Blood In The Water
GM: Thog
Players: Karya (primary this part), Remy, Effek, Deborah, Criticalfault, and Torro (last five observing and meeting later)
Synopsis: Mysterious J hires Karya to assemble a team to critically wound Cyberdynamix.
Date: May 2, 2070

Logfile from Denver Shadow Run.

Plot Room #1(#452RJ$)

The Classic Cafe reminds one of the old Starbucks chain of the early twentieth. It's floored with what looks like real hardwood of a rich coffee
color. The air hangs heavy and heady with -real- coffee. And yes, there is a security check and dress code here. There is a register, but orders are taken by
live people in white button up shirts, black slacks and black aprons.
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Criticalfault [Player]
Remy [Player] [IC]
Deborah [Player]
Karya [Player] [IC]
Effek [Player]
Obvious exits (Current location: @tel #452):
Out <O>

-=Beep-beep=- Karya's phone or trix mail notifier alerts her.

Karya quikly answers her phone with a soft "Hello?"

"Karya, how are you doing tonight?" A familar voice on the other end states, "I hope you're not overly busy, are you?" The voice sounds as slick as a
used car salesman.

Karya smiles and puts on her shoes, "I'm fine tonight and no I'm not to busy." She smoothes her hair as she waits for what she needs not to be busy for.

"Good to hear, you're available," again sounding slick as oil, "but then you're usually are for your friend Sam, eh? Anyways, I have this friend, her
name is Trish and she needs to talk with someone, would you mind meeting with her?"

Karya nods as she says, "Of course Sam. Where to and what does she look like?"

"The Classic Cafe, she'll be in the back corner with an antique apple lap, white in color, in front of her." Replies Sam, "Oh, and do take special
care of her, are we understanding?"

Karya smiles, "Alright I can be there in a few minutes." She laughs softly, "Now Sam have I ever let you down? Of course I will take care of her."

"Very well, ta-ta," Sam says before hanging up. Ever get that feeling you needed a shower after talking with someone, yeah that's Sam a real slick talker.

Karya sighs as she hangs up. She shakes her head and calls a cab to take her to the Classic Cafe. She rubs her hands on her pants as she waits for
her cab to try and get rid of the slightly slimey feeling she always gets from Sam's calls.

Karya soon arives at the Cafe and after paying the cabby, she walks into the Cafe. She heads to the back corner as she was indicated to by Sam.

If Sam was a used car salesman, Trish is the BMW dealer. She sits in a secluded corner, a large cup of some type of coffee sits next to her, honest
to god working, Apple Laptop, which is white. She's dressed in a fashionably conservative skirt and jacket with a pinkish-white top. Her hair is brown and
held in place on one side by a jewel studded clip. This person, actually all the patrons here, scream money without uttering a sound.

Karya smiles softly as she gets to the table with Trish. "You would be Trish, yes?" She says softly. She waits near the table to be invited to sit
down. She doesn't look bothered by Trishes clothes in the least but she regretts not asking Sam what kind of person she was meeting. She may have dressed
more appropriately than she was in her regular black shirt and pants.

Trish looks up from her computer screen, the game solitaire can be seen as glint in her eyes, "Ahh, you must be the young lady Sam recommended," she gestures to the other seat at the table, "please join me, coffee?" she asks engagingly while simply folding the screen down on her laptop.

Karya nods and sits, "That's me. No coffee, I can't stand the stuff. I will take tea though, thank you." She smiles brightly to Trish.

With a gesture Trish summons one of the waiters, "Whatever my friend wishes," looking to Karya to order.

Karya smiles at the waiter and softly orders a tea. After the waiter leaves with her order she says softly with a tilt of her head, "If you don't
mind me saying you don't seem like the type of person to know Sam. Now I know that I may be completely mistaken but I am curious as to why I was called here today."

Trish flashes a smile, something a little unsettling about that smile that brings to mind wild hunting animals, "My dear, it's part of my job to know
people like Sam, and when I asked if he knew someone who could work _discreetly_ he recommended you," she pauses her soft statement once the waiter brings the hot water and tea bag, yep that's real tea too, "Since you are here, I'm assuming he was correct."

Karya takes the tea bag and sets it gently into the water. "He is correct. I can work discreetly. Now if it isn't to forward might I inquire as to
what I am to be doing discreetly." She smirks at Trish. She smoothes her hair behind her ears in a normal gesture for her.

Trish nods once, "To the point to, I like that," she sips her coffee her gaze flitting about the room briefly before settling fully on Karya, "You've
heard of the trouble Cyberdynamix has been having of late? And of it's likely out come by the end of the year?"

Karya nods, "Yeah they are going bankrupt, haven't been able to make deliveries and failed some product launches." She looks at Trish for a moment, "So what does that have to do with you?" She tips her head to the side slightly.

"With me," Trish asks with an 'air' of innocence, "why nothing, with my employers, that's another story. We'd like you to put together a team, to
help Cyberdyn along. We've several objectives we'd like your team to accomplish."

Karya nods, "Ah, I see. What should I be looking for in a team and how much are you willing to pay?" She smiles brightly and sets her elbows on the
table with her fingers laced together. Her chin rests on her hands as she watches Trish, "Also the objectives would be nice to know as well."

Trish waves a dismissive hand to the first question, "Team composition is entirely up to you. To answer your last question, we're highly interested
in current R&D files, we believe there's at least one valuable person there we'd like to talk to, and we've gotten some spotty Intel about several shipments
of goods, under contract to the government, that could potentially save Cyberdynamix from immediate dissolution, if it's true we'll need to intercept them,
that we cannot allow to happen." She pauses to finish her mostly empty coffee, "As for pay we're offering eighty thousand nuyen in tradeable commodities."

Karya smiles softly, "So let me get this straight. You want me to get a file, find out if there are shipments going to the government, intercept said
shipments and am I to guess you would like this 'valuable person' brought to you?" She stirs her tea as she takes the tea bag out of her cup, "Now if I am
correct in all of the previous statements, then I am to wonder if the price is set at eighty thousand." She looks up at Trish with a smile.

Trish thinks for a few moments, "That is a lot to ask for, tell you what, if there are shipments going to the government we require interception.
We'll also ask that at least one other objective, your choosing, be completed. If you complete all three we'll add a ten thousand nuyen bonus?" Now down to
the nuts and bolts of the deal.

Karya nods and smiles, "Now if we choose to take this 'valuable person,' how are we to know who they are and where to bring them? If we take all
three there is obviously inherit danger, especially since we are going to attempt to take someone. Now with that said I think 10 k bonus isn't enough. Now if
I give my word that we will do all three, shall the price increase on your part?" She smirks.

"The valuable person, would likely be someone who is…how shall we say it, dissatisfied with things, likely someone with marks on their record for
being loud about disagreements," Trish smooths one sleeve on her jacket, "We'll bring the bonus up to a total of forty thousand, and we promise not to be
upset if you don't meet all objectives, as long as you meet two of the three." She looks at Karya hard now.

Karya smiles a bright satisfied smile, "Miss Trish I do beleive we have a deal. Just a bit more information and I will get started on the team. Where
do we bring the information and person when we complete our objectives?" She tips her head slightly to the side with a smirk.

Trish the smirk with a predatory smile, "For the duration, I will be your interface with our employers," she reaches into her jacket and pulls out a
plain card with just a single trix mail address, "You can contact me here, for delivery instructions when required, I check the final destination once a day,
so be sure you can sit on it for a while, should the need arise."

Karya nods and takes the card, "No problem." She pockets the card with a smile. "Thank you and I shall contact you when the jobs are done."

Trish stands, offering a handshake to Karya, "It was a pleasant talk, but now I must go attend to other business." The predator gone, the congenial
personality returned.

Karya smiles, "It was a pleasent talk." She takes Trishes hand in hers and shakes it gently. "I should be starting on my end of business as well."

Trish leaves after paying for the drinks.

Karya pulls out her phone and another little card she had been given. She rings up Critical with a soft smile. She stirs the tea she hadn't touched

Appearing within a tiny floating programming suite in the matrix, Criticalfault clicks the floating icon and appears on Karya's phone. An icon floats
toward the view point. "Criticalfault, Decker for hire, what can i do you for?"

Karya smiles brightly, "Hi there Crit. Remember me? I have a job that is right up your alley. Interested?" She tips her head slightly to the side in

Criticalfault nodding slowly the icon shifts with a grin, "Yea, i'm game. Where and when for the meet?"

Karya smiles, "I am currently at the Classic Cafe, if you want to meet me here I can stay but I do hope you can deal with others because I am making a team of a few people." She grins.

Criticalfault says "I work well as a team. I've got a few things to finish up around here then i can leave. Meet you there in a few. Thanks for the
call." Crit waves a hand and the call ends, "Alright. Its go time!"

Karya laughs softly as the call ends and shakes her head. She then dials up Remy.

Remy amswers, "Hloa, ? Good , Good , …what cuase you got for the call chere'?"

Karya smiles and laughs, "I have a job and I'm forming a team, I may need some help security wise. Wanna help? I am in the Classic Cafe rounding up help. Come on by if you are interested."

Remy smiles slightly, "Actually, I know the perfect Sammie as well, mind an addtional ?"

Karya smiles and nods, "Sure, now I have to go. I need to call someone else to get the rest of the team." She ends the call with a small goodby and calls up her trusty fixer peirce, to get the word out that she needs some people willing to work on a team.

The shadow vine, it's a wonderful thing isn't it? Any rate, Deborah and Effek(currently offline but that's alright) are informed that a new talent
Face is putting together a team. The meet, for that is at The Classic Cafe (dress code enforced).

Torro revs the engine of his giant motorcycle. The wind blows lightly against his face, effectively blocking the wind from his tiny passenger. He
rolls to a stop and palnts his booted hooves on the ground. He creeps into a parking space specifically for trolls. He kicks the stand out and kills the
engine. He leans the huge motorcycle onto the stand and climbs off. He cracks his knuckles loudly. The sunlight glares off of his sunglasses. He casts a
surly look at Remy and snorts lightly. He steps towards the entrance of the cafe, looking behind him occasionally to see if Remy is in tow. He pushes the
door open and steps inside. His eyes scane the room quickly, the semi angry, surly expression still planted on his face even as he reaches up and removes his

Piling off the tube with the others, Critical makes his way into the Cafe, taking his time to first dewrinkle his dress shirt and pants. He takes a
deep breath and enters looking for Karya who he spots in the back and quickly sits down in front of her. "Good to see you Karya, great to hear from you. So
whats the slice?"

Deborah receives the call and smirks at the location. A decent place in the CAS, not too terribly far from Mountain Hills. The dress code makes her
efforts of transportation somewhat limited, though, so she grabs a cab to the cafe. Once she arrives, she climbs out of the cab dressed for a professional
first impression. She wears an outfit by Zoe, of the Futura line, primarily black with bits of red trim here and there, and her dark red hair (not the orange
many think of, but actual red) hair is pulled into a bun. She wears glasses with a thin silver rim. Her shoes click as she walks from the cab to inside, and
contine on slightly higher in pitch once she crosses from concrete outside to indoor flooring. The only odd thing about her approach is the way she does it,
her hips almost… well, slinking is the only word that could be used to describe them, keeping tempo with any music that might be played in the backround.

Remy steps around the massive muscle. He decides for the moment that his fighting staff is good enough on the Trolls bike. He moves around and
smiles slightly. Moving smoothly toward Kyra's Table, "Now there is a beauty. I understand there is some need." He sits easily enough.

Discretion seems to be the order of the day here. The staff, though do give second even third glances at the patrons that have recently arrived but go about their business with one notable exception, no-one approaches the quickly crowded table to take orders of any of the runners.

Karya patiently waits for everyone to get to her table. She smiles at Remy and Critical. "It good to see you both." She looks to the other arrivals
and motions them to the table, for them to sit. "Ok first thing is that we should all know each others names. I'm Karya." She smiles softly, "I will then
explain the job once we have all been introduced."

Torro just calmly follows Remy. He kneels down at the table where Remy settles. His eyes scan the tables occupants. He listens intently at the
friendly banter between the parties involved. He listens closely to Karya as she lays out all the details

"Deborah," the human woman says once she has sat down at the table, left leg crossed over her right, and her hands together on the table, fingers
laced. She seems focused on the others, allowing introductions to be made, looking almost as if she is methodically putting names to faces as the details are

Remy smiles fainty, "I am called Remy by most,"

Criticalfault adds quickly, "Criticalfault..Crit, Fault, it all works."

Torro looks to Deborah and snorts lightly. He offers no hand but says quietly."Torro"…simple…to the point, the surly expression remained. He
chewed lightly, the light scent of bubble gum, eminated from his mouth, but the circular chewing motion gave the image of a bovine chewing cud. He blew a
bubble and it made an audible popping noise and he retracted the rubbery material back into his mouth.

Karya smiles brightly, "Good good. Now that we have introductions out of the way, you must all be wondering why you were called here. We have three jobs but we can take two if we so wish. I will leave it up to everyone on wether or not we should take all three." She folds one of her legs over her other. "Now the jobs deal with Cyberdynamix and their impending doom. Our employers want to speed up said doom. Any questions so far?"

Criticalfault shakes his head and grabs his poc-sec to record somethings in case he forgets. "I'm with you so far"

Torro snorts lightly and looks over at her, listening.

Deborah inclines her head in interest, but otherwise keeps quiet in order to hear the whole pitch out. Questions have a way of answering themselves if you give the person telling you things enough time to get to the point.

Remy smirks faintly with a bit of dimple for good measure, "Nah, but as they say da devil is in the details," He relaxes back in his seat a bit.

Karya smiles softly, "Alright. Now for the jobs themselves. This first one is we have to complete whether we choose to only take two of the jobs. We have to find out if there is a shipment of goods that are government bound and intercept it before it gets there. The second job is to find the current R&D files. The third we have to take a person of interest from the company. As I said we can choose to take two of the jobs. Now before I talk about payement are there any questions on the jobs?" She looks around the table at everyone.

Criticalfault nods slowly, "Well i know I can take a crack at finding the files…"

Remy shakes his head, "We might need a decker, cause I can tell you for nuthin I will be of no kinda help if dose be Trix files,…" He looks to the
thin man, "Well den, I assume you have a desc and loc for dis person of Interest? And well , we need some details bout da goods to be fraged."

Deborah nods when asked if she has questions. "The shipment… do we have any idea what it might be?" she asks first, then adds, "Also, the Person of Interest," the capitalization can almost be heard, the way she speaks, "What do we know about them?"

Torro speaks up a bit for the first time. "Does the person we need to get, have to be breathing when we deliver him?" He asks with a serious tone,
but some people might consider his question comical.

Remy glances toward the huge Minautour, "I do believe it sounds like an exstraction, it'd be my guess said person will be willing to come with us."

karya smiles at Remy, "That is what Crit here is for and for the person the we need to take from the company…" She sighs and shakes her head, "All I got was that they were dissatisfied and have marks against them on their file about being loud about disaggreaments. As for the goods being shipped to the government, well they weren't even sure if it is true. So I have no idea what it is." She looks at Torro, "I would asume so since our employers wish to speak with him or her." She looks at everyone again, "Any more questions?"

Deborah shakes her head. "No questions that need answers before acceptance of the job, other than pay," she says. "Only details for each task at hand as they present themselves. I see no need for concern over details of an extraction of personel when we might be currently focused on obtaining a file."

Karya shakes her head, "No they didn't. I'm sorry Crit." She nods to Deborah. "Our payment is to be eightly thousand nuyen worth of tadeable
commodities and a bonus of forty thousand if we complete all three jobs."

Torro arches a brow for a moment. He stops chewing for a moment and then begins chewing again. "Count me in for all three." The sound of that much cash was alluring to the stout minotaur.

Remy nods quickly, "As long as we can find the correct employee, I said we at least try for all three."

After a few moments of consideration, Deborah nods. "Count me in, as well, at least for what tasks can be handled in the flesh. I'm afraid my…
versatility, is limited by what normal people can do. I have no magic, nor a way to traverse the 'trix."


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