Log: Blues Clues

GM: Dorian
Players: John Grimm, Dane, Gnarf, Dorian(Companion Mode)
Synopsis: Detective Joseph Taylor who works Homicide for Lone Star has been stuck with a high profile mass murder case that points to the makings of a Serial Killer. Under media pressure and yearly budgets coming up, Taylor hires a team of Runners to uncover information and bring the Serial Killer in to him for arrest. A team that can go and do what he cannot.
Date: 9/18/2076

GM Note: The players were given a lot of misinformation and clues that could easily snag them along for a very long time, and could potentially follow connections that would lead them nowhere. They had to decypher information and proceed carefully to gather as much valid puzzle pieces as possible to begin formulating what is really going on.

«Plot» Dorian says, ""
«Plot» Dorian says, "Welcome to Dorian's Whacky Fun House! Today I present you a plot which shall require the consent of all players. My intention as your GM is not to keel you, but if you give me the reason to with stupid decisions then I will gladly oblige. We are looking at a 20k payout which means out of the ordinary ganger threats and dangers are involved."
«Plot» Joseph submits to Dorian's leadership.
«Plot» John Grimm says, "I consent"
«Plot» Dorian says, "Any questions asked can be done so on the OOC channel for it shall be erased in the logs. For any official statement plot related, please use the plot channel."
«Plot» Gnarf says, "I consent."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Right on! Everyone shall die! With that said and done, I hope you all enjoy this, any comments/feedbacks/insults can be directed to the trash bin. Kidding. Just page me :P Also since there is only 3 of you, I will be lending Dorian to you as a companion. He will not make any major decision except the one to save his own ass should thing turn sour. However, he will provide help if asked, and will also reveal information he acquires should it be important to the group."

Denver, the City of Treaties, also the city of rain apparently. Cloudy, dark, and with a good medium shower of rain as Autumn comes knocking closer and closer, and with it, the chilly weather that will soon bring the snow. A message on the Trix was posted about some Cleaning Company that needed some hired hand, and seemed closely related to the recent news about the attack on Sal's Coffin Motel and a Lone Star J looking for some help on this. It was rumoured this J was legit though, having delt with the shadows before. Those who followed up on the post will find their "Interview" taking place in the C districts of CAS' hold of Denver, Michael's Goods. Though this warehouse hasn't seen any use in a few years as was obvious with broken window pannels and a completely abandoned lot.
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Police Rumors (to Dorian) for "Has Jo(Dane) heard any other details?":
2 2 4 4
You paged Joseph with 'That would be a big negative. :O'.
Joseph pages: Alrighty!
You paged Joseph with 'That information would land you Detective Joseph Taylor was on the case for the recent murders at Sal's Coffin. But that's about it.'.

Grimm has heard very little, but he got word about the need for some work, and he needs cash, so he decides to check it out. After a few words with his fixer to find what details he can, he makes his way towards this warehouse. Parking his van a few blocks away and slowly walking the last little bit to get a good view on the area. Always a good idea to do that paranoid sweep before meets.

While checking out the Shadowland boards, Dane stumbled upon the recent posting. Seemingly right up his alley, he logs off in graceful fashion then suits up after an applicable disguise which will hopefully render him unrecognizable to most people during shadowrun ops. He carefully caps his engraved DJ, too.
C Sector? He armors up a little better before heading out in his LS Americar.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Disguise for "High Die!":
1 2 3 3 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Disguise for "High Die! (KP1)":
1 3 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Disguise for "High Die! (KP3)":
2 3 3 7 9
«Plot» Joseph must stand with TN 9.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) takes off his "Real Leather Clothing"<=Clothing! (#4450, Item 8).
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) puts on his "Secure Jacket"<=Clothing! (#4450, Item 11).

Gnarf feels well. Clammy, wet and cold with a chance fog is something the large Native is very familiar with. Salt is missing, but Natural Vat's Authentic licorice sticks take care of this. He sighs, breathes, and rolls his head to see the area. Teeg gave him a mask for rent once more which he now wears to be that Ute man who guides folks through the countryside. Cleaning is a step up from that so the big guy ambles to the interview spot.

«Plot» Gnarf says, "Please deduct 500Y from payout for the mask rental. Another 500Y for a total of 1,000Y, if the mask is ruined."

Not his best work, Jo(Dane) at least has blue eyes (thanks to kit contacts), much darker brown hair, plus secure jacket much different than his usual one with the deerhide leather and sexy fringe. No, this one is a SecureTech model without anything fancy. A black T and black jeans and black shoes, all dark.
While driving manually, he circles around the warehouse block one time while scoping out the meeting location.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence (to Dorian) for "Anything 'off' which should not be?":
1 4 7 10 10 11

The area didn't have any hidden Citymaster parked nearby to haul off Runners with the old rumours of fake meets being set up to con the shadows. Streets had some camera presence, though not much given the neighborhood they were in and a panic button station was present now and then though their regular scheduled maintenance was probably ignored most of the time. The warehouse itself was large, most likely used as a Import/Export type of transport company. Loading docks that could fit 5 big rigs at all times and a large parking lot to park several more 53' trailers that were waiting for pick up. Inside is a black Americar against which is leaning a balding man with a crown of brown hair remaining, man was perhaps in the thirties and was smoking a cigarette. He didn't look too friendly neither. Nearby was a rather tall Elf, clad in black with secure jacket over his shoulders and waiting with his arms crossed.
«OOC» Joseph says, "I didn't make a real description for that disguise. I should have. XD"

As Grimm enters the warehouse he looks it over, then the two waiting by the car. He even uses his astral perception to scan thier auras, could be useful after all, best to always check an aura. He slowly makes his way over, stopping a few meters away and giving a nod.

The Elf's aura was smeared with black near the cranial area, while his skeletal outline seem to follow the same pattern. The usual white glow of a Essence healthy man was replaced with a much more sombre gray, perhaps some subdermal. As for the balding man, his Aura was much more clear however his lungs were starting to black out from constant years of heavy smoking. Neither seem to have any ill intent.

Gnarf gets in with heavy, slow steps which he attempts to measure with some try at dignity and show of presence. He gives a slow wave, "Hey there." Elf tries to get a feel for the situation and the vibe of the location as he goes.

Rather than park outside, Jo actually noticed the other vehicle inside and simply adds his own to this meetup equation. He puts on a blue cap before rolling down his tinted window on the driver side. "Hoi." he quietly speaks.

"This it?" The balding man asks towards the rather tall Elf, who replies with a silent nod. "Alright. Gather up." Det. Taylor says to the crew while reaching into his vehicle and pulling out a case file. Why no chip? Probably didn't want this type of information to find itself too easily on the trix given his current position.

What, paper helps? Gee, like anyone with a camera eye wouldn't be able to record this and post it in a heartbeat. Grimm watches as the man brings out the file, waiting to hear exactly whats going to be asked of them.

Thank goodness, Joseph has no balding problem, but who could tell with the baseball cap with the Mitsuhama logo? Turning off the Lonestar Americar, the mountain man in his dull disguise opens up the driver door and steps out, then closes up the matching vehicle. He steps closer on black Ares tennis shoes.

"If any of you been paying attention to the news, you'll know there has been some recent murders going around town. Usually in sub par motels or prostitute friendly alleys. The recent victim was killed at Sal's, which makes it the third case we have at or near that Motel." Det. Taylor lays the file on the trunk of his car should anyone wish to consult it. "Media dubbed this guy the Coffin Killer because of it. He also has a thing for burning his victims to crispy. Either as a way to actually kill them, or doing so after they've been dead."

Gnarf meanders closer and looks at the others one by one, "I am gathering, I am gathering.." He chews on the stick slowly which makes it move in a lazy circle.

Grimm gives a faint grunt of acknowledgement to this information, intersting case, but he is suprised that the cops would step outside thier normal channels to deal with this. The ork is now curious as to the reason for this whole meeting, perhaps its not as obvious as it appears.

Joseph steps around to the case file and methodically pages through it while thoroughly commiting every detail to his enhanced memory the whole while, but the disguised man does so slightly sideways, so other runners can see, too.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence + 3 (ME3) (to Dorian) for "Memory Commitments!":
1 2 3 4 4 4 5 11 13
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Forensics (to Dorian) for "any smart conclusions Dane might consider concerning the collected evidence written down here.":
1 3 5 5 5

Gnarf smacks his lips four times in slow succession and listens closely. "Why do you guy not deal with it? Pyromania in a pocket makes me think of a magic guy. The murderer could evade cameras, too." He pauses and the stick moves up to stay there until the weighty man states, "Around town is in other sectors where you have no jurisdiction or in other CAS locations within, please?"

The case file contained the obvious murder cliches, all victims were unrecognizeable as they have been burned to a crispy charred black. The only way to identify them was through extensive DNA testing or with dental records, if any existed. The most recent on the top had been declared dead through burning, some had stab wounds and even bullet wounds. Crime scene locations had also been marked individually with each case. "We haven't ruled out if he's awakened or not and using his powers to burn people. My source in K.E. also says they have similar cases in their territory. However like us, whenever they look into it they don't find any trace. Cameras conviniently shut down, or looking the other way, always in doubtful neighbors too."

Grimm looks up from the file to the cop and narrows his eyes. "You mean no magical signature was left behind? What was the shortest time between death and discovery of the body?" Apparently Grimm has some knowledge of magic, but then again, signatures is pretty basic.

Joseph finally finishes his thorough perusal, making sure he checked out all the gruesome photographs as well as the exterior folder, too. Then, he steps back and clasps together his gloved fingers while quietly surveying everyone here. "Maybe, they do not have an awakened member on their task force when there are so many other things going on. Maybe, they cannot get that sorta help because the corrupted cops are doing all they can to keep things from moving forward." Indeed, personal experience, but he mostly states it all matter-of-fact style.

"If he's awakened, then he's good at covering up his traces. If he ain't, he's still good at covering up his traces. Crime scenes are clean, bullets taken out of their victims, no sign of struggle. Our latest victim at Sal's was discovered two days ago after complaints of horrible smell came from a new tenant that moved to a neighboring Coffin. It forced the manager to open the room to see what was up, and that's when he was found. We estimate he was dead. Our guys estimated his death around 20 hours before his discovery."

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph says, "Do the paper pictures or the case file show/state that the coffin interior was also charred, or just the body alone?"

Gnarf rubs his lowest chin which is not, but simply a protrusion of excess stored nutritional means. "I am no forensics man, but I can tell they changed their game." He looks at the file data to find if those new ones are orks and trolls or the murderer moved from men to women. "The cam part is interesting. Did you confirm, if they are a lone operator or a team?"

«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "Just the body."

The ork Grimm gives another grunt in response to the information, then looks up at the cop. "So what exactly do you want us to do about this? You've got an entire force that can ask around, how could we be of any use."

Joseph quietly paces off sides, probably thinking through the whole puzzle despite not being paid yet to do so. "If any of us can do so, we should check the astral plane. The coffin staff, including mister manager." He thinks back, trying to match up body placement with coffin staff who were on duty then, and any interlinking connections. Also, any particular SIN(s) — most likely fake — which pop(s) up as having rented the coffin spaces where bodies were found, or if certified cred was the only transaction, or… if there was none at all.

"You guys are more connected than most of the loafers I have around my force. You also have a mean habit of being able to cross borders, where we can't. I want you guys to find this guy and bring him to me alive. I won't lie, I want this case solved in our turf. We want the credit for this. Yearly budgets and security contracts are coming up soon, and Star would love to extend it's reach, this would be another notch in our belt." Taylor answers to Grimm before looking to Gnarf. "Victims have been a bit random, no particular connection can be made on them. I have a connection in the Shadows here-" he jerks a thumb to Dorian. "-who has a a cleaning company I like to employ to clean up crime scenes. This is your in to go scope the place out."

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph says, "Just making sure, but his dialogue basically references everything Dane was just now considering, yes? XD"
«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "Yeah pretty much XD"
«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph says, "So random staff, but what about: were those coffins rented or were they broken in?"
«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph says, "Or no record at all of that?"

«Plot» Dorian says, "The manager on the night shift is a regular, he has been questioned as noted in the files, but other than describing the scene, not much has been pulled out of him. However he was talking to Lone Star and might want to keep certain aspects of his business secret. Sal's is a coffin motel who doesn't require SINs to sign up, fishy people frequent the place."

«Plot» Joseph says, "So certified cred and corp scrip: are there records concerning whether those were transacted, then, or just none in some cases (as if the motel room were broken into for the body placement)?"

A faint snort comes from Grimm, "Alright, well, what sort of compensation are we talking about. Asking around like this is going to attract attention, and going after this guy marks us as working for the cops to anyone with half a brain."

«Plot» Dorian says, "The room was rented to a SIN'd man named Franky Leone. Research found this SIN was a fake used by the victim."

Gnarf bites the stick in half and wanders that to the other corner of his mouth. He shakes his meaty head which starts a handful of flabby miniquakes which take a moment to quiet down. "Are you trying to find fakes in whorehouses and crashing places? I salute you." The fatty nods to the Jay, "So there is a bonus, if we haul is ass over into CAS turf under the noses of all the other cops who want to show that murderer's face to the NewsNet cameras?"

"It's not a bonus. It's the job." Det. Taylor states to Gnarf. "You bring this guy to me alive, or you don't come back to me at all, capiche? As for payment, I recently helped one of your kind out of some nasty jail time by making some evidence of his dissapear. I got a lot of goods you guys can sell, estimated 80,000 Nuyen total. So split that between your heads."
Most times, Joseph would negotiate. However, he does not do so today, since the offered job is absolutely incredible. What he always wanted to do! "I'm in."

Grimm reaches a hand up to scratch his chin, "Well, nothing secretive about this, so if we fail all we lose is the time. I see no problems giving a hand on this. Can't guarantee success of course, but I'm willing to try."

Gnarf nods to sign up, "So ka. I am in." A gander at the guy's private evidence locker is intriguing.

"The least that is linked between me and you guys, the better, so yeah, you fail, you just don't contact me and we leave it at that. You accidently kill 'em though, I wanna know so I can focus on others cases, alright? But forget payment." Taylor adds.
Joseph glances over to yonder Dorian, "You got their number to call em, yes?" Making sure, since it would really suck to walk away without contact info.

«Plot» Dorian says, "As a side note. Det. Joseph Taylor is a contact Dorian has. Should you wish it at the end of the plot, you can sacrifice 5k of your payout to add him to your Arsenal. He can be handy not only as a J to use, but also to call on during sticky times."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) has the Contact Joseph Taylor with the following information:
----—> Contact for Dorian (#7753) <----—-
Contact Name: Joseph Taylor
Level: 1
Type: lone star
GM Note: Detective Joseph Taylor has been with Lone Star for over a decade. A committed professional, he is nevertheless not above corruption, and has tentative links with the shadow community - even Lone Star needs to have deniable operations pulled off now and then. Assigned to homocide, Taylor ends up catching his share of the high-profile murder cases that come to Lone Star's attention within the CAS section of Denver, and as such he likes to think he's seen it all. He's not above saving a runner's bacon for the right incentive, provided he's familiar with them.

A balding man in his late thirties, Taylor generally has a sour disposition, thanks to a career spent dealing with the scum of the earth. Twice divorced, he has no children, and little in the way of apparent outside interests. He's a lonely man, though he would never admit it.

Race: Human. Bod: 5, Qui: 6, Str: 4, Int: 5, Wil: 5, KP: 4.

Athletics: 3, Brawling: 4, Computers: 3, Electronics: 4, Etiquette (Street, Police): 4 (6), Negotiation: 5, Interrogation: 7, Pistols: 5, Stealth: 3

English: 4, Cityspeak: 3, Shadowscene Players: 5, Street Rumors: 5, Police Rumors: 6, Criminal Oranizations: 6, Underworld Politics: 5, Unsolved Crimes: 5, Gang Rumors: 3, Forensics: 5.

«Plot» Joseph will give up 5k for new connection if all goes well!

Gnarf plainly replies, "I understood." The thick guy hauls his mass to where ospeh is with the datasheet.

Grimm nods, then looks at the others here, "So, do we go somewhere and talk, wait till he leaves and use this place. I'll follow someone elses lead for now, don't got a ton of friends to talk to about this."

«Plot» Gnarf says, "Joseph"

Dorian nods in affirmative to the other Joseph around. As for Detective Taylor, he leaves the case file in Joseph's hands and steps into his car. "I'll be waiting to hear from you." And with that, the door is shut, the engine is revved up, and the man takes off.

Of course, Jo graciously accepts then hands off the case file to Gnarf, "Well, did you all drive? We should all swap digits and set up a comm channel."

Grimm provides his comm channel and a trixmail drop if needed. "I don't have many folks to call, and despite the fact I can see magic I don't think its going to be useful here unless we find a fresh body."

Gnarf looks up a bit, "That is a definitive. I say we get donuts and sit down." The elf stretches the mask on his face with a big smile. "I got a ride here, but the driver is gone." Damn bus. He accepts and gives out his own. "It may be worth it to see what other impressions remained. I do not think selective wiping I never head of, but we are not talking about algebra one oh one here."

Gnarf flips through the file on the side.

The Tall elf lights himself a cigarette and takes a deep drag before inhaling, swaping out some digits with the other and setting up the comm channel. "Frequency 109.54." He says briefly while fiddling with the comms device and then testing his subvocal mic.

Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « Testing. »
Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Check »

Joseph quietly thanks Grimm then dials in the comm code and offers up his shadowrunning alias 'VM' which is so cliche and quite common, then there is a burner phone for texting needs along with a trixmail box, too, then… "Well, you never know. Their magical force might not be as bright minded as you are. While I cannot personally perform magic, I often do talismongering work and sometimes know about magical things from an unawakened perspective."
Jo cables up right through a small hole in the baseball cap into his hidden DJ.

Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « Greetings. »

Gnarf gives the file back to Joseph, grunts a "Thanks.", gets his comm from under his coat and fiddles with it for almost half a minute.

Grimm shakes his head, "Its not about skill, its just that after six to ten hours, there is no magical trace left, for anyone outside folks with a rare talent. If it was cleaned, even they won't get much off it. Thats why I said only a fresh body would say anything, and then…only if magic was used."

Commlink-Gnarf> Gnarf sends, « Check, check. »

Scarface ashes his cigarette briefly before taking another drag. "We might have to look at physical evidence. Taylor's a good man at his job, but his squad is full of corrupted loafers who'll do quick sweeps of crime scenes just to hurry along to their breaks. Crimescenes might be our best ally for now. Maybe question the manager. If you got connects in the streets maybe."

While taking back the case file from Gnarf, Jo nods slightly after Grimm's words then once again to Scarface's words, too. "Yes, we should get suited up, if… well, if you have the janitorial uniforms." He grins faintly, bright eyed!

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph says, "First up, Dane will text The Saints at level 2, asking them if they actually suffer any burned bodies which might match up with Sal's situation, but in the Shenendoah area. (While he definitely understands that the Aurora Warrens are not a nice place and burned bodies might not be so uncommon, they tend to keep their part a little nicer than the other gangs do.)"

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) has the Contact The Saints with the following information (only to Dorian):
-----> Contact for Joseph (#337) <-----
Contact Name: The Saints
Level: 2
Type: warrens gang
GM Note: A disaster occurred during a block party thrown by The Saints. The character assisted members of the gang during the recovery efforts and has a favorable reputation with the gang. This contact can be used for general information to arrange a meet with one of the individual members or to request introductions to more specialized members of the gang. The Saints also specialize in the sale of goods of all sorts. They are well known to be able to get just about anything for a buyer if they've got the cash.
GM Note: Did a mission for Gabriel and the Saints, reclaiming both vaccines and most of the money that the Saints paid for them after the person selling them skipped town with both items
GM Note: Contact raised to level 2.

Gnarf watches the ork, "Sounds right. I also get what you are saying." He points at Dorian and goes on talking, "We might have to shake down the guy's own and go through pawn shops in the area. It will be fun to make those who bought any valuables give out what a pig sold them. But I am getting ahead of what we must do. So we go to this coffin motel and look for the lazy cops missed. I can get me a uniform and a mop, if that is what you are on about, but if you have some for us, all the better."

Grimm grunts, "Yea, cleaning up the scene is the best idea to start. Then, we see where that goes or try another lead."

«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "The Saints mention they heard about this stuff on the trix, they recently suffered a lost in their ranks who they think might be related to this killer."

"Yeah I got some loaners I carry around for this sort of work. Nothing fancy, just a white zip-up with a logo. Goggles and respirators for the odors n' such." Dorian adds, his cleaning company was more or less legit.

Jo speaks up, "Ok, point me at the uniform swag, and we can get dressed… and does anyone need a car ride? The Saints gang feels they lost one of theirs to this Torching Terror, too. Seems like he can also exit the Warrens zones."

"I've got a van nearby." Grimm offers, "If someone needs a ride, it will work. Nothing fancy though, can't do no paintjob change to a cleaner company."

"If we can get some more info on this guy, we could grease the Royals maybe. They see everything that comes and goes in the Warrens usually. But, first things first. Let's meet up a few blocks down from Sal's, suit up, stash up in a single car, and head there?" Dorian says

Gnarf returns, "Great news. We use that." He sucks in the left of the crushed salty licorice sticks. "This job does not pay enough to put us in french maid costumes. I crave those donuts, still. We must get some on the way. I do not know what my need for a ride has to do with the Saints, but I am short of a chauffeur." He nods to Grimm, "I think we can grab a vinyl on the way."

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph notes he will pay 500 for any details. Any cellphone pictures, any date/time descriptions, anything they can come up with, even if it may be quite small.
«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "The Saints will have to question their ranks, it may take some time."
«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph totally understands and thanks them for anything they can provide when they can. He will wire the money to Gabriel (who he also has as a contact but who can do monetary distribution).

"If we're there on official police business, we'll have clearing to enter the place. Head Detective on the case is sending us in, so I doubt they'll pry much into our vehicle if it's logo'd or not." Dorian adds.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) spends 500 nuyen for "Player Plot (GM Dorian): Saints help: informal evidence in cellphone pix, date/time details, anything else (even small)".

Grimm nods, "Cops hired a cheap company." He smirks and makes a gesture. "Alright, I'm heading to my van, then we can figure out where to park anyone elses cars and go get some cleaning supplies."

Jo assentingly nods Dorian's way, "Sounds good." He steps up to his LS Americar and opens up the driver door. "Whoever needs a ride can go with me or Grimm, otherwise I think we are driving away ASAP." He merrily informs before then ducking down into his own ride and closing up the driver door.
«Plot» Joseph says, "Grimm = him"

"We can meet up a hardware store and use their parking lot to stash the cars. Nothing suspicious about going to a hardware store." Dorian nods and lights his cigarette. He'll head to his Honda parked a short distance away, he didn't feel like coming back to come get it. Or find it on 4 cinder blocks.

Gnarf grunts with notions of a dry bellow, "We are the cleaners." He pats Jospeh on the shoulder if let, says partially under his salty breath, "Going with the ork this time, because the van is bigger." Elf walks after the man with the chipped lower incissors. "Positive. Hardware store."

Grimm nods and starts walking back towards his van, which is parked a few blocks away, in an area it wouldn't be towed at either. Its your standard bulldog, a few years old at least.

Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Call me Grimm for this, what should I call ya'll »
Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « Scarface. »
Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « VM, here. »
Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « Vendeur Magique, at your service. »

«Plot» Dorian says, "Alright. You will soon find yourselves at Hal's Hardware store, about 2 blocks down from the Motel in question. Dorian is providing cheap coveralls with a basic logo on it, some chemist goggles and odor/bacteria filtering masks. What is it do you guys need/want to do?"
«Plot» John Grimm says, "Cleaning supplies, sponges, mops, brooms, dustpan, ect. Lots of bleach and other disenfectants. Might as well do a real job so as to keep it from being suspicious later."

Jo was too fast to be shoulder patted, but it is probably because he is constantly moving and so unusually excited despite his usual calm. Thus, the Ford Americar starts up. He makes his way to Hal's Hardware right away.

Commlink-Gnarf> Gnarf sends, « Albert. »

«Plot» Dorian says, "Alright after buying some supplies, you guys split the bill, 40 Nuyen each will be enough to gather necessary supplies. Coffin Motels have -really- small rooms, so you won't need that many cleaning products. The hardware itself was more expensive than the rest."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) spends 40 nuyen for "Look ma, I'm a janitor!".

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) spends 40 nuyen for "Cleaning Supplies".

«Plot» Joseph suits up yet never seems to take off head coverage (always hatted in some way). When we are cleaning, though, he will want to jack in from a coffin port to do extra snooping.

«Auto-Judge[]» Gnarf (#9142) spends 40 nuyen for "Ute SIN guy buys things for his new job.".
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) spends 40 nuyen for "Player Plot (GM Dorian): Certified Cred for Cleaning Supplies".

«Plot» Dorian says, "Dorian has some Blud-B-Gone on hand should it be neccesary, it won't have to be searched through the shadows."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Anything else you guys need or want to do before Heading to Sal's?"

«Plot» Joseph notes during comm talk that Jo does not actually speak with his real voice but an electronic one that is mentally derived. Also, suiting up.

«Plot» Dorian says, "Alright, posing."

The crew meets up at Hal's Hardware, who is probably Sal's brother when you think about it, and gather up some necessary supplies before heading to the scene. They will use Grimm's van, as a Van is the more logical choice for a company to use. Stepping out of the van will be all four runners in white full body tarp coveralls, the disposable kind you throw in the trash after a job. Think Breaking Bad. Elastic hood included. Chemist goggles, and masks to work with chemicals and strong odors. The Motel itself still has a few Star officers on sight including Det. Taylor who can ease up their access to the room by identifying them to his boys that these are the cleaners. The company who gets the shit job of cleaning up Crime Scenes when the cops are done with them. There are also a few idle citizens who are nearby, the curious type who can't help but scene curiously, as if hoping they'll see some funky shit to talk about over dinner at Montonni's pizzeria. There's a room on the second floor that is Crime Scene taped up, both sides of the catwalk blocked with the yellow tape.

Grimm adjusts his goggles slightly, they are large and tend to hit against his tusks now and then. He moves around to pick up some of the cleaning supplies and heads inside with the others, past the cops and to the coffin. Once there he will use his astral sight on the location, not really expecting to find much.

All suited up, Jo picks up a couple buckets wherein there are cleaning supplies as he steps out from the inconspicuous van. On the way inside, he goggle eyes (which no one can really see!) every person, especially the police officers.

«Plot» Joseph says, "Which basically means he will commit them to future memory."

Dorian steps out of the van with his getup, and cleaning products, following his buddies along where they head to the blocked out room on the upper catwalk.

«Plot» Dorian says, "I accept perception rolls rather than RP, some details might be more hidden than others. Keep in mind hte place was "checked" by lazy Cops."

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Intelligence for "AStral Scan":
3 3 5 10 17
«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Aura Reading for "Comp":
5 14
«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Intelligence for "Normal Perception":
1 4 9 10 10
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence for "Physical Perception.":
1 4 4 5 5 13
«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Intelligence for "All sorts of eye mods.":
1 1 2 2 4 4 5 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Forensics for "Making Sense of Clues Found!":
1 2 3 4 10

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Forensics for "Cuz he can too":
1 1 4 7 17

Gnarf has an orksize suit which fits a bit tightly but sags at the shoulders. It gets sweaty with the mask under the mask and breathmask. He wobbles out of the van and onward into and through the building with his hopefully lesser share of implements in his hands. The catwalk creaks and moans when he and the ork are close on the catwalks. Yea, on the catwalk.

«Auto-Judge[]» Gnarf (#9142) rolls Intelligence for "Regular Perception.":
1 1 1 4 5 9

«Auto-Judge[]» Gnarf (#9142) rolls Intelligence for "Astral Perception from a corner, if LS watchers or elementals are here.":
1 2 4 4 5 7

Rumaging around, the group won't find too much on the Astral realm, no magical signature left behind. However they will notice that the room is strangely clean. Very clean in fact and that the body appears to be the only thing that has burned, other than the body grease that has charred the bed beneath it. These rooms are small, usually fit two bodies at most inside. Hence why they are called Coffins. Very particular way to burn and not decimate the rest of the room.

Grimm grunts faintly, looking over the coffin for a while, "Seems odd that whole place doesn't show some other burn marks. Just the bed. That had to be magic in my book." He starts to spray some disenfectant on a wall and start wiping.

«Plot» Dorian says, "I will accept a high Intelligence roll for further details on how these types of rooms work, which may bring insight to your little investigation."

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Intelligence for "Um…hinty hinty!":
1 2 2 4 4

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 3 4 7 8 20

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 2 3 4

«Plot» Dorian says, "As Dorian partially becomes One with the Matrix and Neo's some information out of the way the world works, he'll share with the group that Coffin Motels tend to be the self-cleaning type. When a person is considered checked out and that sensors detect no presence in the room, they will convect cook the entire room in order to kill any form of bacteria and forgotten items, and a strong fan will then suck up any dust left behind. Once done, the fan brings cool air back into the room and leaves it ready for the next person."
«OOC» John Grimm says, "But not equipped to deal with burn marks"
«OOC» John Grimm says, "right?"
«OOC» Dorian says, "Indeed. The cleaning method is purely high heat."

«Auto-Judge[]» Gnarf (#9142) rolls Intelligence for "Did I squeeze into one of these once?":
1 1 1 2 2 3

«Plot» Dorian says, "And Joseph's and Dorian's forensics will note that the burn beneath the body is purely from the grease melting off the flesh and seeping into the foam mattress. A fire was likely avoided dude the fan sucking the air out after the cleaning process."
«Plot» John Grimm says, "Were there any accelerants listed on the corners report?"
«Plot» Dorian says, "They couldn't find any trace of accelerants used, nor could an origin of the fire be found."
«Plot» Gnarf says, "Looks like a dump/drop site, then."

«Plot» John Grimm says, "If the body was burned and transported, would it still drip as much grease as is left behind?"

«Plot» Dorian says, "Quite unlikely."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Grease in the human body melts pretty rapidly. However, known cases of Spontaenous Combustion are linked to the body fat slowly heating up and then suddenly Burning out once the temperature is right."
«Plot» John Grimm says, "So the chances this was a magical fire are pretty high. Seeing as there are no other burn marks, and the matress did not catch fire."

Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « I think the self cleaning process happened after the body drop. »

Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « I don't believe its a drop. I believe it was burnt here by magic. If it was moved, there wouldnt be this much residue here, and if it was a regular fire, there would be scorch marks on the wall, as well as the matress would have caught fire. »

Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « Heat the body high enough and it will just spontaneously combust though. We can also ask the manager to see who checked in that room. Two people, one person, five people… »
Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « Are you certain it is not a whole unburned corpse — whether dropped off or killed here — then the coffin cleaning heats up everything and cleans up so conveniently? »
Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Your implying someone altered the system. Turned up the thermostat to cleaning mode with the body in here….I suppose that might provide the same results. »
Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « That would explain why the fire would be so well contained »
Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « Personally, I'd much rather have that than a fireball slinging Mage to deal with.. »
Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « Yes, that is what I mean. I agree, too! »
Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Anyone a decker? Get into the system here and check it out for traces of tampering? »
Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Check that file, see if there was any clothes residue or anything like that. If the cleaning system was used, there will be traces of the chemicals somewhere. We can't rule out either idea, cleaner system, or magic. »

Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « Yeah definately could fool the sensors one way or another. Short out the sensor's input and it detects the room as cleared perhaps? I'm not too advanced in electronics, but I imagine it's quite possible. »

Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « I would definitely love to try. »

Grimm is still pretending to be taking care of the room, and grabs the matress. "Anyone know where they want us to dump this?" He calls out to police still hanging out here.

Officer McLazy looks to the gimped out Grimm in his cute little outfit. "Dumpsters out back!" And then he's back to sex jokes with his fellow officer as they both enjoy laughs and drink their soycaff. Real serious job here folks.

Dorian will assist Grimm with the mattress.

The ork grunts, "We got the matress then, finish the room so we can go home." Grimm remarks, carrying the matress out the door so they can go around to the alley.

For those who really care, Jo's aura somewhat flares due to the lazy cops here, but he stays collected and steps aside so as to not be in anyone's way during matress moving. Though, if there are any loose items which could have surived, he will make note to try catching them, if they should fall.

Commlink-Gnarf> Gnarf munches on a jelly donut on the side, "Magic burn here. Okay. Sloppy Machine is right. It could have been modified. Do we have the specs of the machine, anyone? Then we could calc the chance of it happening and if it would burn the stuff inside." Nom nom nibble slurp. "These things are solid to the outside. I doubt they burn up or through too fast."

«OOC» John Grimm says, "Was the info that all these bodies were in coffins?"
«Plot» Joseph says, "Also, he watches out for any other items washed to the sides."
«OOC» Dorian says, "A lot of these were found near Coffin motels, indeed."
«OOC» John Grimm says, "But not all inside"
«OOC» Dorian says, "But one would have to look at the Crime scene locations and make that connection."
«OOC» Dorian says, "Joseph commited most to memory, so he could actually be of use to that."

When Grimm gets to the alley, he will actually cut away the layer of matress that has the fat burn, then roll it up and put it in a trashbag to take with them. Could be useful. "Never know." he remarks to Dorian as he does it.

Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « So these bodies, how many were found in coffins, and how many not in coffins? »

Gnarf looks it up.

Dorian nods in approval. "While we're here, we could check for any tampering on the pannels perhaps?"

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph says, "He thinks back, trying to match up body placement with coffin staff who were on duty then, and any interlinking connections. Also, any particular SIN(s) — most likely fake — which pop(s) up as having rented the coffin spaces where bodies were found, or if certified cred was the only transaction, or… if there was none at all. (Earlier pose about where bodies were found, but only in respect to coffin motels.) May I roll about that?"
«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "You may roll."
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence + 3 (ME3) for "Remembering!":
2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 17

«Plot» Dorian says, "POSING"
«Plot» Dorian says, "On Grimm's good questioning, and Joseph's good remembering and internal research, the latter will remember Det. Taylor mentioning three cases were found out near or at the Motel. Two were in alleys near the motel, the third the one they're seeing now. Other cases linked had a Coffin motel within 1 kilometer of the bodies (Once this information is researched with a handy GPS or some such)"

«Plot» Dorian says, "In all cases but this, all bodies were outside, and not in the room. Did someone get messy? Too confident? OR interrupted?"

«OOC» John Grimm says, "All bodies burnt yes?"
«OOC» Dorian says, "Yep. All crispy."

Commlink-VM> Joseph clearly explains the locational details, then. "While it is probably a long shot, let us not rule out that this might not be an individual entity but a faulty sensor as well as cover up by company mishap. However, I would like to jack in… preferably not in one of these rooms, now that I think about it, but if we can find anothe room with a jackpoint here, then I would use it.

Grimm returns to the van with his bag and supplies, "Almost done here I guess."

Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « We should check the system here, and the sensors…but. One was shot, one was stabbed, this one was apparently killed some other way. But they all were burnt, we need to check the other cases and see if those used accelerant. Whomever this is may just like to burn people, or….he could be a cleaner, taking care of bodies for other folks. »
Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « I can sit-rep the cops on our current "cleaning" job. Distract 'em from you jacking in somewhere, or someone talking to the manager to shake some specifics out of him. »

When the coffin room is completely matressless, Jo squats down and peers around at the various items herein, if there are any left and electrical sensors.

Commlink-Gnarf> Gnarf drinks some water now, "That means a comparison of models, replacement parts and the like. They all need to match up to validate your theory, Sloppy Summoner."

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Electronics for "Visual peering at coffin sensors.":
2 2 5 7

Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « I doubt this guy burnt them all in coffins and dragged the bodies to alleys to display….thats way to much exposure. »

«Plot» Dorian says, "Sensor looks good, visually."

Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « Agreed, dragging a crispy body outside a motel several times and not being spotted once is quite unlikely. »
Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « Sensors look good as far as the visual side. We gotta check the Matrix one, though. I like your plan, Scarface. Albert, I will definitely check that for sure. »
Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « I'll be on radio silence while I talk to these guys. »

Jo moves away and follows along after Dorian now while bucket carrying, too, since this particular bucket has his Hackerhouse deck inside.
ommlink-Gnarf> Gnarf smacks his lips and says, "I concur with the exposure part. Thank you, Conjurer of Tastiness."

Dorian will move to the group of officers once he retrieves a pad from his goodies in the van with some generic work order prints in it he found on the trix. He then proceeds to talk about useless details rather slowly, asif he he has to explain everything to toddlers.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence for "Where can a jackpoint be found in here?":
1 2 3 4 5 8

«Plot» Dorian says, "Rooms all come with basic trid screens on the wall, and two datajacks to insert various chips so one can watch movies, look through files, etc."

Gnarf returns to the cleaner job work part to keep up the appearance. Manual labor is not his thing, but this pays well!

Not seeing an external port right now, Jo silently sighs and maneuvers back as if to check out Gnarf's work before speaking up, "If you want, I can get the remaining spots back there." He points to the deep part of the coffin room, pretty much playing like he would do those so Gnarf does not have to.

Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « Please, I beg you not to let this thing roast me. »

Gnarf replies to Joseph the magical vendor and relocates his heavy shape, "Have right at it, chumsky." He continues the scrubbery.

«Plot» Dorian says, "Quick recap, no entry point in the rooms. This case likely linked to using the hotel's clenaing system to burn a guy. Manager hasn't been talked to yet, and you guys are doing good cleaning work as far as Dorian is involved. He's proud of you, he might buy the drinks after."

Jo moves into the cramped space. "Thank you." He does not seem to like this, but the coffin door is still open, and Gnarf is still there. First up, scan ports.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence for "Any chips or anything weird in the jack points.":
1 3 4 4 5 9

«Plot» Dorian says, "No chip left in the port, but the port -does- look like it was somewhat fried."

Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « This jack point is also fried, strangely enough, usually they would survive. Another clue. »

Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Could that happen with dumpshock or something? »
Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « It definitely could. »
Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « Who knows when it happened, though. »

Gnarf speaks a kind, "Welcome. I would like to talk to the manager for additional cleaning requirements and get his sig or thumbprint. Do we need a waiver for insurance?" He raises his voice a little. Lower again, "I will get back to you, if the manager only speaks Korean dialect or so!"

Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « So the only link between this and the others so far, is they were in or near a coffin motel. I mean, this guy coulda met another decker, who fried him to clean up evidence. The other guys had bullet wounds and knives. Why are we sure its the same guy? »

Jo cleans up the back areas where Gnarf might not have been able to reach easy, checking out all the crannies/nooks/etc and picking up anything which survived the thermal increase earlier on. Though, he is quick to get out afterwards.

Commlink-Gnarf> Gnarf sends, « says, "It is a hotel setup, so ka? There will be a bill. With timestamps. Maybe I can get that out of the manager." »
Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Yea, since he didn't share anything worthwhile to the cops, either he doesn't know, or he is holding out….and we don't have to be nice about asking. »
Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « As long as you can keep the manager preoccupied, I might be able to get all those. »

The Manager will be out in his office, a fat greasy Ork, because the GM has a thing for Fat Greasy Orks. He's got bags under his eyes as his usual nightshift should have been done ages ago, and his replacement likely bailed seeing all the police and didn't want to deal with the hassle. He's wearing a grease stained wife beat which barely covers the stomach gut sticking out of his pants.

Jo stands up from the coffin room and turns around, "We do need all this, please, let us go find him."

Gnarf thumbs up to Jo like a pirate might. Elf says, "Let us do so." and drags his big tush down the catwalk once he gets the clipboard from Dorian. He eyes the manager once he sees him, then smiles and offers the guy his last jelly donut, "Hoi, chumsky. We're the cleaners the Star called in." He waves with the clipboard before him, "We need a sec of your precious time, so ka?"

Even though Jo can walk faster, he does not do so, patiently following along, into the managerial office. He tilts sideways until he can hat tip him, too.

Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « Please, do not think me cruel, but do you think your width could cover me while I jack in and you are talking? »

Grimm is out cleaning and straightening the gear in the van, sitting down at the end with the doors open and smoking for a moment as well. Offering a few to any cops who might want a light.

Commlink-Gnarf> Gnarf snorts, "My personality is big enough to deal."
Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « Ok, and I apologize. »

Outside while smoking Grimm shakes his head, muttering, "please, do not think me cruel?…damn, what a pussy"

Commlink-Gnarf> There is some rustling when he shrugs which Jo can see, of course. "Null sheen. Null persp does not apply."

A Cop does take Grimm's offer of a cigarette, lighting it up. "Some drek right? You guys get the shit end of this too. Probably see a lot of nasty shits right?" He strikes casual conversation.

As for the Manager, he'll take the donut as a source of much needed sugar to stay awake a little longer. "Yeah yeah..Where do I need to sign..?" He sounds tired, and really wants to sleep apparently.

Jo straighens up then steps around while glancing around at the office decor while really searching for a feasible jackpoint herein.

Grimm nods to the cop, blowing some smoke into the air. "You could say that literally, when they die, good chance they release thier bowels. So as long sa they are in a sitting position or something like that…" He leaves the implication hanging.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence for "Feasible Jackpoints!":
1 2 2 3 7 7

Gnarf leans forward a little, only a little, "I wish I could get this over with with a stamp or sig of yours, sir. Mr…?" He raises his voice a little, yet also sounds a bit impressed by the mighty facility manager.

"Yeah man.. I've walked in corpses like that before. First call on this force I lost my breakfast, ruined the entire crime scene.. They call me Greenface since then." As another Officer hears this bit, he laughs in the background, however Officer Greenface just shakes his head and sighs. "Fuckin' drek.."

The fat greasy Ork looks over the two in his office and just sighs as if working more was gonna be hard. "Mr. Jonas.." He answers finally, standing from his seat and moving on over to the other fatman around. This reveals to Joseph that a jack point is behind the manager's desk.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Stealth for "Sneaky!":
1 2 2 3 3 5 7 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls 3 vs TN 11 for "Greasy Ork's perception. -3 for being tired, +1 for the donut.":
1 2 10 = 0 Successes

Jo slips around behind the greasy ork while those two are getting acquainted and settles down into the managerial chair, too, so he will have a body cushion during what will be a short jaunt (hopefully so) in the Matrix realm.

Gnarf fills that in in a field on the form hooked into the clipboard and nods eagerly, "I'm Rock." He licks his upper lip. "You really didn't have to get up. I was nearly there. So sorry! Now, we got it all cleaned up soon enough, but we have to ask, if there is anything you need, somehting we can do while we are here? If it is not too urgent, we can come back tomorrow, of course."
«Plot» Gnarf says, "something. Silly typo."

"I need you to fill that drek out so I can go home soon man.. Other guy didn't even show up to replace me… Probably saw all the sirens n shit and didn't want to deal wit it.. Coulda atleast called…" The greaser rambles on.

After checking out the office jackpoint, Jo sets down his cleaning bucket, carefully so, from which he pulls out a couple cables. One goes into his own datajacked brain (through the baseball cap's accomodating hole). The other one goes deep into the cyberterminal's port, just as he feels himself fall deep into the associated LTG.

Grimm chats with the cops and smokes outside, coffins are small anyhow, no sense everyone being in there at the same time.

«Plot» Dorian says, "Alright, please list what you want to pull off the trix here."

«Plot» Joseph says, "+INFO MATRIX QUICK: First Success> Sensor Data (trying to find signs of it having been tampered or alternatively faulty). Second Success> Any Possible Signs of System Decking earlier on. Third Success> Transaction Records (yes we know the victim's SIN name he originally used, but when did he originally intend to check out vs when he was oven cleaned). 4th Success> If that SIN name was ever used to check people in here at Sal's before."

Gnarf nods, "I see. Let me write that down. I need to hunt his ass down then, sir. Sorry for the French." He grunts and continues, "So all is covered and laid out when insurance combs over this deal. It needs to be clear and nice. So ka?" He purses his lips and asks, "What's his name, please?" He blows over the pen and hovers on another field of the form.

«Plot» Dorian says, "Alright, toss 'em and weep 'em."

«Plot» Joseph says, "5th Success> While it is probably not going to show anything, if there are hidden files (camera footage) which were not deleted properly. 6th Success> Uh, any extras the GM feels like."

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 + 1 (KP5) vs TN 4 for "Green Host: (Threshold 2)":
1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 11 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 + 1 (KP5) - 3 vs TN 4 for "Green Host: (Threshold 2) (KP6)":
1 2 2 3 3 4 7 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 + 1 (KP5) - 3 - 2 vs TN 4 for "Green Host: (Threshold 2) (KP8)":
1 1 3 4 5 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Joseph will stand with the 5.

The tired Ork seems a bit confused for a sec, as if the guy's name was completely irrelant to any insurance form, but not wanting to think much. "Francis Louis…" He states matter of factly.

Gnarf smiles a bit more and nods. He writes the name down neatly, "Thank you. I must have his El Tee Gee, please. On another note… No, please give me his number first or I will get super confused. I'm sorry, chumsky, that's the chems." He shrugs limply.

«Plot» Dorian says, "Once access to the matrix in Sal's is established, Joseph will find that the system looks for the Variables "Checkout" and "Sensor 1 or 0" input, the sensor currently inputting a 1, which means it's currently detecting someone in the room (Is someone still in the room?) No decking input is sniffed out. Transaction states that Franky Leone was checked in since 31st of August and his room was paid for until September 18th. The sin Franky Leone was never seen at Sal's before. Sal's does have a Camera feed directly linked to the office you are in. Hey look, it's you jacking in!"

«Plot» Joseph totally wishes to do something about that recording!
«Plot» Dorian says, "It could be wise!"

"Why do you want to call this guy..?" The Ork asks a bit confused. "I am currently the acting manager so … any official paperwork will be handled by me for now.. Sal's gonna come in a little later to sort it out."

Prowling through the dark shadows which ethereally follow the Dark Wolf, the decking man moves up to the camera node and its file bin. He softly yips to these Matrix nodes, which breathes out a Spoof utility.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 for "Spoof 3!":
1 2 2 3 3 4 4 8 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 - 2 for "Spoof 3! Control Slave! (KP9)":
1 2 2 3 4 4 9

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph wants to peer at the office cams during the check in and checkout times, pulling up those camera logs!
«Plot» Dorian says, "pl >Dane=Any check in or check out, or specifically the one linked to Franky Leone?"
«Plot» Dorian says, "Doh."
«Plot» Joseph says, "Franky Leone of course."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Kk."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Do you wish to view these now, or just pull them out?"
«Plot» Joseph says, "Pull em to deck storage."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Rightio."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Operation Success."

Gnarf sighs, lowers his head just a little, and rubs the bridge of his nose, "I am not immigration or some shit, but he was close enough to Sal's, most likely. We get most of our work from the Star so if we can help them do their job better, they keep us around. Same as we do nice extra work when we get to a new site. One less trouble off your hands, one happier customer, all that. Company policy. It is a win win win, so ka."

«Plot» Joseph says, "Next up is to do that thing like in that movie Speed, but not have the weird glitch in it, camera loop, if at all possible."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Roll away."

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 for "Spoof 3! Edit Slave!":
1 1 1 2 4 5 5 5 5
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 for "Spoof 3! Edit Slave! (KP10)":
1 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 15
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 - 1 for "Spoof 3! Edit Slave! (KP12)":
1 3 3 3 4 4 4 7
«Plot» Joseph must stop there.

"I fraggin' hope you ain't immigration you came here to clean the place..But I don't see what this new guys gotta do with signing insurance form. He has no weight around here you dig..?" The Ork explains, finding Gnarf was being a little suspicious right now.

«Plot» Dorian says, "Barely. But ok."

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 3 for "Graceful Logoff: Deception 3!":
2 3 4 4 5 5 9 10 14

«Plot» Joseph says, "Wows and stands. XD"
«Plot» Gnarf says, "One MORE trouble off. Cannot write."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Joseph is able to successfuly log himself out gracefully."

Gnarf slowly looks up from his clipboard, "Sir. We operate in a highly sensitive manner with industrial grade chemicals in a heated space with sensitive electronics wherein each unit is of worth. We cannot allow for any mistakes, but _if_ there is trouble, we must be sure everybody comes out clean, so ka?" Elf adds sadly, "If they could get a hold of him and question him, there will be less burned dead. He might have seen something important, if his potential arrival and the bad guy's departure happen at the same time. That I dig, but I am arctic enough to talk to your boss, sir."

After spoofing the camera system which mistakenly trusts the lupine figure to give up its precious files (around check in and check out of Franky Leone), then the illegal intruder actually edits a few more, too, doing so with an waiting command for the camera system to record again after one minute later. Thus, Gnarf and Jo will not show up (if all goes according to devious plan), …or so he certainly hopes! Then, the dark creature backs away, step by step as shadows consume the lupine icon until the Dark Wolf simply disappears.

Jo himself sits up a little bit now, too.

«Plot» Joseph says, "PLEASE, move that up before Gnarf's and I will pose again."

Jo quickly pulls data cables (which he then stuffs down in the cleaning bucket), then he stands up once more, slightly dizzy but he does not dare stumble!

Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « We will not be on tape, if we step out within the next half minute. »

"Listen…Francis is a good kid okay? Just because he listens to that punk garbage doesn't make him a bad person.. And I don't see a badge or a warrant in your hand that says I should give you this guy's personal info so you can question him.. I'm arctic enough to talk to the police outside, sir." The Ork quickly replies.

Grimm puts out his cigarette, and stretches for a moment. He goes back to making sure everything is packed, so he looks busy, and so his face is away from the cameras outside.

That sounded like a threat, and a narrow in the Ork's eyes might imply the same.

Dorian is helping Grimm out, because he wants to make sure he's not paying Grimm for loafing around and smoking cigarettes while on the job. Even making up fake cleaning horror stories to share with his new "employee."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Acting for "This one time…!":
1 2 2 5 10

Grimm nods, "Yea, blood, brains, shit, none of it bothers me. But I get too close to vomit, and I throw up myself." He has no acting skills, but really, how hard is it to just chat about imaginary stuff.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls 4 vs TN 10 for "Officer believing every word of it?":
2 2 5 5 = 0 Successes

"See me it's just the shit.. That's fucked up." Dorian adds, the Officer just sort've nods along with the stories and eventually backing out from the conversation as his face had a slight shade of green coming to it, especially as the details started coming out.

Gnarf smiles, "I am all ears, sir." He widens his eyes a notch, "Exactly. He will help. Okay, everything you tell me will go right to the supervising detective, but you are absolutely correct to address him directly." He nods sincerely. "But if you talk to me, I might never bring up your buddy that way. They will not look into his file and then there cannot be a problem."

"He -AIN'T- a problem!" The ork shouts, grabbing a pen and scribbling something random on the paper. "Now get the frag outta my office!"

Jo steps up to the chatting duo, "We are so sorry, please, forgive us. We go."

Grimm finishes picking up cleaning supplies, and closes the back doors to the van. He now just waits for the other two to climb in so they can leave.

Dorian does much the same, enjoying a cigarette as he awaits the missing duo. Hopefully they weren't all choking eachother up there, or maybe the killer came back to the scene and turned the office into a self cleaning oven? …Could he? Hmm… Dorian muses theses random and incoherent thoughts.

Gnarf shrugs, "Sure. We go. I am very sorry." He hurries to leave, i.e. the elf pretends to so the decker is covered as he requires. The big guy moves away when he can and it is safe for the norm.

«Plot» Dorian says, "ALRIGHTY THEN! You're all in the van, you go back to the Hal's Hardware store parking lot cuz it's pretty boss there and feel you could probably talk here, it's a parking lot and you're all dressed the same so people might think you're just getting your day planned."

«Plot» Dorian says, "The sharing of information begins. Please plan your next phase."

On the way, Jo set up a display screen inside. Unless asked to get out of here, he does not want to leave the van which is a convenient cover for all this.
Of course, he shows off the decked details, as well as the camera replays now, too.

Grimm grunts as the others climb into the van and discuss information. "Did you pull the employee files and all other records off thier system while you were in there?"

«Plot» Joseph is showing camera replays now!

«Plot» Dorian says, "There are two names you guys know. Franky Leone who is supposively the John Doe that was in the room but using a fake SIN, and Francis Louis who is the employee who didn't show for work. And now..The camera posing."

»>Entry Feed August 31st 9:30PM. Identified as: Check in Customer #89093-B32 Franky Leone. UCAS-01922-001ITH-000BU5-KVM«< The video is a brief short of a street looking man, wearing non descript secureline clothing. He's a human male approx 28 years old and is checking in at the desk. Auburn hair, blue eyes. Confirms the file on hand about the victims.

The clerk on staff is a man in the same age range, punkish looking with a black mohawk and neo punk band t-shirt.
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence for "Any disguises among them?!":
1 2 3 4 5 5

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Intelligence for "Anything I notice on the video?":
1 3 3 4 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Gnarf (#9142) rolls Intelligence for "Trideo analysis.":
1 1 2 3 4 4
«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Intelligence for "Let's help out here.":
2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Intelligence for "Let's help out here. KP1":
1 1 2 3 4 4 5 14

During the video, everything seems legit. The man comes in, talks to the clerk and exchanges some script for a magkey. Things seem normal right? However Dorian stops the video and rewinds real quick, looking at the entry then at the video again. "..He's not giving him a SIN."

Grim grunts, "That means the clerk put the sin in, or a decker. Right?"

"Sure looks that way. Entry decker entry noticed in there?" Dorian looks to Joseph.

Jo comments quietly, "I saw no logs or anything else which screamed decking, but our kind are super sneaky, and I do not exactly have the best tech. About the employee files, no. I did not download everything. Tech limitations there."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Continue to next video?"

Joseph says "I can try again from afar if we absolutely need to, though."

Next video!

«Plot» Joseph says, "Indeed!"

»>Entry Feed Septembre 17th 1:33AM. Identified as: Check out Customer #89093-B32 Franky Leone. UCAS-01245-012ABC-456CDE-ABC« Next entry feed shows a similar video. In this one, Franky Leone is checking out, the clerk on staff is the fat greasy Ork that the other two saw earlier. Franky Leone is wearing a studded leather jacket.

«Plot» Dorian needs an 8 on this.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence vs TN 8:
1 2 3 4 5 10 = 1 Success

«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "Hmm..Wait a minute. That SIN number is different. Studded leather jacket unsual, but that could be easily noted."

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Intelligence for "Study tape.":
2 4 4 4 9

Gnarf lights a cig and listens now. He wipes his forehead in between puffs. "I did not see anything typical to suggest either guy is acting."

«Plot-Page» (To: John Grimm) Dorian says, "Hmm..Wait a minute. That SIN number is different. Studded leather jacket unsual, but that could be easily noted."

«Auto-Judge[]» Gnarf (#9142) rolls Intelligence vs TN 8 for "Next vid.":
1 1 3 4 5 5 = 0 Successes

Grimm grunts, "That sin number….is that the same as the other, I think some digits are wrong."

Jo matter-of-factly notes, "Here he also wears a studded jacket at checking out when earlier on he only wore secure clothing."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Can I have a ….Gang identification roll please? Or anything somewhat relevant."

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Gang Rumors for "Default apparently":
3 4 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Fashion for "Possibly Relevant? :P":
1 2 2 2 3

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Criminal Organizations for "Going large here.":
2 2 3 3

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Organized Crime for "The TN is gonna be so high.":
3 11 14

«Auto-Judge[]» Gnarf (#9142) rolls Street Rumors for "Defaulting.":
1 2 5

Joseph is able to make out the upside down crucifix, the various patches, the studs, the pentagram.. It somewhat screams Rocky Mountain Anarchists.

Jo does not scream, but he points out these pertinent details with what is a digitally controlled virtual marker with which he sometimes still shots the checkout tape and then carefully draws a thin circle around the gang signs. "Rocky Mountain Anarchists?"

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph contemplates, "Is this guy about the same height as the dude who was on shift during check in?"
«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "It sure seems like, but the two had similar heights, maybe 2-3 inches difference. Body types were similar."

Grimm rubs his head with both his hands, "Ugh, this is only giving us more questions. What is the motive, thats what we need to find out. If its a serial killer, there would be a specific ritual, or a growing skill in the kills. There has to be some other reason he kills, and the fire is just to remove evidence or for amusement."

"Those guys are rumoured to be pretty batshit crazy to begin with." Dorian sits back and rubs his chin as he thinks about this. "Guy checks in, SINless, which is kinda normal for these kind of places. A SIN is attributed to him, it changes numbers, and we assume the guy switched?"

Gnarf blinks and leans forward, "That is only another lead. Not verified. The Rocky Mountain Anarchist jacket only says they are wearing this jacket with these logos. It could be a fake for all we know." He exhales slowly. "A lead is a lead, though."

«Plot» Dorian says, "I'll be honest with you. There's one true clue and one very misleading one."
«Plot» Dorian says, "But I will not say which!"

Joseph says "Did you find out anything during the manager interrogation?"

"We need to dig through the other two kills, and see if anything matches. Of course, this is basic cop shit, the only thing we could do that they can't is beat info out of some folks." Grimm remarks.

Joseph says "You don't think they don't do that? They do that crap all the time."

"Then why are we here….we are obviously being setup then. What can we do that they can't. The only thing, is borders. So tell me why that file is so skimpy? They should have tons of data on these kills, from every site. When we are done here, we need to check other sectors I say." Grimm gives a snort after he finishes speaking.

Gnarf grumps and holds the cig for some time, "Not much. You have what I do." He looks at the van driver, "There is a lot more we can do. None of the limitations of a cop apply to us. Technically. We must do the digging and get us more pigs to talk."

"Cross reference between two borders? Sounds logical. Might center us where we need to go. If the guy is SINless, and the police have a SIN on file with the guy's picture and everything.."
«OOC» Dorian adds a name in there somewhere.

Jo pregnantly pauses then finally notes, "Because the whole corp is a… because they are all divided. Many cops who deal with our kind are seen as corrupt, but they are generally held back by higher ups from actually doing what it is they should be doing because those higher ups are in league with bad people."

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence + 3 (ME3) for "File memorization: Matching everything they have noticed so far to the file contents before.":
1 1 2 3 4 4 5 10 17

"I am not comprehending these limitations. The Star has always been willing to stress and bend things to get what they want, look at us now. The star is happy to catch this guy, so I'd assume they have combed the videos and files just like we are doing now. We need to stop repeating what the cops did, and do something new. So….what can't a cop do?" Grimm notes.

Joseph says "But they are not all on the same team. They frag one another daily."

Jo never curses! He totally did!

«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "SIN number on the police file is the first one. As you recall the file."

Joseph says "They got the check in SIN, on the police file, but they did not record the check out one. I am thinking about matrix searches, along with a full mage… should we be able to find one, or full shaman."

"I'm also curious as to know who's the corpse. The guy in the video or someone else?" Dorian adds along.

Grimm snorts, "Somethings odd about all this, thats all, cops shoulda had DNA on these guys, so they ain't in no database. Thats a lot of value coming our way for finding this guy. Doesn't make sense." He sighs, "So, we talk to the missing employee next?"

Gnarf snorts some smoke out his nose, "There are six different kinds of cops who do the beat. Six kinds of feds, two different kinds of DEA. Corporate site based interal pigs. They fight eachother for prestige and contracts. We can talk to a few of these parties and compile the individual information pieces. There is the ganger link and the clerk nobody talked to so far. The DNA part does not check out. Like a few other things. What strikes me is that no Star magickers ever truly looked into the case." He looks ocer to Joseph, "What is on your mind, please?"
«Plot» Gnarf says, "over not ocer"

"That's not true. Grimm here asked Det. Taylor if there was any magical trace, and we were told that if there was any, this guy was good at masking it. SO maybe did check and didn't find much. Also, quite likely they could have arrived too late." Dorian answers.
«OOC» Dorian says, "So may THEY did*"

Jo nods slightly, "I saw no metal jacket studs anywhere, not in the case file and not when I was trying to catch anything which might have rolled off the disgusting matress or down into the collection trays." He turns more toward Mister Gnarf to quietly say, "I want an astral projection into all coffins, to potentially see if there are any more bodies here, and in other coffins, too."
«Plot» Joseph says, "*other motels"

Joseph says "So, we should probably find us a magical guy."

You say "We should probably find that Francis guy."

Joseph says "We should do both those!"

"Besides a dead body, ain't much they can tell. You can't track dna without a ritual, and we only have DNA on deap people. Nothing else." Grimm adds.

"I'd suggest starting with the Francis guy too." Grimm adds.

«Plot» Dorian says, "Alright, so, I presume the plan looks like Find Francis. And cross a border to look into more of theses cases?"

Joseph says "I only want to see if there are more bodies before we leave, which should only take like 2 minutes if I call someone."

Grimm points out one more thing. "Your paying then, I ain't. Cops shoulda checked already."

Gnarf snorts, "During all of these? This is not a one time event. The mage was on the take or had no time to do their job right. Note I said truly." He nods to Joseph, "That I can do. No rituals right now. We would have to outsource rituals right now."

Momentarily surprised, Jo did not want to basically assume all Amerindian types were magically gifted when there are plenty unawakened. "You can? I would be greatly appreciative if you could do so. Thank you." He smiles brightly, then he packs up and gets out of the damn van.

"Alright while you guys do that, I'm gonna go hit the streets nearby and see if I can learn anything on this Francis guy." Dorian says as he moves out of the van.

Another grunt from Grimm, "Well, thats solved then. Where does this Francis guy live?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Street Rumors for "I'm looking for Francis! *Said in Deadpool voice*":
2 2 4 5

«Plot» Dorian says, "DOrian will wander around for a bit and find …little information to share upon his return."

Gnarf dips his head, "Yes, but. But no moving the car. But no sharpies. But no dipping my fingers into warm water or any other innane bulldrek. If we are clear, I will be right back."

Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « If you rather be somewhere comfortable… »

«Plot» Dorian says, "So while our two go Astral looking, is there anything you'd like to look into, Grimm? You have a copy of the case file with you. Some information."

"Someone dips your fingers and you piss in my van, your cleaning it up." Grimm notes.

«Plot» John Grimm says, "I'm just going to try to see whats the same in the 3 cases. Beyond the fact of the burning."
«Plot» John Grimm says, "Near a coffin motel is pretty weak"

«Plot» Dorian says, "Yes indeed, it is a weak link, along with burned bodies. However, just the 3 cases near Sal's, or do you want a more global look? What is outside the CAS district is only notes and the like that Det. Taylor gathered, not as detailed as the three murder scenes, but information is still there."

Commlink-Gnarf> Albert says, "Just a blanket or armchair. We have no time for true comfort." He grunts and responds without the comm next, "I can make that person clean up. I prefer to simply go and return, though."

«Plot» John Grimm says, "Anything that seems the same or similiar in the cases. Did they all use fake sins, has anyone ID'd the bodies or are they all unknowns, have they been checked with DNA in other sectors/countries, what does the coroners report say on the three thats similiar."

Jo thumbs up then closes up the back door of the big van. He moves swiftly now, to the Ford Americar and opens up the trunk space wherein he digs around for a short time but only comes up with a thermal blanket from a survival kit. D:

Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « I got this foil blanket. Will that do? »

«Plot» Dorian says, "Between the three murders, it seems the only link Lone Star has so far is the fact they are burned to a crisp, and in the same radius around the motel. One was found in an alley, shot twice, once in the head, once in the chest. This one is a Jane Doh DNA wise, linked SIN are none. Second case, body found in a dumpster where 3 puncture wounds were found in the gut, and a fourth being a Columbian Necktie. (For the curious minds, it's when they slice your throat and pull your tongue through the wound.)"

Commlink-Gnarf> Albert speaks, "It can help me not stain my pants. I will not have to rest like that for too long."

«Plot» John Grimm says, "What about the identities of 2 and 3. Also, times and dates of the deaths per coroners estimates"

«Plot» Dorian says, "Other cases that were reported are in Azzietown, where 2 cases have been noted. There are dozens more reported on paper, but less info on them. These include the several districts of Denver.. ALthough it seems the Killer stays away from the UCAS."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Or Knight is just good at cleaning their shit up for Media bS."

Jo brings back a survival kit and a medical kit, opens up the back door on the panel van once again, then offers out the blanket container. "Here you go." Then, he also climbs inside and closes up the back doors to Grimm's van, too.

Joseph dropped Survival Kit.

«Plot» Dorian says, "In Case 2, the Jane Doe is SINless, in Case 3, They Identified him as Harry Brooks. A UCAS Born Elf with a real matching SIN."

Gnarf takes the survival kit, motions with it as if to do something he decides against and hands it back. "I will return promptly."

«Plot» John Grimm says, "Anything odd on the autopsy about the burns? No signs of what was used? Just all spontaniously combusted? Do they attribute it to magic? White phosporus?"

Gnarf adds, "Thanks, chummer."

Joseph says "Are you sure? There's a blanket in there."

«Plot» Dorian says, "The files describe the Jane's burns to gasoline, pictures show a point of origin in the fire and how the marks follow a fluid like pattern. As for the dumpster body with the columbian necktie, his are a completely mystery and they assume the body was moved there."

«Plot» Dorian says, "There were scalded black flesh on the ground infront of the dumpster as if he had been dragged."

Gnarf rolls his head, purests against the wall

Jo takes back the survival kit with a slight frown, but then simply shrugs and rests down the useful item where it will not be in anyone's way but there in Grimm's van if he ever needs one.

Gnarf rolls his head, rests the top of his body right after and rests. A slow breath and a shape jumps out of its shell to glide through the astral space search the coffins.

«Plot» Dorian says, "As for time. SOrry. Case 3 appears to be the oldest amongst the reported ones. There's no real pattern between the times however, one a month ago, the other took place a week later, now this one was 4 weeks after the first. Cross referencing the times with the cases in other districts, you find that the dates are unfortunately not a good path to look at."

In the magical lands of the astrals, Gnarf inspects the coffins to find empty rooms. Seems everyone bolted out when police started showing up. Only 3 coffins had people in them currently. Each a single person, enjoying his time laying down in his coffin like room.. Because there wasn't much else to do in those.

«Plot» Gnarf says, "Any signs of violence?"

«Plot» Dorian says, "The room in which you worked has no signs of Violence, just extreme pain one would attribute to being burned alive. There are some signs of domestic violence here and there, but nothing really standing out."

«Plot» Gnarf says, "Okay. Flying back."

«Plot» Gnarf says, "Wait. Quick round trip at about a quarter mile. Gnarf looks, if there are any onlookers without emotional reactions or any gloaters."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Roll perception"

«Auto-Judge[]» Gnarf (#9142) rolls Intelligence for "Aura ogling of onlookers and random bystanders.":
2 3 3 4 5 10

«Plot» Dorian says, "For a recap Grimm, the case file that holds the most backing that might be worth looking into is Case 3, the first, Only one with a real SIN linked to the guy, and only one who seemed to have been placed there. The others were all killed and burned in place."

«Plot» Dorian says, "There's a man in the crowd with extreme worry that can be noted. Worry leading into Fear."

Grimm grunts after purusing the info. "Ok, so we have Francis, we have one of the dead with a real SIN, and we have stories from other sectors….except UCAS. Thats a few leads to track down."

Dorian comes back now, getting into the van. "Weellp…Can't find drek on Francis."

Jo watches Gnarf's meat… not like that! In case he should need medical help!

You say "So..One guy with a real SIN, everything but UCAS being hit, another guy who's SIN is swapped out. It feels like either one very crazy killer, or several different cases. Other than burned bodies, there's not much linking these guys."

"We need to figure out how many real cases are out there." Grimm notes, "The dates are all over the place, so its possible its one guy, but its a lot of work."

You say "I was starting to feel like it was the work of many as well. Not one method of killing was the same. This guy with the real SIN though, that's a nasty way to go."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Does anyone have any Underworld Politics skills? Or something relatable?"

With the Nav Dat, Jo quietly confers, and if they are actually willing to, the young man maps out all the indicated points to see if there is a shape pattern.

«Plot» Joseph says, "Police Rumors, Organized Crime, Yak Ops, Police Tactics, Undercover Tactics."

Grimm nods, "Be it a single person or a group, the question is why, why these targets. The burning can be attributed to a firebug who likes to destroy evidence. But why these targets."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Organized Crime would likely be the closest."

You say "Yeah, motive is what really eludes us at the moment.."

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Organized Crime:
1 2 5

You say "Can't likely find much on this Jane Doe here, maybe more on the Brooks guy can be found, we atleast have a real name to work with here."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Yeah y'know there are such things as Yaks, and Triads, and Mafia families and Gangs..You might know a name or two here and there. BUt other than that..Yeah no.. Nothing useful seems to come to mind."

The astrally moving elf takes a closer look at the worrying person to not forget the aura then zooms back and stirs with a slight shake and brief glowing flash of his eyes. Gnarf states agitatedly, "Got one in the crowd of staring folk. He is extremely fearful or worried about somebody. We should get to him before he runs away."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Forensics for "Far fetching here.":
2 2 3 3 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Criminal Organizations for "Far Fetching here too.":
2 4 4 9

«Plot» Joseph says, "Dane keeps watching Gnarf until he wakes up."

Grimm grunts, "I'm good at capture. I need someone else to spook him and get him to run out of the crowd." The ork exits the van and starts moving away towards the backside of the crowd, and out of casual vision. He pulls out what looks like a bunch of wires and some balls.

Dorian will study the files for a while while Grimm heads out for capture, he may find a useful link afterall, though will take some studying to do so. "Comm if you need me."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Can I get a perception roll in compliments to your stealth roll Grimm? And any security systems related skills you may have."

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Intelligence for "Perception":
1 1 5 8 11
«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Security Systems:
2 3 4 9
«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Stealth:
1 2 2 4 4 5
«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Stealth for "KP:1 why not.":
1 2 3 4 5 7

«Plot» John Grimm says, "Stand on that"

Commlink-Gnarf> Albert says, "You can see him easy. He is a bonfire of worry. I can scare him or move him your way, if you want me to."

«Plot» Dorian says, "With the aid your general knowledge in security systems, and your view on the cameras, you're able to situate yourself in a more secretive dead angle. Sal's is in a decent neighborhood afterall, just the Motel itself is suuuuper shitty."

«Plot» John Grimm says, "Is there an area where the guy would run to escape and be out of camera and peoples sight?"

«Plot» Dorian says, "Where you are seems to be close to an alley that would be hte closest gettaway anyone might try to attempt away from the crowd and the cops. This guy may not want to be captured by the latter. Or seen by the latter. He's not directly in the crowd, but he's nearby and watching hte scene from a short distance away."

Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Alright, I need a partner here. Come in from the opposite side of me and start moving towards the guy, be obvious. He will start to flee, be more obvious. Then when he heads my way I'll step out so he has to run into the alley….then we can take him down and get some answers. »

Commlink-Gnarf> Albert says, "I am not so good at being loud and showy."
Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Just need someone to spook him, loud would be bad, just show a strong interest in him and let his imagination go to work. »
Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « I'm pretty spooky. I can do this. »

Grimm finds a good position so he can do the whole step out and scare the guy into the alley, you know, give em the, I'm gonna hurt you glare.

Dorian steps out of the van and straight up his jacket a bit before shoving his hands into his pockets and moving towards the reported area where the WorryingMan stands, he circles around a bit and then clears his throat loudly as he approaches. All 6'8" of vatgrown muscle decked with facial scary scars.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Intimidation for "I have it, but soo soo low.":
1 17

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls 4 vs TN 17 for "Kid is scared?":
2 3 5 27 = 1 Success

Commlink-Gnarf> Albert comments, "See. Now there you go."

The one in the hood hears the clearing of throat, and he turns and sees THAT. He's taken back a bit, unsure, but not completely scared yet. Instead he decides to walk away slowly at first, prefering not stick around for whatever reason. Though usually when someone is trying to scare you, it's best not to stay around and ask what they want.

The elf will make sure to follow with loud footsteps that the kid will be able to hear.

Grimm watches from his spot, trying to look casual for now, and not standing out too much. The goal is to make the guy head his way, then turn him into the alley. Granted, its a common plan, but when your concentrating on escape, sometimes you forget the simple things.

Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « En route to you, ETA 20 seconds. »

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls 5 for "???":
1 1 1 5 11

The kid seems to pick up pace suddenly, as if he just heard the elf behind him talk lowly in a mic. What the fuck?? The pace picks up a bit more now, a speed walk.

Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « Correction, 15 seconds. »
Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Waiting for the moment, almost there. »

The Elf picks up pace as well, his long legs striding quickly as the augmented muscles cause him to walk at a much faster pace than most when fully unleashed.

Grimm is waiting, and when he spots the kid nearing the alley enterance, he steps out, bringing one hand up to his ear briefly, you know, the classic hidden comm sign.

«OOC» John Grimm says, "Need a roll for intimidation or something?"

«Plot» Dorian says, "It can only help."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) has the Attribute Quickness with the value '6 (10)' (only to Joseph).

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Etiquette for "Default intimidation, -2 for skill to skill default.":
2 2 8
«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls 4 vs TN 6 for "Scaring me again??":
1 2 3 4 = 0 Successes

This time the Kid's eyes widen, it was too much, and he immediately turns tail and bolts right for the alley in full sprint. Fffffuuuuccckkkkkk! are probably what he's thinking right about now.

«OOC» John Grimm says, "Ok, so I'm going to move to the alley…and throw a bola at him as soon as I'm out of the main street LOS"

«Plot» Dorian says, "Roger."

«OOC» John Grimm says, "Should I init or just do a throw"

«Plot» Dorian says, "I highly doubt he will init any higher than a common house cat, so you certainly have the first action in sheer bonus to Init. I will also rule that he is 9 meters in the alley once you clear LOS."

«Plot» John Grimm says, "Going to ready, then throw a bola. Range reduced due to Vision Mag 3. TN 4 base, Target running +2"

«Plot» Dorian says, "Sounds just about right."

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Throwing Weapons + Combat Pool: 4 vs TN 6 for "Throwing a Bola, entangling Rules.":
1 1 1 2 3 4 5 7 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Throwing Weapons + Combat Pool: 4 - 1 vs TN 6 for "Throwing a Bola, entangling Rules. KP:2":
1 2 3 4 7 8 10 = 3 Successes

«Plot» John Grimm says, "Stand on 4, entangle rules. Roll successes. Highest number becomes TN to escape via strength or quickness"

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls 4:
2 2 3 3

Jo quietly chats with Gnarf for a short while about anything he may have seen within the astral realm, "What did you see there? Anything besides el kiddo? Dead bodies?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls 3 vs TN 3 for "Kid's strength/quickness. Both equal as a matter of fact.":
1 1 9 = 1 Success

«Plot» Dorian says, "Alright pose, snagging him, tripping him, and you will most likely have time to catch up to him in the meantime. Or you can have the Vat Elf go sprint mode."

Grimm steps towards the alleyway with a hurried pace, pulling the bola out and starting to twirl it quickly as he is out of sight. Then its released with accuracy and whips around the kid, causing him to stumble. Of course, its not too tight though.

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) has the Attribute Quickness with the value '6 (10)'.
«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Athletics vs TN 4 for "Boost me up buttercup":
1 2 2 3 3 = 0 Successes

As soon as the Elf clears the LOS of the street, Grimm will see a blurr dash by that takes off after the kid who's trying to unsnag his leg from the Bola. As he turns to start running again, a short distance in and he's snagged by the collar which causes his upper body halt by the sheer strength the elf, though legs do try to continue to run only to end up in going to far ahead and forcing hte boy to drop straight onto his ass with a thud. "Don't kill me please! I did what you asked!!!"

Grimm keeps walking, using a moment to ready a few boomerangs that were in a special pocket in his jacket. If the kid tries to get away, well, now its gonna hurt. He keeps moving towards the kid and Dorian.

Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « Bring the van around quickly, we need to get this kid inside for a chat I think. If he doesn't talk quick. »
Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « Bring the van even if it's a short talk. Best not to be seen randomly here, especially with cops THIS close to us. »

Grimm looks to the kid and grunts, "We wanna talk, you behave, you just get dropped off somewhere. You don't behave, well….cops are going to have a mess to clean up."

Jo jumps up to the driver seat, somewhat sailing over one part of Gnarf's flab, then he monkey grips the front seats before swinging down into the driver one. Bringing out another datajack cable he quickly searches for a jacking plug.

Gnarf shrugs, "Gray people, gray structures. Violence and pain, fear and emptiness. I do not feel like describing this kind of bad drug experience to you, but let me add for completedness. No dead and rotting who would be alive with bugs."

Joseph says "Please describe."

THe kid is somewhat cowering in his arms as another man joins the fray. "What is there to talk about..?! I did everything you asked…Please.. No one will know!"

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph has Athletics reflex recorder and enhanced articulation, so I hope that was not 'too crazy'. XD
«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "I'm a generous god, I shall let it pass."

Grimm smirks, "Here is the thing, we didn't tell you what to do. But, we need to know what you were told, and tell us about who told you. Thats what we want."

Looks like he will have to manually drive! Jo just drops the datajack cable and goes back to old fashioned manual driving!
«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Car:
3 3 3 9 10

«Plot» Joseph baws drives to get there. XD But not too fast due to cop presence.

Gnarf lights himself a new cig, "Nothing there to describe, really. Mostly empty, because the majority fled from the house."

Jo frowns slightly as he glances back in the rearview mirror, then looks ahead. "Tell me about the crime scene, the particular coffin."

"Please.. I just wanna go home…" The kid begs, obviously scared beyond being chased by two guys into an alley. "…If they find out I told you anything they'll kill me.. I swear.. I did nothing bad.. "

The panel van smoothly turns into the back alley. Extra scariness!

Gnarf inhales twice more before, "Much pain. Somebody died in there. They were burned alive."

Grimm shakes his head, "See kid, you know the trids right? You talk you die, you don't talk you die, or we just make folks think you talked. See, no matter what, yoru screwed. But….maybe we can set you up in another sector with a little cash to hide out till its over. Fair enough?"

Joseph says "Another great clue!"

Grimm's vehicle slides up right next to where those two have cornered el kiddo.

"…Okay..But send the cash to my ma.. She needs it most.." The kid gathers himself up with the aid of the huge Elf next to him that was holding him in place. He wipes some tears and mucus from his face, sniffles the rest in. "..I'll..tell you what I know.."

Grimm opens the van door, "Get in, lets talk and move, no sense letting someone sit there and watch us."

Grimm also makes sure to pick up his bola, he can untangle it later

The kid and the Elf both get into the van. Now the kid feels little in his shorts. Four guys, maybe 4 and a half if you count Gnarf. He just looks around unsure, scared, and might be able to pee himself a bit. This is beyond him.

Gnarf groans and rolls his left shoulder, than the right one, "True enough. That is all."

Jo momentarily idles but glances back, somewhat analyzing this young man, and considerately awaiting vehicle closure.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Intelligence for "Noticable things, all sherlock holmsey!":
1 1 1 3 4 10

Aside from Snot and Tears, the Kid had nothing concealed on him or the like. Neo punk shirt, a tattered hoodie that might have seen better days. A few ear piercings, a lip piercing. Some typical little punk in a little black Mowhawk. This is Francis alright.

Joseph says "Good to meet you, Francis."

"Alright." Grimm looks to the kid, "So, tell us about the guy and what he said to you, and what you did for them."

The youth hugs himself a bit, seeking a bit of comfort. He looks between all the men gathered in the van then looks to the ground. "..Which guy..?"

«Plot» Dorian says, "In short he's more asking like..The guy who crammed, or someone else perhaps?"

Gnarf waves to the kid. He does not say a word beseides.

Grimm gestures to wherever they were showing videos. "Here, lets bring up a few pictures, and you tell us about them."

Francis nods his head, seeming to appreciate the simplicity in this..

"Set the autodrive VM, and lets do some show and tell." Grimm sits back and waits.

Jo sets up the auto drive, as specifically requested! Then, he moves back with the otherse present here and sets up the video replay.
«OOC» Joseph says, "*others"

Francis will look at anything shown to him and answer when asked.. For now, he waits and looks.

«Plot» Dorian says, "Alright. So what are you guys showing Francis. Case files? Videos from Sal? Your pet cat? Pictures of your kids?"

«OOC» John Grimm says, "I figure Jo will show the pics of the guy going in, and the other one going out, the two similar sin guys, ect."

«Plot» Dorian says, "ALright, jsut wanted to make sure what I had to answer on. So Sal's Incident. Here we go."

Viewing the two recording entries, he nods on the first and then kind've looks down on the sins and sighs. "Yeah..That's me alright..And that's well.. Actually his name was Dave.. " The kid leans back into the car. "I uh..forge SINs under the table.. I'm okay at it? .. Anyways.. Dave wanted one.. So I made 'em one. Checked it under his room when I was done and everything.."
Gnarf stays quiet. The others are interrogating the kid.

Grimm nods, "So how many sins you usually hand out, and what sectors do you cover…everything?

"Nothing big like that man… I just started not too long ago, maybe did 4 or 5 I'm actually proud of.." Francis then points to the second video. "And that's the other guy…A few days after the first guy checked in, I finished my shift and was walking home.. All sudden I'm bagged, I dunno where I was when I woke up, but it definately looked like the inside of a Citymaster.." He looks like he knows, probably been arrested before for minor crimes. "That guy didn't look like that though, but he knew what he wanted. He wanted a cheese SIN that could be scanned.."

Gnarf sits up and watches the guy with renewed interest. He goes near perfectly motionless.

Quite interested, too, Jo nods slightly. "Do you recall the ID information?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Interrogation:
4 4 4 4

Grimm grunts "So, the guy bagged you, and asked for an ID, then what? You made it on the spot, or you had to get it to him?"

"Yeah I do.. I made it.. Sal's system is just basic drek y'know? Numbers are registered but not really important.. They don't show up anywhere else. Sleazy motel types would make no customers if the case yknow? The only thing that system needs if a SIN was entered, a SIN scanning out. Matching name, you're good to go.. So I made one for him. Took about a day, it's basically just a code bar with a picture and random jibberish on it."

"All I gotta do is match DNA and the system recognizes it as good, names match, voila. You're out…. And then well.. I come to work and -that- happened… So…I decided not to come to work..?" Francis sort've laughs nervously, a joke but still scared and lost.

"You collect DNA, or you just match it to something? Also did he come buy to pick up the sin, after he put you in the citymaster?" Grimm asks.

"Yeah he did.. We met at Paco Taco's. And I still had a hair sample from Dave.. So I just used the exact DNA to match the original SIN I made." Francis collects himself a bit more now.

Grimm scratches his chin, "You still got any samples, for your own protection of course?"

"Of course…" Francis nods to Grimm.

Grimm nods, "Ok, so, here is the deal. You provide us with all your samples, and we pay you for them. We can give the money to your family or whatever. Sound resonable?"

Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « *Subvocal* So what sounds resonable, a grand each, 4 total, or is that too much or too little? »
Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « I think we could beat the shit out of him and get them for free, but sure, a grand each. »
Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « We also get the benifit of knowing a guy who makes cheap sins, could be useful. »
Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « I don't mind giving him a lot more, if he doesn't mind doing work for me later on. »

«Plot» Joseph would totally give the 5k to know him, if he survives this.

"Ok buddy, we can give you a good deal, cash and even some electronic goods you might be able to use. You give us that DNA, and also, in the future, perhaps we can use your services in other ways." Grimm offers.

"You just want that dead guy's DNA..?" The rest of the statement seems to be approved, but he does find that bit a bit fishy, as if not sure what good it would bring them.

Grimm shakes his head, "All your DNA….not sure if its just him, but have you heard, 3 burned in the CAS, and dozens more reported all over the city. Just want to check and see if the burned match your DNA or not…least that way you know not to use that SIN since it would flag a dead person." Grimm remarks.

Joseph says "Yes, we wish to know what you know about these serial killings."

"…There's more?" Francis seems unaware. "I mean I heard about the two that happened down town.. But they didn't name anyone on the news.. Who are they..?" He seems concerned, as if some clients of his might come to mind.

Grimm nods, "We can't be sure, most of them have no DNA in the database…..which means no real sins, and we think some of them might be folks you gave out sins to. Could be wrong, but we want to make sure."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Might be a nice time to show him that file."
«Plot» Dorian says, "HE told you what he knew on the video, but you guys have other pieces."

Jo brings out the paper file which he had rolled up like a treasure map as well as stuck down into an inner pocket. He brings it out and straightens it up, then passes over the documented details.

Grimm grunts, "Take a look at the file, see if you notice anything, something maybe familiar to you, or make sense to you."

Francis sweeps through the file, starting from the end where all the random notes are and just shakes his head, he comes up to Brooks' file and pauses. "..That's Harry Brooks.. I know that guy.."

"He's uh… Well I heard a thing about Harry Brooks.. I heard he was a snitch." Francis nods. "That's why they popped him."

"Who did he snitch on?" Grimm asks.

Joseph says "What the frag was he into?"

"Well Harry Brooks was actually a K.E. Informant… He snitched on everyone. Had annonymity, then all of sudden.. They give 'em the necktie. Y'know, that whole tongue through the throat thing. That's what they do to snitches. ."

Grimm leans back slightly in his seat, "You know…no word has come out of the UCAS about killings like this. How much anyone want to bet, KE's informant list got stolen and now someones cleaning house. Likely selling to bidders in each zone, avoiding KE turf due to the added protection the snitches would have….This is just a theory. So, anyone know someone in the UCAS sector with cop contacts?" Grimm inquires

Dorian shakes his head. "Nah I just got Det. Taylor.. I ..well. I know some guys who work for Ares. Kind've the same right?"
You say "Decker type too."

Grimm nods, "That would work, I can also check with someone to see if he heard of panic in the shadows in UCAS."

"They might be trying to avoid the UCAS just because it could clue the K.E. in it on it too. THough by now, they probably noticed." DOrian adds.
You say "Or getting caught too risky?"
You say "I've been meaning to talk about the files. I studied some scenes. This is pretty neat work. In a sense of the term. Other than the first one, the rest are all pro grade."

Grimm shrugs, "We don't have anything solid. So lets simply start making calls and seeing if snitches are scurrying for cover, or if anyone knows anything about the burned bodies, any sector works, but I suggest we start with UCAS. Then we setup our new friend here with a safe place to hide for a while, and some money for his family." He looks to the kid, "Sound good?"

Francis nods. "Yes.. That sounds good."

«Plot» John Grimm says, "Ok then, I'll call Teeg, my fixer, and simply ask what he knows about these recient burnings, if snitches are diving for cover, and if he knows any 'teams' that might tend to burn thier targets after the kill."

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) has the Contact Teeg with the following information:
----> Contact for John Grimm (#5879) <-----
Contact Name: Teeg
Level: 1
Type: fixer
GM Note: Racism +0 (All money is created equal)
Teeg's one of the pros, a fixer at the top of his game, with connections all over the Denver area.
Chummer's like Teeg are a diamond in the rough, a fixer that's willing to stick his neck out for his runners, go that extra mile, dig around a little and do what he can to keep the teams he finds work for from becoming next weeks special at the local chop shop. This comes from the fact that Teeg used to work the other side of the fence, was once the chummer on the other side of the table, getting paid to do the corps dirty work. He still does in a way, but as time wore on, his connections grew, and his age started to creep up on him, he decided it was time to sit back and pass the work forward. He's also sharp as a tack, extremely resourceful, and always tries to stay one step ahead of the game with connections that tend to give him the heads up on what's going on in the shadows.
Teeg's a human male in his early forties with short blonde hair that's starting to go white at the temples. A well trimmed goatee adorns his friendly face, which is often found wearing a smile. A pair of blue chrome cyber eyes harking' back to his days of runnin' the shadows, something that gives a striking contrast to his otherwise impecible dress and appearance. For all his boyish good looks, a few wrinkles have still managed to creep into his features.

«Plot» Dorian says, "May I get an street etiquette, or etiquette roll?"

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Etiquette for "Checking with contact":
1 2 4
«Plot» Dorian says, "Barely but surely."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Teeg will answer Grimm, sooner or later, He has indeed heard a few things that may be relatable. Couple peoples started looking for muscle recently. As for burning Victims even if killed otherwise, that's a little new to him. He only knows what hte news know, they started popping out all over the place."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Next up Dorian will call up Ben Rolfe."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) has the Contact Ben Rolfe with the following information:
----—> Contact for Dorian (#7753) <----—-
Contact Name: Ben Rolfe
Level: 1
Type: corp decker
GM Note: Like Simon, Ben was part of the 'crew' in the older days when the men worked together. He was always a computer wiz which is what landed him his current job as a corporate decker, he's always willing to trade some information or do some quick computer work for a small price.
Body:3, Quick:4, Strength:2, Charisma:2, Intelligence:6, Willpower:4, Reaction:5, KP:2
Computer 6(Decking 8, Programming 7), Electronics 7, Etiquette 3(Corp 4, Matrix 5)

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Etiquette (Street) vs TN 4:
2 5 5 14 = 3 Successes

«Plot» Dorian says, "Dorian will contact Ben, an old boy from the crew back in the day. Prying about the list Ben will be able to track down a seller that goes by ProxYurMom. And a buyer that goes by MeltDown. For a fee, he could try for more."
«Plot» Dorian says, "For a total of 800 bucks, Ben could tell you a popular area he jacks in at. For 2000, he could likely try to locate him right now."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Unless you feel MeltDown is a name one of your contacts might've heard of. A street decker, or maybe a ganger in a deck gang. You could try hitting the streets for some rumors. Matrix Rumors would be hte bomb."
«Plot» John Grimm says, "I've got a LS gang detective contact. Maybe he knows something about this investigation that our jay didnt know."
«Plot» John Grimm says, "Mine is corrupt to the hilt :)"
«Plot» Dorian says, "That's the kind've contact you should've hit in the first place XD"

----> Contact for John Grimm (#5879) <-----
Contact Name: Hector Ramirez
Level: 1
Type: ls gang detective
GM Note: Hector Ramirez is a detective sergeant within the Organized Crimes unit of Lone Star in the CAS Sector. An ork born and raised in Dove Valley, it was inevitable that he would join a gang, but none of his friends expected him to join the biggest gang of them all. One part cop, two parts gangster, the only reason Internal Affairs has not drummed him out of the force is because his tactics are effective, and few are capable or willing to take his place in some of the most violent and corrupt portions of the Denver metroplex. Not exactly the most intelligence or charismatic officer, he relies on hard handed techniques, with his informants, and those who refuse to get in line and with the program.

For Hector Ramirez, the player character successfully protected a drug deal from rival gangers in Dove Valley during August 2076.

Stats: Body 8(10) Quickness 6 Int 3 Cha 2 Str 7 WP 4 React 4(6)+3d6 CP: 7
Skills: Assault Rifles 5, Athletics 4, Car 2, Clubs 6 (Stun Baton 7), Etiquette 3 (Corporate 4, Street 5, Gang 5), Pistols 5 (Ruger Thunderbolt 7), Rifles 5, Shotguns 5, Intimidation 3, Brawling 5 City Law 4, Criminal Organizations 4, Gang Identification 5, Leadership 4, Lone Star Tactics 6, Police Procedures 6
Cyberware: Dermal 2, Boosted Reflexes 3, Smartlink 2, Commlink (Rating 5), Radio (Rating 5) (Based on Elite Officer, New Seattle p114 + Ork Racial Modifiers)

«Auto-Judge[]» John Grimm (#5879) rolls Etiquette for "wooo":
2 3 9
«OOC» Dorian says, "Organized crime is mucho mucho good."
«Plot» Dorian says, "With some talkingto Ramirez, and a thankyou for a previous job, he gives Grimm the downlow on MeltDown. A decker employed by the Cordero family."

«Plot» John Grimm says, "I thank Hector, and will pass him some cred in one of his trixdrops. *Deduct from payout*"
«Plot» Dorian says, "Rightio."

Grimm shakes his head, "Well, I think I got a lucky hit tonight. So, there was a list being sold on the trix….and it was purchased by a decker named Meltdown, who works for the Cordero Family. Now if that doesn't scream what we are looking for, I don't know what does."

«Plot» Dorian says, "So now, you have more names. Motive. Possible reason Star might be staying away from the Cordero's unless they acquire more proof. The Cordero's have recently become huge."

"All of them being snitches as well? Definately makes sense to me. That's probably something the detective might like to know, but he wants an arrest on this.. We need this guy."
«OOC» Dorian adds a Dorian.

"Can't confirm they are all snitches, but its a list of someone the Corderos want gone apparently. Ohh, we are likely looking at a team…soooo, while the pay is fairly good, this seems kinda rough if they are pretty talented, and it could piss off the Corderos. Not to mention we all have been phoning everyone in sight…so good chance if they die, well, we get the check." This is Grimms surmisal.

"Agreed.. This goes beyond what was asked. This isn't just a serial killer anymore. A straight up mob hit." Dorian adds.

"Multiple mob hits from the look. Lets get a sit down with the Jay, and see how he wants to proceed. No intel for him, just a teaser, then he can decide if he wants to pay for the intel only, or he wants to pay more for a team elimination and the wrath of the Corderos." Grimm grunts at this all.

«OOC» John Grimm says, "At this point, I suggest we pause up until everyone is online again, to make a firm decision on how to proceed."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Agreed, because worry not, all your hard work will be paid for all this leg work. This information will land you your money, but there's option for more."
«Plot» Dorian says, "My purpose was to challenge the players tonight, rather than the sheets."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Option for more..WEll that comes with a lot more pow pow."
«Plot» Dorian says, "Sorry if this wasn't your usual combat sneaky plot, but I felt like doing something different and going all Detective Douchebag for a bit."

The burned man with a SIN was a KE snitch
A list was sold on the trix
The list was purchased by a decker named Meltdown
Meltdown works for the Corderos
Almost every burned body was unable to be tracked by DNA, possibly SINless

Theory: List is snitches for KE, and Corderos are paying Meltdown and Crew to take them out."
«OOC» Dorian says, "That's essentially it."

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Organized Crime for "What do I know about these Corderos?!":
2 3 3
«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) rolls Criminal Organizations:
1 2 2 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) has the Contact Cracka Jack with the following information:
----—> Contact for Dorian (#7753) <----—-
Contact Name: Cracka Jack
Level: 1
Type: sucreasi lieutenant
GM Note: A thin, somewhat gaunt and tall male caucasian human. He's got a hint of the southern accent that he brought up with him from Atlanta, CAS. He works primarily as an enforcer for priority jobs, and is the general number 2 man who answers to Sucreasi. He's fairly tight lipped and always looking to get ahead in the Mafia. He occasionaly works with shadowrunners for side jobs or to hire them out for gigs Sucreasi doesn't want to know about or tolerate.

Bod 5 Quick 4 Strength 4 Charisma 3 Intell 4 Will 3 React 3 KP 3

Skills: Etiquette 4 (Mob 6, Street 5), Interrogation 3, Intimidation 5, Negotiation 3, Area Knowledge 4, Pistols 5, Brawling 5, Edged Weapons: 4 Local Politics 2, Rumor Mill 4, Smuggling Routes 2, Underworld Finance 4, Underworld Politics 5

Cyberware: Wired Reflexes level 1, tooth compartment, Low Light Vision, Hearing Amp, Hearing Recorder

«Plot» Dorian says, "So, Dorian will call his Cracka Jack contact, what type of information would you like to ask. Depending on the depth of answers, some might come free, some might cost a little grease."

«Plot» John Grimm says, "Would suggest we ask if news has leaked about a bunch of hits possibly linked to the Corderos."
«Plot» John Grimm says, "Or if a list has been for sale and what the list is about."
«Plot» Joseph says, "Any possible intel on Meltdown and where he might jack in on a regular basis. Bar terminals, etc."
«Plot» Joseph says, "If that is too specific, then their hangouts."
«Plot» Joseph says, "Corderos and Meltdown+Crew."

"Corderos? Listen.. If the Corderos are after you then you probably been yappin', capiche? Now, let's say I do know a couple things about this Meltface, or whatever. This type of things usually don't come for free."

«Auto-Judge[]» Dorian (#7753) spends 1000 nuyen for "Greasing the right pockets.".

«Stats System» Joseph (#337) just gave you 250 nuyen for "Player Plot (GM Dorian): Directly donating to Dorian fund!".

"*beep heard in the background* My man. Alright get this… Cordero's been hittin all these yappin' kids out in the street. Sending out a message to KE trying to infiltrate their business, word is they're trying to organize some big Underground pitfight, big Names showing up and lots of money on the play. Of course, they get a cut on everything."

"This Meltdown kid you're lookin' for, he's cleaning house with his boys to make sure this goes smoothly n' the Knights don't show up."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Anything needing to be asked?"

Commlink-VM> Joseph inquires electronically, "Cordero haunts?"

Grimm doesn't have any questions, cause he honestly wants to avoid anything to do with the mob, hell, not even sure he wants to tell this cop the mobs involved.

"If they're hittin' up the CAS they might be using one of their 'businesses' as a hideout, I can't give you more than that. Later."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Alright, so now you guys have all this information. And you clearly know you're not tracking down a single serial killer, but rather a Mob wetsquad. This clearly goes over your original contract with the detective, it might be wise to confront him at this point with all you got."

«Plot» Dorian says, "Unless you guys wish to look at another angle, or acquire more."

Grimm grunts, "Ok, so I say we call the jay, tease him with a tidbit and see if he will payout for the info dump. I'd rather not fight a team, let alone a team on a mission from the mob. Not really folks I care to get on the bad side of."

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) has the Contact Roger Smith with the following information (only to Dorian):
-----> Contact for Joseph (#337) <-----
Contact Name: Roger Smith
Level: 2
Type: detective
GM Note: Roger Smith, aka "The Negotiator", is a rather competent and extremely flexible man. Dane and Roger were once beatcop partners, but now he does solo detective work for CAS Denver LS. He is very good at what he does, and is better suited for negotiating high-risk situations against dangerous people. Some of his prior success with hostage takers has earned him the aforementioned alias. He knows Dane was a good cop and fired unjustly, and he still holds great respect for Dane and will help him out whenever he can. Directly shooting people usually goes against his own code of personal ethics, (which does not stop him from beating their ass H2H style), but Roger can do amazing things with firearms, getting creative when enemies endanger his life.
GM Note: CAS LoneStar Detective (Human Mundane Face, Matrix Militia Member)
GM Note: BOD 4, QUI 4, STR 4, CHA 6, INT 6, WIL 6, ESS 4.x, MAG N/A
GM Note: BioIndex 1.2 from Enhanced Articulation and Mnemonic Enhancer 3
GM Note: Installed AlphaWare Implants = Datajack, HeadWare Memory 200MP, KnowSoftLink, Transducer, Math SPU3, Smartlink-II, and Vehicle Control Rig 1
GM Note: Athletics 4, Ambidex 4, Stealth 4, Pistols 4, Whips 4, Boxing 4 (Disorient, Evasion), Clubs 4, Projectile Weapons 4, Spray Weapons 4, Negotiation 6, Etiquette 6, Instruction 4, Interrogation 3 (Verbal 5), Intimidation 3 (Mental 5), LeaderShip 3 (Investigations 5), Disguise 4, Demo 4 (B/R 4), Gunnery 4 (B/R 4), Bike 4 (B/R 4), Cars 4 (B/R 4), Walkers 6 (B/R 4), Computers 4 (B/R 4), Electronics 6 (B/R 6)
GM Note: English 4=7, Latin 3=6, CitySpeak 1=4, Sperethiel 1=4, Or'zet 1=4, French 1=4, Japanese 1=4, Spanish 1=4, Italian 1=4, Navajo 1=4, Sioux 1=4
GM Note: Police Investigations 5=6 (Matrix Searches 7=8), Police Tactics 3=4 (Undercover Ops 5=6), Security Systems 5=6, Crime Orgs 3=4, Fine Wines 3=4, Classical Music 3=4, Fashion 3=4 (Noir 5=6), Gardening 1=2 (Tomatoes 3=4)

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph briefly inquires about the general notions surrounding these 'serial killings', just to see if Roger knows anything. He won't mention the mob junk yet.

«Auto-Judge[]» Joseph (#337) rolls Etiquette (to Dorian):
3 3 5 5

«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "Smith will get back to Joseph with the bits of info, and like Joseph Taylor, he's aware of the recent media fiasco about the Coffin Killer."

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph says, "Sounds good."
«Plot-Page» (To: Joseph) Dorian says, "However he's not hte detective on the case, he knows Joseph Taylor was appointed to it as he's a boss mofo who usually handles the high profile murders once he gets his sights set on them."

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph thanks him. That 500 from Gabriel/Saints can go to Roger. XD

Dorian nods to that. "Definately agree. This isn't one guy anymore, this is many guys, possibly well equiped."

Joseph says "Let's call him. If Taylor won't bite, I might know a guy who will."

Gnarf observes the others and lights another leaf-covered cig. He takes a few drags and mentions, "The list must have a matching file, if these guys are priority snitches or undercover KE. I presume they might not be SINless, but have their identities under lockdown. The Corderos have their hands on information which we could trail back, if all else fails. They must have a handler, a fulltimer with the Corderos, who gives them marching orders. If they are fulltimers themselves, they must do what you see in mob trids, like go to their mob meetings. They will have mob linked inputs." He nods at Grimm, "I do not want to fight them or sneak around the mob to get them alive from under the nose of the mob, either."

"No this is definately more a shoot to kill scenario." Dorian agrees. "However we did manage to pull out he Seller's name too. A matrix ID but still an ID none the less. This is another information we can hold on to for negotiating purposes."

Joseph says "What if we can get the cops to SWAT sting them and we just 'boost' em with tidy info and a few shots from a ways away? Their whole focus would be on the police officers while we are not seemingly 'present'."

Grimm shakes his head, "Lets talk to the jay first, if he insists on hitting the crew, then we can ask about directing him and swat, otherwise I'm not thinking the risk is worth it. Lets not make any plans till we even know if we got a next step. He may not even offer to pay more!"

"Yeah I'm not smacking the mob for 20k, that's for sure." Dorian agrees. "We'll see what he wants, then he can do what he wants with the info. If he wants to hire me for more drek, money will talk."

Joseph nods slightly, "Mostly shelving ideas for a later time, but yes, let us figure out what is going on. Do we meet him there again?" He steps over to the back doors of the panel van.

"Yeah that's the rendez vous point, I'll give him a call and we can meet up there." Dorian answers.

«Plot» Dorian says, "Alright, unless there's anything else, you will be montaged to the meet."

Joseph nods and bails out, heading over to his Ford Americar (Lonestar Version), then he gets in and drives off to the meeting locale.

Gnarf nods slowly after hearing what the others' wishes are. "Agreed," the Native chimes in, "Taylor also has every little piece from his private evidence locker documented which makes it worth much less. I would not use any of that gear in the CAS or at an LS guarded site outside of the CAS."

As our brain dead Runners finally ran through all their clues and leads, calling up every single person they knew, and hassled some information out of poor Francis, they finally have something to present to Detective Taylor. The sun is going down, it's been a long day running around and chasing leads. At the warehouse, Detective Joseph Taylor will be waiting for them with his usual cigarette and leaning on the same car as before.

Grimm will pull inside the warehouse with his van, parking it slightly off to the side, but with the front end aiming straight for an exit bay. He steps out of his van and nods to the Jay. He would have taken anyone else who wanted a ride or stuff.

Joseph again parks inside the warehouse interior in the same manner Grimm does, then he steps out and closes up the Ford Americar. He smiles faintly, then, and steps over in his earlier clothes (since he could drive hands free).

The Scarface will arrive with his Honda soon after, having picked it up from Hal's Hardware store where it was left earlier. As soon as he's out the car, he lights himself a smoke and nods to the Detective. "Alright.. Got some interesting drek for ya."

Joseph Taylor nods to his gathered runners and nods. "Alright, where's my arrest, first of all?"

Grimm grunts, "Yea, here's the thing. Your arrest…is a team of hitters, pros. Working for some very influental people. You want all the details, well we need to discuss how much the info is worth, cause your offer ain't worth taking out a pro team and pissing off some major folk."

Joseph Taylor arches an eyebrow at this, and rubs his chin. "How major we tallking?" Is this his career greed talking, or cautiousness? Hard to tell.

Gnarf drove in the ork's van again. He did not have to move much for that which is a great benefit. He has to leave the ride now and waddle up to where the talk happens. He nods gravely and tries to pull the serious, mean guy looks as a quiet backup performance for now.

Joseph quietly explains, "Major enough most runners will not deal with them unless there are oodles of yen to compensate."

"If this is Corporate Big you can forget it." Det. Taylor shakes his head, that's one place he won't dare go. He liked living, and his family.

Grimm shakes his head, "Look, make us an offer for the intel alone, we tell you all we know, then you make a decision. Our intel explains every death, including the ones in other sectors."

"Alright, say I give you the stash." The detective adds.
Gnarf speaks now, "What the ork says." The horizontally large man pauses in a show of nice timing and adds, "Thank you, sir."

A furrowed brow forms on Grimms face, "Say you give it to us, the intel is good, and its not something you want to move forward on. Then what. Or, it is something you want to move forward on, what then. Give us both scenarios."

"Well, say your intel is good, and I don't want to move on it, atleast I'll know to stop pumping manpower and hours into this drek. Find another way to shut the media up eventually… But if it is good and I wanna move on it, we'll have a talk at a different time about moving on. I might have to talk to some of my people, depending on the level of this, y'know?" Taylor adds.

Gnarf crosses his arms slouches a bit less and looks between the others.

Joseph glances around at each individual and then again back to Joseph Taylor.

Commlink-VM> Joseph sends, « Shall we commence with the info? »
Commlink-Grimm> John Grimm sends, « I'm good, I can tell him if everyone agrees »
Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « Yeah I'm good. »

Grimm nods, "Seems we all agree. Here is the deal. A decker named ProxYurMom seems to have stolen KE's snitch list. It was auctioned on the trix, and purchased by a decker named Meltdown. Meltdown works for the Corderos, and word from other groups is the Corderos are indeed taking out snitches as a sign to anyone else trying to blab. Its apparent Meltdown works with a pro crew to do these hits. There is also a big event coming up Cordero is going to sponser, part of the reason they are making sure folks know the penalty for talking. As for Meltdowns and his teams location, he is likely using a Cordero biz as a hideout, also and this is not as hard detail, but we believe they roll in a citymaster or something similar."

Joseph listens closely before adding in, "Yeah, they wanna do some pit fighting, and they got their panties in a twist over Knight Errant snooping around."

The Det. is doing his oldschool work, jotting notes down on his notepad as he does. "This is pretty big.. We solve K.E.'s fiasco.. This is interesting." He continues. "I don't think a direct attack agaisnt hte Cordero's or their sponsored event is wise though, but might be worth looking into as well. (Possible plots there too!) ..However I do want this Meltdown guy, and his squad. What do you have to back up that kind of info on them?"

Gnarf knows Taylor is a sucker for hard and incriminating evidence like all cops. They do not have so much going by numbers. He keeps quiet again.

Joseph says "Multiple sources. We just sorta asked around, like you guys can."
Joseph says "They were all from different factions, and so it lined up."

Grimm grunts, "There is a trix trail for the auction, selling between Proxyurmom and Meltdown, but anything else is word of mouth from reliable sources. We got the word that the body with the SIN you guys have, is a KE snitch."

Taylor nods as he jots down more, underlining from previously jotted down information. "Alright.. Harry Brooks? A K.E. Snitch? ..Oh man Knight is going to look like shit on this." He flips the pad close and puts it in his pocket. "U-Stor-It, lot #67. Keycode to enter is 831451." He opens the door of his car. "I'll talk with my guys, validate some of these leads… However..Should this be false, I'll be coming for every single one of you." He says matter-of-factly. "Oh…And Don't keep what's in there. Just word of advice." He enters his car. Likely confirming Gnarf's suspicions on that gear being listed somewhere, possibly linked to other murders and hte like already.

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Joseph asks Roger to keep him posted on whatever he hears (but not to go out of his way to spend hours or anything like that to do so).


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