Dakota and Job - First Impressions

GM: Social Scene
Players: Job, Dakota.
Synopsis: Job and Dakota make first impressions on each other..
Date: October 11, 2073

Job walks in with the slow and languid movements of the heavily drugged or the entirely distracted. He stops just inside the door and slowly pans his head from right to left, then left to right before his gaze fixes on a seat and he begins walking towards it.

Dakota enters the performance house from outside.

Job is making his way to a seat, his movements slow and liquid. A silver data cable glints from the space between his hat and his collar hinting that it is a digital drug rather than a chemical concoction that has him moving in such an affected manner.

Dakota slipped on through the front door, the woman slowly sauntering in for a few paces before her eyes adjusted to the different light. Then she pulled up short, an eyebrow shooting up on her face. "What in the blazes…"

Job pauses with one hand on the lazyboy and slowly pivots when something other than relaxation is expressed. His expression is one half curiosity and one half complaint over who harshed his mellow. His eyes blink rapidly and erratically as his pupils expand and contract asynchronously.

"It's like two blind crocs got into a fight in a paint factory. Then everybody decided to roll in it and put in some furniture." Dakota shook her head, chuckling softly to herself. "Lord above…" Then, a hand reached up, and she adjusted her hat, picking her way through the area towards the serving bar.

Dakota sits on a pillowed chair at the serving bar.

Job closes one eye and the other calms. He fixes his one eyed gaze on Dakota, "I find it relaxing." He offers her in a voice that is sluggish without slurring. "It will grow on you, if you give it a chance."

Dakota had ordered a coffee as soon as her rear was seated. And it took a moment for her to register it was indeed her being spoken to. Only then did she shrug lightly. "I don't think it has the capacity ta grow yet."

Job turns and looks at the surroundings again, then looks back to her, "It does, I've measured." He reaches up and tugs his woolen cap down a little tighter, "Had a good day."

Dakota raised an eyebrow again, eyes drifting over the elf for a moment. "It would seem that way."

Job tilts his head slowly, his fingers twitch like he's pressing buttons, "Did you? That is well. You are welcome for sharing." He straightens up then, "Two stims, thank you."

Dakota raised an eyebrow once more. A slow shake of her head, then a tsking sound escaping her lips.

Job reaches for the coffee with two stims that is being prepared but doesn't turn his head to see it. His hand finds it with uncanny accuracy then he reels it back in, "That is a pretty sound." He sniffs the coffee once then drinks it.

Well, who was she to tell someone how to spend their life. A shrug, and Dakota's attention turned back to her own coffee, bringing it slowly to her lips to savor.

«Auto-Judge[]» Job (#10439) rolls Shadowscene Players vs TN 4 for "Based on successes please let me know if you're recognizable as being part of the shadowscene.":
1 3 4 = 1 Success
«OOC» Dakota known smuggler?

Job studies the woman for a moment or two longer, "You have a way of moving that is very efficient." He takes another drink of his coffee then turns to take the seat he was aiming for earlier.

Dakota shrugged her shoulders lightly. "So I've been told darlin'. But that has got to be one of the worst lines ever fed to me."

Job pauses for a moment with his coffee halfway to his lips then says, "Was it?" His eyes close for a moment then open, "It only had a 23 percent disapproval rating, you must not get many lines fed to you." His fingers twitch again then her turns to look at her, moving at much closer to full speed and his eyes focus on her moving from top to bottom. "That is curious, you appear quite attractive, if small. Do you have a terrible personality?"

Dakota paused, well paused was not quite the right word. Nearly spit out her coffee was more appropriate. "And what the heck is that supposed to mean? You don't get out much do you?"

Job looks at her, "I tested the line, it received a 23 disapproval rating, meaning it was better than roughly one quarter of all lines. If you have received so few compliments that one quarter of them qualify as the worst you have ever heard you cannot have received many compliments. You are reasonably attractive for your type, so I suspected the problem was your personality."

Dakota paused, again. Then finally she spoke again, slow and soft. "Ok, look lets start over from the beginning here. Because you are about fifty feet into left field. You know you can always try something about the eyes, I mean it is trite, but "You move efficiently" makes you sound like a robot trying to pick someone up."

Job looks at Dakota's eyes carefully, "Your eyes are brown. I fail to see how this relates to my admiration of your professional skills, but there are many nuances in any society." He takes another drink of his coffee.

"Ok, maybe you /are/ a robot." Dakota sighed, shaking her head as a hand reached up to adjust her hat once more.

Job considers Dakota for another few moments, "I think it is your personality, you try far too hard to garner a compliment about your looks." He pulls out his PDA then holds a finger out and takes a picture of Dakota, from the way his hands were positioned he looks to have blocked your face as he took the pic.

Dakota rolled her eyes slightly. "A girl is allowed to try you know. And you are still a robot."

Job nods slowly his eyes closing then says, "If you are natural, you get a 62 percent approval rating, if you are enhanced the rating is lower." He looks back up then says, "Personally, I would prefer if you didn't try so hard, any woman worth thinking about as beautiful will allow a man time to observe her beauty, not just her facade."

"Natural?" Dakota raised an eyebrow, her face pouty. Her coffee raised up to her lips. "'Bout as natural as I can ger darlin'."

Job shrugs, "That is between you, your surgeon, and your god." His fingers twitch again and his eyes go a little unfocused, "I'm not."

Dakota rolled her shoulders into a shrug. "Thought that dropped your rating by what? Some percent?"

Job says, "Why would I post a picture of myself to the forums? I'm not concerned with how I look."

Dakota blinked, her face going slack for a moment. "Wait, wait wait. You just….me? On….oh blazes."

Job refocuses his eyes on her, "Did you think I was making up those numbers in my head? You received that rating legitimately on an instant poll, there were several thousand responses and after eliminating those that were incomplete or inconsistent you received a 62 rating. Your face was not included so it may have been skewed slightly."

"You do know nobody talks in numbers like that right?" Dakota shook her head slightly. "And that you are supposed to do something like ask my permission before…you know what, nevermind, this is pretty much the exact reason I used to avoid the netwar goobs on base. Might as well give me warning next time so I can flash them or something darlin."

Job says, "I posted to a forum for women in reasonable attire, if you'd like a different forum I will not be offended if you choose to expose yourself. As for talking in numbers, I was providing you with the numbers so that you would be aware they were research on multiple opinions, not just a placation on my part to make you feel better or flattery as a means to an end. The majority of people feel you are attractive."

"Well thank you kindly." Dakota shook her head again, amused, or bemused, one of the two. "Let me take a WAG here. Tir, comp sci major, some time in sea-tac."

Job says, "An interesting guess, inaccurate, but interesting. I am a by-product of the streets, one of the unintentional but unavoidable results of a system that churns out gangers, pushers and pimps on a regular basis."

"None of wich talk like you." Dakota shrugged, raising her hand slowly for another coffee.

Job nods, "Many by-products are significantly distinct from the intended product. As gangers, pimps and pushers are created en masse it becomes necessary for them to communicate with those of higher station, to acquire those things which do not exist on their level, so they find one who can be something different, there are many like me, the system produces a great number of products, so many by-products are also created."

Dakota nodded, then shrugged her shoulders. "So you became a machine?"

Job shakes his head, "No, I became educated. I learned to research information and evaluate it. There is a great deal of information in the world." He finishes the coffee and sets his cup down, it rattles on the table as his hand shake with the effect of the stims.

Dakota shook her head. "Think you may have gotten a little to much there darlin'. Gonna start freakin people out, if you know what I mean."

Job shrugs, "I prefer it to the alternative." He places his hand on his shoulder to steady a twitch that doesn't settle after the shrug, "And those that are easily disturbed do not make good contacts."

Dakota says "And that is what you are looking for ain't it?"

Job considers Dakota, "I was, but now that I've had time to observe the beauty of your eyes I realize that I would not be able to think of anything except you so any business we might have done would be doomed." He then looks over to the bar and says, "Another caf, two stims."

Dakota suddenly grinned, hand reaching up to tip her hat slightly. "'bout time. Doubt I am what you are looking for anyways."

Job says, "Do you? I had heard you moved efficiently. Was that incorrect?"

Dakota shrugged. "Not a supplier though, just a mover."

Job nods, "Understood. As a data gatherer I am often the supplier, so a mover is a useful person for me to know." He pauses looking her over the offers, "I imagine you are also quite interesting to watch in motion."

Dakota kept her grin for a moment, before chuckling. "Prolly the opposite, most I just kind of sit there and veg out."

Job taps his neck where the wire is visible, "I enjoy more types of motion than most."

Dakota shrugged her shoulders, her hand rising to brush hair away from an ear and tap on the datajack port behind it. "Doubt our equipment is that all compatible, virtual dash only gets you so far."

Job looks her over again, "If you're natural then I think our equipment would be compatible enough to make an evening of it. Don't believe the rumors you hear about elven men, we're still fully functional males."

Dakota tilted her head slightly, a nod of her head given to tip her hat. "Natural on the outside. Inside, well, machine head."

Job smiles, "I would still wager compatible enough to make an evening of it." He reaches for his next caf and drinks.

Dakota smirked, raising her own cup in a small salute. "Is that what your poll says?"

Job says, "I'm aware of my own abilities, I don't need a poll to reinforce the things I know already."

"Is that so darlin'?" Dakota tilted her head, all in good fun by the smile on her lips. "I suppose you will be wanting my number then won't you?"

Job says, "Most consider the exchange of numbers more polite than just using facial and spatial recognition techniques to find you."

Dakota nodded her head. "Yeah, I think I agree on that one."

Job produces and offers her a card, "Do feel free to call, it will take some more time but it is entirely possible I will more of you than just your eyes to be be beautiful."

Dakota smirked, putting out her hand for the card. "What was it, a sixty two percent chance?"

Job gives her the card, "That was what the masses had to say, I take more time in my evaluations."

Dakota tucked the card away in her jacket, hmming once. "Guess first impressions are hard with you darlin'"

Job shrugs, "I consider them easier with me, you have a considerable length of time to achieve a favorable one. If your beauty is affected and something that will not last then, yes, it would be harder, but I hope that will not be the case."

"That…" Dakota shrugged. "Depends on how much you can put up with vehicles and alcohol."

Job says, "I have a considerable tolerance for both, I am the product of gangers, pimps and pushers."

Dakota smirked, winking. "Then we should get along fine. I'm only in here because I was in this part of town, normally I am all the way down at the road house darlin'. Just in case you needed me for anything."

Job nods, "Nothing professional at the moment and I would like to know more of you before considering you for recreational purposes."

Dakota snickered. "Recreational eh? Well I suppose I'll bite, what is it you want to know?"

Job says, "A number of things which cannot be answered easily or quickly, your interests and desires, your trustworthiness and faith."

Dakota says "Well then, I guess you will just have to observe. Though I like to at least think I am trustworthy darlin'"

Job says, "I am not."

Job says, "But I will do what I may to enjoy observing you."

Dakota says "Now now, you are going to have to go into details on that honey."

Job says, "Will I? I expect it will entail focusing on the positive aspects of you that I observe. Your form is pleasing so it should not be difficult on a superficial level and you have shown signs of intelligence so I do not think your tactical decisions and performance should be unbearable."

Dakota says "Not bad for a high school education I think. But you are getting me more and more curious."

Job nods, "A good sign, an inquisitive mind is an active mind." He finishes his second caf and stim combo and sets it down, "What are you curious about, I am good at finding information."

Dakota says "Just your interest, and how exactly you plan on getting your measurements darlin'"

Job says, "My interest? Currently professional, potentially recreational. As for my measurements, some I will gather remotely, some I will gather personally, should we ever work together."

"But how?" Dakota tilted her head with a small tsk. "Everything you have done so far ain't exactly struck me as you going to wing it."

Job smiles, "Well I was about to sweep you up in my arms and kiss you thoroughly, but as you are not stricken by me."

Dakota winked. "Don't think I would complain, but that is still avoiding the question on my ahem… tactical decisions and performance."

Job says, "I gather information professionally, many others do the same, I will trade information on other topics for information about you. Should we work together I will watch what you do carefully and evaluate it. I will likely also hire you for some small deliveries and take that performance into account as well."

Dakota says "Now now, you got my interest at job…"

Job nods, "I thought I might have, and when I have one that is not already contracted I will give you consideration for it."

Dakota says "Just remember darlin', the quickest way to a girls heart is through her pocketbook."

Job pauses for a time then says, "It will not be forgotten."

Dakota winked again before nodding. "But it is about time we turn into pumpkins right? I think I still remember that sleep thing I used to do."

Job nods, "That is true, stim only lasts for so long." He looks at his hands for a moment then tugs his cap down to cover his ears, "I look forward to having you as a partner."

Dakota smiled, and reached up to fully tip her hat. "We will see how it goes darlin'. I'll catch you around." And then she was up, and after leaving some script for her coffee, she was gone.

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