Christmas Hit and Run

GM: Yin
Players: Ginny, Yin
Synopsis: Ginny and Yin meet by chance on Christmas Eve. Both exchange presents but the good mood harshly turns into a heat when a hit and run driver almost kills one of Yin's contact, a Knight Errant high speed patrol officer, Spacey Short. While Yin remains behind and tries to heal and help Spacey, Ginny goes for a high speed pursuit through Denver's night, getting a hold on the fugitive hit-and-run drivers.
Date: 2082-12-24

Christmas Presents

CAS North, Stanfried Business Park, a random corner on a rainy night.

Past the drone trimmed bushes aspiring to one day be a hedge lies the commercial complex where myriad of small businesses rent space to work on their own aspirations. The place is neat, worn and above all serviceable. Several rows of small buildings spread out to either side of the weathered but well maintained strip of black asphalt running between the buildings. The buildings are painted with a neutral gray with a wide blue strip running over their sheet metal roofs. The place seems to exude a feeling of sensible industry.

Directly in front of the gate is the main office, just like all the other buildings with the exception that the front paneling has been replaced with large mirror-tinted windows and a holo-sign constantly flickers "Main Office - Open" day and night in space just under the eaves over the double glass doors.
This park is known for being almost entirely automated with drones performing nearly all maintenance, security and janitorial work.

Text Message to Ginny from Yin (#9019)
Hi Ginny o/ I'm stuck here at CAS north, soaked to the bones. Didn't you mention you'd operate from somewhere around, can you pick me up?

Text Message to Ginny from Yin (#9019)
I am at the Stanfried Business Park, at a stuffer shack called 'Moron'. They sell import beverages, mostly.

Text Message to Yin from Ginny (#14136)
One second. Pick some beverages up? -Ginny

The 'Moron' is a small stuffer shack located between a heavy industry park and a strip club. The wet, cold street is covered in colors of red, violet and pure white; as pure as a halo light can be, shining down from an oversized hologram of an elven stripper that overlooks the scenery.

Yin is standing next to the shack, carrying a bag, and wearing his brownish long coat. His hair is wet, clinging to his face.

And, of course, a few seconds afterwards there's squealing tires, a red van stopping, as a redhead in a stereotypical elf hat peeks out. As in: Santa's elf "Li Yin!" she smiles, waving him in "Forgive the delay, I had to sort a few things." she offers, tilting her head, looking around as she opens the door "Climb in. What brings you here?"

Yin shivers but shows a genuine smile. He bows respectfully - and thankfully. He then climbs on the passenger seat, rubbing his hands. The bag is placed between the seats: "Thank you so much, I am so cold! —- Uh…," he blows in his hands. "I was … following a lead." He turns his head to Ginny, laughing a bit about himself: "Sorry if I messed up your evening."

Ginny stops, tilting her head "Just sorting gifts." she offers, leaning back in the red velours seat "You know, Christmas… I think Chloe and Sammie expect gifts…" she shrugs "Anywhere you want to go?" she asks

Yin raises his eyebrows: "Christmas, you're right, is it today? Damn it. But how nice of you to think about presents. I should've too. - Actually, I have to meet a friend at the Nova Sec gas station, about two miles from here." He jiggles the bag a bit, it sounds like some glass bottles and other stuff. "I'll have at least a little present for you. I hope you like overpriced rum from the Carribeans?"

Ginny nods "Hm, I won't say no…" she offers, rubbing her chin, looking back, a few boxes on her back seat "Should have your gift here, actually." she starts.

Yin turns his head as well, checking out the back of Ginny's van. Might as well be a troll hit squad waiting there, right? "What you mean?"

Ginny stops, reaching for a small box "Happy holidays!" she offers, the paper in green, with more tigers printed on it. Leaping. "I hope you'll like it! I… was getting them in here to bring over to people."

Yin actually needs a few seconds to grasp the situation: "What do you mean? You… bought a present for /me/?" Soaked to the bones, Yin looks horrified. Already in debt for the pickup, Ginny now places a Christmas present on top. And Yin: Nothing! Well, almost nothing. Hurriedly he tries to find the bottle of Carribean rum in his bag: "Oh, Ginny, you can't be serious. You don't have to do this, really."

Ginny tilts her head "Oh, it is not much, really." she offers with a smile, turning the heater up "Just thought you'd like it." she offers "I think it should work well." she reassures.

Yin surrenders to the moment, turning towards Ginny and bowing deeply. So used to bowing, it works well with dignity, even on a passenger seat. "Arigato Gozaimasu," he extends his wishes and receives the package with both hands before offering a bottle of rum in return. "Until I find a proper present in return, please take this one here as a stand-in for now. But feel free to put it to good use. If you drink rum, that is."

Ginny nods, bowing her head "Don't worry, Yin. I don't really celebrate christmas." she offers, watching the road for now, not yet reaching for the bottle "And I promise I'll take good care of it."

Yin rests his head against the seat, looking ahead through the windscreen. "Where are we driving to?" - He then inspects the present and starts to unwrap it. "Do you mind if I have a look at it here?"

Ginny looks over "The Gas Station you mentioned. Nova Sec." she starts "You made it sound urgent. And not at all." she offers, smiling

Contemplating on how little he knows about Ginny, he turns his head back to her again: "You are a very kind person, and I hope everyone you ever meet will see the same truth in it. Sorry, if I have treated you badly. I surely don't deserve any present of you, but I will hold it dearly." He then takes a look at what he actually got.

Ginny smiles at that, quiet for a second "Yin. there is nothing to worry about." she offers, raising a hand briefly to gesture, before lowering it back onto the steering wheel "And you do deserve a present." she muses.

When he starts to unwrap the present, he Yin still be convinced that 'his present' is simply 'a present', but when he examines the Shanghai with careful hands, he starts to realize that Ginny might actually have had a present for Yin in mind, and that it's not just an improvised gesture for Christmas' sake. Maybe more seriously than anything before, he nods briefly: "You listened, and observed. This is a very … intimate present to me, in fact. Far more than you might actually imagine. Thank you." He's obviously moved by it, and his soaked condition seems to be forgotten for now.

Ginny nods with a smile "I just remembered you were a photographer." she offers, tilting her head and biting her lip a little "It seemed nice, you know." she offers, moving her hand quickly to rub at her neck

In the meanwhile, Ginny approaches the Nova Sec gas station. It's a self-service station, mostly for truckers. Bright lights illuminate every corner in order to scare away every wannabe robbers. There is only one customer at the station right now; or maybe it's a customer. A racing bike is parking idly on the sidewalk, right next to the gas station entry. It's a black bike, it's massive, actually. The figure sitting on top of it, with both legs on one side, appears to be diminutive in comparison. That's a hell of a bike. Yin waves: "Oh, there she is. You better stop there, next to the entry. She's a bit jumpy, when it comes to unknown cars approaching too closely…" That's when Ginny realizes that this motorcycle is a Knight Errant high speed patrol.

Ginny raises an eyebrow "I hope you brought her some donuts?" she decides to joke as she stops, tilting her head, snorting "Just joking. Good luck on the case?" she offers, nodding "Don't get too soaked? Just tell me when you need to get back."

Yin says: "Oh, I just promised her some /original/ asian food from the shack. It's nothing, just a joke between us. She's alright. If you want, we can move on in a minute. I just drop this off…" He steps out of the van and closes its door. That's when the figure on the Knight Errant motorcycle stands up and nods over to Yin, opening her helmet. Still wired to her bike, she appears to be a KE Patrol Rigger. Yin starts to walk over.

Hit and Run Pursuit

It's with a solid 'ding-ding' sound that Ginny's van makes itself heard. Hm, what's that? Maybe she should check?

Ginny blinks, opening the door to check the outside. That was a bit odd."

In the meanwhile, Yin approaches the KE Rigger with his bag in his hand. Both, Yin and the Patrol Officer start a conversation across the rain. It seems to be relaxed. Both know each other, obviously. That's when suddenly, an SUV flashes just past Ginny and her opened door. At full speed, the SUV tries to keep a trajectory, cutting the lane just ahead of Ginny's van, and… hitting the Knight Errant motorcycle, and its officer, point blank. The GMC Suburban brings enough kinetic energy to the field in order to let the motorcycle take off for several meters. With a crash, it slides across the concrete pavement and hits one of the gas pumps. The Knight Errant officer is blown away by the impact, into the other direction. The SUV probably hit her partially on her side or leg. She tumbles and spins several times across the sidewalk, coming to a rest against a nearby chainlink fence with a heavy thump. - The SUV, however, darts across the gas station ground, aiming for the street that connects beyond.

Ginny blinks "YIN!" she yells, running to the van "Call DW, I think we might have to go hunting!"

Yin, who was about three meters away when the impact happened, screams: "Spacey!" and drops his bag of goodies. He starts to run after the KE Rigger, seemingly worried about her wellbeing. "Dreck!" He shouts… "I'll take care of her…" he looks after the SUV, darting across the gas station, some fury building up in Yin's eyes. He nods to Ginny in a silent understanding "Damn, see what you can do, I'll stay with Spacey!"

Whatever was going around in the SUV driver's head: he certainly doesn't care about what he just hit! With his wheels squeaking, he makes his way across the gas station, covering 40 meters already.

Ginny meanwhile is trying to rig herself in, having controlled via regular controls up until now, sighing "Now how I imagined today." she murmurs, still trying to punch it, but likely covering less distance. Ginny quickly pushes herself in, frowning at the van "Come ooon. Hurry!" she whines.

As soon as Ginny connects to her dear Myu-ru van, it is already screaming at her: Sensors have locked on a fast moving target that just hit a pedestrian, a motorcycle, and - as her van recognized very well: a damn KE patrol vehicle! The fleeing SUV is a GMC Suburban, at 96 kph. Her van's sensors are still working on the details.

The GMC, in the meantime, does what it's supposed to do: a heavy thump comes with the SUV hitting the sidewalk and the street that comes beyond. The driver steers right, bringing his SUV in line with the pavement. He's certainly about to race it away in a second.

Ginny growls, kicking down the pedal as much she can after the van, noticing the SUV. She has quite a speed difference but there is the pedal, then there is a gear shift, and due to a thirsty turbo and NOX injection, she can at least reach roughly half it's speed.

Ginny kicks down, trying to keep up, so she might fire a smoke grenade. Ooor… get much of a plan, she has to admit to herself. Was this even a good idea?

In the mirror, the SUV driver watches an Asian van with freaky paint job darting out of the gas station only a blink of an eye after they hit the KE officer; the van seems to be floating on the wet pavement like a catamaran. The hit-and-run driver decides to follow his first urge: What the dreck, get away from me! He pushes the pedal to the metal and tries to get a safe distance to Ginny.

Ginny binks, not letting the Van slow down yet, not bothering about the wet pavement. she needs to keep the Van closely in her eyes. And, the less distance, the easier it is to fire her secret weapon. "Where is KE? it likely called some response…"

Only ten seconds have passed, and the backlights of Ginny's van are already barely visible in the dark, from the gas station behind. Yin slides on the wet sidewalk, coming to a halt on his knees, right next to his KE officer friend Spacey. He immediately starts to check for the need of medical assistance. Sadly, Ginny and Yin had no time to exchange a comms channel or whatever. Sure, there are their cellphoes, but since only seconds passed, there is no way to get in touch for now.

The SUV driver seems to have realized what's going on. A pursuit it is! He tries to push his SUV further towards its limit. The street runs straight up ahead for now, into the darkness between mute and somber industrial facilities. Lighting is okay, since the sensors compensate.

Suddenly, the SUV makes a giant leap as its Rigger pushes the frame and engine to its limits. Within seconds, the SUV increases speed by 50 percent. The gap widens significantly, between Ginny and her prey.

Think it is this easy to escape an insane redhead? Think again! Ginny punches the acceleration, already in fifth, a finger on the release of her grenades, preparing to fire as soon as she gets just a little closer

On the glittering night street, the lane ahead seems to stretch out endlessly, not a good prospect with Ginny suddenly racing up again, obviously housing more horespower beneath her hood than the escaping SUV! The driver suddenly makes out an opening in a fence that leads to a dark, abandoned facility of some sorts. What lies beyond the fence is mostly obscured by darkness and speed so far, but it seems to be rough terrain. Barely, BARELY, the SUV driver makes it and rushes through the small opening, his left front wheel scraping briefly on a concrete base of the next fence element. The opening is a bout three meters wide.

4, 3, 2, 1! NOONE SLEEP IN DEENVER! ALL NIGHT CROSSING THE LINE! NOONE SLEEP IN DEEEENVER, DENVER IS ON FIIIREEE! Now, the SUV driver may be surprised as the Van goes sideways, the headlights flashing up as it squeezes through the gap without too much of an issue, tires squealing, even as she herself is sent into a brief skip, scraping the next fence with her right rear tire, before straightening up, preparing to gun down after him again.

On the facility grounds, the pavement is covered with stretches of snow, dirt, sand, and some low bushes and patches of grass. The SUV aims for a huge, roofed area, supported by dozens of iron beams. It's dark here, and several stacks of shipping containers provide some cover. The SUV actually succeeds with breaking contact to Ginny. Still at high speed, the driver makes his SUV disappear behind one of the larger stacks of cointainers.

Ginny Frowns as she rearranges her sensors, trying to find an alternate route. She might be able to ambush the driver if she is lucky, trying to find a corner to drift behind. But the SUV, it is saved.

Ginny feels into her van's sensor array and has a firm grip on the SUV. He starts to slow down, on a parallel route between the container stacks and beams, about 30 meters to Ginny's left. If the SUV continues to decelerate, there would be an opportunity for Ginny to cut its vector about 60 meters ahead, where metal plates cover a crane trench. She would have to pass the trench and pierce through two container stacks. With good timing, she'd pit the SUV on his right back tire.

Ginny smirks as she notices. Yes. She needs to turn there and he'll be trapped. Hopefully he won't resist after being stopped. He probably assumed he already lost her.

As it seems, the driver continues with his plan. He slows down, edging on the vehicle's maximum deceleration rate, in order to remain control over his heavy SUV. The opportunity presents itself, since the SUV will still cover the 60 meters until Ginny's unsuspected arrival.

And so, Ginny speeds up, having anticipated the SUV, and made sure when to try to hit it! CRASH! There the van flies a little, Ginny likely losing some speed due to the impact. Now, what does she need… maybe send her drones up high, to scare the guy?

In the meanwhile, Yin savely removes Spacey's helmet and rests his hands carefully on her forehead and chest. He closes his eyes and suddenly becomes aware of her deadly condition. Her hip is broken and organs suffered a heavy trauma, even though her patrol suit protected her very well. He doesn't hesitate and invokes his healing power. Kneeling in the light rain next to Spacey, he now puts both hands on her chest and stomach, and drains himself while infusing a healing warmth into her body. She opens the eyes, flickering, and returns to consciousness after about one minute.

Mopping Up the Hit-and-Runners

Ginny's daring stunt makes the SUV spin a complete circle, scraping his back along one of the shipping containers. This reduces the SUV's momentum to naught, and it stops in its former driving direction, while Ginny advanced ahead, still at about a speed of 100. Ginny is 40 meters ahead but may try to decelerate further now.

Drones. Drones! Right! Ginny reaches for her RCN, and boots it up, opening the hatches to throw her Rotos up into the air, their MGs filled with stun rounds

Up the drones go, turning towards the exiting thugs, the scary sound of a pair of Strato-9's familiar to warrens residents, at least.

The passenger door of the SUV opens and a guy, armed with a pistol, makes a dash away from the SUV, into the space between some containers. He shoots twice in Ginny's general direction, but they don't seem to be seriously aimed shots at all. The driver, on the other side, opens his window and leans out, sporting a shotgun. And he /does/ aim for Ginny's van: BOOM!

Ginny's van is hit by a pray of shot round - pointless, at this distance and against her armored van! However, it tells Ginny something about the driver's general attitude!

Shotguns? Ridiculous. Now, drones with MGs? Oh, those can cause damage. As Ginny proves, starting to fire back in return. They may be stun rounds, but it's an MG!

The light machinegun burst hits the driver across his chest as he's leaning out of the window of his SUV. Two rounds hit him hard and leaves him breathless. He slumps back into his driver seat, dropping the shotgun to the ground.

After Ginny had hit the driver with her machinegun, he tries to shift gear and drive backwards, manually. Struggling with his breathlessness and hurting chest, he only achieves a very slow speed, slowly increasing the distance between Ginny's van and its SUV. On his left and right, stacked shipping containers limit his movement options significantly right now.

It seemed simple. The guy with the pistol escaped… or so he thought. He would have, if Ginny didn't have Fred AND George up in the air, hitting people with bludgers… or gel rounds in this case, the angry whirring hunting a guy down.

While one guy messes around with the SUV, the other one can be seen behind the containers, moving quickly towards Ginny's van, covered by the container Sstacks. He has his pistol ready, a fistful of lead for Ginny. The guy has bright white shoes and baggy, red trousers. On top, he wears maybe an armor jacket. It's bulky, white and black in colors.

Ginny is nervous as she has her drone fire, taking aim and shooting at the mook below, trying to compensate for the immense recoil somehow as the drone takes aim

The sneaky man with his pistol stops, gets hit, and presses himself against a container, to reduce his profile: "Dreeeeck!" he shouts, and, against all odds, shoots at Ginny's drone twice, fueld by frustration: "Get off and leave us alone, you asshole!"

The shots ring through the night and echo back from the rooftop, about ten meters above. But they miss their target widely. At the same time, the other man takes time to rig himself in again.

Well you cover? Good joke. The drone fires still to try to hit the guy in cover, missing his friend trying to rig himself in again.

The adversary continues to fire at Ginny's drone above, thereby, he's slowly moving backward to the corner of his container.

And then there is another flurry of gunfire, hitting an unfortunate ganger, bringing at least one down. It appears Fred will live today! About poor George meanwhile, who knows what trouble he'll be in.

With one of the hit-and-run guys down on the concrete, there is still the SUV. It's engine can be heard, as the driver tries to steer it around, which is not so easy. He can't just turn the car around because of the narrow gap between the containers. But it's only a question of time.

Now that one of the guys is down, Ginny wastes no time swapping back to George, who keeps the chaser… I mean, the SUV in his sights. Time to get the driver down!

While Ginny switches to George, the driver hastily makes his turn, bringing the SUV in direction to where they originally came from in the first place, away from Ginny's van and George. He's about 60 meters away from her van now.

And for the second time, the driver succeeds in scraping metal. He drives the SUV against one container, steering widely and shooting over again, so that the SUV is now locked between two containers. Ginny can see the driver cursing behind the windscreen, obviously shouting mean words in her direction.

As a consequence, he decides to get out of his SUV now, climbing across the passenger seat in order to get out on the other side, where there is no direct line of sight (and fire!) from Ginny's drone. The driver leaves the car then.

The guy might not be the brightest, but he takes a heart and decides: now or never! Suddenly, stumbling first, he darts away, trying to reach cover behind neaby containers. He's in the open now, running away from the Stratios in a straight line: "Murphhhey! Gotta ruuun! Leave it beee!" The driver yells from the top of his lungs as he runs for an escape. And that's when Ginny has clear sight on him.

Ginny takes aim and… fires, hitting somewhere high up above. Probably the container. Which he was running towards. Ooops!

As the shots hail down behind his heels, he succeeds with his plan and breaks line of sight behind a container. He's obviously a bit harder to track as an SUV and in this light conditions, he could have a fair chance of getting away sneakingly.

Well, this was an ill-fated attempt! Suddenly, Ginny can see the driver stumble over his own feet, crushing on the concrete floor just behind the container. It's pitch-black there, but the sensors lock on again. Target in plain sight!

This salvo strikes true, right in his back. He flattens out on the concrete, overwhelmed by the machine gun burst. He probably don't know it, but he will live to see another day, thanks to Ginny's preference for gel rounds. Suddenly, everything is quiet again. Only some rain on the rooftop and the humming of George and Fred can be heard.


Ginny tries to get her drones landed again before getting out, dialing a number on her phone, hoping the person on the other end answers "Yin? I… might have our two Hit-and-Run friends knocked out. Anything you'd like with them?"

After a short moment, Yin answers the call: "Ginny! Great spirits, that's good news. The ambulance is just arriving. Spacey's back among the living again, responsive again. … Look, I told Lone Star a partner of mine is going after the fugitive suspects… can you… can you handcuff them securely and come back and pick me up?"

Ginny stops for a second, humming "I think I should have some ropes." she murmurs, heading over to the crashed Suburban to check for cuffs "I mean, I don't have cuffs. I am not exactly…" she shakes her head "And, well, it is… second. Off of 52nd, there was a hole in the fence, leading towards a warehouse…" she begins, looking for her pocsec in her pockets to boot her GPS up.

Ginny checks out the Suburban! Well, there are no ropes and no handcuffs, but there is other stuff. Under the front seats, Ginny spots a lace of some sort, opening a secret compartment, maybe? Also, there is another handgun or two lying on the backseat, as well as a pocket secretary.

Ginny frowns, pulling on the lace, frowning at the guns "Sammie'd know what to do with them, I feel." she murmurs.

As Ginny opens the secret compartment, she discovers… drugs maybe? Several bags of pills and powders. They are neatly tagged, but one must have a more intimate insight to read the cryptic shortcuts on them.

Ginny stops, grabbing the guns and the drugs, not really interested in either too much, checking the pocsec.

There are actually several pocket secretaries, still wrapped in their casings. It doesn't seem as if these have ever been used so far.

Ginny stops, noting as she grabs them, letting out an appreciative whistle "Right. Guns, drugs…" she stops, calling Yin "Hey, do you know if Spacey was hunting some kind of intrepid drug dealers?"

"I have no idea… I… just sincerely hope she wasn't… Don't risk more than you already have, Ginny…" Yin answers. "It's awesome that you got them, and even alive!" he adds, beamingly. "And Spacey will make it, I'm sure."

Ginny nods, just grabbing the pocsecs "So, should I bring the drugs over?" she asks, grabbing the pistols as well.

Yin sighs… "Damn it, grab what you can. Let me have a look at this stuff before it might actually mean trouble for Spacey. I just hope she wasn't involved in anything and this was just reckless driving. If the stuff is important, I can send it to the authorities later, in a clean and secure way, with nothing on it that leads to us."

Ginny nods, looting the car "So, just leave the guys for the authorities?"

"Yes," Yin confirms.

Ginny nods, tossing the stuff in the back before returning to Yin.

On her way back, a Lone Star patrol car drives right past her, towards the industrial site and the damaged fence. Then, a few hundred meters further back down the road, there comes the gas station again. Hell, what's going on here? Ginny suddenly realizes, this is not Knight Errant turf, it's Lonse Star! Both security authorities have arrived with patrol cars and ambulance. It's not hard to imagine that this incident might cause some ruckus between the two agencies. And Yin, still soaked to the bones, is standing right in the middle of the mess, watching Spacey Short as she gets lifted into an ambulance.

Right as Ginny approaches, Yin spots her, and he shakes his head with a dismissive gesture: 'Don't stop here, that's a mess.' He points down the street, indicating that Ginny should simply move on. Then he adds a slight bow of his head, signaling a sincere Thank You and goodbye for now, and then a 'I call you' gesture. Certainly, Yin must answer to some blues' questions tonight. It probably will be a long night. But at least, Spacey is doing fine. Last thing Ginny can see is Spacey raising her arm, giving a thumbs-up before the ambulance closes its rear door.

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