A Dragon and a Jedi Walk Into a Bar
Players: Green Jedi (Irish) and Heshalllbe (Levon.
Synopsis: A bit of Matrix banter.
Date: January 2071

The Event Horizon

While you can only move in a standard planar fashion, the flooring is invisible and directly below you gapes the maw of a black hole of incredible size, in full high-Rez color.

Comets and bits of starstuff fly past, being sucked towords the center of all things, though none of it ever seems to come near the patrons. It seems as if the entire universe is collapsing past you - an impressive display of the power of gravity, even though the furniture, you and your drinks hang in space as you alone stand in defiance of the singularity below.

Shiny black tables and chairs complete with decanters of simsense wine are scattered around in haphazard groupings. In the background there is the faint hint of music playing, though never enough to distract from the world or people around you. Serving the crowd that is most always gathered at this popular Matrix destination, area collection of Smartframes that are sculpted to resemble cigarette girls; These girls offer high priced BTL's that simulate the effects of 'Old School' pharmacuticals such as LSD and Ecstacy. A similar such Smartframe resides behind a long black bar, selling virtual refreshments. Off to one side of the bar, floating free in space is a battered old late twentieth century cigarette machine that looks a little out of place amidst all the shiny black and vacuum, that dispenses simsense cigarettes.

A male dragon icon, one of the low res male versions on the popular Hestabe design slinks in, scooting scross the floor on all fours before rearing to stand human-like. It glances down towards the Event with a sardonic expression then glances about, running a quick query on those about skimming over their public profiles. His icon gives a little sniff in the direction of each person as he does so.

You see before you a member of the Ancient Jedi Order. His robes surround him in earth tones, whereas his tobi jacket and trousers are a muted emerald green color seeming to have been washed by the suns of many worlds. A hooded cloak flutters around him, stirred in some unfelt breeze as the hood casts his eyes into shadow, giving him a mysterious quality. His feet are protected by dark brown, calf high swoop rider boots with nine buckles up the side that matches the gladiator style belt worn at his waste. The only equipment visible on him are a few food tubes and leather pouches at his belt and a strange metal tube with leather wound grips and a flared end. It almost looks like an ancient flashlight.'.

The Jedi Master seems to be viewing news feeds. They roil around him in various windows like force fields in semi-opaque green, blue and red. The Padawan is watching the room itself and notes the dragon that just arrived. "Master?" she whispers, nudging him.

"Yes, Aden?" the Jedi says, not looking over at the girl.

"Master… a dragon just came in." The young girl says, averting her eyes and trying to look inconspicuous.

Green Jedi shrugs faintly. "That happens a lot here." he responds. "Most likely nothing to worry about."

Levon drops down again moving through the crowd at waist level till he reaches one of the cigarrette girls, she extends her little box towards him displaying a menu of BTLs, but he puts a claw flat over the menu closing it and leans forward to whisper in her ear, a quick string of silibent commands, a data fetch that pulls up responses to a query post he left earlier asking after utilities. The cigarette girl shakes her head, then starts prattling off a responses for similar items, with a little growl he dismisses the girl.

The robed figure chuckles. "Microdyne is up by 10… I just made a quarter million." he looks at his padawan, a grin on his face. "I told you."

"You understand these things better than I do master." Aden says, gesturing at one of the holo panels.

Levon trundles across the room stopping to sniff at Aden as he passes, he pauses, looking over at her and sniffs again.

Aden watches the dragon and flinches when he the beast sniffs her.

«OOC» Green Jedi says, "Sensor roll diff 10."
«Auto-Judge[]» Levon (#9144) rolls 3 vs TN 10 for "Polite sniffing.":
1 4 5 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Green Jedi says, "Results inconclusive. @emit pending."

Aden is a young human girl with dusky skin, dark eyes and black hair. Currently it is shaved close to her skull on the sides but a few inches long on top. A foot or so long braid comes from behind her ear and is decorated with various beads and bits of metal. She is wearing a set of sand colored robes and knee high riding boots with a dark brown cloak over that with a deep hood. From her belt hangs a metal tube that resembles a flashlight but is worked in a rather strange stylized fashion with leather and copper and brass in it's making. She has a very quizzical look to her, as if she's interested in almost everything going on around her.

Levon gives a little snort/sneeze like a dog that's trying to clear out after sniffing up dust. He then rears up standing quite tall for a moment, then settles back on his haunches half-sitting and only a bit taller than she. "I like your look, Jedi right?" His wings flap once as he finds his balance then settle behind him. The motion has the two smooth too slow look of a pre-rendered movie clip.

"I am a Jedi in training, " Aden responds. "A Padawan." she eyes your icon for a bit. "My name is Aden. It is a pleasure to make your aquaintence."

Levon nods, his lips pulling back into a wide grin, "Heshallbe, it's a pleasure to make yours." He points at her hair with a flick of his claws, "It was something about the hair right? For Padawans? I watched that movie set in school when we were studying the 20th century."

The Jedi looks over briefly at the action as the Padawan touches the side of her head and then her braid. "It is a Padawan's lock. A symbol of our training. It is cut off and preserved when we have passed the trials and become a full Jedi Knight."

Levon looks over at the Jedi giving a quick sniff in his direction and twisting his sineous neck to the side to inspect both sides of his head looking for the lock. "So…" he says, "You're a Knight then?"

"No." The Green Jedi responds. "I am a Master." he says, and finally looks over at the dragon. "Master Kabo Dysan, at your service." he says.

Levon bobs his head on his long neck, "Heshallbe, at yours." A nano-ticks by and the dragon's eyes flash, a cheap trick common on storebought icons indicating a datafile being pulled, "I think I recognize your handle, we messaged about a programming suite I think."

Green Jedi nods once. "Yes…I was hoping to make a bit of cred off them but there were no takers. Possibly because of the widespread matrix outages…" His shoulders rise and fall once, "if you have need of them, Heshallbe, then you are welcome to them. They are utilities I have no further use for."

The Padawan rises and looks over the icon in wonder.

A dragons face is routinely associated with avarice, so it's no surprise that Levon looks a bit desirous of the offer. "They would be very welcome." His neck twists and he gives another little sniff at the Padawan as she inspects him. Then turns back to the Jedi, "I'll do what I can to repay the favor, soon as I churn out some whiz work, I'll turn you on to it…but right now it's like I'm trying to build the Eifel tower with tinker toys."

Aden flinches when the Dragon suddenly turns towards her. She eeps faintly but composes herself quickly.

"I understand." the Green Jedi says. "I came to this city with a set of stock and wrote most of my own since… but it's hard when you are just starting out." he pulls a small box off of his belt and manipulates the hologram that emits from it for a second. The hologram shows files being transferred and all too quickly it finishes and the hologram closes down. He slides the box across the table to Heshallbe. "There you go. I think you will find it helpful."

Levon sends a quick private message to the Jedi, "Sorry to be forward, but if that's your daughter or something and the Padawan thing is meant to flag her as underage it's not tripping the warning on my system, and the icon set I'm running right now is as vanilla as they come." He multiplexes the message starting the read/write bringing the files down unopened. To be scanned later.

Levon receives a private message back. "Actually.. she's an Agent program." it says.

The dragon blinks rocking back on it's tail and turns to look at Aeden again. It gives another little sniff then leans forward it's tongue flicking out to lick her cheek as he runs a slightly more intense scan. He looks thoughtfully upward as he considers the taste carefully.

The girl eases back. "Um.. Master?" she says, her eyes wide.

"Fear is the path to the dark side, Aden." The Green Jedi responds. "Besides, if it attempts to hurt you, I will destroy it."

«Auto-Judge[]» Levon (#9144) rolls 3 + 3 (pool) vs TN 7 for "Using R3 Utilit (Think I did this right)":
1 2 3 3 5 5 = 0 Successes
«OOC» Green Jedi says, "What utility are you using?"
«OOC» Levon says, "Analyze."
«OOC» Levon says, "Right?"
«OOC» Levon says, "R3 reduced TN 10 to 7?"
«OOC» Green Jedi says, "If you're doing an Analyze Icon I believe it's Sensors + Analyze.. but i'm a bit rusty."
«OOC» Levon will double check later.

Levon chuckles, "Wouldn't have known if you hadn't told me." He comments out of the side of his mouth to the Jedi, then gives a little head-bobbing bow, "It's more of a priveledge and an honor to meet you than an I knew, and sorry about the lick, this thing is preset with it's emoticons."

Levon receives another private messsage, "It's alright.. Some times Aden scares me too."

Levon smiles then opens his mouth wide showing a long row of what look to be razor sharp teeth, "Besides, I'm harmless." He runs the back of his clawed forefoot across his teeth which flex and sproing like rubber foam, "Couldn't do more than give you a viscious nomming."

The girl takes a step back, her hand resting on the metal tube at her belt.

"You are a strange creature, Heshallbe." Aden says, watching you carefully.

Levon laughs, "You try staying sane in an icon rated for children four to six, for the last three weeks the matrix has looked like I've been trapped in Hell's kindergarten." He pats the holocron in his pocket, "If not for the kindness of the Jedi I might have regressed completely."

Green Jedi eyes the dragon. "I could alter your icon if you wish." he says. "You'd need it burned to chip to be permeant of course. But I can change it temporarilly"

"I can understand your frustration. My first icon looked like the mascot for Notre Dam." The Jedi adds. "That stereotype was a bit aggravating."

Levon waves his claw, "Nah, it's not the icon, though getting hacked to dragon kibble for licking a Padawan isn't my idea of fun, it's the UI icons they use as the default. I cracked open the full list my by read file…I have to select my reading glasses, turn on my magic crystal ball for light, and open my magic scrolls. Heaven help me I actually missed the generic pop-overs."

"Most of our utilities manifest as Force based powers. " The Jedi says. "Makes things quite easy. My attack program for example…" he pats the tube at his belt. "Analyze I just close my eyes and feel the Force and so on."

Levon nods, "I'm more a fan of the ultra realistics myself—gun, sin-checker, MAD scanner…though at the moment it's function before form, I can catch up on the fluff once I've got myself running up to par."

Green Jedi says "Bit easier since I have a reality filter. Right now I see you as a Krayt Dragon. The Event Horizon is a star destroyer."

Levon laughs, "Thought they just used those in schools to keep sites clean, they've got themed ones now?"

"Actually these are more for interface homogenation." The Jedi says. "Any system I go to will be mapped onto familiar graphics and interfaces. Makes things significantly faster and easier to use."

Levon bobs his head, "Oh, I can see where it would be useful, just thought they gave up on those kind of filters, what kind of overhead are you seeing from it?"

Green Jedi waves a hand. "There is a system hit. But I'm running a deck fast enough to compensate for it. Overall it balances out but I gain an advantage because of system familiarity."

Levon nods, "Nice. Though if you can excuse me. I'm a bit eager to get out of these scales. I look forward to being able to thank you properly."

"Right." The Jedi says, "As you were then." he looks back to Aden. "Shall we return to business, Aden, if you are quite finished."

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