Bait and Switch

GM: Simone, w/ wrap-up cameo by Vulcan
Players: Dante, Deborah
Synopsis: The runners are hired to babysit, and a walk in the park turns into a firefight!
Date: February 1, 2070

«Plot» SimoneGM says, "Setting time of day at 10am."

Johney Krosh passes along a trixmail detailing a meet in an office downtown belonging to a subsidiary of Telestrian Industries. He simply passes the meet time, location, and Johnson's name with no further explanation.

Deborah receives a call from one Mr. Frank Carter.

Deborah, got a line on some freelance work. Wanted to send it your way. I got no other connections that have any free time, what with the freakin' black cloud over the city and the Ute crackdowns." He makes the call brief and sends you on your way, to accept or not.

Dante checks his messages and give a light nod. he was actually rather busy lately. seems once his name got around more work just started coming in out of nowhere. He grabbed his normal gear including a clip of gel rounds in his handgun and one of exex in his coat pocket and had his rifle slung across his back. he hid the rifle behind the seat of his truck and drove on to the meeting place, stopping once for a cup of coffee and a pack of menthols on the way.

Deborah wastes little time once the news of fresh cred is mentioned. She slips into a padded jumpsuit and tosses a heavy Greatcoat over it, and makes a few last-minute checks on her pair of pistols. Satisfied that her weapons are in working order, she grabs a small messenger bag and heads out. Down the three flights of stairs to the parking in front of Mountain Hills, and onto her flaming racing bike she goes.

Even if they hurried, the runners make their way to the meet with time to spare. The two armored runners don't really fit into the standard office clientele; in fact, they stick out like drunken trolls at a dwarven bathhouse, and they are directed to wait for Mr. Crenshaw while he wraps up a meeting. It seems they have been expecting some 'expendable resources' to drop in. Or perhaps Mr. Crenshaw has visitors like this on a regular basis.

After a relatively short wait, Dante and Deborah are invited into a small annex room with a meeting table, a dozen chairs and the rest of the standard meeting room accouterments. "Pleasure to meet you, I'm David Crenshaw. Please, have a seat."

Crenshaw is a thick, stodgy man with premature wrinkles and fierce eyes. He's not athletic, but he gives an aura of intelligence.

Deborah wears some of that fancy, disguised armor. So she doesn't look like much other than a messenger-girl. Especially with the bag. She walks into the waiting room chewing some neon-green colored gum. She chomps away noisily, and from time to time blows a bubble. *POP* goes the gum. To Crenshaw, she offers a polite wave when invited into his office. She takes the seat to the left and crosses her legs. "Good to meetcha," she says, chewing a bit less noisily as biz is gotten down to.

Dante wandered into the office wearing his normal attire. that being his long coat and cheap jeans and t-shirt. all black. He also had his normal headband on his forehead and his hands in his pockets. he stood near the chair as he was called in and gave a light nod to the man who had apparently sent out the call for assistance. "hello. I hear your in need of a bit of aid"

Crenshaw is a very serious man, and he seems to know the type of people he's dealing with. With great concern for details he paints you an interesting picture of the situation with his complicated corp-speak jargon.

"We here at Telestrian Industries are like family. An integrated-solutions family. In the hectic business climate of 2070, we have to come up with solutions faster than the problems can occur…"

Deciphering his lingo, you come to understand that he needs runners to keep a UK corporate manager under your watchful eyes until Telestrian agents can mobilize to take the manager off of your hands.

Along with his proposition, you are offered 25,000 nuyen for the safe-keeping of Terry Shearer, the corp manager of Alban Shores.

Dante nods as the man speaks and takes hands from his pocket to rest them on the back of the chair he was standing by "In other words body guard work. make sure these guys get to where they need to go safely, Correct?" he speaks. as he does he is already going through the different measures of how to do this properly

The gum makes quiet squishy noises in Deborah's mouth as she chews, silently listening as Crenshaw runs through his pitch. At least she's stopped blowing bubbles throughout this all. "Ok, yeah. Sure thing, I got no problem playing baby sitter for your guy," she says with a grin and a nod.

"Mr. Shearer is very important to our integrated-solutions family-network structure. I trust you'll keep our best interests in mind." Crenshaw hands Dante a datachip with Mr. Shearer's flight information and other mission-specific data. "I wish for you two to retrieve our friend from the Dunkelzahn International Airport. Where you go from there, it may be better not to explain. you will be contacted as soon as our agents are in place to take over the protection duties. Any final questions?"

Dante takes the stick and pockets it for now so He can slot it in his pocsec later and go over the finer details with the one he was going to be working with "only one. who is it exactly who may or may not have it in for this man? I would like to know what I am dealing with"

Crenshaw admits that the group in question is the Tir Tairngire government. The treacherous elves. He apparently has no love for them and their disregard for the integrated-solutions family-network structure.

Deborah shakes her head at the mention of the Tir. "Nope. Well… maybe. Do you have a way for us to get him from the Airport to… wherever? I don't think I can fit him on my bike," she says with a smirk.

Dante nods I got a truck but it isn't exactly an armored vehicle. plus I only know how to drive the thing well enough to get me around town.

Crenshaw refers to his pocsec momentarily before nodding to Dante. "I can relinquish company resources for transportation. We have a Honda Accord in the employee lot. Any damages will have to come out of your fee, however. My budget is limited right now."

"Kay then. With any luck, we won't need wiz driving skills for a simple pickup. I hope," Deborah says. Chomp chomp chomp. "I really don't think there will be that much of a drive-and-shootout issue. The elves like to keep things quiet."

Looking to a screen with a spinning image of the Telestrian logo rotating in a sterile void, Crenshaw whispers a little corporate prayer for Mr. Shearer.

Dante nods with the use of a vehicle. just in case he decided to ask "you wouldn't by chance have a driver would you? I am not that skilled behind the wheel admittedly.""

Dante looks over to the woman "just cause they might not doesn't mean it can't happen. its best to be prepared if possible"

Crenshaw shakes his head. "I regret to inform you that we are not currently budgeted for another on-duty driver, nor do we make it a policy to release employees into the care of 'non-corporate assets' such as yourselves. We make special exceptions in times of need, but I'm afraid we just can't accommodate your request." He sees you out to the parking lot, hands you a key with a remote starter and sends you on your way to the airport. The plane will be landing soon.

Dante gets his rifle from his truck, calling Tyler for some extra info as he does and hangs up as he walks back to the corporate vehicle. he tosses her the keys and offers a smile "Well I have a place to take him. it will be a little chilly for him for a while, but he will have to survive. I have a couple sweaters if he gets too whiny." he hops into the passenger side of the vehicle and waits to go

Deborah heads on out of the Building and looks to Dante, her gum chewing back to full-power now that the meet with the Jay is done. *POP* the gum goes every minute or so. She casts a side-ling glance at her Bike. "They sure as hell better validate my parking for this," she says before climbing into the driver's seat. "Name's Debs," she offers, fumbling through some of her pockets while the vehicle is warming up.

"The name's Dante. if we can get to this place and I get a good eye on this place, I should be able to keep a decent look out for anyone looking to hurt this guy." he relays to her the information he knows so far and pulls a pack of menthols from his coat pocket and puts one to his lips. They never said anything about smoking in their vehicles

Once the runners get moving, traffic quickly gets them to the airport in time to retrieve the British gentleman. The Dunkelzahn International is busy busy busy. Tens of thousands of travelers pass in and out of this central North American hub daily. With security locked down tight, the runners must decide to enter and wait in a common area near his landing gate, or wait at the passenger loading and pickup; a roundabout driveway that has doors from every major international airline leading out to a covered walkway with 10-minute parking.

Deborah finishes her fumbling to produce her own pack of Nic-sticks. She lights up as the vehicles rolls out of the parking area. Most of the ride she fills with idle-chatter, the most notable among it asking about grabbing some food before hitting the airport. "Especially since we don't know how long we have to play baby-sitter," she reasons.

At the airport, the woman groans in annoyance. She pulls up to the passenger-pickup area, looking for a spot with a meter. "I hate airports… Going to have to leave the guns in the car," she grumbles, shifting about lithely to remove a pair of previously concealed holsters. "No way do I want to blow things before they get started.

Dante nods at his partner and sighs inwardly. "I will leave my stuff in the vehicle. one of us should go in and get the target while the other keeps the car running close by. I don't want an open area sprint to a vehicle in the parking lot after. I have an image of the guy saved to my headware. My image link should pick him out of a crowd when he gets off. I will keep my coat for him in case something happens. sound good?"

Deborah nods, and takes a glance at the car's clock. "Kay… I figure fifteen minute swap-outs? Or do you want to stay inside the whole time?" she asks.

He looks at the clocks time and checks it against the info for when the mark was supposed to arrive. (which is?)

«OOC» Simone says, "It's 11:12 am now. Plane is scheduled for 11:19 landing."

Dante shakes his head "I will go on in alone for now. he should be arriving in about 7 minutes provided there are no delays. keep an eye out for me for anyone looking like they want to cause trouble. I will give you my cell cause they might not like taccoms in the terminal." he gives her his number and takes all his weapons, ammo and even his smokes and leaves them in the car. he now only has his armor and his wits.

Deborah steps out and walks around a little to stretch her legs, shutting the car down and taking the keys with her. Her guns and their holsters have been slipped under the driver's seat of the vehicle, and the messenger bag is in the back seat (EQ list upon request!). She nods and plugs Dante's number into her phone when he reads it out to her. After a couple minutes, she's leaning on a railing near the terminal with another Nic-Stick to help keep her warm in the cool morning air.

People are everywhere! You can't see ten feet ahead of you for all the bodies. All races and species are represented to some extent, hurrying here and there, getting in each others' way, and the noise levels are high. Drones also patrol the floors and float in the air above, both inside and outside the facility.

Dante swears in Ute as he looks at the trid screen noting the delay. he looks down at his cell and checks the time against how long it took to get in here and check things out <averaging 3 min from short plan lay out and walking in> and sighs. he decides he has time with the delay so he walks back out to the vehicle to let her know the situation….and get her number for himself so that he could just send her a text next time instead of wandering out

Deborah s leaning with her back against a railing, puff-puffing away when she catches a glimpse of a car passing by, with the rather nosey driver. She flashes him a grin and quirks an eyebrow, trying to gauge where the elf's interests in her are focused.

The inquisitive elf turns away from Deborah and drives past without stopping, heading out of the passenger loading zone.

Deborah frowns a little, and turns to Dante when she notices him drawing near. "There was an elf guy driving buy who was watching me, but didn't seem too interested at the eye-fluttering perky look I sent his way… take that for what you will," she says, and will describe the car if asked about it. She keeps an eye on the approaching lane, in case another similar vehicle will make it's way towards her.

Dante nods at the added info and joins her for a smoke for a few min until there was about 5 min before the flight was rescheduled to arrive for. he did ask what the car looked like and the driver if she got a good look at him and dedicated it to memory before putting out the smoke and going back inside, taking down her number first." just keep an eye out. I should be back out with the guy before too long provided there aren't any more set backs."

Back into the throng of people… If one were claustrophobic, the Dunkelzahn airport could be a difficult place to handle. It's huge, but the number of metahumans in the place could drive even a sane person mad. Maybe that's part of the reason people always have such manic energy in places like this.
At gate C-12, a wild-looking man in an argyle sweater steps out of the turnstile, easily recognizable to Dante as Mr. Shearer. The man looks about, but walks onward with purpose.
You paged Smoke with 'me too, it'll just be a juggling act. I've basically got things separated into easily digestible chunks now, so I should be able to handle some of it with like any combo of 2 or 3 people.'.

Dante walks up to the man and stands near him in front and to the side but walks with him rather then block his way and speaks "Mr. Shearer." it was an announcement not a question "My name is Dante. I have been hired to assure your protection until you are handed off to the security detail that was assigned to you by the corporation. If you will come with me I will make sure you are kept safe." he slots the chip he had earlier and shows the symbol of the corp they are working for along with the briefing info to him

Deborah pushes off of the railing as the new arrival time rolls around and heads back for the car's driver seat. Time to warm the vehicle back up again. She keeps her eyes pointed towards the approaching traffic lane as she fiddles with the keys. The added time to get in the vehicle isn't really noticeable, but it's there.

Out on the sidewalk, a somewhat stocky elf plods past Deborah. He looks bulky to an extreme extent, but you are unable to detect anything particular about him that points to anything other than him being a bodybuilder. He watches the crowd and the passing vehicles like any other pedestrian, and is quickly absorbed into the masses.

Deborah slips into the car and turns it on while thumbing on her phone. She dials out to Dante. "Say, you got another exit you might wanna try to head out of? Just to be safe?" she asks.

"Bah, paranoid delusions!" The old man guffaws at Dante's statements. "Mr. Crenshaw sent you to accompany me? Well what's on the agenda, then? I've heard good things about the city of Denver, and I've not got an appointment at the Telestrian offices until tomorrow afternoon. Don't let me down, now." The old man doesn't seem to acknowledge your briefing information.

Dante shakes his head and walks with the man "all the same, I am to watch you and keep you safe. I do not know what you have heard, but Denver is a dangerous place. apparently there are people here that don't want you to make it to any more of your appointments. "ever" so it's best you stick with us. for your own safety of course." warning aside now he offered a smile "Don't worry though, your in good hands. Do as I say when I say it and you will be fine. do you have any armor on you by the way? if not you can borrow my coat. it is lined so it should provide at least some protection if we are shot at." he offered. He tried to sound polite as best he could. he just wanted to make sure the man knew that he needed to be careful.

The old man gives Dante a cheery wink. "Oh, I checked the weather reports from the plane, lad. I believe a sweater will be quite appropriate for the weather. I don't see much need for a coat for a short jaunt to the limo. I do trust you've brought the deviled eggs. I do so love deviled eggs…"

Getting back into the holsters is trickier than slipping out of them, Deborah is finding. Clip-on holsters, she mentally adds to the list of shit she needs. She flips a switch to polarize the windows before she slips the pistols out to check the loaded ammo. Full clip of Gel. Good. We wouldn't want to waste the expensive stuff on anyone. She keeps the line open to keep an ear on the situation from the other end.

An ork security guard with a nasty looking SMG walks past the company car just after Deb flips the switch on the windows. He tries to take a good look but sees only his own reflections. Luckily for her, he's not concerned about a simple tint, and he doesn't seem to miss a beat.

Dante shakes his head at the crazy old coot and walks him out to the vehicle and waves at the woman in the car. he directs the mark into the back of the vehicle and takes his seat up front. with the windows tinted he gets himself back into his holster and puts his ammo back and at the ready. he does take off his coat and toss it in the back with the man "Now listen. We have reason to believe the Tir (blahdeblah) have people looking for you. if I tell you to get down you throw your ass onto the ground and get under my coat am I clear? it is an armor lined coat so if someone gets off a lucky shot, it might just save your life….and no we don't have any damn deviled eggs. I got a smoke if you care for one though. "he offers one to the man

The old coot takes the cigarette and studies Dante carefully. There's intelligence in those eyes, just, not all the time… "I'd like a light, if you please. And I wouldn't mind seeing the sights."

Once people are in the car, she rolls off, keeping an eye on the rear-view mirrors. Once a good deal away from the airport, she reaches down and clicks the safeties on the guns back on. She looks, blankly at the man in the mirror. "Sights aren't exactly secure, and definitely aren't what we were hired for. Slot a sim chip of them if you really want to see them. We were hired to keep you alive and safe, not dead and amused."

Dante pops in the lighter in the car not willing to hand off his lucky lighter to just any one. and hands it back carefully to the man. "she is right. we will take you to see the park though. it isn't the prettiest around, but it has a good vantage point to watch for anyone approaching and to keep you safe till we get word with what to do with you. like I said, just stick with us. we will try our best to keep you safe."

It's definitely not rare to see two Ford Americars in the span of twenty minutes, so it could just be coincidence that an Americar with the same dark blue paint job slides into traffic a distance behind the Telestrian company car shortly after leaving the airport.

Terry Shearer slides his window down as the car cruises along, leaning his head out the window. He lights the cigarette but neglects to smoke it. He just smiles into the wind, admiring the view. His tufts of grey hair blow about wildly and the car's interior is made frigid from the air.

Deborah frowns a little again, focusing on the mirror. She glances at Dante. "Do you have a way to zoom in on something? Maybe some binoculars or som-" her voice cuts off when she hears the window roll down, and she turns to look at the passenger. Almost in shock. She slowly begins to drift the car over towards the vehicle n the next lane… slowly closing the gap to maybe scare Shearer into pulling his head back in the window. "What the frag are you doing?" she nearly screams at the man.

"Well I got my rifle, but I would hafta turn around a little awkwardly to use…the hell man?!" he reaches back and yanks the man back inside from the window He swears in Ute using a few choice phrases berating his intelligence and something about his mother dropping him before he calms down a little to revert back to English "What part of, "there are people trying to kill you" did you not understand. Hell, we already have a tail, at least we think so." he points to the car behind them "stay…in…here. Do not move, do not open the windows, and ASK before doing anything else that might get you shot!" He swore again and sat back in his seat looking rather aggravated

Deborah rolls up the window and locks out the passenger controls once the dumb-assed brit's head is back inside the vehicle. Yeah, this'll be fun.

The old man scowls at his captors. At least, that's how he's beginning to act. He doesn't argue, what with the talk about a rifle and all, but he's looking very uncomfortable, and his angry British underbite is in full effect.

Dante grabs his rifle and gets it set up. he keeps the safety turned on and turns back to the British guy "Lay down and be quiet, I don't have binoculars, but my scope should work fine. don't sit up till I tell you to." he waits till the man lays down and aims at the driver side window of the vehicle that was following them, ready to relay the details of the man to her when ready

Shearer makes weak motions to get onto the floor of the car, watching Dante's actions with wide eyes now. He moans a little to himself, something about the 'good queen mother'…

Deborah's driving has returned to safe and sane now that there are no heads sticking out of the car. Now her focus is n driving quick and steady to let Dante gather what information might be gleaned from the possible tail.

It's midday, lunchhour. Traffic is hell. Not as bad as it could be, but it's not pretty. The majority of traffic leaving the airport takes either Pena Blvd or the E-470. Both are loaded with commuters.

Deborah Takes Pena Blvd out, and then swings soutn on E-470 for a ways. She keeps to the fast lanes, going no more than 2 or 3 km/h over the speed-limit. Surely there are others that will nab the cops eyes first.

Dante relays the description of the man following close behind to deborah and keeps a steady eye on him "that sound like the one who was watching you before?"

"Yuppers. Pretty much," Deborah answers a little annoyed. She's rather sure at this point that the elf is a tail. "Great," she mutters before maneuvering to take the exit for 287 east.

Dante raises an eyebrow as he hears the strange mutterings of the man but doesn't take his eyes off the one following them. "what are you talking about down there? what about ghosts?"

…mumble mumble…"..of course it's the Ghosts!" The British man is covering his head now and muttering.

You paged Dante with 'You understand that there is a Tir government strike force known simply as The Ghosts. They are legendary for their secrecy and effectiveness in the 6th world.'.

Dante looks down at the man and swears again in Ute. "Now what in the hell did you do to get the Ghosts after your ass?" he turns back around and sets down his rifle, reaching for his phone "the guy is still back there, but I have an idea with how we can lose him. head to an area with traffic lights."

Deborah swears under her breath as she tries to loose the car on the exit. Unfortunately, she does it by trying to keep only a rig between herself and it. Which doesn't go well. "Got a few more tries, I think." She pauses and looks at Dante. "You realize we're on a major highway. There's exits and on-ramps. Not much in the way of lights."

He nods "that is fine, I need some time to get ahold of a contact any way who coul give us a hand. once you get a chance, take an off ramp towards where some lights might be."
"Please, don't shoot me…" comes from the floorboards of the back seat. It seems the man is more scared of the runners than he is of any Ghosts.

"keep your head down and your ass under that coat. we are trying to keep you from BEING shot. Sorry for the rough handeling but we are working kinda off the cuff right now. I didn't mean to be so turse, I just get aggrivated when my job gets compromised by people doing stupid things. so…yeah, sorry"

"Can do," Deborah says, shifting around some more. This make sthe driving difficult. "While you're on the phone, could you take these," she pulls out a bulky-looking pistol from a hidden holster and passes it to Dante, and then reaches for the another one similarly hidden, "Pull the clips, and stick in a new one? The ones in the duffel, with the red sripe down the side? I'll need that done before we stop, but for now, it's not needed."

Dante says, "Hey john. need a hand and I need it soon. there is 2000 cred in it for you if you do it. I need you to track my phone and hack into the traffic grid. I want greens for me but only after I pass and then a quick red. we are trying to lose a tail so if you can time it to be yellow when we pass through we could slow him down. if he tries to run the lights we might get lucky and get him in a wreck. can ya do that for me?"

Dante takes the guns from deb and holds the phone to his ear with his shoulder. he sets the guns in his lap and reaches for her duffle to fish out the clips. he makes the quick switch and sets the guns back in his lap to sit there, returning his hand to the phone as he talks with his decker

Johney sounds pissed, but asks Dante to pop the glovebox open and see if there is a small black casing inside. It should look like a standard electronic housing.

Dante leans forward and pops open the glove box and rifles around inside for something. he takes out some papers and stuff and just tosses them on the ground emptying it out slowly to look for what his decker asked for

Deborah nods. "Thanks. No point in having Gel loaded where we're going if your decker doesn't pull through for us," she says. "There should be some lights on the exit I'm taking to loop back towards the warrens. Lets see if he can work his magic by the time we get there?"

The tail keeps on a-comin'. He's keeping his distance, but not letting you get too far out of his sights.

Dante reaches into the glove box and pops off a panel of some kind and then looks around for a moment before reciting some number off into the phone

Dante says "just a moment" into the phone before setting it down on the dash. he then grabs his rifle again and gets set up to see if he could see it

Deborah weaves through the highway traffic some more, but realy doesn't get anywhere with losing the tail. "Son of a bitch. I really hope your guy comes through with his end, cause I can't do shit," she says.

Dante sets back down again and grabs his phone reciting the plate number across. he checks back over his shoulder at the guy and takes the phone away from his mouth but keeps the ear piece in place. "holdin up ok back there?"

A thin voice comes from the back: "Where are you taking me..?" He hides under the armored coat, but his hand starts searching around for the end of a seat belt.

"We don't know yet. but hows this, if we all survive this how about I treat ya to a drink when this is all over? you could probably use one. again, sorry about the situation…but you must have pissed someone off. we are just here to keep you safe until a more detailed scurity team can take over. don't ask why they couldn't pick you up right from the airport. must be a scheduling conflict or something. either way we will do our best to keep you safe. just stay down and relax ok?"

Johney tells you he's on it. Now that he can follow both vehicles, he can watch you and the tail from the matrix using the gridguide systems.

Deborah is focused more on the road than on the conversation, really. But once she notes that Dante isn't on the phone anymore, she speaks up. Ok. Just tell me when we need to head for things to work out."

"Alright then if you can watch our lights that's good. I will tell her to maintain speed and the rest is up to you. I will tell her not to stop so long as we have greens. if it switches to yellow just go on through its to slow down our tail. thanks again johney. I will get the cred to ya when this job is over."

Deborah takes the exit for 97 South (or whatever it's called nowadays). She speeds up once she's worked her way down the ramp a little, heading for the light at the end of the way.

The highway offramp coming off the 97 to Quincy has a traffic lead-in that curves wide and turns into a flashing red to make people yield before merging. A frontage road also intersects here, and the light switches between your lanes and the frontage road lanes. If the lanes were to come together all at once… Well, it could easily cause some confusion and some fender-benders. The tail is caught in the merge pileup, just like the runners in the Telestrian company car but he is a good ways back. He makes his way along, trying to close the gap, but the grouping of vehicles is too dense. As the cars in front of you dart out in turns, the light eventually comes to you, turning yellow and flashing rapidly, far faster than for any standard traffic situation. It's surely Johney's handiwork.

Deborah heads on through the blinking light turning… east some more. Thn a few blocks down the way, she turns back south, and then two blocks south, it's back to the west, heading for the easter border of the Warrens. "Alright. Here's hoping that worked as advertised."

Watching from the rear of the vehicle, Dante sees that their own Telestrian car is the last to leave the jammed intersection. Some vehicles inch forward in frustration and horns begin to honk. The light must have gone solid red. Just before the area is almost out of sight, one driver forces through the red and nearly gets sideswiped by a semi-truck barreling down the fast-moving highway. Deborah cruises on her route to the edge of the Warrens.

"Wuuaagh!" Mr. Shearer gets frightened by the poke he didn't see coming. He probably thinks it was one of your guns, ready to put him out of his misery.

"Hey, we are gonna ditch this vehicle a couple blocks from a park with a decent view of things all around it. this way we could see anyone coming. I am going to need you to stay close with us and put that coat on you. It looks just a little big but it should keep you safe for the most part. I wanna move fast ish so try to keep up. and sorry for frightening you. in case things get bad though," He reaches for his ares and shows it to him "you know how to use one of these?"

"I don't see what all the big fuss is about! There's no danger present except for that woman's /driving/!" He's in a huff now, sulking at this terrible treatment by strangers that were supposed to show him the sights and feed him deviled eggs.

Deborah freaks out a little. Not enough to swerve a lot. But a bit. "Not cool. Quiet noises!" she insists. "I'm thinking dropping you two off and driving it a little ways away, if that's alrght."

In his haughty British accent, the corporate manager insists, "I would /never/ be treated to such a horrendous lack of hospitality by the fine people of the Alban Shores integrated-solutions family-network!!!" He is just… Apalled.

"You're right. They would have shown you the sights, and those Ghosts you wre pissing and moaning about a while ago would have killed you and been on their way. We're freelance, and here to keep you alive. You can sight-see on your own clock. Right now, you're on ours. So deal with it." This is all Deborah, in her calculating voice. She's not even trying anymore. "Or we can let you out right here. Some of these neighborhoods are like a warzone. How many blocks do you want to try and go without being attacked for your shoes? Or maybe some critters will come by and gnaw on you. I think… yeah. We can drop you off a the next intersection if you want."

Dante smiles at the man and waves his gun for him to see "you didn't answer my question. can you, or can you not use this? I would rather you be pissed off and alive then entertained and dead wouldn't you? hard to enjoy develed eggs with your head blown off. our only job is to keep you alive till we hand you off to the security guys. I am sure they have all the eggs you can eat. in the meen time I want you to be prepared." he shows the gun to the man "safty is on now. flick the switch here to take it off. only do so when your ready to shoot. only point this end at things you want to shoot. never put your finger on the trigger untill you are ready to shoot. grip it tightly with both hands and line up the sights on your target. aim for the head or the heart. it is loaded with EX explosive ammo, so only shoot what you intend to really hurt. I don't expect you to do much damage, but if you pop off a couple rounds, maybe it will make em keep their heads down long enough for me to get a better bead on em. hell you may even get lucky and take out one of em. but try to only shoot if necicary. if not keep your head down as often as possible unless there is no other choice. got all that?"

He sits up a little. Being on the floor is so indistinguished. "I've never used a /gun/." He says the word with disdain. "I am not /security personnel/…" But he takes the weapon nonetheless.

"I understand. it is only a precaution. who knows, you might like it." he smiled before turning back to the front "alright. take us to blocks from the target location deb. try to keep a low profile, or as low as possible in this damn car, and blend with traffic. once there everyone out and start hoofing it towards the park. sir? you stay between me and deb. i will take point and deb can come up from behind"

Deborah drives as close to the park as she dares, pulling the vehicle into the closest thing to a secure parking location she can see, and turns the vehicle off. Then it's a quick little bout of collecting what few things she has in the vehicle. She slips the pistols back into their concealed holsters before finaly opening the door, ready to follow on to the park.

Dante exits the car as well. he takes his rifle and holds it at the ready in front of him and gives the place a look around for any imediate danger before letting the man in back out of the back. he then asks deb to lock the vehicle and tells the man to keep his gun in his coat pocket till he needs it. "alright all set? I will lead, you keep your head down and follow me. deb? follow him and watch our backs and right. I will watch front and left"

The safest-looking parking area is the back side of an old, abandoned radio station. the window are boarded up and the doors have chains linking the metal handles. The tower looms overhead, but the building and the lot have clearly not been used in decades. Being this close to the Warrens, the building is understandably covered in grafitti.

Deborah nods to Dante, and waves for him to lead on, and then indicates that the wage-slave hadbest follow. She lashes a bit of gun to get the impression across. "Lead on," she says to Dante.

You've got something of a walk ahead. Trails wind through forest at the edge of the radio station's lot, and the park is found at the top of a great hill. Not big enough to be called a mountain, but 'hill' doesn't do it justice. Trees here are relatively small due to the altitude, but they reach 20 to 30 feet, and they grow thick.

Dante leads the way keeping an even look out at thier 12 and 9 making sure they aren't being followed. He enters onto the trails and leads them to the hill they were supposed to go to and then up to the top. it was a bit of a walk but he figured it would be worth it to get the high ground. once there he points to statue that was on the top "go sit next to the statue and curl up in my coat. we will wait here. we have a good view of the area so if anyone tries anything, we can be ready."

After climbing the winding, forested paths, you reach the statue: a granite soldier from a time long forgotten. Possibly the 1800s. The top of the hill is open land that slopes downward from the unknown soldier, providing a decent lookout, and surrounding the soldier are curved granite benches that make a broken circle. The manager of Alban Shores takes a seat on a bench and holds the coat tight around him, muttering all the while.

Dante shakes his head before casting his gaze over the area "if we see anything I want you off that bench and sitting beneath that statue you understand? you will hae better cover if you are crouched there then sitting out in the open"

Deborah, for her part, is sitting on the bench next to S-man whos name I forget. Sue me. She's got her pistols out of their holster now, but they rest in her hands, on her legs underneath her Greatcoat. The dull whine of a charged Smartlink system probably can't be heard, being muffled underneath of the coat.

Dante sees a heat sourse in a stand of bushes to the northeast and focuses on that spot with a frown "speaking of which, why dont you go ahead and do that for me….now. Deb if he doesn't move, make him we might have company."

A single shot rings out, striking the miserably cold old chap and sending him spinning to the ground below the bench. With a terrible cry he curls into a ball and goes into shock.

A form rises head and shoulders above the shrubs where Dante saw the heat form and lets loose a burst of SMG fire. The figure wears green and brown armor, definitely milspec, judging by the helmet and chestplate.

The burst of sound-suppressed SMG fire chews into the stone of the bench near where the old man lies, but he too is tagged, crying out in searing pain.

Deborah shoves her pistols into her pockets, grabs the wounded man, and starts to drag him to the other side of the statue. Best get him some cover, at the very least.

Dante and his eagle-vision spot a second thermal signature roughly 90 degrees apart from the first visible shooter. This form is crawling on its stomach through a stand of spruce trees toward the statue area. The heat signals are muted, so there must be some dampening involved. The figure takes no actions, as it is apparently repositioning.

Yet another shot rings out in the serene park dedicated to a long-forgotten Civil War hero…

You both pick up the rhythmic whipping of helicopter blades from the northeast. Within a moment, a black combat chopper rises just above the treeline.

Dante fired his weapon at the man and watched as he seemed to twitch and just keep moving. he looked up as he heard and then saw the helecoptor moving on their position. this was by far out of his league. he shook his head and just flicked the safty on and raised the rifle up over his head. He wouldn't stand a chance against this kind of tech. he was done trying to fight em.

The first shooter, standing head and shoulders over the evergreen bushes 100 yards away fires another single shot from his assault rifle, striking the poor Mr. Shearer who doesn't even make a sound any longer. With the arrival of the chopper, the heavily armored strike force makes moves to disappear from whence they came. As Dante raises his rifle above his head, the runners start to feel the wind coming from the rotors, and a Telestrian logo becomes visible as the craft turns, getting a bead on one of the Ghosts.

Dante lowers his weapon as he sees the other leave and just walks back to the very dead mark. he didn't like loseing, but in this case he was really outmatched and knew he didn't stand much of a chance from the begining. he did kneel down next to the man though and crack open his med kit for his hand at seeing if he could at least get some answers from him before he was totally gone (if that is even possible. if not I will just let him go)

The Helicopter comes in low, a Hughes Stallion Mark II, a heavy transport helicopter favored by insertion teams and air-ambulances. A pair of infrared spotlights sweep over the Tir teams position, followed by the whir of the vigalent chainguns as they power up. The Ghosts duck down, the three members activating their ruthenium coverings in unison. In short order, they fade from view.

The Helicopter with the Telistran markings moves over the park, wheels touching down on the grass as the door slides open. A two man team disembark, Ares Alpha assault rifles at the read, covering the LZ. After a moment, a third man steps out of the helicopter, straightening his tie. Terry Shearer, Regional Manager of Alban Shores LTD, walks over to where he lays dead.

"I do say." He says, his english accent clear. "These things are REMARKABLE."

Dante looked up and was a little confused as he looked between mr. shearer and….well, mr. shearer. he closed the med pack without doing much and simply started working on getting his coat off of the corps, now with likely a few bullets holes in it. he seems rather miffed but doesn't look back at the man "So, since you are here, would you mind telling me what the FRAG is going on here?!" he sounded really irritated

Deborah is too busy, hands drenched in blood as she tries to stablize the dead man, to pay attention to what's going on, really. Or more like, she's ignoring it. Which is fotunate for Dante, as she'd probably have shot him when noticing his attempt at surrendering. Him being alive seems to be a Good Thing (tm), as the helo that just arrived seems to be friendly? "What the fuck?"

Blood? No. Thats not blood. That turns out to be viscous red colored hydraulic fluid, now that light is higher. "Those Mitsuhama Companion Drones. They are quite multifaceted, are they not?" Asks Mr. Shearer as he looks down at the pair. "That -was- exciting though. Quite exhillerating to watch you both work. Top notch professionals. Come come, in the helo, we will be away to a spot of tea, yes?"

Dante dusts off his coat as best he could and checks the side arm he had in the pocket before putting it back in his holster in the small of his back. he then stands and looks at the man. "not just yet. I want answers first. I just spend money, time, and resources leading around a hunk of metal with the idea to try to protect him. then, was in a situation of having to deal with what looks like military trained soldiers, and I lost my faveorite coat in the process…I want to know why. Then I will think about trusting you enough to go with you. Forgive me for being frank, but geting my ass thoroughly handed to me on a job that seems to have no fragging purpose kinda does that to me."

Mr. Shearer looks to Dante. He smiles brightly, as though nothing were amiss in the world. "Why, my good man… because I -paid- you to."

"You haven't paid us shit. When we've got the Cred, I'll gladly hop in your Helo. But not before," Deborah says as she wipes the hydrolic fluid all over the 'dead' guys jacket. All of it but one finger. That, she uses to wrte lewd comments across his forehead.

The man's smile never fades, even when he sees the inventive use of 'cunt' on his own forehead. "Oh, yes yes! Do come on. I have your credsticks, all of it as promised, on the helo. I assure you, no harm will come to you, what what."

Mr. Shearer turns for the helo then, as the two bodyguards move to pick up the now immobile Companion Drone.

Deborah sighs, and heads on towards the Helo. On the way, she swaps out the red-stripped ammo for a white-sriped clip. No sense in keeping things in there that needn't be.

Dante glared at the man and gave his coat another good shake beofre just resigning to hang it over his shoulder. "I hope your going to replace my coat that you shot up to prove your little point. or at least have one of your men mend the holes." he begrudgingly followed along with deb but kept an eye on the ones surrounding him. as of right now….he kinda hated this guy.

"You know." Says Mr. Shearer as he moves in to the helicopter. "You are very disagreeable for a mercenary. Should I also re-emburse you for the bullets, or the fuel?" A pause as he looks to Dante. "You are a hired contractor, and the costs you encure in the commission of that contract are your own to bear. Now, I'm not an unreasonable, man, tut tut heavens no, and you have done me a good service by drawing off the team sent to end my temporal existence, an existence I must admit, I value greatly. I am not opposed to a small bonus, in exchange for your continued availability for missions. Call this.." He glances at the drone as its loaded.. "An interview."

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