Boldness Pays Off
GM: Weeko
Players: Weeko, Dream.
Synopsis: Weeko has planned a little heist. To make it easier she hires Dream. The two pull it off easily despite a very minor hitch in the plan.
Date: 21st Juli 2069

Early morning in Denver. The last of the morning mists are evaporating from the streets, clouds lazily drifting on the sky. Mort had called Dream to go for a meet in the 'Rens if she wants to have some easy work from a reliable source. It's unusual, but the meet was scheduled in open daylight.

Dream has no reason to suspect Mort of being anything other than reliable… besides, the middle of the day, whilst being a bit weird, wasn't enough to turn away the promise of easy money. So, she makes her way to the meeting point, setting off early enough that she can arrive five minutes before the appointed time.

Weeko is waiting at the place she had set for a meet with the magic user she requested from Jake. Finally seeing Dream arrive she tilts her head. "Yer da one asked ter help me out?", she ask in a neutral tone, obviously not shure of what to make of the newcomer. She wears some Urban camo suit obviously armored and holds onto a hemlet under her arms. A few meters away her bike, a Gaz-Niki White Eagle is parked.

Dream gives a soft smile to Weeko, and nods her head. "That's right. I'm Dream." She states, straightening up slightly. She's made some vague attempt to hide the majority of the armor she's wearing underneath a loose shirt and baggy pants, though the black gloves and stiff coat still point to the fact that she's come straight in her gear. A little bit of nerves was to be expected, though. Somehow, being out in the day just felt… wrong. "I didn't get much info, though. What's the job?"

Weeko musters Dream very thoroughly, "Yeah…ya coul' be a dream. I jus' wonder if it's a nice un' or a nightmare.", she says with a soft giggle. "Well … da job. Given da fact I know a lotta people my J employs 'n dat yer not among 'em I assume he had ter git a middle man ter contact ya. So…ya good with stealin'? Or do we have some moral problems dere?"

Dream smirks at that, a somewhat knowing look on the Mexican girls face which only grows at the question of her morality. "No problem here." She says, simply. "Though I think the question of whether I'm nice or nasty depends on who you are asking."

Weeko nods. "I assume dat valid fer mosta us…but good ter hear. Well, thing is I need ter pull off a little heist. I'm quite sneaky so getting inter da place woul' not be a problem, but J wants stuff out. A lotta stuff. And I kinna hide a truck under me poncho. So I need some support. I assume yer able ter manipulate da human mind? If not I'll kick J's ass. fer gittin' me da wrong mage."

Dream grins, and gives a soft laugh, "You got the right person." She says, in reply, straightening up a bit, "It's what I do, pretty much. You'll just need to get me to the target, and I'll take care of the rest." Her amusement is pretty clear… she hadn't met anyone quite like Weeko before, but it seems simple enough!

Weeko seems, a bit irritated by that amusement showing with Dream. "Well…anything wrong or something I missed?", she asks, seemingly wanting to clear up what's up with the girl before continuing.

Dream coughs, looking just a touch embarrassed. "Sorry." She says, quickly. "I didn't expect my contact to casually talk about kicking the J's ass. The last guy I worked with was… uh… a bit more, what's the word…" She flounders for a moment, before settling on, "Serious. I didn't mean anything by it."

Weeko nods, "Oh…well. me 'n this special J have a very … special history. he's prolly just as big in his biz due ter his work wid me. So, I get a bit more leeway." She smirks a bit, "Well…I guess Ishould be moer serious about it, but he had been givin' me a few…strange people ter work with lately."

Dream gives a little, embarrassed smile at that. "Well. I'm somewhat new to this work." She admits, "But, I assure you, I'm good at what I do, and I can keep my head about me when I need to. If you can show me who I need to convince to be our driver, I can do it. No problem."

Weeko ponders, "Well da situation is as follows. Dere's a warehouse close ter da 'Rens. Thems jus' gotta single guard atta entrance 'n some wiremesh fence with a crowning of barbed wire. Nothing I'd not be able ter cross in me sleep. They have a load of electronics J is interested in, so I could a) kill da guarda and get stuff out or b) get ya ter Zap him in whatever way dat'll render him outta harms way. I'd prefer ter keep him alive. I dun kill lightly fer jus' some goods."

Dream shrugs slightly, "Sure. I can deal with the guard." She says, simply. "I mean. Depends how fancy you want to get, though." She takes a deep breath, obviously pausing to run through the options. "Either I can just knock him out, which is easy enough I guess. Or I can have him help us get the gear out, which is a bit more difficult. Or, I can have have him help us get it out, then scrub the memory out of his head. Which'll take a little while, and is going to be a lot more difficult, but, would make sure he wouldn't be able to peg us later." She flashes a grin, then. "Your cred, your choice."

Weeko shakes her head, "I dun think peggin us will be a problem. I'll disguse da both o' us. If ya got no magic way ter do dat, dat is…'n all I need is havin' him outta da way. He'll not have ter help or somethin' jus' git him outta da way. Let him sleep, be ter busy reading a book ter notice stuff, wha'eva. I'd prefer ter have 'im a wake though 'n able ter tell dat all 's okay though. Ya know if someun' rings in or so."
Dream nods her head in response, "Sure, I can take care of that." She says, simply. Brusquely moving on from the question of magic, "If you could sort that out, that'd be very useful. I can't easily obscure the mind like that."
Weeko nods, "Great…any more qustions?"

Dream shakes her head, "No, I think I'm ready. Just the one guard shouldn't be too difficult to deal with."
Weeko nods, "Well…got ya own transport or do ya wanna ride with me on me bike?"

Dream smiles slightly, "Might be best if I joined you. I prefer to walk, generally. Oh. I suppose I should have asked… we're doing this tonight, or right now?"

Weeko chuckles, "Right now…or would ya expect someun' ter do dat in full daylight?" She grins broadly after that.

Dream smirks, "Good point." She admits, "Well, it seems simple enough… here's hoping nothing unexpected comes up."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Disguise for "Diguising herself +4 polimimetic mask":
     2 3 4 4
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Disguise for "Diguising herself +4 polimimetic mask (KP:1)":
     3 3 3 4
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Disguise for "Diguising herself +4 polimimetic mask (KP:3)":
     3 4 5 9

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "Okay..stand with that. 13 to look through that."

<<OOC>> Dream nods.

Weeko dakes out a little box out of her backpack lifs a strange lookign mask out of it and starts to work that mask onto her face and soon after looks quite different (at least her face does). She then turns to Dream, "Want a treatment yaself?", she asks.

Dream looks a little bit surprised, but nods slightly, "Yeah… better safe than sorry, especially if we're going in the daylight. Uh, would you mind?"

Weeko giggles, "Not at all…hold still a bit…I sadly have no second mask…guess I should git me one some time."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Disguise for "Diguising Dream":
     2 5 5 17

Dream holds perfectly still to allow Weeko to work as she needs to. When all is said and done, she looks very different indeed, admiring herself in a makeup mirror, the girl blinks a few times. "… You do good work."

Weeko shurgs, with a soft giggle, "I've had ter do…if ya do street fraud people betta not recognize ya later…"

Dream nods, "Makes sense." She admits, taking a deep breath to steady her nerves a bit. "Alright… lets go."

Weeko takes her helmet and puts it on, then enters her bike and kicks the engine alive. Patting on the backseat she says, "Comeon, hon take a seat…"

Dream slides in behind Weeko, the girl had only been on a bike once before… but at least this one wasn't shot to hell and back. Still, her grip on the Ork's shoulders is just a little tighter than it would be if she was more used to biking.

Weeko chuckles softly, but she doesn't seem to mind getting gripped by the other girl at all. She nods and with a slight flick of her wrist she has the bike driving away in a slow and relaxes pace.

Dream smiles slightly, "So." She says, idly. "Not… that I'm expecting a fortune for such a simple job, but I suppose I really should check how much I'm getting paid before we arrive."

Weeko chuckles, "10K was da offer. Ya kin git it in gear if ya want.", she replies. The trip is not too long and Weeko keeps her pace slow and relaxed. Obviously not really in a hurry. At the border to CAS she shows her ID and after a very short check they drive on to arrive a little bit later at a small warehouse in the middle of nowhere. Literally.

Dream shakes her head, "Nah, I'll take it in cash." She replies, easily. Simply keeping her mouth shut the rest of the way, and preparing herself mentally for what was to come… after all, it -shouldn't- be too difficult, but nothing would be more embarrassing than screwing it up and winding up blowing the entire job because she couldn't concentrate.

Weeko, stopping bit away from the warehouse, she asks the Mexican, "Yer ready? I'd say we jus' drive up 'n ya hit da guard wid ya spell."

Dream nods solemnly, "I'm ready as I'll ever be." She says, exhaling slowly. "Just let me… do my thing."

Weeko nods, then speeds up again and finally waits like any customer would at the gate. "Good mornign sir!", she greets the guard to distract him from Dream.

<<OOC>> Dream says, "So! Ah... I need to know the BG count and his Willpower :P"
<<OOC>> Weeko says, "bg 1 wil 4"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Dream (#1488) rolls Sorcery + Sorcery Pool: 4 vs TN 5 for "Control Thoughts": 
     2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 8 10    = 4 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Dream (#1488) rolls Willpower + Sorcery Pool: 2 vs TN 4 for "Soaking S Drain": 
     2 4 4 5 5 7 13 13    = 7 Successes
<<OOC>> Dream says, "... Huh, well that's awesome. :D"
<<OOC>> Dream says, "He gets to roll willpower, he needs two successes at difficulty 6 to break it."
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 4 (guards will) vs TN 6 for "Does he resist?":
     2 2 3 9    = 1 Success
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 4 (guards will) - 1 vs TN 6 for "Does he resist? (KP:1)":
     3 4 8    = 1 Success
<<OOC>> Dream says, "Sorry, three successes- he needs to beat my threshold."
<<OOC>> Dream says, "Which is half his willpower."

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "Okay. he is zapped."

Dream leans over, and for a moment, her eyes match his. There's a moment of contact between them, where her eyes flash blue, and his echo the flash of color. The effort still causes a sweat to break on Dream's brow, but, thankfully, she manages to avoid a nosebleed, or worse, for her efforts. The psionic issues the command pretty simply- He is to let them through, and not report their presence. Everything is normal and fine.

Weeko smiles as the guard opens the gate without further ado. She smiles speeds up and drives over to the warehouse. "So far, so good…", she says. Having alooka round. "Do you think you can make him let J's truck in too?"

Dream is just a little bit sweaty. Perhaps because she was out of practice, or maybe it was just the strain and the nerves doing this in this kind of surrounding. "Sure." She replies, producing a small cloth to mop her brow with, "Give me the numberplate and I'll have him let it in, no problem. We should be good on that front for now. It might be easier if I stayed with him, though. Your choice."

Weeko nods, "Stay with 'im then…I dun think I need ya in 'ere…"
"Ya gotta radio?"

Dream nods in response. "Sure, just a sec." She says. Grateful, really, she puts her radio in place, and passes over the frequency. Shortly after, she hops down off the motorbike, and walks over to the guard again, resting close by, though careful to do so out of direct line of sight of anyone who might be driving past.

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "Stealth roll?"
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Dream (#1488) rolls Stealth:
     4 4 5
<<OOC>> Dream will stick there. Not the stealthiest stealthy person yet anyway. :P

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Stealth for "having a look inside the warehouse. Just to be shure.":
     2 2 2 3 5 5 7 9 11

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 5 (inside guards int) vs TN 13 for "Yes today they have a second guard 
in here. +2 for urban camo (in motion)":
     1 2 3 5 5    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Intelligence for "Will Weeko realize he's there?":
     2 2 2 4 4
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Intelligence for "Will Weeko realize he's there? (KP:1)":
     1 2 4 5 5

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "As he will not be really hiding, I assume Weeko sees him."

Weeko grumbles inwardly, connecting her radio to her datajack she transduces over her radio to Dream, "Jus' fer ya info they got a second guard in here. I'll try ter knock him out. Be ready in case ya charge gits aware of stuff…"

Dream exhales slowly. "Alright. Good luck. I'll take care of things out here." She replies, quickly. Fairly confident that she could maintain the hold she had over this guard. She just hoped nobody else turned up to complicate matters.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Stealth for "sneaking behind guard":
     1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 5
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Stealth for "sneaking behind guard (kp:5)":
     1 1 2 4 5 5 5 7 8
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 5 (inside guards int) vs TN 10 for "Will he notice?":
     3 3 4 5 7    = 0 Successes

<<OOC>> Weeko says, ""

Weeko sneaks up on the guy, ready to strike.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Reaction for "surprise?":
     2 3 3 4 5    = 5 Successes

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 6 (guards rea) vs TN 4 for "guards surprise":
     2 3 4 4 5 11    = 4 Successes

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "he barely failed."
<<OOC>> Dream nods.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Kung Fu + Combat Pool: 6 for 
"Hitting a guard (Hard?)":
     1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 9 9 11
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Kung Fu + Combat Pool: 6 - 5 vs TN 4 for 
"Hitting a guard (Hard?) (KP:6)":
     2 3 4 5 5 5 10    = 5 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Magic vs TN 3 for "str boost 6 -> 10":
     1 2 2 4 4 4 8 13    = 5 Successes

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "So 10M to start with, he is surprised, so cannot evade. 
10 successes makes 10N -> 10S -> 10D -> 11D -> 12D -> 13D for 5 stage ups"

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "FFBA and Armored Jacket still just 3 impact."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 6 (Guards bod) vs TN 10 for 
"Resisting 13 D stun -3 impact armor":
     2 3 3 4 5 7    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 6 (Guards bod) vs TN 10 for 
"Resisting 13 D stun -3 impact armor (kp:1)":
     1 2 3 3 5 5    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 4 (Guards cp) vs TN 10 for 
"Resisting 13 D stun -3 impact armor":
     1 2 5 7    = 0 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 4 (Guards cp) vs TN 10 for 
"Resisting 13 D stun -3 impact armor (KP:1)":
     2 4 10 11    = 2 Successes

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "Severly stunned..."

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Initiative with a result of 8.
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 2 (guards init):
     2 2

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "He's first"
<<OOC>> Dream nods.
<<OOC>> Weeko says, "Guard reflexively jabs back"

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 4 (guards Brawling) + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 7 for 
"Attacking Weeko +3 S wound":
     1 1 1 1 2 3 4 5    = 0 Successes

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "No success...

<<OOC>> Dream nodnods.

<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls Kung Fu + Combat Pool: 6 + 2 (counterstrike) vs TN 4 for 
"Big mistake chummer.":
     1 1 1 2 2 2 4 4 5 5 9 10 16 22    = 8 Successes
<<Auto-Judge[]>> Weeko (#1957) rolls 6 (Guards bod) vs TN 9 for 
"Resisting 12 D stun -3 impact armor":
     2 3 3 5 5 8    = 0 Successes

<<OOC>> Weeko says, "he dropped."
<<OOC>> Dream says, "Whoo!"

Waiting for the right moment Weeko sneaks into the guys back, she watches every move that guy makes, und at what she thinks the right moment strikes. Her hit is solid and sound, sadly not as well timed as she hoped, The guy had been tilting his head for no apparent reason and some of the force intended to hit his head went off unused. The guy reflexively jabs back at Weeko, but dazed as he is after that strike this obviously makes him no match for the martial artist that Weeko is. Another strong hit and the guy sinks to the floor groaning. Weeko restrains him with his own cuffs.

Commlink-Tusks> Weeko says, "Okay, hon. I'll call J now. Plate number is <add plate number here>. Good luck with ya guard."

Commlink-Dream> Dream says, "Okay. Shouldn't be a problem. Everything smooth on your end, then?"

Commlink-Tusks> Weeko says, "One guard dreamin o' stars."

Commlink-Dream> Dream says, "Good good."

Weeko switches frequencies and orders J's waiting truck over.

Dream gets herself comfortable. Sustaining the control was a strain, of course, but, she could keep it up…
Soon after the announced truck pulls in. "We gott a take up a delivery here, chummer.", she dirty looking human driver says to the guard.

Dream silently gives the order to the guard- let them through, nothing strange here.
The guard obediently opens the door, the driver smirking quite openly, "Thanks chummer.", he says out loud.

Dream grins to herself, and has the guard give a loose salute. Before speaking up to Weeko on the radio- "Okay. They are through, so far so good."

Driving in the trio of aides with the truck quickly load in the boxes Weeko points out to them (she had used the time to look at the papers in the office) and soon the truck is full. Heading out is no problem as the guards main task is to controll incomming vehicles, the outward gate opens automatically. J's driver laughs as he drives out.

Commlink-Dream> Dream says, "Okay. We good to go?"

Commlink-Tusks> Weeko says, "On me way. I'll remove some fingerprints 'n off we go."

Weeko is busy wiping o the areas she had to lay her hands on, then jumping on her bike she drives over tothe gate, just stopping long enough to have the gate open and take up Dream.

Dream waits patiently, then slides on to the bike. "Alright. Lets get somewhere safe… I imagine the first thing he's going to do is call the cops."

Weeko laughs, "Ter look fer a duo o' caucasian lookin' chicks and some streetscum driver…where ya wanna go? I feel like a party. She says with a grin."

Dream hehs, "Good point." She admits, before shrugging slightly, "I… don't know. I'm actually kinda hungry. Know anywhere good to eat?"

Weeko laughs, "Red Rock, Olive Gardens, Lunar Nocturne, Montoni's Pizza, Misato Lucky Noodles. Take ya pick."

Dream shrugs slightly, "I don't mind. Go for the first one, I guess?"

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