Creed's Gauntlet
GM: Pulse
Players: Pulse, Adam, Mary, Chameleon
Synopsis: Pulse's new nemesis, Apollo Creed III, comes in to the Bare Knuckle to start some trouble.
Date: Thursday August 13, 2069

Pulse laughs, taking the money, shoving it -somewhere- in his shorts. "Adam's got a point. I'm Pauly, Mary. Owner, operator, destroyer of young goats." He winks, about to turn to his bag. Mary is close to him, having just paid him, and Adam's not far, at one of the speed bags… and just about then the doors open, and two rather large men dark-skinned with polished heads and long shotguns step in to the gym. The gym suddenly falls quiet, and most of the boxers are suddenly gone.

The two new men look around, the yellow lights glimmering off their dark sunglasses and tailored coats, and then they step aside.

After them steps a younger man, not quite as tall or as broad- but just as intimidating. Gleaming chocolate-coloured muscle under a tight grey muscle shirt, long tailored slacks, a perfectly maintened 'fro and a stylish mustache.

Pauly looks at the shotguns, then looks at the man in the middle. He grins, but his eyes glow with a piercing blue light. "Creed," he says. "I was expecting you."

Adam ahhs— shotguns. That really puts a dampening on his speed baggery. No good. The man slows— waiting for this to pass or what have you.

Mary smiles broadly at Pulse. "Nice to meet ya, Pauly…" her voice trails off as the men enter. That same, faint smile remains on her face. She doesn't move, but there is a sudden, realized tension in her body.

The man in the middle laughs. "Why if it isn't the Itallian Chicken," he says. "Boy, I'm suprised to see you here, standin' up 'round so many men. You been ducking me long enough."

Pauly steps away from the bag and starts walking towards the other boxer. "Ducking's over, Creed. You called down the thunder and now you gotta face the lightning."

Creed's dark eyes flash, and he steps up towards Pauly. They're now less than three feet away from each other. The two gunmen, however, are keeping an eye on everyone -else-. "You're going down, Pulse. This ain't no game or an old mick-wop like yourself. You're too old, an' you're too slow. I bet…"

Jimmy pops up in the background. "Pauly only moves slow cause Pauly don't got to move for nobody."

One of the gunmen turns towards him and starts walking that way, slowly. Pauly doesn't bat an eye.

"Bring it, Creed. That way I'll know I'm the best."

"Oh, I will. Don't worry."

"Never do."

The gunman is getting closer to Jimmy… (who, at this stage, is about 17 years old and a towel boy who keeps getting in the ring with pauly.)

Mary idly watches the gunman moving to Jimmy. Life's rough. The kid's a stranger. But she watches quietly, arms hanging loose at her sides. She shifts her weight, slipping away backwards from where she was standing near Pauly.

Adam tsks as he waits. Looking over towards Jimmy, Paulie, Mary, and crew— he decides to head back into the locker room. That is, provided they don't decide that he is a special case unlike the other boxers. Just another gym member that doesnt want to get involved, right?

You say "Is that what you came here for, Creed? Just to give me some shit?"

Apollo snorts. "Just to see the pasty puff of cracker-dough you've become. You're a joke, Paulina. Tell you what. We'll make it in your home town." Jimmy is now starting to retreat from the man with the shotgun, looking a little nervous. The man snarls at him but doesn't say anything yet.

"Halloween Night, Boston. Be there, or go down forever as the coward you are."

"I'll be there, Creed. I'll be there and I'll show you what dangerous is." Pauly steps up a little closer, so that he's nose-to-nose with the other boxer. "Now. Fuck. Off.""

Mary takes a step or two closer to the gunman nearing Jimmy. She smiles again. "Oi, big boy?" She calls out softly, getting his attention…if and when she has it, she crooks a finger and winks. Looking at Mr.Shotgun. Getting his attention away from Jimmy. Just a little distraction, if the kid can take a hint.
Adam slips into the locker room without being bothered. It is a few moments later before he returns— but not readily visible to most that can't dip into astral and take a look or have good motion sensory.

«Auto-Judge[]» Adam (#1093) rolls Sorcery + 2 (Elementalist Bonus) + Sorcery Pool: 7 vs TN 4 (to Pulse) for "F:1 Imp Invis. Wee.":
1 1 1 2 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 10 11 14 = 9 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Adam (#1093) rolls Willpower vs TN 2 (to Pulse) for "F:1 Imp Invis. Wee.":
1 2 3 4 4 4 5 = 6 Successes

Creed laughs. "Make me."

The man that was chasing Jimmy turns towards Mary now, leering at the woman and then starts walking towards him.

As Apollo steps back, the other man with a shotgun laughs, too, and raises his shotgun to aim at Pauly's chest. "You ducked me too long, Lucciano. Now you've got to be humbled."

Jimmy screams like a girl!

Mary hand doesn't so much move…as a gun just appears in it. A Gambler, levelled cooly at Apollo himself. A second later, an Ares at the man leering at her. "Just so you know, I will be poppin' somone's kneecap."

«Auto-Judge[]» Adam (#1093) rolls Stealth for "Oh Em Gee!":
4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Adam (#1093) rolls Stealth for "Oh Em Gee! That was sad ;(":
1 3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Adam (#1093) rolls Stealth for "Oh Em Gee! That was sad ;( Last try.":
3 4 10

Adam slides back into the gym, albiet this time around no one can really see him outside of the usual ultra sound, or him being an idiot. Fortunately (today at least), he is no idiot. The man finds himself a nice vantage at the corner of the boxing ring. Lowering himself, he lets the invisible slip off like a Predator movie. When he is visible again, there is a submachine gun in his hand aimed at them.

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Reaction vs TN 4 for "guard goes wha??":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 = 0 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Reaction vs TN 4:
1 2 2 3 5 5 15 = 3 Successes

The guards are stunned for a second, the first kind of shifting his stance and bringing his shotgun up to face Mary with quick speed, the second spinning towards Adam…

But then Pulse moves, quick as a snake, stepping forward, grabbign the gunman's shotgun and twisting it out his grasp while shoving the figure to the ground.

Creed now has a pistol and a shotgun aimed at him, one shotgunner has a pistol and a submachine gun aimed at him, and one gunman has pauly's foot on his chest.

"Consider yourself made, Creed," Pauly says. "Get outta my fuckin' house. This is the second time you've violated my home. If it happens a third time, we settle this on the screet."

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Intimidation (Physical):
1 1 3 4 5 14
«Auto-Judge[]» Adam (#1093) rolls Charisma for "*Squeaky Voice* Yeah, what he said!":
1 1 3 3 3 4 4

Adam squeeks— with all the masculinity of a six year old girl, "Yeah! What he said!" The gun is leveled at one of them, but even then— its like a cub squeaking after a lion's roar.

Mary is waiting very patiently. She seems to be perfectly at ease, with the situation, with the guns in her hand. "He ain't that bright, is he? Do you even know what happens when you muck with people like us?"

Creed snarls. "Muck with people like you?" He says, backing off. "Bitch, you ain't yet begun to get mucked." He snaps and the first gunman lowers his shotgun…

"The hell you say. Drop the shotgun, don't lower it. Leave your coat, too. Tax."

Pauly cocks the shotgun… and Creed nods.

"You win this time, Lucciano. But don't think this is over. I'll be waiting in Boston."

"And I'll see you in Hell. Get the fuck out of here."

And they do, slinking away, leaving behind their tailored long coats and their fancy nickel-plated shotguns…and a good portion of their pride.

Mary snorts and lowers her gun. "Geez. Loudmothed, ain't he?"

"Yeah," Adam says as he slowly rises up from his position. He keeps the submachinegun in one hand— a metallic one— as he walks back over, "All this and more— part of the gym membership."

Pulse lowers the shotgun grom facing the door. There's another shotgun on the floor nearby, as are two fancy, tailored long coats. People are starting to leak back into the gym- and anybody who's been outside could see three very angry figures leaving. Pauly looks back at the others. "Thanks for the backup," he says. "Welcome to the world of professional boxing. Probably was going to give me a chestful of rocksalt or some shit."

Chameleon pauses when he sees a shotgun aimed in his direction. Shotguns bad… shotguns very bad in fact, especially for someone who avoids fights wherever possible. "Excuse me… is the gym open today?"

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