Astral Aces High

GM: Walker
Players: Conchita, Walker
Synopsis: Conchita and Walker undertake an astral quest together. After visiting a single place, the metaplanes drop them unceremoniously in the Citadel.
Date: June 2nd, 2080

«Plot» Walker says, "Log is on. While astral quests should be relatively safe for these two, I should probably request consent in case things go south."
«Plot» Conchita consents to plot consequences.
«Plot» Walker says, "Cool. Also, why we going to metaspace today? Walker is going to learn Extended Masking because he likes his magic toys but doesn't like Lone Star asking him awkward questions."
«Plot» Conchita says, "Is learning Heal insight for Kay her Ally spirit"
«Plot» Conchita says, "Rating 5"
«Plot» Walker cheers for Kay! "Walker's will be rating 3 as he currently knows 3 metamagics. Also, just for good measure, you happy for the log to go on the wiki (mildly edited if necessary)? Love me some bonus karma." :P
«Plot» Conchita says, "No problem."

Getting a little antsy in case his totem gets 'concerned' about him not learning new tricks, Walker has gently cajoled Conchita into another trip to astral space.

After a couple of false starts at figuring out the release for the trap door to his companion's cellar, the elf manages to get it open with a triumphant, "Hah!"

Picking his way downwards, he calls out as he descends, "I hope you're down here Chita, or I'm gonna look real dumb when I can't get that door open from this side." The elf is dressed for comfort today, a snug t-shirt and lounge pants taking the place of his trusty long coat and boots.

Conchita is in the same clothes he found her last time he visited. She was lying relaxedly on the sheets in her sanctum, prepared by Kay and supervised by the spirit they will be. The latina smiles over to the man, "YOu really thought I would forget to be down here if we agreed on an appointment for a quest?", she then asks the man.

Walker grins bashfully. "Not really, no. But I do think I've had unlucky enough days to get locked in a cellar," he replies as he makes his way over to the sheets and sits down nearby. "So against my better instincts I'm going to find my totem again, see if I can't find a better way to stay concealed." He glances between Conchita and Kay, "Do I remember you said you're helping Kay learn something?"

Conchita nods, "She will learn the heal spell from me. Once I gain the insight into it to teach her.", she then says.

She just grins and shakes her head to the other words of Walker.

"All right then," Walker responds with a slight nod. Arranging himself into a cross-legged, trance -like posture, he closes one eye and grins at his companion. "Shall we then?" he asks before closing the other eye.

His breathing slows as he projects out of his body, and he hangs there in astral space, waiting for
her to join him before disappearing into the metaplanes.

Conchita follows him soon after, nodding to him in her meat body before she does, then they disappear together into the black void that almost always precedes the travelling into the metaplanes.

The darkness of transition is quickly replaced by a whirl of colours and noise. Bright neon lights in every hue glare at the pair from an immense edifice that confronts them, the sounds of music and laughter almost deafening from the huge doors ahead. The elaborate display above it shimmers into the form of a set of playing cards, but a shift of the head changes it to a pair of dice, then to a stack of chips.

"A casino?" Walker asks in disbelief. Conchita might just catch the mutter that follows: "Little on the nose ain't it?"

Conchita tilts her head to that, "Hmm…", she then says. "Looks like it." She then shrugs, "Lots of casino things lately. I wonder how the guardian will face us today."

"Bouncer?", comes the whisper from her.

As if on cue, an ominous cloud boils out of the dark crack between the doors and forms into a towering figure: the Dweller, this time in the form of (you guessed it) a bouncer, easily eight feet tall and almost as many across the shoulders. The gilded portal slams shut behind him and a face with skin like polished jet and eyes like diamonds glares down at the pair, focussing on Walker first.

"Still trying to hide 'Walks-with-Spirits'?" it asks, voice dripping with derision. It cocks its head at the shaman, then turns it's jewelled gaze on Chita, "Do you think you'll be able to hide from her as well as you've hidden from everyone else in your life?" it asks mockingly. "How long before you abandon her and the others as you have the rest?"

«Plot» Walker will have to test Stealth to pass the Dweller. Seems appropriate for Extended Masking.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls Stealth + Astral Pool: 5 vs TN 3 for "Dweller on the Threshold":
1 2 2 3 3 4 5 11 = 5 Successes

«Plot» Walker gets 2 bonus KP, putting him on 14.
«Plot» Walker says, "I will need a secret from Conchita."

«Plot» Conchita says, "Let's go with the fact that she is no friend of slavery but has Kay bound to herself."

Walker looks taken aback for a moment, but after a glance in Conchita's direction he looks back at the Dweller, smirking. "Probably not spirit. She seems too perceptive for that." Then he reaches down to his chest, grasping a brilliant blue feather that seems to appear from nowhere, "Anyway, I seem to spend less and less time hiding of late."

The elf spins in place and seems to vanish for a moment, reappearing behind the Dweller, who glares at the elf over an immense shoulder as Walker adds, "Besides, sometimes hiding's a good trick."

Sniffing at this, the Dweller turns back to Chita. "Ah yes, the coward and the hypocrite: you spend all that time fighting for the freedom of some, but the first chance you had to bind another to your will to took it without thinking." The towering figure glares down its nose at her, "Why should I let you in, two-face?"

«Plot» Conchita says, "What to roll?"
«Plot» Walker says, "I think Sorcery, for learning spells. Or conjuring for ally spirit stuff. Your choice."
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Conjuring + Astral Pool: 8 vs TN 5 for "Dweller Test":
1 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 8 = 4 Successes

The latina stares back steadily in that face, "You are playing me for a fool or you are trying to, yes? You know quite well, that a shaman is not forcing any spirit to do their bidding. We negotiate, we plead and we go into agreement with the spirits we call for our aid. And so it was with Kay. If you want to claim her being held against her will, then you should also ask how she feels about it. As far as I know she is happy where she is. She has alot of time at her disposal to investigate the physical plane, just as she wants it. And she is getting her rewards from me. Part of which is why I am here. Looking for insight that will allow me to teach her a spell as good as I can."

"HMMPH!" is all the response Conchita gets before the Dweller folds its arms and disappears in a shower of powder-fine crystal shards that drift towards the door, which swings open a crack.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 1 (to no one) for "First place":

Walker glances at Conchita with a smile. "I think you made him sulky," he observes with a hint of amazement in his voice.

Then he peers at the open door and is silent for a moment, expression turning a little pensive, before his clothing abruptly changes to a very sharp tuxedo: a golden blazer with night-black trim. Glancing over his shoulder at Chita, he offers her an arm in the old-school fashion

"Shall we make our grand entrance then?"

Conchita grins, "Let me change wardrobe a bit…", she then says as she wills a night gown onto her body. Assuming the planes allow it.

«Plot» Walker says, "Metaplanar space is very malleable. You can have whatever kind of outfit you like here, so long as it fits in a casino, naturally. :P"
«Plot» Conchita says, "Black dress with a long slit down her left side other than that backless with keyhalter top, allowing for some cleavage. Thigh highs semi-transparent black in sandals."

As the pair approach the glittering doors, they swing open as if in anticipation. Only upon crossing the threshold to the pair realise why: the immaculately dressed door staff probably had something to do with it.

Walker glances to the young man on his side, but his smile freezes as he recognises his own mirror image, albeit perhaps slightly younger, it's difficult to tell with elves. The second Walker looks equally surprised, smooth greeting interrupted in a stammer as he stares open mouthed at Conchita.

On the other side, Conchita likewise finds herself facing a double, although in this case more obviously a younger version of her, dressed much like as Walker's double except the clothes look slightly out of place: as if they don't quite fit. She offers a weak grin to Conchita. "Nice dress um… ma'am," she puts on a good act, but is clearly worried about something. Over her double's shoulder, Conchita can make out a set of unpleasant looking figures in sharp looking suits heading towards the group at the door.

«Plot» Walker says, "Place of Destiny! Magic Test to get your former self out of a jam!"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls Magic + Astral Pool: 5 vs TN 3 for "Resisting 3S Stun":
1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 7 8 9 11 = 11 Successes
«Plot» Walker takes no damage.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Magic + Astral Pool: 8 vs TN 5 for "Place of destiny test":
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 10 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Magic + Astral Pool: 8 - 1 (successes) vs TN 5 for "Place of destiny test:S stun to resist (KP:1/30+1)":
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 5 11 = 5 Successes
«Plot» Conchita says, "That would do it."

Conchita was reminded of something from her youth, the men in old fashioned Aztlan clothes, the look on this young girl self of hers, still underage, barely 16 at that time. Ironically her younger self looked a lot different than either Kay or even herself, Chita had after all had face surgery to change her looks from her original old self. So Walker, never having met her like this, would probably not even recognize her. The 'real' Chita, was not hesitating, her gun was out and faster than anyone could even react the goons where shot down, courtesy of the latina boosted reflexes and skills honed by years of training in the shadows.

Walker leans over and gently but firmly closes his former self's mouth with a hand. "Piece of advice omae, try not to get too distracted by pretty women who are dressed to kill," he turns the younger elf's head towards the suits, "You might miss something important."

The younger Chita turns the same way, a scream halfway out of her mouth before the first of OG Chita's bullets finds it's mark.

As the goons hit the ground, a deathly silence descends on the room. Walker releases his younger self then then nods to the coat check. "If I remember right there's a back door through there, right?" A nod from the younger elf confirms this, "Why don't you two bug out? We got this."

The runners' past selves don't seem to need much encouragement and sprint towards the coat check. As the door slams shut behind them, Walker makes a few intricate gestures, fingers dancing through the air, and the door to the coat check disappears from sight. "So much easier here," he mutters as he continues, making a series of sweeping gestures that remove the bodies as well, leaving the pair of shaman alone in the room.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 2 (to no one) for "Second place":
1 4

Conchita frowns as she finally looks to the man, "Sorry… but … that was something from a time I would rather forget.", she then says as an explanation. "I must admit this would be one of the few times I would break my Geas in the physical world as well…", she mutters.

Walker puts a hand on Conchita's shoulder and squeezes gently. "Can't say I've done much better than that over the years," he replies glumly. He gestures around at their opulent surroundings. "Never expected to find myself back here, least of all in metaspace," he barks out a harsh laugh, "Or see myself in that fuckin' monkey suit again."

His brow furrows and he glances around. "I don't understand, all the doors are shut and we haven't been shifted somewhere else… what gives?"

Conchita shrugs, "Let's have a look around. I am quite sure we will find a way.", she then says. "The metaplanes can be odd like that. Anything can be an entrance or exit."

Walker looks a bit skeptical, but nods. "OK, you take that side, I'll check this one."

The minutes stretch out as the pair search the room for some sign of where to go next. Eventually Walker sighs in frustration. "You think we might've gone the wrong way or something?" he asks, beginning to sound a little concerned. "Is the 'wrong way' even a thing here?" he ponders.

As he talks, Conchita notices a flash of movement under a dice cup. Picking it up, she finds herself staring into the eyes of a mouse.

«Plot» Walker says, "Roll me magic background, or something like. Or Intelligence?"
«Plot» Walker says, "Not a quest roll, just like a regular one."
«Plot» Conchita says, "TN 5?"
«Plot» Conchita says, "Or open?"
«Plot» Walker says, "Just open"
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Magic Background for "Having a look around.":
2 3 3 5
«Plot» Walker says, "The mouse is a pretty big tip-off for Chita. There are no doors because this /is/ the Citadel. Sometimes the dice are anti-climactic like that. XD"
«Plot» Conchita says, "You serious?"
«Plot» Walker says, "Completely, 3 then a 5."
«Plot» Walker sometimes wishes he didn't hide GM rolls for moments like that.
«Plot» Conchita says, "Heh…"

Conchita looks at that mouse, "Uh… seems we already achieved our aim…", she then mutters. "Adversary is probably hiding in the crowd. He was never one to get out in the open, yes?", she then asks over to Walker.

"We're what?" Walker casts around, looking even more confused at the revelation. "But there's nobody else he-" he cuts of and raises a hand to massage his forehead. "He's behind me isn't he?"

Yes He is.

Behind Walker, a seven foot figure with flaming eyes in a blood red tuxedo stands with an expression of wry amusement.

Took you a while kid, you must be losing your touch.

In Conchita's hand, the mouse seems to roll its eyes.

Conchita merely giggles and moves to a corner to have a talk with her totem.

«Plot» Walker says, "And done! Fastest AQ I've ever done."
«Plot» Conchita says, "Been ages that I had a one location AQ"

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