Welcome to Atlantis

GM: Adam
Players: Adam, Air, Frost, Nine, and Tanasen,

Unlike a single Player Run Plot (PrP), this is set up like a Player Run MetaPlot (PrmP), which sounds dangeriously close to 'Pimp', but is not quite the same. Unlike a 1 or 2 session plot, this was a large, multi-session plot that spanned from July '09 to January of '10, roughly half a year. It incorporated both our U.S. playerbase and our international playerbase. It attempted to incorporate players from outside the usual playgroup, but in the end two players were dropped due to lack of attendance.

Despite the nature of the story being theme and story driven instead of dice driven, this plot was not handed to the players. They had to earn it. In fact, almost every player suffered serious injury in some way:

  • Adam took S+9 during a sniper ambush; he had his cybernetic hand blown off; he passed out from overdrain during an attempt to 'Heal' too many injured civilians.
  • Air took a hit from a kamikaze's cerebral cortex detonation straight on to shield every one else from being splattered; he nearly fell to his doom attempting to smack down an enemy on a ladder; he shot and near-killed the woman he loved (you know he'll be hearing about that!)
  • Nine suffered magic loss(!) due to a failed test; she was captured by a hostile force while infiltrating
  • Frost came out pretty clean, but he did end up using spirit services in the process

Thanks to the story driven design, there were many fun and interesting things we were able to do:

  • A theme focusing on an arcology that has the physical boundries of being encased in water
  • A drone-based exoskeletal battle
  • SINless exploitation and devaluation of human life in the slums juxtaposed to the privledged life of those that have SINs
  • Cyberzombies and toxic hermetic magic
  • Fractional AI segments and virus infestions
  • Conspiracy and an anti-heroic take on the events of the Aquacology

Date: Events occured in early January of '70

Prologue: A Favor for a Friend
Act 1: Destination Atlantis
Act 2: Under the Sea
Act 3: Damage Report
Act 4: Deep Despair
Act 5: Allies and Enemies
Act 6: Final Decisions
Act 7: UltraViolet Dreams
Epilogue: No One Really Wins

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