CLH Corporate Inquiries

GM: Rush
Players: Air.
Synopsis: Air makes inquiries through a level 3 corporate contact. He finds out the CLH is having a definite effect on the other side as well.
Date: June 26,2070

«Plot» Rush says, "Hey Rush, so I think this is probably just a ruse to remove shadowrunners. My suspicion being that Kokemono is already dead
and Viktor and Critault will soon follow. Therefore I'll be ringing my corporate exec contact. He's a good buddy (level 3) and keeps himself in
the loop with Corp business. Of course, he works for Yamatetsu so he might not know exactly about this since it seems to be an Ares operation.
Nevertheless I'll try. Gimme a shout if you want the contact proving or eti rolls made or whatnot."

«Plot» Rush says, " Ok give me an Etiquette roll, Corp Etiquette will apply if you have that specialization"
«Plot» Air says, "TN or open?"
«Plot» Rush says, " Open please"

«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls Etiquette + Karma Pool: 1:
1 3 4 5 11

«Plot» Rush says, " Also I need to know if you are doing this in person or via the trix etc."
«Plot» Air says, "Oops, forgot the lvl 3 bonus."

«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls 2 for "Contact bonus":
2 4

«Plot» Air says, "This would be a telecom conversation."
«Plot» Rush says, " Great. Shoot me a pose of exactly what you say please."
«Plot» Rush says, "Also I need an open perception roll."

«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 3 4 5 8 11

«Plot» Rush says, "Thank you, please proceed"

Air mutes the trid set after watching the second corporate loyalty program episode, taking out his pocsec to send a quick trixmail to
Honda, asking the old exec to give him a call asap.

The Japanese suit is prompt to say the least, giving Air a call back almost immediately, "Aern-san, how can I help you?" The familiar face of the
older gentleman with a curious look on his face.

"Honda-san, I'm wondering about this corporate loyalty program that's being advertised. Let's just say I may have recognised some of the
people involved and want to know more." Of course, the entire conversation is held in fluent Japanese.

«Plot» Rush says, "Have you ever met with this contact in person before?"
«Plot» Air says, "Air used to run his close protection team, they've worked together for years."
«Plot» Air says, "More than 20 years."
«Plot» Rush says, "The reception on the telecom is not as clear as it usually is."
«Plot» Rush says, "posing."

Honda-san nods his head, looking slightly nervous at the mention of the program. He shuffles a few papers on his desk in a gesture you
recognize would simply provide time for him to think before he speaks again. "I have seen this show. It is not unlike those we saw in Yokohama,
all those years ago." You recall that in the incident he is referring to, there was an issue with communications security, you had both almost
been killed because people were monitoring communications. He shrugs slightly and smiles, "However I reminisce on the good old days, perhaps I
should visit the Koi ponds and reflect, find my center once more." He is definitely distracted by something but finally the dancing stops and he
places his hands on the table he sits behind. "The Corporate Loyalty Hour is the future my old friend, the Corportation is bringing its assets

Air scratches his nose absently and humphs, nodding. "I see, well I wonder how things will go for them when they haven't got any more
deniable assets. Prhaps I'll do the same and take some time to meditate on everything. I haven't had much time to do so lately. Thanks for
returning my call Honda-san." Air finished with a wave, awaiting his friend to sign off.

Honda smiles and nods simply, "Be safe my friend…" He reaches up and kills the video connection, however audio remains open for just a
second. Its a split second but a seasoned runner would definitely notice it.

«Plot» Rush says, " Actions?"
«Plot» Air says, "So pretty much get on with my day. Though at some point I suppose Air would visit the tea gardens, as suggested."
«Plot» Rush says, " Ok ill set the scene one moment :)"

A narrow stone path winds through the beautiful gardens to this sake house. Plants and blooming flowers of all kinds can be found within
these gardens. Small signs set in small stone boulders along the path remind those visiting to stay on the path and to not touch the plants. The
path winds its way up a short ways to where a small bridge crosses two ponds.

The ponds are at different elevations and water from from one pond cascades in a waterfall to the pond below. Both ponds look like they
are teeming with colorful Koi, holograms to replicate the fish that were used in older times. After crossing the bridge is a large torii or
archway made of wood. Large boulders have been embedded deep to form a path from the archway into the tea house proper.

A small asian boy sits on the shore, steering a remote control boat through the pond. He is very intent on his game and giggles
occasionally as the real Koi mixed in with the cyber generated, pop up to rock the boat.

Air ambles along the path at a sedate pace, the surroundings almost demanding that nobody uhrry here. Dressed rather Western casual and
looking like a nordic giant among the oriental type that frequent this kind of place he heads into the main tea house itself. Intent on enjoying
a traditional tea ceremony, like he used to in the good old days.

A few moments after you arrive, a kimono clad young asian woman demmurely leads you to a seat in a small partitioned portion of the Tea
House. The window remains open to the room, allowing the fading scent of Cherry blossoms to fade into the space. The table is bare currently and
she bows deeply at the waist and then closes the partition behind her. As you drink in the serenity of the outside gardens you see the remote
control boat the boy is piloting steer its way under the window, its masts barely visible over the lip of the window sil.

Air folds himself up into a seated position, cross legged before the bare table, casting his eyes out of the window and over the relaxing
scenery. His pupils slide slwoly across as hew atches the progress of the toy boat, a minor distraction among the natural landscape.

As you watch the boat turn and head back towards the lower Koi pond. You notice the name of the boat on the side. "Honda" It is at this
point that you realize the remote control for the boat sits on the grass, forgotton apparently by the boy.

The rice paper partition opens and the hostess steps in with a Shamisen and starts to play. Right behind her is another older asian woman
who wears a more elaborate kimono and has her face painted. She carries a tray which she places on the table. She drops elegantly to her knees
with her head down demurely to await your permission to begin.

Air inclines his head formally to the host, bowing at the waist in the process. It's been so long since he actually attended a tea
ceremony that most of the ritual is lost on him. Especially after being distracted by the boat. However, he maintains an air of calm and waits
patiently and in silence.

The host moves with a grace only centuries of training and experience can provide. Her every movement is exactly as it should be. The
wisk churns the exact number of times, not one more to keep the tea from being bruised in the bowl. She finishes and places the bowl in front of
Air, nodding and pantomiming turning the bowl once before drinking. She smiles demurely and then looks back down, hands on her knees.

The boat glides across the pond, now apparenly without direction from the remote. It settles along the shore a few feet from where the
remote control lay in the grass.

Air inclines his head again, a tiny smile wisping across his lips at the mimed instructions. Taking up the bowl and rotating it he has a
short sip of the tea. Complimenting the hostess on her tea politely he takes another few sips before returning the bowl, and wiping the rim. This
much of etiquette he remembers. Glancing once out of the window to check on the progress of the boat he looks back, mindful of inadvertant

The host returns to the tray and places a smaller tray of different finger foods on the table. She bows, stands and then moves to the
door. She pauses there, head down waiting to hear if Air needs anything else before she departs. The hostess remains, still playing the
instrument, its lilting tones bringing even more tranquility to the surroundings. If you closed your eyes you would almost think you were in

Air simply nods his thanks and then turns his attention to the finger food. Eating to the relaxing lilt of the music his attention
regularly strays out the window to the boat. Trying very hard not to rush himself he eats sedately. Finding it difficult to enjoy his relaxing
time with that boat sat out there he hurries somewhat. Stepping out to handle the bill discreetly before going in search of the boat.

The hostess waves away his money, stating simply that the bill has been paid. She refuses to take any money or tip and disappears into
the interior of the tea house.

The boat rests against the shore, the slight waves from the waterfall causing it to bob against the grass shore.

Air is slightly perplexed by the insistance that his tea had already been paid for, quite certain that wasn't cheap. However, waving away
that worry for the moment he walks over to where the boat bobs against the shore. Glancing around he bends down and collects the toy from the
water, examining it curiously.

«Plot» Rush says, " Roll perception please Open roll"

«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 1 2 3 3 7 8

As you pick up the boat you notice a small biometric scanner placed on the bottom of the boat. It is about the size of a thumb print, and
very well crafted. There is no ticking noise from the boat.

Air frowns as he places his thumb to the scanner. Then sighs as he switches hands. No good using one without any fingerprints after all.
Rolling his eyes at himself he presses his left thumb to it, peering around the boat in case it opens from the top and the contents fall into the
water, or something equally dense.

A small compartment opens on the bottom of the boat where the scanner is located. Inside is a datachip which falls out into Air's hand.
Nothing else is in the boat but it begins to heat up in your hand all of the sudden.

Air glances around quickly, palming the boat off into his false hand to avoid the rising temperature. Ensuring there are no witnesses he
bends back down and slides the boat back into the water, compartment open. Taking the chip he slots it into his chipjack, scrolling the
information up in his eye, thanks to the image link.

The boat begins to melt, slowly consuming itself internally until there is nothing but a off colored cloud in the water of the pond.
After a few more moments even that is gone, only the remote remains on the ground.

The information on the chip is comprised of two seperate files, one data and one video. The video spools first and you see the familiar
face of Honda. His surroundings are not familiar but he seems more at ease than he did on the telecom.

"Aern-san, I apologize for the smoke and mirrors but it is necessary as I am sure you now realize. All communications from the arcologies
to the outside are now monitored by Lone Star and Knight Errant." He gestures towards the screen with one hand, "I have included a data file that
has as much information as I have been able to gain on the situation." Honda sits back in his chair and seems genuinely sad for a moment, "I woud
recommend we not contact each other unless dire emergency exhists until this is over. There is talk of censoring for any employee that associates
with those of the Shadows." He looks towards the corner of his desk and you see a picture of his family. He looks back at the screen, "I am sure
you understand my friend. However I have given you all I can."

The video feed dies and information starts to scroll across the screen. The first is a series of news stories from the Atlanta Journal
Constitution about the situation much like this that destroyed the shadows there. Runners started turning each other in at random. It became
chaos. Runs almost died out completely from paranoia as no one went to meets anymore…

The second portion is a file with Beauregard Jackson's name on it. It has the logo of the Japanese Imperial Navy on it and highlights a
stellar career that the man known as Jackson had with the intelligence corp of the Imperial state. Formerly Asian he has obviously had
considerable surgery and enhancements to change his appearance. The file is rather sketchy and shows only cursory information.

The final portion is a listing of over 15 runners that have 'turned' themselves in to the corp and a list of prospective targets and
places of interest. You see Kokemono, Critfault, Viktor and Pain on the turn in list. On the target list you see surveillance pictures of Thog
and Dalton. Also there are surveillance pictures of various fixers and other shadow figures.

«Plot» Air says, "Hmm, perusing this information Air heads homewards."

«Plot» Air says, "I suppose my next step would be logging onto the trix, securing my own connection as much as I can (I am a somewhat capable
decker) and trying to find contact info for those npc fixers and whatnot and giving them warnings."
«Plot» Air says, "I don't know Thog, but Dalton I'm familiar with, I'll probably pass along a warning to him in person."
«Plot» Air says, "Basically, I'll avoid making any cliche and obvvious sland posts."
«Plot» Air says, "Will do."

«Plot» Rush says, " Ok give me two rolls. One Computer roll, decking spec is applicable to set up connection. Then a search roll, info search
spec is applicable. Both open."

«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 4 for "Decking":
1 1 1 1 3 4 5 5 17

«Plot» Rush says, " Search roll please."

«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 4:
2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 7

«Plot» Rush says, " Ok you find references to blind trix drops for the fixers."

«Auto-Judge[]» Rush (#4993) rolls 8 + 8 vs TN 6 for "Lone Star hacker trying to trace signal":
1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 9 17 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Rush says, " Roll Masking on your deck please."

«Auto-Judge[]» Air (#8050) rolls 8 for "Masking":
2 2 3 4 4 4 4 5

«Plot» Rush says, " Ok all good, anything else you would like to do right now?"
«Plot» Air says, "Deposit messages with copies of the data I found in the dead drops to each fixer. But only include the data relevant to each
«Plot» Rush says, "Done."
«Plot» Rush says, " Unsurprisingly you receive no return messages."


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