Conchita: A Dog In Need

GM: Fourth
Players: Conchita
Synopsis: Conchita is hired by K-Do to non-lethally evacuate a squatting shaman.
Date: 06/06/2076

«Plot» Fourth says, "Log started"

«Plot» Fourth says, "Do you consent to general madness, mayhem, exposure to dangerous levels of Shadowrun, and the posting of this log on the wiki once we're done?"

«Plot» Conchita is okay with all setting conform types of dangers, maybem and madness. Just leave out orbital bombings, especially the bovine kind.

The call goes out. Whispers of your work has wiggled its way into the ears of a small-time fixer who goes by the handle 'K-Do,' and he's offering some work. It's evening in Denver, and he wants to meet up at a run-down diner nearing the outskirts of the CAS Sector called "The Fish Bowl."

Conchita wanders to the arranged meet. It has been a while that she had shadow work, so she is curious what this is about. Especially wondering if the fixer was directed to the right runner.

The Fish Bowl isn't a terrible place, as run-down diners go. No visible roaches at the very least, and the waitress who shows Conchita to K-Do's booth hardly smells of booze and smokes at all. The wallpaper is peeling, and there's no light in any of the staffs' eyes, but it could be much worse.

Sprawled out at the booth Conchita is shown to is an ork devouring some scrambled eggs. His dark hair is short but untamed, gold incisors glint as he chews, and he's wearing a synth-leather jacket that has definitely seen better days. He motions for Conchita to take a seat when he notices her.

Conchita takes her seat as offered. The latina has worked with too many meta's by now to be intimidated by an ork. Not to mention that her guards at the kitchen are orks. She smiles then asks, "Well, I assume you are Mr. J for today? I am Squeak, at your service.", introducing herself with her streetname .

The ork snorts. "Jay, that's a good one. Ain't no suit, Squeak. K-Do's the name, fixings the game." K-Do takes the last napkin from the table's battered and rusty napkin holder and wipes his mouth, before pushing away his now empty plate. "Listen, I'm not gonna waste our time with platitudes or a story or any of that drek. I'm fixing to get my hands on some spare parts, and you're who I managed to get a hold of. Time is money, and there's money in this for the both of us if you can take care of something for me in time."

Conchita nods at that, "Well, it depends on what parts you need and where you need them from.", she then says to the ork. "I''m flexible to many kinds of targets, but I am a bit choosey as you might have heard. Especially if I am asked to do a single job."

K-Do waves off Conchita's concerns. "There's an electronics shop that went out of business a couple months back. The property has been picked up by some group, allegedly to bulldoze it and build an Italian restaurant in its place. But for now, it's abandoned but hasn't been emptied out. There's all sortsa scrap and electronics around there that I can make use of, and it'll all go to waste when the dozer comes by tomorrow."

Conchita nods, "Well, chummer, do I look like a moving crew to you? My specialty is grabbing smaller stuff, at best to get the way free, but not dragging a shop or warehouse worth of stuffs…", she then asks a bit puzzled. "Or did I miss something in the setup?", she then inquires.

"I've got a truck that I'll haul the stuff away with, what I need is someone to get in there and secure the place. There's some crazy bum crashing there, practically rabid. I'm a gentle soul, dig? If you can run the guy off, I'll be free to load up the truck."

Conchita ponders that, "Rabid bum, eh?", she wonders. "What kind of bum is a strong and healthy guy like you afraid of I wonder…?", she eyes the man, then shrugs, "Well, and what would be your offer for doing this service for you?", she then adds the most important question in the biz. She certainly is a bit puzzled that she was asked to take care of a bum. But maybe that's due to her being so close to the streets still.

K-Do rolls up the sleeves of his jacket, exposing numerous bruises and welts covering his arms. "The kind of bum that made all the junk around him start whirling about him like some sorta tornado when I got too close." After rolling his sleeves back up, he pulls out a certified credstick and hits the display: 10,000. "Distract the bum, chase him off, pacify him, whatever suits you best. Just don't frag him, 'kay? He may be a dangerous nuisance, but I get the feeling he's not all there, and I don't want his blood on my hands just for some electronics. Hell, getting him out of there might even save him, who knows how he'd react when the dozer shows up tomorrow…"

Conchita nods, "So either magically active or a ghost… Hmmm…. 10K is a bit meager for that, but I'll see what I can do.", she then says. "As you coincidentially happen to be around my line of interest in this. I prefer people to stay not-fragged. If it's a ghost though moving might be a bit difficult… Well, we'll see.", she then says.

«Plot» Fourth says, "If you'd like to try and get more out of it, you can roll Negotiation TN4."

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Negotiation vs TN 4 for "Negotiating, well with her skill?":
3 4 5 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Fourth (#8752) rolls 3 vs TN 4:
1 4 5 = 2 Successes

«OOC» Conchita says, "Usually you roll negotion versus int. But well …. ;)"

«OOC» Fourth says, "I couldn't remember, so just went with Willpower (3) versus a general TN4 and compared it with yours."

«OOC» Conchita nods, "Just saying." ;)

K-Do wrings his hands, but shakes his head. "Ten kay is all I can offer for this, but I'll pay half even if you can't shake the bum because he's a ghost. Time is money, after all." He pulls out a slip of paper and writes something on it, then holds it out to Squeak. "So, interested?"

Conchita nods, "Well, if it's a ghost I'll be baving a harder time is all. Not sure how to get rid of a ghost without eliminating it in some way or the other, though… I'll investigate things… and see what I can come up with. You're ghost will be out there in a few hours, one way or the other.", she then says. "Usually they just have some business left to do in this world. We'll see if I can find out what this ghost forgot to do in life. Where is the place?"

K-Do pushes the paper towards Squeak. "Wrote it down for you, it's only a couple miles from here. Outskirts, hardly any Lone Star down that way. I'll be taking my truck and parking across the street, if you need a ride."

Conchita shakes her head, then replies, "Gimme a hour first. Dealing with a ghost it would be better to do some homework on the place first. Maybe I can find out what made it appear in the first place. Often the events that couse these things make it to the papers. And it might help me to find out how to get rid of it the … easy way."

«OOC» Fourth says, "Just to clarify, there's no confirmation that what's there is in fact a ghost yet."

«OOC» Conchita nods, "She just wants to go the save route."

«OOC» Fourth says, "Gotcha, just wanted to make sure I hadn't miscommunicated."

«OOC» Conchita says, "It's never bad to be prepared. After all. And even just maps might be usefull at times."

The ork nods and calls over the waitress to settle up. Glancing over at Squeak, he says, "My number is on there as well. Stay frosty."

Conchita nods, "As an ice cube.", she then says with a grin and moves out of the place. She moves to a closeby coffin motel, the kind with matrix access and orders a coffin for an hour. Spending the time on matrix research.

«Plot» Conchita would use matrix quick rules here. Just looking for plans of the place and potentially if there where events that might be able to instigate supernatural activity.

«Plot» Fourth says, "Sounds good. Computer.Decking + Hacking Pool, TN 4, Threshold 1"

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 4 + 3 (Math SPU 3) vs TN 4 for "Matrix search":
1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 5 11 = 2 Successes

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Computers + Hacking Pool: 4 + 3 (Math SPU 3) - 2 (Successes) vs TN 4 for "Matrix search (KP:1)":
1 1 1 3 5 5 5 8 10 = 5 Successes

«Plot» Fourth says, "Stand?"

«Plot» Conchita says, "Yep"

«Plot» Fourth says, "Your search easily uncovers the plans for the electronics shop: One story storefront, with a 'warehouse' attached. Warehouse is around the size of a standard garage. In fact, it looks like the place was probably once a house but got converted to a shop at some point. There's a bathroom, the main store itself, another small room, and then the warehouse. The store was in business for ten years, and went out of business due to poor management and location. No signs of any supernatural activity, or really anything out of the ordinary."

Conchita nods to herself as she collects the data. She then moves out to the place, using her bike to get there. Having arrived at the place she calls out for her ally spirit. She ponders the situation, then decides it might be time to test out her latest metamagic achievement. She frees her spirit from her body, leaving it in an out of the way corner. She will be back in a few minutes anyway. Her spirit and herself then moving out to have a look at things from the astral side of things.

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Intelligence for "Astral investigation (looking out for wards, guard spirits first, then checking interior)":
1 1 2 2 3 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Intelligence for "Astral investigation (looking out for wards, guard spirits first, then checking interior) (KP:2)":
2 2 4 4 5 5

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Intelligence for "Astral investigation (looking out for wards, guard spirits first, then checking interior) (KP:4)":
2 4 4 5 5 10

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Intelligence for "Astral investigation (looking out for wards, guard spirits first, then checking interior) Kay the Ally spirit (happens to have the same int)":
1 3 4 5 9 21

There doesn't appear to be an spirits about, but blazing in the center of the store is a strong astral barrier. Feelings of stubborness and territoriality emanate from it, and neither can see inside it.

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Intelligence for "Assensing the barrier to see if she can find out what kind of barrier it is. (Spell, Ward, something else)":
2 2 2 4 4 15

«Plot» Fourth says, "It's a Force 8 ward, circular and about ten meters across."

«OOC» Conchita says, "Sure that it is a ward? Those would need to be rooted to some walls or something… Sounds more like an active magic circle."

«OOC» Fourth says, "It's a Lodge, I just wasn't sure if that's discernable outright."

«OOC» Conchita says, "A lodge certainly would be discenible. Chita might even get a notion as to what totem it is about. An rating 8 lodge would be quite strongly resonate that totem."

«OOC» Conchita says, "Also it would be quite obvious if it was a toxic totem, just in case."

«OOC» Fourth says, "Gotcha"

«Auto-Judge[]» Conchita (#1601) rolls Shamanic Totems BG for "Just for some help":
2 4 5

«Plot» Fourth says, "It's a Force 8 Lodge. It resonates with the urban environment, and sounds like the growls of a territorial Dog."

Conchita sighs, "Oh my… Mouse I guess we have to calm a little doggie.", she mutters to herself, then she heads back to her body. Just a few minutes out there for her frail astral being after all. She leaves Kay to watch the lodge, in case someone or something appears. She then moves out silently, she rarely moves loudly with her traceless walk power, but not in a hiding way. Other maybe than from security, but a building going to be wrecked the other day is probably not too much guarded.

Indeed, the only security in sight is a waste-high metal fence surrounding the store, with a notice of demolition posted on it. The area is deserted, with the exception of a truck across the street from the store. K-Do, presumably.

Conchita nods and simply moves over the fence. She then approaches the area. She even gives a knock to the door. Dog is a bit silly if it sets it's mind to something, but the man should be able to be talked with if done the right way. Or so she thinks. There might be another alternative if that does not work.

The door creaks open, revealing the interior of the abandoned store. Broken electronics, shards of glass, and excessive amounts of dirt litter the floor, with the lodge Conchita had sensed before in the center of the room, and a grimy dwarf sitting cross-legged in the lodge, muttering to himself.

Conchita waves, "Hello there, sir. May I have a word?", she asks the man, slowly moving closer, not making any fast movements. She does not want to excite him after all.

The man, disturbed from his muttering, looks up at the interloper. After a long and weighty silence spent staring at her, he finally speaks. "Fjord." He then resumes his muttering.

Conchitanods, "Well, Fjord. Did you know that the guys owning this place will bulldoze it tomorrow? I think that would hurt your pretty little lodge quite a bit more than it could stand. And I doubt you can play the tricks you played on the orks with the security guys if you mess with the construction workers. You know how these guys are, yes?" She stands beside the lodge not entering, letting the gruffy dwarf do his thing, waiting for his reply.

After another bout of muttering, he looks back up. "Fjord is a good word. You can borrow it. Cows shouldn't sleep here, they belong on farms. Dog is a city Dog, not a farm Dog."

Conchita smiles amusedly, "Is that so? Well, I too dwell in the city. Mouse always tells me it is better to stay out of trouble, though. Especially if the guys with the big guns come. Don't you think it would be more sensible to stay out of harms way and save your place of worship for dog? I doubt dog would require you to settle at a place that means your doom.", she says.

"Doom. Doooooooooooooooooom. Doomdoomdoom." The dwarf experiments with the word, before nodding. "Good word. Fair trade for fjord. You can keep fjord. Dog approves, wants Mouse to help Dog find place where cows don't sleep to settle." The dwarf beams a grin, although the effect is diminished somewhat due to him staring far above her instead of at her.

Conchita nods to the man, "Well, would you mind me helping you to dismantle this? We should treat with the respect it deserves, then would need to do a little walk away. I am quite sure that there are a couple of places I know one of which dog should like." She waits for his allowance to help put the lodge away. Her eyes curiously eyeing the items. Her own lodge is stronger, but then … she has a better hideout too.

The dog shaman nods fervently, and stands up. Taking a piece of metal from the ground, he scratches at the outside boundary of his lodge. By way of explanation, he says to Conchita, "Must let Dog out first. Dog always comes back." After finishing scratching a ceremonial exit from the lodge, the dwarf himself steps out and begins dismantling what's left.

Conchita nods, "Well, sure he does.", she says. "He is a loyal fellow after all, isn't he?", she smiles. "Mouse is not the same, but she usually helps those in need. Which is why she brought me here I guess." She smiles as she helps the man put his lodge apart and pack it away. "Probably will take a bit to re-erect it at a new place.", she mutters. "You have a strong place for dog here.", she says. "He sure is proud for you." She then starts to lead him out of the warehouse, assuming he follows her.

The dwarf shaman totters after Conchita, happily babbling about Dog as he follows along. With the lodge dismantled, the store has lost the emotional resonance it had before. It's just an empty store now, set to be dozed tomorrow. Dog will come back though, wherever the shaman settles next. Dog always does.

Conchita gives a sneaky wave to K-Do as she leaves the place with the old shaman, she praises the old man for looking for a better place as she leads him deeper into the Warrens, looking out with him for a new place for the old mans lodge. She is out here to help people after all.

«OOC» Fourth says, "Hrm, not sure where to take it from here. We can keep going and play out the resettling of the shaman, or we can cut to Conchita and K-Do meeting back up, whatever you'd like."

«OOC» Conchita says, "No, I guess we can FTB here about the shaman. I need to head out soon anyway."

«OOC» Fourth nods.

After she found a place for the old man she moves away and calls K-Do, "Well, things are taken care of. Where do we meet for the rest of my payment?", she asks the man.

"The Fish Bowl, see you in a few." K-Do apparently is a regular at the diner, which is open twenty-four seven.

Conchita nods, "Okay. I will be there in a few.", she says, then the line is disconnected. She mounts her bike and heads out to the diner. She smiles at the waitress, then moves to the booth she met K-Do earlier, assuming that he probably has a preferred booth.

After a few minutes, K-Do walks in smiling and slides into the booth. "Smooth work, Squeak. I managed to get everything worth getting outta there, and it looks like you managed to take care of your end nice and peacefully. Tomorrow that place'll be history, and you and I've made a profit with nobody else the wiser." The ork slides over the certified credstick to Conchita, making sure the display is showing so she knows it's the amount he promised.

Conchita shrugs, "You know what…", she mutters, "Keep the money. Let's consider it the begin of more business in the future.", she then says. "Guess you know a bit better how thorough I work now.", she then says with a wink, before moving out of the place.

«Plot» Conchita proposes to get the two guys as contacts. 10K cash is 20K gear reward which should be enough for two level 1 contacts. ;)

«Plot» Conchita says, "We can assume she helped Mr. Shaman with more than just words."

The ork looks surprised by the development, but nods as he grins at Conchita. "You're at the top of my list next time I need work, Squeak. It's been a pleasure."

«Plot» Fourth says, "Yupyup, sounds good."

«Plot» Fourth says, "Alright, unless there's anything else will end the log now."

«OOC» Conchita is good.

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