservoir, and also for a large parked MASH vehicle which serves as an emergancy medical unit.

From there the package goes to the northwest to Mission Hills. The roads have had a terrible rash of gang warfare that make it dangerous to go both on foot and on vehicle. The delivery point is a building of which you have exact GPS coordinates of and a name of "Derrick".

Tabby is on her way, skating briskly through the streets. She's not as hot as she could be, since at least in the warrens, they don't really care what you look like (I think). But she DOES have her armor on, and that's making her perspire just a bit. She breathes in a cool breeze coming off of the Landing, and slows down to walk the rest of the distance.

She walks up to the meet's location, peering cautiously around as the young woman tries to keep her back to a solid object whenever it's convenient.

So Harume, known on her runs as Taka (or Japanese for Falcon) was hired. Transportation missions aren't all that difficult, but the territory makes it a bit more difficult. She's given her communication frequencies to Tabby and crouches on a rooftop where she has all of her -normal- gear ready. "I've got you covered from up here." she sends through her encrypted channels while peering through her Image Mag scope on the Ares Alpha she holds to her shoulder.

"Go ahead and make the pickup. The van is in the garage beneath me. Maybe two hundred yards from the pickup at seventy-two degrees on the compass from that location." she adds.

Commlink-Tabby> Tabby says, "Thanks sweetheart. I'll be careful."

The MASH here is an 18-Wheeler with 3 seperated 'compartments'. Each one has a door. One of the doors open and a small girl pops out of it with the backpack in her hands. The dainty thing skips down to the ground. Looking around for a moment she seems to know what Tabby is here for. There is not a whole lot out here on the landing— just a couple broken shacks where people squat.

"Hello," greets the girl, "here for the pickup?"

Tabby unwinds from where she was standing, slinking over to the tiny girl… who, unless she's actually a very young girl, is probably close to Tabby's height. The heavily altered catgirl nods, her tail lashing nervously behind her as she approaches. "Yes I am." she says, flexing her toes. She's always like this on runs, a ball of tense energy waiting to unwind.

Eye peering through the scope, Harume just watches and keeps off the radio for now. No point in adding chaos to the mix while the pickup is going down. However, she does pan about as her instincts tell her that this is a critical moment. This could be one of those elegantly simple traps meant to draw in the runners. Of course, it could be that this is the safe part and the transporting will be the dangerous part. However, she's not prepared to take that chance. So she's looking for potential trouble to keep Tabby apprised of.

"Okay!" says the silver-white haired girl to Tabby in a cheery fashion. She puts the parsel onto the ground and slowly stands back up. She dusts off her dress with a few errant strokes as she notes, "Be careful with it!" Then, just like that, she heads back to the MASH. Oh if only all meets could go this way.

Tabby waits until the girl is back at the MASH, then moves to grab the backpack. She grunts at the weight before slinging it onto her back, the most convenient way to carry it… And heading back to where Harume is waiting.

Commlink-Tabby> Tabby says, "Damn pick-up went way too smoothely. Something's not right."

Outside of the package being heavy, nothing noteworthy seems to be going on. The Rez is as quiet at the Warrens get. That said, there are still sounds of random violence somewhere within earshot that lend to a certain degree of situational tension.

"Indeed." is all Harume says. Of course, she's not speaking so much as using her tranducer to -transmit- in her normal sounding tone of voice. "Covering still. Make your way to the van if you feel it's clear. I'm watching for Murphy to put his law into play." she offers as her critical eye sweeps about the area.

Commlink-Tabby> Tabby says, "I've got an idea… Hang on, let me get back to the van first."

At that point, Tabby walks casually towards the van, her eyes darting from side to side. Once she reaches the van, she thumbs her way inside. "Alright… I don't know what's in here and I don't want to know. But it's gotta be delivered quickly. Can you cover me? I'll travel the rooftops if I can get away with it. What do you think?" she asks her cutie-pie companion

"I can do that. But… I'm not sure I can follow you the same way. I'd be happy to provide cover, but just don't move so fast that I can't keep up. We could just hoof it down on the ground and do a staggered cover routine. One move, the other cover, taking turns." offers Harume as she watches most carefully right now as this is a very critical moment of things, converging traps would be quite effective here and now.

"Alright… I've already got the package so I'll move first and you cover me. What's the first meeting point?" she asks, stretching her KS legs and bending her body into nearimpossible contortions to limber up.

Lining up the angle, Harume pulls out her heavy sidarm to use its rangefinder. "Two Hundred twelve meters at fourteen degrees. Recessed doorway on the side of a warehouse. You'll know it when you see it." she states as she puts her pistol away and goes back to using the rifle scope after loading a smoke grenade in case her partner needs smoke cover.

Tabby slips out of the van with a quick nod. "Got it… I'm counting on you." she says with a smile. She makes as if to kiss Harume's cheek, but then thinks better of it. Extending her skates, she begins to glide smoothely along, heading at a fairly good clip for the first point. She keeps a good eye out though, as she heads for the warehouse.

The demarkation between the Rez and the Mission Hills area is most readily visible by the fact there are a lot of wrecked cars on the street. It forms a bit of a barricade that the go-gangers use to make the territory. There is also a dozen iconic spraypaint tags across the walls.

The ground is also very uneven and rocky. No one maintains these roads. No one maintains the sidewalks. Parts are completely missing.

Getting out of the Rez is easy— it approaching that 'border' and the threats within that are of concern.

Not bothering to reply to Tabby, Harume just does her job. Staggered cover formation helps and as Tabby gets to her position, Harume slings her rifle and is off. She's moving to the next position, and then covering Tabby, and then moving. No point in being careless… especially approaching the border. There, she slides to a stop behind a dumpster and activates her low light vision mode before sweeping her scope out and over the area ahead…. "Checking now. Hold…" she remarks.

Tabby keeps an eye on the tags as she moves, sorting through her mind and her many many info contacts on the street. She'll try and avoid the more violent gangs, sticking to the ones she might be able to talk her way through or simply bribe. Once she reaches the spot, she ducks into the recessed doorway. "I'm there." she whispers into her comm.

The team makes a staggered advanced into the Mission Hills District. They make it a fair distance before there is the sound of a dirty roaring in the distance.

A half dozen bikers whip around the corner screaming loud as hell and vandalizing everything. See that broken car? Its a little more broken after a tire iron hits it. That broken sign post? Now its ripped in half from a wrench. That wall? A few more bullet wounds.

It doesnt look like the gang cares /why/ two meatbags are in their turf, they just became moving targets. More specifically two are baring down on Tabby.

"Two incoming." sends Harume to Tabby as she tracks the first, and then leads number two. A single report rings out as the Ares Alpha fires and the rifle round impacts the ganger… barely. It's almost as if the guy doesn't even notice it. A Japanese curse comes over the radio as she adds, "Targets heavily armored."

Tabby grunts as the blow from the first one falls, quickly spinning and absorbing the blow on one of her legs. Blades snap out from her feet as she slashes at the second one, barely scratching his shirt. She settles into a defensive position, cracking her knuckles as her claws extend.

Thumb flipping the switch from single shot to three round burst, Harume aims, exhales, and then squeezes the trigger. The first target drops, and she switches quickly, firing a second burst that grazes the other biker. Sent via her tranducer to Tabby's comm is, "Target One down."

The now pretty severely wounded and bleeding ganger drops his pipe weapon, which clangs and rattles loudly through the debris of the road. Yanking on his bike as he swerves to try and ride off, away from the crazy slitch with the assault rifle. "Ahhh, oh my god… I've got children!" He yells.

Tabby jumps to one side as his bike screeches past her, and her foot snaps out, drawing a line of blood down the Ganger's cheek. "I don't care." she says heartlessly. "You should have thought of that before you attacked without cause."

Dropping the rifle onto its sling, Harume gets to her feet from the firing crouch she was in. She sends, 'Time to move. We don't want to wait around for any of their friends' as she starts forward. She thinks to herself as she shakes her head. . o o O O (Children. Maybe but you are -not- a Father.) as her eyes glance towards the crashing biker.

Commlink-Tabby> Tabby says, "His children will be fine once they're put through the government's program."
Commlink-Tabby> Tabby says, "Let's move on."

The bike hits a chunk of heavier debris hidden beneath some trash, which causes the front wheel to jerk sideways. The biker, in his injured state isn't ready to react to it and the bike slams into a wall, flipping him off the front. Into the wall. He crumples down to the ground on top of his ruined and now on fire bike.
Tabby is about to move forward when she stops. Turning around, the teacher-girl dashes towards the burning bike, attempting to pull the biker from atop his burning vehicle.

'Leave him… he made his choice' that sent, Harume gestures forward. 'You have the package. We cannot delay.' She's sweeping the area with her senses on high alert. 'We cannot afford to help him. Let's move'

Tabby grunts as she hefts the man and drags him a small distance away. "I won't leave someone to die like that. It's not right." she says quietly, giving him the once over before moving off. He might live, he might not, but at least he will have a chance.

Confronted with the decision to abandon the mission for the wounded or to continue on, Tabby eventually leaves the wounded to finish what they came here to do.

The remaining trip to the delivery mark is uneventful. A few blocks down is where they are to make the drop off in an abandoned mailbox.

Harume checks the mailbox carefully for traps before motioning Tabby to drop it off.

Tabby drops the package off where they should. She looks back to where the wounded man once was. With the job done, they both head out as quietly as possible in this hell hole.

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