Log: Charitable Donations

GM: Walker
Players: Fred, Katral, Nine, Walker
Synopsis: Walker and Nine have hatched a scheme to get some much needed supplies through the Warrens border and make some cash in the process by working with the Royals. Good legwork, quick thinking and smooth talking gets the job done without a shot being fired.
Date: October 11, 2077

The deserted parking lot Walker picked for the meetup is near to deserted at this hour. Waiting for the others beneath a dark street light, he projects a creditable noir vibe in his long coat.

Katral wears his sunglases even in this darkened hour

Nine did not really get much out of her sustaining focus, but it might be because she has been really focused on so much else all simewltaneously! Thus, the perception boost does not go down this day. She cleaned up her spell sign, some time ago, of course. Right now, though she is in the modified vehicle, driving up to the noir scene with the side door opening up to the elven man. Though, she certainly texts him to let him know it is indeed her rather than someone else he might not know. She has suited up in a lined coat over her formfitting bodyarmor with all the scarf coverage, gloved shenanigans, and polymimetic mask over her hidden face to look like someone else!

Fred is in the seat of a vehicle, likely on a bench. As he snacks on some extra spice jerky of crafty, he passive scans about while the wizard drives or lets the vehicle do the driving.

Seating himself in the back seat, Walker glances around, momentarily wondering if he has the wrong car before spying Katral. He nods to the assembled company and begins to speak as the car moves off, All right, the game is pretty straightforwards, he nods to Nine, Were moving the supplies Nine has been gathering into the Warrens to try and stop the drekstorm in there getting any worse. Along for the ride is a couple boxes of goodies for the Royals who are bankrolling the scheme: 125K on delivery." He glances around to see how that goes over.

You paged Nine with 'Just going off the stuff we discussed previously: blankets, survival gear, decent food etc., right?'.
*Nine pages: Sounds right!*

Katral blinks for a few seconds. "Eh?" Katral was apparently keeping his eyes on the roads, pondering just what he just heard.

Nine hrms softly, "We were going to try infiltrating a Red Cross caravan, yes? With me posing as a driver then briefly disappearing from the incoming caravan down a Royals backalley, where we would unload the goods, then try to do the truck insertion to drive back the rest of the way, yeah? We cannot keep the exploited truck, or they would find it rather easy most likely. Where there is barely any grid guide inside the Warrens, though, we can probably take a… smallish detour before returning back on their travel home."

Fred opens the fake paunch which doubles as a hip bag once the goatee of the low crouching cowboy is not in the way of opening and closing the item. The Southerner hands another, more mildly spiced kind of jerky to the Catsome driver. A bag full, because everything else would be kidding facts. "You're welcome." He then fits the slightly wrinkled, red faced mask with the bent nose and the round brim glasses so the bad combover hair does not impeded his vision. Slightly unnerved, the Hispanic man opts for more tactical shades than bad fake glasses.

He upnods a greeting at the visitor, somewhat preoccupied with munchies.

Walker nods to Nine, Right. I've arranged for a small truck to be left nearby, but there's an additional wrinkle: the trucks are all unloaded inside a barbed wire fenced compound on the Warrens side of the wall. We gotta somehow unload, get the special stuff in the truck and get out without being noticed.

Katral says "Shouldn't be too hard, if we can arrange some kinda distraction elsewhere, or possibly hide 'em as we move 'em out?"

Fred sucks on the supposedly digestable dried meat strip in his mouth which look dark and gamey. The blond with the short curled hair do sighs low as he listens and sends tiny amounts of molten vocano to his hardened intestines.

Nine had been setting up small stashes between street people and other types who were stock piling necessary goodies over time the collecting together those outside their other border smuggling run. All this survival swag would be the persistent donations over time with some can openers and nonperishable foods, along with checked/cleansed-by-magic blankets because Amerindian history shall never repeat under her own watch! Right now, Nine reaches over to where Fred offers the milder jerky, "Thank you!" she still tells him despite pre-empted welcomes. She purringly replies but surely sounds quite catcerned, "So, our donations from civilian folks over time are to be added to our truck after drop off of the original swag that was already going in?"

Nine says "we are gonna have to be so fast! Hah."

"That stuff is coming in on the truck too: we gotta load it somehow on this side don't forget. It oughta be easier to get into the Red Cross place though. No armed rentacops with concussion grenades, right?" He waggles his eyebrows at Nine and Katral.

Nine so rights! "Yes! We can! Do you know if they have a host for inventory on their matrixy side?" She also waggles her own fake brows but toward Katral.

Walker shrugs, "Honestly I'm not sure. I'd guess so, them being a registered charity and all."

Nine says "Maybe our decker can scope through the cams and see how they do biz, how they pack their swag, and we could copy cat as well as make up our own inventory labels which our decker friend sets up to be transported through, so the volunteer people never see what nice swag it is, and they load it up onto the indicated truck because it is on their chart to do so!"

The decker ponders that idea for a moment, then shrugs. "I guess? It ought to exist at least."

Katral says "Long as we can get our sat-net up again?"

Nine says "Of course! I don't know if you wanna drive to Larkspur, though!"

Katral shakes his head at that. "Naw, I'd rather not go on a long roadtrip or nuffin."

«Plot» Nine will try to find somewhere that is not Jellystone Park or RenFen locale. >.> Somewhere closer where satellite dish set up would not seem too weird!
«Plot» Nine says, "More remote CAS is always nice, but road trips take time!"

«Plot» Some of the smaller parks near the southern tip of the warrens should suffice for the team's nefarious purposes: less security than Cherry Creek but enough privacy to avoid undue attention.

Nine totally drives the whole crew toward the suburbia parks which are not as intensely popular as the bigger one (Cherry Creek) not too far away. Here, though, behind wooded shade, they can pop out their satellite dish with the fiberoptic cable long enough (120 m if really needed) to somewhat disassociate the dish setup with the connected car.

Fred gnaws away and soaks up the data and the facts quiely except for rare eating noises. The plan shapes up to be functional. "Job's takin' what it be," somehow slips out in a mostly intelligible manner. He stays silent then.

Nine also quiets but mostly because she big eyes whilst she catinually gnaws the mildlyspiced jerky and happily purrs after having set up the crazy dish!

«Plot» Walker says, "Roll 'dem bones Kat! Computer(8), threshold 2 to spoof the Red Cross!"

Katral snoozes for a few short minutes, as he awkwardly disentangles this poor ol host.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Katral (#293) rolls Computers (Decking) + Hacking Pool: 12 vs TN 8 for "I am doing this then!":
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 8 10 10 11 = 4 Successes

Whereas within his mind, he is tearing down firewalls at the speed of light, which is good because fire emits light, you see.

The ruby-coloured cruciforms that guard the charity's host are no match for the decker, who makes short work of them. In a matter of moments the inventories are duly adjusted and the
relevant information on packaging obtained.

«Plot» Walker says, "Katral has falsified the inventory and has the data on how to make a regular cardboard box look like one the RC is to transport."

«Plot» Walker says, "Team is currently in one of the smaller parks towards the southern tip of the Warrens, set up as a satellite uplink."

Katral says, "So what am I doing now?"

Nine quietly intones, "Can you whip up credentials in their system for mew, so showing up to drive that truck is not gonna be a big deal?" She then purrs around her jerky snack, the
white noise still running inside the warded car.

«Plot» Walker says, "You had a spare success from the previous entry which I'd let you use."
«Plot» Walker says, "Or you could knock over whatever passes for the DMV in 2077. :P"
«OOC» Nine says, "DMV is orange hard or red average! He so should!"
«Plot» Walker says, "So long as Nine can convincingly drive a truck, shouldn't cause problems."
«OOC» Katral says, "the DMV could be fine!"
«OOC» Katral says, "Gimme that TN!"
«Plot» Katral presumes to hack the DMV, as well!

Katral has hacked the DMV before, to the point he recognizes most of this supposedly very scary host! He scribbles his regular fixes and additions into the hosts, then adds a "Killroy
wuz here" to one of the last node walls.

«Plot» Walker says, "Okydoky! Nine (or at least her legal persona) has a legit truck driving license."

Nine made sure Katral had her Denise Matthews SIN to stick in the DMV DBs, then she gets back to her old ways of task mastering, "Please, Make sure I am the scheduled driver on the
redcross host now. Thank you!"

«Plot» Nine says, "During the cam shots, were there any other drivers in some kinda uniform that we should emulate?"
«Plot» Walker says, "They provide uniforms for volunteers, so we're good on that one."

Keeping quiet while the more experienced folks do their thing, Walker chips in. "You also might wanna make them expect a delivery tomorrow morning so we can include our extra boxes for

«Plot» Walker says, "That'd be a TN8, looking for 4 successes."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Katral (#293) rolls Computers (Decking) + Hacking Pool: 12 vs TN 8:
1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 7 7 10 10 15 16 = 4 Successes

Katral is the king of decking, when he feels like it!

Nine totes agrees, "Aye! Also, if we wanna add us to the volunteer DB, too, so showing up does not seem weird. I dunno if that would require SINs or just be a random name."

Nine says "I'll use my SIN name, so it all matches up, but maybe you get fake names set up for check in?"

Nine says "or are we gonna just be sneaky and not all show up to help load up?"

"I double-checked on that one, they don't seem to background check their volunteers at all apart from the drivers, you can probably tell them whatever you want," Walker offers. "I'd
suggest we get there early so we make sure all the stuff ends up in the truck you're driving."

Katral goes a little bit cross-eyed from suddenly being in so many places at once, then being back where he started. "Uuuh, what? Ya wan' me hackin' somethin' else?"

Walker shrugs, "I think we've covered everything we need to…" he glances to each of the others in turn, "Unless I'm missing something?"

Nine goes over their future plan, "So now we need to pack up the swag stashes in the same way they normally do, stick on our inventory labels, deliver them to the red cross at the early time in some way we can perhaps refine, then we go pack up and I show up to drive the truck which is gonna be loaded up with the prepacked swag. I drive through with the convoy and you guys in the back, too, then after we get past the warrens border, we detour away for our drop off to the Royals gang… then we hop back in on the way home?"

Nine says "Have I missed any step?"

«Plot» Walker says, "Unloading is all contained in a chain link fence on the Warrens border. We need to contrive a way to shuffle the swag into a nearby truck the Royals will provide
without arousing suspicion."

Katral thinks for a moment, trying to use what is probably not a very genius brain, but certainly focused on, into getting what they want. "Weeell, actually, why not just say it is part of a trap? Like, we are going to use those materials to bait some schmuck runners into an ambush?"

Nine catfully considers, "I say we do that as plan B if someone shows up and really seems put off by what we are doing. How big is the fenced area, and is that completely flat? With so
many trucks and so much going on, it is going to be a busy place, so people moving boxes is not going to be too weird on an initial glance. If someone has time to stand around and
actually notice that another truck is being filled up, then we might need some shamany assistance with a catcealing spirit!"

Nine says "They can do that power that makes people not really notice, yeah?"

Walker thinks for a moment, trying to recall that part of his astral recon, "The area is about the size of a football field, is overlooked by a couple of guard towers and is surrounded by derelict buildings. They set up a marquee at the far side from the border gate where they dole out their nutrisoy crap to whoever shows up. If we can park up next to a fence, we could cut through and shuffle some boxes out that way."

He nods at Nine's suggestion, "I'm happy to provide some spirit backup, but we might need to squash some of their watchers to keep it quiet."

Nine soon asks, "Can we just have another spirit confuse the watcher spirits?"

Nine says "They are kinda derpy. If they are catfused, they cannot think straight and will not tattle, yeah?"

Nine says "I can handle cleaning up the astral realm, so it looks like nothing was ever going on there."

Walker snaps his fingers, "Good point. OK, sure. Sounds good."

Katral tries to look like he knows how magic works. He obviously does not.

Nine smiles then, "Thanks. And when you say watchers, you mean those which are from the border security, not those from Red Cross who probably has none, yes? If that is the case, we can potentially park in a way that gives some cover, and your spirits can hang down low or in the truck box we are filling up."

This time, Walker grins widely, "Nine are you readin' my mind?" He chuckles, "That's right, Red Cross barely have regular security, much less any mojo. And yes, some creative parking is a good idea."

Katral says "Well, if'n that's the case, maybe we should figure out what kinda regular missions they do, so one of us can chat 'em up and see if they need any help, whilst we help ourselves?"

Walker cocks his head at Katral's question, "Keep 'em talking while we unload you mean? Sure, anything that doesn't involve bullets gets my vote."

Nine says "If we're done decking, I will go pack up the sat dish?!"

Katral nods at Nine "Yeah, I'll distract 'em with my winnin' personality, less you guys think ya got better chances?"

Nine quietly intones, "I think doing both makes our chances better." says she. Then, she gets out and goes over and starts to take down the sat dish.

Walker nods firmly, "Agreed. Anything that keeps folks from wondering what the hell's going on by our truck is worth it I reckon."

Katral cracks knuckles again, this time earning him a slight grimace. "Alrighty then. I'll try workin' my charms on whoever is in charge or nearby, and ya can get busy with the rest of the actual work."

Nine folds up the satellite dish and coils up the fiberoptic cables, then the whole deal is thusly stuffed into Sheila's trunk. Nine closes up said trunk with the satisfying clunk one often hears from the back lid when doing so.

After she finishes up, Nine hops back into the vehicle and gets ready to go!

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Disguise + Task Pool: 1 for "For Denise Matthews (on the way there)":
1 1 1 2 2 3 8 16

«Plot» Nine says, "With poly mask, that is TN 20! She looks like that SIN purrsona!"

Red Cross Denver Office, 9:00 AM, October 12

The following morning, the team arrive at the Red Cross building: a rather dilapidated red brick building a few miles north of Aurora with a chain link fence surrounding a parking lot containing a dozen large trucks behind it. A rather bored-looking old ork lady is waiting with a clipboard in the front office and reacts to the teams arrival with supreme indifference, simply motioning with her head to the storerooms out back.

"Stuff in the boxes needs to go in the trucks. Dont drop any of it. "She snaps of each of the words out for emphasis.

Denise Matthews (Vanity Nine) smiles brightly to the ork woman, "Thank you!" says she, despite the gruff demeanor with which she was initially 'greeted'. Nine can only imagine what
kinda people the ork woman usually deals with here.

Katral moves over to talk to the lady, wearing one of his best "Semi-regular day-wear that underpaid volunteers would have" clothing sets. "Well, good mornin' to you, mam. Everything on schedule?" he asks, after receiving their instructions.

She raises a single, thin eyebrow, "On schedule? Some genius from head office decided that we needed more supplies," she nods again to the boxes, "That lot turned up this morning. Needs to be on board before we get moving. Any of you folks here as drivers?"

With driving gloves on, Nine raises up her right hand, "I am!"

Katral nods to both the lady and Nine "Probably for the best. Ya don't wanna see my driving."

Walker makes himself busy, a baseball cap sourced from somewhere pulled down low as he makes a beeline for the boxes.

The secretary produces a stick reader from her desk, "Slot yer stick in there darlin', gotta make sure all the drivers know what they're doin' at least."

«Plot» Walker says, "Regular old SIN test, R5"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls UCAS-10584-000ECJ-000AP5-JXV (Denise Matthews) vs TN 5 for "Sin Check!":
1 1 1 3 5 5 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls 5 vs TN 6 for "Counter Test!":
3 4 4 5 9 = 1 Success

Nine pulls out her CDLed SIN and then quickly slots it into the designated spot!

The secretary nods, and reaches towards a key rack behind her, producing a set of keys with a well-worn fob for 'Denise', "Number 9," Walker almost trips and makes an appropriately placating gesture at the glower he gets, "Far end of the lot, you'll be second in line, all right?"

Fred did not do much thus far and worked to refine his patience ever more. Now is the time for action and his muscles are called for. Masked up and ready to be a handy helper, the cowboy wanders after the others quietly or not too quietly but earnestly trying for he is oh so shy by what he aims to falsely display. Just doing his job, nothing fancy here no really!

When the mistress of graying hair knots and an excellent underbite snaps out words, he ducks in defiance and nods his utility capped head each time, scurrying some more despite the moderate overweight to be eager and compliant. Not to forget: a slightly pained wince at all the calamity the little manling has to endure for only trying to help! (Gear is hidden in the fake belly again.) Shy guy casts a furtive glance at the desk commander to hunchedly move with and after the Vanity looking wizard. He emits a pitiful, "Oh.. Okay.."

Loading the trucks goes remarkably smoothly, Katrals sterling work in the Matrix ensuring that the right boxes end up in the right truck. With Nine at the wheel, the quartet roll out. The convoy makes good speed through the early morning streets, passing through the Cherry Creek Checkpoint at 1015.

Cherry Creek Checkpoint, 10:20 AM

On the Warrens side of the wall, a large area of cleared ground flanked by derelict buildings and chain link fences forms the distribution point for supplies entering the area. Beside the wall, on either side of the road, a pair of guard towers watch over the makeshift courtyard. At the other end of the compound, a wide gate has been wheeled aside by another pair of Lone Star officers to admit the press of Warrens inhabitants to the large marquee tents where volunteers distribute packets of unflavoured nutrisoy. A sea of sullen, resigned faces greet them, broken up occasionally by small knots of raucous, swaggering gangers pushing through to the front and making off with as many supplies as they can cajole, bribe or simply threaten from the volunteers.

Nine took up the aptly-numbered keys, graciously thanked the ork woman, then drove out after everybody loaded up. Even though her SIN CLD may be trix hax, the felinely lady certainly seems to be incredibly deft with the big truck, simply glowing (in emotional quality not actual illumination) as she rolls on through the open gate with this 9th truck amidst the many others going on in.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Denver Warrens Gangs for "Which gang flavors are being jerkoffs?":
2 2 2 3

«Plot» Walker says, "Some gangers. :P"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Fred (#9184) rolls Denver Warrens Gangs:
1 2 10 14

None of the major players of any of the gangs appear to be present (clearly still living off their stashes). Notably the Royals are completely absent. The Sinners and Sons have several posses scattered about, with a few nobodies from most other gangs here and there.

«Plot» Nine wants to set up the parking situation as previously planned!
«Plot» Nine says, "What would you like me to roll there?"
«Plot» Walker says, "Go for trucking, treat it like an open test to make furtive unloading easier. Fred, I'll page you in a sec."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Trucking + 2 (KP12toKP14) for "Open Test for Parking Situation!":
1 4 7 9 10
«Plot» Nine will stand with these results!

«Plot» Nine manages to snag a spot right by the fence on the other side of which is a burnt-out old house. She manages to arrange the truck such that the back is facing away from both of the guard towers, though she has to jackknife it pretty hard to do so.

Fred cleaned himself up by controlling what little sweat he built up during the carrying efforts. The honed-beneath-the-disguise fellow mostly filters data outside of what is of imminent use for combat and momentary survival for later to be analyzed fun facts and Cybered Arms quiz times(which Keegan would never dream of allowing!). As they are in the charity
truck and have Stars nearby who are geared to /deal with Warrens scum/, the gear is not put into full readiness mode. They are to fit the assumed roles now.

Fred does not move so fast initially as to give tall drink of water his shamanic ritual time and to have the advantage of elevated perspective from the cabin or from standing in the

Walker nods to Nine and hops out of the cab, opening up the container and scrambling inside. Concealed inside he begins to summon up some spiritual assistance.

Calling up a spirit of the streets in the back of the truck, a vaguely humanoid form of rubble shimmers into view on the astral plane, "Conceal the four of us from prying eyes, so ka?" He receives a brief sense of comprehension in return. He relaxes for a moment before preparing to summon once more.

The second spirit is a creature of swirling wind and air, "Confound any Watchers who come near, and await my commands." Like its urban sibling, the spirit acquiesces.

Katral just stands quiet and unassuming, now that he's actually managed to be social for a few minutes. "Sooooo, what's next on the agenda?"

After her epicat parking job she slickly pulled, she turns off the big truck, takes the keys with her which she pockets away, then gets out and locks up. Then, she checks out the
current surroundings to see who is paying attention!

They both spot that both the guards in the towers and by the gates are well tooled up: Colt M22A2s with grenade launchers as well as Stun Batons and security armor. At the moment the crowd appears peaceful, nothing more to report. Astral space looks quiet (besides the party Walker's having in the truck).

Fred leans back inside by clinging to the handholds by the door as he wobbles a little unsteadily. He whispers, "Guards be fully packin'. We better git 'er done smooth 'n' afore nobody's in the crowd's gonna play antsy."

«OOC» Nine says, "I would like to employ +kb 383 ."

«Plot» Nine will assense them both.
«Plot» Nine says, "But appear not to be doing so!"

The guards are mundane, unaugmented and thoroughly bored. The first seems disgusted by the situation in addition to wishing the day would end and is nursing a wicked head cold.

Hopping down from the truck, Walker sends a message on a phone that doesn't look like his usual sleek number. "All right, spirits are in position and our buddies should be bringing their truck around behind these buildings," he motions to the fence.

Nine also phones to the whole team, "No WSes in close proximity so far, but there be tower dudes." She keeps up her astral perception behind aura masking, catinually monitoring their current environs.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 9 vs TN 17 (to no one) for "Anyone notice Nine?":
1 2 2 2 2 5 5 5 13 = 0 Successes

Walker grabs one of the regular old boring boxes and begins lugging it over to the marquee, making sure to stay well away from the crowd.

«Plot» Walker says, "Katral can I get a Perception test from you too?"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Katral (#293) rolls Intelligence for "I can do so! Got my sunglasses on!":
2 2 4 4 4 5 7 8 9

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 9 (to no one) for "Will team notice the incoming junkie before the guards":
1 1 2 2 2 3 4 5 5

Team have 9+ on their Perception, so they will notice the disturbance well in advance of the guards.

«Plot» Walker says, "For people wanting to unload the special boxes, we'll call that a Stealth test, you get a +5 from Nine's exemplary parking and +4 from the spirit's assistance."
«Plot» Walker says, "Oh and someone should probably cut through the fence…"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Stealth + 1 (KP19) for "- AstralPerp 2 + Parking 5 + Spirit 4":
2 3 3 4 4 4 8
«Plot» Nine will stay with a TN 15 on my stealth tactics.

After sneaking through the burnt-out house beside the fence, there is another street with a pretty beat-up van waiting, a non-descript elf in a leather jacket leaning against the side kicking her heels. Upon sighting the runners, she makes direct eye contact for a moment before very obviously dropping a set of keys and sauntering off.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 9 (to no one) for "Do the guards spot the unloading?":
1 1 1 3 3 4 5 5 5

They do not.

Katral tries to look like the guy not to cut the fence

Fred gets going by moving along the cover as he readies his tools on the way. He checks for alarm wiring first so he discreetly motions at Katral not to just cut the fence.

«Plot» The fence is in a pretty sorry state, leaning on it might in fact cause it to detach from its poles. No alarm wiring (or indeed any other kind) is in evidence.

Fred looks for motion sensor lasers and any rattling cans or the like.

«Plot» Walker says, "Nothin' so fancy, not even the cans."

Nine stays alert, the one who snuck through, and she picks up those keys which were just dropped, opens up the driver door, watches out for stranger danger, then hops in if the whole
thing is seemingly safe, making sure no one is in there to try to garrotte her before her time should come.

«Plot» Nine will move the van into position if it is safe!
«Plot» Walker says, "Nobody in the van, and despite it's appearance it starts fine and you can back it up nearer the fence (presumably while keeping it out of sight)."

Fred finds no actual security implementations so the samurai motions for Katral to step closer so they can undo the fence together. Hopefully quietly enough.

«Plot» Nine says, "Is there a test you would like me to roll to make it so?"
«Plot» Walker says, "Nah, nothing too complicated about reversing a car."

Nine starts up the Royals' van and backs up to where the ragged fence is… being opened up. She turns off said van and also keeps those keys with her, too. Then, she moves back to help out with her own wire cutters if able to.

The fence gives up the ghost easily enough, with the now separate section parked within reaching distance. A quick glance around suggests nobody has noticed anything untoward.

However, everyone's sharp senses detect possible trouble brewing in the crowd. Coming from the press of metahumanity crowding around the marquee, a plaintive voice can just about be heard, "Wheres my fix omae? Dealer said there was new stuff comin' in today! WHERE THE FRAG IS IT?" As of yet, nobody is paying much attention to the raggedy looking man who is the source of the wailing, but he is approaching the fence, and getting louder.

Fred does not tarry. Already the clippers and minitool are hidden again to free up the physicality guy's gloved hands. He goes to start the transfer through the hole, "Two go. One's pickin' 'n' settin' down in the van." He already gets back into the RC vehicle.

Nine smiles faintly as she moves aside the fence piece no longer needed, then nodding quickly after Fred's words she takes up the pickin' and settin' spot, much like a fire team! Efficient moving, indeed!

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Intelligence for "Astral perception, now. Time has passed, so maybe magic use would be a bad thing.":
1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 7 10 10

Nothing is new on the astral, but all the yelling is making folks in the crowd suspicious. The cops aren't paying attention yet, but it won't be long at this rate.

«Plot» Nine guesses Nine and Wire are the stronkest atm, so they can get the moving done.
«OOC» Nine says, "Should we do some athletics to be faster than Fedex shippers?!"
«Plot» Walker says, "If you so wish, certainly. Juggle dem boxes!"
«OOC» Nine says, "Do we got a TN to beat?"
«Plot» Walker says, "Treat it like running I guess? Aim for 4s and see how many you get."

Fred glides as if pouring his self into the next step and every other aspect of his motion. The dirt/ground/plastcrete seems to form to accommodate the guy's relocations which all look to be one sole, unending flow until done. He allows himself to complete the grab-carry-handover in the time the hermeticat turns. And in all this, the cowboy finds the time to not impede Walker's movement or bump into him while seemingly evading contact by millimeters at times.

Nine might not be as incredibly fast, but she does have a felinely grace to her, and it certainly seems like she syncs up with Fred on a catural level where their box dance is incredibly fluid, smoothly paced, efficiently going! Yes, the hermeticat woman certainly notices the approaching authoritay, but unless the occifer copper is gonna draw, she does not stop her grooving flow.

Katral steps over towards the rumbling miscreant, giving him a lookover. "Whatcha talkin' about, who's fixing ya?"

The man turns to Kat, a crazed look in his eye, "Have you got 'em? I heard there was stuff comin' in on these trucks." He begins to shake, "I just need my fix… WHERE IS IT?"

«OOC» Katral can figure out what kinda drugs he wants via his skills?
«Plot» Walker says, "Biotech or an appropriate knowskill, sure."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Katral (#293) rolls Biotech:
1 2 4 4

«Plot» Walker says, "Kat doesn't get much with that, beyond that the fella is obviously an addict."

"Look man, the stuff we're carting couldn't get ya a fix if we wanted it to. Gimme some time though" the decker promises "I can cook you up a batch of what you need, chems or electronics, once all this crap's loaded."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Katral (#293) has the Knowledge Skill Chemistry with the value '4 (5)'.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 5 (to no one) for "Have the guards noticed this yet?":
2 4 4 5 10

"Time? I ain't got time! I ain't…" the man trails off, looking past Katral to the gate guard shouldering his way through the crowd towards them.

«Plot» Walker says, "Pigs made their Perception test at last man. :o"

Katral looks towards the gate guard himself for a moment. "It's alright sir, this man's just feeling a bit under the weather. We'll have everything sorted soon."

«Plot» Walker says, "Gonna need a Negotiation Test to back that up. TN8 to convince him it's all totally OK."
«OOC» Katral says, "Affected by pheromones?"
«Plot» Walker says, "I'm glad you asked. Gate guards actually have sealed helmets, so I don't think the pheromones work, right?"
«OOC» Katral Shrugs. "I've no idea! Your GM thing so I'll go for it!

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Katral (#293) rolls Negotiation vs TN 8 for "Don't you worry piglet, I'm not a bad guy":
1 3 3 11 = 1 Success

The guard grunts, peering suspiciously at Katral and his new 'friend', "Just shut 'im up. I don't wanna have to start crackin' heads." His contractual grouchiness fulfilled, he turns his back and stomps back towards the gates.

Katral turns back to his new druggie friend. "Look, friend, that's the sorta thing you'll have to deal with, don't think either of us wants that. Ya dig? I promise, gimme 20 minutes and you'll be home free."

The junkie considers this more thoughtfully, Katral's pheromones working their way through his system. After an awkward pause full of twitchy glances from the gates to Katral and back again, he nods, "All right man, all right. You just make sure I'm hooked up." The man's attempt at machismo would be entertaining if it wasn't quite so pathetic…

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 5 (to no one) for "Have any of the nearby Watcher's noticed Walker's spirits?":
1 1 2 4 11

They're 2 F4 watchers (hence 5 dice) but they need to see through the Wind spirit's confusion (4) and the BG count (1). The 11 gets a 'huh?' type response.

With Katral's new buddy tucked away carefully in a side street, a state of near-calm descends, Fred and Nine's tag team efforts quickly and efficiently have the illicit cargo unloaded and transferred to the waiting van, while Walker unloads the last few regular boxes and leaves them in the marquee. Returning from his final trip, he looks concerned, "Seems like some of the gangers in the crowd are getting rowdy. There's some serious extortion going on in the marquee, and it might get nasty. If we're done it might be high time to get outta here."

As Walker returns, Nine picks up some extra activity on the astral. It looks like a couple of the local watchers have seen through the confusion projected by Walker's Wind spirit and are closing in to investigate further.

Nine jumps out the back of the van and closes it, pulls out the keys for it from her uniform pocket then steps over and hands off those to Walker before then piping up, "I still gotta drive the truck home. I am gonna go over there and figure out what I can do about the ganger dudes. Everybody else can go."

Nine whispers "Watcher spirits need confusion until you yourself are in a van and almost gone. Then, you should dismiss your spirits. Let me know via your next text, and I will start cleaning up the astral realm."

Fred keeps up his side of the logistics ballet with eyes out for security and others who might notice. He nods by pressing down on the fake secondary chin, "Aye. Smaller gangs be cooperatin' with some Sons ay-nd Sinners helpin'. Ain't pretty any." He upnods Nine's way when he sees the great driver leave the van, all in the shielded angle the tower guards cannot see.

«Plot-Page» (To: Walker) Nine has this plan that he can catfuse them, so they do not get to peek closely. After he has gone (via cover of the van), and the city/wind spirits are thusly dismissed, Nine will cleanse the BG. It will be a little noticable to the watchers but they will probably not be able to figure out who does it (unless in your GM world it is that way).

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Magic Background (to Walker) for "Knowing if cleansing would point at her in your world fu!":
1 2 2 3 4 10

You paged Nine with 'Given that you're masking, I'm going to say Watchers probably wouldn't notice. Makes sense to me. :P'.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Katral (#293) rolls Intelligence for "Do I spot anything snortable or smokeable, either amongst our direct cargo or amongst the crowd?":
1 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 7

«OOC» Katral has chem knowhow in case that affects anyfin

Katral spies a female dwarf nearby who positively REEKS of weed. Nobody actually knows what's in the cargo as everyone has been very discreet and hasn't checked yet.

Walker stares at the keys Nine has handed him before glancing at Fred with a sheepish grin, "I don't suppose you know how to drive that rust bucket?"

Fred replies to the Deni concealed wizard, "Welcome. Was noticin' your focused steerin-gs, indeed!" The honestly impressed, speedy man quips right back at Walker, "It's all in the
reflexes. Ain't no thang. I ruther be standin' with the lady already, because that's a mighty big pile of folks out the-urr. I…" He bites on his masked lip when Nine addresses the
addict pal and Katral. "Okay, I'm drivin'."

Walker nods to the samurai and tosses him the keys, "I just hope she can keep a lid on it. I really didn't want to start a riot today…"

He ducks through the fence, waiting for Fred to help him replace the 'altered' section. With their need for stealth over, he reaches out to his spirits, dismissing them to their home
planes before hurriedly giving Nine the all clear via his burner phone.

Fred does just that so the evidence exposure is minimized. Next part is to take the veteran vehicle elsewhere.

Text Message to Nine from Loki (#12094)
Kids are on their way home. Hope you don't mind cleaning up!
Text Message to Loki from Nine (#10584)
I do not mind at all. :D

Nine certainly smiled a little more a couple times after Fred's words but then tried hard not to glance back, instead focusing on reaching up behind her lightly tanned (or so it seems) neck and momentarily massaging herself here, right by the #9 truck as she spaces out for several seconds.

Even though most people cannot really see what goes on, an astral reprieve sweeps through the fenced zone, clearing up all astral signatures from all previous conjurations and/or spell castings. Whether it really can or not, Nine certainly believes it will help most people feel better whethery they actually know it or not… at least for a temporary time. Warrens gooberiness will eventually bleed back in and leave behind distracting impressions in the mana realm, but for a short time… all is squeaky clean as can be, except for whatever enduring emotions are coming off the interacting people not far away, which will probably muck it all up again way faster than Aurora pollution, but at least those astral signatures are all gone! Nine finally drops down her massaging hand from her neck area and then heads out toward the marquee tents.

As Nine comes closer to the marquee, she can see exactly what Walker was talking about: a group of large orks and an even larger troll have pushed their way to the front of the queue
and look as if they're about to escalate from poorly veiled threats to physical violence to simply take whatever supplies they can from the charity boxes.

Nine closes up the empty truck in which they recently arrived, only breaking a minimal sweat in her winter garb. She keeps her truck keys on her own person, though, then she nods slightly Fred's way. "Thank you. I should have noticed, but I was all wrapped up in driving. You know how I am about that." She is… very excited about driving home. She is! She looks over toward Katral and his newest friend as she steps over and back pats the junky man rather randomly. "Sup, my niqqas?"

Katral siddles up to the female dwarf he's just spotted, as whatever else is going on around here goes on, whispering: "Hey, you holdin'? I know a few guys who're achin' for some
relaxation of any kind that's consumeable. "

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Katral (#293) rolls Etiquette for "Hello fellow kids!":
3 3 5 5 5

The dwarf giggles at Katral, "Sure man," she makes a big show of putting a finger to her lips as she hands him a blunt, "Just don't get busted y'hear?"

Katral hands the dwarf lass his hard-earned cash, giving the tweaker a nod of the head as he passes him by, slipping the poor fellow a downer when he's probably looking for an upper. Still, any port in a storm, right?

Katral moves into his own position, not one to be kept away from a good escape!

«Plot» Nine says, "After Fred mentioned the gangs involved, and now that Nine is on the same ground/level with a closer view, can I try to discern what gang those guys are?"

Katral peers around, trying to figure out a better way to solve this than to just brain the large throng of trogs.

«Plot» Walker says, "Sure, regular old Perception, gang knowledge or similar as a Complementary if you've got it."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Intelligence for "Who are these people?!":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 5 5
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Denver Warrens Gangs:
2 4 5 5

«Plot» Nine says, "Some IC experience in the Warrens over the years, to note, too, if that helps the TN."
«Plot» Nine says, "And dealing with these types a whole lot!"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Katral (#293) rolls Intelligence for "Who are you? We're ….not Star Fox":
1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 10

This bunch isn't from one of the larger posses lurking about, who seem content to hang back for some reason. They aren't faces you know specifically, but the gang signs suggest they're Sons of Sauron. How exactly they were planning on making their way back across most of the Warrens with any loot they might collect is a mystery: they don't seem like the brightest bulbs in the drawer.

Nine will not be caught off guard if those bigger metas are a distraction deal for some other shenanigans going on. She pulls out a short metal rod handle from within her back pocket but has it held back away from the police officer who they saw earlier on as she shoulder checks him (very lightly so) as if to potentially garner his immediate attention. Or so she certainly hopes, "Hey, are we doing something about this?" She totally sounds like she is up to be on the police team if he is the only one and has not done something yet because perhaps he was all alone? Does backup help?!

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Leadership for "Will we go group up and intimidate these jerk offs?!":
1 2 2 3 4 4
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Leadership for "Will we go group up and intimidate these jerk offs?! (KP+1 since last time!)":
1 1 3 3 4 5
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Leadership for "Will we go group up and intimidate these jerk offs?! (KP+1+2 since last time!)":
2 3 4 4 5 10

«OOC» Nine says, "There. >.>"
«Plot» Walker says, "That'll do it."

Katral simply stands behind Niner, keeping his arms crossed and trying to look either intimidating or at least somewhat smart enough to have a secret plan to BE intimidating.

The cop glances around: first to Nine, then to the marquee, to his partner at the other side of the gate and finally back to Nine. He sighs like a child being given a chore he wasn't expecting and nods to his partner, "Fine. We're just supposed to secure the border, nobody said anythin' about keeping some bleeding hearts outta trouble." He continues to grumble as he stomps his way over to the tent and stands pointedly in the entrance, "You lot," he points to the gangers with a distasteful expression, "Beat it. We don't need your kind in here."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 3 for "Bad cop!":
5 7 9
Open Intimidation Test, cop gets +2 (visible medium security armor with all the trimmings). Gangers have no special bonuses.

«OOC» Walker says, "Dang he aced that one."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 4 vs TN 11 for "Ganger's willpower to resist intimidation.":
3 4 4 5 = 0 Successes

«OOC» Walker says, "And they fold like a cheap deckchair!"
«OOC» Katral says, "Broken like a soft donut!"

The ork in front, presumably the leader, locks eyes with the cop for a moment. An especially observant bystander might notice his eyes flick to the other gate guards and the guard
towers before he speaks, "Whatever pig," He grabs a packet of nutrisoy and hurls it on the ground, "Not like anyone'd wanna eat drek like this anyway!" He motions to his buddies and
they swagger away, shoving their way back through the crowd.

The volunteer they'd been terrorising, a mousy-haired young ork, gives their trio of rescuers a small smile of thanks.

Nine back patted him as a social reward for being a good cop. She does not say much else but stomps over, too, flanking nearby like a backup bodyguard with her own backup Katral, too!
It is almost like a whole line of Agent Smiths!

Nine puts away the metal rod she had been holding back, using crowd cover for the concealing action once more. She nods once over the the young ork with a welcoming smile before she looks back up with a thankful smile of her own for the police officer, whose uniformed bicep she firmly claps, "Great work! And, thank you. We appreciate it." She takes note of his name tag. "You done good."

Katral nods and tips his head at the copper, just as he moves along with the Niner. "Aye. Ya are a shinin' example of ya badge."

The cop, whose name upon inspection turns out to be Officer Bankmann, shrugs, "Just doin' ma job." He might almost be bashful.

Nine smiles still, sincerely so. "You keep yourself safe out here." Then, the disguised lady moves on to help out and straighten up around the marqee crowd with Katral's help until
things are mostly settled and operating smoothly.

Meanwhile, Walker joins Fred in the transport van, "Think we oughta wait for Katral?" he asks, "Looked like him and Nine were wading on in back there…"

Fred rolls his simulated fat padding over the arms and mentions low in volume, "It's better we gives him twentyfive seconds." He responds to the question with, "Them's doin' anawfully
fine job."

Walker, who has that faraway look of one peering into astral space, nods absently, "No kiddin'… I thought there was gonna be bloodshed back there but it looks like things are calming

Fred gets a closeup look of the shaman's mask, if not as strong ordetailed as when practicing thaumaturgy or when calling a spirit. He slowly inclines the disguised head with the utility cap up top, "Got themtheir parts down pat, pal."

Nine helps out with the Red Crossing until it is caravan time to take back the empty trucks to the home base once more. As a trained medic, it is most likely that she ends up patching up homeless people left and right, and so on, until the driving time once again catmewnces!

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Biotech + Task Pool: 1 for "Being a doctor like a baws!":
1 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 7 8 10 16
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Medicine for "Comp skilling like a baws!":
1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Nine (#10584) rolls Medicine for "Comp skilling like a baws! (4th KP since last time)!":
1 1 1 1 1 4 4 5 8 16

«Plot» Nine will stick with some decent dice!
«Plot» Walker says, "Nine totally keeps that junkie alive. :D"

«Plot» Walker says, "I believe that's more or less a wrap as far as this one goes folks, chalk up another. For those who are interested, the boxes for the Royals contain various drugs, BTLs and consumer electronics that you can grab in lieu of pay as per the regular rules for such things but otherwise payment via certified credstick as is traditional. If you wanna do final poses I'll do one to wrap up and call it a night! :D"

Text Message to Loki from Nine (#10584)
When you meet up with those dudes, can you tell em Nine helped?

Text Message to Nine from Loki (#12094)
Done and done!

With Nine and Katral keeping a lid on things at the checkpoint, Fred and Walker drive the van to the Royals HQ, where a snooty elven lieutenant takes delivery of their swag. He makes an offer for them to help themselves to some of it, and Walker happily takes the opportunity to pocket a Pocket Secretary. After that, all that remains is to make a circuit of the Warrens, dropping of needful things in needful places as Nine and Walker had originally schemed.

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