A meeting at Red Rock

Players: Rooks, Laz, Jinx, Tyrnid
Synopsis: Laz assembles some people to discuss his latest project
Date: 11th May 2079

Rooks takes a seat and has the food delivered, digging into his ham as he smiles. "So, who's your new mysterious stranger?" he asks.

Laz points at the door as if she was already here. "Gear head, with other strengths and connections. Very complementary to our llittle NGO plan to help make the world a better place…"

Jinx is preceded by the low rumble of a large bike, then a shadow hiding all the light from the door. Having entered her look goes casually around before she moves towards Laz table without too much hesitation. "Hoi, chummers. Yer da new boy Laz's wanna bring in?", she then asks, checking if the booth has enough space left for her massive frame.

Rooks nods and chuckles softly at the approach of Jinx, smiling a little. "I suppose I am," he offers to the comment and smiles, looking down at himself. "Little bit of everything," he says as he crunches into his toast.

Laz stands politely to let Jinx sit across from them first, "Jinx, this is my chummer Rooks…" he says, then fires up a WNG so they can chat in peace.

Jinx shrugs then notes the elfs actions, "Hmmm… dinna know ya had bigga stuff planned.", she mutters then and sits down oposite to the men.

"There's all sorts of plans going on in his head as I understand," Rooks offers and chuckles.

At your booth=> Laz snorts, "Well, listen, you may laugh at me, but the only hard thing in my work is getting out after I finish the job…so trying to pre-empt this, and maybe get some peace and quiet with a nest in the sky." He grins. "Good, no?"

At your booth=> Jinx shrugs, "Nest, eh?", she then mutters amusedly. "Tha's a way ter call it.", she then says to the man. "So … what's on ya mind terday?", she then asks Laz, before she turns to Rooks. "Imma Jinx, rigga, sammy 'n mechanic. Tha's a few things, but I dun do da deckin' stuff, so notta lil' bit o' ev'rythin' as ya claim."

At your booth=> Laz smiles, "And," he says, elbowing Rooks, "He's a top notch face and decker, so we're a dream team here…"

At your booth=> Rooks nods and chuckles. "I do a bit of everything, so I can certainly help with everything, and yeah he wants to get a big place going last I heard, a little commu ity for the people."

At your booth=> Jinx tilts her head towards Laz, "Community thing, eh?", she then says with a chuckle. "Big's right fer sure…"

At your booth=> Laz nods, "Aye, look, there's a place for those of us that are fighting The Man, right? But the Man's got real big Juice, so we have to accept that we're the Davids against that Goliath, but a place where people know the rules—you know, no one shits where they eat? and gives all kinds of options, that's no bad thing. Think we can swing it, think so, yea."

At your booth=> Rooks says, "It's guerrilla warfare, they're big and we're small. We escape notice unless we poke the bear, then the idea is to use them for things. The things we capture, we keep, the things we keep, we use.""

At your booth=> Jinx shrugs, "Tha's da basics. Jus' wonderin' where da thing yer 'bout ter do 'ere's small…" She shrugs, "But hey… Question 's what's tha' plan on ya mind, chummer. Or diya jus' summon us ter git known ter each otha.", she asks Laz.

At your booth=> Rooks smirks. "Last I heard he was looking to set up a community area, but that was in the old plant. Have a place for people to live, work, school the young ones, the whole nine yards and not be living in a slums like the Warrens."

At your booth=> Laz listens along, "Aye, and mainly just wanted you to meet, put your heads together. I want to basically create an arcology to go with the zep."

At your booth=> Jinx blinks at that, "Arcology…", she then says taken a bit aback. "Chummer, Imma rigger. Imma mechanic. But imma no builder.", she then says. "Sure I manage mah small place ova at Wrench's werks. But tha's as far as Imma handlin' dat kinda stuff."

At your booth=> Rooks mmmmms softly a d smiles as he listens. "Builders are easy to get, there's talented people in the Warren's and put who are looking for work," he says and smirks. "We can get some people like them to help."

At your booth=> Jinx shakes her head, then says sceptical, "Arcology… Dunno. It certainly sounds ter big fer runners. Now iffen yer 'd be talkin' 'bout sum save houses or shit, butta freakin' arcology?"

At your booth=> Laz chuckles, "It can be a little arcology, that's more the concept than the size. Think tribal village, we take it from there."

At your booth=> Rooks smiles. "If you remember Tinker Town, something like that," he offers.

At your booth=> Laz nods, "What he said, TTown. In fact, Jinx, I'm thinking we should reconsider the area you're in, because it's too legit. I want to be one notch above the Warrens. Should we go for a ride?"

At your booth=> Rooks mmms softly and nods. "Well, can always build underground, that's a lot of less legit and regulated," he offers. "Old subways and sewer facilities."

At your booth=> Laz nods, "We really need to scout—I had to abandon the plant idea because I cannot project, but perhaps we can go in anyway and clear it out?"

At your booth=> Jinx ponders, "What's on ya mind Laz?", she then asks amusedly. "Imma certainly willin' ter listen. As ter Tinker Town… 't was kinda more or less a grown thing, rather 'n … planned."

At your booth=> Laz nods, "That's my point. I want to plant something see how it grows."

Tyrnid steps into the diner, the door closing behind him with a soft thump.

At your booth=> Rooks smirks and nods. "Its all a matter of giving people the opportunity to do things and they will make use. Few people take the risk because of fear of failure, but once it's done… they will join in."

Red Rock is waking up to the early birds while still catering to the night owls. Among the latter are three: a tall, sophisticated elf, another one who is built like the largest of orks, and dwarfing them, a punk trollette who takes half the booth on her own. They seem to be having a very animated conversation but are behind a WNG.

At your booth=> Jinx shrugs, "Imma not afraid. Just am thinkin' 't 's a bit ter much fer jus three o' us. Also … dunno. A growin' old troll's not always whatcha want 'n such a project. Imma dyin' ya 'way before yer gittin' dere. I mean … more 'n 20 already, ya know."

At your booth=> Laz snorts, "Please, Jinx, you live as long as humans do, on average…and there's all kinds of genemods. Spare us the 'lil old lady' line, heh!" He turns back to Rooks, "I like the tunnels. I think we do what we can, we really should consider revisiting the plant…"

At your booth=> Rooks nods a little more and :smirks at that. "Tunnels are all over the city if you know where to look," he offers. "Can also make your own with the right equipment."
Laz stands up, "Let's get a round of coffees here," he says, heading over to order it and digging out a handrolled cig which he reconsiders and tucks behind his ear. That's when he spots Tyrnid, "Heyo," he says, the look on his face making it obvious he's confusing him with someone he knows only very surface-y.

At your booth=> Jinx eyes Laz, "Average troll ' gittin' 40, but yeah… like da humans.", she then says not her usual funny self in that concern. She then shrugs, "Tunnels, good heavens…", she then mutters. "Dere's sure tunnels dere. 's sewers. Whatcha would need woul' be sum dat dun git flooded anymore, though. Do ya know sum a' dat? Idda go fer old subway tunnels, though. Which iffen I rememba right was what Tinkertown was in."

Tyrnid saunters in he seems calm and collected as he heads towards the counter with his full height not even clearing it, places his fingers on the counter and lifts himself onto a barstool he places his order, and summaries somethings, clearly point for point as the fingers on his left hand seem to count up. He speaks english with a very peculiar accent, he looks Laz, he blinks, "Hey… " he seems to think for a moment clearly drawing blanks, "I know you?" he continues he is clearly not on point with his memory.

At your booth=> Rooks nods and smiles slightly as he finishes his food and licks his lips. "We can certainly figure out how to connect everything, power could be from generator, add some water recycling and a few greenhouse things for food perhaps."

Laz orders the coffees and was about to head to the can when the dorf pipes up. He raises a brow.

"Think so? Jack?"

Tyrnid shakes his head, "Not sure, do i know you?" the waitress returns with large plate with white beans in tomato sauce toast something thats has to pass for bacon and an egg done over easy, his attention moves to the waitress, "thank you." he then looks back at laz, "I think i would recall a pointy ear like you." his accent is not from around here, he thinks as the waitress moves to get the coffee, "Besides my name ain't Jack!"

Rooks chuckles a little before he looks over at the newcomer. "Hi, Jack," he comments and smiles to the man Laz addresses as such.

Jinx merely looks over, "Jack? That aint no Jack. That's just shit…", the troll then says. "Leave 'im alone. He's hungry."

Laz snaps his fingers. "Jon! Hey…I knew I recognized your, err, style. We were at a briefing once…Redhorse."

Rooks smiles a bit and stands. "Well, I'm going to have to see a man about a horse, or at least the horse meat. Get there early enough, can get some good cuts."

Tyrnid glances over his plate he mutters, "no blood pudding." he sighs and begins what best be described as scarfed down his meal, he looks up startled at Laz, and with a full mouth, "Ey, did not do that job." he chews a little more, before swallowing, and looks at Laz's company

Laz shakes his head, "I did, it was good…didn't have to fire a single…" leaves it at that, but with Laz that means people just died quietly, not that it was non-violent. Probably.

He then turns back saying, "Welcome to the Mile Pile," he says sideways before returning to the table, seeing that Rooks is about to head out.

Jinx shrugs, "They all say that.", she then says amusedly to the halfer. "So, shorty. What's up ya sleeve?"

Tyrnid looks over his shoulder as he is halfway his meal, listening to the both of them, "Nothing up my sleeves," he moves around to face them, "I'm." he corrects himself, "I was an sailor." he takes his plate and continues his meal from his lap.

Jinx nods, "Poor boy. Did your ship drop you off and you got washed ashore?" She pats him on his had, like one might do with a child.

Tyrnid raises his brow at jinx, and looks at her hand on his head, "I sunk with the ship little lady." he replied in an whimsical tone, "and if you pet my head without my consent in the future, I'd be keeping it." in a slightly more serious tone.

Like almost everyone else at the Red Rock, Laz sort of freezes when she pats Tyr's head, somewhat confused about the dorf's response—presumably he's talking about her hand, not his head being what he keeps?

"Uh, Jinx, this is Jon…don't pet him, seriously." He grins, trying to defuse things and failing.

Jinx tsks at the dwarfs words, "Oh? Really?", she wonders. "Well, my apologies.", she then says teasingly. "I was not aware it was a sore spot." Seems the punk troll is in a silly mood again today.

Tyrnid finishes his meal, he gets off his bar stool and walks over to the booth, "So Tonka how did you end up here?" he asks in laz's direction, he seems a little disgruntled by being pet by the trogg.

Laz smiles as he sits across from Jinx again, "Come, sit both of you. Coffee's coming and you can drink Rook's."

Tyrnid takes a seat at window booth 2. (Place #3)

At your booth=> Jinx eyes the halfers disgruntlement with amusement, but for now refrains from putting more oil into the fire. She simply rests there and eyes the exchange between elf and dwarf.

Tyrnid takes an seat at the booth, and looks at the trogg then at laz, "so what have you been up to you pointy eared bastard?" he wipes some tomato juice from the corner of his mouth.

At your booth=> Laz chuckles, leaning forward but looking sideways at the dorf. he steeples his fingers on the table. "Well, we were just discussing some social work you know? Wanting to maybe reopen Tinkertown and rule it with a velvet fist."

At your booth=> Jinx tilts her head, "Velvet fist? Wha's tha' now?", she wonders. "Is 't even still dere, though? Dere's been some pretty shit happenin' then."

Tyrnid raises his brow he looks as he sees water burning, "Tinker what?" he clearly doesn't know what you were discussing.

Laz clears his throat. "Used to be a mostly underground….well, think of Madmax meets Zion from the Matrix. Is that fair, Jinx?"

Jinx shrugs, "Old subway tunnels. People used to live in there. They had a market. Shops. A quite flourishing economy. Until Ares decided they wanted to build an arcology at just that place. Not sure what really happened. There was fighting, but I think part of the foundations Ares had build was detonated and basically took Tinker town with it."

Laz nods along, "We should probably forget it, it's too much work…I think we need to stick to the plant. But you cannot fit in the sewers, Jinx, I barely can but with major limitations. You up for using your size to an advantage, Jack?"

Tyrnid scratches behind his ear, and looks at laz, "I don't got a thing you just said." he then looks at the trogg and nods, "okay, you do know I can only fit through the main sewgage lines, the smaller ones even i get stuck in.".

Jinx rolls her eyes to the dwarves words, "I am quite sure Laz dun needs da smalla uns. Them's to small fer foundin' 'is underground city."

Laz shakes his head, "No Jinxie, you haven't been listening. We found an abandoned power plant with Rooks, let me show you the map…"

Tyrnid rubs his chin, "so you have a route there, where do I fit in?" he looks to the big lass and the big elf.

Laz shows the location on his slate.

At your booth=> Laz taps the slate. "It's prime location, and I had a lawyer check it out, it's unclaimed…problem is, we think it's crawling with FAB…."

Tyrnid shakes his head, "FAB is only and issue if your 'magical' what is in the water?" his interest seems triggered by this location.

"Something, we don't know what, but something. We think it might have formed a symbiosis with the FAB, but that's wild conjecture."

Mr.Terrific steps into the diner, the door closing behind him with a soft thump.

Mr.Terrific wanders by to get himself some scrabled eggs, which he heavily adulterates with Tabasco-substitute.

Mr.Terrific pushes open the door to leave, warm savory air mixing with the smells of the street.

Jinx came back from a little walk to the restroom, "Hmmm… Laz gone?", she then asks as she aproaches the dwarf.

Tyrnid pulls up his shoulders, "he got a call and moved out." he sips his by now cold coffee, "I expect him to return when he's done." he still looks around seeming taking in everything at the diner

Jinx nods, "Ah, I see… so prolly jus' out ter walk his phone."

Laz comes back, having hit the can on the way. As he slides into the booth, forcing Tyrnid towards the window, he smiles across to Jinx. "So, you guys scan the coords? It's a good location.."

Tyrnid moves over, "well, I have my doubts." he sighs, he looks at jinx, "what do you think about it?".

Jinx shrugs, "Dunno Laz… looks like a damn lotta old stuff ter remove firs'. Tha' place is almos' as bad as mah junkyard. 'n did I hear somethin' 'bout sum bio agent stuff 'fore? The only good thing 'n mah opinion is tha' ya could use them water basins assa kinda hangars. Jus' git rid o' da middle stuff, but then ya'd need ter git all wata out 'n that…"

Laz shrugs, "It's a big project, but I'm going to set it all up so we look like legal rehabiliators, and off the back of it, we'll get the other licenses."

Tyrnid shakes his head, "defensively if they come and bust down on the place." he point to the east bank, "they would attack from here." he looks at laz then at jinx, "but okay let's sweep it clean of vermin first, I don't care about a little bit of filth."

Laz holds out his knuckles for Tyrnid. "That's the spirit, Jack!" he says, "One step at a time, and look, it'll be a place for everyone who is trying to be or seem legit—we'll set some ground rules and then break them in the tunnels." He grins.

Jinx ponders, "Hmmm bacteria…" She then says, "We could'na simply fly over dere witta airplane and drop some antibac?", to the guys.

Laz shrugs, "If it was that simple, I'm sure it'd been done already, but if your drones can spray, that's aright."

Tyrnid shakes his head, "No that would not clean them up they feed off magical beings, which should be a none issue for me i'll just hold my breath." he looks at Laz, "any magical being could be an carrier." he looks at Jinx

Jinx ponders, "I'll not go dere den… I heard ev'rythin' dat kills makes also kills mah tats too… Shit was expensive… But iffen I got me a drone ter spray stuff… I guess even iffen 'em eat magic, them's still bacteria, right? Ya said ya chum got rid o' 'em by using disinfectin' magic? Sounds ter me, like 'em die like any otha bacteria."

Laz nods, "I don't think you're wrong, Jinx, I just think we go prepared. I got a hazmat suit, we can get you guys ordered up if you've got the cash for it or even if you need to trade them for favours. Unless you got some already?"

Tyrnid smirks, and points to his chest, "I can hold my breath real good, I'm a master diver for a reason you know." seemingly boasting.

Laz snorts. "Yeaa, you know that won't prevent bacteria from going all over and into you, right?" he says, but he's clearly joking because he knows Tyrnid is. "But do tell us how you ended up here…if you don't mind?"

Jinx shakes her head, "I've got a few gear remains o' mah old times, Brocks crew. Taccom Master unit. But we neva bin workin' in toxic places."
he then ponders, "Oh… wait… I think Brock got us sum chem suits atta time… Almost forgot that old box…"

Tyrnid looks at laz, "Well I know someone who happens to live here, I called her when i washed ashore." he looks at the troll, and back at Laz, "do you trust her?" he asks Laz.

Laz leans forward to slap Jinx's shoulder playfully, "There it is!" he grins. He turns to Tyrnid, "Enough to share all these plans, you know?"

Jinx grunts, "He's darin'. At times I dun trust meself.", she then says. "Truth is … iffen we'd met when I was fresh outta da 'Rens we'd na be talkin'. I was kinda … racist atta time. Ork 'n troll supremacy shit." She then shrugs, "Met people dat told me bedda." She chuckles.

Laz leans back, throwing one arm across the booth's backrest. "Well, drek omae, I'm a trogger trapped in an elf's body, so I feel you!"

Jinx sputters out as the elf says those words, "Well, tha' might explain a few things…", she then says amusedly, "But Imma quite sure dat's not workin'. Elfs are ter small ter host a troll." She chuckles now shaking her head to his words.

Tyrnid smirk, "That is why i find you palatable." he holds out his hand out to Jinx, "Friends?".

The huge troll shrugs her shoulders, "Let's call 't a truce. Imma not quick ter make friends. Tha's somethin' ya hafta earn wid me."

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