Don't leave children alone!

GM: None
Players: Vixen (AKA JADIS) and Pulse
Synopsis: Fallout from END GAME

Pulse steps out, still smoking. "Opportunity was mine," he says. "Or Katsuo's. Man died like a little bitch, even handing me -him- the keys to your kingdom." Strange moment. Not… entirely pulse, here, not entirely colorado.
But it's a dangerous mix, for anyone who knows- Colorado is the gunman.
"Wish you could have helped. But you weren't there."

Jadis glares and frustration snakes around her heart. Her whole reason for being crashing down around her… Someone needs to PAY! She stares at your nonchalance and say's, "He was MINE to kill. Mine to make suffer! YOU stole that from me. Or Katsuo… Or whoever!" She pulls back on some of the bitterness and say's, "And there is a child. I don't know anything about children. I believe I tried to kill that child once on my 'husbands' orders." The word husband said with venom. Her anger is useless…pointless. Simmering like lava with no place to go.

Pulse slowly, elaborately, reaches around and drops his gunbelt. "Focus your anger," he says. "It is not done. There is still the rest of Veritas…" He spreads his feet.

"But if you need your rage spent, in the language of the locals… come at me, bro."

Miriya steps through one of the large steel doors of the Bare Knuckle Gym open, and exits out onto the street.
Miriya has arrived.

Jadis gives you a long look and then lifts a brow, "You want me to hit you?" She looks a bit taken aback. "Brawl like a common street rat?" She almost looks amused.

"And this is supposed to what? Make me -feel- better?" She isn't sure weather to laugh or actually do it.

Pulse says "You want violence. You are made for violence… admit it. You are a passionate creature. If you're not mad enough to try to kill me… then you're not as mad as you think you are. You can put it away and we can play our next move like adults. Where were you last night?"

Miriya slipped out the front door. Hey, showers were showers, and she actually sort of fit here. Eyes scanning up and down the street as the troll pounded pavement.

Jadis does want violence. But strangely not on Pulse. She is the silent killer. The quiet seductive assassin. The weaver of traps and spells. She tilts her head, "I have been held at bay by your Vixen. And her thoughts of the doctors demise was enough to pull me from my slumber." Then she quirks her eyes at the thought of duking it out with you on the street. "I am not stupid. Exchanging blows with you will not bring back my husband so that I might kill him again. And I don't engage in fights I can not win." She does however listen to your reasoning and then say's, "I will as you say… Focus my anger." She nods, "The old one still lives. Though time may claim him before I can." She frowns. "And you… Your hidden nature has been calling to me. Trying to get me to awaken. He wants to rule."

Pulse says "This one knows," mildly. "And what do you think about that?"

Jadis glances at the giantess as she comes out of the gym. Her eyes travel her height and she quirks a brow, but deems her to be non threatening. Due to her non-threatening demeanor, not her size.Then turns her attention back to Pulse and smiles wickedly. "I -think- you have a problem."

Miriya simply shrugged her shoulders when she was looked at. It wasn't like she was carrying a sword, wait..she was. Still this didn't appear to be her sort of fight, and well, whatever people got their jollys from.

Pulse says "I might," calmly. "Or I might have it under control. Are you telling me you'd take his offer? Stab your sisters in your back just to use their bodies as a throne?" He shakes his head. "Aren't you just the perfect steel magnolia?"

Jadis's idea of revenge and taking it… is a lot more evil than punching someone in the face. She steps closer to Pauly so close you can feel the heat come off her flesh. Feel her heart beating in her chest. She looks up into your eyes and say's, "You think he's evil, just as evil as Vixen thinks I am. Maybe we are just misunderstood?" She shrugs as if what you think and what Vixen thinks is irrelevant. "I could waken your sleeping giant. I could partner with him. I could help him take down your castle of cards." She smiles seductively, "Reed isn't it? Reed and the Horned One would make an excellent partner. And you think that I could do better?"

She isn't saying she will do this. She just knows that she can. You get the distinct impression that she is telling you that she is willing to fight him if it's in her interest.

Pulse says "You mistake me," his voice a strained growl, but there is a seed of green in those blue eyes. "I don't think he's evil. He's just not me, and I will not cede control. Surely you understand that. Self-interest." His eyes flicker again. "You would not find him a gentle mate." He reaches up as she stands close, caressing her cheek with a powerful hand. "Nor an easy victory. Surely, Jadis. You would not seek a snake when the lion is already on your stone table?"

Jadis stares into those eyes and see's the struggle in their depths. She tilts her head and stills at the warriors touch on her cheek. "Make me a promise then and I will stand against his influence." She whispers. "As much as I am able. For he is as persuasive a presence as any I have felt." She admits. "And he will not take kindly to being denied." She warns.

Pulse says "Every king needs his rival, else life would be boring…" His eyes dance. "And I am long past the point where I have any rivals but myself. We are gods, you and I. Speak your promise."

Jadis weighs her words carefully… Like asking a genie in a bottle for a wish one must not speak hastily lest they get more than they bargained for. "You will let me take my vengeance out on your prey."

Pulse laughs. "You want a shot at my cousin?" He asks. "He's my daughter's prey, not mine. Or do you want to kill the Makoyoshi, Katsuo's target? Or rip apart the cubans?" His other hand snakes around the woman's waist, and he pulls her into him, now running his thumb up to her ear even as his right hand cups her face. "I have many different prey, Jadis. Maybe we should hunt together? We could make a fortune."

Jadis smiles, "It just seems fair and just that someone you want very much dead…. By your own hand. Gets to feel my claws in their heart." She shrugs, "And I have never hunted with another. That could be…" She searches for a word, "Intriguing."

Pulse says "Fair is fair," with a nod. "But I will not stay my hand because you are… absent. Katsuo set you all free, if I remember. I will be… I will allow you to punch the card of one of the targets-of-my-heart, but I will not promise which, less your lack of dominance make me an oathbreaker or cost me the chance. Agreed?"

Pulse says "Also…" his hand blurs, down from her face, into his coat, and back… holding a chip. "The Firefight," he says. "Katsuo recorded it, for study. I thought you might like to see it."

Jadis considers this and nods, "Agreed." She steps back just a bit at the blurred motion and then looks down at the chip. Her eyes widen a bit at the thoughtfulness of the gesture. She takes it. Not quite knowing what to say. Most men might give roses. Or candy. She smiles and then say's, "That was… Thoughtful." She nods, "Yes. I'd like to see how he died. From Vixen's unfiltered thoughts I surmise it was dramatic if not as painful or slow as I would have liked." She glances up, "She only elaborated that Katsuo disabled the control code."

Pulse says "Katsuo is an honorable man. After his fashion. And he loves… the collection of you… as much as I do. And he respects your talent as a fellow… artist. Does that make sense?"

Jadis nods after a bit. "Perfect sense." She frowns, "Now. I must ask about the small human. Why is she with us?" Jadis doesn't mention that she started railing at the kid like a banshee and left her traumatized and scared shitless. Yeah… No need to mention that. Nope. Not in the least. Jadis has no experience with children…except that she often figures big in their nightmares.

Pulse says "Till we can get her back where she belongs," he says, then he freezes. "You left her alone, didn't you? A ten year old girl?" He turns and starts heading for his car. "WE need to go. You don't leave children alone!"

Jadis blinks, "Why?" She follows you with wide eyes. "What happens to small humans when left alone? She didn't look incapable or dangerous."

Pulse says "All sorts of things happen," he says. "Secrets get found out… people come to get them and they're not protected… she finds the 'One night in tammy' or the 'pounded by pulse' chips, she orders room service…"

And there's the caddy, rolling towards them. Yay Auto nav. "Get in. Please," he says. "I will get you wine."

Pulse slips into the driver seat.

Jadis blinks, "Pounded by Pulse?" She gives you a look and gets into the passenger seat staring at you. "Is that a boxing vid?"

Pulse says "No. Not a boxing vid at all… though it sold so many copies because of my fame, I guess. Or my smile." The car roars to life and he starts zipping through the warrens. "Do you know what simsense is?"
Cadillac Experience has left.

Pulse storms into the lobby, waved through the weapons check because he lives there. "Angel!" He snaps. "Where the hell have you been? Let's get upstairs. Private elevator. This isn't Vixen or Chammy."

Angel is arguing with the doorman. "Look. I got a call. I know my kid is here. I just need…" He looks like he's at the end of his rope and then Pulse is storming in and Jadis looking somewhat mystified by all the fuss trails behind. Angel breaks off his argument and he growls, "I was out of the country." He nods, "And my sister is in the hospital. The whole family farm got bombed." He barks and turns to look at Jadis like it's her fault… Jadis lifts a brow and stares at him.. Smiles ferally and he does a double take and narrows his eyes at her. Jadis calmly steps into the elevator and waits for the others to follow.

Angel steps in behind Pauly into the elevator. "Is Amanda okay?"

Pulse says "She was when I left her with vixen this morning," tersly, swiping his key. The door closes and the machine stars to slide up. "Glad you're alive. I shot Doc."

Angel looks pleasantly surprised. "About time someone put him down. What took you so damn long?"

Jadis folds her arms across her chest and simply growls, "Vacations." Sneering the word like its somehow a foreign concept or idea. She gives Angel a long assessing look and hmmphs a bit. The elevator lets you off on the floor.

Angel gives Jadis an appraising look, "You left a ten year old alone?!" As if just getting it. "Jesus Silver. What the fuck is wrong with you. You don't leave a ten year old alone!"

She blinks and looks at Pulse as the man echoes him almost word for word. "I am uncertain why she is MY responsibility." Angel growls, "This is why…" He takes a breath and clamps down on his anger. "Damn. You're gonna give me grey hair. I don't know how you stand her." He decides Pulse is much easier to talk to.

Pulse says "Not sure why either," with a shrug. "I just know you're who Vix was trying to get in contact with. And as for why it took so long… opportunity. He finally gave me a good shot at him. So if the whole compound has been bombed… where are you taking her?"

Angel sighs, "I'll take her to my HQ. It's really just a convoy of RV's…But Riz and the gang are used to helping take care of kids." He gives Jadis a pointed look. "My sister is going to pull through… But my nephew.." He sighs, "Well lets just say there's going to be a few burial ceremonies on the res." This is said with some heaviness and he's obviously blaming himself. Then you're in the apartment and find Amanda asleep on the couch… Some cartoon vid playing in the background and a box of some dried sweet cereal crunchy munchies or something sitting on the floor next to her.

"See she's fine! Nothing broken. And that is not Pounding the Pulse playing on the screen. You worry for nothing." Jadis say's with a roll of her eyes.

Vixen squirms inside.

Pulse sideways glances Jadis. "A cherubic child is proof something went wrong," he says. "We're just not sure what." He looks back at Angel. "I… Vixen's still not stable, or else I'd talk to her about taking care of her. I think the absence of her in her life is a wound in her spirit and her pysche she doesn't realize." He looks back at the sleeping Amanda, and a human-like expression crosses his face. "She looks like Chammy when she's sleeping. Is there anything I can do to help, Angel?"

Angel looks at Jadis and then sighs and shakes his head, "She wants it this way." and say's, "No. Nothing you can do. But I appreciate the offer."

At their voices Amanda wakes up. Upon seeing Jadis she sort of cringes…Then her eyes light upon Angel and she squeals. "Angel!" And bounds up and throws herself into her father's arms.

Jadis sighs and lets go of her control of the body to her sister. Its the least she can do… The welfare of this child means little to her and apparently a lot to her sister. The transition is almost seamless, unless you know what to look for. A slight change in demeanor, stance and expression. A softness comes into her eyes. She steps closer to Pauly as if taking strength from his presence and watches the father daughter reunion with something like regret in her eyes. Amanda just holds on tight to Angel and then looks over at Pauly and smiles a little and then to Vixen and looks wary. Like one might look at a rabid dog that bites. Vixen's turn to cringe. She smiles at the girl almost shyly.

Angel is her father but plays the role of Uncle. It is unclear how much Amanda knows about the 'arrangement.' Though she does know that she is adopted and that her mother is crazy.

Pulse says "Amanda," quietly. "My name is Pauly. I'm very glad you're safe." He gives Angel a testing, cautious look, and then looks back at Amanda. "I have a secret to tell you. I know who your mommy is." He holds up a hand. "Now, I can't tell you. I made a promise a long time ago. A promise I can't break. I can't tell you who she is… but I can tell you she loves you more than anything. And I can tell you that she made me promise to protect you, too." He reaches in a pocket and hands her a brand-new pocsec, state of the art. "This phone… it can only call one number right now. Mine. Direct to me. Anything happens again, like just did? You call me. I will move fire and earth for you… and when your uncle says so, I will set the phone up so you can all other numbers, too. Other than that, it has some of my old fights on it, some bike
races, and all of My Little Pony: Shamans are Magic on it. Should be fun to watch." He smiles at her a little more, an honest, sincere grin. "You know what? Screw what I said about emergencies. Call me in an Emergency, but also… Call me whenever you want. I'll be happy to hear from you."

«Auto-Judge[Vixen]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Willpower for "not breaking down thinking about his kids":
2 3 4 8 8 11
«Auto-Judge[Vixen]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Charisma for "being sweet to the kid":
2 3 3 4 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[Vixen]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Charisma for "being sweet to the kid kp":
1 1 1 1 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[Vixen]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Charisma for "being sweet to the kid kp":
1 2 2 3 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[Vixen]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Charisma for "being sweet to the kid kp":
1 1 2 2 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[Vixen]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Charisma for "being sweet to the kid kp":
1 1 2 3 3 4 4

«Auto-Judge[Vixen]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Charisma for "being sweet to the kid kp 21/25":
2 2 2 3 3 4 4

Amanda is a sweet kid back and she takes the phone and smiles at Pauly like he just became her new HERO! She gives him a huge hug, "Thank you for saving me."

When he talks about her mother her eyes go to Vixen and she nods, "Your my -real- mom. I'm not stupid. Can I call you sometimes too?" She asks.

Angel lets out a held breath and looks at Vixen and Vixen stares at Amanda like she's remembering everything about her and then smiles, "Yes. Anytime you want." She reaches for the phone. "Here let me add my number to that new pocsec of yours." She kneels down and takes the phone carefully so as not to frighten her and programs the number. She looks up at Angel giving him an I dare you to try and stop this look. He doesn't. Just looks a bit resigned. Vixen clears her throat. "I'm not the best person in the world to raise you Amanda. But I wish I was."

Amanda forgives her for her earlier crazy talk and smiles at her. "You're very pretty. I'll call you. I promise."

Angel clears his throat. "Ok. I'm about to cry now. I hate crying."

Vixen hands back the phone…and is suddenly given a big hug by Amanda as well. It takes a moment, but Vixen's arms go around her and she whispers. "I love you kid." Then she quickly rises. "OK. Time for you to go with Angel."

Pulse squeezes the kid while he can, and then staightened up. "What your mother says. Just remember. We're here for you, if you need us. I'll always save you." He puts his arm around Vixen, steadying her. "We'll always save you."

Pulse says "Always remember: Pauly the Pulse is in love with your Mom."

Vixen's fingers thread through your own and she squeezes a bit. She gives Pauly a smile, "And your mom is really lucky in love." She then watches as Angel and Amanda leave. Amanda gives a big smile at that and turns to Angel. "So. You're my -real- dad right?" This of course is heard in the hallway just as the door closes. The Street Sam just grunts in reply. Guess he's going to have a lot of talking to do on the long drive home.

Pulse says "I want to set up a fund for her," as the door shuts. "Make sure she can go to any school she wants. Get her listed in the will. Her, Santino, Azul. Three ways."

Vixen smiles and tip-toes up and plants a hot fiery kiss on Pauly's lips. "She's already VERY rich. I made sure of that. Hell Angel made sure of that. But you make my heart glad. Thank you for that." She sighs, "What the hell was Jadis thinking leaving a ten year old alone!" She grumps then.

Pulse says "Fine. So she just gets the Ferrari." He winks. "What will Chammy think of that?" He shakes his head. "I don't know. And she… complicates things, with Reed. He'll make a move first chance he gets. He's like a chess player who carries a shotgun." He sighs and kisses the woman again. "So what now?"

Vixen grins playfully. "I can think of a lot of things I'd like to do right now…." She hmmms at the thought of Chammy. "Probably think of her like a new plaything." She rolls her eyes. "I expect that Angel will limit our contact to phone calls for now though. Which is probably for the best." She thinks about Jadis and frowns, "She was sooo angry. It just overwhelmed me. I'm sorry." She takes responsibility for that and then nods, "Reed is… volatile. Jadis and Reed… I don't even want to think about it!"

What Vixen really wants is an excorcism…for both of them. Haha

Pulse says "Two snakes," agreeing with her. "And I'm proud of you. I'm sorry I said anything, she was just… I loved her from the moment I saw her. How could I not? She could not be any more you if she tried."
Pulse says "Amanda, I mean,"

Vixen smiles, "Except for the crazy." She nods. "She does have my eyes doesn't she?" She sort of falls in love… "And that smile!" She grins, "I don't have that good of a smile." She goes to the bar and pours both of you a drink. She needs one. Her emotions being a little on the raw side. She glances over at you and laughs, "You are good person. You know that. And what you did… It was… beyond words the best."

Pulse waves vaguely. "A soft spot for children who share my true love's eyes does not a good person make. I'm still a murdering, cheating bastard. Just ask your friend Jadis." All the alcohol in the bar is top-shelf. Real bottles, real booze. "There are things to talk about," he says, finding his sofa and flopping down onto it. "But my leg still hurts, and I just want to spend time with you."

Vixen hands you a glass of bourbon and has poured herself a whiskey. She settles beside you on the couch and cuddles up. "Yep. Plenty of time to talk about Jadis and your murdering cheating ways." She nods, "And how you need to go see my shrink." She grins.. "After I show you how crazy I really am. Crazy about you anyway." She places her drink on the table and then just stops talking… For a long time.


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