Blood in the Water pt 2
GM: Thog
Players: Criticalfault
Synopsis: Critical hacks into Cyberdynamix's host to find mission critical intel.
Date: May 4, 2070

Logfile from Denver Shadow Run.

Gathering his supplies, Criticalfault calls in Remy for backup, "So you got the plan then? It wont be exciting, but its kind of important. Things go
bad and i start bleeding from the nose or ears, pull this pull and drag me out of here. Doc wagon will come running, it shouldn't come to that but worse
case, you know?"

It's a dreary night, the overcast sky presses down on the alley that smells of refuse and other less pleasant things. The air is fairly warm here and

Remy smirks playful, "Well da plan is this my friends , I have no idea how heavy its gonna be for you in there. Have no idea about there trix thins.
I assume you have some sorta idea opn where to start looking ?" He looks quite serious, "I would hope also we could get more of a positive location and ID on our Target? Can dat be done ?" … "By da by , I hope dis ias the best spot you could get fer dis, smells a bit in ere."

Crit takes a look around and shrugs, "Good of place as any. I'll grab whatever I can before thinks get thick." He gives a nods, "Red Light flashing
means drag me off." He shifts up against a brick building and takes a deep breath and plugs in his dataline to his jack from his deck and then goes limp.

Remy grabs his wrist, "Wait."

Remy says "Thought dat was only if dere is blood?""

Yeah, Crit's meat is limp right now, but his mind is flying. Cracking CAS's LTG is a cinch the halo of pretty lights resolve into a digital overlay
of Denver, complete with high-res pictures for the grid.

Materializing inside the CAS' RTG, Criticalfault form comes together, to form a UML icon of the male restroom icon, with floating error codes
swirling around his body. He loads his programs to bare around his form and finally removes a key with hundreds of shifting teeth in one hand with a glowing
firefly in the other, He speaks to the firefly, "Find me Cyberdynamix's LTG". He then fires it off into the Matrix.

The key slots into the seem, and the building pulses start to tune to the key…

The building intones, "Access denied. Please refrain from attempting unauthorized access. This is your only warning." Then the key is spit out, and
lands on the ground at Crit's feet.

Leaning over Crit grabs the key and mutters, "Alright, no more mister nice guy.". He takes a few moments to recover and then modifies the key with a few program updates. "Lets see what you think about this." He JAMS the key into the system

The building pings, and a lighted seam parts to allow access to Crit's icon, on the otherside is a long hall, subjectively twelve feet tall and ten
wide. It seems to run for more then a kilometer. Your deck alearts you to a triggered IC, though where or what remains unknown.

Criticalfault notices the reading and decides its time to disappear for a bit while he looks for his file. He activates his cloak and disappears into
a random data string from within the server.

The big brother, it's an all see thing. While Crit tries to evade the ominous eyes follow him.

Loading up the firefly once more Crit holds out a hand and lets it float to his face, "Locate the most recent R&D Data from Cyberdyn". He then tosses it and waits for it to line a trail for him to follow.

The fly buzzes off, and is gone for a pretty long time, or at least feels that way. When it returns, pops open a diagram, a blue pulsing indicating
current location. From there it traces a path to what appears to be yet another host, connected to this one. That host has four branches within it. A name,
R&D Host pulses blue. The others are named Shipping, Human Resources and Security.

Finding the access point is easy now that your inside. This has four doors leading off a great atrium, the large palms that line the side are chrome
and pulse with energy as do the walls and floor.

«Plot» Criticalfault says, " I have the file located within this host or do i need to locate it again?"

The doors are labeled, R&D, HR, Shipping, and Security. All appear 'locked'.

«OOC» Criticalfault ahs

«Plot» Thog says, "Paranoia isn't a requirement on the 'trix, it's a way of life."

Critical raises his trusty key once more, resequencing it and then pushing it into the R&D Door.

The door opens, within looks like a cross between a library and a science lab.

The fly, ever present at the moment zips off, leaving a trail for the decker to follow.

Criticalfault follows the fly along the lit trail while trying to weed through some of the files it comes up with that fit but isnt what hes looking

The fly finally leads Crit to a cabinet marked, for the last 8 months. Apparently they're working hard on recovering for their bad launches.

Crit grins widely and reaches a hand out to grab the file and stuff it into his icon.

File download, fault, unable to download file…

Crit snaps his hand back and shakes his head, "Rookie mistake..". He waves a hand over the cabinet and peers through a glowing orb at the code

Beyond the labels on the cabinet, it seems the rest of it is gibberish, and gobbledigook.

Criticalfault studies the file for a few moments and loads a decryption program. He opens a book and begins reciting aspects from the book, swirling
the visibile words into the icon.

Crit grins widely once more and reaches a hand out to grab the file and stuff it into his icon. This time, hopefully successesfully

As if by magic, which is odd considering the technofilia going on here, the letters shift about, until they make sense. Give names and file sizes.
Total size is 3000 mp. The begin shifting into his pocket.

Download progress: 16.5%…33%

Criticalfault continues to move around the shelf, stuffing the glowing marked books into a large duffel bag. The percentages on the side goes faster
and faster as the files begins to fill up his storage memory.

Download Progress: 49.5%…66%

Criticalfault moves and tries to shuffel books wholesale into his duffel bag and then notices a blinking red light in his field of vision, "Oh boy,
proby is back in action..".

Download progress: 82.5…the light flashes again, something is beginning to track the data movement.

There it is, a beagle chrome white with black chrome spots…looking remarkably like Snoopy.

Critical rolls up some of his icon to look remarkibly like a newspaper, then delivers a blow to the beagle icon!

The news paper lands solid on Snoopy's nose sendin the icon crashing to the ground. Right before it hits, Crit holds his hand over the Icon and
surrounds it in a glowing cage of energy, it derezzing on and off inside the cage.

Download Complete

The system seems to not like you at the moment. Acess to the atrium has been denied, "Personel in R&D have complete access to what they need, in the R&D Host."

Criticalfault redefines his key and mutters, "Man i need to upgrade." He slams it back in the door. "Open Saysme".

"Access granted."

Appearing back within the Atrium, Critical sticks his key where it doesn't belong once more. "HR Please.".

Criticalfault produces a razor thin error code block from his torso and hones it into a sword like weapon. He then lunges at the loveable robot,
striking toward its center!

Criticalfault slices deep into the icon and finds its center, the icon falls to the ground with a pitful noise, almost instantly Crit encases it in a
cage like the others, holding it from the system's notice.

The system doesn't note the elimination of the IC. Allowing you a moment to do something.

While franticly writing up a User account for the HR host, a giant Sharpie that's red rounds the corner. Just as you finish, it passes by leaving you

You thought it was going to leave you alone, sneaky devil tried to blind-side you.

Criticalfault sees the Marker double back and raises his arms into the sky toward the drop ceiling and begins to discorperate, erasing his datatrail
from ever being in the system.

The last you see before your eyes pop open is a big red tip passing where you were.

Searching, 100 matching.

Searching 10 files matching, would you like to narrow your search?

Criticalfloats within his own cubical in the system now, looking through the files floating to him. He hums and digs in deeper, searching only for
those who have bad black marks.

The system kicks back three files: Security Ops Manager (3rd shift) One year ago was reprimanded to third shift for excessive force when dealing with terminated employee. Warehouse Supervisor, three reprimands or warnings for drinking on the job, most three or more months old. Financial Manager, Denver Branch, Many notes about inappropriately loud discussion with senior executives about budgeting practices, termination of employment pending review of performance.

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