Coffee with a Rockstar
Players: Mora, Levon.
Synopsis: Coffee and conversation with a Rockstar.
Date: January 2011

Melodrama - Main Room

Relaxation seems to be the key theme in this performance house. Entering from the street, the first view that catches the eye is that of the large stage at the back of the open building. Equipped with the latest in sound and lighting equipment, the stage gleams and beckons those with artistic dreams to mount its stairs. It is raised up so that it can be viewed clearly no matter where you may choose to sit.

There is no dominant color in this hotspot. In fact, the place is a general cacaphony of color. No two furniture pieces match. Even the servers who bustle around taking orders don't wear the same outfit. The only thing that sets them apart from the customers, is the fact that they wear aprons for convenience. The aprons are monogramed with a purple letter M.

And what is on the menu? Coffees, desserts and liquers. Sorry folks, no beer or hard liqour.


Taller than most elves, the woman standing before you reaches nearly five inches over six feet. Even without her advantage of height, she would garner attention for her fair black skin and long, dark blue hair that dances lightly around her waist.

Her wardrobe certainly does reflect a gothic feel. She has a black dress, that could be conservative if it weren't so sheer. Even by pale light the dress can be seen through, revealing underneath a black thong and bra. On her feet though are slightly more modern shoes, or boots as the case seems to be. Knee-high boots with four-inch platform heels, and black laces done all the way to the top. She wears a few accessories, the most notable being a black choker with a Silver Star hanging down the front in adornment.

Levon walks in holding his hat down on his head with one hand, his other has a sturdy looking silver case slung over his shoulder, he's a little off balance as he comes in the door having nudged the handle with his elbow and he stands just inside with slush dripping off the cuffs of his pants blinking at the cachophy of colors. "Ah…" he tries to catch the attention of one of the servers but she just whips past to deliver her order, "Could you…" he starts at a young man who does the same brushing past him. Looking a bit helpless he turns to one of the people nearby and asks, "How do you get seated?"

Mora is sitting at the pillow are with a laptop computer on her lap. Once she hears Levon talk the night one elf says "you sit your self where ever you like sir, and you get your drinks at the counter there." said with a noble sounding Irish accent.

Levon lifts his hat up giving a little bow to her, the effect is a bit marred by the way his hair immediately falls in a wind frazzled mess down over his eyes. "Thanks, miss." He sets his case down, raking his fingers through his hair and pushing it back before clamping his hat back on to keep it there. He takes another look at Mora, "Look, this is probably going to sound like a bad line but…have I seen you somewhere before?"

Mora smiles and nods her head "I am in a famous music band, there is a good chance you seen a poster or a video… Or maybe one of my opratic shows."

Levon smiles, "Ah, well…that would…explain that then wouldn't it. You're Mora from, Darkened Images right?" He reaches down to pick up his case, "Thanks again for the tip off, what are my chances that seat isn't taken?" He indicates the spot just across from Mora.

Mora nods "it is free to sit, I wouldent mind the company."

Levon nods his thanks, setting down his case beside it and in a practiced motion lacing the security strap through the arm of the chair, to steal the case, you'd have to smash the chair or carry the whole thing out. "Can I refresh your drink or buy you a new one while I'm at the counter?" He asks as he straightens from fiddling with the case.

Mora shakes her head "no I dont like to drink to much caffine drinks or I wont sleep tonight and I anoy my wife when I am hoped up like that."

Levon smiles, "I'm sure they serve something decaff, but I appreciate you not wanting to spend my money." He heads over to the counter, spending a few moments talking with the barista before settling on one of the house specials. A credstick slot and a FWOOSH of steam later he's headed back with drink in hand. "So…what's a good topic of conversation to not embarass one's self in when talking to a famous rock star, I figure it's easier to ask than to try and guess."

Mora shrugs "I grew up in a rich and well to do family so I can talk about pretty much anything." she closes her laptop mostly out of not wanting to do her work "I am glad some one wants to talk to me, and that persion doesnt have a sound chip <CD> of there band in hopes to become famous."

Mora nods gently as a large well dressed orc comes and takes Mora's lap top and keeps it at his side in a case. "Yes but sadly I dont have to much pull in who gets signed at my companys label. All I do is get there talent they do pick and help them to get better, when I am not working on my bands stuff."

Levon takes a sip of his coffee, makes the 'too hot' face, and opts for blowing across the top of it between the conversation, "So you're more of a refiner than a prospector, I can see where folks could mix that up since all they're seeing is top talent springing up the charts after spending time with you." He takes another sip of his coffee testing it, "Oh, hey there big fella." He says smiling to the ork, "What's the trick not to stare at her bust, you're managing it better than me…and don't say focus on the panties, I would have to sit cross-legged."

The Orc man says "I use fear of her wife, and her uncle that is part of her securty details. That and to fear her parents even more." you can see much honesty in his last part of his statement. Though mora speaks up "I wouldent dress like this if I cared, now if you touch then Mario here will do bad things."

Levon laughs, "Nah, much as I appreciate the way you look from over here, I have a dreadful suspicion that on approach I'd realize just how many inches you have on me…and I, like most men, have a problem being the partner with the least length." He chuckles, "But it's good to meet you, Mario. If you see me sometime when you're off duty say hi and I'll buy you a drink. Always a pleasure to meet someone in the business with a good sense of humor."

Mora chuckles "his other boss doesnt let him leave the house when he is home, if I wasent gay he wouldent of been aloud to work for me." she chuckles and he adds "I am glad you like to go out."

Levon nods, "Well Mario, if you ever find yourself tiring of the good life spending time with Mora here, you give us a call at Simmons Corp, though I won't hold my breath till then." He grins, then turns back to Mora taking a sip of his coffee and then finding it cool enough taking a bigger gulp, "Ah, thanks be to whoever figgured out to put hot water on burned beans…So Mora…I'm still drawing a blank on how to appear in any way smooth or composed in front of you, and I can't even blame it on being a fanboy since I've only heard your music in passing, what's the smart play here?"

Mora raises her hand ever so slightly "just be your self, I am like every one else. My servants put my pants on one leg at a time just like every one elses servants." you know she is joking about the servnts. "but as for the music here it is the locals that want to be herd. Some is good and some are just horibal."

Levon smiles, "You've got lucky servants…I make mine do it both legs at once…saves time, though it's interesting you mention a local music scene. I've only been in town a few months and I've yet to find anything that I would consider to be a local sound, everything seems to be just brought in from somewhere else and copied, usually badly. Who plays around here that, even if they're not unique, is at least uncommon." He takes a drink then holds up his hand to stall her as he swallows, "Uncommon and good…I can hear sounds that no man should ever hear twice just singing in the shower."

Mora chuckles and says "I find music where ever I go, you just know how to listen to it. even now I hear a rythem of the machines with the buz of the lights around us."

Levon tilts his head for a moment then chuckles, "The only thing I can pick out through the noise is the cash register, but I guess that goes with the territory. I do much the same thing you do professionally, I make people perform better, though whereas you do it for entertainers, I do it for businesspeople."

Mora sits up slowly as she is fixing her self "I do tend to do that with my friends lifes… that or most of them come to my house for free food."

Levon nods, "Free food is nice." He takes another drink of his coffee, "Though I imagine it doesn't take much of an excuse for folks to want to spend time with you. You hold a conversation well, you're gracious enough, and not terribly hard on the eyes."

Mora shrugs "I am a good cook, went to the best schools and I exercise to keep firm."

Levon laughs, "I'm a lousy cook, I find that in and of itself is enough to keep me trim."

Mora phone rings and she looks at it "well its my ball and chain she wants me home, she said there is a huge snow storm coming." said mostly to tell Levon what is coming. She stands up as her body gaurd joins her side "Well I usuly keep my brownies with me but I am out of them, if I see you again I might have some to give."

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