Bare Knuckle Boys the morning after.
GM: Thistledown.
Players: Thistledown, AliceID, Julian, Mary.
Synopsis: Last night a building collapsed and the Bare Knuckle Crew (Pulse, Cassidy, Thistledown and several gym members) performed miracles getting people out of the rubble alive. The following morning Thistledown is still tending wounded and Pulse has allowed many of the refugees to spend the night in the gym. As the sun rises most head out to start picking through the rubble and rebuilding their lives, but some stragglers and a fair number of children remain awaiting their parents return. Thistledown, Alice, Julian and Mary make the best of it, each in their own special way.

Date: August 19th, 2069

Bare Knuckle Gym - Main Floor

The gym area of the Bare Knuckle Gym consists of a single large room. Against the left wall of the gym, as you enter, are a line of speed bags for improving your dexterity and nimbleness with your fists. Against the right wall of the gym are a line of punching bags for improving your power and stamina.

In the center of the room, but closer to the doors, is the boxing ring. The ring is a standard sized boxing ring at 6 x 6 meters square. Its posts on the four corners are of average height and painted silver in color.

The ring itself is elevated off the ground roughly 1 meter, and has stairs at each of the four corners. Against the back wall of the gym are the free weights for improving your overall strength and body mass. Lastly, hanging over the staircase leading to the second floor, is a sign which reads 'Members Only' in large lettering.

AliceID steps through one of the large steel doors opens and enters the gym.

Death white face paint has been smoothly applied upon this young woman's unblemished complexion. Sparkling metallic blue eyes are completely encircled in ebony eyeshadow, like a raccoon mask. Sleek obsidian hair, as abysmal black as a moonless night, runs straight down behind her slender back. She measures six feet tall, and her slender body is sleek but muscular. Her long tresses are vertically streaked with deep cobalt hued highlights, and deep blood red lipstick has been neatly glossed upon her full lucious lips. The Great Milenko is intricately tattooed upon her left bicep, and her teeth are pearly white. Pointed elven ears keep her long hair tucked back behind her sturdy shoulders.

A matte black tee shirt (with big pink letters stating "WHAT THE FUCK") clings upon her semi buff upper half, and ripped faded blue-jeans cover her lower body, flaring out around her steel toed boots. Her semi shakey hands are tightly encased in hardliner gloves, and she wears forearm guards, as well. Multicolor ButterFly HairPins spread out through her bound, bunned-up hair.
Also, she wears a deep black leather jacket with silver and gold fastenings and fringe that hangs open, while a huge "A" logowhich has an angel halo and spread wingsdetailed over the back side of the sexy thing.

This woman is always wearing facial paint, so any expressions she makes are extremely exaggerated by the aforementioned makeup. Who knows what she -really- thinks, but at least you can see that damn big grin from a mile away.

The gym is packed, though not with members excercising as is usual, instead it looks like a temporary refugee camp. A number of sleeping bags have been rolled out on the padded covering that protects the ring canvas, and cots have been setup on the floor. There's a number of people recieving treatment in the clinic for cuts, scrapes and bruises of all sorts. Thistle looks half zombie as he moves from person to person, his hair glittering under a coating of pale dust. A steady stream of people are going up and down the stairs showering and preparing for the day. You might have heard about a building that collapsed late last night a few blocks down, looks like the Bare Knuckle stepped in to help.

Thistledown looks over at Alice, "Oh, hey Alice, sorry we're going to be closed till about eleven this morning. You're welcome to stay but the equipment can't be used for a bit." He moves to the next person smiling at the child being held up for him to look over, "Well, you're a sturdy one. I think you're doing better than I am." He comments to the toddler.

AliceID is here, for some reason! She looks around and then huhs softly before looking to ThistleDown and tilting her head. "Ok!" she says but then looks to the child that gets held up to ThistleDown, and she grins a bit, and she moves to be right beside and behind TDown so the kid can see her weird colorful self. "Booga hello!" AliceID is a clown after all. :P

Thistledown glances down at her, his eyes glowing green, but with the bloodshot eyes and distortion on the criss-crossed cats eyes from lack of sleep it looks like a pair of poison symbols floating in a pool of green glowing slime. He blinks rubbing his eyes and when he brings his hands away the glow remains but doesn't have the ominus cast of a moment ago. "Thank you." he says, "You don't happen to actually be a performer do you?"

AliceID grins to the little kid, but then when ThistleDown gets her attention, she looks up and nods a few times, "I am!" she says with exuberance!

The gym is packed, though not with members excercising as is usual, instead it looks like a temporary refugee camp. A number of sleeping bags have been rolled out on the padded covering that protects the ring canvas, and cots have been setup on the floor. There's a number of people recieving treatment in the clinic for cuts, scrapes and bruises of all sorts. Thistle looks half zombie as he moves from person to person, his hair glittering under a coating of pale dust. A steady stream of people are going up and down the stairs showering and preparing for the day. You might have heard about a building that collapsed late last night a few blocks down, looks like the Bare Knuckle stepped in to help.

Mary ambles into the gym once again, jacket slung over her shoulder…her eyes widen when she takes in the scene. "Sweet fuck!" She stares at poor, tired Thistle. "You sorry bugger, what happened?"

This elven woman is tall, as her race is, 6'1", but unlike most elves is lanky and lean, and only moderately pretty or charming. She's got fair skin that's usually well tanned, light brown hair that hangs in twisted dreadlocks, bleached blonde in parts by the sun, eyes that are dark grey-green. She's 29 and usually looks cheerful, or cheerfully pissed off.

A simple white tank top, with a pair of black crossed pistols on the front comes to her belt line. Sturdy, snug blue jeans worn at the knees, held up by a brown leather belt with the Scottish flag on the buckle. A cowboy hat on her head, beaten dark brown, with a worn band of gold, blue, and green. Dark brown motorcycle boots top off the look.

She wears no make up, other then some dark liner and eyeshadow. Her dreads hang free, and a datajack surronded by a fine emerald circle is tucked right behind an ear. Silver studs line up one ear to the tip, and the other has a tiny, silver cuff chain going from the lobe to the tip.

AliceID quips, "SWEET FUCK is right."

Thistledown gestures towards the street, "An explosion took out a building, Pulse has more courage, honor and decency than he has good sense, and he's got such a cute…" he glances at the child nearby, "…smile that I was dumb enough to follow. After we got folks out they needed a place to stay the night, we should have everybody on thier feet in another hour or two." He glances at AliceID, "If you feel like it I'm sure alot of these kids could use a distraction."

Mary nods to Thistle, moving in closer. "Damn, man. That's some heavy drek." She chuckles faintly at his description, and idly tosses some kids ration bars from her pocket. "You need a hand?"

Thistledown chuckles, "No, we managed to get everyone clear without a loss of limb."

Mary nods. "That's good to hear…shit. So much for a workout." She grins easily, tying her jacket around her waist instead. "I…err. Well, not sure what I can offer here." She eyes the imp children who now begin to giggle and circle her, hoping for another treat. She makes an oogly boogly face. The children mock shriek and laugh.

Oh god. Alice does the whole, "HEY KIDS!" thing like Binky the clown from Garfield would do, only… for some reason, Alice is quite a bit less scary right now for their benefit. She goes over to one of the boxing rings and actually flips up over the side into it, but comically stumbles and falls on her ass.

Mary …just eyes Alice. She stares, now that she notices the woman after the shock of seeing the gym so full. What the…she shakes her head, assumes the lady's just dressed up for the kids or something.

Thistledown turns to watch Alice for a moment chuckling, "Well, if she doesn't distract the kids, at least she'll cheer up the men." Indeed a number of eyes are following the athletic young woman, not all under the age of twelve. A young ork named Ferris looks up, he's covered in small cuts and dust, he gets the attention of several small children sitting near him and points up towards the clowish woman.

Mary chuckles and lets one young fella take her cowboy hat, now parading triumphantly around the gym with it. She shakes out her dreads. "HA!. That may be, she's got a good enough body." She speaks objectively, casually, and still with half an eye on the kids…the shaking out of the dreads becomes real, the knots and clumps magically seem to smooth out, and it goes from her normal toned hair to a thick sheaf of strands in a fading colour from pink to purple. Ahh, fiberoptics. The bright colours do much for softening the woman's face, and even the sandpapery roughness of her voice.

You sense Mary leans over while everyone's distracted by her hair. "I'm surprised anyone can see anything of that lass under all the damn make up. She looks like a walking black and white bullseye for the streets."

AliceID pulls her "A" with the halo jacket off and then tosses it up onto the corner post that secures the ring ropes. She then gets up, and she glances with sparkling metallic blue eyes all around the room, seeing if any of the kids are paying attention… Ah! Ferris gets a big grin from her painted face… she even seems to linger for a moment watching him, but then she looks around again and she stops in the middle of the ring. Apparently, this woman is not shy when it comes to making a spectacle of herself. Immediately, she goes very quiet and very still with her hands down at her sides, but when she starts to move after a few seconds, she makes an O shaped face, and she brings both hands up to cup her cheeks in them, as if she were starting off with a miming act of some kind.

Mary eyes narrow. Mimes.

Thistledown watches the hair, his jaw going slack as he stares at the woman's change. "That, is the most amazing thing I've ever seen."

Ferris applauds, moving a little carefully to avoid re-oppening wounds.

Mary blinks and looks over at the man. "Huh? Hell, it's just fiberoptics. Great for if you're out hunting." The children are glancing between Alice and the colorful spectacle of Mary's hair. After a few moments, the colour seems to…shifting, waving like a field of wheat in flowing, light patterns down her back.

Hey, at least Alice was not talking right now, and it might be a good thing with how crazy she gets sometimes. Alice glances to the left and then to the right, and then she quickly takes her hands off her face and puts them up in front of her with the fingers spread wide, and she moves her hand to do the old famous in-the-box trick. Where, she seems to be touching the inside of a box that contains her!
«Auto-Judge[thorn]» AliceID (#10746) has the Knowledge Skill Specialization Acting (Miming) with the value '8'.
«Auto-Judge[thorn]» AliceID (#10746) rolls Acting (Miming) vs TN 4 for "Miming!":
1 1 2 2 5 5 8 11 = 4 Successes

Thistledown smiles, "I can only do green." As he turns to the next person in line his eyes start to glitter, his hair picks up a sparkle and moments later a shimmering fall of green cascades down the back of his head and neck forming a glowing mane of light, it fades a moment later as the wounds on the patient close.

AliceID is up in a boxing ring, doing a complete silent mime act for the kiddies and anyone else who wants to look at her!

Alice is doing Mime for several children (and some of the men-folk) Thistle is healing, and Mary is doing color changing hair tricks which is fascinating the hell out of Thistle.

Mary is watching Mary for a moment. She slackjaws. Her hand twitches, and she has to suddenly grab her wrist to stop a sudden shifting movement…she turns back to Thistle, muttering. "Fucking mimes." Low, under her rough voice. She lets herself get distracted by the colourful play of green light. "…eeeey, that's pretty great, omae."

Thistledown chuckles, "I appreciate you added the great, usually I just get called pretty…and that's hard to pull off in a gym like this." He winks at the woman he's working on at the moment and she blushes and smiles back at him.

Julian pushes the door to the gym open. "Thistle! There's a bunch of folks loitering…" his eyes go a bit wide. "…outside." He quirks an eyebrow. "What the frag is this?" He mutters to himself, more confused then irritated.

Mary grins at Thistle. This time, her hair shifts colour and light patterns to match his. It's not quite as cool, though. "You're pretty good at this healin' drek. Nice to know there's a fella in this town I can trust to do good work." She glances up at Julian…and up, eyes casually scanning the troll.

Julian is 30 tons of Badass in a 5 ton bottle.

AliceID hears Mary but does not let it distract her from keeping the act going, though some of it gets directed toward the person who spoke meanly. Yes. Alice bends low in the knees and picks up something imaginary, possibly a rocket launcher, and then Alice situates this fake launcher so it is pressed against one of her hips, and she turns slightly in the direction of Mary and focuses her attention on the woman as if targetting her with this imaginary weaponry.
AliceID does a few hand movements that are obviously Lock and Load type deals.
AliceID grins just a little as if she were a cartoon character about to blow shit up!

Thistledown glances over at Julian, "Chops, you missed all the fun!" He chuckles, "'bout 45 minutes after you left last night, some ass brought a building down, Pulse damn near lifted the whole thing up to pull folks out." Suprisingly several of the people nod as though Thistle's story is literal rather than his normal figurative take on reality. "I told you the good thins only happen when you stay a little late." He glances over his shoulder at the two girls then turns back to the people he's working on. "The clinic is locked, and so far everybody has been behaving, but make sure security is tight, yeah?"

Mary kneels down as one little girl tugs at her leg. Eyes sparkling, she nods to the little ork's wide eyed, shy request. "You like blue, you say?" In a wonderful, shifting motion, her hair begins to sparkle and weave into all different shades of blue, from royal dark to sky light. The child squeals with delighted laughter and claps her hands.

Thistledown keeps looking back at Mary, literally turning green with envy.

Julian nods and looks around. Then he grins. "Well, he /was/ looking for an extreme workout." He wanders among the cots and bags, looking around. "Hey Tits, uh… Mary." He greets Mary, giving her a vague wave. He quirks an eyebrow at Alice, but just shakes his head and moves along. He looks over to Thistledown. "Where's Zoey? Seems like she'd be all over this."

Thistledown points to the clinic, "There was a bad one…" he trails off. "Pulse saved her, lifted half the building to free her. Fragging miracle."

Mary rises to her feet, her hair shifting colours according to the children's requests. She's enjoying herself, to a degree. There's always time for a bit of fun, just gotta be careful where ya do it. She looks between Jules and Thistle. "Damn. Again, I'm sorry to hear what happened. Gimme a call next time you need a hand with this kinda drek, ya?"

Julian nods. "You need anything? I can make a supply run in the van?"

AliceID is apparently not attracting much attention, but she keeps on with the show there in the boxing ring, and she finally fires the fake missile toward the woman who dissed her mimage. The trigger is pulled, and then the fake imaginary missile launcher is dropped to the side, and Alice hops away from it a bit to keep it from landing on her toes, then winces slightly as if the imaginary thing had hit the floor hard!

Thistledown nods, "There wasn't alot of time or we would have, thank you for offering. He looks around, these folks are going to need somewhere to sleep tonight, if you know anyone who does real estate that would help."

Alice might not be getting alot of people's attention, but she has the entire attention of the young ork Ferris.

Barry Manilow music plays and things get misty…

Thistledown looks around, "Damnit, tell them to keep the door to the sauna shut, when this place steams up it takes forever to clear."

Mary looks to her pocsec as it beeps. She curses. "Fuck. I'm sorry, I gotta run." She looks to Jules, then Thistle again. "Hey, I'll be out and about too. I can poke around for a place for this lot to stay."

Thistledown nods, "Thanks, just send the info over, we've got people looking but there were a lot of families in that building."

Julian considers for a moment, then shrugs. "Well, I have a big storage unit over at the Mustang… but that's probably too far…" He rubs his chin. "I could go find a warehouse to liberate?

Mary nods and grins, her hair returning to normal. She snags her cowboy hat back, and heads to the door, much to the dismay of several children. She waves out and disappears

AliceID pauses a moment and puts her right hand up to cup her chin while her left hand cups her right elbow. She seems to be looking down at the fallen missile launcher, and then she lets her hands drop down and then her body and does some acrobatics in a capoeira style movement to slide swipe kick fake missile launcher off of the boxing ring and out past the ropes! OH YEAH. She drops down to sit on her ass on the padding, and then brings her fists up above her head as if she were going to shout 'SCORE' but she does not say anything at all, just lets her actions do the trick.

Thistledown nods, "If it comes to that we might, though for now I'm hoping there's enough space around after the illness a few months back that it won't come to that." He looks back over at AliceID, "Hey Chops, keep an eye on that one. Ferris dropped her in the ring but she was very good, she just couldn't take the hit. High offense, low defense types make me nervous….especially when the do really good impressions of using rocket launchers."

Julian regards AliceID carefully. "Well I can't very well just toss her out, can I? You know what they say, a mime is a terrible thing to waste." He nods over to Ferris. "Besides, Ferris is watching her close enough as it is." He grins a bit.

Ferris boosts one of the kids up so they can see over the edge of the ring to catch the fancy footwork and handplants.

AliceID almost stops when she hears the conversation, but she tries to turn on the damper a bit when she notices Ferris and the kid by the ring, so she grins. She begins doing a little more of the moves, but instead of just doing martial arts, she actually breaks it down into break dance moves!
«Auto-Judge[thorn]» AliceID (#10746) has the Knowledge Skill Specialization Dancing (Break) with the value '8'.

Thistledown looks at Julian, "That was terrible, and Ferris is a good kid but he's got no clue how to swim in deep water. I'd hate to see his first experience cruising the the water troubled by the presence of mimes."

Julian shrugs. "Least he'll learn to swim." He grins at Thistledown. "He's young, a little danger is good for him. Builds character."

Thistledown chuckles, "He's got character, he's the one who came to fetch Pulse when the building went down, and he beat us back to the scene. Those kids he's next to are ones he pulled out, the parents are out trying to recover stuff from the rubble and he volunteered to stay and watch them." He looks over at AliceID, "Just keep an eye out, yeah?"

Julian grins. "Allright, I suppose kneecaps aren't fatal…"

Thistledown looks down the long line of people he's been tending too, sending most of them on their way with instructions to go get cleaned up and take it easy. The people have been slowly trickling out, heading to either sift through the rubble for their belongings, or see about a new place to live. A few knots of children remain taking shelter in the gym until they can be move to friends or relatives houses, by 11:00 the gym is clear save for the regular members, several of which bear injuries from pitching in last night.

Thistledown looks over at Alice, calling out, "Thank you, again."

AliceID does not lose her exuberance, having turned down the ears, and she continues trying to do her best to make sure that she puts on quality miming… And now apparently break dancing, for Ferris and kids. She seems to put some bits of heart into it, trying to impress the aforementioned target audiences.

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» AliceID (#10746) rolls Dancing (Break) vs TN 4 for "Quality!":
1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 = 4 Successes

Thistledown moves over to sit beside Ferris, slumping against the wall, "So, she still owes you that drink, yeah?"

Ferris nods slowly, intent on watching Alice move.

Thistledown chuckles, "Lucky devil."

Ferris nods again, a grin on his face as Alice bends and moves interesting ways.

AliceID flips up as if doing a backward cartwheel, and then she bounces a few times, and she faces off with an invisible opponent but tries to fake boxing moves like Ferris had used when she was facing off with him. She kangaroo punches out a bit toward the fake opponent, and then she backs off while dancing around while using quick footwork. Some sweat beads a bit along the side of her face.

Thistledown smiles, then looking around to make sure everything is settled he gestures with one hand, his eyes glittering and his hair sparkling. In the ring Alice's Shadow takes on a third dimension, it kips up off the floor and gestures with its hands, inviting her to Shadowbox.
«Auto-Judge[thorn]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Sorcery + 4 vs TN 5 for "Force 2 Trid Phantasm":
1 1 2 2 4 4 5 9 9 10 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[thorn]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Willpower + 8 vs TN 2 for "No more headaches today, please.":
1 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 11 = 12 Successes

AliceID blinks a few times, and even though that might be scary, she goes ahead and takes on the challenge! Shadowboxing with her own shadow!

(Please note, The next few rolls are a completely made up system simply to be entertaining.)

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» AliceID (#10746) rolls Capoeira vs TN 6 for "Defaulting!":
2 3 3 3 4 5 8 11 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Intelligence vs TN 2 for "Keeping ahead of AliceID, TN is equal to her successes.":
1 4 5 5 5 9 = 5 Successes

AliceID tries to use her own martial arts knowledge but make it seem like boxing, but her feet still move with the same capoeira rhythms. Finally, she speaks, "HIYA!"

The shadow moves in a mirror image of Alice until she begins her attack, then it ducks dodges and weaves out of the way, infuriatingly just a half a heartbeat ahead. It throws punches but each falls short of landing.

«OOC» Thistledown says, "Your successes set my TN, if I get 1 success I can stay ahead of you, 0 and you land an obvious hit, if I botch you spoil the illussion completely."

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» AliceID (#10746) rolls Capoeira + Combat Pool: 8 vs TN 4 for "Rawr!":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 9 11 = 9 Successes
«Auto-Judge[thorn]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Intelligence vs TN 9 for "Is she really faster than thought?":
1 4 4 5 5 7 = 0 Successes

AliceID puts a little more 'umph' into her attacks, and instead of boxing, she actually breaks down into her normal art, and she starts to do all kinds of whirls and twirls and flipz, where she plants her hands and kicks out toward the shadow. Finally, one of the moves actually does make a hit, right in the behind area. Did she just kick her own ass?

The Shadow Alice was still boxing, apparently caught off guard by the change in styles it is sent rolling forward to try to escape from the kick to the rump, it sails forward then tucks and rolls coming to its feet across the ring. As it stands it starts mimicing the rythym it's feet circling wide in the half dance/half combat stance that is the signature of the style.

AliceID grins faintly and then bounces up and starts to face off with an opposite dance in the same rhythm, making it look like they were doing dance off rather than fight each other! But, Alice is still ready to fight! She keeps her body moving, though a quick fist is brought up to her mouth as she coughs again one more time, much like she had yesterday after being punched. Temporarily, it is a distraction that causes her to possibly be more open.

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» Thistledown (#9317) rolls Intelligence + Combat Pool: 6 vs TN 4 for "Shadow attack, number of successes set the TN for your combat roll to look as though you avoid the attacks clean.":
1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 9 23 = 7 Successes
«Auto-Judge[thorn]» AliceID (#10746) rolls Capoeira vs TN 7 for "omg!":
1 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 = 0 Successes

The shadow rolls forward, then swings it's legs up, pushing itself off the ground with it's hands it sends both feet straight towards AliceID. Planting both feet squarely onto Alice's guard then pushing off it flips away to land on three points, it's left hand stuck out to the side for balance. That sort of impact would have been hard to stay standing under, but the shadow doesn't have any real weght and Alice doesn't feel a thing.

Ferris is watching intently, both to study the woman and her moves, he turns to comment to Thistledown but goes quiet as he sees the level of concentration on the young mage's face. Most of the people still in the gym have stopped to watch the exchange as the beautiful pantamime creature battles her shadow.

«Auto-Judge[thorn]» AliceID (#10746) rolls Acting (Miming) vs TN 4 for "Mimage!":
1 2 3 3 4 5 5 15 = 4 Successes

AliceID realizes she has just been hit, and she goes flailing and miming off without speaking, falling down and grabbing at herself as if she is hit and gonna die! She flops out with her limbs onto the floor, making it look real, though anyone with assensing abilities can tell that she is mostly okay, save for her weak immune system.

The shadow dances about like a champ for a moment then, turns. Moving over to Alice, standing over her one leg to each side of Alice's body, bending over her as though checking to see if she's ok. The shadow has it's hands on it's hips, and is bent at the waist way far over.

Ferris isn't the only one in the room that leans a bit trying to get a better view of the shadow's front and back sides, they lean back slowly, trying to pretend that's not what they were doing when they realize that shadowskin under shadowcloth isn't as revealing as the real thing.

AliceID is doing the pro dead opposum look, not even breathing at all! Luckily, the shadow has no real hands, or does it? This might get interesting!

The shadow mimes picking up a stick, testing the end of it for pointiness, and yes it is indeed sharp, look how she has to suck on her finger afterward, then poking at Alice where she lies in the floor, it looks as though, yes she's definitely poking the dead body with a pointy stick…right in the ribs too.

AliceID opens her eyes just a little, just barely, and she uses magnification to zoom in on what the shadow self is doing. When poked, Alice starts to twitch, and then wince, as if it really did hurt! She forms an "OW" face, but no sound comes from her mouth at all.

The shadow looks startled as Alice makes the OW face stepping backwards and tripping up on Alice's feet it topples in slow motion, arms pinwheeling, when it reaches the ground it splatters returning to the 2 dimensional state in which most shadows spend their entire lives.

AliceID then sits up and she pushes a few strands of black and blue hair back behind her pointy elf ears, and then she grins a little toward the spot where the shadow splattered. She looks around to see how the show came off, if there was anyone really interested in it all. She finally meets her gaze with Ferris and blushing happens that only the astrally active can notice due to the thick layers of face paint upon her.

There just so happens to be an astrally active mage sitting beside Ferris, watching Alice rather intently to match the shadow so the blush does not go unnoticed. He throws an elbow into Ferris then chuckles, "Don't let that drink slide, chum." The glow fades from Thistle's eyes and the sparkles from his hair as he releases the ilussion and settles back to rest.

The rest of the gym comes back into focus, applauding the performance of the young woman, the children all rush up to the ring trying to grab her shadow when it falls near them on the floor. Ferris simply watches the painted woman thoughtfully, then looks at Thistle, "Can ye help me wit…" Thistle cuts him off, "Trust me, you don't need any help."

AliceID (the real one) then kips up, without the grace of someone who knows the maneuver, but at least with time to shift around, she can manage it while not in combat. She walks over toward the kiddies, grinning just a bit.


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