Clinic Time, part I
GM: Pulse
Players: Pulse, Zoey, Slide, Julian
Synopsis: A conman, disguised as an official, comes in to 'inspect' pulse's 'legal' clinic. Really seeking to get bribed, see some records, and maybe lift some equipment, the con man eventually fails to convince everyone and finds himself at the bad end of the boxer's wrath.
Date: Sunday August 9th, 2069

It's after hours-ish, and it's Sunday, but that doesn't mean the wheels of commerce have stopped. No: there's a man in a fancy suit in the clinic, talking to another man in a fancy suit.

The first man is a small, bookish figure, with coke-bottle sunglasses. "Well, you see, Mister Lucianno, I came tonight because, hee hee, as you say… you weren't expecting me." The man lets out a little giggle. "A suprise inspection, you see." His eyes trail over some of the equipment. "Really, a very nice establishment. Very nice indeed. Almost… too nice."

The second man, a big, imposing figure, glowers a little. "Whatever you say, inspector. Everything is in order. I'm sorry Doctor Einhart isn't here."

Slide steps in the doorway, his head leaning in slightly as he looks around, obviously searching for someone, he frowns slightly as he only spots men in here, and quickly starts to turn to leave, catching the last thing that was said, that Dr. Einhart is not here.

The man walks up to some of the equipment, studying it, pulling off the panels and peering inside. "Everything's kept in good repair. I'm glad to see it. You will, of course, allow me access to the records?"

Pauly shrugs. "I don't have the codes," he says. "I'm just the money. Doctor Einhart and her staff take care of everything."

The inspector looks back up at the Pulse. "Mister Lucciano, as much as I respect what you do, I need to see the records. Without seeing your datatrail, I can't fully authorize that you're operating legally. Is she your only worker? Who are your patients?" He taps the panel. "Much of this equipment is, ah, above spec. Better than it should be. What use does an alpha clinic have for a neural sympathizer?"

Slide steps just outside the room, barely out of sight, but he does listen in, certain pieces of equipment installed in his head allow for him to eavesdrop fairly well. After a moments hesitation he steps into the room, clasps his hands behind his back and waits paitently for someone to respond to his enterance.

Pulse shrugs. "Don't know what to tell you, inspector. I don't have the access codes. As I said, I'm just a boxer."

The inspector shakes his head. "I may have to shut you down, Mister Lucianno, if I can't see your records. Why do you have chemical infusions for cultured muscle work? You're not liscenced for that type of hard…"

Slide enters, and both turn to regard him. "One of yours, Inspector?" Pulse asks. "You really don't need muscle here."

Slide smiles faintly "Excuse me, but I was looking for Dr. Einheart, I've been updating her records keeping system, to make sure everything stays up to code of course. If she is not here, perhaps I can return another time."

Pulse studies the man. "Yeah?" He asks. "You a computer guy? Think you can pop open the records and let the Inspector here have a look-see?" He smiles. "I'm Pauly Lucianno, by the way. I own this whole gym." He gestures at the other man.

"This is Inspector Clue, from the Department of Medicine and Cybertechnology. He's come as part of a suprise inspection to make sure everything's on the up-and-up."

He looks back at the man. "Listen, Inspector. Even if this doesn't work, we can make a deal, right?"

Slide sighs slightly, and tilts his head a little "I am loath to open the doctors records to someone else, privacy laws you know." he looks at Pulse a moment "If this is your gym, then you are Dr. Einharts employer?" he nods "I suppose I could open the records for you then." he starts to move towards the terminal "May I ask what specifics you are looking for?"

Pulse waves his hand. "Acess the records for Pauly Lucianno, and you can verify for the inspector that everything there is completely liscenced and legal. Also the logs of supplies picked up. He can have that list, it shouldn't violate anything." He smiles. "Will that suffice, inspector?"

The inspector stares. "Maybe," he says. "But it still doesn't explain this equipment."

Slide sits down at the terminal, then reaches for the cable and plugs into his datajack, he spends a few moments staring off into space, "I have the files for Pauly Lucianno, along with the supplies list, all the licenses are here. Do you wish that on a chip sir?"

The man nods. "yes," he says, stepping closer, watching over slide's shoulder as he works…

«Auto-Judge[]» Slide (#3162) rolls Intelligence:
2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Slide (#3162) rolls Intelligence for "KP1":
4 4 5 5 5 9 11 16

«OOC» Pulse says, "roll me your impersenation skill, as well as your medicine soft. :)"

«Auto-Judge[]» Slide (#3162) rolls Impersonation:
1 2 5 7 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Slide (#3162) rolls 6 (Medicine Soft):
4 5 5 7 9 13

Julian has arrived.

Slide pages: I of course know to hide the illegal stuff :) I wont show the inspector anything I know is off the books

You paged Slide with 'something about the investigor strikes you as -wrong-. First off, he's staring at the screen as you work. Second, he's got a light pistol hidden in his trousers. Third, he's clearly bullshitting about something. Third… and this is important… your medicine skill gave you insight to how their beauracracy works. while DMAC does do suprise inspections, they always happen during regular buisness hours… and there's no way they'd send an inspector into the WArrens without heavy, armed escort.'.

The clinic's lights are on, and inside are three men- two in suits, one not. The one not in a suit is bent over the computer terminal, pulling up records, with a small little weasel of a man practically perched on his shoulder, staring at the screen. Pauly Lucciano is standing a couple of meters back in the massive clinic area, and takes a step forward and to the side as Slide looks up records, getting a little bit closer to the weasly man's back. "Will that suffice, inspector?" He asks. "We're eager to satisfy your curiousity completely. Honestly, I just buy the best equipment I can find. Only the best for my doctors."

"Well, the beta-grade equipment is… well, it doesn't belong. Frankly, it's illegal to operate or use it without the appropriate liscencing… or even purchase it. Which leads me to believe its stolen. You could be in a lot of trouble here, Mister Lucianno. A great deal of trouble."

Slide blinks a bit as the screen and computer power down "Now thats not good." he looks up to Pulse "It seems Dr. Einhart has been invaded, I had to shut the system down to protect the files." he turns to look at the inspector "Sir, if you'll give me your card and how to contact you at the DMAC, I'll personally get that information deliverd to you, and then I'll speak to your superioer about what happend, that way you wont be in any trouble."

From outside the clinic there are two noises, both ominous. First there is a very heavy thud that almost shakes the ground, followed by a guttural troll bellow. "BLOODY FRAG BALLOONS!"

The man nods and fishes out a chip, passing it to Slide. "Of course," he says. "That's my number there. It's probably best you get it done right away, as this clinic is going to be shut down until all of this is settled. you understand, of course. I'm going to have to take some of this equipment in as evidence…"

Pauly holds up his hands. "Honestly, fratello. Is that really necessary?" He grins. "I'm sure we can come to some arrangement…"

Then the thud, then the scream. Pulse sighs. "That's Julian. One of my boxers here. Don't mind him."
Slide smiles to the inspector "I assume you are confiscating the equipment under code 3-A-4.2759, under the medical permits and licensing equipment laws, yes?"

Julian there are more noises now, periodic, rythmic clangs and bangs, getting closer…

«OOC» Pulse says, "you're trying to catch him up, aren't you?"
«OOC» Slide says, "Yes, shall I do fast talk negotiation rolls?"

There are more noises now, periodic, rythmic clangs and bangs, getting closer…

«OOC» Pulse says, "tn 6."

«Auto-Judge[]» Slide (#3162) rolls Negotiation vs TN 6 for "The art of the con":
2 3 4 5 17 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Strength for "How big?":
1 1 1 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 5 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Intelligence for "do i see the man pause?":
4 4 5 7 8

The man pauses a moment, then nods. "Yes, that's it," he says. "You have it exactly, my boy. Are you one of the employees here? I hope you understand, your employer…" He looks back at pulse. "IS in a great deal of trouble, unless he convinces me otherwise."

Pulse's eyes narrow. "Unless I convice you, you say?"

Slide looks over to Pulse, and shakes his head sadly, then smacks his forehead once he looks back at the inspector "Ohh silly me, 3-A-4.2759 is the regulation for the control of perscription drugs, and this certainly isnt a pharmacy. I got my numbers confused."

Julian finally appears in the doorway cursing up a storm. Every other word is frag or drek, and the rest refer to anatomy and bodily fluids. His foot at the ankle is twisted at a strange angle, and he's favoring it. The source of the clangs is revealed… Julian needed a crutch. So he grabbed the nearest thing he could… a weightbar. Anyone familiar with the weights will count 220 lbs on the bar he uses to hobble into the clinic. He quirks a brow at the suited men. "Oh, sorry… didn't know we had company." He hobbles over to the bed. "Where's the doc?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Reaction vs TN 4:
1 2 3 3 4 5 7 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Reaction - 3 vs TN 4 for " kp 1/4":
1 1 4 4 = 2 Successes

As the inspector stutters, and turns to look at Julian, Pulse moves, his hand shooting out like a snake's and grabbing the weasly inspector by the throat. He lifts him up. "Yeah. This ain't no fucking pharmacy." He squeezes. "Doc's out, Jules. Gone home for the night." He slams the man onto the operating table. Things shake. "But I was thinking about a little surgery myself." A switchblade has appeared in his free hand, the blade glittering with dark menace "Care to assist?"

The man tries to squeal and screem, but it's hard to get any sound past the massive fist on his throat.
Slide smiles and moves over towards the area where the scalpals are "If you wish Mr. Lucianno, I can remove alot of valuable parts from this fellow. The street value for organs isnt impressive, but its better than just throwing the body in a dumpster."

Julian quirks an eyebrow and groans as the inspector is thrown down on the bed before he can get to it. He turns to the other suit in the room with a casual glance, regarding him, then blows a long sigh. "I'll get the Laes" he says with a tone of defeat, then hobbles back towards the door, his 220 lb crutch.

Pulse looks up at Julian. "We have Laes…?" He shakes his head. "Nevermind. Not necessary." He looks back down at the man. "I'm going to cut you. Then you're going to tell me who sent you. If you don't, I'll cut you again. Then maybe have the man here cut you. Then maybe have Julian sing to you. Sound fun?" He reaches out with his knife and gives him a quick cut down the jaw.

"Now… talk." He releases the man's throat. The man screams.

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls Interrogation (Torture):
4 11

Slide steps aside and moves around, gathering things in a calm clinical manner, he sets out a tray of scalpals and sponges, then gets some medications "This should keep the screaming and moving down." he murmers to himself. He simply acts like someone ready to do surgery, and seems to know where everything is kept in the office.

Julian grins through the grimace. "/I/ do" He turns and closes the door to the clinic gently, locking the door, then turning back around and leaning on his crutch as he watches.

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls 5 vs TN 15 for "resisting plus torture.":
1 2 2 3 3 = 0 Successes

The man shakes his head. "No, I, I won't…" The switchblade's tip goes in the man's eye next, and when he screams there's a delicious 'pop.'

After a minute or two of sobbing, Pulse muffles the man again. "I'm going to ask again. Who are you… and who sent you?"

The man sobs for a moment or two more, then gives in. "I… I… my name's Adam Erin. I… I… I…" he sobs again. "I just do this, you know? find places? No one sent… $arrggghhhh!" Pauly thjust dug the knife tip a little deeper.

"No… one…" Deeper still…. "Arrrggghhhh!" Tip's in the brain. He shudders a moment and then stops moving as Pulse twists the knife.

Pulse looks up. "Open him up. Cut out his ware, I'll find someone to fence it out and split it with you." He smiles for a moment. "I'm Pauly, by the way. you didn't see this."

Slide chuckles "I'm Jason Slide, and offically, I dont work here." he grins and picks up a needle and fills it with some liquid "Lets get to work shall we." he steps over and injects the man in the arm. As the drug starts to take effect, he looks over to Julian "If Mr. Lucianno wants, I can work on your leg when I'm done with this fellow."

Julian nods his head. "Just tweaked it on the heavy bag…" He turns to Pulse casually. "Which reminds me, I owe you a heavy bag." He grins a bit sheepishly and continues to wait by the door. He nods to the dead man on the table. "So… did we just off a public official?"
Pulse shakes his head. "No OD necessary. By the time we're done, there won't be much left of this guy."

He looks up at Julian. "Don't think so. We killed someone pretending to be a public official. It's okay, though. Once he's ghouled, I'll drop him in the sewers. There are enough things down there to eat him won't be nothing left." He starts pulling off the man's clothes. "Jules, help mr. Slide here take out his pieces. I'll run through his clothes and stuff, try to figure out what's going on with this. He can't have been sent here alone."

Slide starts picking up scalpals "If you find his credstick with a sin, let me know, I can hack up any information on him thats in the public domains." he moves over to get an machine that is the new version of the xray "I'll take a look inside him and see whats worth something."

«Auto-Judge[]» Pulse (#3231) rolls 1 for "what's he got?":

Julian nods his head. "Need me to check the parking lot, make sure he doesn't have backup?" He hobbles foreward a bit towards the table.

Pulse looks up. "I need you to help Slide cut him up. I'm sorry… when I meant alone I mean that i doubt he didn't come down here without being sent. No one walks into the warrens just expectin' some cash to be handed over. Unless he was an idiot." He gets the pants off and starts going through them.

«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Biotech:
3 3 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Slide (#3162) rolls 6 (Biotech) + 3 (Clinic) for "Chop Chop!":
1 2 3 3 4 5 5 5 9
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls 3 for "Clinic and TP":
1 2 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 + 3 for "Clinic KP1/13":
1 3 3 3 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Julian (#2692) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 + 3 for "Clinic KP3/13":
1 3 4 4 5 5 9

Julian takes up a scalpel and goes to work, starting with the most common spots for ware, slicing and scooping with casual ease.

Slide inspects the body with the machines, looking for things he needs to cut out "Hmmm" he murmers, then moves the machine aside and picks up the tools, he nods to Julian "You seem to know what your doing Chops." he also goes to work cutting things up.

Julian nods. "4 months in Russia and the Middle East… had to pick up a few skills." He grins, continuing his work.

The scans let you know: The man has very litle ware, but his phermones have been altered (not salvagable), as has his brain… however! Hidden under his hairpiece is a six-slot chipjack, and his right forearm is synthetic.

He's got headware memory, too.

Pulse looks up. "No credstick. Just a couple chips."

Julian looks over and nods, dropping his scalpel into the tray for used implements, then holds his hands out to Pulse. "I'll have a look." He reaches over and pops the cover on his own chipjack.
Slide nods to Julian "You take care of that arm, I'll get his head." he moves around to grab the saw to cut open the head.

Slide shrugs "Or deal with the chips, I'll get the stuff here."

You paged Julian with 'the chips are next to useless. they're 'buisness cards' for a dummy trixmail account.'.

So where was Zoey during all this? She wasn't in her clinic which is odd enough for her.. she practically lives here.. she was actually out on errands though. She pondered going directly home but instead, on a whim, decides to check up on the clinic one last time, maybe grab some work to take home to her apartment.. So when she comes back to the clinic and gets to the door.. she gets herself past the biometric lock.. a moment later and she slips into the clinic. She's just in the triage at the moment though, so.. she doesn't immediately notice whats going on.. until she slips into her main office to get some files she looks up and notices on one of the operating room cams.. Wait? WHAT? She peers into the cam(which we have right?).. and tries to get a better look at what shes seeing here..

Wrrrrrrrr-buzzzz, the saw starts to cut into the mans skull as Slide carefully tries to open a mans head without too much blood splatter.

Pulse gestures towards Slide. "Good, headware memory. We can dig whatever's on there into trying to figure out who this guy was…" He peers. "Don't make too much of a mess. Zoey will be pissed if I ruin her clinic." Says the man who just popped someone's eye.

He watches the saw and then walks away, rubbing his face. "Ah, mamma mia. Why is this always happening to me? Julian, stop dragging that bar everywhere. You'll scuff the floor. You need a crutch, borrow one of corpsey's legs."

Julian starts slotting the chips in his hand. "Garbage…garbage…garbage…" He tosses the chips into a plastic tray, down to the last one. "Business cards, boss… trixmail accounts. I can try to track them down, but they look fake." He finds a place to sit. "Sorry boss, I'll pay to have the place waxed."

Zoey's eyes go wide when she sees this. WIDE.. her mouth agape somewhat. This sort of thing is NOT something she told Pulse was allowed. EVER.. She goes to her storage closet where she keeps her 'things', among them, her rifle.. Moments later and shes storming down the halls of her clinic to go give these men a piece of her mind.. several pieces in fact.. maybe a good chunk of it.

SHHHFFT goes the automatic operating room door and here stands Zoey looking into the operating room with a look of utter fury on her features and a rather dangerous weapon cradled in her aims, aiming upward but at no one in particular. She has only one question…
"What the BLOODY hell do you think you are doing?"

Slide shuts off the bone saw, then looks up, he blinks a few times then looks towards Pulse "Um, Mr. Lucciano needed some assistance." he says when he turns back to look at Dr. Einhart

Pulse looks over at Zoey and laughs, just briefly. "Mamma mia," he says again, shaking his head and then raises his hands. "I can explain. Sneaky mcConman over there…" he points towards the dead man on the operating table… "Came in here masquerading as an investigator on a suprise inspection for the Department of Medicine and Cyberware. Even had buisness cards for it. He starts nosing around, peeking into equipment… then starts telling me how we're breaking the law. Gonna have to shut us down, confiscate stuff… an' was bloody expectin' a handout!"

He shakes his head. "Luckily, this Slide kid came in and caught him up in some lies. turns out he's a conman."

A cruel smile appears. "Now we're trying to find out who sent him. He wouldn't talk: maybe his memory will."

Julian waves a bit. "Hiya Doc… good to see ya…" He lifts his leg, displaying a tweaked foot. "Think you could have a look at my foot here?" there is a large weight bar near where Julian is sitting… and there are scuff marks on the tile.

Zoey seems perplexed by all this.. but at the same time, a renewed anger boils in her once more.. "So a conman came into our clinic trying to steal our stuff? That's what your telling me.. and in answer to this.. You KILLED A MAN in /my/ clinic?" she protests, weapon still aiming up, still just as dangerous. No telling whats loaded in that thing. AV ammo, perhaps? Hmm.. Heavily modified weapon, too.
".. And so, that makes it.. okay?" she continues. Nevermind that Zoey made it clear from day 1 that no major surgeries were to take place without her prior notification.. anything involving the use of a 'bone saw' probably qualified, as does 'cutting open a guy'.
As for Julian, Zoey looks at him, her features following down to his foot, then back up, and she gives him a.. strange look.. then looks back at Pulse, eyes narrowed as if to say.. 'Well?'
Julian raises his hands. "Ok, no problem… you're busy."

Slide sets the bone saw down on a tray, and clasps his hands in front of him, he looks between the Doc and Pulse, not really taking the risk of saying anything further to the enraged woman.
Pulse shrugs. "The man walked right in like he knew the place. Went into every panel you had stuff hidden, named every instrument… then started raising hell 'bout records and looking over shoulders when records were brought up. Someone sent him."

He frowns. "So. It was eithier take care of him here and find out what he knows, or send him on his merry all chastised… and not have any idea who did this to us. Who's targeting us. So we can wait till they've tipped off the Real feds? Wait till they send an armed crew in here?" He shakes his head. "No. I ain't being ambushed in my gym again, an' I'm not going to watch my favorite doctor get blowed up cause I was too squeamish to get the work done. Couldn't get you on your cel, or th' trix. So I made a battlefield decision."

Slide pages: Where there any chips in the guys chipjack? Maybe a few knowsofts he was using……hehe, thats how slide impersonates people, back up the acting with real knowledge

Long distance to Slide: Pulse grins. Yup. Medicine R8, Shadowscene players r6, Warrens Geography r6, Classical Music r4.

Zoey is silent for a long, pregnant moment.. her weapon still aimed.. still ready to spray 18D+ goodness to the first thing that moves funny.. but then.. the gun lowers and she sets it upright along the wall next to her.. She still looks vehemently displeased..
"I s'pose you did make a descision, which is fine and well.. but I've made it very, very clear.. that this sort of conduct will never happen in my clinic - and I said that for a reason: I MEANT IT. You want to kill someone and slice them up uncerimoniously, fine.. but don't you ever do this again here. You might not like my code of morals Mr. Luciano, but I'll be damned if I ever let you circumvent them because you find them 'inconvenient'," she says. She opens her mouth again as if to say something.. but doesn't.. She grunts, and grabs her assault rifle again, then quickly paces out of the room leaving everyone alone again for the moment..

Slide reaches for the guys head, and starts pulling chips out, he starts testing them against his datajack, frowning slightly as he goes through them one by one.

Julian watches the woman go with her assault rifle. "Sweet FRAG that was hot." He looks around and grabs a towel from a nearby tray, draping it over his crotch as if to cover it.

Pulse's eyes travel to the sky, "Ave Maria…" he murmurs. "Why do you test your son?" He shakes his head and looks over at Slide. "That means finish the job, kid. You can talk to her about it later… you know why I'm doing it." He glances at Julian, then smiles. "And for the record, she never said, 'no pauly, don't cut up thieves on my table to discover all their secrets. It's wrong, and not something a sexy manly man like you should do.' " he laughs. "Never said that, though I coulda assumed."

Slide pockets the chips and nods, grabbing the bonesaw "He has data files on major shadow players, he appears quite setup for independent work, or he could work with a small group that targets the dishonest." he then leans down and starts the saw again, cutting into the guys head once more, Brrrrrrrrr!


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