GM: Rip
Players: Rip, Simone, Baron

Summary: Rip manages to get himself a chance to make a contact within The Sinners gang. But in order to do so, he needs help of a few people to track down two debters. While normally those types would be enslaved, they've caused enough trouble that a simple kill order is issued and Rip and friends get to execute it with the hopes of getting an 'in' on the gang.

Brief description for the contact: *name* has managed to do a little work for The Sinners and worked towards a favor or two. While it's not much, they can make a call to one of the lower ranks for a little info or other needs that could be provided by the gangs specialized trade. +theme gangs Sinners


Logfile from SRD.

«Plot» Rip says, " Log Started. OOC Comments are automaticly filtered out of the log, so please use the plot channel for anything you wish to officialy do. As all runs I run, this is consent on run, so if you could do a ' =I concent to this run ' or something similar. I don't expect anything bad to happen, especialy on this run, but you never know."
«Plot» Baron says, "I consent"
«Plot» Simone says, "I consent"
«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 19:54:14 2070
«Game» Backup to offline storage commencing. Game may freeze for a bit…
Word goes out through the various networks. An easy job is up for the grabs that might get you in the favor of one of the richer gangs in the warrens. Simple collection run, and an address is given that leads you to the Dungeon, along with contact details of who to talk to.
Once you get there the Dungeon is full of various peoples, strippers dancing on poles of both sexes and all races, while the waitstaff walk around in the nude. After a moment search you see the contact you are looking for, a Human male dressed in a white trench coat, sitting by himself at a booth. He motions for you to take a seat as you approach and waits for you to settle before starting in.

Baron waddles his way into the Dungeon, rather ignoring most of the scantally clad women. He has a datacable trailing down into the pocket of his coat, connected to a jack in his head. He settles down in the booth, and waits for the Johnson for the evening to make his spiel.

A small woman in black dips into the Dungeon with a casual nod for those who she encounters, though she wears a pair of goggles over her eyes. She seats herself a the table with the large man and the anonymous Johnson to get the details on the run.

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 20:03:15 2070

Baron ignores all naked types, male or female, just doesnt interest him, though he does pull out a candybar from his pocket and eats on that, and there is joy in his expression.

Simone ponders whether or not she'd even be able to perform the Heimlich on Baron, should it be necessary, but she remains attentive to the J.

Rip leans forward a little bit, letting the music cover their conversation as effectively as a WNG. "Glad some people are still interested in making contacts in this world. I'm Dan, the one that put the word out and the one you'll be working with tonight. Basicly, I've made a deal with The Sinners to get into their good graces, at least enough to work with them on further deals. They have a couple of people that have run out on a rather sizable bet, and apparently its not the first time they've done it. The money has already written off, and they simply want an example made." He looks between you two as he talks, hands clasped and settled on the table.
"Yes, they could do the work themselves, but as I said I convinced them to let me do this in exchange for a favorable exhange in the future. There isn't much pay in this, beyond what might be scavanged off their bodies when we do catch them, so if you feel cash is a better reward than making inroads to a fairly powerful gang, this isn't the job for you." He against looks at you both, to see if you might still be interested.

Baron grunts "Sounds resonable, its only really costing me the ammo and its not like I'm busy at the moment." He continues to eat his candybar.

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 20:12:16 2070

Simone runs a gloved hand through her hair and ponders the wetwork, responding with grim curiosity. "And you know vhere he, or zey, vill be?" She speaks with a pretty strong German accent.

Rip waggles a hand as the other pulls a datapad out and puts it on the table. The display shows two faces of fairly ugly humans, faces pocked with scars and thined by drug-use. "These two are the ones we are looking for. Pretty sure they are still in the neighborhood, as none of the Sinner's sentries have seen them leaving. Last report they were hiding out in one of the gladitorial arenas that litter the area, using the crowd as a cover on the east side of their turf. I know it doesn't narrow things down much, but it's a start."
He looks between you two for a moment. "Guess we should find out what resources there is between us. While I'm not good at finding people, once we do find them, I can find and rip out just about any ware they have in them to help bolster your cash supplies. That, and I'm the one bringing the work to you."

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 20:21:17 2070

Baron grunts "I'm a rigger, I got drones that can blow shit away, I also got drones that are quiet and discreet to observe the area. I got one drone that can get inside places, but, its rather obvious and people tend to want to screw with it."

One of the woman's hands fidgets with a small charm which hangs on a chain beneath the lapel of her coat as she listens to the men. "Can I copy ze images?" She pulls out a pocket secretary and continues, "As for locating people in ze Warrens…"

«Plot» Simone says, "I've encountered the Sinners before, so if you'll allow it, Simone would be vaguely familiar with the turf, gang signs, etc."

Rip pulls out a spare data chip, having anticipated that question and hands one to each of you. "We'll probably have to flush them out of whatever building they are in. Don't want to involve the crowds if we can avoid it."

Baron nods "Once you get them outside, I can pick them off easily." he takes the chip, pulling out a pocsec and slipping it inside to go over the data again.

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 20:30:19 2070

"I might be able to vork somesing out for finding zese two." Simone takes a few moments to actively memorize the faces before looking to Rip, the admitted 'ghouler'. "Any idea vhat kind of 'ware ze targets vill have? I'm led to assume zey must have at least -some- cyber."

Rip shakes his head. "Nothing exact, and nothing obvious. But they do have something in them as they've set scanners off in the past. Beyond that I couldn't tell you without an examination."

The German nods and plucks at the sleeve of her coat in thought. "By ze way, call me Red for now." She turns to Rip with another question. "Vhat kind of favor do you sink zis job vill earn us? Vhat kind of … specialties do ze Sinners, vell, specialize in?"

Baron chuckles faintly "Selling people into sex slavery is what they are best known for."

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Gang Identification for "I sought so…":

Rip nods. "Slavery, gambling, pit fights. If it has money, they got their fingers into it."

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 20:39:20 2070

"I sought so… Zat's fine." Simone seems content that her faint knowledge matched up with the word on the street and carries on just a bit longer with questions. "And you'll handle any of ze fencing of… parts? I don't vant to deal vis zat if it's all ze same to you."

Rip nods at that. "Yes. I'll take care of the…details. I simply need help in ferreting out these two runners. And in the process make a few contacts that'll be useful in the future."

Baron grunts "Alright, so, whats the first step? We lean on some people and ask questions? Or we simply start looking at all the right places?"

Looking at Baron's considerable girth, Simone answers, "You do ze leaning and I'll ask questions." She smiles to herself.

You say "Simple detail is head to the east side of the area since thats where they were spotted last. Can lean on people as needed there, see if we can't find them.""

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 20:48:20 2070

Simone takes a last look at the targets on her pocsec before putting it away and waving a hand while nodding to indicate that she's ready to leave. She makes to stand and looks to the men, speaking over the thunderous music blasting the room. "I just have my scooter right now. Shall I follow you?"

Baron grunts "I got an RV, I can have it pick us up, then we can find a save spot to setup an HQ."

Rip stands as well. "Hope you locked it up, this isn't a neighborhood that suits vehicles well."

Baron grins and stands up from the seat.

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Stealth for "Assuming open roll, for hiding scooter once I arrived in the area.":
1 1 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 3 vs TN 5 for "anyone notice it?":
3 4 4 = 0 Successes

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 20:57:21 2070

Rip looks to the pair. "Lets go. I'm guessing you'll want to find another way around, no RV gonna fit through this neighborhood, if it even got that far. Head towards (name) Street, and we'll meet up there." He says, looking to Baron. "We'll make our way over there soon enough."

"Let's meet on a radio frequency in case ve split. And as she tunes her microtransceiver, Simone makes her way out of the club to where she had hidden her battered, black scooter under waterlogged cardboard boxes in a nearby alley.

Commlink-Gretchen> Simone says, "Test."
Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Roger"
Commlink-Partsman> Rip says, "Gotcha"

Baron waddles his way out and starts heading for his RV, planning to send up a few drones to start reconning the area, and be ready to shoot people.

Rip leads the way, on foot, letting Simone push her battered scooter along as they make their way to the east side without incident.

Nearby the sounds of one of the fight pits can be heard echoing up out of a basement doorway, and further along the faint scream of someone in agony or ultimate pleasure. Hard to tell which at this range.

"I'll defer to you, since you proclaim to be good with people." He says to Simone.

The drones will get there well ahead of the people on foot of course, and can start watching the streets busy with the usual people there to get their rocks off or whatever catches their eyes.

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 21:06:22 2070

Baron settles down inside his RV, the first drone out the back door is a blimp, that floats up to a decient height and hovers over the neighborhood. The next drone, well this one is a servitor carrying an assault rifle in its hands. This one he has to be discreet with, moving from alleyway to alleyway, trying to be discreet.

Simone pushes the scooter through puddles into what looks to be an abandoned alleyway on the outskirts of this part of Mission Hills. Another liberal dressing of garbage and refuse sees her setting out with Rip for some rabbit hunting in the streets.

«Plot» Simone says, "I'll roll again to hide the scoot if you want, then roll perception, or fast talk to question the locals or something."

«Auto-Judge[]» Baron (#3002) rolls Intelligence for "Searching!":
3 3 3 3 4 5 5 7
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Stealth for "Hiding scooter. That's just a pile of trash…":
1 1 5 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence for "Faces, faces…":
1 2 2 3 4 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 3 vs TN 9 for "Scooter!":
1 2 5 = 0 Successes

As Baron's drones cover the area while he makes to get himself closer, he catches sight of someone that might look like one of the targets. But its only a brief look and blurry due to movement as they duck into one of the many buildings in the area.

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 21:15:23 2070

For Simone, her search is less fruitful, with no one even coming close to the targets they are searching for. Plenty of people around to ask though, its a pretty rambunctions neighborhood, and she gets approached more than a few times to be propositioned.

Rip simply walks with her, trying to look like he's the one that's already hired the womans services, though that doesn't stop the drunker ones.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Got a possible target, building at (blah blah)"

Simone makes for a curious-looking lady of the night, bundled up in a heavy coat as she is, with her brass-finished goggles over her eyes. She doesn't respond to the catcalls, simply walks on with her jaw clenched, looking - searching. She pulls a small breather mask out and places it over nose and mouth in an attempt to avert further annoyance from the skeezy assholes of Mission Hills. At Baron's comm-transmission, she makes eye contact with Rip and begins to make her way through the crowds to the location in question.

Commlink-Gretchen> Simone says, "On our way…"

Rip follows as he plans ahead, discretly checking his weapons under his trenchcoat in preparation of what should soon come.

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 21:24:24 2070

Commlink-Partsman> Rip says, "Roger. Should be there in about five. Keep an eye out and make sure they don't sneak out."

«Plot» Simone says, "I'll keep actively searching the pedestrians as we walk."

Baron continues to move his servitor drone closer to the location, just being in the area in case drek starts going down.

As the pair approach the area, the sound of a rather large crowd can be heard, cheering and booing all at the same time. In another moment it's evident the noise is coming from a converted theatre, the front doors open at the moment to let all the noise out and let people see the crowd within.

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 3 for "Does some idiot try to mess with the armored drone?":
1 3 5

«Plot» Simone says, "I'll try to duck into hiding and take a quick assensing of the exterior of the theater. Mainly looking to spot any magically capable security outside."

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence for "Astral Percep. Not leaving it active, just taking stock of what's outside the converted theater. Complementary roll coming up.":
1 3 5 9 9 16
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Aura Reading for "comp":
3 4 4 5 11

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 21:33:25 2070

There is no magical security that can be seen, but definatly at least a few magicaly actives within the crowd. No spirits either to be noted.

Simone enters an alley as Rip stands near, just peeking her head out past the wall to take a glimpse at the people spilling out onto the sidewalk. The trolls near the door catch her eye, but she seems to be done slinking about just as soon as she began, stepping back onto the street. "Sought I saw somesing." She tries to offer some half-assed explanation to the ripperdoc for her slightly odd behavior. "Should ve make our way in, or check ze perimeter?" She mutters into her micro-comm unit, "Baron. Have you scouted the outside in full?"

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Nothing stands out from my arial recon. Its rather tame, no sign of our target outside either."

Rip hmms. "Well, if they are inside, only way to find them is to head in and hunt them down. See if you can spook them outside. I don't really want to deal with whatever security this place has to break up fights."

Baron grunts and gets out of his bed, moving to the fridge and popping a nukeit meal in the microwave. He keeps an eye on his drones as he does, just trying to feed himself while he works.

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 21:42:26 2070

The drone walking the streets remains surprisingly unmolested. Either people aren't that brave, or aren't desperate enough at the moment to try and collect its valuable gear.

«Auto-Judge[]» Baron (#3002) rolls Stealth for "Ninja Drone! :P":
1 1 2 2

Simone shrugs and takes a deep breath, steeling herself to dive into the crowds. She looks upward and seems mutter something of a prayer to herself as she clutches at her necklace once more before and speaks into her comm while looking at Rip. "Alright zen. In ve go, hm?" She begins to work her way through the crowd, making sure Rip stays in sight. She keeps alert for anyone blocking the door to request an entrance fee, but mainly scans the faces in the crowd. "Vhere are you," she says under her breath.

Rip follows Simone in, going in the other direction and slowly pushing through the yelling and surging crowd, trying to see over heads to spot either of the faces they are looking for.

«Plot» Rip says, "Perception roll, Simone."

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 1 5 5 5 8 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 3 3 3 4

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 21:51:27 2070

Commlink-Partsman> Rip says, "I think I see them. They're talking on the far side of the ring, near one of the exits. Gonna try to approach them.""

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Which exit, I'll try to get a drone to cover that if they go out it."

«Plot» Simone says, "Presumably, I could circle around the fight and join you before you confront them?"

«Plot» Rip says, "Right."

Commlink-Partsman> Rip says, "Uh…left side of the building. West."

Commlink-Gretchen> Simone says, "Keep zem in sight! I'm coming — grrhhh — I'm coming…" She can be heard grunting as she pushes through and past the rowdy bodies. "…just want… a good look."

«Plot» Baron says, "The Blimp drone hovers at a height of 675 Meters."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "On my way"

Baron settles down in his bed, eating his meal as he directs his Servitor around the block to cover the west side of the building.

«Plot» Rip says, " Simone, Roll a dodge at tn4, need 3 succeses."

«Plot» Simone says, "I want to assense them before we close. Quickness for that dodge?"

«Plot» Rip says, "Combatpool"

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Combat Pool: 6 vs TN 4 for "need three":
1 1 3 4 5 11 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 4:
1 2 4 11

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 22:00:27 2070

Simone is hasty in arriving, having avoided the groping hands and flailing fists of the metas watching the fight. She sidles up to Rip and peers at the targets.

The pair suddenly look up from their conversations as the pair of runners works through the crowd. Whether its because of the odd wave they are making as they move or some other giveaway, they get spooked and head out the exit just seconds ahead of the pair after them.

Two men suddenly come bursting out of the building where the drone watches, both of them heading towards the street at a dead run without even a glance upwards. Who expects a drone to be watching them?
«Auto-Judge[]» Baron (#3002) rolls Intelligence for "Lets make sure before I start shooting":
1 1 3 4 4 4 5 8

«Plot» Rip says, "Definatly the pair"

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 22:09:29 2070

The sound of fists hitting flesh to the loud cheering and booing of the promptly cuts off, the decibel level dropping as the door slams shut behind Simone in hot pursuit. Presumably, Rip is right here with her, but she hasn't stopped to check. In the more open alleyway, Simone ought to be able to get that scrutinizing view of her targets that she's been hoping for, even if she -is- running after them.
Into her comm the woman speaks, "They're running. See if you can head them off."

«Plot» Rip says, "Roll inits, then surprise Baron"

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Initiative with a result of 10.

«Plot» Baron says, "Base TN for Long Range is 6, -2 SL2, -1 Rangefinder, +2 Target Running. What kind of light?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Baron (#3002) rolls Initiative using a VCR rating 3 with a result of 29.

Rip is hot on Simones heels, the sounds of the fight quickly left behind as he finaly pulls out his pistol. Not much of a shot, but anything helps in these situations. «Right behind you. Keep going»

«Plot» Rip says, "Minimal light."

«Auto-Judge[]» Baron (#3002) rolls Gunnery + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 9 for "Shooting Target 1, 14S Damage base.":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 10 = 1 Success

«Auto-Judge[]» Baron (#3002) rolls Gunnery + Combat Pool: 4 - 1 vs TN 9 for "Shooting Target 1, 14S Damage base. KP:1":
1 1 1 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Baron (#3002) rolls Gunnery + Combat Pool: 4 - 1 vs TN 9 for "Shooting Target 1, 14S Damage base. KP:3":
1 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 6 vs TN 4 for "surprise for guys":
1 2 2 3 3 7 = 1 Success

Up in the air, a blimp hovers, the paint scheme on the side displaying an advertisment for NERPS. Off the side of the base, a turret pops out, a sniper rifle turning to face down at the ground below. A moment is taken to line up the shot, and then a quick mental command sends a bullet downrange towards the target.

«Auto-Judge[]» Baron (#3002) rolls Reaction + 6 (VCR) vs TN 2 for "Surprise":
1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 9 = 11 Successes
«Plot» Rip says, "They are surprised. Who expects the spanish dirigbles?"
«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 4 vs TN 10 for "Yeah…dis guy is gonna be hurting.":
3 5 5 7 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 4 vs TN 10 for "Knockdown":
1 1 2 5 = 0 Successes
«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 22:18:30 2070

The shot rings out, and one of the men faulters as a spray of blood exits his chest, sprawling to the ground in a head but not quite dead just yet. The second looks back to see his buddy falling flat on his face. It's obvious he knows they were setup, and makes a quick change of direction to try and throw off the aim of any shooters.

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls Initiative with a result of 17.
«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 1 + 5 for "badguys":
1 4 5 8 9 11

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 1 for "+5 for badguys":
«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 22:27:31 2070

«Plot» Simone says, "blocking the exit of the alley with a Physical Barrier spell. The idea is to place it just a foot in front of him so he collides."

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 6 + 1 (totem bonus, Manipulation) vs TN 8 for "F2 Physical Barrier":
1 1 1 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 10 10 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Simone says, "Every 2 succs adds +1 barrier rating, so r3 barrier. Rolling drain, then posing."

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Willpower vs TN 3 for "+2S drain code":
1 1 2 2 3 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Willpower vs TN 4 for "+2S drain code — Forgot to count bg2 (halved). KP 1/14":
3 4 4 5 7 = 4 Successes

«Plot» Simone says, "Stand, L drain, but there's a nice purplish-glimmering wall a foot in front of Bubba's nose."

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 22:36:32 2070

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 5 for "Does he bounce or fall?":
3 3 4 4 10

Already looking behind himself as he runs thanks to the shot that range out, the other man has no warning at all as he slams full tilt into the magical wall. He bounces off of it and lands flat on his back, wheezing with the breath knocked out of him and stunned for those few precious moments it will take the runners to reach them.

Simone skids to a halt on the slick, trash-strewn pavement, looking briefly to the sky. Her hair is still falling to her shoulders as her arms go wide and she releases a strained cry, flinging hands forward toward the fleeing target. The air ripples before him, taking on a dark, purplish sheen and he rams into it at full tilt.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Soooo, do I save ammo, or shoot agian?"

Rip is oportunistic as the next runner, and as he watches the second runner bounce and hit, he draws his bonesaw out and sets on him before he has a chance to get away.

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls Edged Weapons (Bonesaw) + Combat Pool: 7 vs TN 4:
1 1 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 10 11 16 = 7 Successes

Baron grunts as things seem to be in hand, and directs his Servitor drone to return to his RV, cause the rest of this can be handled with the blimp, and the other two runners seem to have things well in hand.

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 5 vs TN 5 for "1 stun box, brawling":
3 4 4 5 9 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls 4 vs TN 6 for "Soaking 8S damage, 2 points impact.":
1 3 4 5 = 0 Successes

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 22:45:33 2070

The man tries to fight back, but between being stunned and stuck on his back, the Ripper Docs malicious weapon makes short work of him with one simple ripping slice before the man even has a chance to catch his breath to scream. The head rolls free, the cut quick and clean as it slided through bone and sinew with ease, leaving only the seriously wounded one alive to deal with.

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Well, that was easy enough."

Commlink-Partsman> Rip says, "Gotta get moving. Finish that last guy off and pat him down quick. Then we gotta get going."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Well, what do you need from me?"

Simone turns away from the decapitation with a grimace hidden beneath her breather mask. She jogs the few steps back to the first fallen man and promptly sinks two slugs into the man from point blank with a silenced pistol pulled from the interior of her dark coat. She rapidly loots the body as the blood pools beneath. She takes care not to step in the red, steaming puddle as it expands, and comes up ready to flee, but not before she stands silently staring at the mouth of the alley for a strange, overly long moment.

«Plot» Simone says, "The strange stare is me cleansing my aura from casting."

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 22:54:34 2070

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Scrounging for "If that makes a difference":
1 1 11

«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Scrounging - 1 for "If that makes a difference KP 5 I think":
5 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Simone (#7451) rolls Sorcery vs TN 2:
2 3 3 5 5 = 5 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Rip (#6326) rolls Intelligence for "Do I notice good stuff?":
2 2 2 2 3 4 7 15

«Plot» Simone says, "Standing on 5,9, 11 for Scrounging"

Rip pats the body down as well, pocketing a pistol and the clips that go with it, along with a datapad and a roll of corp-scrip they guy was carrying. The second one was carrying about the same. But, that doesn't stop the Doc as he pulls a thick plastic bag from within his coat, and slips the head into it before sealing the bag and hanging it from a belt inside his coat.
He gives Simone a smile that doesn't have any friendliness in it as he pats the bulge under his coat. "Saw surgical scars, so might have some interesting 'ware I can scavange."

Commlink-Partsman> Rip says, "Looks like its all covered now. I'll get your contact info to the right people, and they'll get hold of you to confirm it…I think. Either way, We are done for the moment. Split up anything we got from these guys later."

Commlink-Baron> Baron says, "Alright, well, I'll keep my blimp in the air until your out of the area."

«Time» The current IC time is: Tue Nov 9 23:03:34 2070

Simone responds with a slightly disturbed wave of the hand to keep the ripperdoc from elaborating on the uh… head relocation procedure, and she turns away. «Taking ze alleys to my scooter. We can contact each ozzer later.» She deftly pockets the looted items and begins to stealth her way back to her trash-covered vehicle.

Baron brings his Servitor drone back to his RV, and shuts it down. He then cooks up another nukit meal, and sits down to eat until Rip and Simone are out of the area safely.

Rip departs his own ways after wiping the blood off his bonesaw and reholstering it. Time to make good and get the wheels of the deal moving in the right directions and perhaps take the time to earn some cred by selling off the crap found on the bodies.
«Plot» Rip says, "End LOGGING"


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