GM: Vulcan
Players: Simone, Reina
Synopsis: The players are hired for a mission of Mercy.
Date: DATE HERE, remember to add 60 years to the year to get the timing right :)


The Meet

Hisako sends Reina a comm. She's got a guy who needs a job done. Its a good job, something Hisako feels okay about doing, and knows is within Renia's ability to do. It's not local, requires a bit of travel, but the travel will be handled by the johnson. If Interested, show up at Carson's Daily, a 2000's throwback bar, full of american flags, admonitions against terrorism and invading foreign nations halfway across the world. YOur contact will be a short african american elf in purple.


Simone checks the message from Blue Angel, grimaces at it and immediately deletes it from her freshly purchased cell before gathering up a small selection of belongings and heading to Carson's.

Reina finishes her call with Hisako after a bit of chit chat. Her gear is gathered and a light set is picked out for the meet professional looking clothes nothing to fancy but nice and of course leaving the heavy arty alone for the time being.

Probably a good call. Neither of the women coming has to deal with border checks, but still, its awkward when you get pulled over for having a PAC poking up out of the sunroof of your Nissan Jackrabbit. Carson's Daily is a nightclub that takes up two floors of a storefront in Northern Aurora, which is about as far from the Aurora Warrens as you can get. It's got that 'false neighborhood' feel you get from a lot of the 2000's row malls, where you have a little street in the center, shops at ground level, restaurants on the second floor, then condos and shit above that, giving the manufactured apparence of… I'm not really sure what they are going for, but its profitable and they all look alike.

Reina makes sure to show up slightly early. 5 minutes or so early is on time and on time is late or so the old saying goes. Making sure to have enough time to get past security if any.

A cab pulls into the lot of the strip mall and cruises slowly up to the entrance nearest Carson's Daily. A twenty-something human girl steps out dressed almost entirely in black, herself. She makes her way to the club at the agreed upon time. That is, if the cab made it there promptly.

Two buss riden sons of bitches. Well, daughters of bitches. If a man is a son of a bitch, would a woman therefor be a daughter of a bastard? Dunno. The genealogy of put downs is a vast and confusing thing. The cab drops Simone off pretty readily. The buss however runs 8 minutes later, making Riena run to make it on time. It's unimportant in the long run though, its a cool night and no one shows up smelling like a mule.

Unless they normally do.

Carson's Daily is hopping tonight. Playing on the juke box (They have one!) is 'The Real Slim Shady', and a group of College age kids are 'jump dancing' to it in the corner. Man. They look so hard core.

The cab-riding girl wedges her way into the club past the hardcore kids with a grimace from below her long red hair. She removes her hat and coat along with gloves and scarf and searches out the diminutive purple elf…

Reina straightens herself up after the run to make it on time. With a mental note..go buy cheap throw away car. Hands are quick to remove wrinkles as needed trench coat kept over her arm since it's not that cold. She trys to slip in through the place making as little contact with people as possible not out of paranoia just trying to not either run over or be run over by college kids or drunks.


The purple Elf. He's sitting at a back table, one of those little raised round booths that is semiprivate in a night club, a 'high roller' area if there was ever one. He's reclined, a fedora tilted across his head. You know why Prince is always so pissed? Michael Jackson wore all his fashions first, was 2 feet taller and despite all his trials and tribulations: He was still just plain cooler than Prince. So Prince, as he shall be called, watches the two women enter the establishment, eyes tracking them underneath the rim of the slate grey fedora. He's wearing a purple velvet suit with a ruffled shirt. He's got his decade wrong, but who the fuck cares about 80 damn years ago?

He's unmistakeable. Simone works her way through the partying jocks, shirking any potential advances to approach "Prince's" booth. She greets him in a slight German accent and requests a seat.

Reina approaches the man sitting up and he meets the description of then man Hisako had mentioned. "Good evening Mr. Johnson?" of course her accent butchers engrish a bit but it could be worse. Of course she waits to be offered a seat before just sitting keeping her manners.

The softspoken elf gestures to the table. "Have a seat. Welcome. Can I get you a drink? Something non-alcoholic?" He asks with a smile.

Reina takes a seat when it is offered. "Just a coke would be fine tank you." she smies a bit as she is seated making sure to politely fold her hands on the table top keeping them in sight of everyone.

The german girl offers polite thanks and takes a seat, leaving space between herself and the other strangers. She mutters something that sounds slightly like "…pancakes…" but that couldn't have been right, could it? She introduces herself as Gretchen and sets her Mortimer coat in her lap.

The Princeman nods, and a WNG comes online, blocking out sound from beyond conversational range. "So… you're supposed to be.. professionals, right?"

Reina gives a small nod of her head to the question. "Tat is correct."

Simone finds herself admiring the purple velvet in a non-professional manner, but with her hair covering her eyes, it may not have been noticed. She promptly nods. "Yes sir." She looks to Reina inquisitively, just examining her potential companion in the shadows.

"The job is simple." Says the man then, leaning forward. "Recovery and delivery. My sister is in Bethal Islands internment camp, in California. She's being treated… okay. She's nobilis, like myself… but the others are not. I had a man who was going to deliver a care package to them… but he stole it and is currently in Sacremento. I want him… killed. Then the goods he stole delivered."

Reina gives a small nod as she listens to the basics "Any speciarl way you want dead? Srow painfurl make apoint of crean and effcient."

The German girl lets Reina take the lead on this one, looking hard in her direction before speaking. She turns her attention from the Asian elf back to the man in purple, listening for his response.

"I don't care about him." Says the elf then, lowering his eyes for a moment. "He is just a parasite. A vampire. Remove him like you would a tick. Find the goods and get them to my sister without the Japanese stealing the goods."

Reina keeps nodding taking in the details "Alright easy enough. You have information on exactry where she is or we doing the tracking to?"

Simone leans in with ferocity. "Wampire??"

The man looks to Simone. "Metaphore, dear girl." He says, producing a chip from his hand. "This will have the basic information you will need."
Reina smiles ..just a touch of one. "Understood. I was torld you have transportation to get us to praces we need to be? Detairls on chip?"

The red-haired girl takes the chip and nods, looking relieved at the metaphor. "Is your sister injured at all? And can you tell us what is in the care package?"

"I can get you to California, but once your on the ground there, you're on your own."

Reina looks at the chip. "So what is in this run for us it seem to have some risk to it be foorl to not ask about compensation."
"Ten thousand to recover the goods. An extra thirty thousand to deliver it."

Reina gives a small nod. "What about hit can recover without kirll"

He blinks, not sure what she means.

Simone raises one eyebrow and ponders. Since Reina seems content to do the killing, she continues letting her take the lead, but her lips are pursed and she nods slightly in acknowledgement at the payment.

Reina gets out her pocket secretary and types it on screen to avoid accented english concerns. "We can recover without killing target? is killing extra?"

He shakes his head. "I'm sorry, the killing part is required. People like him need to know what happens when you steal from the family." He says, reaching for his drink as it comes. "Thank you." He murmurs to the waitress. When she departs, he looks back to both women. "Its a total of fourty thousand for the recovery and delivery. Is this a problem?"


"Forty total, or each, sir?" Simone finally speaks up, seeking clarification. She sweeps her hair from her eyes with one black-polished fingernail.

Reina gives a shrug of her shoulders. "Yes tat my next question"

He smiles slightly, a twitch to slender lips. "Total. I was wondering if someone would ask that. I had a mission last week where they did not. They were very dissapointed that their mission didn't pay as much as they thought for a simple package delivery."

Reina shakes her head slightly. "Arot of borders and risk for simprle 20 grand each. When we probabry going to be spending a decent bit on expenses."

"I'm flying you to California. No borders to deal with." He says then. "And expenses are part of the job. I'm paying a job. Your profit margin is your own business."

Taking particular note of the white noise generator, Simone still leans in close, adding to Reina's comment. "Correct. I will not do this task for that sum. Simple retrieval, yes." A slight look about the room. "Murder..? I think not."

After some haggling with Reina in which the Johnson seems to get angry at the bullying methods used by the Japanese woman, he only barely gives Simone a chance to counter, not something he would usually do…

Simone leans in and tries to moderate the tri-lingual money discussion in a calm voice. She lays her hands out on the table in a gesture of honesty or openness.

Soothing though she is, the price doesn't come up. It comes up from the lower sum that had been thrown out after the Johnson convinced Reina that the job would actually be worth less than the stated price, but it doesn't rise higher.

"Do we have a deal, or… do I need to find other professionals?" He asks, sipping his drink, looking to Simone now.

Exit Reina

Reina shakes her head slowly as she pulls her trenchcoat on now. "I'm sorry but I think I must respectfurrly decrine this job it is to high risk for to row reward. I wirll depart give you time to find someone erse."

Simone looks to the Prince-elf with solid eye contact, rare for her to do… "Ja. I will do this. Not alone though…" Hearing Reina decline the offer, she grunts quietly and tsks. "I suppose I must also decline then." She begins to gather her things.

The J's mouth lines harden. "So." he says simply. "Call a friend. I need this job done and I am not taken with the attempt to threaten me for more money."

Reina rises coat on and gives a small bow of her head. "I am not taken by insurlting row prices for such high risk job tat probabry make me take a ross in rong run. Murti nationarl hit with traverl government infirltration way away from support basis expensive business have use many favors and probabry not cover costs to do it wit out mass corateral damage."

The Johnson looks to Reina then. "Why are you still here?"

Simone watches Reina's departure with a flat, emotionless expression. She holds her winter clothing in her lap in preparation for her own exit, though she hasn't stood up yet.

Reina of course steps out without another word coat being buttoned up around her as she leaves phone coming out to dial Hisako with the details

Enter Dante

Text message for Dante from Tyler. "Dante, got a job that just opened up. I mean, Just. If you want to make 20k tonight, get your ass over to Carson's Daily in the CAS sector. Look for a redheaded woman and a dark skinned man ina purple suit. Be polite. Last chick got bounced for being a bitch."

Dante read the text and smiled. He hadn't had a decent job in a little while. He finished his and made his way out the door of the cybered arms. Making his way to his truck, he kickstarted the engine and made his way towards the destination. He parked the vehicle in a garage and exited the truck. his rifle was behind the seat so he wasn't worried about it going any where but his ares was tucked securely in his concealable holster; he didn't feel safe without it. he locked the truck and made his way to the meeting spot keeping an eye open for the ones he was supposed to meet.

The pair are located in the back of the place, in a round booth semi-private from the rest of the restaurant. The Johnson looks to Simone… "I signaled for a replacement when the negotiation turned… hostile."

Simone nods, making her red hair shake in gentle waves. "I understand, Mr. Johnson." As the rugged amerind enters, her attention switches to him, seeming somewhat out of place in a club full of drunk college students.

Dante looks around the room and spots the pair in the booth and makes his way slowly towards him. he nodded politely and waited until they noticed his presence before speaking "I got a message that someone was looking for me?"

The purple suited elf with the Fedora gestures to the table. "Drink?" he asks, his tone soft spoken.

Dante raises a hand and shakes his head no "No thank you. thanks for the offer, but I already had my one drink for the day. I was at the cybered arms before I got the message." he gestures to the booth "May I sit here?"

The johnson raises an eyebrow. "Yes?"

Simone is seated a respectful distance from the elf with no drink before her, waiting patiently for round two of the exchange.

You paged Janie with 'Not from my Johnsons.'.

Dante nods in thanks and takes a seat near the edge of the booth and looks across at the johnson "so, what is it that you would like me to do?"

The Johnson gestures to Simone. "Please. Fill him in."

The girl with the fire engine red hair pulls out a makeup compact and takes a quick look at the mirror, sweeping her bangs back into her eyes. With another brief glance toward the white noise generator she explains, "For tventy-souzand nuyen each, we are to travel to California. Our Johnson will cover expenses." She gestures to the purple-suited elf before finishing…

She speaks in a light German accent, hands folded before her on the table. "In… Sacramento," she looks to the J for confirmation of the location, "we will pick up a "care package," to be delivered to an in-tern-ment camp, Bethal Islands." The word internment seems thoroughly foreign to her tongue.

"I will cover your travel expenses." He clarifies. "And yes. Sacramento."

She looks to the Johnson with pursed lips to explain any details she may have intentionally left out…

Simone looks to the Johnson with pursed lips, leaving him to explain any details she may have intentionally left out.

Dante steeples his fingers and listens to the explination. nodding now and then as each one of them spoke. "seems like a simple delivery job, though I am a bit warry about the location. I have never been that far west before. I am sure I could manage though." he was looking between them both but when simone stoped speaking his eyes focused back on the J

"This sounds accurate." He says simply. "The chip will have the pertinant details. In or out?"

Dante thought a moment about what he heard. there was a lot here he wasn't being told, but this was obviously something that the J wanted kept hush hush and wanted to make sure it got where it needed to go. He made up his mind with a slight nod "Count me in. Will the Chip have a map of the area and a route we will be traveling?"

Simone subtly displays a data chip to Dante that she's been palming in one hand. She sighs slightly, as though feeling the weight of a responsibility that she didn't ask for. It doesn't seem to be connected to the data chip. Displaying it was simply for the sake of illustrating.

"Well then." Says the Jay as he stands up, moving out of the booth… "I will expect to hear from my sister that the packages arrived on time."

Simone shares a long look with the suave, purple-suited elf then nods and gathers her things before standing. "Should we meet back with you for payment afterward?"

Dante looks over at simone and smiles giving a nod of thanks and takes the chip. he sloted the chip into his pocsec and looked up as the jay stood up to leave. he had a nagging feeling in the back of his head that he was forgetting something but he figured that if it was relevent to the sucess of the mission, it would be on the data chip. "Thank you for your time sir. I will do my best to make sure the job gets done." He stood as well to make room for simone to leave the booth. he had to remember to sit and talk with her about the mission some time later.

"You will call me. There is a number on the chip. When I have confirmed receipt from my sister, I will leave the money in a deaddrop for you."

Simone nods and begins donning her winter clothing. Coat, scarf, gloves and hat. With things wrapped up here, it seems to be go-time. During the travel, she could discuss things with Dante regarding the mission.

Dante nods at the explination. He offered a gloved hand to the J and a slight smile "Pleasure doing business with you sir. only thing to do now I think is to prepare, and the sooner the better." he looked at simone and gave a nod signalling he was ready to go when she was

The Target


Name: Johnathan Spicoli
Profession: Facilitator
Base Of Operations: Sacramento, California (JPC)
Disposition: Douchebag.

The Sister
Name: Vanity Matthews
Profession: Entertainer
Base of Operations: Bethal Island Internement Camp
Disposition: Elf

Leg Work

Dante gets a Silencer

"Yeah, I can find you a silencer. Gonna cost you though. Lookin at 2,000 for the part on short notice brohime."

Dante smiles "not a problem Ty, I can get ya the yen soon as it comes in. just let me know when to stop by."

"No problem. You got the cred, you stop by my dead drop in Shelbyville. Ain't no thang, brohime. I'll get the part to you when you land. What airport are you flying in to?"

Dante says "We will be landing in Sacramento at the drag strip. I trust you to be able to handle security issues and what not. nothing you haven't handled before."

"A'ight. I know the place. I'll have a runner on hand wtih your goods. Null sheen."

Dante says "thanks alot ty. I'll talk with ya later and get the cred to you ASAP. "with that he hangs up and goes back about his business""

Simone Contacts Blue Angel


This is clearly a text message conversation.

Bethal? Wut U kno? Secure? Visitors allowed?


Sac-Town Internment center. U got peeps there?








ILL TAKE TEH # «Transaction Processing…»

Simone frustratedly types away at her cellphone with an exasperated sigh.



404 BABI!


Dante calls Johney Krosh

"Sup'dog." He asks via IM.

Not a whole lot john. work as ussual, that said I have a job for ya if you have the time. I need help with a security problem again.

"I'm listening."

First of all, I need a map of the area of sacramento. I need it to specifically include areas around the BICC and any and all security in the area. mostly major stuff like police stops and that kind of thing. camera's are kind of irrelevant at the moment but I might need that later. I need to find a clear path to the BICC after we find out more about this guy. <dante pauses a moment and starts typing again> in fact, see also what you could scrounge up on a guy named spicoli. I have an image for you if that will help. short of that I know nothing about him. if you could get info about where he lives or his normal hangouts that would be awsome.

I know it is quite a lot at once, but I could make it worth it for ya

"Whats the BICC?. Spicoli. Where is he, what's he do? More data makes it easier to not give you the wrong information."

Here, this is an image of spicoli. <assuming I can send him an image I would do so of the one that was on the data chip> He lives in sacramento. and the BICC is the Bethal Island Internment Camp. It's where they lock up metas.

"Okay. I can work with this. Which has higher priority, BICC or … your acronym is wrong. Woudln't that be BIIC?"

sorry, typo. You know I am rather terrible at useing one of these things. Yea it is the BIIC. If you could find out a good way to pinpoint this guy then it would give you a smaller area to work with for picking out security. so best to find this guy first and then where we need to go. there is a slight time constraint, but nothing Im sure you can't handel. :)

"I don't understand. This guy's in the camp? Or he's in Sacramento? YOu need to tell me which is more important. I could find this guy in like, 3 seconds, or it could take all night."

He is in Sacramento. we need to find him and go from where he is to the camp. He has something we need to pick up. its one of those delivery type things.

"Alright. So focus on Spicoli… god, that kid had to get picked on a lot… And any extra time I have, I'll use on the camp. Now. Lets talk binary. Numbers. I like numbers. What number do you have for me?"

well as useual the more thurough the better, and you know how I like to be nosey. hows 1500=y= sound for all you can get me on everything?

"1500 for a search sounds fine. If I find more, I'll want more."

no prob. thanks for the help john, as useual I don't know what I would do withoutcha.

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