A Little Trouble in Little Chiba

GM:Captain Vimes
Players: Nine, Amarra, Shoeshine
Synopsis: A networking pary gets intrrupted by sudden violence.
Date: April 12. 2082

It's a chilly Tuesday night in Denver, even in the heart of the urban jungle. A stiff wind blows in from the northwest, reminding the city that it's only yet early spring.

Word passes along the street that there's a party at the Amber Dragon tonight. The rumors add that it's invite only - but also hat it's going to be a networking goldmine. A handful of asiatown fixers will be there, plus some from out of town, and a lot of young talent is going to show up too - a networking bonanza, so to speak, where the sake and rice-beer will flow like water.

Shoeshine will be out here working the streetcorner as the humble and loveable Shoeshine. But also; surveilling the area with his super-senses to see if it's a giant trap or where the snipers are hanging out; you can never be too careful and it's when you stop doing that that stuff goes on. But that doesn't stop him from contacting his fixers to see if an invitation can be had, or keeping a hot eye out for an opportunity that might arise to get in!

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "Amarra: you can try etq at the door to schmooze your way in if you like!"

After getting the word from The Okami Sisters who are much older now than when Nine first met them, the Nines shows up via her sweet sedan which rolls by the Amber Dragon. Currently, Sheila is a dull brown, but it can change if needed. From within, the Nines does a scan of the astral realm to see what is up!

You paged Shoeshine with 'no problem. He also assures you this is not a trap, it's a legit meet-up. He will be one of the fixers in the dragon.'.

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "amarra: you can sweet talk your way in. :D"

You paged Nine with 'you're in. They're not going, but they know someone who will hook you up. Ask for 'Elder Brother.''.

The Amber Dragon isn't a dive, but it's not top-tier either. It's tucked down into the first floor of some of the newer cube-like developments. Two bouncers stand at the door, both human, dressed in leather jackets and mess shirts and neon pants with lots and lots of pockets. The sound of once-trendy 2060s-ish technopunk roll out from the walls. There's a line, too, a lot of street-level talent trying to find their way in, turned away in droves for lack of credentials.

There's a second line marked 'invitation' only.

You paged Shoeshine with 'you spot a window high above the bar. looks like a perfect sniper nest, with the window even propped a little bit open.'.

Shoeshine realizes he dressed a little uptown for this. Sue him! He thought Little Chiba was a little more upscale. So he'll be the dapper thick dwarf in a suit with his shoeshine valise walking around and pressing the flesh and making polite introductions and big smiles! And keeping an eye on the window above the bar where someone might shoot in or something.

Amarra, having been out of work for a while by this point, hears about the party from her baby brother- no doubt at least one or two of their contact points is in attendance and that could mean work for her, if she can get in. Unfortunately, she still does not have a proper fixer. Troublesome. But.. There are other ways in. This is an auspicious year by the standards of the Chinese Zodiac. A year of the Black-Water Tiger. Now.. Depending on what aspect of the old Zodiac you ascribe to- as she will be explaining to one of the bouncers at the door- a rabbit is a very good sign of luck. Rabbits complement Tigers quite well, in business. The rabbit is thoughtful, the tiger is ambitious. These go hand in hand. Good for the Feng Shui, yes? It gets even more interesting when you add the ethnic differences of the Japanese Rabbit to the Chinese Tiger..
A few minutes of classical Eastern mythological bullshit later, and she's slipping inside, tapping a faint bit of ash from her kiseru pipe and adjusting her coat.

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "excellent point, shoe. this style is -well- out of place."

Slowing to a stop, Sheila opens a door and allows for Nine to emerge from the vehicle which closes itself and locks before driving onward. The new arrival queues up in the 'invites only' pedestrian lane. Of course, she makes sure to always stay supurremely alert whilst not appearing to be on guard like she is.

The inside is done all in cyberpunk decor - but all a couple decades out of date, like someone was trying to capture an aesthetic from trideo - or maybe information / memories way out of date.

Either way, the bar is packed, a whole new generation of wannabe shadowrunners gathered around, swilling beer, trying to act so tough and hard. Some old street-warriors are there, too (feel free to reference any retired shadowrunners you remember, long as they aren't day!). A pair of japanese twins are working the bar, moving with the tell tale smooth-jerky speed of wired reflexes

In various booths scattered about (each with holographic scenes from various 2050s action trids playing in loops over the tables), fixers work their trade, networking with some of the various people that have come in to see them.

You paged Nine with 'would you have wanted a runner invite or a fixer invite? :D'.

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "perception tests, and criminal organizations rolls, as you please!"

«Auto-Judge[]» Amarra (#9586) rolls Intelligence:
1 1 2 2 5

Shoeshine pages: is that window giving a sniper OUTSIDE a chance to shoot in?

«Auto-Judge[]» Shoeshine (#844) rolls Intelligence for "many special senses":
3 3 4 4 5 5 9

You paged Shoeshine with 'nope. it's in a window above the bar, looking situated to cover the entrance. a defensive sniper position, if you will.'.

«Auto-Judge[]» Nine (#10584) rolls Intelligence (to Captain Vimes) for "Purrception!":
1 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 5 9 10 13

Nine pages: Do you mean I can play fixer?

Shoeshine might even know some of these criminal organizations; might have fought against them or fought for them or done both! But as to their exact names; he's kind of blithely friendly and cheerful about it! No hard feelings. If he's here, he's advertising! Like Dr. Scholl says, early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise!

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "amarra: mercenary groups can help, too."

You paged Nine with 'this is a meet-and-greet for fixers and runners. nine picks up a -lot- of gear and has a vast net of contacts. depending on the kind of invite you asked for, you might get a different experience from the party. :D'.

Nine pages: Nice. I'd like to be fixery!

You paged Shoeshine with 'you recognize your fixer in one of the corners, speaking to a pair of nordic looking dwarves. there are also a number of faces in the crowd who aren't what they seem. they're dressed in that same dated cyberpunk aesthetic, but it fits ill on them. Thy're all japanese men, and you notice that a few of them are missing finger joints.

They seem to be watching the crowd, guarded but aware. More security.'.

Shoeshine pages: Not just yakuza, unskilled yakuza!

You paged Nine with 'you're given a code to flash on your pocsec when you come in, it will identify you as such- but sans id if you don't want it - as One of Them.'.

From afar, Shoeshine is sure he's fought them at some point. :)

You paged Shoeshine with 'right. not even fully-fledged members of the organization.'.

You paged Shoeshine with 'oh yeah you recognize that one guy over there. he's trying very hard not to meet your eyes. you distinctly remember beating him up once. :D'.

From afar, Shoeshine doesn't force the eye contact! Hey, he must have let the guy live, right?!

You paged Nine with 'also, scattered around the crowd are a number of low-level yakuza talent, disguised in the cyberpunk but looking around and being careful like event security.'.

You paged Shoeshine with 'and probably cost him a finger! :D'.

After showing the digital version of her invite, Nine accepts the wrist band (right side) and then purrowls inside. She scans the scene and takes note of Miss J. G. Bradders (formerly known as Janie) to whom she gives a wee salute before purrgressing deeper inside to mingle with the fixers. She does spot the ears with which she is familiar, and she waves to Amarra on the way before nearly bumping into Shoeshine but swerving at the last moment with a tip of a make believe hat his way.

As Nine enters, there's movement at one of the tables. An enormous, burly japanese man, wearing a black suit, white shirt, and red tie, gets up, and gestures to the booth seat he just climbed out of.

You paged Nine with 'at the table you were just invited to, you recognize a yakuza lieutenant. The big guy is one of his associates.'.

There's a card game going on in the central table, with two brand-spanking new Predator III's complete with blackened nickel plating sitting in the center of the table as a prize-pot.

Shoeshine makes eye contact with the burly fellow as he heads over there; giving him plenty of time to make a gesture suggesting he's not the one being invited. But eventually sitting thereupon if it is appropriate. (He has too many Predators, although that's almost sacrilege to say.)

One of the men at the table, a clean-cut man with delicate features, looks shoeshine up and down, and shrugs. He mutters a few words and a woman gets up and leaves the table, wearing a LBD with neon fishnets. She gives shoeshine a glare and heads for the bar.

Of cats, Nine smiles when invited to the table, but she smiles all the more because Shoeshine moves to join. As he likely knows, she does not like to be mixed up in certain situations alone, so she immediately says, "He's with me." After that, she scoots into the booth to make herself comfy for the lounging.

You paged Shoeshine with 'you recieve a text from Kuryakin. 'Wary of that one. He is one of the Makoyoshi gumi lieutenants. Answers to Mialee Makoyoshi herself.'.

You paged Nine with 'oh, your astral recon! There are two city spirits hanging out nearby, steady and watchful. force 4 each. Seem to be on guard duty. Otherwise BG is at normal (3 for you, unfortunately. +theme asian8).'.

«Plot-Page» (To: Captain Vimes) Nine remains masked and does not show that she is peeping even though she is. She does not have any spiritual followers of her own (because that is not how Nine rolls).

The delicate-featured man identifies himself as 'Cobra-Psi,' One more of his associates pours sake for the three of them. The good stuff!

"Honored Nine," he says. "Shoeshine-san. How pleasant to see you here at our party. When my employer suggested this be arranged, we had no idea that it would attract such major players." He glances at Nine, holds out a hand, and that same associate puts a pocsec in it, which he puts in front of Nine. "For your perusal," he says. "A number of things on offer." He leans back again, then pauses. "ah," he says. "My manners." He opens up a chrome-plated cigarette case and offers it to the new runners. "From some of our friends in the Carrib league. The tobacco has been magically treated to carry a minor high with it. They are delightful."

Shoeshine accepts sake in that carefully-tasing, melt-a-little-bit-into-the-tongue way, but must refuse the cigarette on body-is-a-temple grounds. "It disturbs my careful chemical balance. But I am certainly honored; I come here to open doors and find many flung wide. A pleasure." He may be referring to the sake as well there. And he sneaks side-glances at the pocsec.
When the sake flows and the cigarette case opens, Nine gracefully signals that she shall pass but does give quiet thanks to Cobra Psi for such hospitality. With eyes alight about the pocket secretary, Nine slightly leans to peek down upon the illuminated display. "Thank you for all of your offerings to us."

The pocsec contains a list of items:

Nanite Hive : 300,000
Nanosymbiotes 120000 (four available)
Cybearm (beta-grade, left): 240000 (two available)

Betaware Cyberarm (right, two available)

«OOC» Nine says, "Assuming the nanite hive is standard ware?"

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "both the hive and the symbiotes."

You paged Amarra with 'you actually notice two people with met-20000 shirts. look like they'r fresh from the desert wars!'.

You paged Nine with 'The nanoware is shiawase. The limbs are Ares models, and typically also include beta-grade induction pads.'.

Cobra-Psi drinks some of the sake himself - it's of the 1000+ nuyern a jar kinds - and then ses it down. "Of course," he says. "We're business people. It has been too quiet lately, with… everything. Hoping to add some lubrication to the machine, hai?" His eyes flick to the runners gathering in the bar. "Both of you are seasoned veterans. Is there any new talent out there you would recommend? I cannot help but ecognie there is a woman out there with rabbit ears."
Even as he says that, a dwarf is sidling up to the earred-woman, offering to buy her a whisky!

Shoeshine says, "I've heard she has hand to hand skills, and improvises quite well." Coming from Shoeshine, this is like a chess grandmaster saying, "I've heard she is at least an international master."

With a gloved finger slightly curled as if it might be 'claw like' yet not, the Nines scrolls through the ware listing on the pocket secretary before saying, "Unfortunately, I do not need any of these items right meow, but I appreciate knowing that you have them on handpaw. Perhaps, I can refer someone your way?" Then, she adjusts slightly to peek out toward where Amarra is and sage nods after what Shoeshine says. "One of my favorite customers."

Cobra-Psi gently retrieves the poc-sec. "Of course. Thank you for your consideration. We also have come into considerable stock of Ute-manufacture materiel. Let me know if you have any interest, and…"

At that moment, an older man at the back of the bar rises up in alarm, and Cobra-psi's eyes snap to him. The older man puts either hand to the side of his head, as if focusing, and then screams in agony and falls to the floor, blood erupting from his noise, eyes, and ears!

«Plot-Page» (To: Captain Vimes) Nine assenses!

«Plot-Page» (To: Nine) Captain Vimes says, "that's enough dice to peek through the astral static here! There is an unmanifested Ancestor Spirit in the bar, like a ghostly samurai standing nearly eight feet tall, a ghostly no-dachi in its hands. The dying figure is magically active, and was astrally viewing when he was attacked."

Shoeshine has hopped up to stand on the seat of the booth to look around - has the scent of magic to it but it's important that he look for all normal threats and/or incoming open windows where someone might sight in magically to blast someone. If there are windows open to the outside he'll go to close them before tendering medical aid.

You paged Shoeshine with 'you can pick out the crack of a rifle round from outside, followed by another.'.
You paged Shoeshine with 'slower than a double-tap with a small arm, but appropriate for something with a little more kick. like a high-caliber rifle.'.

«Plot-Page» (To: Captain Vimes) Nine says, "Was this one of the ones that was seen earlier or is it brand newb?"

The bar erupts in chaos and yells, and dozens of guns are being drawn with different levels of speed.

«Plot-Page» (To: Nine) Captain Vimes says, "no. This monster is force ten."

«Plot-Page» (To: Nine) Captain Vimes notes that it's not an actual sword, of course, just a representation of the spirit's attack. It is freshly summoned, perhaps a half hour at most …. right after sunset, perhaps? and it is clearly summoned in the area, as it seems.. empowered by the background count! (it is benefiting from the equivalent of a r1 power site.)

«Plot-Page» (To: Shoeshine, Amarra, and Captain Vimes) Nine sends a group text so she will not give herself away as astrally active at this time, "There is a monster of an ancestor spirit on the other side that just nodachi-chopped that poor guy while he was peeking out toward the A plane!"

As shoeshine springs to start shutting windows, several other shadowrunners join him!

Even as they do, there's a sizzle of power; a window shatters, and a column of lightning catches the young woman enter-mass! The air suddenly stinks of ozone, static tingling through the air…

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "all windows are closed except that one."

Although it might seem slow, Nine stays very still for a time until she sends messages to the other runners that she knows. She does not even have to use a handpaw to do so (because she has the trodes and transducer hooked up, etc).

«Plot-Page» (To: Nine) Captain Vimes says, "also the man in front of you is entirely mundane, except for a datajack and a chipjack. his aura is tight and focused and completely healthy (you can make out the traces of a recently used healthy glow on him.)"

Shoeshine steps up to the wall next to the busted out window and props up an annoying flashpack on it, strobing out towards whoever might be attacking. The flashing lights probably go awesome with the raging bass beat that he imagines coming over this fight scene.

«Plot-Page» (To: Captain Vimes) Nine says, "Are there any poles in the area, or something that could be reach 2 even if it is not special? Some stick?"

«Auto-Judge[]» Captain Vimes (#5020) rolls 1:

You paged Nine with 'wow. There is, in fact, what appears to be a telescoping staff tucked into the bench seat beside you. probably belonged to one of the associates that stood up!'.

«Plot-Page» (To: Nine) Captain Vimes says, "wow. There is, in fact, what appears to be a telescoping staff tucked into the bench seat beside you. probably belonged to one of the associates that stood up!"

After taking her moment to assess the situation, Nine moves fluidly like water, drawing out a collapsed weapon from the booth seat beside her as she stands up before extending out the long weapon to its full length in both gloved hands!

«Plot» Nine says, "A telescoping staff she luckily found!"

As Nine extends the weapon, her thumb inadvertently finds a button… a brief pulse of energy crackles up it before disappearing!

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "the staff is also a stun weapon! in addition to standard damage, it also has a secondary 6s (stun) damage resistance test!"

And there it is, appearing out of the astral. IT is like a veil being removed, and there stands an eight-foot tall samurai, gleaming in the blue-white special effects of a spirit, bearing a no-dachi. It lifts the sword and points it at Cobra-Psi. It says something in an archaic form of japanese!

The door to the party slams open as a man in an armor jacket and jet-black shinos kicks it full-force, clearly at the end of a jumping charge - but then the flashing lights catch him unexpectedly, and he staggers back in surprise!

Shoeshine hms, so many asses to kick and so little time. The spirit is super dangerous, so he steps to it, bobbing and weaving - he's confident he won't be able to finish it, but he can use it as cover against that fellow - who is also likely to face quite a lot of withering fire. Focusing his indomitable will, he drives a punch into its knee.

«Plot-Page» (To: Nine) Captain Vimes says, "It said 'The Ohazu sword / heralds Makoyshi's fall / sun melts winter chill"

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "it will take a light stun!"

Shoeshine definitely surprises it with his penetrative ability - he often does. He makes the knee buckle and no doubt dissipates a lot of spiritual energy required in the sudden defense.

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "okay, nine! shoeshine has punched the spirit's spirit!"
«Plot» Nine says, "Nine will jump into the fray. She is still masked but astrally active and affected by the 3 BG (assuming it is halved as a melee modifier), she has her STICK of TRICITY (Reach 2), and can she get Friends in Melee (and give that as a bonus to Shoe next go, too)?"

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "sounds good!"

After getting her reads on the scene at hand, Nine jumps to assist Shoeshine. Bringing about the electro staff in a mighty swing, she cracks it across the being's back with a shower of sparks that fly to add to the light show here!

Even as the two runners rush to start taking care of the spirit, the bar erupts in (more) chaos. Some of the yakuza security guards turn, their weapons drawn… and open fire on the others! The sound of automatic weapons fire reverbates around the walls, countless bloodshed washing the floors red. The ambushed guards spin and return fire, but are uncertain of their targets… and several of the collected shadowrunners join the fight, picking targets or sides or who they think is the enemy and join the fight!

The big bruising hulk of a man that had been guarding Cobra dies in a spray of blood as two different gunmen target him… shoe's contact ducks under the table, seeking cover.

You paged Shoeshine with 'your contact texts: Shoeshine! I need you here to save the day… to SAVE ME!'.

You paged Shoeshine with 'the associate still setting next to Cobra-Psi has buried a tanto in the fixer's hand, pinning it to the table a look of pure hate on his face.'.

You paged Nine with 'the associate still setting next to Cobra-Psi has buried a tanto in the fixer's hand, pinning it to the table a look of pure hate on his face. He says, in Japanese, "Ohazu rises. Makoyoshi falls."'.

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "nine, shoeshine, would you consider yourself friends in combat to cobra-psi?"

The spirit's blade falls on the stabbed-fixer. Here in the material, it's not the deadly blade that it is in the astral, and the harrying attacks of the two prime runners slow it down. Cobra Kai, an unaugmented human but a masterful fighter at least, manages to squirm in defense, almost avoiding the attack entirely, but unable to completely with the knife buried between his hand bones.

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "nine!"

«Plot» Nine flips her staff around and tries to crack it across the dude who has stabbed the guy with the knife!

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "he takes a light stun from the thwack, but a moderate stun from the sizzle!"

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "Senzu, having been shot twice in the storm of gunfire, makes like a tree and leafs. or tries to, running out of line of sight!"

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "shoeshine! it's all up to you buddy!"

Shoeshine must finish this spirit, it's just too huge and dangerous. A leap to climb it, and knee it in the head!

«Auto-Judge[]» Captain Vimes (#5020) rolls 10 + 1 vs TN 8:
1 1 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 9 = 1 Success
«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "Spirit takes a D stun, and is disrupted!"

Shoeshine 's brutal knee-face impact finishes the dissipating the spirit, leaving him clambered up into the air on essentially nothing. But that's all right; he quickdraws two dart pistols into his hands as he lands in a double-footed crouch, stalking over to an overturned table (behind which is his personal fixer) to take partial cover and look for targets - and his next move.
The battle is over quickly - as if, with the retreat of their leaders and the disruption of the spirit, the enemy yakuza lose coordination and focus. They're gunned down mercilessly, and as the would-be assassin tries one more time to kill his former boss, his boss shows his true ability - his hand now free, he palms the incoming blow away, twists his arm around his former associates wrist, and falls back to his shoulders and uses the momentum to deliver a kick that collapses his opponent.

The metaphorical smoke clears, both the warrior at the door and the unseen support caster having disappeared into the night.

Amarra ends up launching some poor yakuza thug who is screaming something rude about furries over Shoeshine and his fixers' heads, as the fight begins to wind down. Can be heard muttering something herself about bad manners and how they interact with walls.

Amidst the gunfire, Nine considers shouting to the crowd but decides not to… not wanting to become a target when bullets are flying everywhere all over. Suddenly, she seems to disappear from view even though she was RIGHT THERE a moment ago. She might even be there… even now!

«Plot» Nine has a few tools in the arsenal including Stabilize 4 as a spell, trauma patches, and a rating 6 medkit. Can do some kinda general MASH style montage (if you want me to roll something for all that).

«STAFF» Captain Vimes says, "through spells and first aid, you can save 5 people! including the shadowrun girl that took a lightning bolt right off the bat."

Although invisible, Cobra Psi can see that some of the bodies begin to move before bandages and other medical purraphanalia seems to randomly appear after the transference of such from Nine to the patient. She must still be here, purrbably doing what she does bast!

Although it takes a bit of time, it seems that there are five from the mess amongst those who fell who seem to be stable where they would have died.

Amarra looks up and around as the fighting dies down. "All the old Gods and all the new ones forbid a girl try to have a nice night, make some connections, make an honest living.. feh." She'll pull her leg back to kick at a Yak who's starting to get up, but stops once he collapses back down. "Bakas! Uzai yaros!" She'll grimace as she pulls a broken piece of knife out of her left ear. "Great, hearing synch's off too now.." And her sake bottle has been shot to boot. This is awful.

Somehow the sake from the table by Cobra Psi managed to only be jostled toward the edge of the table. It seems to disappear then reappear next to Amarra.

Amarra earperks. "—-Ah, there you are." The other ear leans over the bottle like a giant radar dish, and she starts sipping from it.

As some are healed by an invisible force, some whispers begin to spread, especially among the older japanese runners - the usagi-samurai has, indeed, brought luck!

At some point, Nine works on people who are in less danger of dying but are seriously injured. She makes sure to speak quietly so as not to jump scare potential patients and ultimewtly obtain consent for treatmewnt. After a time, she again finds Cobra Psi and attempts to bandage his wounded handpaw, too.

Cobra-psi jumps as he's touched by unknown hands, looking around suspiciously, then remembers what he knows. 'Is that you, Doctor Lives?' He murmurs.

Nine quietly mewntions, "Indeed, it is mew! May I fix your paw, Mister Psy?"

The Yakuza lieutenant nods. "Yes, please,Doctor."

Although the swabbing is not pleasant because of the alcohol that is used, the Nines makes sure to talk Cobra Psi through the purrcess of the patch up, and then she attaches these futuristic stitches that clamp on their own to hold flesh together with a healing ointment underneath to help reduce scarring. Afterwards, she wraps that hand with plenty gauze and a perfect wrap which is keylime green.

«Plot» Nine says, "If he is willing to let her, she puts a felinely smiley face in sharpie on the wrap with whiskers. Very rudimentary swiftly done (so not a lot of detail)."

«Plot» Nine says, "In the palm of the paw."

«Plot» Captain Vimes says, "awww, he'll allow."

Amarra makes herself a bit more useful by helping clean up a little. ..Namely, cleaning up all the firearms, and extra knives, and putting them in a neat little pile on the bartop, and then taking a napkin and writing 'KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND CHILD-ADJACENT THUGS.' written on it. She'll pull out her oversized survival knife and make sure it's quite nicely visible sitting in the crook of her arm, perhaps as a warning about the dangers of free loot. Other hand still free, she will relight her kiseru. The old Japanese runners (and some breeds of historical buff nerds) will no doubt rapidly pick up on the way she's holding it..

Amarra’s frightening demeanor , complimented by similar runners who-also think that these things should be out of the reach of runners - and those few who would have done shrink back without ever revealing themselves.

After Nine cleans up the astral plane as well as collecting everything with which she initially arrived (except for medical items that were doled out), along with the tele staff with the electro shock, the Nines sneaks out to be picked up by Sheila E. Leaving the loot pile in Amarra's care as well as the bloody mess behind her, it is only after she is hopefully protected by the vehicle chassis and associated ward that she finally has herself a good cry after having kept it all together — via sheer willpower — a bit ago!

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