Beavis Return
GM: Elena
Players: Laz, Elena
Synopsis: Beavis returns in a new exciting adventure with Laz and Elena.
Date: August 23 2071

One day a man was appearing in Laz's usual pub. He had a letter with him, signed by a very familiar Tir Princes signature. The man off course was an elf and also from the Tir. But his business was concerning the woods of the Sioux. Something had been 'lost' there. And it was wanted back. The item in question off course was illegal in nature and not to be disclosed. But as it had fallen down in an area that was far from 'accessible' at least for the agents of your new customer he had asked fo advice with his Prince and then the name Laz had been mentioned. After a little donation no doubt. And here you were faced with this man. Asking you to take this job to retrieve what was lost. Offering a drastic 100K for the job, but making it a crucial point that the nature of the item stayed secret and that it was entering the hands of it's owner undamaged.

A typical day in Denver finds Laz at the Chrome, as close as he gets to a usual, probably. When he is approached by the elven Amerind, he switches to Sioux after welcoming the man to his table.

"Well met. Any friend of Prince Aidan is a friend of mine. But before we go any further, I must hear the key word which proves that you are sent from him?"

The man fowns, "Well, its a quite intelligible word… ", he then mutters out with much hard trying the sperethiel word for 'treasure' in the elven tongue. "I hope that this is close enough… I am not really a linguist, you must know…"

Laz smiles, "This is close enough." He leans back, not ordering a drink. "I am listening, but if you have a white noise generator, now is the time."

The man shrugs, "In this place is enough background noise that we can easily ignore that. Besides I was told each table here offers that service at a small fee…", he then ask the barbot to activate the WNG. And a soft hum starts to be heard.

The man then, nods, "Well, the item in question is a secret prototype of a new generation of matrix-devices. We're still testing them and this one got lost during a field test. You might encounter the remains of the team that used the device. I suggest you get magic support as there was something out there eliminating the first team quite nicely. Thus why we were looking for someone with experience in … unusual situations. Who you take with you is up to you. Or how many…"

"I have someone very obvious in mind, but as you say, I won't bore you with the details. However, do provide me with any information. What was the team doing with a matrix device in the field? What was the last point of contact? Any information about the nature of who or what eliminated them? Do you have a dossier, verbal or otherwise, for me?" asks Laz, all business now.

J shrugs, "Why they were out there is of no consequence to your mission. They where out there for a good reason is all you need to know. We have no idea about what happened. The communication broke off due to a mana warp or a strong manastorm. There is no way to tell what hit them. Could have been a Juggernaut, a spirit, or simply some mercenaries. But we are worried about that manawarp or whatever it was to be connected to this…"
He then slips a chip over to Laz, "These are the dossiers on the men and our last known position is added in it on a map on the area they got lost in."

Laz nods, "Understood. What was the size of the party and what were their skill sets? What level of magical support, if any, did they have?" asks Laz, clearly trying to get a sense of how much firepower he should bring in.

The man shrugs, "It was a technical field team. They had no magical support at all. Other than a german guy who was able to do nothing but have a peek at the astral. But he was an oddity in that aspect. Merely with the team due to his tech skills. So if something magical hit them, they were most likely totally unable to defend against it. Which is why I want a capable magic user in your team."

"That is the answer I had hoped for," says Laz, smiling briefly, "Not that they had had several Initiates and still been troubled. Good. I will review all this, and if I have any additional questions can you provide me a way to contact you prior to delivering the device?"

The man shakes his head, "Aside from this meet, I will be here every saturday, between 18:00 and 20:00. You can find me at one of the Booths during that times. But I only want you contact me if the job has been done. Any more contact could endanger your mission by taking additionally attention from … unwanted sides."

"In that case I trust that there is enough information here to set me and my team up for success. You will hear from me when we have completed the assignment or before that if we are unable to complete it due to lack of information. Agreed? And….what should I call you?"

The man first seems a little out of it, then he grins and says, "Call me Mr. Underhill… That should do.", he says. "And you have all information we have. If you need more, then comming to me will not help you."

Laz nods and stands, preparing to head out to a private place from which he can contact Elena…

Elena was as so often out spell designing in her lodge. Luckily todays cellphones where able to reach get a connection even as far out in the woods as she was right now. Hearing the ringing she at first frowned, but as it insisted the young witch finally moved over to the device and picked up the line, saying, "Siria Nachika, speaking. Who is it?", true to her Sioux disguise. A little impatience in her voice.

Laz speaks in Sioux, "This is your friend with the sword from the airplane. Can you proj to me for a chat?"

Elena frowns, of all people a Sioux native had to call her. "I am sorry. I have no idea what you are talking, sir. I sadly do not speak Sioux… I am merely a citizen o this nice nation."

Laz laughs on the phone, repeats the same thing in English, adding, "Don't you recognise my voice?"

Elena blinks as after getting the repeat in english, "Oh… Well, do you have any idea how much it estranges your voice to speak in a different language? Not to speak of us just having met once or twice… Well, I guess I could get out to meet you on the astral. Assuming you tell me where to meet."

"Meet me at the club we last met. I don't want to say it over the line. See you there."

Laz then starts making his way toward Chrome, where he'll wait outside until Elena contacts him and they can find a private place.

Elena nods to herself as the line disconnects. She lays down on the matress of her lodge after making sure the blockhouse is secured, as well as the RV. Then she releases her spiritual self and sends it over to the Chrome. One of the few clubs she frequents herself. Approaching the club, she watches out around the entrance. Not wanting to mess with the places security if it's not neccessary.

Laz is standing outside, with a little watcher hovering directly above him, 4 meters high, to catch anyone's attention. When it spots Elena, it says something to him, waves to her and drops down to his shoulder. It is in the form of a little mini che guevara.

Laz begins to walk to a very secluded alleyway and waits for Elena to manifest there.

Elena takes the hint and follows the man on the astral space, admittedly having a first curious look at him as she has him there in front of her on the astral. She then manifests before the man. Her being a slightly different sight. For one she has a cute little horn poking out of her forehead in her astral form and is much more delicate looking than her real self. She is clad in a long flowing white dress, still very feminine. But not unrecognizably so.

The elf takes a step back, "Even when I know you're here, it always makes me want to jump and swing…" he says, chuckling at himself. He then proceeds to tell Elena everything he was told by the Jay.

Elena tilts her head, "Why do you want to swing?", she asks puzzledly to his first words. Then shrugs and listens to his words. "Sounds like they don't know much what happened there…", she then says. "No wonder that they are willing to pay that much…" She ponders slowly. "I assume you want me in, then?"

The elf opens his arms and shows his palms, "Of course, I wouldn't be putting you through all this trouble otherwise…" He winks. "Should I come to your lodge so we can go over the files? Or drive out to meet me somewhere?"

Elena shrugs, "Well, as this is in the Sioux, meeting me at my lodge would be okay I guess. You know where it is anyway. And we might be able to use it as a base to work from. Depending on where this is. Sioux is not really a small land."

"Understood. I will see you there in about an hour…" says Laz, who starts walking toward his ride.

Elena nods and disappears into the astral to travel home at a much quicker pace.

Laz will have a relatively smooth ride to the witches place, today being just a bit busy at the border, which helps on the other hand to slip through without too much closer checks.

Having walked the last mile or so to cut through the woods and ensure he's not being followed, Laz sends a small Guevara watcher ahead of him to announce him, lest there be guards and wards that may confuse him for an intruder.

Elena smiles as that watcher approaches, she has dressed into her 'run' clothes. Which primarily just means, that she has some armor under her robes. She nods to the watcher and it's announcement, telling it to give it's master the okay to arrive.

After getting the green light, Laz arrives. He looks Elena over, "Friend, I have to say, if you wear robes, you let the enemies know you are magical. They will shoot you first…" he kisses her cheeks in greeting.

Elena shrugs, "That assumes they see me first…", she then replies. "But then… there is enemies that will know that, with or without clothes. But for now I cannot help it. I have nothing else to wear that will hide my armor under it."

Laz smiles, "Coats, jackets, vests," he adds, "But I see your point. It does telegraph the info to everyone though—just making sure you're not providing a more tempting target." He motions to all that surrounds him. "Where shall we meet? And why aren't you naked?" This last he asks with another wink.

Elena shrugs, "Oposite to public belief I am more often dressed than naked. And then… I think someone announced his arrival in advance… For some reason. As to the meet. We can sit down in the RV's kitchen area if you want."

Laz smiles, "RV sounds good, I've never been. And I announced so you could get dressed, last time you threw a unicorn at me…" He motions for you to lead the way.

Elena nods, "No, you did that yourself by sneaking into the perimeter it was supposed to guard. Which then triggered the task it had been set, meaning to alert me and to keep intruders out. How would the spirit have known that you were not here in evil intent?"
She leads the way into the vehicle.

Examining the data a few things will get obvious, all of the missing people are declared ex-paladins. And one of the documents seems to have been forgotten to get cleaned fully thoroughly and a Telestrian Arms watersign has been left, the later found by Laz. All in all this looks suspiciously like a Tir black op gone bad and some valuable equipment got left behind. And the 'Tech' with the ability to see the astral seems to have had a lot of martial arts background. Elena furrows her forehead as she reads all of this.

"For me this looks like a covert mission went south right under the nose of the Sioux. The interesting thing is this is not a border conflict, because the area is in the centre of Sioux lands…for some reason the Sioux did not give access, but we, err, the Tir, wanted it bad enough to try to do it dark right under them…" says Laz, sounding very interested. "No wonder they contacted me…I'm completely deniable if this goes wrong." He then looks up at Elena, "Elena, I think it's only fair to tell you—I have powerful enemies, and as much as I trust the source of this, it could be a set up, or the beginning of getting on the radar of some very nasty people…"

Elena just laughs at that, "Many of those walking the shadows have powerfull enemies. Me included. SHould I warn you that running with me might endanger you with some powerfull Europe based people? I dunno. But well, now you are warned…", she says with a wink.

Laz smiles, "Well, we're not going to Europe, and the people behind this /failed/ attempt are the state of Tir Taingire, who are powerful enemies indeed." He rubs the bridge of his nose, thinking. "Well, are you in? And if so, we need to start our preparations and figure out how we will get there…"

Elena shrugs, "Well, I have no problems getting there. I am an honest citizen of the Sioux nation.", she says with a grin.

Laz smiles, "I am a man with no home, apart from a very basic SIN to buy groceries. And I have no car. So, should we take the RV and I hide somewhere or …?"

Elena nods, "If I remember right you can be quite easy to miss. I'd say we drive with the RV and you stay in the back. In case we meet someone you simply hide from them. Or climb out of the RV, whatever is best. I have a license for using magic in the Sioux, so me talismongering might not be too inconspicious… Regardless where it is. I can simply babble them down if I get asked silly questions."

Laz grins, "Let's hit the road!" he says, standing up. "Nice wheels, by the by…" he says, motioning at the surroundings.

Elena smiles and replies, "Thanks. Still need to add a few things… Like some secret compartment… For items I don't want to be found easily."

"Or friends without SINs…" he adds, figuring out where he should be for the journey.

The Bison is huge and to hide in there would be easy even in case someone checks out the car. It's got living amenities for two persons and then quite some more empty space. Elena is simply sitting down at the drivers seat and checking the maps drives them to a place close enough to their target area. Somewhere that will not draw any unwanted attention to them.

For his part, Laz seems pretty cool about it all. He spends time studying everything he can, including names and faces of the team that vanished. When he feels he has enough committed to memory, he takes a nap, but only after checking his gyromount and LMG.

The travelling there is quite eventless. Almost boring. Despite taking the better part of the day. Only in the evening the two arrive at a local camping site, close to a nature resort.

To be continued…

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