Astralquest to the Sky Domain

GM: Chita
Players: Walker, Chita

Short description: Walker and Chita go on an astral quest to the sky domain. He to look for his totem and get insight into the Invoking metamagic. And she to gain insight into the Clean Air spell. They pass through the quest without getting into too much problems.

Rewards: Insight into the topics of their quests.

Chita/Denver - Dienstag, April 07, 2020, 8:23

The next day, as Walker comes back, Chita will lead him through her living area and through the trapdoor hidden under her bed into her 'Mousey Hole' as she had called it yesterday. Moving through the various parts of what basically is a quite comfortably large lodge. Complete with sweat house and mats for more 'active' magical work, a reminder of her being a kind of adept.

Walker picks his way carefully down through the trapdoor into the lodge, then smiles as he peers around. "Still can't quite get over you having such a nice setup out here in Aurora," he comments, "though I guess mouse would really enjoy it."

Conchita laughs at that, "Mouse /does/ enjoy it. It's my place to meet her after all.", she then says to the man. "And it helps to get some peace if people do not know where you do magic."

Walker nods emphatically. "I'll bet. Gotta get me one of these super-secret lodges some day."

Conchita smiles amusedly, "Hmmm… we /could/ share this one. Space should work out and we share a magical group anyway.", she then ponders. "Until you get your hands on something more … fitting for Adversary." She then thinks about things, "So, you wanted to do a visit to the spirit realms, did you have any specific plane on your mind? Or was it more a … general visit you wanted to make."

Walker glances around the room with a wry smile. "Yeah, I reckon he'd want to deck the place out in golden statues or something like," he murmurs, shaking his head in amusement.

He nods in response to her question. "I need to go find Adversary: check if the way I think will work for conjuring greater spirits will actually work, you?"

Conchita shrugs, "I was hoping to get some insight on some of the spells I made formulae for. If we can find adversary on the way… fine with me." She winks at the 'on the way' part.

Walker tries and fails to contain a giggle at the thought of the mouse shaman blithely ignoring Adversary. When he recollects himself he nods to her, "Cool. Anything you want to get done before we head out?"

Conchita shrugs, "I would think having Kay to have a look at our meat bodies would be a good idea. I still need to teach her healing, but she can at least help with dangers that might end in here. But calling her will not take alot of time."

"Sounds good," Walker responds with a short nod, "I've only got one quick thing, then I'm all set."

With that, he shrugs out of his long coat and places it neatly by the wall. Then he seats himself cross-legged and takes a deep breath. From beneath his shirt yellow-gold light flickers for a moment before dying.

Walker's head snaps up. "Ready."

«Plot» Walker says, "Activating his Increase Reflexes tattoo (F4, 4 successes)."
«Plot» Conchita says, "I think you have to roll for that?"
«Plot» Walker says, "Tattooing got seriously house-ruled at some point +hr magic metamagic tattooing4 is the relevant bit. The activation happens with the number of successes built in, but I do gotta soak drain, which I shall do!"
«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower + 6 (Dice from tattoo) vs TN 3 for "3D drain, need 6 successes to negate with a trauma damper":
1 1 2 3 3 3 3 3 4 9 11 15 = 9 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) has the GM Note "F4 Increase Reflexes Tattoo" by Missy (#11459) with the following information:
----------—[ Shadowrun Denver ]-
========================> GM Note On Walker (#12094) <=========================
Date: Wed Jul 24 11:54:30 2019
Posted By: Missy (#11459)
Subject: F4 Increase Reflexes Tattoo
------> Text of GM Note <-----—-

Walker has completed a plot that resulted in his totem, the Adversary, granting him a Tattoo that acts as Increase Reflexes F4. The tattoo has 4 successes for casting and 6 for drain. The description is as follows:

Across Walker's torso is a stylised image of a coyote's face in the colour of dried blood decorated in a tribal, if somewhat angular, fashion. The entire image seems to be formed from burns like some kind of brand, but the marking is unnaturally even and smooth, as if produced with medical grade precision.

When the tattoo activates, the coyote's eyes seem to burn with golden flame, which spreads across the entire pattern. This changes its appearance to that of fresh blood, though it does not flow or stain, and clearly does not come from Walker's body.

The Mouse shaman starts to prepare herself as Walker activates his tattoo. She lies down, breathing in slow controlled breaths, relaxing on her sheets and pillows to get herself ready. Kay, who had simply faded into existence before her had helped her lay out that bedding, offering Walker something like that too, because, "I had to learn humans get easily into troubles if their bodies loose muscle tone while they leave their physical self behind."

"Probably a good idea," Walker agrees, eyes darting around the room as he adjusted to the magic flowing through him. Lying down across the room from Conchita, he rests his hands on his stomach and crosses his legs in a relaxed pose. After a moment, he begins to let his astral form drift upwards from his body.

Conchita follows him almost at once. Both only linger there for a very short time, then the lights of the astral world fade into the blackness that is the beginning of every astral quest. There is no feeling of movement, no here or there and yet, the two start to feel a light breeze to blow around them.

«Plot» Conchita says, "Notice: Chita is going on a Rating 5 quest for spell learning aid towards the Clean Air Spell."
«Plot» Walker is going on a Rating 2 quest to learn the Invoking metamagic.
«OOC» Walker says, "Because Walker is a baby! :P"

Glancing around in the darkness, Walker's hair begins to move with the breeze. "I wonder if astral bodies can get cold?" he ponders aloud, perhaps wondering if his usual astral attire of traditional native American leather trousers and a bare chest will become a problem later.

Conchita giggles, "Not that I have heard of…", she then says as they slowly seem to soar towards what looks like a huge fluffy cloud. The latina is, in her astral shape, dressed in classical aztlan tribal clothes. A lot of dark skin visible as she moves down in what looks like a top richly stitched in what looks like aztec symbols and a skirt going down to her knees, similarly stiched with symbols.

"I dunno…" Walker responds with a wry grin, "Never can trust the metaplanes, right?" That seems to be all the conversation he has space in his mind for at present however, as his attention is fixed on the large cloud as they approach.

The breese stays gentle, but as they approach the could starts to tower before them slowly starting to look more like a maelstrom of air and water, lighting flashing inside it as the clouds color gradually changes to a much more ominous dark grey. The two will find themselves suddenly standing on the deck of a slightly rocking ship, just that there is no sails atop them, but a huge baloon. The wind now blows from the side. And as they look around they can see sails and a kind of magical glow that covers the body of the wooden ship they now sail on. Both are standing in the bow of this device that looks at the same time ancient and quite thoroughly modern. A rock can be seen ahead. A lone but clearly visible figure standing on that spire above the maelstrom of whirling clouds.

«OOC» Walker says, "Just for clarity, is the ship approaching the rock? Or close/far from it?"
«OOC» Conchita says, "Approaching."

Walker peers around, and expression of wonder on his face. "Awesome…" he mutters softly at the sight of the ship, "I wonder… No." He leaves the curiosity of the ship aside for now and peers into the maelstrom ahead.

After a moment spent in thought he glances to Conchita and tilts his head towards the figure. "This guy," he mutters sarcastically with an eye roll, "Every single time…"

Conchita grins amusedly, "It's one of the laws of this place…", she then says to him.

As they are closer to that spire the wind slowly subsides and the ship finally floats right beside the rock spire. The guardian today has decided for the look fo the grim reaper. A coarse black robe around what seems to be a skeleton body, red eyes glowing from a cowls that does not allow to see the bony face, just skeletal hands visible, holding a scythe.

"Hold it there!", the figure says to them and then says, "Turn around before you hurt yourself. Posers!", he then requests of them.

«Plot» Conchita says, "What dark secret do we bring up for Walker?"
«Plot» Walker says, "Given their conversation yesterday and the use of the word "posers"… Walker likes to act like his past trauma is all neatly dealt with and stowed away, but deep down he knows it isn't. It still hurts, he still wonders what might have been, and where "she" is."

As soon as the ship comes close enough, Walker leaps from the deck to land on the rock, keeping a respectful distance from the reaper for now.

In response to the warning, the elf shakes his head, "No can do, spirit. This is where I have to go."

As the man jumps over to him these glowing eyes follow him. "What? You think you really belong in there?", he then says waving one skeletal hand towards the ominous cloud. "You cannot even keep your life in your grip, you wonder what your life would have been with 'her' and you have been digging yourself into … well, the wildernes, yes?" He looks to Conchita, then says, "And you? You wear the garb you really have no right to wear. Your abuela, your grandmother never was able to make you shaman of your people, yes?" There is hollow laughter as he waits, "You should have seen him though, not too long ago, ripped and torn and far from his … handsome self. But then … you are also still 'mourning' a lover that just wandered away from you. Did he really love you to leave you like this? Is he even dead?"

«Plot» Walker says, "What shall I test to determine the snappiness of my response?"
«OOC» Conchita says, "Hmmm… depends on how you want to reply. Intimidation or negotiation might work, or simply etiquette, if you want to be polite."
«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Intimidation + Astral Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "Surely this can't be a bad idea?":
1 3 3 4 4 5 5 = 6 Successes

Walker smiles thinly and his eyes narrow. "You sound like my totem spirit, which is good. It means I'm on the right track."

His eyes flick towards Conchita for a moment before he continues. "I wonder about a lot of things: different places, different people; past, present and future. I don't spend all my time wondering about one ex-girlfriend."

Then his smile returns and he shrugs, "As for the wilderness? That's where I go to sort my shit out before I come see you to put it on display. Now stand aside."

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Etiquette + Astral Pool: 7 vs TN 5 for "I am more polite":
2 3 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 7 9 = 5 Successes

Conchita simply shakes her head, "Sir, you know how serious this relationship I had has been for me. I would ask you to leave it alone.", she then says, but it is clear the Guardian was able to touch her with his words. Slowly the ship starts to move again as the laughter of the Reaper can be heard, Walker would need to hurry to get back on deck.

Turning his back on the cackling figure, Walker jumps back to the ship and doesn't look back. Instead, he moves wordlessly to the bow and stares forwards into the storm.

Chita/Denver - Mittwoch, April 08, 2020, 8:23

«Plot» Conchita says, "Yesterday we left our intrepid astral adventurers as they passed the guardian of the threshold, Chita having gained 2 extra KP and Walker 3 for their impressive handling of said guardians quest."
«Plot» Walker remembers this distinctly!
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 1 (to no one) for "First place?":
Place of Fear

The airship slowly takes up speed again, heading right into the huge ominous looking cloud before them. Slowly turbulences are starting to show as the ship gets closer and closer to the swirling mass of water and wind.

Conchita looks forward as she starts to even out the first bumps going through the deck as the ship starts to get into more and more turbulences. "Now… that's an …. interesting beginning…" She says as she notes that the storm howls louder and louder as they approach the cloud. "You think this is going to be a physical test or one to test our courage… both of it looks probable at the sight of that…"

As the air around the pair begins to swirl with wind and rain, Walker takes a long appraising look at the cloud before them. At Conchita's question, he glances towards her and shrugs, "Not sure, but I think it's to see if we hold our nerve: the Dweller tried to stop us getting in after all, and we've been going the same direction since we got here."

The ship finally enters the cloud and the, already expected, hell breaks loose. The ship slings around, bucks and roll more madly than any sea bound ship ever could. It heaves up and down, here and there. Shudders and to make things worse a massive wall of water gushes over all surfaces, making them wet and slippery. More than once the two travellers are in danger of getting washed off the deck.

«Plot» Conchita says, "Place of Fear: Will power + Astral Pool versus (TN of the quest)D stun"
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Willpower + Astral Pool: 7 vs TN 5 for "D stun to resist":
1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 9 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Willpower + Astral Pool: 7 - 1 (successes) vs TN 5 for "D stun to resist (KP:1/29+2)":
1 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 7 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Willpower + Astral Pool: 7 - 3 (successes) vs TN 5 for "D stun to resist (KP:3/29+2)":
1 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 16 = 5 Successes
«Plot» Conchita says, "Chita soaked the damage"
«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower + Astral Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "Resisting 2D Stun, need 6 successes with trauma damper":
1 2 3 3 3 4 4 8 8 = 8 Successes
«Plot» Walker don't even need the bioware. :P
«Plot» Conchita says, "Walker soaks the damage"

Conchita is an adept and physical things are her forte, but even with this she has a hard time and the look down into this bottomless abyss time after time, being swept by far harder gushes of water and more evilly rushing air the latina has to take all her courage she has to not give up in the eye of this terrible storm.
Wrapping an arm around the mast, Walker braces himself against the deluge. The force of the water pushes him down to one knee, but the elf bears up well under the punishment and levers back to a standing position. Looking around hurriedly to find Conchita, long hair lashing wildly in the storm, he grins at her with wild eyes and shouts over the wind, "Didn't we get soaked last time we came to the metaplanes too?"

Conchita frowns over to the man who had, of course gotten the easier part getting ahold of the mast. She shrugs, "Been a while…", she shouts over to be heard over the howling winds.

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 2 (to no one) for "Next place":
1 1
Place of Magic

Walker laughs nervously. "Fair!" he calls back,"You OK? I can't see a way forwards yet, just more wind and rain."

Finally the hows starts to subside, the ship breaking through the wall of clouds to find themselves in what looks like the eye of a huricane. Massive walls of clouds can be seen in a huge circle around the ship, but oddly there is huge floating rocks, all grown over with trees and grass, large roots dangling down into the still bottomless abyss. On some the gleam of marble can be seen as the ship heads towards one of them. The ships captain comes forward to join them, now that the storm has passed, "The island ahead was where you wanted me to bring you. We will be there soon.", the man, an old and gnarled looking human male says. "Not sure what you want there, but that it is…", he then says to them.

Conchita nods to Walker, "It needs more than a bit of wind and water on the metaplanes to get me into trouble.", she then says with a wink, also a little bit boasting clearly. She then nods to the captain. "You said you cannot stay, yes? I think we will be able to find our way from here. Thank you."

«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 8 for "Trying to be nice to the captain because Adversary dislikes authority figures…":
1 2 3 3 5 8 = 1 Success

For a long while, Walker simply stares at the impossible sight before them, open wonder on his face. When a new voice comes out of nowhere as he peers forwards, the elf starts and whirls to face the captain.

For a moment, Walker's eyes flash with anger, but after a moment he exhales and nods his thanks to the old man. "Much obliged captain. I can't speak for my friend, but I came to remember something."

The ship slowly floats towards the island they are headed to, a pier can be recognized soon, and a huge dome of marble shines through the trees of the island. The ship gently docks on the pier, the captain looking a bit sideways at the odd reaction from Walker. In the end the two walk over the small plank laid out for them (or they simply jump over) and then walk down the neat grantite floor of the pier towards a cobblestone road. No getting lost here really, as the road leads straight into the wood, a shine of white marble visible at the end of it. "Think that is our way?", Chita asks Walker with a grin on her lips.

Walker throws a sideways glance at the woman and grins wryly. "Either that or we're just being messed with," he responds, "but I think when you get offered an obvious route forwards like this," he gestures around at the neatly cobbled road, "and a destination like whatever that is," a nod to the shining building ahead, "you take it, right?"

Conchita nods, "On the planes on a quest… yes.", she then replies.
As they walk on the building gets to look larger and larger, a dome easily able to rival the St. Peters dome in Rome. All of it is white marble though or so it seems. Almost too fragile colums of the same material holding up the dome, allowing the ceiling to stand up as the floor stays exposed to the wind. "Interesting designs…", Chita says as she looks around the 'insides' of that building. There is a giant sized arch, easily able to allow a Great Dragon to pass through in it's natural shape. There is also a kind of circle visible around it, but it has a strange … uncomplete look to it. "Sounds like out theoretical skills are in question here…", the latina then says.

«Plot» Conchita says, "Place of magic The characters have to design a spell that will light up the portal. Spell Design + Astral Pool vs (TN of quest)S Stun"
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Spell Design + Astral Pool: 7 vs TN 5 for "Designing a formula for the spell that will open the gate S stun to resist":
1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 8 8 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Spell Design + Astral Pool: 7 - 4 (successes) vs TN 5 for "Designing a formula for the spell that will open the gate S stun to resist (KP:4/29+2)":
1 1 3 4 5 5 9 11 11 = 5 Successes
«Plot» Conchita says, "Chita soaks the damage"
«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Spell Design + Astral Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for "Resisting 2S Stun":
1 2 4 4 5 5 5 9 = 7 Successes
«Plot» Walker , likewise, soaks.

Conchita seems to have a surprisingly easy time with the part of the problem she has to solve, might be due to her lately having done a lot of that work. The arch of the gate starts to hum loudly as her magic starts to activate.

"Amazing…" Walker breathes as the pair enter the dome and he has a chance to examine the place from the inside.

When Conchita points out the portal, Walker stares at it with a slightly vacant expression on his face.

As the mouse shaman's magic begins to catch, the elf's face cracks in a smile of understanding. "Oh I get it! Two parts to complete the circle!" He extends a hand towards the portal and concentrates, eyes glowing softly as a second hum joins the first to produce strange harmonics that echo around the cavernous room.

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 2 for "Next place":
3 5
Place of Spirits

The hum of the gate slowly starts to get louder until with a loud clap of sound (that would have been unbearably loud if the place had had walls) a large shimmering plane appears inside the gate. A different island is visible vaguely through it. A large mosaic floor that is surrounded by hip high hedges.

Chita looks smiling at that place, then moves decisivley through the curtain of the gate.

Observing the results of their collective effort with a satisfied nod, Walker follows Conchita through the gate. "Obvious path is obvious," he mutters softly to himself.

Things get less obvious as they are on the other side. With a soft pop the gate disappears, facing the two adventurers with two openings in the hedges and a strange hip high maze, easily overlooked due to the height, but certainly not a trivial layout. It will take a while to move through that. "Why make a maze and just have hip high walls?", the latina wonders at the sight. "And which way to we take?"

"Smart money?" Walker begins as he peers suspiciously at the hedge, "We go inside and we shrink so the walls aren't hip high." He considers this for a moment, "Or the walls grow and we end up in the same situation…"

Shrugging, he moves towards the left hand opening. "I'll take one, you the other?" he offers.

Conchita ponders, then nods, "Well, we will see…", she replies, then spontaneously wanders down the left side and leaves, consequently, the right one to Walker.

To their both likely surprise nothing happens as they enter the maze. But they will notice that their own paths intertwine quite nicely though never cross. Occasionally a bridge crosses over parts of the maze, but the two also will notice that there /is/ walls, though invisible they extend no more than an arms length above Walkers head. Finally each of them will arrive at a smaller 'clearing' with a ghostly shape humanoid standing on each entrance to this place, the exit of the maze going off to the side. A sign on both entrances says: 'Don't tread on the grass.', where the entire clearing is covered in finely manicured grass. "Uh… I guess we have a problem here…", Chita calls over to the man. "No levitation in this part of the planes…", she mutters after trying.

Walker looks across to Chita, at the signs, down to his feet, to the apparition in front of him and finally back to Chita. "Guess so," he calls in his best deadpan before turning his attention to the figure in front of him.

«Plot» Conchita says, "Place of Spirits: Have to defeat a Spirit of Rating(Rating of Quest). This is either astral combat or banishing."
«Plot» Walker will banish his. You want inits?
«Plot» Conchita says, "Yep"
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Initiative with a result of 24.
«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Initiative with a result of 15.
«Plot» Walker thinks that his grade gets added to that? Although that might just be astral combat, I'm foggy on that one…
«Plot» Conchita says, "Not in this. But magic attribute is important."
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 1 for "+22 Init of Walkers spirit":
«Plot» Walker noddlynods.
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 1 for "+25 Init of Walkers spirit":
«Plot» Conchita says, "Wow…"
«OOC» Walker says, "Almost impressive…"
«OOC» Conchita says, "They still get before us. ;)"
«OOC» Walker says, "Friggin' spirits with their friggin' reaction… :P"
«Plot» Conchita says, "Chita's spirit first"
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 5 + Combat Pool: 5 vs TN 4 for "Attacking Chita":
1 1 2 2 2 3 5 5 8 10 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Capoeira + Spell Pool: 5 vs TN 4 for "Counter attacking with killing hands":
2 2 2 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 = 7 Successes
«Plot» Conchita says, "3 net Successes, as Chita only has L Killing hands this will be M damage using Charisma (6) for strength"
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 5 (spirit body) vs TN 6 for "No armor as killing hands are used. M damage to resist":
1 1 2 4 4 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Conchita says, "M damage for Chita's oponent."
«Plot» Conchita says, "Chita's turn"
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Capoeira + Karma Pool: 5 vs TN 4 for "Working to get this enemy down as fast as possible (KP:9/29+2)":
1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Capoeira + Karma Pool: 5 - 2 (successes) vs TN 4 for "Working to get this enemy down as fast as possible (KP:10/29+2)":
2 3 3 3 4 4 5 8 = 4 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Capoeira + Karma Pool: 5 - 6 (successes) vs TN 4 for "Working to get this enemy down as fast as possible (KP:12/29+2)":
2 2 4 5 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 5 (spirit force) vs TN 6 for "Resisting at +2 (M damage)":
1 3 3 4 16 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 5 (spirit force) - 1 (succeses) vs TN 6 for "Resisting at +2 (M damage)(KP:1)":
2 5 5 8 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 5 (spirit force) - 2 (succeses) vs TN 6 for "Resisting at +2 (M damage)(KP:3)":
2 5 8 = 1 Success
«Plot» Conchita says, "8-3=5 net successes, this will result in 6S damage to resist"
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 5 (spirit force) vs TN 6 for "Resisting killing hands (no armor) S damage to resist":
2 2 3 4 11 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 5 (spirit force) - 1 (succeses) vs TN 6 for "Resisting killing hands (no armor) S damage to resist (KP:4/5)":
3 3 4 4 = 0 Successes
«Plot» Conchita says, "No damage reduction, which results in 9 damage for the spirit."
«OOC» Walker feels a little bad for the spirit. ;)
«Plot» Conchita says, "Walkers oponents turn."
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 2 (spirit force) + Spell Pool: 2 vs TN 4 for "Attacking Walker":
3 5 5 15 = 3 Successes
«OOC» Conchita says, "Sorcery would be astral combat skill"
«Plot» Walker says, "This astral combat or physical? Need to know whether to break out Walker's mediocre kung-fu. :P"
«OOC» Conchita says, "Chita is an adept and she can use her combat prowess in the astral, I still suggest you use the sorcery. ;)"
«OOC» Conchita says, "Spell pool is used like combat pool"
«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 vs TN 4 for "Counterattack!":
1 1 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 8 11 13 = 8 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Sorcery + Spell Pool: 6 - 8 (successes) vs TN 4 for "Counterattack! KP 1/11+3":
1 2 5 10 = 2 Successes
«Plot» Walker stands on 10 successes, 7 net.
«Plot» Conchita says, "7 net successes in favour of Walker, your charisma is?"
«Plot» Walker says, "8"
«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) has the Attribute Charisma with the value '8'.
«Plot» Walker says, "Which I think becomes 9D damage? I am rusty on spirit combat… and can never remember when power starts staging."
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 2 (force) + Karma Pool: 2 vs TN 7 for "Armor from force rating -2 (not sure if that is right, but the poor guy was making me feel sorry for him)9D base to resist":
1 2 4 8 = 1 Success
«OOC» Walker cheers on the poor little spirit!
«Plot» Conchita says, "Well, Walker simply disrupts him with a single stroke."
«Plot» Conchita says, "Chita's second phase, as her oponent sunk under her initiative, losing -3 init from his wounds."
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Capoeira vs TN 4 for "Attacking spirit again":
1 1 4 5 11 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 5 (force) vs TN 7 for "Counter attack +3 from damage no armor":
3 3 4 4 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 5 (body) vs TN 6 for "Resisting 6M":
1 2 2 4 7 = 1 Success
«Plot» Conchita says, "And Chita's enemy is disrupted too."

The latina is attacked as soon as her first step is touching the grass, the being there moving incredibly fast, hits and kicks are exchanged, Chita's hands and feet are crackling with mystical energy as she counter attacks the spirit, a series of hits that go to and fro almost too fast to follow, if you were a normal human being.

As the smaller spirit hurtles towards him, Walker's entire astral form seems to light up from within, the shaman suddenly seeming larger than he really is. He ducks under the spirit's swing and clamps a hand around it's head.

For a moment, nothing happens. Then Walker seems to pulse with light again, and his opponent is blasted apart, beginning at the shaman's hand and rippling through the small spirit like a thunderclap.

Turning to where Chita stands victorious, he smirks. "Not too big a problem though," he jokes.

Conchita frowns as, with a last backhand slap she makes her own oponent disapear. "Well, this one was stronger than yours… want to take one of his kind on?", she then asks the man, but starts to smile as she moves towards the exit.

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 2 (to no one) for "Next place":
2 3
Place of Knowledge

"Oh yeah," Walker crows, voice dripping sarcasm, "looked like it really had you on the ropes there." He chuckles for a moment before adding, "Next time, maybe," before crossing the grassy clearing and leaving the bizarre maze.

Passing out of the maze the two find themselves on the edge of what looks suspiciously like a small school. The kind you might have found in the old west. Basically a single room with a bell to ring the hours between the door. There is several routes leading away from that place each with the name of one of the totems known to mankind. Two kids move to them with the words, "The teacher said this was your homework…", each finding a riddle written on the paper which path they might have to follow. Chita looks at her companion, "Didn't you say you were looking for your totem? I would not have thought that it was this … literal…"

«Plot» Conchita says, "Place of Knowledge: Totem Knowledge or Int (at offset) to find the path we seek. Damage to resist is (Force of Quest)M Physical"
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Shamanic Totems BG + Astral Pool: 7 vs TN 5 for "What totems path do I need to follow?":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 = 2 Successes

Walker snorts amusedly as he pores over the riddle on his piece of paper. "I could see Adversary having fun with cliches now and then," he murmurs abesent-mindedly. He cocks his head as he begins to seriously contemplate the puzzle before them.

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Shamanic Totems BG + Astral Pool: 7 vs TN 5 for "What totems path do I need to follow? (KP:13/29+2)":
1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 5 7 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Shamanic Totems BG + Astral Pool: 7 - 2 (succeses) vs TN 5 for "What totems path do I need to follow? (KP:13/29+2)":
1 1 2 2 3 3 3 5 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Shamanic Totems BG + Astral Pool: 7 - 3 (succeses) vs TN 5 for "What totems path do I need to follow? (KP:15/29+2)":
1 3 4 4 5 5 11 = 3 Successes
«Plot» Conchita says, "Chita soaked."
«Auto-Judge[]» Walker (#12094) rolls Shamanic Totems + Astral Pool: 3 vs TN 2 for ""Where next?" Resisting 2M":
1 2 2 2 4 4 7 8 9 = 8 Successes
«Plot» Walker soaks.
«Plot» Conchita says, "Each of them seemed to have the puzzle solved soon. Chita looked at Walker,
"Ready?", she asks, the obscure hints having actually set Walker on the Firebringers path as she had to follow raven."

Walker laughs aloud as the meaning of the riddle finally dawns on him. "A little on the nose, but sure, why not?" he remarks as he heads towards the indicated path.

Glancing back at Chita, he nods, "Ready when you are."

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls 2 (to no one) for "And the next?":
4 5


This is actually the last time they see each other on this quest. As Chita walks down Ravens path she comes to a small hut where an old woman sits on a rocking chair, knitting, offering her shelter from the rain that approaches fast where she is. As the latina joins her the old woman starts to explain her the problems of keeping air clean. And how important rain is in that context, as well as many more things…

Walker on the other hand wanders down a quite bothersome path, thorns and brambles seemingly trying to keep him away from reaching the end of it. But as he finally arrives on a nice sunny clearing he sees a shape he has often seen visiting him in his dreams, calling over, "Took you long enough to come here? What are you waiting for, oaf! Or do you wait for an extra invitation? Quite the shaman you are…"
Walker shrugs offhandedly at the presence. "I'm just here to check I've got the right idea for invoking, just tell me right or wrong and I'll leave you to messing with my head. Seems to be your favourite hobby of late." He pauses for a moment, reflecting on the quest. "Wait… the portal, the storm… that dumb riddle…" his eyes snap up as realisation dawns, "They were the answer you prick!"

The totem starts to laugh at the mans reactions, "Well … maybe you are not /that/ bad of a shaman. Well done, but don't get cocky, there is still so much you have to learn…" For once his totem pats his back, then starts to explain intricacies that Walker could not have learned from his way here.
«OOC» Walker checks for a "Kick Me" sign…
«OOC» Conchita says, "Okay… that ends our little trip into the cloudy world of the plane of air."

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