Doc Wagon Down!

Title: Doc Wagon Down!
DM: Indrakashi
Players: Shift. Miyo.
Pay: 30k. 3 Karma. Indra is taking the Nuyen over .5 bonus Karma.

MPRI offers long term contracts, mostly pulling base security, or helping train local militia, to more mundane things. Providing medical support, to cooking for base personnel at forward operating bases. Ill regardless of -what- long term or short term job offer the personnel took, as they begin to sweep into Cali on a retrofitted Helo, the comm lines in the crew cabin begin to erupt in chatter.

"This is DW Super Eight Four. We're receiving heavy ground fire!" Can be clearly heard, along with a storm roiling up along the desert below.

"Roger that, we're twenty minutes out. Can you evade and return to friendly air space?"

Thats when Super Eight Four's comm line becomes the roar of explosive ordinance and screams..and the gut wrenching sound of metal slamming into some thing equally solid.
Shift was geared up for a combat zone, security armor, SMG, a riot shield, and his pack full of smaller misc gear and ammo. When the call goes in, he is actually surprised that the company has decided to reroute them to assist, he shrugs, but does speak up. "Depending on the situation this will of course call for a new discussion on fee. Afterwards of course."
Miyo has no particular reason to be where she is, or so it would seem. She is standing near Shift when the situation of the Doc Wagon is heard, therefore she is ready and able to do something about it if the situation arose, which it seemed to be doing. "Fee? Yes, afterwards. No point discussing it if we get shot first…"
Omen for once is not dressed as a cowboy instead opting for a snipers more common look. Except for the fact that he isn't carrying a sniper rifle. Under the ghilloes hood however he still has his well loves hat pulled down low over his eyes. He is carrying his standard cariety of gear including his heavily customised assault rifle. A 72 hour pack rests near him holding all his extra small gear and ammo. "Well this sounds like it could get a little interesting."
Shift chuckles, he was of course in disguise since the beginning, but now with his sec armor on, and tinted faceshield, its hard to tell. "Well, lets just see how close we can get and how far we are going to have to carry them to safety."

The Pilot and Co-pilot will struggle with bringing the Helo about in increasingly bad conditions. Even from this vantage point, the small arms fire, and heavy tracer fire is visible, along with the coils of thick black smoke pouring from the wreck. It smashed down in a suburban area, partially into an old ranch house. The Crew chief is setting up thick coils of rope to attachment points. "This is MPRI Flight Oscar. We're retasking to your position." The Co pilot says, even as the Helo begins to bleed off speed and altitude near the crash sight, over a culdesac.

"We'll discuss pay later! The storm is getting worse, we need to pull out, we're going to direct any available patrol to meet you at the outskirts. We'll stay in touch and keep you updated!" The pilot suddenly shouts, even as numerous rounds begin to impact the bottom of your helo and the crew chief signals you need to get down the rope. <Athletics, TN/4>
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Athletics vs TN 4:
1 1 3 5 10 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Shift (#12621) rolls Athletics vs TN 4 for "Jumping":
1 4 7 10 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Miyo (#13014) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 2 vs TN 5 for "Casting Levitate on Self, +1 bg count, Base TN 4":
1 1 3 5 5 5 7 11 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Miyo (#13014) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 4 vs TN 3 for "Resisting Drain of Moderate, need 4 to Soak":
1 2 2 4 5 8 9 9 10 19 = 7 Successes
Shift ropes down and out, rolling as he lands and then drawing his smg and crouching as he scans the area. He pulls a bee drone from his pack, then relases it into the air, flying up to give them an ariel view of the area so he can see better.

When the helo gets to the culdasac and drops the ropes for the exfil, Miyo moves towards the edge and hops over, deftly floating to the ground and immediatly releases her spell, making sure to not hinder herself further. Her heavy coat whips around her from the force of the Helicopter above, and she crouches down, drawing one of her shuriken. Just in case.

This is hardly the first time Omen has had to get out of an aircraft in a hurry. He clips in expertly before dropping quickly to the ground landing with a dulled thump. He immediately activates his ruth. After all coming in hot sucks.
«Auto-Judge[]» Shift (#12621) rolls Intelligence for "Me looking through the drone.":
1 2 3 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Shift (#12621) rolls 1 for "Drone brain noticing something":
You paged Shift with 'You can locate the crash site easily <You saw it before you dropped in> It's about 500 meters East in a building. You also pick up large amounts of movement, locals. In excess of fifty people you'd guess from the amount of signatures. Then there's the more concerning thing: Your drone picks up two vehicles moving from several kliks out.'.
Shift grunts, and shares the information showing it on his pocsec. "Alright, we got two vehicles inbound, we need to get to the crash site 500 meters east of here, and I guess either hide or fortify. I'll see if I can't get an idea of what those vehicles are when we get there to make that decision."
Miyo hmms. "Two…" She looks around and nods. "Lets go then!" She then movew off towards the required location, feeling uncomfortable in the street.
«Auto-Judge[]» Shift (#12621) rolls Stealth for "+6 Using ruth Cloak":
1 2 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Miyo (#13014) rolls Stealth vs TN 4:
2 3 7 11 = 2 Successes
<Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Stealth for "+12":
1 2 4 4 4 16
Shift keeps the single drone in the air, then moves with the group, taking the rear and keeping an eye both from his body and from the drone. He covers himself with his ruth cloak and he starts heading towards the crash site.
Omen pushes off in the lead. As far as he knows he is the best equipped to deal with an immediate threat. He stays cloaked as he moves carefully, his ares alpha raised cautiously before him.
The way there is surprisingly..not an ambush, if there's people living in the myriad buildings, they aren't making them selves known. Possibly because you know, they have enough problems with out being shot. Still, more then once, a window slams shut, and may cause the team to spook. The sandstorm is getting worse, it gets into your teeth, your hair, your nose. Your private parts, despite armor. It's all prevailing, but the sound of gunfire is picking up as you can finally sight the Crashed VTOL. There's also a HMG team between you and it, hammering out shots any time return fire comes from the VTOL. At least the Doc Wagon guys are alive! But how do you deal with a HMG, and four men with it?
Commlink-Shift> Shift says, "Big guy, I suggest you put a grenade in the middle of the HMG team <His voice is digitized, transducer>"
Miyo jumps at the window slamming. Still quite green and hyper aware to her surroundings thanks to her little upgrades. She quickly stops once they get in range of the HMG and takes cover to observe. Mqybe the HMG was at least set to fire only in one direction.
Commlink-Howling mad> Omen says, "roger that. Just be ready to answer their retort mate"
«Plot» Indrakshi says, "We will say you spotted it at ~70 meters. +1 TN due to the fact yer in a sand storm."
Shift moves to take cover, holding his SMG ready to start firing «In position.»
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Launch Weapons + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 3 for " GL MR exploding just above position defensive+smoke dual.":
1 2 2 3 4 5 5 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 5 for "Crew Soaking.":
2 7 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 4 for "Secondary Guys Soaking":
2 3 4 = 1 Success
Omen doesn't physically pull the trigger but with all the ware in his head triggers are overatted. The airburst works exactly as Omen pictured, the bodies all but dissapear as bone and flesh seperate shrapnel tearing them to less than shreds. "Well damn. Twice in as many weeks. People never let me have this much fun."
Commlink-Shift> Shift says, "Good work"
Shift moves out of cover, looking around. "Check to see if it had Anti vehicular ammo, and if the HMG might even still work…doubtful, but the ammo could save our ass."

That is one way to disable a HMG, though it helped they are fighting mostly militia, who don't truly have armor to speak of. Still, their comms crackle to life from the MPRI Crew that dropped them off. "We've made contact with a Patrol, they'll try to push to your position in the next hour..we've locked down the crew's comms. Patching you in." Then the comms begin to fill with unknown voices, three of them. Mostly, it's clear they are thrilled that HMG just got bagged. At least the path to the VTOL is clear..for now.
Commlink-Howling mad> Omen says, "I have some AV but lets only use that if we have to. I have to pay for it myself."
Commlink-Shift> Shift says, "Yea, lets check the HMG"
«Plot» Indrakshi says, "Its a RPK, nothing note worthy about it, other then it's looking less then servicable with the whole explosion and all."
Shift moves up carefully, under cover and using his ruth. He switches to the channel for the Docwagon team. «We are here to assist you in getting out. We have transport available, start heading direction***. We will watch and cover your movement.»
With the HMG down, Miyo moves in. Itd be best to get to the pilots and such before anything else could happen, especially with a nice opening. If nothing else, shed be in better range to use her magic.
As the team approaches, they'll encounter their first taste of true problems, the fact there's already militia and a Reservist officer trying to press in along their side, to gain access. A short range confrontation, a few meters apart.

"We got a man unconscious, and the pilot's right leg looks broken. We need help carry them out." Some one says, unaware of the militia squad flanking to try and force open the side door not inside the ranch house.
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 2 for "First target officer full auto SL-2 11S":
1 1 1 1 1 3 3 8 9 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 3 for "full auto SL-2 11S militia":
1 2 3 4 4 5 9 16
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 5 vs TN 9 for "Reservist Officer trying to Soak.":
2 2 4 7 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "full auto SL-2 11S militia":
1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 = 7 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 3 for "full auto SL-2 11S militia":
1 2 3 4 4 5 9 16

«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 5 vs TN 11 for "Militia 1 trying to Soak":
1 1 2 2 3 = 0 Successes
Omen rakes the group of militia with automatic fire. The first target of course being the man in the better clothes. The Apds rounds tear through his enemies with ease, the bodies twitch rapidly as they are riddled with tungsten cored bullets. They drop rapidly as Omens finger eases off the trigger blood pooling rapidly below their bodies.
«Plot» Shift says, "Base tn 4 (vision mag 3), -1 Laser Sight. Burst 1 TN 3. Second Burst TN 5, second target +2."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shift (#12621) rolls 9 (soft and ea) vs TN 3 for "Burst 1, one dude":
1 1 2 2 2 3 3 9 10 = 4 Successes
<Auto-Judge[]» Shift (#12621) rolls 9 (soft and ea) vs TN 5 for "Burst 2, second dude":
1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Shift (#12621) rolls 9 (soft and ea) - 1 vs TN 5 for "Burst 2, second dude KP:1":
1 1 1 2 2 4 4 7 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 11 for "Militia 2 Soaking for Omen Buttz":
3 3 3 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 11 for "Militia 3 Soaking for Shifteroo":
1 2 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 11 for "Militia 4":
1 3 5 = 0 Successes
Shift fires off two quick bursts from his SMG, each one tearing into a target with explosive ammo. As they fall he keeps scanning the area for new threats, but doesn't see anythign else yet.
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 1 for "How many waves till you can escape?":
With the overwhelming obliterating put onto the militia by her comrades, Miyo is free to sneak in to assist their 'targets'. Being shot out of the sky was never easy, and rarely left anyone uninjured, so she uses her magic to help them while the others cover her. If nothing else, it'd be easier to move them when they were healed up.

Shift frowns, "Alright, I see some more of these guys moving in, so we need to take cover until they are dead, or move on them and take them out. Vehicle approaching, but we have a little bit of time for them. Mage, you levitate the wounded and move with them. Myself and the big guy here will work on the enemies. Anyone here that can still fight, guard the mage."
Omen barely glances at the rescues as he moves to set up. Looking for a good firing position and reengaing his cloak. "They bring anything heavier in to take us out i have some grenades left and my AV rounds. Looks like we have a small army coming down on us."
Even as people set up to help pull the Doc Wagon crew out, the MPRI patrol vehicle is reporting sporadic small arms fire against it, but it's still transmitting, and claims to be pressing down main roads towards the wreck. A good sign. A bad sign? A renewed hammering of gunfire against the VTOL. Followed with shapes moving into cover much closer, preparing to rush.
«Plot» Indrakshi says, "Engagement Range is 70 meters, enemy has cover. As do our PCs, unless they decide to not use cover. -1 for all attacks due to Sandstorm!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 8 for "Reservist SL-2 MR burstfire":
1 1 2 2 2 3 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 3 - 3 vs TN 8 for "Reservist SL-2 MR burstfire kp 1":
1 3 3 4 10 = 1 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 3 - 3 vs TN 9 for "militia SL-2 MR burstfire second target mod.":
2 3 5 8 10 = 1 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls 3 vs TN 8 for " forgot to take away minus from reroll":
2 3 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 5 for "Reservist Dodging. Full CP used.":
2 2 7 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 11 for "Militia Trying to not -die- in a fire.":
3 3 4 = 0 Successes
<Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 9 for "Reservist soaking.":
1 2 2 = 0 Successes
Omen fires off two quick bursts his aim somewhat sundered by the hot sand infiltrating his eyes even under his sunglasses. One of the charging men goes down in a fountain of blood as one of the high velocity rounds rips through his throat. The leader though seems to be made of somewhat sterner stuff he powers on even as his aem is near ripped from his shoulder as the rounds twist through his flesh.
«Auto-Judge[]» Shift (#12621) rolls 9 (soft and ea) vs TN 3 for "Shooting the Guy with the MGL":
1 1 1 2 3 4 4 7 14 = 5 Successes
«Plot» Shift says, "11S exex with 5 successes"
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 9 for "I doubt he lives":
1 3 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Shift (#12621) rolls 9 (soft and ea) vs TN 5 for "Second target, +2 tn.":
1 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 10 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 11 for "Militia2 trying to soak":
2 4 10 = 0 Successes
Shift fires out twice from behind his cover, one burst taking down the threat with the MGL, the second quickly turning and taking down another milita member. That exex ammo was definatly worth the cost.
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 4 vs TN 10 for "Burst of standard ammo at Omen":
1 2 7 10 = 1 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 4 vs TN 10 for "A burst at Shift!":
1 3 3 3 = 0 Successes
<Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 4 for " dodge":
4 4 5 = 3 Successes
Despite their numbers being cut down in rapid succession, these men are determined..for some reason or another <Perhaps because that VTOL is full of needed medical supplies, and if they capture the crew, they would have doctors?>. Though ,the plan is working, the injured Doc Wagon reps are pulling back with Miyo, who is speeding things up with levitate to get them closer to the incoming vehicle. Of course, now there's ground fire splattering at Omen and Shift, some of which isn't even -all- that poorly aimed!
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 6 for "militia SL-2 MR burstfire":
2 2 3 4 4 4 7 11 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 6 for "militia SL-2 MR burstfire":
1 1 2 3 3 3 4 5 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 3 vs TN 6 for "militia SL-2 MR burstfire kp 2":
1 3 3 4 4 4 4 16 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 11 for "Militia 3 Soaking":
1 1 2 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 11 for "Militia4":
1 2 2 = 0 Successes
Second verse same as the first. Omen lets rip with two quick bursts. Another bites the sand one more reduced to crawling his way foward. "Almost time to drop it back. Don't want them getting on top of us."
«Auto-Judge[]» Shift (#12621) rolls 9 (Soft and ea) vs TN 3 for "Burst one, does he die?":
1 1 2 3 3 3 4 8 15 = 6 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 3 vs TN 11 for "Does he die? Probably":
3 4 5 = 0 Successes

Shift watches as they drop fast, then he fires another burst and tears into the target, sending him to the ground. He holds behidn his cover, "We can keep hopping from cover to cover until we reach the evac point."
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 1 for "High or Low. Omen Voted High.":
With the first serious assault push decimated in short order, Shift's drone overwatch alerts him to a -bad- situation, one of the Vehicles is pushing forward. Which is punctuated by a rain of heavier shells suddenly shearing part of the ranch house down on top of the VTOL wreck. They can see the vehicle pressing forward now. The turret is semi protected on the back, it looks like it may have been a tractor <as in farming> at one point, a big old diesel one. Now it mounts quad autocannons and is slamming it's way over sand and rubble towards them.
«Plot» Indrakshi says, "The AA Gun truck is about 300 meters away, and blazing at your positions. It's slowly ambling forward at a glorious 20 meters."
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 5 vs TN 5 for "SL-2 LR sand. 16D AV rounds.":
1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 10 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Assault Rifles + Combat Pool: 5 - 2 vs TN 5 for "SL-2 LR sand. 16D AV rounds. kp3/13":
2 2 3 3 5 5 8 10 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 6 vs TN 5 for "This Vehicle has a good crew and can try to swerve!":
1 1 3 4 5 5 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 4 vs TN 10 for "And it tries to soak. Sigh":
2 5 5 11 = 1 Success
Omen hurriedly loads in his AV clip as the monstrosity of weaponary starts to wheel towards them. He doesn't so much aim as hold down the trigger and screams his defiance his fangs bared in a savage smile. The machine begins to wither under the weight of fire the armour denting before finally beggining to give way. "Yeah if they are sending stuff like that for us it is definitely time for us to begin a hasty tactical withdrawal."
Shift snorts, "Alright, lets keep moving back to the evac point. ITs not a retreat, its the job, the job was to get them out." He grins.
Tactical Withdraw is good, because the MPUV is idling behind you some where as Shift's drone begins to be fired at by the remaining vehicle. Not that it's accurate, but it is, and there's infantry massing with it. It also seems to be a more professional build of vehicle, maybe former UCAS they salvaged? Still, Miyo is trying to get Shift to listen. It seems the MPUV crew is pretty shot up. If it's even a MPUV, since Miyo isn't even a proper soldier! So does the team try to hold here, or just run and deal with what ever is in between them and freedom?
Omen turns to leave in a hurry. "Let's get the fuck out of here. We can't let them roll up to close to us, we don't have the manpower. We need to leave asap." He doesn't bother to reengage his cloak this time he is moving far to fast for it anyway. That and the chance of bullets being fired in anger is very very real.
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 1 for "High was what Omen Called. So if Low, he has to soak 9D":
Shift nods, falling back with omen, the Mage carrying the wounded and team as they head towards the evac.
«Auto-Judge[]» Indrakshi (#6312) rolls 1 for "Same thing, but for Shift.":
«Auto-Judge[]» Omen (#11121) rolls Body + Combat Pool: 8 vs TN 2 for "7 ballistic":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 7 7 9 = 10 Successes
Omen ends up taking multiple shots from some sort of rifle as he escapes, possibly making him reel forward as he scrambles away, but he isn't put down, but the MPUV is finally found, with enough holes in it to one question how this is their rescue. The inside has the stench of blood, the Driver has a shattered shoulder from a bullet, the gunner is unconscious. Miyo and the two able to help Doc Wagon reps are trying to save him. Though, at least there's an AGL mounted on the ring mount, with a sexy full belt of HEDP.
Shift dodges around, always running from cover to cover, making his way to the vehicle and trying to get it started so they can get the hell out of here.
Arriving at the vehicle Omen immediatley helps get the driver out of the bloody way before letting shift take the wheel. "Get us the fuck out of here fast mate. I am really feeling the love they are sending our way." He climbs quickly into the turret "I'm not great on these things, but hopefully the boom keeps some heads down."
Shift will of course do his best to drive the damn vehicle out of here with everyone, evac point, have to get the evac point.
The Sandstorm will cover up the MPUV as it flees, there's no real way for them to get Evac by air, not any time soon, but the MPUV can at least get them closer to a friendly area, and allow them to meet up with another patrol so they can transfer the wounded and limp the ride home to a friendly outpost, then it's waiting for the sand storm to clear, and getting a ride back to Denver, and their payment. Miyo's help with the woundd is very much so appreciated. She rides with them, leaving Shift and Omen to nurse their MPUV home, alone! -END LOG-

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