GM: Daniel
Players: Daniel (quasi-companion mode), Kaelyn
Synopsis: An old companion is missing, and the intrepid shadowrunners are tasked with investigation!
Date: September, 2076

«Plot» Daniel says, "Plotz? Adventure? Loot? NUYENZ? Wiki-wiki (wah wah)? Consent!"
«Plot» Kaelyn says, "Given? O.O"

Word trickles out through the shadows, as they tend to do. Work! This one comes from Burt, since it's a job for a Talismonger out in the Ute sector. As Burt does not dabble in magical wares, it's not a conflict of interest. Plus, there's future work to be had there, it seems. All she's got to do is get high marks the first time around…

It doesn't take Kae too long, she doesn't live all that far from where Burt's place of work is. Soon enough, she wanders into the place, the tall elf peering through the door and asking as she enters "You called about work?"

"Yeah, got a delivery job for you to an old friend of mine," Burt says, resting a hand on a package. "She's got work for you, too. I know you're not a courier, but since you're headed out that way…" He shrugs!

Violet eyes settle on the package, and Kae shrugs "It's one of the things I can do. Anyhoo, anything to help." she says and is all smiles as Kaelyn makes her way up to the counter and reaches for the package "Where do I need to take this? And anything else I need to know about this delivery?"

Burt slides a Pocsec with an active GPS output on it. "That'll get you there. Fisher's a little weird, but you can spot her easy," he says. "Nothing to worry about what you're taking, either. You're just cheaper than the postage." He shoos Kae away, before looking back at some unseen terminal.

Kae picks up the package and the GPS doodad and gives a slight bow. "Oyasuminasai." She says cheerfully, wishing Burt a good night as she wanders out the door, package under her arm. She glances left and right then after consulting the GPS makes her turn and begins heading in the direction of the delivery.

The GPS leads from the UCAS to the Ute, to an old looking building. Is that… is that /real wood/? It's not as smooth as the synthetic stuff, to be sure. The building has it's own little flare, aside from the materials. A display that shimmers with an Arcane vibe that simply reads: Vini Feminae et Carmen. Outside, there is a rather expensive looking vehicle. An SUV of some sort that is covered in all sorts of tech oddities.

After the first knock, before the second rapping of fingers can happen, the door opens itself, swinging wide. Some fog rolls out, and the elf behind the counter looks up and regards the busty newcomer. Regards, and gets a distant look to her face, and then she nods. "Good, not a poser. Come in, come in," she says. The fog clears up right-quick. A showy effect for wannabe wizards. "Burt sent you, yes?"

Kae wanders in, still smiling and holds up the package "Yup, and the package that was requested I think?" She says, sounding rather cheerful as she approaches the counter and sets the package there on. "I believe he also said you had a request for someone with similar talents to mine own?"

The elf picks up the package CAREFULLY, and opens it. Nodding at the contents. She tucks it away in her showy, if impractical, wizard robes. "Hmm? Oh yes yes yes. Come in," she says, waving to a small room off from the main area filled with talisma of all kinds. A curtain of beads blocking the way, which draw open even as the door outside closes itself. IN THE BACK ROOM, is an Amerind. A hulk of a human male, damn near as big as some orks, with an armored long coat on over some other gear here and there. He looks from one elf to the other and back again. The elf speaks up first. "Don't give me that look. She comes highly recommended," she says, passing him a chip from the package. He slots it into a pocsec of his own to skim. After a time, he shuts it off. Nodding. "Okay." He stands, and moves past the two… back to the front door. And stops. He looks back. "… Asama? We're on a clock," he says, before opening the door and heading out. Being all vague and shit.

Kae shrugs slowly and heads in the direction of the gargantuan human. The tall elfess glancing around and tilting her head "Ummm oookay… this gonna be dangerous here? do I need to go grab my gear in the near future?" she asks curiously, now briskly walking behind the much taller human.

The towering Amerind leads the oddly smaller elf outside to the aforementioned fancy car. It beeps some kind of deactivation when he draws near enough to the driver's seat, allowing him entry unharmed. There is no engine noise, but a tiny intake fan begins to whir before he the passenger window rolls down. "Gear would help. I have little of use to you in the back, if your Fixer's assessment is accurate. We have some flex time… and I can brief you on the way. Where can we pick up your equipment?"

"It's at my Fixer's." Kae states. "Had to have some weight adjustments on some of it. But the equipment's there." she adds and shrugs slowly before getting into the vehicle. "So… What do ya need me to do?" she asks.

Daniel nods after a moment's consideration, gesturing for Kae to take a seat. "It should not take too long to get there and go back to the Sioux." A pause. "I am Flying Stone, a Shaman. We are going to help sort out troubles with some spirits that Angela - that is, the woman you just met - and I deal with regularly. Or rather, she deals with regularly, and I am the go-between. Something is amiss, and I will be in need of a guardian, as I will likely need to perform a spirit-walk once we are there. A second set of eyes is also always helpful."

Kae nods slowly. "Ok so I'm to stand guard over you while you slip into…" She wracks her brain a bit "The astral plane yah?" She asks curiously.

The Workhorse is a nice vehicle. Heated seats. Dual climate control. Tinted windows. Likely other features. The door hisses shut behind Kaelyn, and a pressure differential pops her ears just a scosh, before the car rolls out.

Silently, save for the faint whine of the battery powered motor. "Yes, the astral plane. I would have liked another set of eyes, but we work with what we have. Address?"

Kae holds up Burt's card, that it might be put into the autonav, then tilts her head "Here it is." she states. "Soo what does my job entail? Make sure now solid-world threat gives you a hard time?" she asks curiously.

Daniel nods as he puts the address into the autonav, that it might lead him there. It isn't the most intuitive of paths, but the reason for that becomes apparent: it involves an odd route because it circumvents the checkpoints. Never on auto-pilot, though. The shaman keeps his hands on the wheel the whole while.

"Yes. I'm not sure what trouble there might be, but better to have backup and not need it, than to need it an not have it," he says. "Besides, I think Andrea likes you. Or at least saw something to like. Quick to let you in back. I'm guessing you were sent to her because you don't know any local talismongers?"

"Honestly? I hardly no any local anybody. I really only arrived in Denver a short while ago." Suddenly Kae grins and shrugs "I was raised in a veeeeeeery remote village in Okinawa, ended up having to leave cause of a disagreement with some people from another town so as to better protect the village. Been working my way here since." she adds and shrugs slowly "Sadly most of my experience is kind of surrounding the use of well, I guess to this day and age, primitive edged weapons? I'm familiar with most edged weapons, and can accurately throw most anything and am decent in hand to hand combat. "

The human nods, pulling out a pocsec with the 'dossier' chip slotted in it. "Not that I've had an abundance of time to read over this, but anything important left out I should know?" The file does indicate her proficiency in weapons. It leaves a few facts out here and there of minor importance, but what should be concerning is how Burt came to discover a few factoids that the elf likely did not know that he was aware of. There is time to answer before the SUV pulls up to Burt's bizniss, that she might go in and grab her gear.

"Well what is left out there is that I'm not Yamatetsu's exclusive errand girl any more, just that I did a lot of… errands at reduced pay in order to relieve my self of my debt to them." She adds and shrugs "It's all paid off now if you're worried, though, I'll generally not take on missions that pit me against that corporation. Me and many in my village are safe and alive now thanks to our dealings with that corp, they being honorable in all their dealings with us…" As they arrive, Kaelyn would slide out the SUV and wander inside, soon returning with a pair of swords of all things and a bandolier full of bo-shuriken… "This is pretty much what I have." she says and slides back into the SUV, the elf then checking her swords briefly, only half drawing them as she glances at the edges with a critical eye, one might even note one has been dikoted and all… She re-sheathes the blades and sets them along side her, down below the level of the window. "Ready to go…"

When Kaelyn returns to the SUV, Daniel is in the seat skimming through the digital dossier some more. But once she's inside, he hands her the Pocsec again. "Part of your payment, as thanks for the assist," he says. "Do with the chip what you will. I've seen all I need to." And then they roll out. Silent once more! The vehicle weaves it's way back out into the less-than-populated areas, slipping through another hidden passage to get through the border undetected. Likely a smuggler route? Wherever they're headed, it's not a listed address this time, but instead, is a set of coordinates.

They speed down an old highway, before coming to an old campground with fog passing into the trees and up the trail. There is little left of the parking lot, save for chunks of plascrete that haven't been covered by new growth just yet. "Do not be alarmed, but we will soon have a spirit to help guard us," he says. Pointing over that-a-way. "Caelum… praesidio," he mutters. That does not sound like Amerind, but it has some effect.

There is a breeze, and then a bird appears? Made of whorls of misty air? It's weird. "He will not guide us, but he will protect us on our way," he says. The Shaman moves to the rear of the SUV, opening it to gather his own supplies, before beckoning that it is time to follow a long-forgotten path into the night.

«Plot» Daniel says, "Materialize, Guard, and Concealment from the Mist Spirit, for Kae and Dan both. 2 services remain."

Kae looks at the bird curiously. She'd seen this done at the Shinto Shrine, though not quite that same kind of thing. She tilts her head briefly, then settles her swords on her hip of all places, one long sword, one short as she makes her way behind Daniel, the woman's long strides absolutely silent. "What is it you expect to meet up here that I can deal with?"

The mist around the pair swirls and thickens… kind of. Nothing so high as to block their view, but it moves with them, further dampening the noise of their passing. From time to time it DOES rise, but somehow the breezes make it so that their path remains unobscured. There is a distant look to Daniel's face, as he views the spirit world while he walks. Simpler than trying to see in the dark with the ease that Kaelyn's elfin eyes allow. Still… the cloud-cover isn't making that too easy going. "I hope to meet nothing that you will /need/ to deal with," he says, though his tone indicates he believes he will be sorely disappointed. "It is a small glade where a Shaman I know keeps his lodge. Angela and I have not heard from him in some time, so here we are." He moves his hand to push his long coat open, pulling out a stick perhaps half a meter in length. "What concerns me is the wildlife. He had a way with them, to keep them at ease. Lacking that…" He shakes his head at the thought.

Kae nods, her whole self relatively at ease as she looks around, those violet eyes scanning her surroundings, not at all phased really by the dark. "Well here's to hoping this is a short-boring affair for everyone." she adds and smiles cheerfully, then laces her fingers behind her neck, elbows bent as she glances around. "Anything else I need to know?"

«Plot» Daniel says, "As they continue along (Kae supah sneaky), something settles onto them. A little distracting. Noises over there? Paranoia settling in. TNs are +4!"

Daniel shakes his head, distracted for a moment. "Hmm? No, nothing," he says, before stopping. A hand up to signal. After a few moments, he scowls. He gives the stick a quick spin, and it click-clicks as it telescopes out to a full-sized staff. And continues on.

Kae's eyes now glance around furtively while she checks out the surroundings. Still she tries to stay relaxed and at the same time at a ready state. She doesn't say much, there's not much to say at the moment as she stays with Daniel, ready to act in protection of him as she silently moves forward.

Daniel stops once more. His frown deepening. He begins to chant again as he peers into the night, and takes a step back. "Avis, hold it off," he says, and the mists swell at his command. Surging up and swirling towards the thing in the dark. "Infected. Don't let it touch either of us," he says as he drops down. Sitting lotus with the staff resting across his lap. Another incantation in some other language, and his head slumps to the side. «Plot note: Confusion on the Bandersnatch, one service remains.»

Kae's hand touches her sword for now, and she steps partially between Daniel and where the spirit thing ran off for now, the girl's eyes narrowing as she steps with right foot in front of left, body crouched slightly and weight on the balls of her feet. Still oddly though, she seems relaxed as well, not really tense, but seemingly ready to move if need be.

As the mists swirl and part and do all their cool things, the elf body guard finally notices the danger that the shaman pointed out. A hulking creature in the dark ahead, as big as a troll and covered in patchy fur. Where the fur doesn't cover is raw, almost rotting flesh. It opens it's mouth and weird animal noises come out. Not like… a roar. Birdsong. Whatever noises a fox makes. Strangeness.

«Plot» Daniel says, "I will try to note it at the top of the log next time, but combat will go thus: +init, then declare actions and +roll. Once the whole round is finished, poses!"

Combat Round 1

«Plot» Daniel says, "End of turn results: INFECTED damage M+1 Stun, L Physical; his spirit damage S+3 Stun; Dan's Spirit damage D Stun (discorporated). Bandersnatch has used 12/15 KP. Dan has used 19/23 KP. Kaelyn has her 1 still. Round 1 Poses!"

Daniel's spirit steps from his body and moves at the speed of thought. A green energy gathers in his hands and flies towards the Infected Critter, exploding in the air unseen to Kaelyn, but it's affects are visible. The creature's skin ripples as he energy washes through it, it's own little spirit of wood taking a much more damaging blow but remaining standing. The Creature bellows out a noise that sounds much more like a ship's fog-horn than an actual roar, and a sickening red energy lances out from one of it's clawed fingers towards the bird spirit helping our intrepid runners. The bird spirit is no match for the energy sent into it, and it vanishes in a swirl of mist.

Mist? The mist built up around the pair swiftly vanishes, bringing them to full view of the Bandersnatch.

Kae advances toward the Infected thing, feet still held at the ready in case she should need to move quickly. As the creature roars, Kaelyn draws and flings a bo-shuriken in the blink of an eye, the long dart-like object whistling through the air to bury up to its tassel into the infected as the woman waits and watches, not sure what exactly to do at this point as she's not been in any similar a situation.

On the spirit plane, Daniel gathers another ball of mystical energy and hurls it at the pair. The effect less devastating than the previous effort, even. Bothered by this, the Shaman returns to his body, his reaction time slowing considerably as his mind is once more encased in meat. Still sitting lotus. This will not do.

Combat Round 2

«Plot» Kaelyn says, "Holding action while hoping that the beeg wizard will keel the spirit so I can remove undead troll n.n"

«Plot» Daniel says, "End of Turn results: Bandersnatch takes D+1 Physical and M Stun (total D+1 Physical, S+2 Stun) and is bleeding out

The Bandersnatch moves quickly, gathering another bundle of sickening red energy around his hands before throwing it at the Amerind. Who is… chanting some more? With glowing white eyes and through a fanged maw (wait what?) He pushes through the energy, letting it wash over his body while a green energy begins to form in his stone-colored… claws? His totemic mask is showing. One of the crystal charms on his bracelet jangles and turns to a wisp of smoke, joining the energy in his claw/hands before it is thrown back at the infected shaman and his spirit.

The energy washes over the Bandersnatch, some of the green mana glowing brightly where it meets the band of leather resting on the critter's head, before shifting red and continuing on with the pulse of green. The red is used in a useless attempt to protect the little forest creature is decimated by the energy, while the Bandersnatch is knocked back from the energy buffeting his form.

Kae, seeing that the creature is feeling the worse for ware focuses hard on her objective. The tall elf quickly snatches a shuriken from her belt, winding up with the sharpened flying square of hers held between thumb and forefinger as she brings her hand back as far as she can and steps forward with her left as she puts every bit of her self into the one throw. The shuriken whistles out of the young woman's hand, spiraling a bit before cutting through the headband and lodging so deep into the skull of the Bandersnatch that only the last third is visible sticking out the center of the Bandersnatch's forehead.

Dropping like a several-hundred kilo sack of meat, the Bandersnatch twitches as the shuriken interferes with whatever brain function the HMHVV strain had left it. It's head rolls to the side, but it now lacks to coordination to do anything about the blade. Or anything, really. Just let it's brainmatter ooze out as it's mind fades into nothing.

Daniel spins the staff and sticks one end on the ground, using it as a pseudo cane. He gives a nod of appreciation to the elf. "Well done," he says. He looks about, making sure there are no other immediate threats, before moving closer to inspect the corpse. He keeps his distance, though. HMHVV is a hell of a thing. "This was not what I was hoping to find, or even expecting," he admits. "Would you mind making sure no scavengers come to peck at this while I go gather some supplies form the truck?"

Kae nods slowly, the woman scooping up a handful of pebbles as she begins to gather wood as well. "Probably best to burn the body too right?" she suggests, now stacking wood away from the body for now, not wanting to touch the thing for fear of becoming infected as well.

The shaman grunts in affirmation. "Yes, that would be the best way to insure the disease does not spread. At least, not from this source," he says. "I will return soon." He hobbles away and is gone for perhaps half an hour, looking slightly less worse-for-wear. Seems he took some time to rest back down at the truck. His long coat is missing from his current ensemble, but is replaced with medicine bags on his hips. Or were they always there, but hidden?

"Terribly sorry. That took longer than I had hoped," he says. "Did you find your blades? I can clean those that drew blood, I think." From one of the bags, a kit is produced, rolled open, and tools are removed. He fiddles with the body here and there. Recovering the shuriken lodged in the creature's skull, he also takes time to remove some teeth and claws. Taking care to not nick himself in the process.

Kae glances at the rather huge pile of wood she's gathered. "Got this here, we can also clense them in chemicals, and heat, maybe magic, or I can just buy 3 new shuriken." She then holds up the shuriken that missed and smiles "I picked this one up though." she adds. Once Daniel is done with his job, Kae begins piling the wood around the body, making sure plenty air can get to the core of the wood. Soon enough she's arranged kindling and tender and has the fire lit.. "I forgot my marshmallows." She mutters, and smirks a bit, trying to lighten the mood some.

"I will be sure to bring picnic treats when next I come to investigate this disappearance," Daniel says, packing up his kit. "Though… best use a fire that isn't burning an Infected Sasquatch," he says, trying to keep the mood light, himself. As the flames begin to take, he starts chanting in that language of his, before a small little pile of stones push it's way up through the dirt of the glade. It stands perhaps waist-high, and looks to the shaman. "Protect these flames, but do not let them grow too high," he says. "If they begin to spread past the glade, snuff them out."

Contingencies in place, he looks to the elf. "Back to your fixer's, then?" He waves back down the trail. Ladies first.

Kae nods "Yah, that would be the best place, I can walk from there." She states, then tilts her head "I can drive if need be, I've driven vehicles before, I'm just no expert…" she adds and grins "That is if you can deal with a foreign woman driver."

Dan shakes his head. "I do not mind at all," he says. "Just be sure to follow the prompts - the Auto-Nav will help keep everything under control."

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