A Ride in the Woods

GM: Kensai
Players: Kensai, Dorian, Krieg
Synopsis: Krieg takes Dorian for a ride in the woods to rescue a new import to denver.
Date: April 15th, 2082

Dorian and Krieg, Tall elf and much shorter elf, sit and make light conversation about criminals and dragons, a message dings into the woman's pocsec - a message from Kenji????

" I see, that is fair. I would imagine that a dragon would only enjoy the largest of fish. Brownie points?" Krieg taps a finger to her lips in thought. When her pocsec pings she quickly retrieves it to take a look.

"You seem a large fish to me, but that is relative."

"Well… I guess that is relative. I'm usually the one who hunts the big fish though, tends to pay well depending on the bounty. I suppose that would bring truth to the saying there's always a bigger fish in the ocean.." Dorian ponders this with an amused look on his face, "Oh and brownie points are like… comment dire… Favor points?"

«Plot-Page» (To: Krieg) Kensai says, "'I might have work for you. Still got your nomad?'"

"It is, and so then you are a fisherman? I have not had the opportunity to fish here. Is it enjoyable? I am told it can be relaxing and passes the time well. Unfortunately if I managed to catch one I may be reluctant to harm it." Krieg looks over the message as she chats, seeming to maintain both easily in dual conversation. "Last I was told of brownies it referred to some small creature with ill intent."

«Plot-Page» (To: Kensai) Krieg says, "I do, what is it you require?"

"I guess metaphorically I could be a fisherman. Though unless you plan to go out to some lake very far away from the city, I wouldn't advise fishing in the Rez, unless you want to snag your line on someone's old boot, or better yet the leftovers of their bodies. Plus…It's in the warrens, so it comes with the nearby smells and all that fun stuff. Luckily though, if you're in the middle of the rez.. I don't think the gangs can reach you, I highly doubt a single one of them can swim effectively." Dorian takes a small pause to enjoy a sip of his soykaf. "I'm a licensed bounty hunter when I feel like it. I also work on investigations. Among other things." He gives the general answer to the professions.

«Plot-Page» (To: Krieg) Kensai says, "'Friend of mine, call him Elder Brother, needs use of canny wheels. I'm forwarding the message.'

«Plot-Page» (To: Krieg) Kensai says, "It would do me well to please Elder Brother. I don't have much, but I can toss you twenty to get it done. If it's too hot just let me know."

"I see, that seems accurate from my experiences in the area. I do believe I have seen people attempt to swim there, but it was not enjoyable." Krieg flicks through something on her pocsec. "Licensed, that sounds exciting. You do work that is exceptionally more interesting than my own then."

«Plot-Page» (To: Kensai) Krieg says, " If you require assistance with that, or for me to simply act as a driver that is fine. I have transported individuals before in such a manner. When? Do you wish more to accompany me?"

«Plot-Page» (To: Krieg) Kensai says, "I'm occupied. Take whoever you want, split it. Go get the guy and get him to little Chiba. I've got a commcode for him."
«Plot-Page» (To: Kensai) Krieg says, "Alright then, I may have someone who could accompany me with or without much knowledge of it. Send me the pertinents and I'll get on this now."

"Takes the boredom away from the day-to-day of running the arcade, and it's a nice bonus in the pockets, not gonna lie." The elf offers a shrug of his shoulders, "Sometimes I just gotta get some adrenaline I guess, otherwise I start getting jittery. What about you, what's your money earner?"

«Plot-Page» (To: Krieg) Kensai says, "he sends you a set of coordinates, marking off a chunk of forest near fort lupton, commcodes, and an address for a delivery, and a waiting marker for half the offered sum up front."

Kensai clicks here so the code doesn't think him idle.

"You run an arcade? I would like to hear more of this arcade." krieg perks up a bit at the statement, tucking her pocsec away for now as she hops down from her chair. " Would you like to accompany me for a drive? I have to pick someone up and drop them off at an appointment.. it should not take long as we can continue or discussion."

She brushes away any small wrinkles from her skirt that may have formed from sitting. "Ah, well this would be a typical thing to acquire extra resources. I am mostly a student so I do not require much."

The elf shrugs, "Yeah sure, might as well." Dorian plants a foot down and rises to his full height, swinging the jacket to his three piece around and slipping his arms into the sleeves. He gives it a quick adjustment over his shoulders and then gestures towards the door, "After you. As for the arcade, just a place I run not far from here, just outside this area of the F.T.Z. actually. Nothing matrix really, just some simsense arcades, classic analogs and some holo pieces."

"That sounds like an enjoyable establishment. I am into Retro arcade entertainment. There is something about analog devices that I feel a kinship with." Krieg promptly leads the way heading to the door and if followed, out to an awaiting semi-old Nomad. The rear area is occupied with a fairly large object entirely covered in a sheet.

"Do you enjoy driving? I do not want to be too forward and immediately assume you to be the passenger type. I just have to pick them up and drop them off, then we can visit this Arcade perhaps?"

"Well it's your job, I won't impose or anything." Dorian rejects the notion of driving with a simple wave of his hand, instead grabbing his key fob and aiming it at his Jaguar to open the frunk (trunk in front) and grab a duffle bag of mysterious goodies. Once done, he arms the security system with another press of a button. Not that it was in any real danger in the FTZ to begin with, but any sucker that tried his luck would be met with some almost lethal electrical zaps. Making his way over to Krieg's vehicle, he holds up his carry-on, "Got room for this I assume? Not sure where you're taking me, but I do like feeling safe."

"There is room in the back of course, I believe we will be going here and here." She retrieves her Pocsec to show him the coordinates but not the message then opens the door for him to the passenger side, before going around to her side to drive.

"I appreciate the company, while it is commonly quite safe to do basic pickup and dropoff of travelers, it can be somewhat intimidating alone as I myself am not a very intimidating individual."

Tossing his bag in before taking place in the passenger seat, the elf leans his head back into the palm of his hands and gets comfy for a long ride to the Fort Lupton area. "Eh no worries, if anyone tries anything funny I'll just put 'em in their place." Dorian reaches back to the duffle bag to retrieve a strap with two holsters on them and begins to remove his jacket so he can attach the harness with the armpit holsters. In them are two shiny chromed out Savalette Guardians. Following suit is a pair of hardliner gloves which he tugs snuggly onto his hands, and last but not least a pair of shades which he slips over his eyes.

«Plot» Kensai says, "krieg: melodrama is in the cas FTZ. Fort Lupton is in the sioux sector. what's your plan? :)"
«Plot» Dorian can assist in finding some smuggling routes to use to avoid borders if your SIN ain't up to par.

"I do not believe I have ever driven with a real life bounty-hunter before, and certainly now one who owns an arcade. This is an exciting event for me." Krieg nods to herself about this statement, said plainly as always. She hops into the driver seat and a quick check around the vehicle for any tampering.

Once inside she fires up the ol Nomad and sets the coordinates. First it seems she has to make it to the Sioux Sector. "Any recommendations for an easy route that avoids trouble? I am not as familiar with this are as others." Said as she checks the radio and sets her pocsec up on the dash. "I would like to try something new if possible, an adventure if you will. Since this is my chance to take some notes on how someone in such a profession would operate."

"Well, first of all, I dunno how legit you are .. But I do have some less than legal goods on me, and perhaps avoiding some of the main checkpoints would be wise.. You mind?" Dorian slithers out a datajack cable from his sleave which is connected to his own port, which he slots into the vehicle. With a few mental commands via the DNI interface, he accesses the autonav and plans a route, "Here, if your SIN ain't worth much, this is a good place. If there's a guard, they'll look the other way for a few sticks." Once the route is planned, he pulls the cable back out and lets it wind back up his sleeve.

"I like to think of myself as a fairly legit individual, but I do not judge others harshly for their own activities. I encourage free-will and individual expression. So I do not mind at all and appreciate the guidance." Krieg replies, not seeming at all bothered or even surprised at the statement.

"So then, do you do this often? To catch the bad guys of course." Asked as she puts the vehicle in drive and clicks the route to confirm, making sure everything is in order as they depart.

The Border guard post is, as promised, practically abandoned; there is a troll on guard, protecting - as fate would have it - a bridge, but with the appropriate payment he lets them through.

"As often as I allow it, I suppose. But I'll do more than just catching folks if the nuyen is there for it, within reason of course. What about you, just strolling around to pay your studies or something?" At the bridge troll, Dorian does a little legerdemain to retrieve a credstick out of seemingly nowhere. Probably his sleeve. Definitely his sleeve. But street magic can always impress dumb trolls. With a turn of the dial, the credstick's LED displays a cool 1000 nuyen before being locked. "Here's our IDs my friend. We'll be back in a bit, ya? Get yourself something nice delivered for dinner."

The forest known as The Greenbelt extends as far as the eye can see. Only forty years old, this forest spontaneously appeared one afternoon and began growing at an astonishing speed. Within days full sized trees loomed, casting shadows over the grasslands as the primordial forest sprang into being.

Gambel oak and mountain mahogany are the primary residents of this forest, with a few tiny Aspens struggling to survive in the lower altitudes. Towards the eastern side of the forest cottonwoods take over the landscape, outnumbering the other varieties more than three to one. Smaller plants adorn the wooded area as well, with birdsong prevalent the quieter you are.

A few picnic areas have been situated in the forest by the Wildlife and Game Commission, and constant patrols come to check on this new and wondrous forest. The constant rustle of leaves is a quiet reminder of the wind moving through the trees, this natural place far from the city.

The pristine winter is far from reach, but there is no clear evidence as to why. Violence hangs in the air - bloody violence.

"I have found that since my arrival here, being a student does not pay well. So I do research for the local academy, and simple taskers such as this to make ends meet. It is not a life of glory as some may seek, but it does allow me to continue my education while meeting interesting people." Krieg seem quiet casual of all of this, with little emotional response at all. She looks around as they drive, just keeping an eye on things. Once they approach the forest she rolls the window down a little and reach out to set one of her Bumblebees out ontop of the vehicle. The small drone hums and sticks to the roof for the moment as it warms up its sensor suite before looking around.

"I mostly do R&D but I field test as well."

(Krieg checks her commlink and swipes the little data symbol to let her commcoded individuals know the current route location for the nomad.)

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « 5 by 5, greetings. »

Commlink-Samurai-Five> Kensai sends, « I read you," a stern voice returns. "Incoming from… little chiba?" »

«Plot-Page» (To: Dorian) Kensai says, "You hear… distant gunfire!"

As they near the forest, Dorian reaches into his pocket to activate an ultrasound emitter. Aiding his vision even further in the dark forests, the Elf casually glances about, randomly zooming his vision in on certain areas that are more likely for possible traps, or ambushes. He also keeps an ear to the wind incase any unnatural sound echoes out in the forest. "Well, if you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty, you'll earn more than enough to pay for your studies and then some. Maybe afford some fun modable stuff." He says the last as he gestures to the bumble bee Krieg places outside of the vehicle.

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « Destination is… little chiba. Confirm yes? »

Though something catches Dorian's attention, "Gunshots, in the distance. Turn off your lights if you can use your sensors to see in the dark." The elf reaches into jacket to draw the savalette guardians, rolling the window down to clear some shots if need be.
Commlink-Samurai-Five> Kensai sends, « confirmed. I am near the oaks, <xx><yy>. There is at least one pursuer left. Perhaps two. I am not certain. Is your transport built for stealth or speed?» »

Krieg clicks the lights off on the vehicle and slows down, overall to make driving easier and just lesson their sound footprint. "I can, the vehicle itself should be fine but I'm able to use sensors as needed. Hmm, those are quite nice. You know, there is no need to impress me further, I am already entirely enamored with the overall theme. If you wish to, I do not mind catch a bit of whatever action you may feel is warranted here."

She sets the bumble to active sensor to keep an eye on the surroundings as they continue more slowly towards the meeting point. "Hmm, Oaks… this way it would seem."
Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « 50/50 common offroad. We can assist with aggressors if desired. Currently gone dark. »

Commlink-Samurai-Five> Kensai sends, « confirmed. There is a Renraku Red Fox half a klick due east of my position. Eliminating it should cut short any pursuit. I will move in that direction. »

"Well that depends entirely on their numbers and their gear. If it's a hot extract, then it might be best to snag up your friend and scoot away. I can fire out the window to keep them occupied a little bit.. But if we're the ones going in hot.. I'd like to know at least what I'm getting myself into. Blindly firing ain't usually the best approach." Dorian keeps a watchful eye into the forest, his eyes switching in between vision mods to see if they can spot any figures or heat signatures that don't belong to wild animals.

«Plot-Page» (To: Krieg) Kensai says, "you can detect the Red Fox (a nomad just like yours, really). Its engine is on and there's one figure on it. There's wreckage of another Vehicle, still smoking, not far away."

«Plot-Page» (To: Krieg) Kensai says, "and your little bee spots what may be your target, moving swiftly through the woods - but not swiftly enough to really expose himself."

"Understandable, normally people just like to be picked up to go get noodles or transport items same-day for basic delivery. This one does seem more involved." Krieg comments, as they start heading towards this other vehicle in the distance. "Ever seen a Renraku Red Fox before? They are rather nice but this one is unfortunately after the person I need to pick up."

She has the bee continue to monitor the situation as they SUV their way through the woods towards the target. "I would have preferred something simple but this will do fine. The one on foot is the one needing a ride currently, roughly over there. For purposes of IFF." She gestures a estimate of the pick-ups location in the woods.

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « Confirmed, I see it. If feasible remain in cover or get to us before engagement. Are there any on foot still? »

(Krieg flicks the pocsec and makes sure Dorian has the proper commcodes jic)

"Quite familiar with the Red Samurai and the Red Ninja, not so much the fox." Dorian admits with a small shrug of his shoulders, "Oh well, tell me what your client needs. We'll see what we can do. If he just wants to scoot and it's safe, then by all means. If he wants to take care of his pursuers, then I suppose we'll go hunting in the woods."

The sound of a three-round burst echoes through the wood almost in answer. «One. I Cannot clear enough to breach the armor. He may be empty. I am not sure. Turning to come down fast toward you. If You please, do not shoot, much obliged.»

«Plot» Kensai says, "you have gotten close enough to see the jeep, not unlike yours, but with battered red armor… and a mounted machine gun.

Which appears currently unmanned, as the lone occupant is the wheel. The Lone occupant in crimson battle armor."

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « Excellent, I'll handle them. Please get in as soon as you get to us. »

Commlink-Scarface> Dorian sends, « Well I don't carry anti-vehicular rounds and a rifle with me just for fun when I go out drinking, so you're shit out of luck. Get in, we get out. Best I can do is pop shots at his tires or something. »

"It is possible to disable the vehicle, without a gunner it is highly vulnerable." Krieg looks back over her shoulder at the large sheet covered thing in the back of the vehicle, then back to Dorian. "You can try shooting it if you feel it will be effective otherwise If you do not mind taking the wheel for a moment while I climb in the back."

"Yeah I can take over." Dorian holsters the pistols back into his jacket, and the datajack cable comes back out instead. Plugging into the vehicle, he takes over the wheel mentally while riding passenger. The vehicle's HUD comes to life in his vision, which he begins controlling via mental commands and reaching out to holo controls on the display.

Kensai vaults out of the woods, cradling an Ares Alpha, almost falling onto the back bench seat with a sound like all the air being pushed out of his He wears a full-faceplate helmet and an armored jacket torn up by woods and gunfire.

"That is even more convenient, less requirement to move and I can remain belted in. Thank you." Krieg nods, then looks to the new arrival. "Welcome… that was quicker than expected. I appreciate your timely arrival. Please keep your head down just in case unless you wish to fire on the enemy."

(RCD active, firing up one additional drone! Command chair mode to initialize then RIC once ready. Senshi Unit. currently in the cargo area of the SUV)

"Yep yep." Dorian mentions casually as he takes over piloting the nomad. "Sup." He mentions to the new arrival, though doesn't look back as he's a little preoccupied with an invisible HUD his hands and mental gymnastics are currently operating.

Kensai doesn't move anything else at the moment, just lying there, breathing hard. "Most grateful," he says. "My apologies. I would have assumed… It does not matter. You are heroic saviours."

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « I will only be able to communicate through here while operating systems, do you require medical assistance? »
Commlink-Samurai-Five> Kensai sends, « «No. I am not hurt.» »

Krieg herself seems to be comfortably napping in her seat, jostled about by the wonders of being in an SUV. She pings the bumble to check for any other signatures with clearsoft while she runs a quick weapons check on Senshi.

Commlink-Krieg«Excellent, this may get loud. If you do not have audio dampeners please be mindful.»

The sound of movement, clattering of gear and the sound of brass linked belts dragging over metal plate can be heard from the cargo area under the tarp.

Navigating like a bat, the ultrasound waves ping back into Dorian's vision to allow him to spot incoming trees, stumps, rocks, and whatever else would not be fun to run into. Including animals, wouldn't want to get cancelled by Sixth World PETA. When things are less dark in clearings due to the moonlight, he swaps to low-light and thermos to keep watch on the path ahead. All the while, he's simply operating the vehicle mostly via mental commands as he doesn't have access to the actual wheel or pedals, however they're moving on their own on the driver's side of things. "Alright, let's get the fuck out of here. I can line you up for a shot once we clear the tree line. Catch him by surprise."

<CommLink-Krieg>«I'll await the opportunity, thank you.»

In the darkness of the vehicle Senshi finishes the loading procedures for his weapon systems before pulling back the heavy tarp covering to clear his LOS from the cargo area of the vehicle. The drone unit braces itself in the back before opening the rear cargo window and leveling the Ingram Valiant to fire out of the back when the notice is given.

«In position.»

Kensai slowly pulls himself up, swinging to aim over the back, laying it down with shaking hands but moving to brace himself. «Affirmative,» he says over the comm. «Get me one good shot. Switching to grenades.» He focuses his breathing, waiting together with the others for the conclusion that must surely follow…

Kensai says in Japanese, "May the kami hold you in their arms, my sister," he whispers, in Japanese that bears the specific accents of okinawa and Renraku, his voice heavy, sinking with grief. "I do not seek to slay you… but what is wrought is wrought."

As the gaz-willy dashes down beaten dirt roads towards a better highway, the red samurai minding the vehicle's head suddenly turns.

At that moment another Red Samurai bursts out of the treeline, from exactly where the strange passenger appeared moments ago, the business half of a broken katana lodged in the shoulder plate, armed with a red-plated submachine gun (these guys can be terribly brand-loyal.)

"Did you geek the mage already?" Dorian asks from the front of the vehicle as he continues to zig zag down the beaten path towards civilization. Doing his best to try and break line of sight by using the terrain to the best of his advantage. "I know how ya'll roll. Five per squad, at least one wiggler. Do we have to worry about the wiggler?"

Kensai looks confused. "Wigg… oh, mage. No, Mage has been neutralized. There is only Two and… whoever has replaced Five. Two is the vehicle expert, but alas someone put a worm in jeep's system."

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « If the one on foot can catch us, then we will deal with them. Otherwise evasion is prefered to draw less attention to the area. »

Commlink-Samurai-Five> Kensai sends, « Then full speed. The New Five did not bring his rifle, only his Model 100. We can outpace him. Can the valiant protect our rear with suppressive fire? »

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « Understood, watching for targets. »

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « Just a bounty hunter? Your driving skills seem excellent. I do not detect anyone in pursuit. »

After a bit of careful cruising, Dorian borrows the highway as soon as he can and bee lines it straight back towards Denver. On his way, he casually reaches into his jacket to retrieve an Ares MAX GAINS protein bar, fiddling with the wrapper and tearing it free so that he may enjoy a bite. "Well whenever you're ready to retake the wheel Krieg, I don't think we're being followed anymore, you can turn off the murder unit and cover it up before we get back to Denver."

Commlink-Krieg> Krieg sends, « Copy, a moment please. »

Dorian says "Getaway driving should be a skill everyone dips their toes in, in my opinion. Never know when you'll be the only left in good shape to take the wheel."

Kensai waits, poised, for the entire time… but when at last the all-clear is given (something like), he slowly relaxes back into the seat.

Senshi sets the LMG back down and covers it with other materials from the back before grabbing the Tarp and recovering it and himself, returning to a resting position in the cargo area of the vehicle. There is some shifting and repositioning for a moment to ensure the optimal bracing before the unit returns to passive mode.

Krieg huffs sleightly as she shakes her head, opening her eyes again. "That is true, everyone should maintain a broad skillset for such occasions. Now then, to te drop-off point." She retakes the wheel and awaits the control transfer. "Sir, is the location still the same or do you need to alter it due to the encounter?"

Dorian tugs the datajack cable free once he switches back the controls over to the driver side. With a little wind up spooling, the cable retracts back up his sleeve. "The bridge troll just let us back in no question asked, I greased his pockets nicely."

Kensai settles in, taking a few breaths to settle himself, and seems to check something. "Tsunami gardens? Little Chiba? I've never been there. Am new to denver. But have been told that a contact will be there who can help me further. The pursuit was not unexpected. I hope they warned you."

"I am sure they will be happy to see us again then." Krieg nods, keeping an eye on the road as she reaches outside the nab her little bumble and bring it back inside. "Tsunami Gardens, Little Chiba. That should be fine, would you like us to pickup anything for you on the way, noodles, drinks?"

She continues the drive, following along the route plan to take the same checkpoint back.

Kensai shakes his head. "No," he says, his face still hidden behind his faceplate. "I am not hungry." He turns to look at the passing terrain, and is silent before a brief time. "So this is Denver?" he asks, at last. "More trees than expected. Beautiful."

"Nah that ain't Denver." Dorian gestures ahead to the towering scrapers approaching in the distance, the sharp contrast to the peaceful forest met with a concrete jungle instead. "That's Denver."

"Ah," Kensai says, watching it, and there is both disappointment and confirmation in his voice. "I see. Much more appropriate for the famed city of shadows." He looks down at the rifle in his arms. "Is there somewhere I can put this? I do not wish to invite trouble. I assume it would not be permitted."

"You can place it in the back under the cargo until we get to our location. If needed I can bring anything you need stashed for now, to wherever you are staying later." Krieg checks on her passenger in the rearview mirror as she continues the drive.

"New to the area then? Welcome to Denver."

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