A Conventional Run

GM: Walker
Players: Lioness, Merek, Walker
Synopsis: The team are dispatched as counter-intelligence operatives to a NAN convention. Things almost go off the rails but are finally hauled back on track.
Date: May 31st - June 1st 2079

The call has gone out: Walker has a paying job lined up and interested parties are to meet at Chrome!. The elf lurks in one of the booths in the back, somehow contriving to be all by his lonesome.

Lioness seems to be a bit surprised about the Chrome! as a meet for a run. Still, she knows the place, so there is some security in the setup, as she is more likely to notice unusual things. Assuming that this is just the meet, she dresses in her Sleeping Tiger outfit with forearm guards, as it would fit both the place and some security neccessities. Arriving a little bit early at the club she will use the opportunity to have a look around before joining the meet.

Merek has put on his usual attire for all this, which means he has on his secure jacket as well as his shemagh, while he makes his way into the place to look around, a bit after Elisa, as he makes his way to where the meet will begin to wait there with a white russian he drinks from also.

Chrome! looks as Chrome! always looks, although after the madness of Hawaiian week things seem almost muted by comparison with the new 1980s theme. Neon and big hair is very much in evidence but without the sand on the floor and the limbo contests it just can't quite compare.

As the pair approach the booth where Walker waits, the elf notices them and makes the briefest of eye contact with each of them and inclines his head in silent acknowledgement.

Lioness is far from her usual playful self as she is in work mode now. Sure, she looks as odd to her surrounding as ever, not hiding her quite alien looks. And her clothes are not in the least less revealing. The difference is her behaviour which is more somber than when she is out having fun, making her look more the predator she emulates so well. Also making the club revellers keeping a distance to her. The leonine elf, finally joins the elf mage in that booth, sitting down with a greeting, "Hoi Walker. You where speaking of some work? Paid work at that."

Merek is already settling into his seat when the leonine elf comes to settle in also, and he nods a bit to her. He has been on work with her before, while he looks to Walker, listening. He isn't talking a lot, here to listen, as the woman asks questions, while he considers.

Reaching into the satchel at his side in silence, the click of a switch can be heard, followed by the hiss of a white noise generator. Walker relaxes a little in his chair. "A friend of a friend has been in touch asking for some quiet help," Walker explains, "There's some kind of big tribal get-together going on amongst the NAN folks, and Denver got picked as the venue. Our client is one of the attendees and has strong suspicions that members of the SSC delegation are collaborating with some element of the Tsimshian."

He glances to the others to make sure they're keeping up, "We have to find out if they are and get him some proof. How we do that is up to us, but must be non-lethal, and should ideally not raise suspicions."

He opens his hands, "Questions?"

Lioness ponders the mans words before she starts to ask, "Well … I am not too familiar with the NAN. Obviously I am quite new in these parts. What is so bad if these guys cooperate? And what kind of cooperation would be bad? Also … what do we know about these SSC delegates?", she then asks back. "As the first step should be to find out if there is a way for one of them to be … cooperative."

Merek listens to the conversation, and seems content to let Elisa ask all the questions, while he takes a moment to sip from the drink of his while he waits also.

Walker drums his fingers on the table at Lioness' question, "Short version? Tsimshian is effectively a Mitsuhama subsidiary, and under-the-table collaboration like this is similar to treason in practical terms: selling out the rest of the NAN to the corps. Tribal politics are tricky at the best of times, and leverage from a megacorp is likely to end bad for everyone apart from MCT."

"As for the delegates?" Walker shrugs, "I have names, images and where they are staying while they're in town. Getting one of them to cooperate is fine in theory, but remember it's preferred if they aren't aware they've been compromised, so that approach would be higher risk in that respect."

Lioness shrugs, "Well, there is basically two ways to do this. One more … indirect and one really direct. The direct route would be to break into their living areas and look for some proof, one way or the other. The other would be to find out if they have a weakness that could be exploites in a indirect way, like an overly strong liking to girls maybe… I know I have been used for that kind of … espionage in the past. Though truth be told, that was under the influence of personafix chips. It might be more difficult if I have to do it without that, or not. Hard to say without having tried."

"Well, I've managed stuff like this before, the best idea is to do it a bit more quiet, unless we have to use other methods…" Merek muses on this, while he nods a bit, "I can use my contacts to gain extra information if we want to use such also," he says.

Walker gives Lioness a long look, "I think we can put the honey trap idea on hold then, since carving them into an attractive carving is definitely not in the brief. Quiet suits me very well, the only thing I'll put on the table is if we could get one in a room I could probably straight up make them tell us what we want to know, but we'd have to get them blind drunk so they'd forget it and even then it's pretty out there."

He reaches into the satchel again and hands a tablet to Lioness. "Profiles are on there if you guys want to check them out."

There are rumors floating around about MCT attempting to leverage their effective control over Tsimshian to open up more NAN lands for exploitation, but there are always rumors about megacorps trying to exploit the Awakened areas of the world…

You paged Lioness with 'Lioness has heard a few more whispers though, which support the idea of the SSC as Mitsuhama's natural target. There are suggestions that some of the delegation might even be MCT security.'.

You paged Merek with 'After a little roundabout attempt at contact you manage to get hold of Fujima. He seems a little perturbed by the question, but replies that yes, he has heard rumors of an attempt by MCT to expand their North American operations, and would expect bribery of selected officials to be an obvious method to choose.'.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Intelligence for "Okay… looks like we have to browse the profiles for useful information":
3 4 4 5 5

The people in the profiles, Cindy Lamanna, Carlos Botella and Darian Xing are not especially exciting individuals: all have good educations, with Darian being the outlier who was educated in Japan prior to the MCT 'takeover' while the others are Tsimshian natives. As might be expected of diplomats, they're all fairly conventionally attractive, and the news footage in the attachments demonstrate that they've learned to bullshit with the best of them during their careers as spokespersons or diplomats.

Lioness goes through the information provided on that tablet. As she reads through the information she ponders, "Hmmm… interesting. This fits a bit with the rumors I have heard that MCT has had some of their people intermingling with Tsimshian diplomats. "Hmmm… it looks like this guy, Darian Xing has the highest chance of being our … MCT mole. I might be wrong, but I would assume that it is no coincidence that he was at MCT before the 'merger' with Tsimshian."

«Plot» Walker says, "Yup. The SSC delegation is much larger, as it includes members from all of the tribes that comprise it, and who might be working against them is an unknown."

Merek lifts up his PocSec, while he does a bit of exchanging information, then he nods a bit as he speaks, after looking then to the leonine elf while he consides, "There's possibly more than only the one, they probably selected officials that were most likely to be easy to persuade."

Walker nods, "That seems possible. I had a chance to do a bit more background digging on the Tsimshian delegates. Cindy has spent the last few years working as a low-level exec for a MCT mining subsidiary, which included a lot of trips to Japan. Carlos I couldn't find much on: seems like he's the junior of the three, all I could dig up was a pretty straightforward poli-sci major who switched into corporate PR when he got the chance." He grimaces slightly, "He's almost too clean."

Lioness frowns, "Well … there is three guys. I assume it would be better if I did some masking for interaction with them. A lion girl is a bit too easily remembered. Otherwise I would say each of us is looking into one of them. I assume we are under a certain timeframe to do things?"

"I will look into Cindy if possible, I think we can manage this if we play it all right," Merek explains, while he looks to the leonine woman, "I've dealt with the NAN before, good friends of mine in them, I think that a bit of work might assist us."

Walker waves a hand, "Diplomacy is a slow game, relatively speaking. The conference lasts for the next two weeks, but the sooner we can get results the better, obviously. Disguises are definitely a good idea, yes. Remember we need to figure out who in the SSC is working with them, if anyone. It doesn't especially matter which one - if any - is an MCT sleeper."

«Plot» Walker says, "OK team, what you want do in action terms? Walker will help out where he can, but is obviously in the back seat since I'm GMing. :P"
«OOC» Walker says, "Also I will have to hit the hay soon, up early again tomorrow but then things are calmer over weekend."
«Plot» Merek says, "Merek will probably case the place astrally before anything see what security it has."
«OOC» Lioness nods, "Well … I would say the idea would be that each of them tails one of the MCT guys to find out who might meet up with one of the SSC guys. They would need to have a secret discussion after all."
«Plot» Walker says, "Sounds sensible to me. Merek, are you wanting to check the security on their hotel?"
«Plot» Merek says, "Ya."

You paged Merek with 'A quick jaunt over to the hotel, which is a fairly up-marketish affair in the FTZ, reveals the entire building is covered in a ward. Not an especially powerful one, but enough to deter casual intrusion.'.

«Plot» Merek says, "Merek comes back to inform lioness the whole place is warded."

«Plot» Walker says, "All right then. We can cut to the hotel exterior (or other appropriate stakeout) after we've done any prep work you guys want to do."
«Plot» Lioness wants to mask herself, using her disguise kit and her polymimetic mask
«Plot» Walker says, "Roll it! Walker would be happy to chip in materials cost to have a mask too if possible!"

Exterior: downtown Denver, the Jacquard, central Denver FTZ. In the early hours of the morning the team converges on the hotel in various states of disguise, Walker with a spirit freely orbiting in the astral above the buildings. The delegation are scheduled to depart for the nearby convention centre at 0800. In the pre-dawn light the streets are fairly quiet save for the occasional extra-keen wage slave or various city utility drones.

Lioness keeps herself in the shadows as much as possible. Prefering not to be seen, the disguise just for keeping her less conspicious should anyone really get a look at her. She is still not sneaking around like in a silly trid movie, but simply moving in a way that would keep her out of her potential 'victims' sight. She had decided on trying to follow the Xiang guy if he showed his nose. Leaving the other to her fellow runners.

Merek makes his way with lioness, doing his best to keep away from being noticed, not minding much of the night of the streets while he does so, dragon-like eyes watching while he waits also.

At 0800 on the dot, the three Tsimshian reps exit the hotel and begin making their way on foot to the convention centre across the plaza. They chatter with one another as they go, apparently unconcerned with the waking city around them as they line up their plans for the day. As they approach the building, their conversation ceases as they work their way through security.

Walker's voice comes through over the team's comms, «We can get in the side entrance, our client has organised for us to be cleared as 'troubleshooters' for the convention.» The shaman grins a little to himself.

Lioness nods and follows the target she has on her list, trying to stay looking like an innocent visitor of the convention center. She was looking dutifully at exponates, reading tables with various contents concerning the NAN meeting and other important happenings in there. At least it seemed like she did. In truth she kept her target in her sights.

Merek makes his way to follow his target, while he keeps his paws to his pockets as he watches, looking to take in the night while he moves with amazing stealth also.

«Plot» Walker says, "I believe Merek was after Cindy, Lioness after Darian, which leaves Walker with Carlos…"
«OOC» Lioness nods

With the team fast tracked through the staff entrance, they pick up their marks on the other side of the checkpoint. After a brief exchange of words the three reps split up and start shmoozing the crowd. After a little over half an hour, Walker's voice pipes in over the comm again, «Either Carlos is the best spy in the world, or just the most boring rep ever. He's been talking to the same Ute elder for the last twenty minutes. Don't think he's our guy.»

The other reps however, try their best to vanish into the crowd, Cindy through a press of other diplomats while Darian practically vanishes through a staff door off the convention floor. Lioness only manages to trace her mark thanks to picking up his scent, which leads her into the buildings service corridors, while Merek also just manages to keep track of Cindy through the press. She then heads towards one of the elevators to the building's upper levels.

Commlink-Lioness> Lioness follows Darian in a way he probably didn't expect, after all who expects to be sniffed out, well, sometimes it has advantages to be a feline. « Darian is quite suspicious. It seems he is trying to shake potential followers. I barely kept on him thanks to his after shave. I am still on him. »

«Plot» Walker says, "Lioness give me a regular Intelligence test please."
«Plot» Walker says, "TN 6"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Intelligence:
1 3 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Intelligence for "(KP:3)":
1 3 4 4 7
«Plot» Lioness says, "That's it no KP left"

You paged Lioness with 'After following Darian for about 15 minutes, you realise that he has circled back on himself at least twice, stopping in what turn out to be cleaning closets a few times before finally heading back onto the main conference floor.'.

«Same.» Merek explains, while he makes his way to follow, and to try and find which way and floor she's making her way to, and will follow with another place to make his way up also.

You paged Merek with 'You want to take the elevator or the stairs?'.
You paged Merek with 'Or a 3rd option if you can think of one?'.
Merek pages: Elevator.
Merek pages: Anything else would be suspicious and too slow.

As Merek watches the elevator controls, it stops at floors 2,4 and 5 (the top) before heading back towards the foyer with no sign of Cindy inside.

«Copy that,» Walker sends, «I'll keep an eye on Carlos for a little longer, but let me know if we're making a move and I'll peel off and assist.»

Lioness furrows her forehead as she finally follows Darian back to the main conference floor. « Darian is back on the main floor. Odd… he could have gone here easier. Maybe he just wanted to make sure no one is following him. I hope he didn't notice me. Still on him. »

Darian flits between various factions on the conference floor, not spending too long with any particular delegates. While Lioness follows, he has brief exchanges with reps from the local Denver area, some Algonkian Manitou types, a PCC delegate and a few SSC personnel.

Lioness notes the SSC personel Darian speaks with, primarily by checking on the obligatory name tags that are usual on such meetings.

«Plot» Walker says, "You get a list of names, and you can try perception with the selective sound filter to see if you can pick out the topics of discussion if you like."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Intelligence + 3 (sound filter) for "Listening in (not very nice I know, but then Lioness is not really nice)":
1 1 3 3 5 5 5 5

You paged Lioness with 'You manage to pick out some bits and pieces, though it's difficult from a distance and through the hubbub. What you catch sounds mostly like exchanged pleasantries, expressions of hope that past events can be put behind them, mild hints at corporate money benefitting both nations. The SSC folks seem pretty unimpressed.'.

Commlink-Lioness> Lioness frowns, « Some contacts, but so far nothing really suspicious. »

Merek makes his way up in the elevator, while he takes a moment to place his PocSec in his pocket while it keeps recording, then he shifts his gloves while he waits for the next floor. When he makes his way there, he walks from it to see if she's on her way, or if she knew he was coming and was prepared.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 1 (to no one) for "Where'd she go?":

«Plot» Walker says, "Merek, which floor are you headed to: 2, 4 or 5? Or going in sequence and checking for signs of her?"
«OOC» Merek says, "Sequence."

You paged Merek with 'There is no sign of Cindy on any floor. Floors 2 and 4 open onto spaciousareas with fancy-looking sealed meeting rooms, while 5 opens staight onto a roof terrace.
Merek pages: Ok, he will roll to observe ambience to see if someone came through on any of them, like, does it look like anything was recently stepped upon.
You paged Merek with 'Sure thing.'.

You paged Merek with 'You do spot, on a closer inspection on your way down, that one of the meeting rooms on the 4th floor is currently in use (the little red LED on the door controls, indicating a lock). Apart from that and the occasional conference staffer, the upper floors are extremely quiet.'.

Merek pages: Going to attempt to open the door.

You paged Merek with 'With the access card we got to get in the convention? Or have you got an electronics kit with you?'.

Merek pages: Card sure.

You paged Merek with 'Make me a perception test please.'.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Merek (#12895) rolls Intelligence:
3 3 3 4 5 5
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Merek (#12895) rolls Intelligence for "KP 5/17":
2 3 4 5 5 10
Merek pages: Stand.

You paged Merek with 'The lock beeps rather loudly when you scan your card, and you quickly hear footsteps on the other side of the door.'.

Darian keeps trying with the SSC staff for a little longer, before peeling off and heading over to Carlos and the Ute reps the younger man has been talking with at length.

«Merek? You still have Cindy?» Walker sends, «Things are looking pretty silent down here.»

«Ya, about that, I can't talk.» Merek explains, then he shifts the comlink to quiet, while he takes a moment to knock on the meeting door. You know, this is the polite way to manage it also.

The meeting room door opens slightly to reveal Cindy's quite beautiful face, set in an annoyed scowl. Seeing Merek, she gives him a quick glance up and down, "Yes? I'm busy setting up the room for a presentation later on. I asked very specifically not to be disturbed." She glares at him expectantly.

"I don't have the time for trivial things such as that," Merek mentions, while he waves a hand, "I have come to speak with you… About a matter of importance. I have heard about corporate interest in NAN, are you aware of this?" the male asks.

Keeping his poker face fixed in place in the conference hall, Walker mutters in response, «The fuck you mean you can't talk?!?»

He scans the crowd for Lioness, «You around Elisa? Thoughts?»

Cindy looks puzzled, then just a little irritated, "Trivial, huh? Look buddy, I don't care what 'matters of importance'", she mimics Merek's voice passably well, "You're talking about but I've got a job to do here, so if you'll excuse me." She pushes the door closed.

Commlink-Lioness> Lioness frowns, « Still here, but I have no idea, with not having told us where the other is I think all we can do is wait for what he achieved and watch the other ambassadors. Not that I think we will get a lot. »

"Ah, before you do that, I'd very much like to speak with you, you might not think it as important, but I do," Merek explains while he sighs a bit, then he decides to take another path with gaining knowledge, "Well," his husky drawl considers, as he makes his way back from the door, and he seems
to consider… He's thinking to him self.

«OOC» Walker says, "Do you want to follow up your last pose based on that, or were you dangling things to see if they caught her interest?"
«OOC» Merek says, "Well she didn't react to anything, he was expecting him mentioning corporate interest in NAN to at least get her to look."
«OOC» Merek says, "he will likely sneak to the meeting room next to this one."

As Merek continues to talk, the door clicks shut with the last sight of Cindy shaking her head in vaguely amused bewilderment.

The passcard opens the next meeting room with no issue and Merek is treated to a view of a pristine executive meeting room complete with round table, comfy chairs and plenty of refreshments on a trolley.

Lioness frowns keeping a look out to anything unusual around her. She has no idea where Merek is, but she at least tries to keep her aum in sight. For now.

You paged Lioness with 'A minor commotion by the entrance draws your attention, and your enhanced ears can pick out a slightly charged exchange between a couple of large humans in black suits and the conference centre security, who seem to be checking through the attendee lists to see if the two guys' IDs check out. You can see Walker looking curiously in the same direction.'.

«Apologies, I think I was made, had a talk with her, I'm next to her meeting place.» Merek says, while he seems to think a moment and sighs, «I think the best I can do is talk to her, likely, at this point. Probably knows what I know so if she is part of this, anything else will make her more suspicious, if she's not, then well, same thing. I can pass that off as me just being an enthusiastic NAN supporter. Please advise.»

«You /talked/ to her?» Walker just manages to keep his voice to a low whisper, «Frag it, doesn't matter. Where are the pair of you?»

«Meeting room, in the building, next to her meeting room,» Merek says.

Commlink-Lioness> Lioness ponders, then sends, « Should one of us examine this commotion at the entrance closer? I am close to you Walker. »

«Yeah, I don't like the look of whatever it is,» the shaman replies before beginning to move around the hall towards the entrance, «You staying on our guys or shall we all converge upstairs?»

In response to Merek he sends, «You know which room they're using for their meet? Or is she just trying to give you the slip?»

«Well, I am pretty sure she was trying to keep from notice, all that said, it looks like the meeting room she's at she plans to be in for a while, locked down even to the cards for her own use.» Merek says.

Commlink-Lioness> Lioness shrugs, « I think I will get up to Merek. If she is really meeting with someone there my senses might be better to get something up there… »

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls Stealth for "Walker trying to be inconspicuous.":
2 4 17

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 6 vs TN 17 (to no one) for "Guards etc. trying to notice Walker.":
1 1 1 2 2 3 = 0 Successes

«Copy that. Going quiet for a bit while I check this out.» As she heads for the lifts, Lioness just catches Walker barely avoid another conference security guard who barrels out of an office towards the entrance holding a tablet. With the staff and the two potential intruders distracted the shaman manages to slide right by and overhears just enough to provide some information.

«Guys at the door weren't on the paper lists, but dude just ran out of the office with his tablet that had their names on it. Really not diggin' this,» he sends.

Commlink-Lioness> Lioness nods, « Stay on them I would say… I am on my way to Merek. » She follows her own order and moves up the stairs towards where Merek indicated he would be.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence + Astral Pool: 1 for "Walker assenses the two guys.":
1 2 3 4 9 10 11
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls Aura Reading vs TN 4 for "Comp skill":
1 2 4 9 = 2 Successes

«Plot» Merek says, "anything in the meeting room?"
«Plot» Walker says, "Make me a perception test (audio), and if you want to do anything else let me know."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Merek (#12895) rolls Intelligence:
1 3 3 4 7 9
«Plot» Merek says, "Stand."

In Merek's comfy hiding spot, he can faintly hear the sounds of movement from the next room, but nothing especially remarkable. Aside from the enfolding drama on the other end of the commlink, the meeting area is as quiet as the grave.

«Plot» Lioness says, "Tell me if I arrive. I will not pose moving around multiple times. ;)"

«Drek. Those two are past security and are heading straight for the elevators,» Walker's voice comes through again, «I won't be able to tail 'em in there but these guys are cybered up: security types. I think you spooked her and she called in backup or something: everyone was supposed to be downstairs this morning…»

Lioness meanwhile, arrives on the same floor as Merek and Cindy, finding the area still pristine. Merek's scent can be detected heading to a meeting room down the hall with the door slightly ajar. The other doors are all firmly locked.

Lioness groans softly, then moves to meet with Merek in his 'hiding place', all her senses straining to gather information.

«Plot» Walker says, "Can throw out a perception test if you want lioness?"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Intelligence + 3 (selective sound filter) for "Listening":
1 1 2 3 3 3 4 8
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Intelligence for "Having a look around before entering":
1 2 3 3 9

You paged Lioness with 'You can barely hear anything from inside the meeting room adjacent to Merek's, which you note is the only one you can see that has the telltale red light indicating a locked door.'.
Lioness pages: Does it sound like there is something like a white noise generator active?
You paged Lioness with 'Nope, just silence.'.

Lioness whispers, "Pretty well shielded or … nothing happening…"

«Plot» Walker says, "Just as a reminder, the objective is to ID who these folks are meeting with. You do not necessarily need to get inside the room to do that. Also, you notice the light on the elevator blink on, indicating it is headed for your floor…"

Lioness finally hears something that might be of interest. She looks out through the gap in the door to see who is approaching.

Merek looks at the place, then he seems to content with his look, before he moves to look from the door with Lioness as well to see things as well.

The elevator opens to reveal the two goons from the entrance hall, accompanied by a slightly worried looking conference security guard. In silence, the two suits draw heavy pistols from inside their jackets and begin professionally moving down the hall in a sweeping pattern, clearing each meeting room in turn as they do so. The other guard draws his own taser and moves as if to cover them.

«Heading up the stairs now,» Walker's voice comes over the commlink, «I think they ended up on your floor.»

«Plot» Walker says, "There are two meeting rooms they need to clear before reaching you two."
«Plot» Lioness will try to use her gymnast skills to jump up and hide on the top of the door. What TN would that be?
«Plot» Walker says, "Let's say 8."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Athletics (Gymnastics) vs TN 8 for "Moving up":
1 1 1 2 2 4 = 0 Successes
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Athletics (Gymnastics) vs TN 8 for "Moving up (KP:1)":
1 1 2 4 5 20 = 1 Success

«OOC» Lioness says, "She would have balance augmenter and balance tail to stay up there. Want me to roll it?"
«OOC» Walker says, "I doubt she's gonna fail with those augs, so we'll hand-wave that. Go ahead and pose it."

Lioness acts impulsively. She knows she is good at athletic things and simply moves up the door, the handle used as step, though the door barely is moved by this. Then she is up, balancing on the small rim that is the door frame, pressing herself against the ceiling for stability.

«OOC» Merek says, "… I am going to grow Merek some wings."
«OOC» Merek says, "Dragon wings."

«OOC» Merek says, "how tall is the room."
«OOC» Merek says, "and how wide"
«Plot» Walker says, "Regular-ish meeting room, say 3 metres tall, 5x10 m."
«Plot» Walker says, "That is, 5 wide, 10 long. Imagine a big boardroom."
«Plot» Walker says, "There are windows too, which may inform your thinking…"
«OOC» Merek says, "Ok, sweet."
«OOC» Merek says, "posing my setup"
«OOC» Merek says, "For when those guys come in."
«Plot» Merek says, "Is there a roll to look like he belongs here?"
«Plot» Merek says, "… Well I mean, to look like he's awaiting them coming."
«Plot» Walker says, "I mean, you can stand in plain view facing the door when the men with guns enter if you wish… I dunno if there's a roll for that though, what's your intent here?"
«Plot» Merek says, "Obviously to play Don't Deal With A Dragon, Idiot Runner Ideas 2.0"
«Plot» Walker says, "Negotiation (Con) is the closest I can think of, or Intimidation perhaps, depending on how you want to go about it…"

Merek looks up to the lioness for a moment, then he nods a bit. He makes his way to where the windows are, then he shifts his attire to make space, while he begins to call upon his magic. He weaves, then he speaks a language which is ancient, then wings begin to come from his back, dragon wings black and beautiful with the scales with silver between each shift. He then shifts his attention to the entry way, while he crosses his arms a bit. Also, at least there's an escape if he needs to away into the night also.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Merek (#12895) rolls Negotiation:
1 3 4 5 7
«Plot» Merek says, "Acceptable roll."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 10 vs TN 6 (to no one) for "Do they hear Merek speaking to cast?":
1 1 1 1 2 3 3 4 5 14 = 1 Success

Note: This was to determine if the goons are 'ambushed' by Merek and Lioness. They have Intelligence 4, and 2 extra people give 2 extra dice I believe. Success means they are not at a disadvantage compared to the 'runners.

The door is pushed open suddenly, revealing the two goons flanking the doorway, pistols drawn, with the security guard hiding behind a plant pot further down the hall. Time seems to stand still for a moment…

«Plot» Walker says, "Merek, roll for surprise please."
«Plot» Walker says, "Actually, everybody"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Reaction vs TN 4 for "Surprise":
2 2 3 3 4 5 10 = 3 Successes

«Plot» Merek says, "What's TN?"
«Plot» Walker says, "4"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Merek (#12895) rolls Reaction vs TN 4:
4 4 4 7 8 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 8 vs TN 4 for "Goon 1":
1 2 2 3 3 4 4 11 = 3 Successes
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 8 vs TN 4 for "Goon 2":
1 2 3 4 5 8 10 11 = 5 Successes
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 4 vs TN 4 for "Guard":
4 4 7 16 = 4 Successes

«Plot» Walker says, "OK, so interesting Mexican stand-off here… Lioness is effectively hidden where she is, but cannot act against the goons yet. Merek can act against goon 2 and the guard, but not against goon 1, and nobody can straight up shoot Merek, roll inits please. XD"

The two goons, apparently surprised to find a man with draconic wings standing in the room, fall
back behind the doors to the room while training their guns on Merek.

«Plot» Walker says, "Lioness' action."
«Plot» Lioness says, "I cannot take action against them?"
«Plot» Walker says, "They all got 3 or more successes, as did you, so not on this pass, no."
«Plot» Walker says, "Not directly affect them at least. Slamming the doors, aiming etc. are all good."
«Plot» Lioness says, "Holding action then, until one of them gets more accessible or they start to shoot. Will slam the door at the worst possible moment, then."
«OOC» Walker noddles, pose if you want, otherwise Merek's action!

Lioness stands up there, but is aware that she is not in a too well position to do anything, besides… she still is a bit confused how all this went. She still is a bit inexperienced in combat situations and thereby simply stays up there waiting. Hoping that slamming the door at the right time or jumping a guy that shows himself will help. Truth is, she is not sure she finds Mereks strange confrontational action too clever…

«Plot» Merek says, "Stunbolt security guy"
«Plot» Walker says, "As in, the conference security staffer? As opposed to the black-suited goons?"
«Plot» Merek says, "… A black-suited goon then."
«Plot» Walker nods, "Okay, TN for the spell is 5 including a +2 cover mod."
«Plot» Walker says, "I am presuming the Wings spell is dropping first, for the record?"
«Plot» Merek says, "Yup!"

Merek looks to the ones that come into the place, then he makes a motion as those wings then shift away into mana, while he takes a moment to shift his palm to make gestures also, chanting while he focuses his energies. The mana waves about and it shifts through in Astral as a wave upon the man that simply takes the energy within as he is taken to the floor also as well.

The conference security guard, seeing one of the two goons collapse like a light after being startled by finding a dragon-winged man in the room, dives for what cover he can find behind a nearby bench. He peeks out from behind it, trying to draw a bead on Merek. through the doors.

«Plot» Walker says, "Lioness, if you want to slam the door now, you'll get your action next pass as normal, or you can wait and interrupt the goon, but not get the normal action, if you'd prefer?"
«Plot» Lioness says, "No, slamming it is."
«Plot» Walker says, "Slam at the end of pass 1 you mean?"
«OOC» Lioness ponders…
«Plot» Lioness says, "Will do a silly move. She will make a swing through the door, slamming it closed behind her, trying to roll into cover behind the goons. Getting them flanked between her and Merek."

Lioness makes her move now, before the guys can shoot at Merek, leaning low, her strong fingers grab into the door frame as she swings down, gravity being a strong pulling force that makes her accelerate quite fast. As her augments and her training tell her she is on the right trajectory, she releases the doorframe and grabs the door handle, her weight slams the door shut behind her as she lands with the grace of a cat, one rolling motion bringing her back to her legs and then she disappears behind the pillar closeby, thinking ferrocrete a better protection than fragile furniture.

«Plot» Walker says, "Second pass, remaining goon then Lioness."

Seemingly at least a little surprised by the force of the resistance and the woman careening past his head, the remaining heavy nevertheless reacts calmly, moving away from Lioness and behind a pillar to the side of the door as he draws a bead on her before loosing a single, carefully aimed shot.

Lioness notes the guy triggering in her direction, but she is lithe in her movements, moving quickly the augmented (if disguised) leonine elf dodges the bullet comming her way, a taunting laugh given to her challenger.

«Plot» Lioness says, "How far away is he?"
«Plot» Walker says, "Not very far… say 4 metres."
«Plot» Lioness says, "Will run over to him and try to knock him out with her pentjak silat skill, she is refraining from using her best weapon the razors, for obvious reasons of avoiding to spill blood."

«OOC» Walker says, "Cool, roll it! Any maneuvers etc.?"
«Plot» Lioness says, "Close combat"
«Plot» Lioness says, "But I doubt she needs to use that."
«Plot» Walker says, "Not really, no."
«Plot» Lioness says, "So it's a pure and simple run over and knock out (if it works)."
«Plot» Walker says, "Just roll against TN4 then."

«Plot» Walker says, "Go ahead and pose the gentle beating while I figure out what the hell he's going to do…"

Lioness is going by the prerogative that the best defense is being unpredictable and on the offense. Having been shot at is something she don't likes, so the man shooting gets a lesson in predatory tactics. Suddenly faced with the quite angry elf (in human guise) he is pressed by her into the defensive. The man being a surprisingly good fighter he almost neutralizes her attack fully. Almost. He will still have some bruises to tell the story.

«OOC» Lioness says, "Yeah… she is a bit close for a gun now. ;)"
«Plot» Walker says, "Oh wait… that adjusts his initiative due to wounds, which I think means he looses the action on phase 1."
«OOC» Lioness says, "What did he have?"
«OOC» Walker says, "Was going to act on 1."
«OOC» Lioness says, "Nah… no longer. ;)"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 1 for "On a 4+, Walker finishes sprinting up the stairs!":

«Plot» Walker says, "No Walker this turn, so roll inits again please."

«Plot» Walker says, "OK, so Lioness, then Walker shows up, then goon (if conscious) then Merek, then guard."
«Plot» Lioness does a dual handed attack on the goon now, kinda full attack. As she is not wielding weapons, I guess I am not getting offhand penalties for that with my ambi
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) has the Active Skill Ambidexterity with the value '4'.

Lioness is a kitten in a tight corner, this guy has a gun and this close he can barely miss her. So, following her mantra she explodes into a furious flurry of hits and slaps, living the lessons she had learned in her youth. Slap, slap, kick, elbow thrust and the guys eyes go blank, before he slides down towards the floor, his nose bleeding.

«OOC» Walker says, "Moving along: Walker's action…"

The stairwell door slams open to reveal a slightly out of breath Walker, who takes the scene in with a quick glance before staring at the remaining guard. Light pours from the shaman's eyes as his features take on an unnatural cast. The guard stands up from behind the bench and drops his taser.

«I've got him,» Walker's voice comes over the commlink, slightly distorted, «Everyone OK? We should clear out and figure what to do.»

Lioness is almost half the way accross to the last remaining guard before she realizes the odd state of the man, him being strangely relaxed and dropping his taser. Then she takes in the words comming over commlink, « Roger. All targets eliminated. No damage on our side. » Having the time now she moves back to the man she knocked out and carries him into that office where Merek is probably still waiting for the things to happen.

Merek makes his way from the meeting room, then he looks to Walker and next to the guard, while he lifts his brow. He doesn't comment, but he seems to have something upon his mind. He nods a bit to the others also, "Should probably put the people in the meeting room," he says.

«Good,» Walker responds to Lioness tonelessly. Ignoring the look from Merek, Walker shakes his head. «The one /next/ to our target?» he asks in disbelief, «Get them in the lift, we'll take 'em to a different floor.»

Lioness just shrugs, then nods and carries the guy towards the lift, leaving it to Merek to deal with the man he stunned out. She just makes sure that the guy she carries is not bleeding onto her clothes.

Merek lifts his brow a bit, "Yes, but there's still the issue that we might run into folk," he says, while he moves to assist in moving the people with Walker and Lioness also.

The conference guard marches smartly over to the other snoozing goon and helps shuffle him to the lift, while Walker presses the call button and waits, obviously impatient at the delay. «There's nothing timetabled up here this morning. Just us, Cindy and what I presume are her hired help.»

After a few moments the elevator arrives and the shaman walks in, followed by the rest and presses the button for the top floor.

«All right, well if you know the shifts.» Merek mentions about the talk of anyone except Cindy, while he nods a bit as well while he assists with moving that person to the elevator also.

«OOC» Merek says, "Oh."
«OOC» Merek says, "Do we need to tie them up?"
«Plot» Walker says, "You can if you like, takes a while to recover from KO though."
«Plot» Merek says, "Merek will salvage for material to create basic restraints with whatever he can find, save his real gear for crazy guys. Always best to be safe."
«Plot» Lioness says, "Would, if she was on her own, probably jut their necks, but she is in company, so… being nice."

«All right,» Walker transmits once the team are in the elevator and it is ascending, «I thik we should have a little chat with my new friend here and figure out how screwed we are on a scale of 1 to dragonbait.»

He looks to Merek with an unreadable expression, «You said you 'had a talk' with Cindy… exactly what does that mean? We weren't supposed to tip our hand to these people.»

«Ya, I apologize for that, it was all I could do to keep her from sealing access to the office completely.» Merek nods a bit to Walker, «I only approached it with curiosity, wasn't an actual question as much as seeing if she knew anything by hinting in a way that'd not draw attention. She doesn't seem to know about any thing.» He then looks to Walker for a moment, «But from what I heard you all talking about, apparently there's more that's going on here than we actually thought there was?» he asks.

Merek does motion to one of the guards, «I have restraints, if you can find a quiet place to ask questions before the meet.»

Lioness just stands beside the men for now, checking her disguise in the mirror, just to make sure nothing has slipped during her 'gymnastics exercise'.

«OK…» Walker pauses for a moment to think, the soft ping of the elevator arriving snapping him back to reality. «Let's get these guys into one of these rooms for now. We can quiz the conscious one to figure out just what the hell is going on.» With that the elf stalks out of the doors and towards another meeting room that opens easily enough when he presents his pass.

His puppet follows the shaman, an oddly distant look on his face.

«Probably the best way.» Merek then nods a bit while he follows Walker, with a nod to Lioness, as he takes a moment to check for restraints to assist them for the moment, then he nods to them also.

Lioness just follows into that meeting room and drops her own piece of freight, clearly happy that her disguise is still neatly in place. She looks at Merek a little bit, but for now lets Walker do the talking. She clearly is not happy with what has happened so far, but considers herself the most
junior in this group, thus defering to the men.

«Plot» Walker says, "So what do you guys want to ask the puppet?"
«Plot» Merek says, "Merek would like to ask him first and foremost who they were doing the sweep for, why, and what they know about what the meeting was planned for. Simplest way to begin it."
«Plot» Lioness says, "Sounds like a plan, though if he knew about that meeting she would want to know what he knows about it."

Note: Randomly generated the guard's name. He is Chester Boyle.

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 3 (WP) vs TN 6 (to no one) for "Can Chester resist Walker's compulsion?":
1 1 17 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls Willpower vs TN 5 (to no one) for "+2 for sustaining spell, opposing Chester's WP":
3 3 4 4 5 9 = 2 Successes

Responding to a mental jab from Walker, the guard begins to talk. He seems a little reluctant at first, but the shaman narrows his eyes, which flare gold for a moment and information pours out.

"They told me someone had disturbed the lady, I don't know her name, and that we had to go and get rid of him." He speaks in a monotone, almost robotic voice, "I don't know what the meeting was about."

«Well, looks like she does know, but I don't think that this is the proof we need.» Merek sighs thoughtfully, then he looks to Walker, also to Lioness, «My apologies.» He nods a bit, then he shifts his gaze to the man, "Do you think he knows… How we can go about accessing the meeting room or where information is kept?" he asks.

«Plot» Merek says, "Merek is going to take one of their ID access cards."
«Plot» Walker says, "Only the puppet has a card, the others are not carrying any form of ID."
«Plot» Merek says, "He will keep the puppet's ID in that case, see if that has more access than the one we were given."
«OOC» Merek says, "dunno if there's a test to compare cards"

«Plot» Lioness will place herself in the corridors, so she cannot be seen but maybe see anyone leaving that meeting.
«Plot» Lioness says, "Hopefully we will get at least some info."
«Plot» Walker says, "Down on the other level you mean?"
«Plot» Lioness nods

«Plot» Walker says, "Make me a stealth test please."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Stealth for "Need a good result…":
2 3 5
«Plot» Lioness says, "No KP left, so I am most likely not effective."

«Wait…» Walker sits up and looks at Merek, «I don't think they know why you're here, just that you're sniffing around. What if my new assistant and I march you out of the building, taking care to let a few people see? Let 'em think everything is cool on their end? You mentioned you could pass as a NAN fanatic, right?»

«… You know, that might work. I do have a couple of friends with the NAN nationals, I also know Wildcat of the Sioux Nations, so I could probably look like someone that's speaking out from concern.» Merek nods a bit then to Walker, while he seems to think about it a moment, «It could also be the distraction needed to let Lioness get more information.»

Lioness is going down to the corridor, not too confident to be not seen. It's not her specialty after all. She had to rely more on stealing than sneaking in her past.

«Plot» Walker says, "OK, so you want to try a contact to give you some appearance of legitimacy?"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Merek (#12895) has the Contact Awentia with the following information:

«Plot» Walker says, "That'll do it, what's your request for her? That will inform the Etiquette TN."
«Plot» Merek says, "Provide him with the current political climate, the best phrases/actions to say and do which will lend his appearance credibility."
«Plot» Merek says, "Probably also ask if there's a symbol or something painted on he can wear for legitimacy."

«Plot» Walker says, "OK, TN 6, roll it!"
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Merek (#12895) rolls Etiquette vs TN 6:
3 3 4 7 10 = 2 Successes

«Plot-Page» (To: Merek) Walker says, "You get Awentia on the line with little trouble, and manage to get enough to have a shot at pulling this con off. None of the NAN like MCT's influence with Tsimshian, and certainly don't want it spreading, and a fair number of extremist cells have popped up to try to stop it. She mentions a Coyote tattoo as a common emblem among such groups, and suggests that raving about corporate greed, interference in tribal affairs, etc. etc. will be a good way to pull it off. Any follow-up questions?"

«Plot-Page» (To: Walker) Merek says, " That'll do it, thank you!"

Merek speaks on his phone a moment before he thinks on his plan, making a call. "Ya, can you do something for me? It's a favor which will be beneficial for NAN, if you assist, yes please. I need to know political issues of the council as well as any groups that speak against corporate interest also." He waits, then he nods a bit, "Appreciated."

«All right,» Walker replies, noticeably more relaxed for having a plan. «I'll call my contact in the conference staff and make sure they know a dangerous individual is being escorted from the premises after an altercation, that should get some attention, and I'll have some of the uncompromised conference security deal with these.» He motions to the pair of still sleeping goons.

«That works,» Merek says, while he takes a moment to adjust his attire, and uses some material he keeps with him to draw a makeshift kind of sigil upon him that looks like it is a coyote, then he's nodding while he's finding a thing to keep his wrists bound up also if needed as well. Merek does this like, after he has a conversation on his phone also.

«Plot-Page» (To: Lioness) Walker says, "Make me a perception test (hearing) please."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Intelligence + 3 (selective sound filter) (to Walker) for "Listening to … What?":
1 3 4 4 4 4 4 9

«Plot-Page» (To: Lioness) Walker says, "You hear footsteps approaching from inside the locked off meeting room. You have time to bolt if you want?"
«Plot-Page» (To: Walker) Lioness says, "Nah… they don't know me. I'll simply pass them by 'accidentially' It's a corridor after all."

«Plot» Walker says, "All right Merek, make me either an etiquette or negotiation open test to see how well you act like a cell member as we frog march you out. Your contacts info gives you a +4 bonus on the test."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Merek (#12895) rolls Etiquette for "+4":
1 3 4 4 10
«Plot» Merek says, "Pretty good, stand!"

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls 5 (Cindy's Intelligence) vs TN 14 (to no one) for "Does she see through the act?":
1 1 5 5 9 = 0 Successes

«Plot-Page» (To: Lioness) Walker says, "Cindy, looking pleased with herself, comes out of the room and begins making her way to the lifts. As she passes you she gives you an unconvincing smile and a tinkly, "Good morning.""

«Plot-Page» (To: Walker) Lioness nods back to her like she was totally uninterested in her, passing by the meeting room. Hoping to get a stealthy glance in at who she would have talked to. Clearly she was quite pleased, so she had talked to someone.

Commlink-Lioness> Lioness sends, « Cindy is coming down. From the looks she is quite pleased. »

«Plot-Page» (To: Lioness) Walker says, "She closed the door behind her, but there's nothing stopping you staking the place out and seeing what happens…"

«All right,» Walker replies to Lioness before nodding to Merek, «You gonna be OK with this?»

Walker's puppet hands a pair of restraints to the man before moving to stand by the doors.

Merek puts on those restraints, "Not just for the job, but to protect the NAN? Yes," he says, with a nod to Walker also. He then moves to wait to be escorted as well also.

Merek makes his way from the building with escort, while he shouts back, "This is all a cover, they're selling us all to the Corporations! You need to all stand up for what is right! We can't keep on giving more and more of what we are to them! Just look at the history!" He then does his best to try to move past the escort, making a show while he is escorted, all while he is doing his best to inspire the people also.

Lioness moves towards the meeting room now, trying to get looks. Just tryinig to look again like a passing by office worker of sorts.

«Plot» Walker says, "OK, give me a visual Perception Test, TN 6."

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Lioness (#13190) rolls Intelligence vs TN 6 for "Perceptive she should be…":
1 3 3 5 7 = 1 Success

«Plot-Page» (To: Lioness) Walker says, "Heading past the meeting room, you almost make it to the other end of the corridor when the door opens and a figure emerges and hurries furtively to the lifts. You can't make out much in the way of features, but you glean enough to give a rough description of 'male, 5'10'', dark complexion'."

After escorting the 'intruder' from the building, Walker marches smartly back in with his friend, who is promptly handed off to conference security for a thorough debriefing. Making his way back to the conference floor, he transmits, «Well, Merek did a heck of a job there, could've fooled most tribe members I know. How are you doing upstairs?»

Commlink-Lioness> Lioness sends, « Person entering the lift 3 from the meeting room. Male, 5'10", dark complexion. If you guys can you should give it a check. That should be our contact. »

«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence vs TN 4 for "I gotcha this time!":
1 1 2 2 2 5 = 1 Success
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence - 1 vs TN 4 for "I gotcha this time! KP 3":
1 2 3 5 5 = 2 Successes
«Auto-Judge[1729]» Walker (#12094) rolls Intelligence - 3 vs TN 4 for "I gotcha this time! KP 5":
4 5 13 = 3 Successes

Walker turns a smart 180 and heads back towards the lifts and is just in time to see the doors open. «I got him,» he sends, a triumphant note in his voice. «Will have a chat with my contact and see what actions they want to take next. Great work folks, your cheques will be in the post.»

Commlink-Lioness> Lioness sends, « Great. I was afraid we'd messed that up. » After that she simply leaves the place to get home. The mask might be good for hiding her identity, but it sure as hell is hot.

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