Nina and Billybob: BB-Bee-Bird-Bookie

GM: Nina
Players: BillyBob, Nina
Synopsis: Nina doesn't know many riggers. They (Nina and Cain) have a larger mission going on (that RP log is not submitted) and on that larger mission they have a side tangent where they need the help of a Security Rigger of a AAA FTZ Apartment building where a vampire, etc resides in the Penthouse. To get that Security Rigger's assistance they have agreed to get an influential and powerful bookie to forgive the Security Rigger's gambling debts.
Nina puts out word on Shadowland that she is looking for a rigger (driver/drone) contact. This RP log covers that buildup of communications, initially meeting each other and then later that evening utilizing the new contact to do recon on the bookie's home.
There is no loot or cash reward, Nina +pay'd Billybob for his work for her on this. We (Nina and Cain) will take this information from the recon to further the larger plot.

Date: 11/30/2075

45 From: Nina At: Mon Nov 30 12:01:53 2015 (Conn)
Fldr : 0 Status: Read
To : BillyBob, Nina
Subject: Shadoland Post

BillyBob contact sends him a link to a shadowland post they found on the trix.. maybe Billybob might be interested? Check it out buddy.

------> Shadowland Post <------

Muse seeking rigger (driver/drone) for developing tax-free work. Could lead to long term professional relationship.

Please respond to: ten.wodahsletrevned|puorGesuM#ten.wodahsletrevned|puorGesuM


46 From: BillyBob At: Mon Nov 30 12:46:25 2015 (Conn)
Fldr : 0 Status: Read
To : Nina
Subject: IC Mail

Yo this is BB! Hit me up if ya wanna meet, I'm a driver.

47 From: Nina At: Mon Nov 30 12:57:58 2015 (Conn)
Fldr : 0 Status: Unread
To : BillyBob, Nina
Subject: IC Email


Can you meet me at McGinty's Pub (CAS Sector), say 3:00 pm today?

« Attached Pic of Self »


** GM Nina **
Meet Location: McGinty's Pub (CAS Sector)
IC Time: 3:00 pm (slow part of the day)

BillyBob was in the neighborhood! After parking his Bison food truck outside, the rigger swaggers into McGinty's with bleary eyes. Shadowrunners normally sleep during the day and ply their trades at night, so some might call him Sleepless in Seattle. Er, Denver. He swaggers up to the bar. "Gimme a beer omae."

A woman (human) with her heair pulled back tight and slicked back wet looking is dressed in a full length black vynal body suit, tall and dangerous looking. She walks into McGinty's Pup a few minutes before 3:00 pm and makes her way to the bar where she orders a beer and sits down on the stool.

A black man (human) with a shaved head, mirrored glasses and wearing a long black full-length armored jacket down to his shins enters McGinty's Pub a minute after, wandering slowly to the left to sit down at a small booth by himself and pull out the menu from the back of the table to browse it.

At 3:00 pm sharp; a lady matching the picture sent to BillyBob via email arrives at McGinty's, stands in the light of the open door so that she is visible by all in the bar that look towards the entrance and she looks at her wrist as if a watch it there (there is not).. but the body language of the ages of "checking the time" being the universal sign lanuage for all to see.

The place is quiet slow as the human lady enters, armored jacket and a satchel/purse over her left shoudler. She offers the bartender a nod and then to the lady sitting at the bar in the body suit. She looks around the room as she slow-walks inward and nods to the black man with the shaved head as well. There aren't many more in the bar at this time of day and so she finds herself approaching Billybob at the bar with a warm smile.

"BB?" she questions kindly, "I'm Muse."

« Morpheus Description »
The human male you are examining visually is a little over six foot tall, black skin and a shaved head. He is wearing a fully length black leather trench coat and gloss black mirrored sunglasses and black combat boots. The man is thick chested and looks quite able to hold his own in a fight. He seems to be perhaps in his mid 30's in age.

« Trinity Description »
The human female you are examining visually is short of six foot tall, black hair slicked back on her head and short. She is wearing gloss black mirrored sunglasses and is dressed in a gloss black vinyl body suit covering from her neck to her hands and down to her gloss black knee high black vinyl boots. This woman is thin and trim, atheltically built with long legs and age that could be around the mid twentys to early thirties.


This human lady has discheveled shoulder length blonde hair, a perky little cute nose with full lips. Her eyes pop with carefully placed mascara and eye-liner.
She is wearing a grey pull over t-shirt with black arms. On the chest of her shirt is a large red mouth with a big red tongue sticking out of it (Rolling Stones Emblem). Hip hugger blue jeans wrap up her lower body with a delicate looking cosmetic jewelry necklace used as a belt for decoration.
Beautiful blue eyes sparkle as they look around this alert and attentive lady and are able to be seen when she's not wearing a pair of sunglasses. On her left wrist she is wearing a simple leather bracelet with several ivory beads.
She is relaxed in conversation and carries herself with an air of confidence that can be reassuring.


« Billybob DESC »
Skinny and standing at 5'8", this caucasian human has light skin, grey eyes, and blond hair. His hair is coiffed in the ancient 'mullet'; short in the front, long in the back. His nose is thin. His teeth, while white, are often stained with the color of brownish chewing tobacco. A datajack and rigger module are present on his skull.

He wears coveralls and is often covered with grease. He is most likely a mechanic of some sort. His boots are good for working, steel-toed, and filthy at most times.

BillyBob has just dipped his nose into the head of his beer when he sees Nina enter with some extra friends. Did he stumble into a meet with a Johnson? The bleary-eyed hillbilly takes out a can of dip tobacco from his overalls and starts slapping it against his thigh to pack it. "Yeah you look like yer holopix. You tha' one who needed a driver?"

Tanya nods to BB with a smile as shes lips up onto the stool to his right and then she upnods to the nearby bartender, "A pint please," she offer and then turns back to the rigger as the tender is busied about her task.

Tanya turns her attention back to BB, "I am.. was hoping you might also have some skills with overwatch from above with drones so you could be my main rigger contact. Like I mentioned in my shadowland post," she keeps her voice lower so it doesn't drift over to the tender, "Tax free work.. you okay with off the books work?"

BillyBob snorts. "Oh y'know, I gotta speak wit' my accountant." There's an edge of sarcasm as the rigger takes a pinch of dip from his Copenhagen can and tucks it in his bottom lip. He then drinks his pint, mixing the tobacco juices with alcohol in a disgusting concoction of beer and nicotine. "I got flyin' drones. One is bigger, more high profile, the other is smaller fer low-profile work - looks like a little bee. What sorta werk you need done?"

Tanya seems pleased with the drone information as the tender then brings her the pint and she slides her a few bills that covers the drink and a nice tip. When the tender moves off from the obvious two wanting to not be eavesdropped on, Tanya continues, "I'd like to develop a relationship professionally in which your manner of skills would be utilized for a full mission cut in pay. Be it as a driver in and out, or perhaps some initial physical recon or overwatch during a job." She takes a sip of her beer and then inquires, "You have an issue working with someone that uses magic?"

BillyBob gestures for another cup from the bartender. The bartender only has nice glasses, so when an empty one is given, BillyBob spits his tobacco juice into it. "Nah, finger-wagglers don't bother me. Good 'ta have some backup like dat just in case."

Tanya nods with a gentle smile, "I am a practicer of the arts myself. It's why I was asking. Obviously there are strong biases held by all so I wanted to be sure I was upfront with you at the start." She takes a sip of the drink and then in unison Trinity and Morpheus get up from their positions and walk towards the exit for depature.

Tanya puts her glass back down on the bartop to chat further with Billybob as she motions over her body with her free hand, "In this look… my fake SIN is named Tanya. The name we communicated with via email is my tax-free name I use and am known by in those circles. Do you perfer to keep the moniker BB under all situations?"

BillyBob grunts. "Yah I roll BB fer now. It's my street name I guess. Just don't go spraedin' it too far. That'll get me waxed."

Tanya nods to the suggestion of using care with using his street name openly, "The need for your skills is still in transistion so I don't have details on it yet. I wanted to establish this source so it wasn't a last minute issue when the time comes."

BillyBob grabs a bar napkin and takes a pencil from his utility coveralls, writing down a series of numbers. "Gimme a text on dis number if ya need me. I usually hang 'round the CAS sector or da Warrens if I ain't werkin'. You know tha' drill." He slides the napkin across the bar to Tanya.

Tanya glances down at the napkin, turns it so she can read it for a moment and then slides it back to BB, "Got it," she offers simply (apparently some sort of super-memory), "I'll reference the name I emailed you under so you know it's me when I txt you or call you. My voice may sound different and I may look different when I meet you each time. Cloaking myself in different bodies while out in public or on jobs I use as a layer of caution. Perhaps we should develop a short phrase or reference to a rarely conversed topic so you know its really me?"

BillyBob grabs the napkin and stuffs it into a utility pocket on his coveralls. "Yah sure. You see me, you say 'is dat chaw baccer tinglin?' and I'll say YOU KNOW IT and spit."

Tanya nods with a wry grin growing into a wider smile, "I like it, that'll work great." She finishes her pint and then waves a hand over it and little fingerprints and lip smudges crackle like rice-crispies as the smudges and oils of her hands destroy themselves at the microscopic level. She then extends her right hand to BB at waist level to shake his hand, "Pleased to meet you BB, I'll put you as number one on my driver and drone business list."

BillyBob spits in his spittoon cup and takes Tanya's hand. "Ya real pleasure. Look forward 'ta makin' them nuyens witcha."

Tanya shakes his hand and then slips from her stool, flashes a big smile to him and the tander down at the other end of the bar and then turns and heads out.

------> Nina's PrP <-------
Nina's Plot Log has now stopped.
-----> Mon Nov 30 13:40:58 2075 <------

6 hours later… Nina's player can't stand not being in a playerplot and decides to figure out how to use Billybob in the plot even though Cain is not online… ah.. just make it recon….

Logfile from Nina.

------> Nina's PrP <-------
Nina's Plot Log has now started.
This PrP Involves: BillyBob (player) / Nina (player/GM)
-----> Mon Nov 30 19:38:44 2075 <------

** GM Nina **
This is a real IC experience with IC consequences and dangers. If you agree that you are willing to accept the dangers which may include up to magic loss, maiming or severe sunburn, also that you agree to the log being posted on wiki.. please «Plot» your compliance.

«Plot» BillyBob says, "i comply"
«Plot» Nina says, "Nina agrees to possible maiming and death if the dice suck!"

----> Text Message to BillyBob from Muse (#6503) <---

No more taxes, this is Muse. Is that Chew Backer Tingling? Would like to meet to discuss next step towards payday.

Commlink-BillyBob> BillyBob sends, « Huh wut? Oh yeah I'm here. Where you wanna meet? »

----> Text Message to BillyBob from Muse (#6503) <---

Being of your profession, I assume you have a vehicle? Want to pick me up outside Pentabucks in the CAS sector at <address here>? I will be wearing a red scarf and holding two cups of to-go coffee. What will you be driving?

Commlink-BillyBob> BillyBob sends, « Ford-Canada Bison. Looks like a food truck with some rust onnit. Be ready. »

----> Text Message to BillyBob from Muse (#6503) <---

Heading there now, thank you.

A Ford-Canada Bison pulls up to Pentabucks in the CAS zone several minutes later. It has some rust spots and a giant smiling weiner in a sombrero painted on one side.

Nina masks herself in a physical mask spell, sustaining the spell into a foci and then leaves her home out the back alley. She makes her way down the street some distance before she takes a taxi, pays cash, then takes a bus and gets dropped off at a mall. At the mall she passes through the crowds to a restroom and in a stall she changes the physical mask to another look and then exits the mall and takes a taxi to Pentabucks where she orders two flavored coffees and then goes out to the sidewalk to await a Ford-Canada bison food truck.

Spotting the weiner mobile quickly, Nina (now a brunette, a completely different face and wearing black leathter pants, a black shirt and black leather jacket: walks forward with a red scarf around her neck towards the drivers side window and holds up a coffee as a gift from outside to the driver.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (foci) vs TN 4 for "F2 Physical Mask KP: 0/32":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 8 9 10 11 = 7 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 + 4 (foci) - 7 (Successes) vs TN 4 for "F2 Physical Mask KP: 1/32":
1 1 2 2 2 4 5 7 11 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Willpower + 4 (ally) vs TN 2 for "2M Drain (need 4 successes)":
1 1 1 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 8 11 = 12 Successes

** GM Nina **
Nina: F2 Physical Mask into Sustaining Foci
11 Successes / No Drain

«Plot» Nina says, "KP: 1/32"

BillyBob grunts from the driver's window which is tinted a dark, dark color. "Come in thru da side door." The side door pops open.

Nina nods to the dark window and then walks around the front of the vehicle onto the curb and sidewalk and comes around into the van from the side door that has now opened. She steps up and in and takes a look around as she speaks, "Thank you for coming BB, got you a carmel machiato.. hot, with extra whipcream."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Intelligence for "Perception for looking around upon entering the van. Also checking for a ward (which would be super obvious because she has an active spell and it would stop her from entering like a brick wall).":
1 1 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 7 9

«Plot» BillyBob says, "No ward."

BillyBob is rigged in. The interior of the Bison is spacious and looks to have been recently cleaned. Unfortunately there are a few tobacco spit cups in various cupholders all around, and some empty Skoal cans on the ground. He jacks out and grabs the coffee, putting it into the passenger's cupholder, which is the only one empty. "I just put in a new dip, don't wanna spoil it wit coffees. What's da score?"

Nina pulls the side door closed and moves around to take a seat in the passengers seat up front across from BB, "Well… we have a Security Rigger we encountered on a different job. We need is agreement to help us on that gig and he has agreed to assist us if we are able to help him with a little personal problem. He has developed a sizeable debt with a powerful influence in the city that threatns to be called in soon, which will destroy his ability to pay for his two children to continue college. He has asked if we would…. convince this person he owes money to, to cancel his debt. If we are able.. he will assist us in the other job."

Nina takes her purse off her shoulder, takes off the scarf and puts it into the purse and then rests the purse in her lap.

BillyBob snorts. He spits some brown liquid into a cup and shows brown-stained teeth as he gives a grin. "How we gonna do dat? I ain't an intimidator, ya know. YOu want a big ol' troll fer that!"
BillyBob has reconnected.

Nina nods to the talents and lack of explained, "It's okay, for now we just need to recon his facility and learn what we're dealing with so we can make a proper plan. Payment is going to be in the form of anything collectable along the way we fence and or keep. You okay with flexible payments like this?"

BillyBob raises an eyebrow. "A salvage payment plan? Well i guess so. Hope it pays off. Gimme da address?" A doberman assault drone deploys from the back closet as BB rigs back into his van.

Nina turns to look into the back of the van as the large assault drone rolls out into plain view, "Um… recon BB.. not assault."

BillyBob laughs over the intercom. "He is just protectin me while I'm jacked in! He needed ta scan yer face to list you as nonhostile."

Nina ah's softly, "Then I should make sure to get rescanned each time we work, I rarely use the same face twice." Nina reaches into her purse and pulls out a pocket secretary and brings up the address and activates her bluetooth datalink (Signal ID: Muse's Pocsec), scanning for a local connection to airdrop it to.

BillyBob prays to Dale Earnhardt that we aren't using something as shitty as Bluetooth in the year 2077. Seeing the address he fires up the RV and starts to the route. He allows the autonav to drive for the moment, withdrawing into captain's chair mode. Several trideo displays in the cab of the RV show various sensor data profiles. One shows the Doberman drone staring at Nina's face. "What sector is this guy sittin' in?"

Nina offers, "Here in the CAS Sector, gated community with private security. Two and three story brownstone old homes with brick walled in yards and private drives off the shared community road. It has it's own gate also at its own driveway entrance, a spacicious yard with trees. Leastwise.. that's what I got from Google Earth but that pic I'm not sure how old it was."

** GM Nina **
View from the main public street of gated community entrance:

BillyBob putters along, still in captain's chair mode. He doesn't bother attempting to go inside any gated communities; rather he parks several blocks away in an alley, using his RV's sensors to do a quick scan. "Now let me see. I got two flyin' drones - the Lone Star Strato-9 is armed, but it might pass fer a proper Lone Star drone with its transponder library. It has really good sensors - thermal, all dat jazz. The Mjolnir bumblebee drone is small and less noticeable, but it's sensors ain't amazing, just video and audio feeds. How you want me 'ta do dis?"

** GM Nina **
Remove word "Brownstone" in Nina pose above and replace with Mansion.

Nina considers the options, "I'd love if you could get close enough to peek into windows and get some video recordings, locations and types of security camreas, motion sensors and things like that. Security personel on the grounds and inside if visible.. that sort of stuffs. If it's okay with you… could I shapechange as a small bird and go with your smallest drone? That way I can observe the astral, magical threats and precautions as well as look at the auras of the people we inventory?"

** GM Nina **
Nina provided photo from "Google Street View" or target address:

BillyBob thinks some commands and a small bumblebee-sized rotodrone pops out of the drone rack from on top of his RV. "Surveillance," he says. The incredibly small drone beats its little wings and zooms. "Shapechange? Yah sure, go 'head. I'll be recordin' from my drone's feed anyhow."

«OOC» Nina says, "Note: The bumblebee drone though has the "name" of bumblebee, is still 10 cm in size."
«OOC» Nina says, "Still super awesome.. but 4 inches."

Nina nods to BB and then puts her purse on the floor in front of the passengers seat and then starts to take off her leather jacket, folding it up and putting it on top of her purse, unzips her leather boots and puts them on the floor as well, socks off, shirt pulled up over her head and then she gets into the back of the van where she can unzip her pants and pull them down and fold them up as well. Shirt and pants onto the seat of the van and then bra off, underware and then she pulls off a braclet made of small ivory and wood beads on an adjustable leather strap. She works the size of the braclet to just the correct size and then she gets on her knees in the van, looks up to the top of the van (skyward) and speaks in an ancient mystical language though lost after the age of Merlin. She places the resized bracelet onto her nose as she is looking up as she then sweeps both hands down her naked body and.. POOF.. she forms into a dark grey pigeon and the bracelet of beads falls down over her nose/beak and around her neck as she flutters and flaps in her new body.

A moment later.. Billybob can hear a whispering from the edges of his mind, like a mystical pixie just out of his pereferal vision almost visible.. the voice whispers and is hard to hear unless… unless Billybob allows the voice into his mind to be more clearly heard. (F1 Mindlink for communications).

-----> Shapechanging Threshold Successes <-----

The Threshold is equal to half the target's Body plus the difference between the critter's and the target's unaugmented Body Attributes. (This difference cannot exceed the spell's Force.)

1/2 Body of Target (Nina: 3/2 = 1.5 round up): 2 + Difference of Critter & Nina's Body Attribute

Force 4 Shapechange Limits for Nina to use on self

Body Critter TN Threshold Example
1 3 2+2 = 4 Rat - Piegon - House Cat
2 3 2+1 = 3 Hawk - Fox - Lynx
3 3 2+0 = 2 German Sheppard
4 3 2+1 = 3 Deer
5 3 2+2 = 4 Leopard - Shark - Wolf
6 3 2+3 = 5 Seal
7 3 2+4 = 6 Lion

«Auto-Judge[]» BillyBob (#10588) rolls Intelligence + 3 + 1 vs TN 4 for "Passive sensor test with Bumblebee drone vs. mansion, clearsight +3, sensors +1":
1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 9 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 vs TN 3 for "F4 Shapechange - Need 4 successes.":
1 1 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 = 10 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Willpower + 4 (foci) + Spell Pool: 5 vs TN 3 for "3M Drain, need 4 successes.":
1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 9 9 17 = 16 Successes

** GM Nina **
F4 Shapechange on Nina, 10 successes, No drain. Into Sustaining Foci.

** GM Nina **
The bit about the Mindlink spell: If you want to resist the spell and not allow the link you don't need to roll. It needs a voluntary target.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Centering vs TN 4 for "Forgot to roll, Centering for successes.":
2 2 4 5 11 = 3 Successes

** GM Nina **
Nina: 11 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 vs TN 4 for "F1 Mindlink for communications (attempt)":
1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Willpower + Spell Pool: 5 + 4 (foci) vs TN 2 for "2S Drain, Need 6 successes.":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 8 9 10 11 = 16 Successes

** GM Nina **
F1 Mindlink Casting successful, no drain.

** GM Nina **
IC Time: 7:45 pm (1 hour after sunset).

BillyBob actually rigs into the very small ornithopter-like drone and brings it up high in the air, looking down on the gated area's defenses. He scans over the gate and any security personnel there, then continues on toward the target's residence, scanning the outside for cameras, drone security, or physical security.

** Nina Pigeon **
The city bird remains in the van for now, testing to see if the rigger is going to allow the mental communications. Also.. no windows or roof hatches have been opened to allow her to fly out.

«OOC» Nina says, "Did you see my previous poses?"
«OOC» BillyBob says, "I think so, she got naked or something."

«OOC» Nina says, "Oh heavens.. we're waitingon your response about a spell.. you just jumped ahead without responding and left me in the van."

BillyBob pops a window with his MIND and mutters "YOu in mah mind? You hear me?"

«OOC» BillyBob says, "Sorry, I tend to move stuff along."
«OOC» Nina says, "I tend to halt it and insist on responses and detail. :)"

** Nina Pigeon **
The dark grey pigeon flaps up to the passengers seat and then up onto the opened window ledge and perches on it, turns and looks back to BB that is jacked in as she mentally communicates with him . o 0 (I hope you don't mind. For me to be able to communicate with you, I'd like to have a friend come into your van here. I have a mental link with the friend and they can speak verbally to you so that your microphones and speakers can communicate while you are jacked in.. and my friend's mental link with me can relay back and forth between us? I haven't found a way yet to speak verbally in a language while in an animal form yet so I fear your awesome little drone can't interpret tweet tweet. You okay with my friend coming into your van?"

BillyBob's head lolls as he remains rigged in to the bee drone, his bottom lip bulged out with the pinch of dip still there. "Yeah as long as he ain't no demon."

** Nina Pigeon **
The little pigeon does a bird headbob and it flutters it's feathers as it's perched on the edge of the glass window . o 0 (What's your definition of demon?)

BillyBob says "Fire demons that melt mah upholstery!"

** Nina Pigeon **
(mental chuckle) . o 0 (Oh no, nothing like that. Do you prefer my male friend.. or female friend?)

BillyBob says "Don't care."

** Nina Pigeon **
. o 0 (Can you instruct your drone not to shoot my friend when he forms in your van?)

BillyBob grunts and issues a mental command to his Doberman. "Yah should be safe now."

Morpheus forms in the van, crouched down on one knee in his black leather longcoat, his voice is deep/baratone as he speaks in a slow purposeful tone, "Good evening BB, I appreciate you allowing me to manifest in your vehicle."

** Nina Pigeon **
The grey bird turns to the side and jumps, flaps and takes to the skies above to join up with the bumblebee drone.

** GM Nina **
Direct Rigging: Resulting from drone pose looking down from above. Please +roll intelligence.

«Auto-Judge[]» BillyBob (#10588) rolls Intelligence + 3 + 1 for "Passive Sensor Test, Intelligence + Clearsight 3 (RCD Autosoft) + Sensor 1 (Drone)":
1 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 10 11

BillyBob gives a grunt. "No problem. I'm a lil' distracted right now, I'm in dat bumblebee drone." He says this to Morpheus and then his attention goes back to the drone, surveying as the Denver light begins to disappear. "You see anythin' Muse?"

** GM Nina **
Clearsight is an autosoft. An autosoft can only be installed in a drone that has the proper hardware to accept the programing chip. A Rating 3 Autosoft needs a minimum Pilot rating of 3 to be installed in a drone/vehicle. I can not see how a Rating 3 Autosoft can be installed in a bumblebee drone.

«OOC» BillyBob says, "Oh yeah, I forgot, that drone doesn't have the autosoft interpretation system!"
«OOC» Nina says, "The van may.. but the drone surely doesn't."

«Auto-Judge[]» BillyBob (#10588) rolls Intelligence + 1:
2 3 3 3 3 5 5

«OOC» BillyBob says, "It's weird, the interpretation system requires like 1 CF of load, so I couldn't get it in there."
«OOC» Nina says, "Exactly.. also it requires a pilot rating.. if you want a Rating 3 chip.. it needs to be installed in something with at least a Rating 3 Pilot."

** GM Nina **
Side Note: If in captain chair mode the drone for perception rolls it's sensor rating. In this case 1 die. If directly rigging you roll your perception (as you are now).. but do not get the sensor rating added as an extra die.

«Auto-Judge[]» BillyBob (#10588) rolls Intelligence for "Passive Sensor Test":
3 4 4 5 5 10

«OOC» Nina says, "You are directly jacked into the drone, this is not a passive sensor test."
«OOC» BillyBob says, "I don't know if that matters. Unless I read the rules wrong."
«OOC» Nina says, "Passive is just 1 die from the sensor rating. that's Captain chair mode. You posed directly jacking into the drone. That's your Intelligence for perception because now it's "Your eyes and your mind"."
«OOC» Nina says, "We can keep the roll.. just wanted to clear up the difference."
«OOC» BillyBob says, "ok"

** GM Nina **
BB's results from drone view:

  • Main gate closed though opening and closing as residents arrive and leave the area.
  • Gate Guard (2 men) in brick surfaced building at gate. Vehicles pulling in stop and talk to the guard who comes outside, who then nods to the guard inside the shack that opens the gate.
  • Gate looks pretty study, may stop a 'normal' food truck smashing into it.
  • Border wall around entire private housing area is 8 foot tall brick, one foot thick, topped with evenly spaced gaslight style lights (LED lights shaped like antique gas flame).
  • Old oaks, maples, pines within on public roads and sidewalks.
  • Individual estates within have their own theme and landscaping styles.
  • Main neighborhood streets have adequate street lampposts for lighting.
  • Intersections (stop signs) within the neighborhood have visible security cameras.
  • A security car is parked inside the main gate.
  • A patrolling security vehicle can be seen deeper into the neighborhood. There may be more but that is all visible right now.

Morpheus offers, "Muse has caught up to your small drone, she says the guard outside at the gate is mundane. She can not see the aura of the guy in the shack very well."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Intelligence for "Piegon View Perception":
1 1 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 11

BillyBob flies around in his tiny bumblebee drone for a time, making a round of the wall. "Two gate guards… gate looks sturdy. I see a security car. And there's cameras everywhere." He listens to Morpheus. "Hah, maybe she should drop a load 'a pigeon shit on his shoulder." He clears his throat. His words are slurred with the tobacco in his bottom lip. "I think that's all I can git on my side, Muse. If you wanna git inside, maybe I could disguise this truck as a delivery van, if you can fast talk da guard. I'm not much of a fast-talker."

Morpheus offers, "Muse wants to know if you can join her flying closer to the target estate. It looks about four hundred meters from the main street here into the neighborhood to the target home. Can your small drone fly that far?"

BillyBob grunts. "Aye, she's got enough power fer about 1 kilometer total 'o flight. Shouldn't run out. If she do, you'll have to drag her home I guess." The drone with the furiously beating wings flies after the pigeon.

Morpheus speaks in his deep voice in the van, "Muse says you can come back to the van and rechrage if you want. There is no pressing hurry on this recon. She can rest on a light post on the street until you've got enough juice for the full flight into the estate."

** GM Nina **
It's going to be close to 1 KM to direclty flyto the estate with very little flight time and fly back.

BillyBob moves out into captain's chair mode, instructing the drone to return. "I'll switch out her batteries, no worries." While in his van he instructs it to do a quick sensor sweep with its more powerful sensors, though it is of less use on the ground. When the bumblebee returns it lands in the drone capture bucket on the top of the Bison, and after a few moments, its battery is switched out and it goes puttering back to the estate. He takes the opportunity to spit out some tobacco juices into a cup.

** GM Nina **
Please +roll the Sensors in the van for the sweep.

«Auto-Judge[]» BillyBob (#10588) rolls 5 + 3 for " F-C Bison Sensors 5 + Clearsight 3 (Autosoft)":
1 1 1 2 2 3 3 9

** GM Nina **
The visual aspect (Clearsight 3) offers little assistance. Being parked in an alley the alley is nicely cataloged but the walls of the buildings on either side limit what it can view dramatically to the sides.
With the sensors the van picks up about 28 drone frequencies. Further examination would be needed to pinpoint and priorities those frequencies if desired.

«OOC» BillyBob isn't very good with the drone security rigging stuff, MIJI, etc. What would I roll for prioritization like that?

** GM Nina **
Each drone has 3 frequencies it uses (Command Channel, Simsense Channel, System Channel). Starting out you don't know what frequencie is doing what. You'd have to Decrypt the frequency to determine what of the three channels it is. Then you'd know that 1 drone, what the channel is and you'd have that one frequency figure dout. then you'd have 27 more to do. Has a fairly indepth process of control and decryption to do each frequency.

«OOC» BillyBob says, "Hrm. I don't think I'll do all that. I'll just tell her there's some security drones in the vicinity."
«OOC» Nina says, "You don't know they are security drones though.. they can be Amazon delivery drones.. pizza delivery.. street sweeper.. auto garbage can bots."
«OOC» BillyBob says, "Yeah, that's tough to figure out I fear."
«OOC» Nina says, "Very"

Morpheus offers a big white toothy smile and a professional nod to BB as he opens his eyes and moves about the van and has it's body at full potential for communicating now, "Pleased to meet you Sir," he offers, Nice van."

BillyBob watches the data scroll through his mind, overlayed across the cup that he is currently using as a spittoon. Morpheus gets a polite nod. "Yah, if ya want some dip jus' ask! Don't wanna be stingy." He watches the progress of his bumblebee drone, not rigging in until it is closer to the target's residence.

** GM Nina **
The bumblebee registers the presence of a pigeon flying up to greet it in the dark skies, joining it in near formation and flying to the targets estate. Lowlight is helpful in the darkness but Sensor rating 1 lacks thermal. Still, the drone with lowlight is super helpful as data is feeding to BB.

** Nina Pigeon **
The dark grey pigeon glides down and lands in the top of a maple tree (lost all it's leaves last month in the mid-fall season). The bird looks around, taking it's time, listening.

BillyBob dives forward into the bumblebee drone as he sees it is approaching. "Heads up, I got a few drone channels out 'ere, but I can't figure if they is security drones or just regular household shit. I used 'ta work garbage around Denver so I know them frequencies, but picking apart all these frequencies would take too damn long." His thopter-like drone flies in formation with its pigeon wingman. "Maybe we kin peek inside dat mansion, eh?"

Morpheus nods in the van, "Muse would like that. She asks if you see any motion sensors on their estate walls or signs of sensors in their landscaping and yard."

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Intelligence for "Pigeon Perception":
1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 9 11

«Auto-Judge[]» BillyBob (#10588) rolls Intelligence:
1 2 2 4 4 4

** GM Nina **
Nina or BB with to use KP to reroll?

«Plot» Nina says, "I will Stand, no KP."
«OOC» BillyBob says, "I'll re-roll KP 1."

«Auto-Judge[]» BillyBob (#10588) rolls Intelligence for " (KP 1/4)":
1 2 2 3 5 10

BillyBob says absently, "Yeah, let me look." His drone flutters around the estate, seeking telltale security sensors on the exterior of the estate, or even lampposts disguised as security cameras. And some things need wires and power, so the hillbilly rigger is always on the lookout for those. And if a window is open, well, he'd take a peek.

** GM Nina **

  • Motion sensor at gate to private estate, likely a chime or buzzer alerts when a car drives up the drive after entering the gate.
  • Callbox/video at private estate gate.
  • Paved driveway from gate to large home.
  • Driveway moves through well landscaped lawn with several trees and flower gardens until it enters through an inner front yard:
  • Parked in front of the home is a Lamburgini and a Porche.
  • Standing at the front door are two men in black suits with SMGs on slings held under their arms at their hips for quick access.
  • Garage door can be seen but is closed. Contents from this position not visible.
  • Back yard is well groomed but from this angle not visible (will need a fly around).


  • Did not pick up on motion sensor or front gate security.
  • Other obvious items above noticed.
  • Security guard in warmer jacket, dressed in black with German Shepherd dog on leash at far edge of landscaped lawn on foot patrol.

** GM Nina **
My GM emit was referencing first examination on edge of property, not detailed flight into the property. Another +roll will be needed for that. Also a +roll Stealth when getting closer.

«OOC» BillyBob doesn't have a great stealth, so I didn't want to get too close to real security personnel.
«OOC» Nina says, "that works.. in your pose just be cautious of them.. giving them a wide distance and using your zoom power of the sensors."
«OOC» Nina says, "Just don't be all hummingbird ninja drone behind their head. :)"

«Auto-Judge[]» BillyBob (#10588) rolls Intelligence:
1 4 4 5 10 10

-----> Sensor Ratings / Details <------
Rating Details
1 Proximity detectors, rangefinders, video (but not trideo)
cameras, basic radar, signature-recognition software,
low-light and 50x telescopic magnification.
2-4 Same as above: plus thermographic imaging.
5+ Same as above: plus flare compensation.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Intelligence for "Pigeon getting closer to home for better detail and info gathering.":
1 2 2 2 3 4 5 7 10 11 11
«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Stealth for "Added sneak bonus (looks like a pigeon (with a necklace) but doesn't want to get too close and draw attention to herself).":
1 4 4

BillyBob grunts and communicates to Morpheus, "Picked up a sensor and vidscreen at da front gate. Two security guys with SMGs at da front door. This drone ain't got no ruthenium on it so I'mma stay back an' use 50x mag with low-light. Goin' around back now." His drone beats its strange fluttering wings and orbits around to the back, taking an inventory of the backyard courtyard.

Morpheus nods in the van, looking around at all the spit cups, "Muse says she is going to land on the roof, trying and find some windows or a balcony to peek into."

** GM Nina **

  • Several Cameras with IR spotlights/likely thermal modded
  • Spots laser sensor on outer wall. Likely a detection laser for someone climbing over the wall.
  • Pool in back yard has plastic cover pulled over top for the winter.
  • Pool chairs pulled back and stacked up by maintenance shed away from the house in the back yard.
  • One man at back on wood deck/patio. In a suit, commlink in his ear, holding an assault rifle on a sling across his chest.
  • Patrolling guard with a Doberman in back yard.
  • Good view on other cameras. Looks like great placement for maximum coverage.


  • Balcony with open curtains. Inside is a bedroom (no people currently inside moving about).
  • Upstairs window (bathroom - again, nobody there).
  • Upstair back window/balcony (master bedroom, man sitting on bed with a blonde and a redhead on either side. They are watching the trideo/movie and look to have perhaps just wrapped up a sexual encounter. (note: Bumblebee catches this also from zoom distance).
  • Also notes rear guard, pool, info and patrol with doberman dog.

BillyBob continues to orbit and record in his bumblebee drone, wings beating furiously as it orbits. "This guy married by chance? Looks like he's bangin' two broads! Oh mang, if only I had a million nuyen." He glances down to the battery gauge. "I'm gettin' low on juice, need to make my return flight soon. Anything else you wanna search? I got dis entire feed on vid fer tactical homework."

Morpheus responds a moment later, a delay as if he has to hear Nina's thinking before speaking what she wishes of him, "The recording will be wonderful if Muse can get a copy of that. We may need to call in additional personel to deal with this situation. There is no rush that it has to be done tonight but Muse wants me to assure you that you will be justly compensated for this recon work."

BillyBob gives his drone an order and slides back out into captain's chair mode, where he plays back the video recording. "That back yard has sensors out tha' ying-yang. This fella might be a tough nut to crack. He's got a fella with a dog too. A hard man 'ta threaten." He idly glances at the video feed of his bumblebee as it returns.

** Nina Pigeon **
As the drone turns back to the van due to low charge, the pigeon perches on the master bedroom balcony railing and slips her eyes into the astral world to examine into the bedroom and around… becoming dual natured.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4 for "Astral perception.":
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 4 10 = 2 Successes

Morpheus watches the video with BB, he seems intersted in the high tech and the knowledge that the rigger has about such devices.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nina (#6503) rolls Intelligence - 2 (successes) vs TN 4 for "Astral perception. KB: 2/32":
1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 8 = 2 Successes

Morpheus offers to the 'team' in the van, "Muse says there is an astral barrier inside the home. It blocks viewing the aura of the man or the two ladies in the master bedroom. She says the guy with the dog and the security guy in the back on the deck have substantial cyberware."

** Nina Pigeon **
Eyes back into the mundane, she takes flight up and away, lest she be discovered or things go bad fast.

BillyBob allows his drone's dog brain to land it on the Bison and crawl inside, losing his aerial eyes. He keeps a topside window open for Muse. "She ain't REALLY a bird is she? Like she won't shit on my carpet? I just cleaned tha' blood outta this carpet, steam cleaner rental ain't cheap." He spits the rest of his dip into a styrofoam cup. "This guy is a tough nut 'ta crack. Especially in dis neighborhood. This ain't no ghetto, security response is gonna be quick. Maybe hittin' him on the run is best."

Morpheus nods with a grin, "Oh, she's real. I'm sure she will hold it though so she doesn't add any mess in your vehicle." He glances to the plethora of nasty spit cups around.

About a minute later, the pigeon comes gliding in.. flap flap.. glide.. flap flap.. and then enters through the window that was left open.

Morpheus disolves into a mist and vanishes.

The pigeon leans forward and dumps the necklace off her neck/head and then drops the Shapechange spell and .. POOF… naked brunette on her hands and knees in the back.

Nina looks up to BB from her position on the floor, "Man.. you're right.. this guy is like full fledge mafia protection crap. But you said something that got me thinking. If he * IS * married… that may be all we need on him with your video to get him to cancel the debts on our security rigger friend."

Nina starts to get up to wander forward to get her clothing.

BillyBob is just responding to Morpheus, "Yah but pigeons can't hold it, they're like chickens, all they got is a cloaca-" The spirit dissolves into mists and it causes him to glance behind him at the naked magician. "Hey git them clothes on, this here is a work vehicle." He fires up the RV. "Well if he ain't married it's worth shit. May be you'll hafta hit him in transit. Or kidnap one of his kids. You ready 'ta haul outta here?"

Nina nods to that as she's pulling on her underware and then getting her bra on, "Yeah.. let's bolt. But nice and slow and casual like, it's hard dressing on the move."

BillyBob rigs back in and gives instructions to the drone brain of his RV. It slowly pulls out and putters off, back to Pentabucks through evening traffic. His voice sounds over the intercom. "I'll give ya a proper datachip wit' all the info I pulled from my RV's sensors an' the bumblebee."

«Stats System» You pay BillyBob (#10588) 20000 nuyen for "Recon on bookie mansion for Nina.".

Nina is now dressed and in the seat and buckled in properly, "I think we got some solid info. I'm not sure how it's going to work out but your recon was very helpful.. mostly the video aspect of it if he's married… that will be an ace in the hole. I'll drop off 20,000 nuyen behind McGinty's Pub on a certified credstick inside a Dr. Pepper soda can. I'll put the can inside an electrical access panel in the alley that is directly across from the rear exit door of the pub. I'll make sure their security camera is disabled tonight between ten and eleven so you can pick up your payment… that work for you?"

BillyBob stops at Pentabucks. He jacks out of the vehicle, reaching forward and having a sip of that cold machiato. "That's some convoluted shit. Why don'cha just leave it on the roof of McGinty's, and I'll send my drone 'ta pick it up? I don't like going down dark alleys all alone if ya scan me."

Nina nods, "I can do that. Look for the soda can on the roof, I'll toss it up there tonight."

Nina shoulders her purse and reaches a hand over for a shake, "Good working with you BB."

BillyBob shakes. "Good werkin with ya omae. Good luck."

Nina opens the door and heads out, strolling down the sidewalk towards the bus station.

------> Nina's PrP <-------
Nina's Plot Log has now stopped.
-----> Mon Nov 30 22:58:56 2075 <------

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